Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 19, 1908, Image 4

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I. M. KICE Editor and Proprietor.
Entered at the postoilice at Valentine , Cherry county , Nebr. . as Second
Class Matter.
. j § 1-00 per .year in advancer
ThPi-rv Tn iihcrrin
Uierry u > . bubscrip - not paid in advance.
r . 0 . . . . \ $1. 50 per vear in advance ; paper dis-
Foreign Subscriptions - ( e0ntinued at expiration if not renewed.
A , . . . pj , | ] f c per inch each issue ; by contract J2-ic.
Advertising Kates - ( ransjcnfc atjv o0c per jnci ) ; iocais ioca line.
Foreign rates for stereotyped advertising , J5 months or longer 10 cents
per inch , net.
Local notice3 obituaries , lodge resolutions and socials for revenue
5 cents per line each insertion.
There will be an appropriation
for the payment of wolf bounties
this year and there will be economy
in the state administration as well.
Not niggardly peuuriousness but
ample appropriations with the
graft cut out and the careful ju
dicious use of a million dollars
ought to run our state ' 'as slick as
grease , " as Pete Skew used to
say in old Riley county.
Some necessary state laws should
be passed requiring publicity of
legal actions and all court work.
There are too many secret acts of
the courts that we , as a people ,
never learn anything about. Ev
ery court proceeding , civil and
criminal , should be required to be
published in at least one county
paper. The county commission
ers and village boards should be
required to publish their official
proceedings and to pay for the
publishing of said proceedings.
People want to know what is go
ing on and if the proceedings are
officially published the people will
know. This law should be passed
by the next legislature. It is not
enough to say that a record is kept
and that all may view it by going
to the county clerk's office or the
office of the village clerk. If these
records are required to be publish
ed and paid for then they are loy
ally published. Otherwise a pub
lisher may or may not put in all
or only a part of the proceeding ?
as he chooses and oftentimes two
or three weeks after the commis
sioners have been in session. This
is also an expense to a newspaper
man to put up and he should re
ceive some compensation which
makes him responsible for accu
rate and complete published ac
counts of proceedings. Also the
proceedings of all courts should be
required to be published providing
for legal compensation to the
newspaper publishing the same
and requiring accurate accounts of
official acts. Public legal tnins-
fers should likewise be published.
These items I chronicle in the in
terest mutually of the people and
the press. The people pay taxes
and have a right to know what is
transpiring legally in their county
and district offices. They ought
to know and they are privileged to
look over the records of any of
their county officers above men
tioned but time and distance from
the court house forbids many such
opportunity. Therefore in the in
terest of education in county and
state affairs and that people may
get more in touch with official rec
ords I advocate these publicity
Governor Shallenberger is al
ready taking an active interest in
learning of Oklahoma's bank guar
anty law and has gone down there
to learn fully as to its operation
and defects which may be changed
and enacted in the most beneficial
and least harmful form. This is
one of the campaign pledges that
will receive most careful attention.
There are other measures to bo
enacted that will require r.areful
consideration among which not
the least is a more equitable sys
tem of taxation , the revision of
th primary law and the election
of precinct assessorby the pee
ple. Ncrw- this lattei i.s not a re
cent complaint of THE DEMOCRAT
and we would be perfectly satisfied
to have our county assessor ap
point his deputies to assess prop
erty in Cherry county but the sys
tem is wrong. It takes privileges
of self government from the people
ple and vests the assessing business
too much into the hands of one
man , who could be more easily
controlled should he be a subser
vient tool of any special interest ,
encourages graft by making one
man the distributor of considerable
patronage an 1 permits men
to become officiers of the law that
could not be elected to a precinct
office and generally thwarts the
will and wishes of the people.
The system is wrong and a dem
ocratic legislature will correct this
abuse of one man power.
Repeal of The Sherman
Law !
There is something like conster
nation among the trusts. It would
be real consternation had Bryan
been elected. As it is , it is more
like surprise , and a realization
that ' 'something will have to be
done. "
It has actually been shown , in
the Tobacco trust decision , that
the Sherman anti-trust law is sus-
cept'ble of effective enforcement !
That , under its provisions , such a
concern as the Tobacco trust can
really be convicted as a conspiracy
in restraint of trade , and made sub
ject to severe penalties ! No won
der Tobacco securities slumped
heavily on the stock market , and
t-hat there was even a temporary
flurry in other trust stocks !
Here , for example , comes the
Weekly Financial Review of J. S.
Bache & Co. , "System" bankers ,
and says :
The crying need of a repeal of
the Sherman law is evidenced in
the Tobacco decision. ' The Sher
man law is the most conspicuous
example of the ill-considered , po'- '
itically-hatchecl , half-digested and
and commerce-killing laws that
were brought forth as a conces
sion to the supposed popular de-
nvind for knifing of the trusts. 1
The United States circuit court of
Xew York decided this week that
the American Tobacco company
was a combination in restraint of
trade , but the judges took occa
sion to declare in effect that it was
a combination of the most benefi1 1
cial character to the consumer , the i
producer of the leaf , and to the
whole country in general.
Certainly , by all means.
It. is so "beneficial" to the pro
ducer of the leaf that it has driven
tobacco planters to the verge of
desperation. It induced them to
organize a "trust" of their own to
prevent selling to the other trust
except at prices that wouJd make
it possible for them to Ive. The
"night riders" were only one of
the "beneficial" consequences to
punish the planters who sell their
tobacco at whatever price the trust
chooses to pay. a.
The "benefits" have been great ,
indeed , to Kentucky and Tennessee -
see :
And ' "beneficial" to the consum
er - who will deny it ! The con
sumer pays a good deal more
money for a vastly worse cigar.
Me is thereby discouraged from
smoking too much to the great )
benefit of himself and his family.
And "beneficial" to the country
j --well , rather ! With the Tobacco
j trust the country might never
have had the Duke family and its
salacious divorce suits to point to
with pride.
By all means the Sherman law
should be repealed. Nobody wants
to punish or restrain the trusts any
more. Let them run wild , and
take all they can get in 'other
words , all that the rest of us have.
World Herald.
Spiteful George.
Having grabbed hold of the
special session poker , with the
avowed intent of ramming its
point , sizzling hot , into the persons -
sons of his "enemies , " Governor
Sheldon seems to have found that
the handle was hot , too.
And so he drops the poker in
continently and stands and sucks
his fingers and curses his stars.
It's too bad , but it was to be ex
pected. Sheldon is not , and never
has been , a fighter. " lie lacks the
staying qualities. He served two
terms in the state senate before he
was governor , and about all the
fighting he did there was to get
first to the cloakroom on adjourn
ment. He dilly-dallied with the
two-cent law , in the session that
met while he was governor , and
he dilly-dallied in the same way
with the county option question.
He had a way with the county op
tion question. He had a way of
choosing his seat , always , carefully
between two stools. More recent
ly , when the bank guaranty issue
came up , he dilly-dallied with that ,
and blew hot and cold ; in fact , did
nearly everything he could do but
fight on the one side or the other.
It i.s the same way now with his
special session , designed to punish
somebody. He felt mean aed ugly
when the election returns came in.
Same of his partisan friends are
proclaiming that it was a "crime"-
to beat him , and he seemed to think
so himself. He flew into a peevish
and petulant rage. And so , that
hot poker being the nearest weap :
on at hand , he grabbed it. But
the look on his face only seemed
to be. one of determination. Really
it was not. It was only near-
determination. Just a counterfeit.
And so again Sheldon seems to
have deposited himself firmly on
the floor between two stools. He
has succeeded in disgusting the
whole state , and in pleasing nobody
not even himself. Me has weak
ened himself in the estimation of
his friends , and has convinced
those who are impartial that he
was a very much over-rated man.
The sad spectacle presented by
Spiteful George at this time will
be a lesson to defeated candidates
in the future. "Be a man , if you
can ; do not cry. " It pays.
World Herald.
Ptder Thorsen and Will Flory
slopped in town la4 Thursday on
their return from a shipment of
cattle from Gordon to Omaha.
The progressive Flinch club sptnt
Wednesday evening at the home of
Mrs. I. M. Piice. There were steen
ladies fo one gentleman and ye edi
tor hid out.
The farmers Institute held here
last Friday was well attended
considering the severe cold spell
jut at that time. Farmer's and
ranchmen took considerable inter
est in the talks on grasses by
Professor's Hunt and Hull and
the most interesting to stockmen
held here in .years. Some change
in the grasses for hay is being contemplated -
templated and the experience of
experts on alfalfa and red top is
just what our people wanted to
hear. Miss Gertrude Rowan gave
. s plendid lecture to the ladies on
how to cook. Prof. Watson
brought a large . number of his
young lady pupils up to the meet
ing from school and the court room
was filled during a demonstration
af how to prepare and cook various
irticles of food in the wooden bpx. :
Mr. Hunt says to turn your cattle
ubtothe meadow ? in the fall to t : :
prevent them from shrinking before -
fore winter begins. t : ]
Mrs. Frank JKIetecka entertain
ed a party of ladies , Wednesday
evening , board of trade being the
chief amusement of the evening ,
at a proper hour refreshments
were served and those present re
port an enjoyable time.
Valentine Camp No. 1751 ,
M. W. A.
Neighbors :
You are earnestly requested to be
present at our next regular meet
ing , Wed. , Dec. 2 , 1908. Election
\ ; of officers , initiation and other busi-
1 ness of importance to every inem-
( berivill , be presented for your consideration -
j | j sideration , GEO. ELLIOTT ,
County Prohibition.
Agents of the Anti-Saloon League
who are so zealousy working in Ne
braska for so-calleu county option can
not be expected , of course , to tell the
people the true inwardness of the
movement. The terra "county option"
is a , misnomer. No doubt it was
chosen because of the popularity of
the local option clause of the Slocumb
law of Nebraska , which has worked to
perfection in so many cities and
towns. There is no option in the plan
proposed by the Anti-Snlcon League.
The dictionaries tell us that to exer
cise option is to have the power of
choice. The program of the Anti-Sa
loon League respecting the giving to
voters of n county a chance to vote in
regard to the liquor traffic prevent : ;
the exercise of choice. The bill irrvo-
duccd in the lact legislature provid.n
for co-called county option intended to
make it possible fcr voters to eprtss
their will only upon the negative side
of the proposition as to whether 01
not saloons may be licensed. Under
that bill , if enacted into law , it would
bo impcssil.le for the voters to ex
press a desire for license ; therefore ,
the quality of option does not attach
to the.measure.
The agents of the league ouglit to
be frank enough to say that they are
seeking county prohibition as a means
of bringing about state-wide prohi
bition through the voters of the sev
eral counties. Their plan is severely
criticised because it does not give tl : < :
voters an option or an alternative in
an election to determine the question
whether or net licensed shall be is
sr.cci. Their program is unfair r.n. :
unjust , and can not win among voters
who take the trouble to ler.rn all
phases of it.
Why Hoke Gmith Wa : ; Defeated.
Politicians will cite the case of Gov
ernor Hoke Smith of Georgia as an ex
ample of the folly of leaders of any
party loading up with the issue ol
prohibition. Hoke Smith is one ot
the best men of the south , where
nearly every white man is necessarily
a Democrat. He has marie an ex
cellent record as governor , and was
entitled to a renomination for a second
end term. Partisan oracles of the
north will not be slow to perceive that
Hoke Smith's defeat was due to his
championship of prohibition in the
face of a popular movement among
business men of Georgia for a revision
of the law which was put into effect
only last January. This law was en
acted to abolish the black man's sa
loon , but it was ; ; ot intended to pre
vent the white man from getting liq
uor. The net result , however , is th < >
loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars
lars in trade , according to the esti ?
mate of the Savannah Chamber of
Commerce , and this has led to a con
cert of action of beards of trade
throughout Georgia to bring about a
revision of the law. Immense quanti
ties of liquor are being shipped into
the state in original packages , so that
while there is no diminution of the
amount consumed , there is an enor
mous outgo of money from the state
to outside dealers ,
Hoke Smith'B competitor , Joe Brown ,
is said to have promised the business
men to approve any bill the legislature
would enact affording them relief ,
This is why he was successful in the
Democratic primaries , which triumph
is equivalent to an election. In other
words , Georgia business men have
risen , as did Iowa business men. and
demanded of the dominant party re.-
lief from damaging conditions. They
are for any candidate who is willing
to help them. Dvc
In a nutshey , this is the whole story vc
of the overthrow of Governor Ploko
Smith and thp breaking of time horn
ored precedent , which calls for the ;
giving to a good governor a second pa
term. tiE
Paid agents of the Anti-Saloon W !
league we agitatjng prohibition in th
Nebraska , They force resident voters thwi
to defend existing law. They are
getting the farmers to sign petitions liz
to the next legislature for po-callnl ce
Bounty option , which is nothing but
ounty prohibition , the ultimate aim
being state-wide prohibition. Taxr ho >
Bayers should compel them to take off pa
he mask , and to abandon the false be ;
pretense that there is the slightest
legree of option In the.bill which
hdy arc aHvocatimj. .
Ship youir Live Stock
, ,
Xo shipment too large and none too small to receive the , "
most careful attention.
Each consignment intru-ted to our care will be handled
by members of the firm. - i
Each man's stock sold 01 their merits and a square deal
guarantee ! to all.
Write us for the market paper and our special -market
letters , which we send you free of charge.
A ios SXVDKU , Hog Salesman. MATT MAI.OJCE \ Cattle
GEO.'M. WOOD , Sheep Salesman. THOS. J. DONAHUE j Salesman.
Gent's Furnishi =
ngs and Clothing.
Th s i.s a question which is asked of ev
ery man who is seen with a neat and
dressy suit on. We can easily answer
this correctly and to perfect satisfaction.
In over eight years in which we have been
handling tailor-made clothes we have
handled five or six different lines , but we
find that the best and greatest satisfaction
is given by the house which we now hand
le , Ed. V. Price. & Co.
All clothes before leaving our shop is
made to come up to the purchaser's satis
faction and they are all put u nder a heavy
guarantpe. They are all of a neat , dressy
and well-fitting appearance.
Le us fit you out with your FALL and
WINTER clothes ; such as a tailor-made ,
rain-proof cravanette , or overcoat , or
suit , or , in fact , anything in the line of
We have just received a new line of the
latest stylein ; bow-ties , four-in-hands and
CCP.R.GHT . 133" , ca. v. PRCE * to. flowing-end ties.
V\ ' -t.s.j 11 ix .u-gains ia shirts , ties , underwpar , sox , and hats.
Call in and SOP if what wo sav i not true.
Cleaning , Pressing and Repairing a Specialty.
Phone 122. : : Valentine , Nebr.
Refreshes and Cheers
DAINTY "dutch
o The Voters Of Cherry
County ,
Through the columns of the
EMOCKAT I wish to express to the
Dters of th < > county my sincerest
? preciation for the vote given me
the recent election. The com-
lign was carried on in a non-par-
san manner , the vote given me
as as equally non-partisan , and
ie discharge of my official duties
ill be wholly non-partisan. Rea
ring that the people want an'ofli-
sr to serve their interests and to
ve his attention to the work , my
pe is to please them in every
irticular. Every energy will be
nt toward "making good" .
Most sincerely ,
PerCwt. Per Ton.
Bran , sacked. . . . § 1 05 § 20 00
Shorts , sacked 1 20 33 00
Corn , sacked 1 45 28 00
Date , sacked 1 50 29 00
Chop Corn , sacked 1 50 29 00
Chop Feed , sacked 1 50 29 00
Taken Up ,
Taken up by the undersigned at
my residence on the Haley farm
south of Valentine Nebr. one stray
2 year old red and while spotted
heifer notched under right ear. No '
other vjpible marks or brands Has \
been here since last May. Owner
can have same by paying costs. *
Dated Oct. 28 ;