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I. M. Bice , Editor and Proprietor VALENTINE , NEBE. , THURSDAY , APBTL 8 , 1909. Volumes 24 , No. 13
Manufactured by
"is retailed by Red Front Merc. Co.
In our "Model A" you
will find all the uptodate
principles carried out ,
and we do not think we
are exaggerating when
we claim that it is the
most practical , successful
and reliable steel mill on
the market today.
Call and see it.
Red Front
Garden Seeds
From the Griswold Seed Co. , of Lincoln , Nebr.
We have a full line of new seeds in bulk and packages ,
and we guarantee them to be the best on the market for
this section of the country. Onion Sets of all kinds in
cluding the Early Multipliers. Alfalfa. Clover. Blue
Grass. Flower Seeds.
2S3SS3 O&SES a9ESES3KSia2Ba |
Eureka I
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , and 27/yearxold
andjas. E , Pepper , O , F , C. Taylor ) g
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. S. gov- .
ermnent warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies. Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout.
Bass Ale. Storz Blue' ' Ribbon and Budweiser Beer.
Valentine Nebraska
Read the Advertisements.
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Talk of the Town.
Try Kazda's barber shop. tf
LeRoy Springer , of jVIerriraan ,
was in town last Saturday on busi ;
Erik Anderson of near Britt
called on us Monday to subscribe
A. E. Spall , the Sirnpon merch
ant and postm'aster , had business
in town last Saturday.
On account of not receiving our
ready prints until Friday morning
the past two weeks. TTTE DEMO
CRAT has necessarily been a day
Rev. and Mrs. Wells attended
the Eastern Star lodge at Wood
Lake last week and report an in
teresting meeting and a royal re
We see by the Eldorado Times
that the trial of Lee Combs , accus
ed of murdering Wes Massingale
last December , has been continued
, and Comb's bail fixed at § 10,000.
The Co , § th grade examinations
for free high school admittance
will be held in the office of the
county superintendent April 16th
and 17th for any who wish to take
1 them.
The last teachers' association of
the year for Cherry county will be
held in the high school room April
24th at 1:30. : A good program is
prepared and a good social time is
expected. A genaral attendance
is desired ,
A. H. Tram , of Greshara , who
is an old friend jof the Epfee
brothers , came up last week to
visit before going over to Gregory
county where he drew a claim last
fall and hopes to get one of the
good claims as his number was
B. R. Cowdery , the special
agent of the German Fire Insurance -
ance Company , of Omaha , stopped
jn our city Wednesday and Thurs
day visiting with I. M. itice , the
local agent here. This company
was reorganized January 1 , 1909 ,
wjth § 100,000 capital stock which
is fully paid up and makes the
company one of the strongest and
best/1 / in the state.
Mayor Charles Miller of Lake-
view , 0 , and four other citizens
were arrested for running blind
tigers. Mayor Miller was elected
mayor on the "dry ticket" and
found a way to make money easy
selling whiskey at the baclrdoor
of the traction station. A livery
man sold liquor in his hay mow ,
and an undertaker sold whiskey in
his coffin room. Valentine did not
vote dry. We prefer well rogu.
lated saloons.
Wesley Travis and his company
came to our city yesterday and
played "My Dixie Girl" last
night to a fair sized audience , ow
ing to the show being not general
ly advertised , but tonight we. ex
pect a food house to see their play ,
"Jesse James , " the noted Mis
souri bandit , which will be played
for the first time in Valentine.
Mr. Travis is an old show man and
has associated with him young men
and women of good moral charac
ter , who play their parts with
nothing of the vulgar or immoral
and give only impressions of the
higher prder. The orchestra of
iour pieces , furnishing splendid
music , gives an air of superiority
to his plays , and in our city Frank
Fischer , jr. , assists with the slide
trombone. The play is clever and
full of comedy from Hi , the con
stable , down to the Major who be
friended Lo Graham and her half
witted brother. N The piece is full
of strong dramatic situations and
the heart story is beautiful. Come
out tonight and see Je&e James *
TO EVERY MAN who values his
I personal appearance , and to every
woman who values her personal appear
ance , we extend a cordial invitation to look
over our Spring and Summer line of mer
chandise. Our showing includes new
pretty patterns in Lawns at medium prices.
Attractive assortment in Muslin under
wear , and neat patterns in the new Side
band goods. Also the latest models in
apparel for young and middle aged men ,
such as Cluett and Monarch Shirts , Arrow
Collars , Wonder Hose Sox , Tiger Hats ,
Florsheim Shoes , etc. See our windows :
. Ask For
Trading Stamps
The city election Tuesday re
sulted in the following vote :
W. S. . 133
E. C. Davenport 13L
George Elliott -.130
0. H.Cornell 106
Howard Lay port 10i
T. C. Hornby 101
The issue was wet or dry and
the Citizens' ticket , as shown by
Hefirst candidates , "w'ere elected"
by a majority of 27 on the first
two candidates and of 29 on the
low man.
This overwhelming defeat ia
taken by the most conservative to
mean that Valentine is not a dry
town and that the followers of the
dry sentiment have lost out.
We conducted no campaign
whatever , and the dry element
were working tooth and nail , ap
parently , during the pastyear , and
i about' six weeks ago sent spies
around to the saloons to try to
unearth something that could be
used as a flaming arrow to stir
their forces up and to excite them.
The dry forces congregated their
strength and lost despite the frant
ic efforts of The Searchlight edi
tor. Valentine didn't go dry and
it isn't going dry for awhile.
Alliance's "dry experiences"
were freely circulated around town
to induce our business men to jbe-
lieve that Alliance was profiting
by voting dry last year. Collec
tions were better and business was
better , but Alliance didn't vote
dry again. Ko , she went wet by
nearly 100 votes. It was a lesson
that she learned last year and was
caught napping. Small towns ,
with little outside trade or busi
ness , may vote dry because the
support of a saloon falls upon her
drinking citizens , who may be in
a minority in their village , but
Valentine is different from other
towns. . Our citizens should not
consider alone their own thirst but
the thirst of people who came here
to do business during the year and
hrgely support the saloons. They
are self sustaining and pay a reve
nue of1,000 a .vear to our city
and schools , be id".s the number of
families who find employment in
the saloon business. Yes , Valen
tine is a larger place than n any
Others along the line and we have
a transient trade that we may cater
to , or drive away. Let us build
up Valentine. C
Miss Florence Dillon of Oakdale
Tias accepted a position as tele
phone operator Jiere and began
her duties last rrteek.
We sell farming implements as well as other
merchandise at reasonable -prices.
Call and try us.
Chartered , as a Ban ) : Chartered an a
August 12. 19b2 , '
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
A General Banking
Exchange and
Collection Business.
0. H. CORNELL , President. T. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V. Nicnowov. Cashier.
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Tobaccos and Cigars.
Canned Goods3C3C Lunch Counter.
! * Phone Home Bakery. !
2EX5cSiE ? KS : :
Stetter & Tobien , Props.
All Kinds of Fresh
and Salt Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules % and
anything you have to sell.
Valentine , Nebraska ,
has received a complete line of new , high grade
Fall and Winter Goods ,
which are being offered at the lowest prices pos
sible , the margin of profit being only reasonable
Prices are within the reach of all and plainly mark
ed on every article. One price to everybody.