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I. M. Bice , Editor and Proprietor VALENTINE , NEBE. , THURSDAY , APETL 15 , 1909. Volume 24 , No.
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The Real Confession of
Milt Latta/met with the com
mercial club last Friday night in
stead of h'olding a meeting at the
f.ourt house as was suggested in
last week's DEMOCRAT Mr. Lat-
la brifly narrated his trip to Lin
coln , following the sheriff dovn
there on Friday the preceding
week , were he secured an inter
view with Samuel L. Story , the
self-confessed murderer of Fred
Smith Oct. 11 , 11)08. ) near Valen
Aftur securing a former con
fession from Story , which was
printed in THE DraiociiAT two
weeks ago , Mr. Littta began to
suspect that the truth was not told.
The story didn't sound reasonable.
It didn't have the ring of truth in
it and savored of a fixed up story ,
and poorly fixed , too , considering
the after actions and conduct of
Story. Mr , Latta went down to
Lincoln to see Story after he was
lodged in his final home , the state
penitentiary , to which he was sent -
t nced for life upon his plea of
guilty of murder in the second de
gree. Thinking that now that his
sentence was pronounced and that
the convict might be willing to tell
the truth.
Mr. Latta secured another con
fession in which Story says he
planned to kill Fred Smith before
leaving Douglas , \Vyo. , and that
he purchased a revolver for that
purpose. He suggested to Smith
that they save their money at
Chadron and ride in a box car
from there to Longpine. Fred
Smith paid - a brakey § 2 to carry
th m through the division , and
Stor.v planned to kill Smith on the
way down and dump him out , but
it was dark and he couldn't see
whether or not anyone was around
nor how to do the job and get rid
of him without the fear of run
ning into a town befor the job was
complete , and that blood stains on
the car , too , was perhaps a thing
to be feared. Story finally decid
ed to attract the attention of the
conductor at Valentine and get put
off here. After eating breakfast
Smith wanted to walk sround town
but Story , fearing that he would
be recognized and drawn iato con
versation , told him that there was
nothing to see in this little town
and wanted to go on down the road
to the Niobrara river , where he
told Fred there was some firie
scenery. Upon arriving at the
river Fred inquired where the
scenery was , and Story led the
way down the river and finally ad
mitted that he guessed he had
missed the place and that it must
be up the river. Smith replied
thai it sure wasn't here. Then
Story said he was tired and asked
Smith to lay down anrl rest and
sleep until the next train came
along , and that as the traing al
ways slowed up at the bridge they
would have no trouble in climbing
aboard. His idea was to get Smith
to go asleep and then shoot him
and take his money , but Fred did
not seem inclined to sleep as he
had slept on the way down from'
Chadron during the previous
night , and after laying down for
awhile together , Story got up
and walked over to the river only
a few feet away and hoped not to
arouse Fred when he could return
and do the job while he slept , but
Fred arose and sat upon the ground
facing the river and with his el
bows on his knees was rubbing his
eyes and face in his hands when
Story moved noiselessly around
behind him , fearing that if he de
layed any longer that someone
would wander along and again foil
his attempt , he placed his revolver
within only a few feet of Smith's
head and fired the fatal shot. Fred
Smith fell over sideways upon the
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ground and died instantly.
Story hurriedly rilled the pock
ets of Smith in search of the mon
ey which he supposed Smith car
ried with him and expected to get
between § 300 and $400. He se
cured about § 45 and some certifi
cates of deposit. Story then hast
ily rolled the body in the river
and after tearing up all of Smith's
papers of identification threw them
into the river and started on foot to
wards Woodlake , fearing he might
be observed too close to the scene
of the crime.
| y When asked why he didn't tell
the truth of his crime before ; Story
replied that he hadn't received his
sentence yet and feared the ex
treme penalty.
So this is the whole story-of the
crime a cold blooded , deliberate ,
premeditated murder.
Easter at St. John's
The Easter services at St. John's
church began with a six o'clock
celebration of the Holy Eucharist.
The church was artistically deco
rated with potted plants , including
Easter lillies with cut flowers for
the altar.
At the later high celebration the
church was filled and the services
were worshipful and inspiring.
The sacrament of Holy Baptism
was administered to the two infant
children , Mary Jane Green and
Raymond Ormesher.
At the evening service the
church was again crowded with an
appreciative congregation. Min-
nechaduza lodge No. 192 , A. F.
and A. M. , ucre guests at this
The music was rendered by the
vested choir , assisted by Mrs. 0.
H. Cornell and Mr. S. W. Green
as soloists , and the Misses Flor
ence Hanna and Vida M Nation
as violinists , together with Misses
Mary Hanna and Leola West as
accompanists on the organ.
The services were inspiring and
will long be remembered l y those
who were fortunate to be present.
St. Nicholas Church.
Services will be held in the
Catholic church as follows :
In Arabia cm Sunday , April 18 ,
at 10 a. m.
In Nenzel on Sunday , April 25.
In Valentine on Sunday May 2.
Low mass .at S. m. High mass
and sermon at 10. a. m. Bene
diction of the Blessed Sacrament
after mass.
At 3 p. m. , instruction for the
In Crookston on Sunday , May
9 , at 10 a. m.
Mi BEAEREi Rector.
We sell farming implements as well as pthier . "
merchandise at reasonable prices.
Call and try us. . ' <
Chartered as a .Bnnfc Uhsrtarad aa
" 1 , 1884. '
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Snccessor to )
SS5 000. Exchange and
9 Collection .Business.
G. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-president.
M. V.
r " in " 7" a
Tobaccos and Cigars.
Canned Goods , Lunch Counter.
5 Phone
R 7
Stetter & Tobien , Props. 5
/jij'ijij HIM g i
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jSt = yrvy. " "ivfgtc
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9 5- f n n frf\ * a * *
TK of 55 , SMCR&T ,