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American AinbasKidor Wires Secre
tary Root , Proenthif : ; a Feasihh :
I'roiiosition of Meeting the Eliar- ;
ency in Italy.
Having done all that it was possible
to the districts laid -va le by the
earthquake , the king and queen of
Italy have returned to Home. They
passed four days among the ruins of
Sicily and Calabria , the king directing
the work of rescue and relief and the
queen ministering to the injured. There
is a feeling of relief in Italy that their
majesties have returned.
The American ambassador , Lloyd C.
Griscom , has appointed a committee of
Americans to which will be entrusted
the work of utilizing the money re
ceived from the United States to the
best advantage of the earthquake suf
Roth at Messina and Reggie the
guards are having difficulty in protect
ing the survivors and the vast treasury
in these ruined buildings from the
bands of thieves that are swarming
everywhere. It is reported that six
Russian sailors have been shot by loot
ers at Messina and that sixteen crimi
nals have been killed at the same place
within the last twenty-four hours. Six
hundred persons engaged in pillaging
have been arrested. In an engage
ment at Reggie between the police and
bandits two of the police were killed.
Reports still reach Rome of the con
tinuance of earth shocks , some suf
ficient to do further great damage.
According to these reports new
shocks Saturday at Pellaro precipitat
ed the entire population into the sea.
including both the dead and the living
victims of the first quake.
At Reggie the people are becoming
more calm , and aid to that city is now
being systematically forwarded. Mil
itary zones have been established
throughout Calabria.
Safe Blown on Circus Train and
$15,000 Secured.
Undue haste to purchase a ticket to
Chicago and the nervousness displayed
by E. J. Berk , who gave St. Lo ;
his home , led to his arrest jt B
"Worth , Tex. , and to the discoverypiat
the safe aboatd a train conveying-
wild west circus ( known as the 101
Ranch ) to Fort "Worth had been blown
during the night and robbed of $15,000.
When asked to explain the posses
sion of 5750 in silver coin , which he
carried in a leather satchel , the man.
formerly an attache of the circus , told
of the robbery , declaring- that he had
been made the tool of a professional
safe blower who had escaped with the
rest of the money. The robbery oc
curred as the train was nearing Fort
Worth , and so quietly was the work
performed that the circus proprietor
knew nothing of the occurrence until
told by the police of the arrest end
statement of Burk. The police declare
others are implicated , and other ar
rests Avill follow.
Soldiers at. Pusct Sound Said to Have
? .Ialtreated Them.
Alleging that their race is b ing
made the victim of unprovoked and
brutal assaults at the hands of soldiers
from the artillery forts of the Puget
'sound district , Chinese merchants and
prominent members of the celestial
colony at Port Townsend , Wash. , have
petitioned the Chinese consul general
at San Francisco for relief. It is asked
that the war department officials be
advised that a serious situation exists
and that murder may result.
These Chinese assert that within the
past few days four unprovoked attacks
by soldiers on un < ffending Chinese
have occurred , one of the victims being
ing- seriously injured.
Finch Sentenced to IIanj > - .
Judge Bronaugh , of the state circuit
court at Portland , Ore. , sentenced Jas.
A. Finch , convicted of the murder of
Ralph B. Fisher , late prosecutor for
the Oregan Bar association , to be
hanged February 5. Finch displayed
little emotion while the sentence was
being pronounced.
Milwaukee's Coast Extension.
Preliminary steps have been taken
in Xew York toward the capitalization
of the Pacific coast extension of the
Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul Rail
road company , which will provide for
a total bonded debt of $200.000,000.
covering the extension , should that
mount be found necessary.
Shoots His Sister's Betrayer.
With the accusation that he was re
sponsible for his sister's downfall , and
that he had abducted her from the
Door of Hope , where she was sent to
escape his wiles , William Mitchell , of
Los Angeles , C : l. . an iron worker , shot
and killed Cecil Thayer , a messenger ,
19 years old.
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Saturday's quotations on the Sioux'
City live stock market follow : Top
[ beeves , ? u.50. Top hogs , $5.S5.
Vivid Story Told by a Correspondent
in Italy.
The .special correspondent of the
Paris Matin , who has just arrived at
Messina after an adventurous journey
on foot through the wasted Calabria
region , sends a vivid story of the
scenes of devastation. The dispatch
was sent by special boat to Xaplcs ,
from whence it was telegraphed to
"I arrived at last at Messina with
my legs almost dropping off , after
covering a distance of C7 kilometers
(41 miles ) . My nerves will never re
cover from the atrocious impressions
to which they were subjected , and my
eyes will retain as long as they remain
open the vision of death and destruc
tion which oppressed them. A mourn
ful silence covers the country like a
funeral pall _
"I proceeded as far as Palmi by
train , and thence afoot. Six or seven
inhabitants accompanied me to Tro-
pead , and 1 decided to reach Reggie
gio at whatever cost. Two or three
railroad firemen , cut off from home
while at duty by the catastrophe , were
returning to seek news of the fate of
their families. They proceeded by
brandishing resinous smoking torches.
We proceeded Indian file through the
tunnel from Palmi to Bagnarr. . hold
ing hands and stumbling- over ballast
heaps. The roof of the tunnel was
cracked everywhere and now and then
rocks fell in the niches of the track
men. Whole families were encamped
around wood fires and smoking torch
es. Many of them were wounded.
Men , women and children , tupefied
by the catastrophe and crouching
among the stones , looked at us with a
vacant glare , as if their thoughts were
"Later we came upon families roast
ing sea birds which had been killed by
the tempest and cast upon the beach ,
After two houi-s' inarch we saw Bag-
naria , perched on the spur of a moun
tain overhanging the sea.
"The country house of the mayor on
the summit of the rock was half tum
bled into the sea , but the mayor was
safe. He was giving orders for the
installation of a telegraph wire in a
freight car. How many dead ? One
thousand , 2,000 , who knows ?
"After eleven hours we had covered
only 34 kilometers , every step at the
cost of great exertion. Our clothes
were soaked and the torches had
burned out. At Scylia the whole coun
tryside except the north was complete
ly blotted out. The victims numbered
between 150 and 1,000.
Cool Work of a Fireman Save Many
in a Theater Conflagration.
A fire broke out in the Park op/jra
house at Erie , Pa. , during the per
formance Friday night , but owing to
the cool work of Fireman Abraham
Louch a panic was averted and all
Before the audience realized the sit
uation , the house had been almost
emptied. There were many narrow es
capes and a dozen women fainted and
had to be carried out , but no one
was seriously injured and much of the
building was saved from destruction.
Every one of the 1,500 seats in the
theater was occupied.
Louch saw smoke issuing from the
floor of the gallery and sent in a still
alarm. He reached the rear of the
stage before the audience was advised
of the danger , and speaking just loud
enough for the actors to hear ap
pealed to them to continue. Then he
stepped to the front , asked the audi
tors to retire , giving them to under
stand that the fire was in an adjoining
structure. No one tried to crowd
until the smoke began to fill the build
ing. Then a crush began. The depart-
men saved scores from jumping from
the third story fire escapes by getting
ladders up.
Phenomenon of Volcanic Nature Lo
cated in West Virginia.
Great anxiety is being shown by the
inhabitants of Green bank , W. Va. ,
over the steadily increasing appear
ance of a burning crater of seemingly
volcanic nature on the side of a neigh
boring mountain.
Flames are distinctly visible at in
tervals , accompanied by rumbling
noises as from internal disturbances.
The air in the vicinity is strongNwith
sulphur fumes. The area of the mol
ten mass has spread until it now cov
ers some fifty square yards.
Prof. Hough Dead.
George "Washington Hough , profess
or of astronomy at Xorthw stern uni
versity and director of the Dearborn
abservatory. died suddenly at his home
in Evanston. a suburb of Chicago.
Prof. Hough , who was 72 years old ,
ivas one of the leading astronomers of
Lhe country.
To Convoke Cuban Congress.
As a result of a conference between
"Jov. Magood and Alfredo Zayas , vice
iiresident-elect. it was decided that
Uov. Magoon should shortly issue a
lecree convoking the Cuban congress
"or January 13.
Canada's Contribution.
The Canadian government has
granted $100,000 for the sufferers of
.he earthquake. This will be supple-
nented by generous contributions
'rom unofficial sources.
Gov. IIoL'h Issues an Appeal.
Gov. Hoch , of Kansas , has issued
in appeal in the names of the state
* ed Cross society , of which he is
jresident , for relief funds for the
arthquake sufferers.
110,000 Perish at Messina and Reggie
The immensity of the disaster In
southern Italy and Sicily can only bo
measured by the fact that it is now es
timated that 110,000 people perished
in Messina and Reggie alone. A score
of other towns have been devastated
arid thousands of victims in these
iilacrs must be added to the roll. In
the face of these awful totals , all Italy
stands appalled.
King Victor Emannuel and Queen
Etena were in Messina Wednesday.
The king explored the ruins regardless
of the danger to which he exposed
himself. He was often moved to tears
at the heartrending scenes he came
upon at every turn. The king was
loud in his praise of the splendid work
accomplished by the Italian , Russian
and English bluejackets , who saved
many persons who otherwise would
have inevitably perished. The queen
spent the day in the wards of impro-
\ised-hospitals visiting the wounded ,
many of whom have lost all that was
dear to them. Her majesty did hei
best to cheer them with womanly
words of consolation , often breaking
into sobs as she listened to their
dreadful tales of suffering. The kins
left for Reggie Wednesday night.
Catania , the largest city nearest to
the scene of the disaster , is crowded
with refugees , and the continuous
stream of fugitives coming in , the
sight of the wounded and repetition of
real or imaginary quakes have so
alarmed the population that they are
becoming uncontrolable. There is no
longer any place where the refugee ?
may find shelter.
Fraud Order Issued Against Number
of Companies.
The postmaster general at Washing
ton , D. C. , has issued a fraud order
against Theo. Kharas and various
movable car sign companies promoted
by him , among them being the Omaha
and Sioux City companies. The inspectors
specters report Kharas has received
probably at least $50,000 from syndi
cates formed to promote movable
street car signs , but that practically
nothing has been done to put the de
vice in operation , except at Alton. 111.
Kharas is charged with having falsely
pretended to have patents and foreign
rights he did not possess to induce in
vestments in the enterprise. His one
patent is declared of small value. Ad
vertisements of his promotions stated
his signs were in operation in street
cars of Davenport. Muscatine , Clinton
and Sioux City , among other cities , but
the inspectors report none of the signs
are used in the cities named.
Kharas is said to be chiefly interest
ed now in promoting the Central Mo
bile Sign company , of Omaha , alleged
to have millions of dollars capital , sev
eral officers of which are women sten
ographers and clerks in his office.
Since his arrest on an Omaha indict
ment Kharas is said to have admitted
he was without financial backimr and
that he was once a magnetic healer.
His companies are now barred from
use of the mails.
Fifty Men Believed to Have Perished
in Explosion.
The fatalities in the Lick branch
mine at Tennis , W. Va. . as the resulj
of the explosion Tuesday probably will
reach fifty. Twelve bodies have been
taken out.
According to the mine foreman ,
there are thirty-eight men still in the
mine , with little chance of recovery.
The cause of the explosion is unknown.
There is no excitement at the mine.
Practically all the women and child
ren of the victims are bearing their
grief in silence at their homes.
To Preserve Its Forests.
A policy of managing its timber
lands so that there will be a permanent
growth of spruce timber was adopted
by the board of directors of the In
ternational Paper company. The de
partment in charge of the forests own
ed by the company was influenced to
put into effect a plant of practical for-
Argues for Parole System.
As showing the success of the parole
system in Canadian prisons it was an
nounced by Inspector Archibald that
since its inception nine years ago 2,000
prisoners , serving lengthy terms , se
cured their liberty and only thirty-
nine of these went back to a life of
; rime.
Count Boni Loses Fight.
Tlie petition of Count Boni de Cas-
: ellane that the custody of his three
sons be given to his mother was denied
Vednesday at Paris. The1 court ruled
; hc children remain in the custody of
.heir mother. Princess de Sagan. and
.hat they should not leave the conti
nent without the count's permission. .
T\\enly-Fivi ; Men Held I'p.
Two masked men held up twenty-
Ive men in the outskirts of Tulsa
Dkla. , and secured about $200 and a
lumber of watches from them. Most
f the victims were returning from the
he oil fields where they are em-
> loyed.
Beheads His Mother.
While in a fit of insanity , Aithur
rrotter , , 33 years old , killed his aged
nether , Mrs. Ann Trotter , by behead-
ng her with an ax and a knife , in her
Apartments in West Nineteenth street
Cew York.
Supply Ship at Suez.
The American supply ship Culgoa
mt in advance of the battleship fleet
mdcr Rear Admirftl Sparry. The
rarships are expected January 3.
Department OlCchi-s Dis.'ii : > s Good
RoiuN and Agriculture.
An agriculture and good roads meet-
'ng of great importances as held at the
court house in Tecumseh Wednesday
afternoon , the attendance bing good.
The meetings , \\hich are being held in
each county of the First district , are
under the auspices of Congressman E.
M. Pollard , who has done a great work
for the farming interests of his con
stituents in the national congress. Gco.
T. Cooley , of the Xa onal Good Road
congress ; > eke intelligently upon the
subject of good roads ar.d made some
pertinent suggestions. George Zooke ,
of the national agricultural depart
ment spoke in an interesting and
knowing way upon the subject of the
improvement of grains. Some valua
ble advice was given the agriculturists.
Congressman Pollard outlined work
along the lines suggested as advanced
by the national d partmrnt of agri
culture. He informed his auditors that
he- had made arrangements for the
coining into this district in the future
of two expert plant men from Wash
ington to work in connection with the
local farmers in the improvements of
grains. This without any expense to
the county. He also said the depart
ment would send expert road engim ers
into counties , where they desired the- '
to work in harmony with local roa-1
men in furthering that work. The
congressman said It war. the desire of
the national officers to get in very
close touch with the individual farm
ers and it would bo g'-eatly to the ad
vantage of the hxtter when the har
mony is completed. The work of Con
gressman Pollard has been of great
benefit to the farmers and orchardists.
Man GiACii Jail Sentence and Girl Not
After being pursued for nearly sic
months ex-City Electrician E. G.
G'Fellers. of Hustings and his wife's
niece , Miss Goldie Alexander , were
found by the girl's mother in Grand
Forlw , X. D. , last week and on the
mother's complaint G'Fellers was sen
tenced to six months in the county jail.
The girl was allowed to go free. It is
understood that she will remain in
Grand Forks or some Xorth Dakota
town until her lover finishes his sen
G'Fellers and Miss Alexander eloped
in an automobile , while Mrs. Cecelia
Alexander , the girl's mother , and Mrs.
G'Fellers , who is Mrs. Alexander's sis
ter were attending the chautaxiqua
They went from here to Chapman and
then boarded an eastbound Union Pa
cific train. G'Fellers left a note say
ing that lie was going away and that
lie knew where Miss Goldie could be
found. The authorities in Omaha were
notified to watch eastbound trains , bu !
they missed the couple. Mrs. Alexan
der at once instituted a search ard
traced the couple through several
states. G'Fe'lers is 25 years old ano"
Miss Alexander is IS.
Try to Hold Up Boy.
Two men driving a fagged-out team
to a buggy tried to hold up William
Lineback's boy near Gibbon Wedne---
day. The boy was driving a horse
hitched to a buggy. They ordered him
to stop , but he whipped the horse to
get away. One of the ITU n iired a ?
him. The men then whipped thej ;
horses into a run. going south to
wards Gibbon.
Huxtnble Dies from Morphine.
Frank R. Unstable , of Broken Bow.
who swallowed an overdose of mor
phine with suicidal intent died from
the effects after being worked with by
physicians continually for ten hourr
Disappointment over domestic affairs-
is supposed to have promoted him t < >
kill himself.
Gothenburg Ranker Hurt.
S. L. Bursen , president of the Goth
enburg National bank , while driviiu"
to Farnam his team ran away and
threw him out of the buggy and as h
had the lines over his shoulders , pulled
him about 100 yards , badly bruisinr
his face and shoulders and probably
hurting him internally.
Peculiar Accident at Geneva.
While alone in the postoffice at Ge
neva Miss Addie Allen , one of the em
ployes , came near having an ugly acci
dent. She took hold of the telephone
while the electric light were was in
her other hand , receiving a seven
Beatrice Man Attempts Suicide.
Earl Fenliman , proprietor of the
Elk restaurant at Beatrice , tried t <
end his life by shooting himself. Fen
liman placed the revolver in his mouth
and fired the bullet being deflected h
such a way that it passed through his
Carbolic Acid for Medicine.
The 2-year-old child of Mr. ar.1
Mrs. J. O. Blair , of Aurora , died a -
the result of swallowing n dose of poi-
' -on administered to it by its father un
der the impression that it was medi
! Jail road Brakcinan Killed.
O. W. Brandt , a brakeman on :
southbound Burlington freight , was
killed near the coal chute in the Bur
lington yards at Oakland shortly after
1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon while
coupling cars.
Good Price for Land.
W. H. Brown sold seventy-six and
Due-half acres of land southeast of
Arlington to B. H. J. Jungbluth , who
resides nearby , for $8,000. or better
than $100 per acre. There are no im
provements upon the land except that
! t is fenced.
Young- Farmer Dies Suddenly.
Vinian Wardlow , a young farmer
ivlng near Pickrell. died suddenly in
; he barn at his home , -where he was
aken ill. Heart trouble was given as
he cause.
\\Xuic Willing to Donate Private In
stitution to the State.
Tin- legislature is going to be asked
to appropriate $100.000 to purchase
the property of the Xebraska Xormal
college at Wayne. The trustees of the
college at a recent meeting decided to
offer the property to the state. It is
argued that northeast Xebraska has
no "t.t. educational institution , and
needs one.
Already the trustees are sending out
circulars as follows :
Wayne. Xeb. . Dec. 10 , 190S. Resolution -
lution ? passed and signed by the board
of trustees and president of Xebraska
Xormal college at a meeting held on
above date in the office of J. T. Dress
ier , of Wayne :
! Whereas. The Xebraska Xormal college -
; lego , of Wayne. Xeb. , has been in suc
cessful operation seventeen years and
has a wel ! equipped normal school
plant. coi'i-tn-j : of two recitation
buildings , live dormitories , president's
residence , central heating plant all
rurpli- with complete lines of appro
priate apparatus with a value of
iroie than $150.000 and could not be
duplicated at present for that sum ;
When us. The trustees of said Xe
braska college and educators of north
Nebraska , believe the educational in-
tere-ts of this section of the state
-"ou'u be advanced by establishing and
mou.turning a state normal school at
Wayne. Xeb.
Therefore , be it resolved.
Tint the trustees and the
t/rexuVrt of the Xebraslca Xormal col-
! ogv tender to the state of Xebraska
for Sl' the entire property of the
coilere for the -tablichnient and
mair.e-'an/o : of a state normal school
by th" stale.
This is signed by President J. M
Pile a'ld TIM tee ; .1. T. Dressier. II. C
Ley. S. R Th < obald , A. A. Welch. A. L
Tucker. H. F. Wilson. Dan Harrington
11. C. llinrey and R. Phslleo.
Li'icelM IV.lJifr Thru Commits Suicide
! : : $ Jlcen in TIL Health.
Herman Weidburg. of Lincoln , a
hack driver. 3 " years old. killed hi ;
and then shot
D-year-old son.
himself. dying almost instantly.
Themuidered child , who was a crip
ple , never having been able to walk ,
was n-ltep w'th another brother. Ac-
eordingto th - story of the second
son , the father came to the bed , lifted
'ittle Sidney otit. placing him on the
floor , and shot him twice through the
ivvrt. Satisfying himself that his boy
wa * dead , the man turned the weapon
en himself.
- W'edburc ; has for some time been
in peer health , and his condition lately
became v. "rse. lie called a doctor ,
who ' 'nve him little encouragement.
P.roodii'T over his own ailment and
ihiit of the boy supposedly prompted
'he net.
"Made Xorarv by the Changes Mini *
iu 5jOjiai Cvcck.
The > ! an of straightening the Elk-
'iorn r'\i-r Ty ; cutting channels across
srTi.iy r f its numerous bends which has
be n t'ivc ! < l o'f for a number of years
i y furriers owning lands adjoining it
' - likely to be realized. To aceomp-
' Ii this v/Hl require the co-operation
> f both Douglas and Sarpy counties
" "id it H made pi ct cally necessary by
the proposed straightening of Liogan
reek tirough Thurcton , Hurt and
Dor'ce rottnties. JjOgan creek is 1G5
jni'f in ! < nrth. but if the cutoffs pro-
, ! od : by the federal government en
gineers are dujr it will be reduced to
on'y r bout ? ixty : niles. and during
high water ! t will empty a larger ( low
"nt. > the i-kh' ! rii than that crooked ,
: ntc ! treairi can carry. The plan
ri > po-r : > f ] contemplates a new drainagc
listrict under the Knowles law.
Tinorii TIIH TCK.
! ! . T. TIoxviM-s looses LJfe While Skat-
in ; ? at T/mcoiu.
D- spite the efforts of his companion
Miss Janet Tlamey. IT. T. Rowers. 20
year1 ? of age. lost his life while skat-
insat Lincoln park. lie broke
through the thin ice and drowned ,
more than a hundred skaters witness-
iicr the tragedy.
Mis * : llamey screamed for help and
it the same time skated out on the
'bin ice and attempted to reach Mr.
Powers with a branch that she had
cnught lip. His body was recovered
three-quarters of an hour after it
ank. Powers was prominent in so-
lety and his family is well known ,
riff : father being state secretary for
'he Gideons * .
! ) ca'.h oi" Wet I3oint Woman.
Mrs..Ainandus I > err. of "West Point
; rf dead ft an advanced age. She has
been seriously ill for two years past
' .Mth an incurable malady , which ter
minated in a severe hemorrhage of the
' ' . 'nc . cu inf ? death. She leaves a
' u = baml anfi a family of grown child-
' Pi' = '
TvscajK'd ! ciUM'
Jlines 1J. Onwon , who Avas in ar.
ilter < ation .vith William Ileid at Mil
's > rd last summer , in which Held was
tabbed and who escaped from the
-oui ty jail at Seward on the night of
ptember l > . wa returned to Seward
ornty jail by Sheriff Thursday.
Mais lie ; : : t Police Station.
J. E. Forbes , who gave his residence
ss Council Pluffs , but about whom lit-
le i known , died at the police station
n Omaha Saiurdry from heart fail-
r.-c brought on by chronic alcoholism.
for L j.lit Plant.
The --achirery fi r McCook's new
-lectric light plant arrived last week
> n Wednesday. The new buildings
ire rapidly nearing completion.
Held for Diamond Theft.
Jutus Soudder of ( Jrand Island Is
.waiting- trail at Hastings on the
'hai ? ' ? of larceny and forgery. He is
tccused of having stolen a diamond
'rom the Sims jewelrj' store * whi'e
legotiating for its purchase with a
orged check.
Poultry Show a
The chicken and r-ct steel ? V :
vhich closed Saturday at "ebr ?
: ity. was a success in . . y * .Tiy.
rhere were over SOO en" - jal che
Lttendance was very larre
Seen taryV. . RMellor. . of the stat ,
board of agriculture has mailed otr ,
to members-elect of tile lej-.s lature a
statement of the m eds of the state
board and aNo what h.'U' be. . accom
plished during the last feu years at
the state fair grounds in the way of
permanent improvement.- . together
with the appropriations made 1-y the
state legislatures. Among other thing ?
the statement says : There are three
buildings which the state fair man
agement cannot hope to ent on the
state fair grounds without 'egsntive
help. Tiny are a live stock pavlilion
such as other states- enjoy : atrrl and
reinforced concrete graml tan i- > rent people , and a mu5in sjy hall.
It is possible for the man : ? r < ir-nt to
permrment'y ereet. out of it. > profits
from time to time , an aprrieultural hall ,
horticultural hull , 'adits' art. textile
and domes-tie products i.uiUli if. ' , dairy ,
poultiy. b'ee and Iiorey buildings.
bMs ! and such smiller struclnrt
\\hieh can be erected with It-T than
$ .10.000 to10,000 each , but it i en
tirely out of the question { < ; t * t- management -
agement to ever hope to rrcnr * * ? sur
plus nceesa y to erect r.y . : e of the
fir t three mentioned slrue-cp. The
appiopriation to the state 1 : - : > l of ag-
culture frf but $2A00 per a , . -iii and
the printing of 5,000 reabout ;
4.000 of which are < 1i-tril- .1 at our
farmers' institutes , sent of by money
furnished by the state br i : > f ag.ri-
culture. This board , ouf < funds.
has also furnfsie.l patl - t all the
money for promotion an I ; s at
our various : -tatr corn shc * sinJ con
tributed the firt $ . " 00 to t'n.M > raska
corn cemnir.soM. which \ / - . " ! : funds
used for all the early Xrr > ka pro
motion of the Xational < " ' > .rn exposi
tion at Omaha. This board has for
years been an adveiUsing ajreney for
the promotion of the agrirM'turuI in
terests of Xebraska and inmh ca
pacity gives information t' " ihousands
outside as well as inside the slate. It
has initiated , fostered and proposed
nearly every meritorious agricultural
law on our statute books : tnd its influ
ence as a factor for Xebin : ku's public
upbuilding has been without a
The Commercial club of AIHanrt
has appealed to the Interstate Com
merce commission to compel the Cur-
lington railroad to cease diseriminat-
ing againbt that city in the matter of
coal rates from Sheridan , \ \ yo. In its
showing- the Commercial eiitb sets up
that the rate fjom Sheridan to Alli
ance , 333 miles , on lump coal is $ ' { a
ton and other coal $2. SO ; from Sheri
dan to Deadwood , 330 miles , the rat.-
is $2.2 ; on lump and $2 on other coal ;
from Sheridan to Omaha , 74 < miles.
on lump the rate is $3 and on other
coal $2.50. The Commercial club asks
for 50 cents reduction on ach ton in
order to give it a rate like that of oth
er cities of a like distance from Sheri
dan. A copy of the letter of the Cum-
mercial club sent to the interstate
commerce commission was mailed to
the Nebraska state railway commis
sion. The hearing on Form 45 of the
western classification of freight rates
is set for February 2 , instead of Jan
uary. as announced. The hearing will
be before the state railway mmm.'ssion
and persons interested are requested
to be present.
Gov. George L. Sheldon will earn
away from the state house a beautifu
mahogany office choir to which he ha
become very much attache : ! , togpthei
with the "love and respect" ofhis of
fice force. Th > chair was prent : > to
him by his ofilce force , am1 a silver
plate tacked thereon says : this : " < Jov.
George L. Sheldon , executive ' chair.
1907-S : with love and respect from
your office force. " The choir hns a
little history. When the new furniture
was placed in the executive ofii < - * the.
chair for the use of the governor , be
longing to the set , was not delivered.
but another was sent in its plnr-p. The
governor liked the old chair and used
it while waiting for the one bought by
the state. When the office chair was
delivered the governor's office force
bought the one the executive has been
using , it having been merely loaned to
the state , and
made the governor a
present of it.
/he Douglas county commissioner ?
Tuesdrf atternoon awarded the en
tire issue of court house bonds in the
sum of $1.000.000 to the state of Xe-
bra ka on its bid of par. the county to
have the privilege to issue the bonds
and collect money on them as needed
Four other bids were presented f .r th&
entire issue , all by Chicago firms.
These bidders off.-recl premiums , but
the terms of the contract * * ofTr-red
made it mandatory on the county to
issue bonds on demand of the company
buying. Should the bonds be issued
when the county did not need the
money , money would be lost through
interest payments. The eomnaission-
f rs therefore figured that th bid of
the stat- > was the best. The commis
sioners also hope to get a still lower
bid from the state.
il : * *
Xew licenses will be issued to every
lutomobile owner in the state ( luring
1909. and those who fail to come
icrosr ? nd send their Iitle 100 cents
: o the secretary of state are subject to
i fine of $25 to § . " > or imprisonment
in a county jail for thirty days.
Henry Lehr. deputy state treasurer
"or the last two years , has tendered
: iis resignation to Stae Treasurer
Brian and it has been accepted , to
: ake t ffect January 7.
* * *
Zeferino Dominguez , of Mexico , one
) f the foremost asrunilrurisis of that
republic , was the gue t of Gov. and
Mrs. Sheldon Wednesday and Thurs-
lay. S < nor Domingues has been at-
.ending the Xational Corn show in
Dmaha ? nd f'.r th - last few ilay- has
jeen visiting various parts of the state.
January 15 is il-e dafr
learing of r > - t's n rrun ' ' 5
nto effect ; : I : v. --t r 5i
> freight . : . *
ailway " : > ' " i .