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; .1 Democrat i
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t ' . ' VAIiENTEVE ; , NEB.
1 ! . : , '
. ,1 i " ' L 3 ! . RICE , - - - , - Publisher
i/ ' l " , '
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! !
il l ( 100 PEfiSOKS PERISH 1
. ; /
d ! f - . SEA OF CHINA.
( iiti
ti !
t . '
Majority of Those Aboard Caught in
Their Berths Without Warning-
Sixty-Five Rescued Practically from
the Jaws of Sharks.
Singapore : The mail steamer : La
Seyne , ' of the Messageries Martimes
service , running between Java and
Singapore , and on her way to this port ,
was in collision early Sunday morning
with the steamer Onda , of the British-
India , line , and sank within two min-
utes. Seven European passengers , in-
cluding Baron and Baroness Geniszky ,
, the captain of the La Seyne , five Euro
pean officers and 88 others , comprising
native passengers and members of the
crew , were drowned.
The accident occurred about 4
o'clock in the morning in a thick haze.
The vessels were steaming at good
speed and the Seyne was cut almost in
half. There was no time for panic
. . i .
nor for any attempt on the part of the
officers of the foundering steamer to
get out the boats. The majority of
those on board were caught in their
berths and carried down with the ves-
sel. The force of the collision brought
. the Onda to almost a dead stop and
her engines were at once slowed and
. boats lowered. The rescue work proved
thrilling for not only were the res-
cuing parties impeded by the darkness ,
. but shoals of sharks were already
attacking those clinging to pieces of
wreckage in the water. Sixty-one per-
sons from the ill-fated steamer were
finally dragged into the boats and
brought by the Onda to this port. Many
of them had been bitten by sharks and
several are severely injured.
Big Strike Planned on Day A. F. of L. ,
Officers Are Locked Up.
Philadelphia Pa. : Plans for a gen-
eral strike by wage workers through-
out the country for two weeks begin-
ning on the day the officers of the
American Federation of Labor are im-
prisoned for contempt of court were in-
augurated here Sunday at a meeting
of the central labor union.
Resolutions to this effect were unani
mously adopted by the union which
\ represents about 75,000 workers in
many lines of employment in this city.
Copies of the resolutions were sent to
the American Federation of Labor ,
now ' in session in Toronto , Can. , and it
.1 . was decided to appoint a committee of
five in this city to perfect plans by
. which organized and unorganized
wage workers would unite to make the
strike effective.
Subway Work Begins.
New York : Chairman ' Wilcox of the
public service commission. Saturday
turned the first earth with a silver
shovel to inaugurate the beginning of
the Fourth avenue subway which will
cross the new Manhattan : : bridge to
Brooklyn and then proceed through
Fourth avenue to South Brooklyn.
No New Cardinal.
Rome : The plan to create a new
.American cardinal has been aban
doned , partly on account of the claims
, advanced by Latin-America and Can
ada and partly because of the difficul
ty in selecting an American prelate
' who would be agreeable to the major
it ) ' .
; Many Indorse Movement.
II i 1 . New York Announcement
: was
: made that distinguished men and wom
J ) en are behind a movement to raise *
. ! $2,500,000 before February 22 next for
! 0 i " a George Washington memorial build
I , , ing Washington , D. C.
'I '
John G. Carlisle III. ,
New York : John G. Carlisle , who
iVas secretary of the treasury under
President Cleveland , was reported
i \ Sunday as resting more comfortably
at St. Vincent's hospital where he lie ?
, seriously ill with acute intestinal trou
; hIes.
Telegraph Service in Mexico.
Chihuahua , Mex. : Gov. Creel an-
. :1 : nounced that the Mexican government ,
I : , in order to get better communication
, ! with northern Mexico , has ordered tele
! graph lines builfinto several remote :
, regions.
1/ /
Ii . ,
' Czolgoz's Brother Dead.
i : I Aberdeen , Wash. : Frank . Czolgosz.
i aged 40 , brother of Leon Czolgosz. as-
! sassin of McKinley , is dead of heart
I disease.
- . - .
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Sioux City : Saturday's quotations
on the Sioux City live stock market fol
low : Grass steers , $5.00@5.75. Top
hogs , $7.95. '
Lake Steamers Collide.
1 Sault Ste. Marie , Mich. : The steam
1 er Charles Weston of Tonawanda , N.
Y. , was beached on the Canadian shore
I of White Fish bay Lake Superior , af
I ter a collision with the steamer Ward a
Ames , of Duluth.
, Mail Robbers Held Guilty.
Omaha , Neb. : A verdict of guilty
was brought in against the five de- 1 :
fendants in. ' the Union Pacific lUAU i v
robbery case on . all counts. tia
, _ i . . a
. ' -
\ ' :
" .
, . . ' : " . , , --:7" : . . , ; ' , \ . ' " l
. ,
' ' . .f" " ' "
Ballinger Holds Back 8,000 Acres of
Public Land in West.
Washington , D. C. : Secretary Bal-
linger issued an order for the con :
servation of the water power rights on
public lands. Without waiting for de
cisive legislation to learn what will
eventually be done with many lands
valuable for water power , the secre-
tary withdrew from disposition more
than 8,000 acres of such land located
in western states.
This land now being in the public
domain will probably be affected bj
legislation to be enacted during the
next congress. Until congress decides
just what is to be done with the land
and the terms upon which it is to be
utilized the secretary will keep a tight
hold upon it.
Lord and Lady Minto Have Narrow
. Escapes from Death.
Ahmedabad , British India : Lord
Minto , the viceroy of India , and Lady
Minto had a narrow escape from be-
ing killed by bombs. They were driv-
ing through one of the streets , when
without warning two bombs were
thrown at their carriage. A dragoon ,
who was riding alongside , spurred for.
ward , and with outstretched sabre in-
tercepted the first bomb , hurling it
some little distance away into a sand
pile. The second bomb struck the vice-
roy's jemidar , a native lieutenant hold-
ing an umbrella over Lady Minto , and
fell harmlessly to the ground. Neither ,
bomb exploded , as the soft sand acted
as a buffer. On examination they were
found to contain picric acid.
Important I Find in Prehistoric Burying
Ground in Ohio.
Ashtabula , 0. : Prehistoric burying
grounds which may rival the famous
Great Serpent mound near Cincinnati ,
were discovered at Point Park hill ,
near here , when workmen unearthed
the complete skeleton of a primeval
The skeleton , according to Dr. F. D.
Snyder , a scientist and member of the
International Geographic society ,
shows .marked deviations from that of
the present day human being. The fe-
mur is curved like that of the ape , the
tibia is flat at the joint and the hu-
merus has a perforation no longer
found. The skull slopes back and the
lower jaw protrudes.
K. of L. Elect : Officers. .
Washington , D. C. : With the elec
tion of officers and the selection of
Washington as the place for holding
its next annual meeting the conven-
tion of the Knights of Labor was
brought to a close. The following of-
ficers were chosen : General master
workman , Simon Burns of Pittsburg ,
Pa. : general worthy foreman , P. J.
McCarthy : , of Boston ; general secre-
tary and treasurer : . Frank O'Meara ,
Washington , D. C. , and national or-
ganizer , Thomas H. Canning of Bos-
Fight Duel with Pitchforks.
Laporte , Ind. : In a pitchfork duel
between Clarence Benninghoff and
John W. Rank , farmers. Benninghoff
received injuriea which probably will
prove fatal. His body is a mass of
wounds inflicted by the fork Rank
wielded. The men have been enemies
for years. Rank is under arrest.
Insane I Arkansas Governor to Return.
Little Rock , Ark. : Gov. John S. Lit-
tle , who was taken from the governor's
office three hours after his inaugura-
tion three years ago has returned to
Little Rock , accompanied by his son
and physician , and will enter the state
hospital for the insane. He has been
in a sanitarium at St. Joseph since
October , 1908. '
Many Coreans Slain by Japs.
Victoria , B. C. : According to mail
advices from Corea there is great ac
tivity in the campaign against Corean
insurgents and during the operations
in i October in Chollado 334 are said
to have been killed and 1,065 captured.
The Japanese loss was only three
Legal Limit Halts Two Trains.
Alton , Ill. : Two crews on Wabash
axtra trains after completing the legal
limit , of sixteen hours' work aban-
doned their trains near here and went
to sleep in the cabooses. A special
train from here pushed the two stalled
trains into Alton , where _ new crews
took 'eharge of them.
Motor Bus Kills Rich Woman.
New York : Mrs. Frank C. Jones ,
vife of a New York capitalist and
daughter of the late George B. Lamar ,
a New York banker was run down and
killed by a Fifth ' avenue motor bus. She
was on her way to a bank and had $2-
000 in her purse.
Texas Drought Broken.
El Paso TeA drought of seveml
months' duration has been broken by
snow and rain. The heaviest rain in
two years fell in western Texas.
Castro to Live in Malaga. t
Santander , Spain : Sipriano Castro , (
ex-president of Venezuela , will go to [ :
Malaga ; there to reside permanently. t
Lightning Kills Flying Ducks.
Chillicothe , Mo. : During a heavy
: ain lightning killed a flock of ducks t
flying over the home of Jacob Bruner ,
L few miles south of this city. Bruner
walked into his yard : and picked up 46.
Robbed-by Two Highwaymen.
Salt Lake City Utah : Two masked
highwaymen held up a hotel at Mid-
vale , near here , and robbed ' ten smel-
ter employes of pay chfecks and cash
aggregating $600. .
. ,
, . . ,
, . l' .
. . 4 r . -I " - < *
. - - .
4 .
Indicted Wyoming Cattlemen Will Ac
ceptPrison Terms.
Lincoln , Neb. : A Journal special ?
from Basin , Wyo. , says :
The seven cattlemen indicted for the
killing of three sheepmen will enter
pleas of guilty and accept prison sen-
tences as the result . of an agreement
. . .
entered into here. ' Herbert Brink , con-
victed of murder in the first degree
will be granted a second trial , allowed
to plead guilty and receive a life sen
tence. George Sabin and Milton Alex-
ander will each receive twenty-year
sentences , and Eaton and Dixon will
escape with three years each. Two
others accused of complicity in the
killings , but who confessed to the
grand jury and turned state's evidence
are to be given their freedom.
Second Session of Eleventh Parlia
ment Called to Order.
Ottawa , Ont. : The second session
of the eleventh parliament of Canada
was opened by Earl Grey. The general
interest which exists in Canada in the
new American tariff was indicated by i
the fact that R. L. Borden , leader of
the opposition , asked if the govern-
ment had any correspondence bearing
upon' it. Finance Minister Fielding
said the government had no corre-
spondence on the matter and held that
it would be _ improper for it to take any
action until the United States govern-
ment had decided how the Payne tariff
law will be applied against Canada.
Norway's Cabinet to Resign.
Christiania : As the result of the
general election going against the gov-
ernment , Premier Knudsen announced
that at the session of parliament in
January his cabinet will resign. The
totalsvof > the election , which have just
been revised show that the Rightests
and Liberals , who coalesced , won sixty-
three seats , as forty-sevco for the Left ,
or governmental party. The Socialist
got eleven seats.
Seek to Remove Oleo Tax.
Chicago : A campaign of education
looking to the removal of the tax on
oleomargarine was planned at a meet-
ing of the executive committee of the
National Live Stock exchange. It is
held that oleo is a product of the cow ,
the same as butter and should receive
the same consideration as butter.
"Museum Thief" Rearrested.
Columbus , 0 . : Clarendon Henri , the
man known as the "museum . thief , "
was arrested at the gates of the peni
tentiary by an officer from Washing
ton , D. C. , who afterwards took him
before the United States commission-
er. Henri completed four-year : sen-
tence for stealing a valuable painting
from a Cincinnati art gallery.
Not Piano Maker's Widow.
New York : Through a hasty aitf in-
correct identification a woman who
committed suicide in New York was
described as "Mrs. : : Marie L. Estey ,
widow of a widely known piano manu-
facturer. " Investigation shows that
the victim in reality was Mrs. Marie
L. Estey , a dressmaker of this city.
Pope Receives Mrs. Bowen.
Rome : Pope Pius received in pri
vate audience Mrs. Bowen , sister of
Archbishop Ryan , of Philadelphia. The
pope expressed his pleasure at receiv
ing Mrs. Bowen and inquired about the
archbishop , in whom he showed great
interest. The pope sent Archbishop
Ryan his apostolic blessing. To Mrs.
Bowen the pontiff presented his photo-
graph bearing his signature.
Woman Buys Shiloh House.
The sale of the late John Alexander
Dowie's fine residence at Zion City ,
known as Shiloh house , and its fine
brick barn to Mrs. Emma C. Gring ,
wife of a railroad official living at
Newport ] , Pa. , is practically completed.
She pays 2-1,000 : , which is only a frac -
tion of what the building cost.
Winnipeg Terminus of St. Paul.
Winnipeg. Man. : The St. Paul road
will extend its northwestern lines in'to
Winnipeg next year. The road will
be brought north from Fargo , cutting
midway between the Casselton branch
and the main line of the Great North
ern into Grand Forks. From there it
will run west to Larimore and from
there north Winnipeg. .
Big Distillery Burns.
Cincinnati , 0. : The immense plant
of the Union Distilling company ,
known as the Edgemont Springs dis ]
tillery , at Carthage , a suburb of this
city : , was almost completely destroyed
by fire. The loss is estimated at be
tween $250,030 and $ OOOOO ; fully in-
sured. :
Tramp Pays $50 for Supper.
Kew n'e. 111. : Fiftj dollars in bill ]
was in a letter received by Mrs. Frank 4
H" [ Davis , from a fa t p fo whom she 1
KIVP supper ton jears : ago. The letter '
is : signed siuipH"Thn ) Tramp , " but ]
tells : that thf writer now is in comfort. j
able circumstances at Cripple Creek ,
Zbyszko and Gotch Matched. :
Buffalo , N. Y. : It is announced that i
the wrestling match for the world's t
championship } between Frank Gotch J
and Zbyszko , the Polish champion , will (
take place in Buffalo on Thanksgiving (
Hitchcock Favors Hayward.
Washington , D. C. : It is believed
that Postmaster General Hitchcock
will ask for the appointment of Wm. : :
Hayward , of Nebraska secretary
the republican national committee , (
as first assistant postmaster general
Washington. .
Wants Jews '
Disfranchised. f
Odessa : The municipal council has j
petitioned Emperor Nicholas to dis- i
franchise the Jewish : voters. j
. . ,
: . , .
, " . \ . ' . ' . . . -
. _ w
. '
* , 4r f st . fi . . . T $ : , l , ; S " _ _ _ _ _ , , f , . . , r * $ ,
. . . , . , # : i - , , . r , , . '
> , 'I'
' 1 , "
t - . :
fHl f : - _ _ _ _ News of the Week = : r ;
t " in Concise Form 'IV
ii' 'IVI
, -I
' ie'f i . . 4 7. . 7. . 7. . 7 1 71 71 71 71 * '
_ Nebraska University Men to Testify ; In
Des Moines.
The board of regents of the Univer-
sity of Nebraska detailed Chancellor
Avery and Prof. Alway , of the depart-
ment of agricultural chemistry , to go
to Des Moines , la. , to give expert testi-
mony in the coming test trial of
bleached flour cases.
Chancellor Avery , who was for years
at the head of the chair of chemistry
in the uni rslty , is the pioneer in-
vestigator of the bleached flour pro-
cess , and will testify that the process
of bleaching is non-injurious , thereby
taking issue with Secretary Wilson , of
the agricultural department at Wash
ington. Prof. Ahvay is understood to
hold the same views as the chancellor.
Average Yield Per Acre Reduced Beu
cause of Adverse Conditions.
The corn crop of Nebraska for the
year 1909 is not nearly so bad as it
might have been. The acreage this
year was 6,477,282 , against 6,339,019
in 1908 ; the average yield per acre was
28.17 bushels in 1908 , and 25.7 this
year. The yield this year was 169-
179,137 bushels , against 178,599,789
last year.
The average yield per acre this year
was reduced not because of a general
reduction over the state , but merely
in the southwest section , confined to a
small area. In the North Platte coun-
try the yield per acre was the largest
in the history of the state , surpassing
he 1908 yield.
Clubs Dispensing Liquor Likely : to Be
Forced Out of Business.
City Attorney Flansburg has asked
that the temporary injuncton granted
Lincoln clubs permitting them to dis-
pense liquor be dissolved. These in-
junctions were secured pending the
settlement of a test case involving the
right of clubs to dispense liquor with-
out a license , which the supreme court
The city attorney urges that there
is no basis for the injunctions. If his
plea is granted Lincoln will be "dry-
no liquor now being sold or dispensed
except in the clubs.
Deputy Sheriff Flannagan and Mrs.
Palniatier Both Claim Money.
A fight for the state reward of $200
offered for the capture of Frank Hen-
ry , of Douglas county , who shot nis
wife some time ago , is on before Gov.
Shallenberger. Ira Flannagan , a dep-
uty sheriff , and Mrs. Charles Falma-
tier , of Florence , are the rival claim-
ants. Mrs. Palmatier says Henry came
to her house and she immediately went
to the police station to inform , the po
lice. In the meantime , she says , the
deputy sheriff "butted in" and arrest-
ed Henry. She thinks , however , she
is entitled to all the money.
Girl and Money Disappear.
George Bennett , a farmer youth
from Hayes Center , with the aid of
the police , is hunting for Mamie Arm-
strong who failed to meet him at the
court house in Omaha , to conclude a
brief but fervent love affair and inci-
dentally he is searching for $1,000 in
currency which he entrusted to her
keeping as a testimonial of his good I
Cattle Stealing Charged. .J
Complaint was filled in the county
court at Lexington against George
Watson and Earl York , charging them (
with unlawfully appropriating to their ,
own use and benefit two head of cattle
belonging to ; Lew Hock. Each fur-
nished bonds and was released from
custody until November 23.
Otter and Minks. :
L. F. Hilsinger began trapping : for
muskrats and mink this mnoth around
Herman and has sold 65 muskrat and
- .
mink skins. He has found some good ;
otter signs close to the river and has
ordered traps , and fully expects to , . .
catch an otter before many days.
- , f
. .
Reveler Must Face : a Jury.
Roy Parker , charged with shooting
! 1
17-year-old Ralph Bishop at a Hal-
lowe'en celebration on the night of I
. .
October 30 , with intent to do great : ;
bodily injury , was brought into county :
court at Broken : Bow for preliminary : i
hearing. He was held to the grcl1l !
Thomas Himbarger of Wymore.
charged with assaulting his brother-
in-law , William Lumbard with intent r
to : commit murder , in county court at 'J
Beatrice pleaded guilty to tho charge }
of assault and was sentenced to thirty"
days in jail. in
Beatrice Girl Tries Suicide.
Miss May Au'stin. bookkeeper for the
Jonz Automobile company at Beatrice .
shot . herself through the right side just A
below the breast , supposedly with sui- to
cidal intent. "
Plymouth ; Man Frcnd Dead. -
John C. Stroh , of Plymouth. was
found dead at the hrme of /his son
John C. Stroh , in West EeatricV. where ?
he had been visiting last few da . .s. f ;
Heart : trouble was the cause of death. tl
> ' . - .
Suits Brought Against Two Omaha
Hotels. .
The decision of the Nebraska su
preme court sustaining the 8 o'clock
closing law has thrown a bomb Into
the camp of the liquor dealers and I .
their followers ] , and at the same time
'it has created a feeling of assurance
among those who are anxious for the
enforcement of law and order.
Shortly after the news of the court
decision reached Omaha , a meeting
of the Personal Rights league was
called , and practically at the same
time the Liquor Dealers' association
went into executive session , both con-
tinuing behind closed doors for sev
eral hours.
The Anti-Saloon league at Omaha
filed complaints against the Rome and
the Henshaw hotels , two of the larg-
est in the city charging them with
unla wfull ' selling liquor. More than
a hundred witnesses are named , and
it is alleged that almost daily illegal
sales have been made since July 1.
Daring Attempt Maile to Free Men :
Held in Omaha Jail.
The first sensation of the trial of the
five men charged with the robbery of
the Union " Pacific's "Overland Limit-
ed" train at Mud Cut , May 22 last ,
came Wednesday ' : in the announcement
that a daring and almost successful
attempt to liberate the prisoners was
discovered Wednesday night at the
county jail in Omaha.
When found tho rbars and plates of
the : cage where the men are kept : had
been sawed until a very little more
work would have opened the way to
freedom. On the top of the cage were
found two long heavy iron bars , evi
dently intended for use in prying loose
the bars' ' in the outer windows of the
jail and a long rope by which the
men could have reached the ground.
Two saws with which the cutting
of the cage was done , were found hid-
den in the broom. -
Negro Murdered at Door of Home bj
Robbers - Burglar Slain.
Two men were shot and killed early
Wednesday in different parts of Oma-
ha. .
James L. Gaines , president and man-
ager of the Masconomo club , a negro
organization , was shot and killed at
his own door as he arrived home at
1 o'clock , and $400 in money and a
diamond stud are said to have been
taken ! . from his person.
Charles Story , a white man , recently
discharged from the Nebraska peni-
tentiary , was shot and killed by Will-
iam i Smith a negro , while trying to
break into the latter's room. Smith
fired through the door.
rrome- Jndc Rcyiyals.
Instead of paying $1,000 for the
services of some noted evangelist to
conduct revival meetings and addition-
al expenses of at least $500 , Rev. Alex-
ander Bennett , pastor of the Methodist
church at York , has begun a series of
revival meetings , introducing new and
attractive features that is interesting
hundreds who attend and will result
. ' .
in many conversions.
Locked-Up Babies Burned.
Agnes , 1 year ; of age , Annie , 3
daughters of Joseph and Mary Zida-
rick , of Omaha , burned to death while
their mother had gone to get fuel to
.keep them warm and Rose , 4 years of
age , the eldest child was terribly
burned , as a result of a fire that broke
out in the home where the children
were left asleep in their bed. Rose
will recover.
. I
Hastings Couple Elope.
Erskine G. Fellers , formerly assist-
ant electrician of Hastings eloped
Sunday morning with Miss Goldie Al
exander : for the second time within a
little more than a year. His former
-.vife was the only witness of their sud-
den departure. Itg ! supposed the
couple : has gone to Chicago to be mart
ried. j
Boy ; Starts Prairie Fire. t
A spectacular prairie fire occurred
about seven miles south of Broken
Bow : near the farm of V.'ill : Fre - . It is c
said ' , to have originated ' with a small f
boy aril l a mulch. The boy was bUrn- c
ing a bunch t/f drie'l grn > s and the a
lire got beyond : his ' * . < ntrol. w
Five People CJo Crazy.
Five people in Buffalo county were
arraigned before tho insanity cQmIJ
missioners during forty-eight hours. l'
Three were taken to the asylum at I
Hastings and the other two. man and f ,
wife , now afait the verdict of the t :
insanity commission.
The mipreme court Tuesday handed 11
down : a decision reversing the finding n
of the lower courts in the case of Mrs. fi
Alma Shevalier , of Lincoln sentenced E
o the penitentiary ( for five years after b
"being fount guilty of perjury , and a go
new trial is ordered. u
Pioneer Dead.
By the death of Christian Henry wA.
LTenck , who died suddenly of heart
failure , there has been l removed from i +
the " stage of activity at Grand : Island
. n
Game Warden Guilus has returned
to Lincoln from a trip over the state ,
where he has been planting fish. H
placed fish as follows : .Blue rivei
above the dam at Milford , 1,500 crap-
pies , cat and yellow bullheads ; St
Michael slough at Milford , 1,500 crap
county , 500 black bass and crappie ;
Pleasanton lake , near Ravenna , 605
black bass ; Victoria creek near , . . An-
selmo , 600 black bass ; Jambog pond ,
Ashton , 400 sunfish ; Swan lake , Cher-
ry county , 800 black bass , crappie , 500
rock bass ; Big creek , 500 trout ; North
Loup near Brownlee , 500 rainbou
trout ; Twin lakes near Hyannis , 600
bass ; Tsump lake , 500 black bass ;
Spring lake near Gering , 500 blach
bass ; Irrigation lake near Minatare ,
500 black bass , 500 cat. The bass are J
5 months old and measure from 3 tc . . .r - 4'
5 Inches length ; crappie , the same age J
and measure from 3 to 4 inches ; the
catfish are from 6 to 8 inches irf length
and are 1 year old. The game warden
put 500 bull frogs 2 years old in Swan
lake. , . . .
* . *
Attorney General Thomson has filed
in i the federal court in Lincoln an an
swer to the allegations of the North
western railroad in its attack upor
the legality of the 2-cent fare law and
the other railroad legislation enacted
by the legislature of 1907. In deny
ing i the allegations of the railroad thai
the 2-c < , nt fare law had caused a loss
of revenue to the corporations the an-
swer alleges the fact to be that the
railroads have made more money un
der that law than they did make un-
der a rate of 3 cents a mile when
passes were in vogue. The answei
sets out that the railroads did not re
ceive 3 cents a mile per passenger
prior to 1907 , but received during the
year ending June , 1907 , not more than
2.216 cents per passenger per mile. In
that same year the railroads receiveO
$ . j'gross revenue per passengei
train mile , where , during the' :
year ending June , 1909 $1.536 revenue
per passenger train mile , an Increase
of 8.4 per cent.
. * * "
Gov. Shallenberger and Secretary o.-
State Junkin have signed a contract . '
for the establishment at the state pen \ I
itentiary of a factory for the manu-
facture of shirts for laborers. This i
contract is with a Chicago firm in
which it is said there are some Omahn
people interested. It provides for z ,
payment of 62 % cents a day for the
convicts , the state to furnish heat ,
light and power. The firm furnishes
a superintendent and its own ma-
chines. It also agrees to furnish shirts
to the Inmates of state institutions at
xactly cost of making and material
. .
The firm also contracts to sell its out-
put outside of the state.
* : * * :
Adjt. Gen. John C. Hartington ha
received special permission from the
war department at Washington to per- " , -
mit Lieut. Col. W. Edmond Baehr
First regiment , Nebraska National /
Guard , of Omaha , to attend the Unitec
States army garrison at Fort Crook
A limited number of national guards
men from the different states is al-
lowed by the government to attend
military post schools and a money al-
lowance l is made them in accordance
with their rank. Lieut. Col. Baehr wiK .
receive an allowance of about $80 a
month for a school term limited to sia
: * * 9 '
Secretary of State Junkin is goins
after owners of automobiles who are
delinquent with their annual license
fee of $1. Some of the delinquents the
secretary of state has declared can- _ _ _
celled ] and anyone desiring a low num-
ber for a machine may get one by ap
plying early to the secretary and pay-
ing up the money due. Those who are
in arrears on th ' ir ] license fee will be
arrested just as soon as caught Cun
ning ! machine on a license which has
run out. These names are now be-
ing : copied and will be certified short-
ly to the various county sheriffs.
* : * : s
City Attorney Flansberg has offi
cially informed the members of the
Lincoln : city council that they cannot
legally enter Into contract with the
city : and sell it goods. This opinion
came : up as a result of the action of
Alderman Hoppe in selling hardware
to the city. Councilman Hardy ob-
jected to the payment of the bill and
the city attorney was asked to decido
the question , and he did.
. * * : *
Fred J. Kinyon , chairman of the
county : board of Lancaster county , died
following an operation for appendi-
citis. : He was stricken ! several days
ago. He did not 'rally. ! ! He leaves a
widow. He has been a member of the
county < board six years.
* s *
Fred G. Koester
er , lieutenant in com-
pany D , First Nebraska , has sent his
resignation to Adjt. Gen. Hartigan.
Lieut. Koester has moved from Nor
folk , the' home of the company and
that was his reason for resigning.
* * .
Capt. G. B.
Boggs. of Hastings , com-
manding ( Company D , Second regi-
ment , Nebraska National Guard has ,
filed his resignation with Adjt. Gen.
Hartigan. The resignation has not
been accepted. Gen Hartigan will \
o to Hastings to Investigate the sit-
uation. " * .
Chester Daniel French , the sculptor ,
who Is to construct the monument to .
A-braham Lincoln on the state house
grounds , has telegraphed that he wilj.
e In Lincoln . during thismonth. . .J' '
j .