Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, December 24, 1908, Image 1

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Historical Society
I. M. Hicc , Editor and Proprietor VALENTINE , NEBE , THURSDAY , DECEMBER 24 , 1908. Volume 23 , No. 50
MY a preset !
A nice Chair or Piece of Furniture
for your wife , mother , sister or
sweetheart. We have the largest
and best line of Rockers and
in Cherry county. Aiso Nickie Plate ,
Copper and Silver Plated Ware , Pie
Servers , Chaffing Dishes , Pudding-
Dishes and Fancy Dishes of all
kinds. Call and see them.
L i/8
We have just received a large line of
all sizes and prices ; also ft 84 ?
: V
N ? La < Suit g Waist Qooi
A bijr reduction twice on R
ff SCJ - 11 * rtS ' CM TMi' S ? P's F. !
Our winter line is complete. Call and
see our sample line of Fur Overcoats. 4
NP ° " 7 $ a r " P
? * i n S a ? & § ! .H 1
I * la U si * 3 I n M
V > ® @ < > @ 2 |
'F 5J * I"Vf " T" S * f * CT' c rT * 1 f"1 ? ? rT'flfrruTt'yyT , . * . '
x Livr r-O > f > L-rtX'i 3i .Su < ' < S Siv
> > !
K * ROBERT McQEER , Propr.
h ?
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , and 27yearxold
and Jas. E. Pepper , O , F , C , Taylor ,
S These whiskies in bondi
were purchased : - -i
and came direct from the U. S. gov- * : _ ' ' ' ;
S'j eminent warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
. 'j
s Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuypcr Gins , Guinnessfs Extra Stout.
a Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine - = Nebraska
S ; S2 $ S2SS
Increased Freight Rates.
The allied railroads of the U. R.
havr * filed formal notice with the
interstate commerce commission
of their purpose to make a sweep
ing increase in freight rates Janu
ary 1. It is to be the most com
prehensive and radical raise in
rates every made in the U. S ,
and will cover the entire country
between the Atlantic seaboard and
the Pacific coast. The average
increase from east to west will be
10 per cent , and from west to
east IS per cent.
Shippers have already be < run ap
pealing to the commission to pro
hibit the carriers making the
new rates effective , b'it have been
in formed .that the commission is
without authority. The only legal
course of procedure under the
much vaunted Hepburn act is for
shippers to file formal cam plaint
whereupon , when the new rates
become operative , the commission
will institute an ' 'investigation. "
Chairman Knapp promises to "ex-
pcdiate the inquiry in every pos
sible way" and there ye are , as
Mr. Dooley would say.
The Hepburn act has been hailed
as the crowning achievement of
the Roosevelt administration.
What has it accomplished ? The
alliance of the railroads is more
ironclad than ever before , and the
carriers are becoming more ag
gressive in their extortion. Re
bates , in a measure ; have been
eliminated , to the profits of the
railroads , and free passes are
abolished , also to the profit of the
railroads. But when it come to a
question of rates and rates are
the sum and substance of the en
tire railroad problem the--public
is defenseless and the federal com
mission powerless to interfere.
As this newspaper has said be
fore , all the relief the public has
not thus far has bi-on in the way
of state legislation. This has giv
en 2 cent fares and reduced freight
rates. But even this method of
relief the national government
now purposes to take from the
people. In addition the Rooseveit-
Taft- program is to make the rail-
r ads exempt from the anti-trust
law und legalize tail road combina
tions under federal "control. "
Who wonders that Jim Hill
found it expedient to raise several
hundred thousand dollars for the
republican campaign fund last fail ?
Need Game Law Change.
There is an inconsistent feature
of the Nebraska game law , which
in the interest of the state at larire
ought to remedied by the forth
coming session.of the legislature.
The open season on prairie chick
ens ouuht to be removed altogeth-
3r for a term of years at Ipast , for
the sake of saving the fowl of the
plains. And the open season on
quail ought to be increased.
As it is at present , the open
season on chickens continues thru
three months ; the open season on
quail lasts but fifteen days. And
this in face of the fact that the
prairie chicken can and is being
xterminated by the hunter while
ilie quail can not be exterminated
oy the hunter. ' '
In New England th. . quail has
oeen hunted for a hundred years
and is as plentiful today as ever.
The prairie chicken , wherever
hunted , is rapidly exterminated.
The quail can be reduced ma
terially in numbers only by the
hard winters ; the hunting kills so
SET all a portion tint it k not
noticeable. And yet the open
season is reduced to fifteen days ,
presumably in an effort to pre
serve that bird.
The prairie chicken , on the oth
er hand , is not affected by the
weather , but can quickly be shot
* - j ? - .
Don't be late. Bee our offerings in Holiday merchandise. .Some of the lines
we mention here may be just what you want :
Ladies' and Men's Holiday Slippers Alen's HaSf Hose
Good values , per pair $1.50 All grades and colors loc to oOc
Men's Fancy Vests Men's Bath Robes
V to please particular men. . . $1.50 to § 3.00 Suitable for Xrnas presents , extraordi-
® Men's Neckwear . nar-y values : v3-3 (
| ik All the newest , effects , long- open end Ladies' Holiday Kerchiefs
four-in-hands and Club House Bows in a Splendid assortment . 15c to 50
myriad of shades and patterns afc the >
Ladies Rusching Collars ,
very low price of & > c to 7oc „ . _
> 3 Collar and Lull Sets , fine Xmas values ,
. Men's Reefer Muff leas to $ o.
® . in wince , pearl and navy1.50 to § 1.75 Ladies > Elastic'Belts ,
Suspenders Collar Supporter ? , Fancy Pins , etc. "We
Fancy and plain colors in Roli-lay boxes have an especially full/line , pf this nov
es , per pair 50e to § 1.25 elty stud' .
out. And yet the state allows the
prairie chicken to be shot for
three months.
The prairie chicken , a pictur
esque feature of the prairie state ,
ought to be preserved and the
state ought to pass a law cuU-ing
out the open season altogether
for a number of years. The quail ,
on the other han.J , which is riot
affected by shooting-of even three
months' duration , ought to have a
! o.ger open season in order to al
low the sportsmen to get out. of
doors during this fine fall and
early winter weather and legally
take aim upon the little brown
Some scientists declare that quail
are even more prolific whi n hunt
ed , since the hunted covey ; ? will
spread out and mix with other
coveys whUe those that are not
hunted will stay together and
hatch but few eggs next season.
Norfolk News.
Breezy Summit.
Remember hay is plenty. '
George Greenaugh's sister from
Wyoming is visiting him.
lloscoe Ward is teaching a suc
cessful school at Breezy Su rnmit.
Harvey IVicNarneo has returned
from u roundup on the JSriobrara
When you have a job of sport
call on Clarence Groves and Wil
liam lied fern.
Mr. Red fern is as been bu
cattle this fall und has secured '
some good milch cows.
Say , when you want to hoar a
bit of good music and fun go to
John lied fern's , D. D , and .you
will hear it.
St. Nicholas Church.
Services will be hold in the
Catholic Church as follows.
On ChrislmDec. : . 25 , in Valen
tine as follow ? : Low mass at 7:30 :
and S a. m , high mass and sermon
at 10 a. in , Benediction with the
Blessed Sacremont. riftor masR. .
In Arabia on NVw 1'par's Day ,
Jan. 1 , 1009 , at 10 a. m sharp.
21 \lVfithor E5s33'
for ivc'ek 53is < : * > 2J r - . j 2
Daily mean temperiturc'21 °
Normal 23 ° . -
Highest - , lowest Q . .
Precipitation 1.05 of ; : ; i inch.
Total precipitation from March' '
1st ( the crop season ) to date was
IS 00 inches and the avorngo for !
same period for 20 years is 21.16. I
I 'f ? ' ® txxi--vl & T & & * 3& sd' 1 rfOv * t-aZ&j \ / * 5rxst3 "f / " * ?
ill i'KpiiitfllS
, . * >
We sell farming implements \7cllas other
merchandise at reasonable prices. . . . .
Gall and try us.
E ?
us a tilnio Kwn o'tit.nored as a national JBanfc
! -Jur. 1 , 1R84. U t 1 ? . 1002 ,
The ga sp | a rag f < ? & ? a e
& & & >
Valencine , Nebraska
PAID IB A general Banking
Exchane and
G. D. COKNELL , President. T. T. I AY , Vica-Preaidant.
M. V.
; : ? 5 5j : :5E332 'SSSS-SSSiSTS S35
* > s a ? e rs , 8
? !
M Canned Goods Lunch Counter. i
v <
S ?
V : Phone
ome Bakery. 3
* "
Lj2t:2C : 3 2S2 % V K : Ji . . OL ,
Will I. v ? "rrr j r < : ;
if Li.i.Svvi K
i I ? - rrn - < %
Poultry , Mors''s , Mules and - ' * iij S * ? v '
E& Srfee-'i
r ss - ' ! : > x
unythin < r .von have to sell.
i .H B B J
1 Yaleatia8 , , Nebraska ,
has received a complete line of new , high grade
Fall and Winter Goods , .
which are being oiiered at. the lowest prices posf' f'
? X sible , the margin of profit being , only personable. ij
i3rices arc within the/reach of all and.laiiy markS - ! j
S od on .every article. One price to even
r ! l