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I. M. Eice , Editor and Proprietor VALENTINE , NEBE. , THURSDAY , JANUARY 7 , 1909. Volume 23 , No. 52
' !
to the
r / ,
i < :
and buy a present
A nice Chair or Piece of Furniture
for your wife , mother , sister or
sweetheart. We have the largest
and best line of Rockers and
l F
in Cherry county. Also Nickle Plate ,
Copper and Silver Plated Ware , Pie
Servers , Chaffing Dishes , Pudding
Dishes and Fancy Dishes of all
kinds. Call and see them.
Red F ere. o.
We have just received a large line of
Men's Pants ,
all sizes and prices ; also
Ladies Suit § Waist Goods
A big reduction price on
Misses' § Children's Coats
Our winter line is complete. Gall and
see our sample line of Fur Overcoats.
PHONE 97 ,
\ Eureka
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook , *
Spring Hill , and 27xyeatvold
and Jas , E , Pepper , O , F , C. Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. S. government
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un Pa
excelled for family and medical use.
. ! > Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies. Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness 's Extra Stout.
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine Nebraska
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Bliss Wertz.
At high noon , Thursday , Dec.
31 , 1908 , occurred a very pretty
wedding at the home of Wm.
WerU and wife , five mill s west
of rook ton , celbating the marriage -
riage of their daughter , Bertha
Alice , to Clarence Bliss.
Both these young people are
well and favorably known through
out the community , the groom be
ing the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. N. Bliss of Crookston , and the
bride is the second eldest daugh
ter of Mr. and Mis.Vertz. .
About thirty-six relatives and
near friends were present to wit
ness the ceremony and afterwards
to partake of a bountiful repast.
Many valuable and useful pres
ents were received , including arti
cles of china , silver and glassware
and furniture and linen.
Miss Hilda Green pla.\e.i the
Wfdiing march lor iliu bridal
Rev. Magill performed the cere
Walter Wertz , brother of the
bride , acted as groomsman and
Miss Olive Bliss , sister of the
groom , waited upon the bride.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bliss go
to housekeeping with the best
wishes of their many friends , at
the groom's ranch , three miles
east of Kilgore ,
Breezy Summit.
One week's vacation at Breezy
Summit , which will be enjoyed by
the children.
Mr. and Mrs. Red fern and son
and Mrs. McGuier spent New
Year's evening at Mr. Groves' .
Mr Red fern is going to batch
and feed cattle soon. He is a
very good cook.
Christmas trees were thick and
good programs were rendered.
I suppose yon know that Claude
Baker has a fine boy.
Clara Groves has been very sick
but is recovering rapidly.
Mr. Herron and wife wore at
iVlr. Greenaugh's New Year's eve.
Mr. Lotspich is feeding a large
bunch of cattle this winter.
Toot and Bill is not dead yet
but may be before another New
St. Nicholas Church.
Services will be held as follows :
Tn Crookston on Sunday , Jan.
10 at 10 a. m. sharp ,
Tn Valentine , Sunday , Jan. IT ;
high mass and sermon at 10 a. m. ,
Benediciion with the Blessed Sac
rament after mass.
Instruction for the children at
3 p. m. LEO M. BLAERE ,
( Crete Democrat. )
The senate is in a rage at the in
sults hurled at it by the eratic
message man , and has adopted a
resolution instructing the commit
tee on appropriations to investi
gate and report what the presi
dent has been doing with the sec
ret service force and money.
They had better investigate the
Friar land deal in P. I. and the
treaty with England as to the
Alaska boundary dispute.
Roosevelt is the most extrava
gant spender ever in public office
in this country. He don't seem
to care whether it is a million or a
billion , so it will make a display
of doing something. His propo
sition to spend § 500,000,000 on
inland waterways is one of the
fool notions we have seen much of
the last 60 years and very small
returns , except in two or three
Special cases.
Window Display
Contest Notice.
U. S. Luid : Office. Broken How. N
December 1. 11)03 ) \
A sufficient contest affidavit liavum been lil'-il
in t iis ollietj by Baiter W. Teeter , run estant ,
. itMinst Hoiiif.eteul entrv No. aioG. made
.lane 29 19iM. for nne. nwso , sv.eitinn 27 ;
mv , IH-SW , ssv. . section 2i > . UmnsliipM , ran e 34 ,
by David II Sweeney cont-ste" . inhirh it
is nlleired tliat said cKiiniMit lias never resined
upon , ctrtivated or improved > aid trac" lor
in tie. than s > months iHit paT : tli.u lie lias
wholly a > aiulotiHU s me. ami thai rlum nc
niiiintains a residence. elsu\vlier ijian "ii Mini
traci. that all thw ahov- alleged detects exist
atf.tlm d.ite and have not been cured.
Said parties are. hereby notified to app ar
respnud and offer evidence touchum sai alle a-
t on at 10 o'clock a. in. on .January 19. 1909 l.e-
t'oro J. II. Weiton , U. S. Commissioner. Mullen
\ebr. , and that the final hearing will b" held
at in o'clock a. in. on .laninry 21 ! . liOl ! > . be
fore the ivpster ami receiver at the Un'ted
State land Office m Broken How. ebia-ka.
T'le sain contestant navintr , in : ipnper .tffi
davit lied Novmiiiier 2S.lJU- > ---t foit.i . fits
\\htch show that rt'tT due uuuenee - . .
> er\iceof 'ihis notice cannot be in ae , it is
hereby ordered and directe l th.i Mien notice be
uiven bv duo ami piopr-r { 'ubhcaiion.
- ) ° > 4 Hpd UAKIUS A3isM5KiuY , Ilifc MV
Sheriff Sale.
I5y virtue of an order of s-ile issued by f he
I'lrrk of the distiict court of them. Co. . Iseb-
laska , December 15 , 190S unuer a derive of
mortgage lon-closnre wherein Fredi-rick H.
Schuhz was riaintilf and K. M. CU > ton and
Pearl Clajton , his wife , C S. Wonvst ami KlU
1 > Vone t , iu > > wife I'earee and Nor.t
Pearce , his \ \ lie , and Charles \ \ 01 rest were de
I will tell at the front door of the court house
in Valentine. ( Jtierry coiin'y. Nebr.isk.i. that
beiiin the Linldiuu where n the Ust teim or said
court was n M. on the 30Ui < iay ot
Uio't. at 10 o'clock A. M. t < > satisfy judmnenr f
$19023 ! ) aiitiiiitereat at 10 per en t Ir.un date
ol judgment November 24th , I'Jt.'S and costs
taxed at ? 21 b5 ami ac'TiniiK ' c > bts. ; tt i-nDlie
auction , to the Inghes biddt r , torcM-h. the
loliounif ; described juoperty , to-wit :
I'll' ' Siinthfast Q lanerot s.-etun < : . Tuw.-hip
33i.Uao e 31 , in Clier'cuiintv. . Nelu-tishd.
U.tied this USth d iy of ! ) cumber lms :
T A Kosseter , Mierih" .
King ic IJittne'si n'l. . , X-b
51 5 Attornej ioi i-laintill.
Contest Notice.
U.S. Land Office , \ralenin : .
Jann.iry2 1909.
A sufficient contest affidavit having be'ln lite i.
in this office by .Murk ( ' . Stf w irl. c mes ant.
aitist homestead ci'try No 19Wil ; ( , made
June ! > . 1908 , lor \ vJNl M. K N\\ . N .t
N\\'H section 26 ; XK'i li section-J7 Town-
shui30. ItatiKu 3lk bv .lo-eph Hroaun. co > te-.ret-
i which it is alu-m-d that .Fi se li Kroaun
as never estabbslied residence u on t'i land
.nice filing upon .vunu. ami lii his f ii ed teen
en e his aches up to this dat .
S.ud parties ; ! heieby o-ii"d ! to anpear ,
responu and ( .Her evidence touching s.n.iaile a-
ti in at 10 o'clock a. in "U i'ebrn irv l.t li)09 )
before the tumstur and receiver at the United
Sta es Laid Ullice inral ntim ; . iNebr
Tlirt s lid coniestdtit b tvm in a pmpur atll-
dait filed J.iniury 2,1909s t t .rth facts wincii
show itiaf. i ltrr due diimence se VICH
ol this notice cannot bo nude it tsheie > y--rd red -
ed and diiected ti at such notice be iven by
due and pp pcr pubiicat on.
Si 4 K K. OLSON1. KecMvr. (
Contest Notice ,
U. S. Land Office. Valentino. Neraska , t
.I.inu try 2 , lJW ! ( , \
A sullicieiit contest aftidavi' having been ! ii
in tins ouue by Divid .S. I'iiup * " i , con e-ti t
agAins" " Homestead entry M > 937201177 mule
June 4. 1S103. tor N KVj , M S * H SK i A' # .
H'Ction 13 ; VE'-tN v if. becti n. 21. tonntinp 25.
range30 , by Minnie lluilburt. C'lut - stein"
wlueli U is alleged th tt biiil : MInniu Ilnlimrt
hac never establnnul re ul nee up u thf I ind
sit ce filiai'upon same , and Mij hi > failed to
cure her Indies up o Iliih d ite
> aid partU'-i ate hereby i otilie t to appo ir iv-
snond and offer evidence toiic'ua > iil 11 lega
tion at 10 o'clock a. m. on Kel > 13. 1OJ ! ) Pc-
fore the rtvister and retvivcr .it the Uuitea
States Land olllce , Valentine. Nehr.isk.i
'ihe said cent slant UAV n , in a proper alll-
divir , tiled Jan 2. 190U. B-t torth ta.'ts whn-h
> liow that after U-i. ; diligence persO .al . service
of this notice cannot be ni.i'ie , it ib here.iy .
ordered an 1 < lirecied ibat s icu uotice oe giveu
by due and proper pub'icdUoa.
E 52 4 R. OLSN. . IJe eiver.
The Tekamah Journal is ' 'play
ing hoss" when it says Bryan has j
the influence to force the incoming
legislature to take up and pa s a
good county option bill. " And if
he should do this von- thing the
Journal would probably bo on of
the first to shout about Bo-s Bryan
and Bossism. The republican
platform makers woukl not D ARE
to evrn mention county option ,
and now for a republican paper to
tell what Bryan should do takes
the cake. Lyons Mirror.
We sell farming- implements as well as other
merchandise at reasonable prices.
Call and try us.
Ofaurter d as a St to BanK as tt IS ! tutorial .Bank
Juri' 1 , 1384. August 12 , 1902 ,
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
APiTAIi PAID IN A Goneritl Banking
Exchange and
Collection Business.
C. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V. NTnTT > T.soNr. Dashiar.
- 5233 53E ! 3 S c iSE
§ Canned Good Lunch Counter.
I _ f
4 Phone Home Bakery. \
& 25Z&S2m * i "ZSZZ32&L Jju'S.
Stetter & Tobien , Props.
All Kinds of Fresh
and Salt Meats. . . .
\Vill buy your Cattle ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anythinir you have to sell.
Valentine , Nebraska ,
I has received a complete line of new , high grade
I I and Winter Goods , \
which are being offered at the lowest prices possible - \
b. i sible , the margin of profit being only reasonable. |
Prices are within the reach of all and plainly marked - 2
I ed on every article. One price to everybody.
I52E2 ! : 2 3
r L n T ,