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Lofty Tllicf.
Although the mystery concerning
JTIbet has been mostly dissipated as a
result of the English invasion , the cu
rious nature of that country continues
io excite great interest. Think of an
inhabited land covering between 700-
000 and 800,000 square miles and hav
ing a mean elevation exceeding 16,400
feet , which is considerably higher than
Mont Blanc ! The loftiets peaks reach
an altitude of about 20,000 feet , while
the deepest valleys , In the higher parts
of the plateau , do not descend below
14,400 feet , which Is higher than Pike's
jpeak. Toward the south the valleys
Sink lower , and rice and fruit are cul
tivated up to 11,500 feet. Here the
most important centers of population
Are found Lassa , Shigatse and Gyang-
tze Youth's Companion.
for the signature of K. W. GU0VE. Used the
World over to Cure a Cold In One Day. 25c.
Needed in Every Home.
AVlicn he reached home he opened
the package he was carrying and dis
played a number of placards , some of
which read "For Show" and others
"For Use. "
"There ! " he exclaimed triumphantly.
* 'I flatter myself I have solved the
.problem. "
"Solved the problem ? " she repeated.
"What problem ? What in the world
do you intend to do with those cards ? "
"I am going to give them to you , " he
replied , "so that you can put them on
the various cushions scattered about
the house. " Philadelphia Inquirer.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup for child
ren teething , softens the guins , reduces in
flammation , allays pain , cures \vlnd colic ,
25c a hottle.
jjfe Ocean Cntiles.
i The diameter of the Altantic cabld
varies according to the depth of the
water , the character of the bottom on
whici it lies , and the probabilities of
Interference from anchors. It Is small
est in midocean depths. There Is little
or no movement at the bottom , and It is
important that the cable should not
liave great weight. A heavy cable in
deep water would be difficult to bring
tip for repairs if repairs were needed.
In the shallow water a heavier type
of cable is used. These t-pes are
known as "shore end , " "intermediate , "
and "deep sea. " The diameters of the
commercial cables arc : Shore end , 2 %
inrhes : intermediate , 3-4 inches ; deep
sea. 1 inch.
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K. W. Hide & Fur Co. , Minneapolis , Minn.
Papering liamp Walls.
There are so many so-called damp
preventers on the market for applica
tion before papering ; for instance , ce
ment or asphalt preparations , cork
til PS. gypsum or other insulating ma
terials , which may or may not answer
the purpose , besides being rathe ; ex
pensive , says the Architects and Build
ers' Journal. Most of them are unsuit
able , because they prevent ventilation
of the walls , in which the damp re
mains , appearing shortly through the
intermediate layers and the wall pa
per , or rising up into other parts of
the house.
An excellent and comparatively inex
pensive way out of this difficulty is the
following : Paint corrugated card
board , such as is sold for packing bottles
tles , etc. , on both sides with asphalt
rarnish and fix it when dried with
live-eighths inch tin tacks to the damp
wall , so that the smooth surface is di
rected toward the room and the corru
gations run from ceiling to floor ,
against the wall. At the floor level
one-half inch should be left uncovered.
The cardboard should then be covered
with coarse hessians or other packing
material , on which a plain covering pa
per , and lastly the wall hangings , may
be pasted. The skirting board should
be removed while tacking on the card
board , which should have small holes
of an inch in length made in the raised
corrugations at intervals of 10 to lli
inches before it-is attached to the wall.
Honor for Jefferson.
"Waal , yes , " said Mrs. Bragley of
Jpfferson City , "I reckon that feller
that writ out the Declaration of Inde
pendence deserved the honor. "
"You mean the honor of being as
signed to write it ? "
\ "Not at all. I mean the honor o'
bcu' named fur our town. They called -
od him Jefferson , you know. " Phila
delphia Press.
Silencing a Bonslcr.
Uncle Zeke ( buck from the city ) You
talk about cheap ridin" ! I rode twenty
miles on a street k'yar an' all it cost ine
was a nickel.
Undo .Tod Cosh I That ain't nothin' .
When Ivns fhar last yi nr I rode 'to the
1o ; > o' the tallest huiMrn * in town , an' it
didn't cost me a blamed cent I
YOU CAN secure an estate worth S150.000 for
your < l by assisting to avert one of the gravest
and most disustercus calamities in the jiislory
of tha com i"iviil : worhl. If iirrrt trd , write at
oact. ' , : tmi'\\o will submit a plan with evidence you will ft mi obsoLitely convincing. Sac
ramento Valley Imj r vsineut Co. St. Louie , Mo.
Oood Hog : Cot.
The A-shaped hog cot has heen modi-
ied and Improved to adapt it to both
tummer and winter conditions. The
Improved form has a permanent floor , a
door in each end , and a ventilating
system. It is constructed by nailing
Inch boards on six joists , 2 in. x 4 in. ,
B feet long for the floor. Beneath the
poists are nailed three stringers ,
2 In. x G in. , S feet long , which serve as
runners for moving the house. Next is
spiked a piece 2 in , x S in. , 0 ft 4 in.
long , at the ends of the Joists , having
the bottom of the 2 in. x S in. even
with the bottom of the joist Avhich will
allow It to project above the floor 3
inches. It will also extend out 7 inches
at each end. This 2 in. x 8 in. forms
a plate to which the rafters and noof
boards are nailed. The 7-inch exten
sion of the plate at the ends supports
the lower corners of the roof , which
otherwise would be easily split off.
These 2xS's , besides strengthening the
house , raise the rafters and roof boards
nailed to them at least 3 inches off the
floor and thereby materially Increase
the floor space and the capacity of the
house. If the house Is to be used in
extremely cold -weather a movable door
is necessary. The illustration shows a
door 2 feet wide and 2 ft. G in. high ,
made to slide up and down and held
in place by cleats. It Is suspended by
a rope which passes through a pulley
at the top , and is fastened to a cleat
at the side near the roof.
Another important feature of this
house is the ventilator , -which Is a
small cap covering a hole at the top
and the center of the roof. The hole
Is made by sawing off opposite ends of
two roof boards and covering it with
a. cap.
The Crop HIorts sre System.
As every informed person knows , the
chief trouble , at the bottom of almost
all the other troubles , is that many
of the raisers of cotton are in debt.
It is a remarkable fact that many cot
ton raisers continue in debt ( about a
year behind the world ) as long as they
live. Of course the insufficient price
of cotton has had much to do with
this ; but not all. The policy of adher
ing to cotton whether it be low or
high in price also has to dowith it.
Whatever the cause , the fact is fully
agreed upon. It is further conceded
that if the raisers of cotton were as
nearly upon a cash basis as men in
other lines usually are they could then
assert some authority in fixing the
price of cotton , because they could hold
it until the terms suited them. Galveston -
veston News.
Effect of Freezing1 on Butter.
A series of trials were made at the
Vermont Experiment Station , wherein
milk was divided into two lots , one-half
allowed to freeze and the other han
dled in the usual manner : then churn
ed , the butter worked and scored.
Neither skimming , ripening nor churn
ing appeared to be impaired. Not so ,
however , with the scoring. The aver
age scores of two sets of fifteen lots
each were : Frozen butter , 9o.2 ; ner-
inal butter , OC.3. Freezing tended very
slightly to lower the grade of the but
ter , yet freezing is not necessarily a
menace to good butter-making. It
should not be inferred , however , that
infrequent creamery receipts , delivered
more or less frostbitten , will make as
good a butter as if they had been de
livered unfrozen.
Constancy of the Bee.
With regard to the general belief
that bees , aud more especially hive
bees , visit only one species of flower
in a single journey , we may quote an
interesting observation made by W.
Wesche , and recorded by him in a
paper read before the Royal Micro
scopical Society. Mr. Wesche has been
studying insects with the microscope ,
and among other things has made in
teresting observations on their food.
A worker bee , for example , was found
to have Its abdomen full of several
species of pollen. The inference is
that it had visited several species of
liower in a single journey.
The Life Plant.
Bermuda possesses a plant of the
house leek family which has curious
properties. When the leaves begin to
Mirivel and fade they put forth new
shoots which in turn bear leaves that
continue to grow fresh and green for
many weeks. The leaves are about
tour Inches long , rich green in color
and of waxen texture. If one of the
leaves is pinned to a wall indoors it
will begin to sprout within three or
four days , be it winter or summer. The
limit of existence of the life plant seems
dependent upon the quantity of heat
and light which the plant obtains.
Protection of River Banlc.i.
The statement is constantly met that
forests are very efficacious in the pro
tection of river banks from undermin
ing and steep slopes from sliding. The
exact reverse is the case- says the En
gineer. As every river engineer knows ,
nothing is more disastrous to a river
bank on an alluvial stream than heavy
trees. This is due partly to the great
weight , but in large part to the sway
ing effect of the wind and the enor
mous leverage of the long trunks , which
pry up the ground and facilitate the
tendency to undermining. One ot the
regular policies of river control is to
cut down these trees for a distance
back from the edge of the bank wher
ever complications with private owner
ship do not prevent. Snags and drift
wood in the channels have always been
among the most serious obstacles to
navigation on streams flowing between
forest-covered banks. Likewise where
railway or highway grading cuts the
skin of unstable mountain slopes , the
presence of large trees Immediately
above tends powerfully to loosen the
ground and cause it to slide ; and in
such cases it Is necessary to cut down
the timber.
The Colors of E KS.
A. R. Horwood , of the Leicester
( England ) Museum , remarks that the
colors of birds' eggs can , In a largo
number of cases , be traced to the ne
cessity of "protective resemblance.7 *
White eggs are usually laid by birds
nesting in holes in trees , or In dark sit
uations , like owls , woodpeckers and
some pigeons. Most birds nesting on or
near the ground lay eggs of an olive-
green or brown ground color. The eggs
of grouse , ptarmigan , and so forth , re
semble the heather among which they
are laid. Those of the ringed plover ,
little tern and oyster-catcher resemble
the sand and shingle of the beach.
The lapwing's eggs closely simulate
bare soil or dried bents. The young
chicks show similar "protective" colors.
King of the Chicago Live Stock Shoir
Prime Lad XVI. , "king of Herefords -
fords , " owned by Warren T. McCray ,
of Kentland , Ind. , former president of
the National Grain Dealers' Associa
tion , attracted much attention at the
international live stock show. Prime
Lad XVI. is tlirei'tly descended from
two sr iid champions , his sire being
Prime Lad , grand champion at the
World's Fair in 3003 , and his dam
being the world fumed Lorna Doone.
The "Icing" is three years old and has
made clean sweeps in competitions.
For Poultry Insects.
A pint of crude carbolic acid , mixed
with a gallon of kerosene , makes an
excellent spray for poultry houses , and
it is the cheapest.
j ! _ _ „ . . . !
Never permit mold to accumulate in
the damp , dark corner of the cow
Xot one cow in fifty that is confined
in the dairy barn gets as much \vater
as she needs.
A strange dog running through a
herd in a field Avill lessen the milk flow
for the next milking from 3 to 10 per
Cow barns should be whitewashed
inside at least three times a year , and
this job should include every foot of
the stalls and mangers.
A milking room should never be lo
cated under the hay loft , because more
or less dust is always sifting down and
will fall into the milk.
Even with perfect ventilation It la
hard to keep disagreeable odors out
of the cow barn. Without ventilation
it is entirely out of the question.
A hooking cow is always dangerous.
A cow will seldom attack a man , but
they have been known to kill women.
Every calf intended for the dairy
should have its horns eliminated by the
use of caustic when a week old.
Government Beport Shovrs Protec
tion of Employes Neglected.
Between 30,00 and 35,000 deaths
among workingmen and 2,000,000 in
juries is the accident record in the
United States for last year , according
to a bulletin issued by the bureau of
labor. Of those employed in factories
and workshops , it is declared that prob
ably the most exposed class are the
workers in iron and steel. Fatal acci
dents among electricians and electric
linemen and coal miners axe declared to
'be excessive , while railway trainmen
were killed in the proportion of 7.46
deaths for 1,000 employes.
The bulletin declares that much could
bo done for the protection of the workingman -
ingman that is neglected , though many
and far-reaching improvements have
been introduced in factory practice in
the last decade. It is pointed out that
the possibilities for successful accident
prevention have been clearly demon
strated in the experience of foreign
"Granting. " the bulletin states , "that
the underlying conditions in European
countries are often quite different and
that many of our industrial accidents
may be the result of ignorance , reckless
indifference or carelessness , the fact re
mains that an immense amount of hu
man life is wasted and a vast amount
jf injury is done to health and
strength , with resulting physical im
pairment , which has a very considera
ble economic value to the nation as a
whole. ' '
It is insisted that it should not be
impossible to save at least one-third
aud perhaps one-half by intelligent and
rational methods of factory inspection ,
'egislation ' and control.
50,000,000 FOREST WASTE.
fienator Smoot Tells of Great Yearly
Loss in. Nation's Woods.
The annual waste in the forests of
the country , as told by Senator Reed
Smoot to the conservation congress , is
over $50,000,000.
This includes loss
from fire. Fifty
lives also are lost
each year by forest
fires , he said.
"We take from
our forests each
year , " he said ,
" billion
ion cubic feet , or
two and one-half
times their yearly
REED siiooT. growth. The con
dition of the world supply of tifliber
makes us dependent wholly on wh'at we
produce. Our forests now cover 550-
000,000 acres.
"We must plant up the landi , now
treeless , which will be most usetal un
der forest , and must continue and per
fect , by State and nation , the preserva
tion by use of forests already publicly
owned ; and we must extend it to other
mountain forests more valuable for the
permanent benefit of the many than for
the temporary profit of a few. "
Docs I'lnjrtie Threaten America ?
This question in all seriousness is an
swered in the affirmative by various sci
entific authorities cited in an article for
Collier's by C. P. Connolly. The term
"bubonic" ' is used to distinguish the pop
ular disease from its less frequent forms.
The bubonic form attacks the lymphatic
glands and causes buboes or angry swell
ings mostly in the groin , often in the arm
pit and rarely in the neck. In some cases
these are intensely painful , in others not
at all so. Other forms are the pneumatic ,
when the lungs are attacked , and the
septisemic when the blood current is the
seat of the disease. The plague has been
mistaken for all of the various common
contagious diseases , but it is the most
tenacious and insidious of all epidemic
diseases. Its death rate in San Francisco
has always been 50 per cent , in China
: md India 00 per cent The present pan
demic ( an epidemic whose feeding ground
may be universal ) began fourteen years
ago in southern China , where it caused a
frightful epidemic in Hongkong and then
moved to Bombay and other cities of In
dia. Last year 1,400,000 cases were re
corded in India , out of which 200,000
survived. North America , Australia nor
South Africa was ever known to have the
plague before the present outbreak. This
is due to the change in trade routes , as
the disease follows the highways of com
merce. Although there has been no hu
man case of the plague in San Francisco
since Jan. 30 last , the authorities say that
the danger is not over , as the plague often
lies dormant a long time before becoming
virulent and active in a given territory.
Bets -lias broken out among the horses
around Barnesville , Minn. , and several
farmers are heavy losers.
White Earth Indian reservation in Min
nesota , heads the list of all other reser
vations in point of wealth and prosperity.
The Minnesota Horticultural Society ,
at its annual meeting , went on record as
opposed to the free distribution of seed
by Congressmen.
At the stock show at Chicago the Min
nesota Agricultural college won first in
the Aberdeen Angus fat class , for the
champion steer , Eclipser , and also a first
on a yearling steer with Eclipser , and a
second on a three-head lot. Iowa led on
hogs , except Durac Jerseys , in which class
Wisconsin was first.
The slaughter o sher-p by wolves in
western So'uth Dakota this year has been
so heavy that one rancher has imported
seven largo Siberian wolf hounds and has
invited his neighbors to take part in a big
wolf hunt.
In the student stock judging contest at
Chicago , prizes were taken as follows :
First , H. II. Kildee , Iowa State college ,
949 ; second , C. W. McCampboll. Kansas
Agricultural college , 917 : third , J. H.
Gramh , Nebraska university. 900 ;
fourth , J. H. Couke , Nebraska university ,
893 ; fifth , R. F. Miller , Texas Agricul <
tural college , 879.
T71alc at Some Thine * .
"When you have mastered the gentle
art of winking , " said Lord Beacons-
field , "you hold the key to success in
your hands. "
Every one's personality is made up
of trivial failings and trivial talents.
Foster the good qualities in your
friends and subordinates and wink at
those failings so dear to their possess
ors. Not to see everything is a rule
which will strengthen friendships and
help to get the best results from your
fellow workers.
"He is no good , " said th great Na
poleon of one of his officers. "He is
continually looking into the privates'
stew pot ! "
"I want a man who can keep his eye
on the ultimate result and Ignore little
failings , never mind how aggravating , "
said Nelson. And General Gordon onca
remarked that the man who lost his
temper because a private's boot lace
was tied loosely on the day of a battle
did more to lose the day than all the
enemy's guns.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he Is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney &
Co. , doing business In the City of Toledo ,
County and State aforesaid , and that said
firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLLARS for each and every case of Ca
tarrh that cannot be cured by the use of
Hall's Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence , this 6th day of December , A. D.
1886.SEAL. ( . ) A. W. GLBASON ,
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally ,
and acts directly on the blood and mucQya
surfaces of the system. Send for testimo
nials free.
free.F. . J. CHENEY & CO. , Toledo , 0.
Bold by all Druggists , 75c.
Take Hall's Family Plllg for constipation.
Siff. Pshucks ( aspiring Thespian. )
When it comes to high tragedy , sven if I
do say it , I've got Bob Mantell skinned
to death.
Charming Soubrette Well , you
oughtn't to try to wear his skin. It doesn't
fit you. Your ears stick out. Chicago
PAZO OINTMENT is guaranteed to cure any
ease of Itching , Blind , Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles in 6 to 14 < kys er money refunded.
Tfre consumption of wine averages onlj
three pints a year a head of the popula
tion of Great Britain. It has decreased
nearly 50 per cent in the last six years.
Rest for a Year nnt )
Limit of His Eiiduriince Seemed
Near OYVC Recovery to Cuticura.
"My son Clyde was almost com
pletely covered with eczema. Physi
cians treated him for nearly a year
without helping him any. His head.
face and neck were covered with largo
scabs which he would rub until they
fell off. Then blood and matter would
run out and that would be worso.
Friends coming to see him said that ii'
he got well he would be disfigured for i
life. When it seemed as if he could
possibly stand it no longer , I used
some Cuticura Soap , Cuticura Oint
ment , and Cuticura Resolvent. That
was the first night for nearly a year
that he slept. In the morning there
was a great change for the better. In
about six weeks he was perfectly well.
Our leading physician recommends
Cuticura for eczema. Mrs. Algy
Cockburn , Shiloh , O. , June 11 , 1907. "
f If You Want the
yon will ask for
and if you get it you will
have a remedy for coughs
that will be satisfactory in
every respect. If you accept
something else we do not
know what you will get , but
it will not be the Best Cough
At all druggists' , 25c. , 50c.
Don't accept anything else.
r > Martel > s Preparation
WOMEN The Stmu.lurJ Remedy. < AtDruE8I u )
feint forhuok "Keller lor Women "
FKENCII DKCG CO. . 80 W. S2 < 1 St. . X. T. City
> -9 B Jg M
The Lest
vernment of Canada Cw glres
Aqf&al Settler I GO Seres o ! wheat-crowing
laau frco and aa additional 160 acres at $3.00
an acre.
Tfl < j 300,000 contented American Settlers
makinc their homes in Western Canada Is th *
best evidence of the superiority of that country.
They lire becoming- rich , groirinir from 25 to 50
bushels wheat to the aero : 60 to 110 bushels oats
ind 45 to 60 bushels barley , besides havinar splen
did herds of cattle raised on the prairie crass.
Dairying- an important industry.
The crap of 1908 still keaps Western Canada in
the load. The irorld will soon look to it as it *
' .
" 'j-fla thintr which most impressed us
iras the magnitude of the country that is
aTallable for agricultural purposes. " Na
tional Editorial Correspondence , 19C8.
Low Railway Rates , rood schools and churches ;
markets conTcnient , Prices the Highest. climiM
Lands are for saTo by Railway and Land Com *
panics. Descriptire pamphlejtsandmapBsentfrea.
For Rail way Rates and other Information apply t *
W. D. Scott , Superintendent of Immigration ,
Ottawa , Canada , or E. T. Holmes , 315 Jackson
St. , St. Paul , Minn , and J. M. Mactachlan. Box
116 Watertown , So. Dakota. Authorized Govern
ment Agents ,
fleaie iar wher * JOB i w tht adrertiMinent.
Positively oared by
these Little Pills , i
They also reltorv Dl -
tress from Dyspepsia. la *
ITTLE OJff&stlon and Too Hearty
IVER Eating. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness. Nausea ,
DrcrTTBlnesB , Bad Tests
In the Horta , Ccat 4
Tongue. Fain in Ore
tne Barrels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Musi Bear
ITTLG Fac-Simile Signature
It is said that 14,000 victims of th
opium habit have been cured within a
few weeks in the Malay states by tha
use of a plant recently discovered in
Selangor. /
S. C. N. U. No. 52 1908. /
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' 0 " "
aides and Furs to n > and set lushest prices. Andcrscb Bros. . Dept. Ill MJnneapolia.Mlua ,
Too much of a good thing !
That's what we are all lia
ble to take during a holi
day season. Healthy , jolly
people will do it and make
themselves sick. "In time
of peace prepare for war , "
and have about the house a
pleasant , perfect , palatable ,
positive medicine for sour
stomach , sick headache ,
colic winds biliousness
, , belching ,
ousness , furred tongue , lazy liver , constipation , bad
breath , bad taste , all liable to result from holiday over
indulgence. Cascarets Candy Cathartic is what you
want ; a tablet after a big meal will prevent sickness , era
a tablet at night before , going to bed , after a good time ,
will fix you all right for morning , and let you get up
clear as a bell , ready for business or pleasure.
Best for the Bowels. All druggists , xoc , 250 , 500. Never sold In bulk
The genuine tablet rtampeci C C C. Guaranteed to cure or you ]
money back. Sample and booklet free. Address
Sterling Remedy Company , Chicaso or New York. 523
- _ _ . .
- W - - v'v1 > * * f * > * 4 * UUU % > UUl
the cou h. The firrt dose will bring surprising relief. Piso's Cure has
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hew serious and obstinate the nature cf your cold , or how many reme
dies have failed , be convinced fair trial
you can by a that the ideal re-
cedy for such conditions isP3SO'S