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J. M. KICE Editor and Proprietor.
MARK ZAKK Foreman.
Entered at tne postollice at Valentine , Cherry county , Nebr. . as Second
Clat-a Matter.
Cherry Co. Subscriptions' - > * J"UU per .year in advance :
J v ( § 1.50 when not paid in advance.
foreign i > UDSCnptIons J § L5 ° I'cr ' .vcarin advance ; paper dis- ! !
( contiRuejatexIirationif nofc renewed.
_ 0 J 15c per inch each issue ; by contract 12lc. j
0 I Transient adv 20c per incli ; locals lOca | : -
Foreign rates for stereotyped advertising , 3 months or longer 10 cents
per inch , net.
Local notice obituaries , lodge resolutions and socials for revenue
5 cents per line each insertion.
Some time last spring , E. li
Leigh , receiver of the Fidelity
Mut. Fire Ins. Co. , caused a sum
mons to be served on some parties
in Cherry county who had been
policy holders in the company
asking them to appear and show
cause why they should not be
charged with a co-partnership
with the said company and pay
certain assessments which were
levied to liquidate the indebtedness
of the company. Various amounts
had been assessed by the receiver ,
Leigh , against these former policy
holders in this county and notice
had often been sent in di tie re at
forms to induce them to pay. The
first assessments were not so large
but they began to grow until they
had one party owing twenty odd
dollars , another fifty some dollars
and others upwards of one hun
dred dollars. Some were asked
to pay only small amounts but in
the aggregate there was a consid
erable sum to pay. These policy
holders were not liable for debts
contracted by the company and
refused to pay what they did not
owe or contract to pay and joined
together to employ an attorney to
appear for them in the district
court of Douglas county to" light
the case. Recently we
received the following copy of the
court's order which justified their
action and the long drawn out
fight is at an end , costing only the
lawyer's fee to defend the suit.
That was more than they should
have to pay. Charles Pinckney ,
American Minister to France ,
once said in reply to a demand for
tribute , "millions for defense , but
not one cent for tribute. " The
court's order follows :
In the District Court of Douglas
Edward M. Alison , plaintiiT ,
Fidelity Mut. Fire Ins. Co. of
Omaha , Xeb. , defendant.
This cause came on to be heard
on the reports of E. R. Leigh , re
ceiver of the Fidelity Mutual Fire
Insurance company , on which it
appears that such receiver has
now disbursed all of the fujds in
his hands as su .h receiver , in full
compliance with the orders of the
court , and that the said receiver
has in all things complied with the
orders of the court , and fully ad
ministered his trust as said re
It is therefore orderd and ad
judged that the reports of said E.
R. Leigh be and they are hereby
in all things confirmed and ap
proved and said E. 11. Leigh , re
ceiver , is now finally discharged
as such receiver herein. The
ancillary action which is brought
as a part of this suit against num
erous policy holders of the Fi
delity "Mut. Fire Ins. Co. is now
and is hereby dismissed , and the
clerk is ordered to omit making a
complete record of said ancillary
suit or of the main action herein.
By the Court ,
U. S. Weather Ifurcaix
for week Ending IS.
Daily mean temperature ° .
Normal 18 ° .
Highest 26 ° , lowest -2:3 : ° .
Precipitation 0.3H of an inch.
Total precipitation from March
1st ( the crop season ) to datr was
ID.Si inches an-1 tl > average for
same perfofl fuV 20 jn-.tra 16 Siv S.-
Tvo Persons Eurned to L'cath and
Severn ! Others Injured.
Two persons wore burned to death
aid several others were injure.l by
jumping out of windows during a fire
at 182-1 Prairie avenue , Chicago The
ci'ad are Mrs. Elizabeth Carr and her
one-year old son.
Many wealthy residents , including
Daniel Kayos , Alfred Trr.mblsy and
Arthur V. Meeker , general manager
of Armour & Co. , who live nearby ,
hurried to the fire and absisted in the
work of rescue. While some carried
the borlio.s of the woman and child
from an upper floor , Mr. Meeker se
cured an automobile and sent Peter
Peterson , a crippl1 , wLo had jumped
from a window , to a harjital.
Roy Carr , husband of the woman ,
was burned v/hile trying to rescue her.
President Hcgeman Freed.
John R. liegeman , president of
the Metropolitan Life Insurance com
pany , was freed by the New York
supreme court in a decision that , if it
stands , will serve to quash all indict
ments now outstanding asainr.t insur-
. mce officials. This is according to a
statement by Distrk-l Attonspv Jerome
rome , -who , however , expects to take
the case to the court of appeals. Mr.
jflegeman was charged with perjury In
the verification of a report made by
the Metropolitan Life Insurance com
pany to the superintendent of insur
ance in January , 1905.
Swoons From Weight of Hat. ,
/ fashionable woman , wearing a
"Merry Widow" hat three feet in di
ameter , fainted in the strprt at Mu ,
nich and was carried into a shop ,
where she recovered when the hat
was removed. The doctor , who had
been summoned , said the swoon was
entirely attributable to the enormous
weight of the hat.
Hastings [ Victims S. E. Howard's Death
Hastings , Xeb. . Jan. 5. S. E. How
ard , one of Hastings' oldest and most !
respected business men , died at his
home. The funeral will be held to
morrow. It is probable that the busi
ness houses of the city will ba closed
luring the hours thereof.
For Sale. lahi
One hitfh grade Percheron stallion la
lion , 3 years old last June , weight tr
1GOO pounds. trw
Also one Cleveland Bay horse , m
5 years old , weight 1250 pounds.
For further information see or ad
dress me at Crookston , Neb. to i
For Sale
Six-room house , stable for seven bn
head of horses , granary and hay tow < <
stable ; CP
One 4-room house , corn crib and
stable , city water in both houses.
Must be sold soon , part time , part I'll
cash , or will take young heavy ? ; >
team as part pay men b. P. F.
Simons , Spark ? , Neb. , or I , M.
v ValentineNeb. . se
Agreement Will Bo Beaeiia ! ! Be
fore Measures Are Reported.
Bill Hopper Fiiis Up and Legislature
Gets Down to Business Ransom
Plan Recalls Thayer Incident Prim
ary Law to E = Amended.
Lincoln , Jan. 12. Developments
this I'ar in the legislature indicate
that it is to be a caucus affair. That
is , ail important measures about which
there is iiaole to be a division will be
threshed out at a meeting of the ma
jority members and agreement will be
reached before the bins are repr/rted
for action on the floor of the house
or senate. I
The first step in this direction was !
taken when the membership of stand
ing committees was enlarged , in HOIU < :
instances to douu.e tne us tal number.
In lact , al ! of the important commit
tees were doubled. This will enable
the committees to dominate the caucus
and prevent , possibly , many open rup
tures on the floor of the legislature. j
It is almost certain that all platform
pledges will be gone over in caucus
and an agreement reached so there
will be no chance for any dissatisfied
members of the majority to make a !
combination with the minority party , j
With the election of the standing !
committees the legislature was in a
position to't down to business the
first of the week and the bill hopper
filled up immediately after that order
of business was reached.
For tlio first time the standing corn-
mil tees of the house were not selertel
by the speaker , but out of courtesy to
: \Ir. Dryan , who hail requested chut
these committee : s be selected in cau
cus , a committee on committees was
chosen to advise with the speaker in '
the selection. The mo.ub-r.s of the
majority figured itvuuul be too hicorij j
ons to try to select all of the standing j
committees in ciiacus , so an agreement - j
ment was reached whereby t\\o momJ J
hers from each Congressional district
and the speaker , did the work and
then reported back the result for con
firmation to the caucus of the entiie
membership of the house. The senate
committees , as usaal , wore selected
by a standing committee on commit
Thaye- Incident Recalled.
The action of Senator Hansom of j
Douglas county in proposing to the
joint session to canvass the vote' cast I
at the last ( .lection on the constita- i
lional amend munt providing tor the
snlargemenl of the supreme court on
he third day of the preo.-nt session , !
recalled to old timers an incident }
which occurred on the : third day of the
session eighteen years ago.
On the third day of the session be- in 1891 there wa : ; starled'-tlie
uove to contest the vote : cast toi gov-
iinor and other state officers. This
vas the time Governor James Uoyd
vas snatud as governor instead of
John Power , Govror : iJoyd being the
ast Dcno'.iaic ; ! gfKcrnrsr to sorvipro -
'ioiis to t'r.o Ufctjon of Governor
On that occasion , eighteen years
igo , the National Giiarrl wars stationed
n the state hotsr : and when the joint
ken vent icn was called the door was
orced , the building being placed nn-
i'er martial law. A portion of the
juard was stationed at tin * ofTire of
iQvernor Thayer , who refused to ab-
iratc until the rnntpst had been ser.-
led The order n ! Ihf supreme rourf
i'a.s disobeyed and a clash occurred
lOtwcen Spc.-akfT Kldnr and Lk-uti-n-
nt Governor MXkh John as to who
hould pn bide at the joint session.
Just how the action of Ransom will
rnaliy terminate is as vet unknown.
Vhen he made his motion to canvass
he vote on 11)0 j.rsirinl amendment.
'aylor of Cusrr-r cov.nty , another Dcni-
rrat , took issup : with him. and insist.-
d that the iogi.slaujrc had no le.sal i
. : luriy ; ; to do this , the vote already
avln been ran\wKS id by the slate
tin vanning boord On thej first round
lie matter was settled by a rompio-
: ist . and went over foi sKU'miHnt I
iis week. [
I'nnts Inspector for Factories.
J from Sail Howard of South Omaha ,
member of thn house elected as a
ibor union candidate , will take for
is special hobby Ibir winter the on- s ;
irgomfiit of the duties and powers of (
u : slate bureau of labor and indus- r
ial statistics Shortly Mr Howard r
ill introduce a bill providing for alan r. :
lan and' woman inspectors for fan- r )
"It is necessary that we have a J :
oman to inspect factories , as well as j tl
have a man inspector. If we are to o
ive enforced the female labor laws ,
is necessary that we have a woman she
ho fan look aft r ( his law It has a
.en reported to me that women are
nployed t v work more than the num-
ir of ho'jr.s provided fQr by law and n ,
stop the practice I shall in.sisl that b
* have both a rn-jn and a woman ir
lector" tl
Mr Howard will also ask for an In- ol
asp'l appropriation for the mainic ;
nnnc ° of tfjp labor bureau , to provide Jt
r a clerk and 'lie ' pay of thrnrw in- |
f ) ois This is in line with * h : re'cpl
of John : i Ryrlur who m
: ' : 'iv ' 'l nu tin : lf-fjJ : of the bur au m
. .r.of : < h- stale university are
< rousilcnn asking thu
lature for a speciHc appropriation , in
stead of introducing a bi.l providing
for an appropriation of the proceeds
of the l mill levy , which has been tnu
custom for so many years. Theje is
some opposition to any appropriation
by levy and for that reason the re
gents have about concluded that the
better plan for them will be to tell the
legislators just how much money they
need and then trust the members to
appropriate it. The rejents have an-
, nounccd they will not attempt to lob-
j by for the appropriation , but will put
I the members in possession of any in
formation they desire and then do
the best they can with the means pro
! Divergent Views en Message.
The message of Governor Snallen-
berger has been very generally com
mented upon by members of the legis
lature and as a general proposition it
meets with the approval of Democrats.
In detail , however , there is consider
able difference of opinion. W. J. Tay
lor , one of the leaders of the house ,
is opposed to any limit upon the levy
which may be made against banks in
case of a failure. Governor Shalien-
berger recommended that the levy
which could be made in any one year
should be limited to 2 per cent of the
deposits. Others are emphatic in
their demands for or against an "im
mediate" payment.
Governor Shallenbergcr , who , his
friends say , will do business "hot off
the bat , " got his e&rly training with
the "bat" as a baseball player. For
many years he was catcher of the
Alma baseball team , and served as its
captain. In those early days ho dem
onstrated' his ability as an organizer ,
so his neighbors say , and the team
was the champion of the nearby towns. ,
Governor Sheldon completed his
farewell message to the legislature
and arrived at the state house barely
in time to be ushered out of ofiice at
the same time his successor was inau-
guarated. Accompanied by his family
the governor has gone to Mississippi ,
where he will spend the winter look
ing after his plantation near Greenville. '
Owing to the hard days and sleep
less nights passed by Charles Pool ,
elected speaker of the house , inci
dental to his campaign for the place ,
he suffered severely the second day ol
the session , and had to call Clark ol
Richardson to the chair to preside.
Mr. Pool is not strong physically and
it is very likely he will place consid
erable of the work of presiding upon
the chairman of the judiciary commit.
Primary Law to Be Amended.
The primary law is sure to be
amended by this legislature , though
there is little sentiment so far as ex-
pressed' for its repeal. One of the
amendments sure to be adopted is that
providing for the rotation of the >
names on the ballot. The only objection -
tion so far advanced by any of the
members against this amendment is
that it will cost so much more to print
the ballots , but this objection does
not appear to be very serious. Those
who favor the rotation of the names <
argue that the first name en the ballot - *
lot has all the advantage ana receives
thousands of votes by reason of this
position on the ballot that otherwise
would be distributed between the vari
ous candidates. Another amendment
will be proposed which lengthens the
time betwer-n the date of closing the
filings and the time when the secre
tary of state shall certify the names
to the various county clerks. Governor -
or Shallonberger recommended in his
mossngo t at the primary law should
either be amended or repealed and he
mentioned specifically the necessity
for rotating the names of candidates
on the ballot.
Kctchum Against County Option.
The Rov. Smith Ketc-hum , senator
from Clay county , notwithstanding nia
calling , is against county option as ii
has bi'on proposed in several legisla
turns. Mr. Kotrhum is a FJaptist m.n-
istor and rfv.idos at , Chester. Thayer
comity , of whiV'n town he is the may
or Ho is oppo.s-d : to tli' ! use of lui
nor , but ho expressed himself as bein
in favor of regulation rather than pro
liibition by county option. He is also
of th . - opinion that a.s long as liquor
is man 11 fact u red it vill be uhed and
that about I ho only way to prevent its
use is by forbidding its manulacture.
Senator E. R Myers of Rock county
is lioio as Ih'r.hampion ol a measure
For thro' : more aei icultural experi-
mon''il station ; ; . Mr Myers is anx
ious to have throe IK-\V stations estab
lished in the north portion of tha
state , for in that section of Nebraska
hooi : ! has boon tested vfiy little.
Io boliovof ; it. would be a splcntlu ! in-
; ostmont for Nebraska and will short
introduce his bill.
In the senate there are liable to ba
some ticklish .situations during the
ession There are two factions among
he Democrats. The majority faction
onsists of fluvon mcmbf-r : ; and the
nlnorlly nirio , so th" Republicans
ould tlo up with oihr ! faction and
ass or kill legislation , providing of
.ourso the Democrats split over legis-
ation So far the only split among
Democrats of the senate came over
Dan Nottlolon of Clay county ,
peaker of the last house of represent1 1 ,
fives , is one of the Republicans of | /
bis sesion who will the Demo *
rats in carrying out. their platforr
ir.i o minting t.o the guaranty <
auk deposits.
"I believe my election was due to
he fart that I was for the guaranty
f bank deposits. " said Nottleton. "It
urrly coming and I am in favor of
As a recognition of his fairness as 5f f
nakor last yrar Jho majority party
ir. ! o NoHl'-tftfi rhainnnit of the com-
iiftr-e on ? cMifs' hem s Mr
in IB an old soldier
\ \ \ 7
' >
\11 kinds of wood work done to or dor. Stock tanks made in all sizes.
Residence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , PHONE 72 Nebraska
References : T\I.v Many Customers.
Go xo the
Stock Exchange Saloon
Walther F. A. Meltendorff , Propr.
ip your Live Stock
is'o shipment too lar e aid none too small to receive the
most careful attention.
Each consijrnmr-nt intrusted to our care will be handled
by members of the firm.
Each man's stock sol.l 01 their merits and a square deal
guarantee ! to all.
\Vritp us I'nr the market paper and our special market
letters , which we send .you fje of charge. \
\MOS SNYDRII , FTm ? Salpsman. MATT MALOXE ) Cattle
UEO M. WOOD , Sheep Salesman Titos. J. DONAHUE f Salesman.
New Hotel. Electric Lights.
Good Rooms , Hot and Cold Water.
. S. A. HEARS , Propr. , Valentine , Nebr.
Rates $1 per day , Calls for all trains.
Gent's Furnishings ;
and Clothing
Valentine , Xeb. , Nov. 23 , 1908.
"We wioli to call your atten
tion to the fact that we are going to
manufacture all s lits here in the fu
ture and all our 'ielp has had years of
experience in cutting"and fitting. You
need not hesitate in leaving your ord
ers for they will have our prompt at
tention and immediate service.
Our cutter has had 35 years ,
service cutting z.nd fitting.
Cleaning , Pressing and Repairing a Specialty.
122. : : Valentine , Nebr.
Done in the most satisfactory manner ! Largest prices for
the seller and honest deali g with the bidder ! On these
terms T.V . Cramer solic ts your patronage. Graduate v
of Missouri Auction Sohoo , August term. 45