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T. M. RICE , - - Publisher.
Passing of Monarch Marked by Ob
servances of 3,000 Years Ago , No
One Being Permitted to Approach
Within a Rod of Beds.
Tsze Hsi An , the dowager empress
of China , the autocratic head of the
government which she has directeO
without successful interference since
1861 , and without protest since 1SS1 ,
died at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
The announcement of the death of the
dowager empress was official and fol
lowed closely upon the announcement
that Kuan ? Hsu , the emperor , had
died Saturday at 5 o'clock in the after
noon , but it is believed the deaths oc
curred a considerable time before thai
set down in the official statements.
An official edict issued at 7 o'clock
Sunday afternoon placed on the throne
Prince Pu Yi , the 3-year-old son of
Prince Chun , the regent of the empire ,
in accordance with a promise given by
the dowager empress soon after the
marriage of Prince Chun in 1903. An
edict issued on Friday made Pu Yi
heir presumptive.
The foreign legations were notified
Sunday morning by the foreign board
of the death of the emperor and the
succession of Prince Pu Yi.
Troops have been in readiness for
several days to quell any disturbances
that might arise on the death of
Kuang Hsu and the possibility of up
risings was made greater because of
the fact that the death of the dowager
empress was known to be close at
Prince Chun , the regent , has order
ed the viceroys and governors to take
precautions for the continuation of
the administration of the provinces as
] ieretofore. and he has ordered a hun
dred days of mourning. The court wllf
go into mourning for three years.
Vote in the Cuban Electoral College
Will Bo Unanimous.
Practically complete returns of the
flection in Cuba show that the liberal
victory was even more decisive than
supposed. Official returns from 1,369
t f a total of 1.49S polling places show
that Gen. Jose Miguel Gomez received
1S3.S23 votes , against 118,329 for Gen.
Marie Menocal. the conservative can
didate. The liberals carried every
province in the. island. Havana prov
ince went liberal by 25,000 , and the
city by 13,000. The liberal majorities
( in the other provinces were approxi
mately as follows : Orient , 13,500 ;
.Santa Clara , 11.000 ; Camaguey , 1,200 ;
JPinar del Rio , 7fiOO ; Matanzas , 8,000.
The victory of Gen. Gomez is gen
erally interpreted as a verdict of the
unqualified popular approval of the
-party of the revolution of 1906. The
liberals constitute the entire new sen
ate with the exception of two or three
conservatives whose terms expire in
1910. The returns with regard to the
house of representatives are incom
plete , but the liberals will control the
"house in the proportion of two to one.
Shoots Negro Who Tries to Seize Her
in Store.
Aliss Corrine McCowen , 20 years old ,
A clerk in a confectionery store in the
southern part of Kansas City , AIo. ,
Saturday afternoon shot Newell Pow
ell , a negro , inflicting -wounds which
caused his death half an hour later.
Miss McCowen was alone in the store
at 400 Westport avenue , when the ne
gro entered and asked for a cigar.
When she placed the cigars in front of
him he tried to sei/e her. She caught
up a revolver and fired four shots at
the negro at clobe range , two of them
taking effect. It was the negro's
fourth visit to the store within a few
hours. After bis third visit Aliss Afc-
Cowen secured a revolver and kept it
within reach.
Ex-Congressman Haydcn Dead.
Edward D. Hayden , vice president
nnd secretary of the Boston and Al
bany railroad and a member of the
Forty-ninth and Fiftieth congresses ,
died of apolexy in his pew at the Wo-
burn , Mass. , Unitarian church Sun
day. He was born in Cambridge Dec.
27 , 1833.
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Saturday's quotations on the Sioux
City live stock market follow : Top
beeves , $5.00. Top hogs , $5.70.
Two Boys Drown.
While skating on the artificial lake
of the Great Northern Power company
at Duluth , Alinn. , Frank AIcLeod and
Ralph llynes , both aged 12 , were
British Ship Wrecked.
The British bark. Falls of Halladale ,
.from New York , Aug. 4 , for Melbourne
and Sydney , went ashore in Curdles
inlet , near Melbourne , and probably
will be a total wreck.
Famous Prlseo Prosecutor is Seriously
Francis J. Heney , a leading figure
1 , in the prosecution of municipal cor
ruption in San Francisco , was shot
and seriously Avounded Friday by Alor-
ris Haas , a Jewish saloonkeeper , who
had been accepted as a juror in a pre
vious trial and afterwards removed ,
it having been shown by the prosecu
tion that he was an ex-convict , a fact
not brought out in his examination as
a venireman. The shooting occurred
in Superior Judge Lawler's court room
during a recess in the trial of Abra
ham Ruef , on trial for the third time
for bribery.
At 6 o'clock Air. Heney was con
scious , lie said : "I will live to pros
ecute him. "
The physicians in attendance on
Air. Heney expressed the opinion that
he would live. It has been ascertained
that the bullet which had entered the
right cheek lodged near the left ear
and had not entered his brain , as was
at first feared.
The attorneys for the prosecution
and defense had returned to the room
from a short conference with Judge
Lawler in his chambers. Air. Heney
had resumed his customary seat and
was conversing with Chief Clerk AIc-
Cabe , of. the district attorney's office ,
when Haas came forward. He approached
preached Honey , and placing a re
volver against his right cheek fired.
After Air. Heney had been removed
from the court room Judge Lawler
called court to order and had Air.
Ruef placed in custody.
Bomb Placed on Doorstep of Home
in the Italian Quarters.
The boarding house of Ignatius
Spira in the Italian quarters of Phil
adelphia , was wrecked by a bomb
placed on the front doorstep supposed
ly by Black Hand agents.
Gegoria Delando and his family of
i = ev n occupied front rooms on the
first floor of the house and Delando
and three children were severely hurt.
The front of the house was practically
blown in.
A few days aero Giuseppe Roceo ,
who' lives near the Spira house , was
warned in a Black Hand letter to
place $1,000 at a point indicated in
the northern part of th city. An
aunt , Ann Filipil , had just come to his
home from Italy , supposedly bringing
a good sum of money. When the
threatening letter was received she
left and went to the boarding house
which was dynamited.
Former Weather Chief Hopeless Men
tal Wreck.
Prof. Mark W. Harrington , former
chief of the United States weather bu
reau , who mysteriouly dropped out of
sight nearly ten years ago , has been
found , a hopeless mental wreck , in a
New Jersey asylum for the insane at
Alorris Plains. He has been an in
mate of the asylum since more than a
year ago , when he was found w.ander-
ing aimlessly about the streets ofTren-
ton , N. J. Not until Thursday was his
identity established. Then his wife
visited the asylum and identified the
man as her missing husband.
iValter Amen , WealtJiy New Jersey
Banker , is Shot Down.
In view of hundreds of persons in
the Pennnsylvania depot Friday , Wal
ter Amen , awealthy dairy dealer , bank
er and club man of Jersey City. N. J
was shot three times by Andrew AIc-
Grath , and died on the way to the ; hos
AIcGrath stated he had been in the
olomargarin business for many years
and had trouble with Amon. Recently
his business has been unprofitable.
Small pox in State Capitol.
The discovery that n recent visitor
to the state capitol at Mont pel ier. Vt. ,
is afflicted with smallpox led many
state officials and members of the leg
islature to seek physicians for the pur
pose of undergoing vaccination.
Four Children Cremated.
The home of J. II. Wampflcr , dairy
man , residing at East Alliance , O. ,
was destroyed by fire early Friday and
four children cremated. Wampller
was badly burned.
Oklahoma's Coldest November.
The territory of Oklahoma is ex
periencing the coldest November
weather in its history. The thermom
eter registered 17 above zero Fridav.
Barnum's Brother-in-law Dead.
Benjamin Fish , 75 years old , broth
er-in-law of the late P. T. Barnum , is
dead of heart disease.
Jackson Smith , of Missouri , Dead.
Jackson Smith , aged 71 , for sixteen
years judge of the Alissouri courts of
\ppeals , died at Kansas City Friday.
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Friday's quotations on the Sioux
City live stock market follow : Top
beeves , $6.20. Top hogs , 55.75
Ex-Mayor Tafel , of Cincinnati , Dead.
Former Mayor Gustav Tafel died
Thursday night from a complication
of diseases. He was elected mayor of
Cincinnati on the fusion ticket in 1897
ind served two years.
Two Trainmen are Killed.
An eriStbound Wabash freight train
ran into a switch engine at Spring
field Junction , Illinois , Friday , killing
D. W. Williams , fireman , and Homer
E. Wolfe , Brazil , Ind. , brakeman.
Disaster in Germany Costs More Then
300 Lives.
There was an explosion of fire damp
in the Radbod mine at Hamm , West
phalia , German Thursday morning
which resulted in a heavy loss of life.
A total of thirty-five bodies have
been brought to the surface1. No hope
is entertained for the 300 men still be
low the ground.
Four hundred men were working in
the pit at the time of the disaster.
About seventy of the men have been
brought to the surface. Of these a
majority were more or less injured ,
and one since has died.
The explosion , which was unusually
violent , destroyed one of the shafts ,
which had to be partly repaired before
the rescue work was begun. In addi
tion the flames and smoke proved al
most insurmountable obstacles in the
early efforts of the rescuing parties.
A special corps composed of the men
who rendered such valuable aid in the
terrible mine disaster at Courrieres ,
France , in March , 1906 , arrived upon
the scene shortly before noon , but
were unable to enter the mine , being
forced to await the result of the ef
forts of the firemen to keep the flames
in check.
Aleantime heartrending scenes took
place at the mine when the dead and
wounded were brought to the surface ,
and there were similar scenes in the
town when the injured were trans
ported through the streets to the hos
At 1 o'clock the fire had made great
headway and later in the afternoon ,
after a consultation of the engineers ,
it was decided that any further at
tempts to rescue the entombed men
would be in vain owing to the impos
sibility of entering the galleries. At
the same time an order was issued t
flood the mine.
Three Cars of Fast Train arc Hurled
From Track.
Three cars in the east bound Twen
tieth Century limited , the NO\T York
Central's fastest train , wore thrown
from the rails just east of Rochester ,
N. Y. early Thursday , but strangely
enough not one of the many passen
gers that were hurled from their
berths were badly injured. A broken
rail is said to have caused the acci
The train was running about twen
ty-five miles an hour when the break
came. The train consisted of six Pull
man coaches , the three that were
hurled from the tracks and turned on
their sides consisting of the last half
of the train. The third car in the
train was not ditched , although its
trucks were broken. It was the next
three in the line that suffered the
brunt of the shock.
All the sleeping passengers were
thrown from their berths , but no one
was seriously hurt. Alen and women
scrambled through windows and doors
with no thought of clothing other
than that which they wore when they
turned in for the night. Many pas
sengers complained of bad bruises anc
Famous New York Place of Amuse
ment to be Placed on Market.
Madison Square Garden , the home
of the horse show and kindred big
enterprises , and probably the largest
and most widely known building in , the
country devoted exclusively to public
entertainments , is likely to be lost to
New York city as a public amusement
place. The stockholders of the com
pany which controls the garden have
decided to place the entire block oc
cupied by the big and architecturally
beautiful building on the market. The
stockholders' decision was based 011
their belief that there is no prospect
that the Garden in its present shape
will ever be profitable venture.
To Operate Six Days a Week.
The plant of the Iver Johnson com
pany , of Fitchburg , Alass. , manufac
turers of fire arms and bicycles , will
be operated six days a week , beginning
Saturday. It has been running five
days a week for several months. Six
hundred hands are affected.
Madness now on Trial.
Charged with desertion from the
navy , Charles J. Alagness , the husband
of Ada Gorman , daughter of the late
Senator Gorman , of Alaryland , was
placed on trial at Philadelphia Thurs
day before a court-martial tribunal.
Admiral Goodrich Returns.
Rear Admiral Casper F. Goodrich ,
United States navy , arrived In New
York Friday from Genoa. He is the
commandant of the Brooklyn navy
yard and will retire on Jan. S , reaching1
the age limit.
Money to Buy Airships.
Secratery Wright has forwarded to
the secratery of the treasury at Wash
ington , the detailed estimates for the
war department for the next fiscal
rear. The total amount was withheld.
For the purchase of aerial machines
500,000 is asked.
Death at His Bedside.
It is the consensus of opinion in Pe-
! cin that the emperor of China is very
sick Thursday. He is reported to be
still sinking. He will not accept for-
) ign medical atttcndance.
Gen. Dodge Re-Elected.
The Society of the Army of the Ten-
lessee wound up its business sessions
it St. Louis , AIo. , Friday. Alaj. Gen.
ilronville AT. Dodge was. re-elected
> rcsident.
it From Day to Day Condensed
; a
Grant County Land Man Gets Three
Months' Term.
Perry A. Yeast , of Hyannis. Grant
county , was taken to the Hall county
jail at Grand Island Tuesday by Depu
ty United States Marshal Logan Sam-
inons and turned over to the authori
ties there to begin his three months'
term of imprisonment for his com
plicity in land frauds in Banner and
one or two other western Nebraska
Mr. Yeast was convicted in the
United States district court last spring
of dabbling in soldiers' declaratory
statements and procuring fraudulent
land filings after a trial lasting several
days. These filings had been procured
from a number of inmates of the Illi
nois state soldiers' home at Quincy
and the national soldiers' home at
Danville , 111. , the soldiers testifying
that they had given the statements for
a consideration and with no intention
of ever living on the lands. Yeast
was convicted on most of the counts of
the indictment. His motion for a new
trial was overruled and the case was
appealed to the United States circuit
court of appeals , but the appeal was
never prosecuted and Yeast had been
sentenced in the meanwhile to three
months' imprisonment and to pay a
3ne of $1,000.
The appeal was recently abandoned
and Mr. Yeast paid in his fine of $1-
000 Sept. 14. 1908 , to the United States
aistrict clerk at Omaha.
His sentence of imprisonment will
date from noon Nov. 10 , 190S , and will
expire February 10 , 1909.
'Happy Hooligan" Makes Good. How
ever , with Town Authorities.
After terrorizing the town of Hoi-
stein , and defying arrest by the local
constable and all the bystanders he
could not help him. Oliver Flynn , fa
miliarly known as "Happy Hooligan , "
was taken into custody by Sheriff AIc-
Cleery and Special Deputy Mlzen , who
went from Hastings in response to a
telephone call.
Although arrested on a warrant
charging assault with intent to kill ,
Flynn was allowed to pay a fine of $10
in full settlement of the demands of
The row started when two employes
of the Standard Bridge company , of
Omaha , who had been at work on a
nearby bridge , went into town to get
? ome red paint. Flynn didn't like their
appearance and consequently assault
ed them with a heavy iron bolt. P.oth
were quite seriously wounded. When
the constable went to arrest him
Flynn got a shotgun and told the officer -
ficor to bring the whole town.
Much Legislation Will lie Asked For
This Year.
Upwards of a hundred visitors at
tended the first annual convention of
the Nebraska Blacksmiths. Horsesho-
ers and Wheelwrights' association at j
Hastings. The chief purpose of this
year's gathering is to plan a move
ment to secure legislation for the pro
tection of the craft. First they want
a mechanic's lien law similar to the j
one now in force for the building and
other trades. Next to that they want
a system of examination for members
of the allied trades , in order to bar out i
incompetent workmen. An effort will
be made to secure the enactment of
such laws by the forthcoming legisla
JIuinboUlt Man's Escape.
Henry Sites , one of the pioneer res
idents of Humboldt , had 'i narrow es
cape from death through the caving of
a treacherous sand bank in which he
was working. While shoveling from
the pit a heavy overhanging bank fell
without warning , burying him. For
tunately he had with him a grandson
of 6 or 7 years and a companion of the j
latter , and both children went to work <
with a will to remove the dirt from t
around him , succeeding to such an extent - j
tent that the sand was kept from
smothering him , and he was finally
extricated. His injuries consist of
three broken ribs and a multitude of
bruises , but the physicians think there
was no internal injury. Mr. Sites is
about 70 years of age and the shock
was quite severe , his escape from
death being considered almost mirac
I5i - Corn Exhibit.
There will be a big corn exhibit in j
Nebraska City Nov. 30 to Dec. 3. The
exhibit promises to be one of the larg
est ever gathered in that section and
after the exhibition is over the entire
exhibit is to be taken to Omaha to be
placed on exhibition there.
Hold Telegraph Franks. j
The names of twenty Nebraska !
newspaper men holding Western Un
ion telegraph franks have been certi-
fieJ to the attorney general by the
state railway commission for prosecution - !
tion under the anti-discrimination j
clause of the commission act.
Bedford Denies Killing Friend.
Deputy Sheriff Burke and L. D.
Howell , prosecuting attorney of Ale- (
Henry county. 111. , arrived in Beatrice { ]
with the necessary papers for the re- j |
turn of John "Bedford , arrested near j ,
Ellis , for the murder of Oscar Hoganf f
son , a farmer living near Alarengo. 111. | :
Two Hiiiie Catfish.
- William and Joseph Pearson , of
Jonia , brought to Ponca two lar i cat- ]
fish. One measured four feet and i
? -even inches and weighed SO pounds , |
and the other weighed 72 pounds and c
measured four feet and two inches. 5
5i i
Water Works for Cambridge. \
A special village election was held
at Cambridge to vote for bonds for
, water works for that city. There were
237 votes , of which number only 47
were against the much needed enter
ruder Microscope < .f Ltnto Deter
mine Its Legality.
The legality of the peculiar will
made by William Hopper , a wealthy
farmer of Elkhorn. is being tested in
a contest before County Judge Leslie.
Air. Hopper made as a part of his will
six deeds to property he owned , one
deed to each of six of his children.
Bryan B. Hopper , his son , and Mrs.
Lomilla McLean , his daughter , were
not included among those who re
ceived deeds. In his will he made a
nominal bequest to Bryan Hopper and
explained he did not need any more
property be-vuise he had already advanced -
vanced him considerable money for
his business. He made provision for
a trust fund for Mrs. McLean , but left
her no real estate by direct bequest.
John Deere Plow company , creditor
of Bryan Hopper , was the first to at
tack the deed provisions of the will.
It asserts his method of leaving the
property was not legal , but does not
attack the will its Mf. Airs. McLean ,
who is represented by Gen. John C.
Cowin and Daniel Gilbert Hopper , a
son , are also fighting the provisions of
the will on th-s came grounds as the
Deere company.
Remains of Capt. Emmet Crawford
Will Be Transferred.
Thr remains of the late Capt. Em
met Crawford of the Third United
States cavalry , which have lain at
Kearney since ISSfi , are to be disinter
red and transferred to Arlington cem
etery and there reburied with mili
tary honors next week.
Capt. Crawford was motally wound
ed during the Apache campaign
against the noted Apache chief , Ge-
ronimo. in January , 1SSG. and his body
was bruied that year in May at Kear
ney , where Capt. Crawford had some
property interests and where his
brother lived at the time. In the lapse
of years all of his relatives have pass
ed away and the grave of the hero
has been neglected. Through the kind
ly comradeship of Brig. Gen. Charles
Morton , Avho was then a captain of
the Third cavalry , the war department
has been induced to have the body of
dipt. Crawford removed to Arlington
National cemetery.
Paying Church Debt , in Thh
The ladies of the Methodist church
are still husking corn , and if fields
hold out to husk , they will yet pay ofJ
the balance of the church debt.
Friday. Elmer Phillips offered the
fair buskers nine cents a bushel fo ;
all the corn they would husk. Over
00 bushels were' gathered from his
farm during the day.
Monday. Herman Taylor , a promi
nent farmer and stock feeder residing
one mile south of Plainview , offered
the ladies 10 cents a bushel for all the
corn they would husk for him.
A number of Plainview's most
prominent society ladies are taking an
active part in this latest progressive
husking bee. Delicate hands are be
coming accustomed to the rough work.
And the money that the society sub
scribed for the church is coming in
faster and faster.
Fatality Follows Clo ly After Toohej
A peculiar fatality attaches to the
Toohey family , up in Greeley county.
A dispatch says that John Toohey , the
last of three brothers , was injured so
badly in a runaway accident at Prim
rose that he died next day.
Two years ago his brother. Ed Too
hey. a farmer , was kicked in the head
by a horse and instantly killed.
A month ago his brother William ,
who had prospered so that he had
reached the point where he could af
ford an .acetylene plant for lighting
his house , was killed by an explosion
of the gas tank a few days after he
had installed it. John Toohey's death
makes the third in the family of
brothers in less than three years.
County Loses in Tax Suit.
Clay , Robinson & Co. . of South
Omaha , need not pay taxes on $25,000 ,
according to a decision of Judge Ken
nedy Monday in the suit in which the
live stock firm asks for an injunction
against the county to prevent its col
lecting taxes levied. The company as-
eerts it has only a little more than
$700 worth of office furniture to be
taxed in that county.
Lonsr Fall Proves Fatal.
A. W. Taylor , a carpenter employed
it the now John Deere Plow company
building in Omaha , fell from the roof
31" the eight-story structure Monday
morning and was fatally injured. A
Kid fracture of his left leg , a fracture
if the right arm. numerous bruises
ind internal injuries were sustained ,
causing his death.
Favor "I > r > " Nebraska.
Gov. Shek'on has made no definite 1
: tatoment regarding a special session
) f the Nebraska legislature. However ,
le had completed a poll of the mem-
KM-S and admitted that he had pledges
'rom a majority of each house , his
riends agreeing to support a prohib-
tory measure.
Child r.urni'jl to Death.
An infant child of Air. and Airs
'arkhurst. of Blaine county , was
turned to death Alonday evening. The
larents left the child sleeping in its
rib when they went out to milk , and
t is supposed the child woke up and
n some manner upset a burning lamp ,
rhich set the child' * clothes on fire.
Farmer Commits Suicide.
T. Hampen , a farmer of Hayes Cen-
er. committed suicide on account of j
omestic difficulty. lie leaves two !
aughters. | a
Ik *
- j
Attorney General Thompson , in or- *
judgment of $1.112-
Jer to prevent the
obtained by the state Dec. 1 , l 03f
against ex-Secretary of State \VMllam
dormant ,
F. Porter , from becoming
has made a request in the district
county for an execution
court of Lancaster
cution for the purpose of levying upon
property belonging to Air. Port.-- . \Mio
of Lincoln. The
is now a resident
judgment is for fees collected for
marks and brands , which Air. Porter
retained under a statute which pro
vided he should. Attorney General
Prout filed suit for the state in May , .
1901 , to recover , alleging that portion ,
of a statute permitting a state olhcer
to retain fees was unconstitutional.
dismissed the suit ,
The district court
the supreme court reversed this judgment
and affirmed it as to
ment as to Porter
who parties to the
his bondsmen , were
suit. Judgment for $1.112 was then
levied against Porter by the district
court and affirmed by the supreme
court. r. "
* * * " 1'-sj
Treasurer Lindsay , of the republic
an state committee , is busy with pre
paring his report of the receipts and
expeditures of the campaign , to be
filed with the county clerk of Pawnee J
county and for publication. The re
port will show that the national repub
lican committee contributed $2 ' . . " 500
to the Nebraska campaign. The bulk
of this sum was received just before
the ' 'lection. No other money \\-is re
ceived by any one in Nebraska from
the national committc-e. Of this con-
I tribution $5.000 was sent to Douglas
! county , $2,500 to Lancaster county
and the remaining $15,000 wa * dis
tributed between the chairmen of
about 58 counties and was used exclu
sively in getting out the vote. I > . E.
Thompson , of Lincoln , contributed
$1,000 to the state committee , of which
$500 was urned over to the Lancaster-
committee. The state committee also
paid several bills contracted by th&
I ancaster committee.
-t * *
Airs. Latkey , former grand chief ot
honor of the Degree of Honor , has
filed suit in the district court at Lin
coln to have set aside the election of
Airs. Cleever. selected grand chief of
honor at the recent state meeting of :
the order. Mrs. Cleever was also
named a defendant. She was elected
by a majority of one vote. Alr.s. Lat
key contends that two more votes were
cast on the second ballot than on the
first and that fully twenty people were
out in the hall when the votes were-
cast ; that the ballots were collected
in a hat instead of requiring the voters
to walk to the front of the hall and de
posit their ballots.
* * *
There is more than a well defined
rumor afloat that Gov. Sheldon may be
the successor of E. Uenjamin Andrews
as chancellor of the state university.
The governor is a graduate of Harvard
and ever since leaving the university
has kept in close touch with educa
tional affairs and since becoming gov
ernor has been especially interested in
the state university.
* * *
In seventy-seven counties the so
cialists cast a total of 1,943 votes and
the prohibitionists 3,253 votes on elec
- * , ,
Scbrctaehe Itnclts. " * " *
Among the curious objects now sold
in The fashionable shops up town these
dajs are ser eous sabretaches that are
used either for letter or newspaper
racks in ( he sitting rooms of women ,
who have money to throw away on
such costly trifles. The sabretaches ,
which wore originally designed for ear-
ry "g military dispatches , are fitted
with leather pockets , while the front
is hea.ily embroidered with the insig
nia of die regiment to which the wearer
belonged. The leather covers that preteen -
teen d the sabretaches while their wear
ers nere on active service , without com
pletely concealing the insignia on their
front , are being made of either bri ? red or gray leather. When the
oiliers who wore thorn were on parade-
it was their custom to remove the cov
ers , so that all the glory and beauty
of the gold und silver embroidery
snould not be concealed. As these sab
retaches were most frequently used in
the period of the Napoleonic wars their
nge may be easily imagined.
Delay In Divorces.
"The underlying reason why so much
time usually elapses between the filing.
i > f petition and the hearing
or trial in.
ilivorce proceedings is not generally un
derstood , " remarked a lawyer
makes a specialty of this character of
[ iructice. "Perhaps it Is within the cir
cle of truth to say that in a majority
) f cases , if either husband or
whichever side IK ? plaint ill. should \stop'
ook. and listen. ' as it were , the trouble
.vould . be adjusted out of court
"As a rule , judges are inclined to
ifford ample time
for domestic partners
o ponder well before pursuing further
: ownrd legal redress for matrimonial
liiiiculties. 'Divorce in haste and
> ent at leisure' is a logical paraphrase
Df course , if after mature reflection a.
liffereut opinion does not ensue the av
rage jurist would favor pro-rossh
he suit. "
Wonl.l Not Pay CIiurKC .
He was an impecunious
ritli air castles in
sunny France * ftcr
juch deliberation lie sent the following
ote to the pretty heiress :
"Dear Miss : I love
you. but do not
now how to express myself. iiOw
rould you advise ? Count Do Bus" "
And the
heiress , > ennert the follow-
* ! "
"Dear Count : Esprrss
yourself any
ny you wish except C.
O. D. , as you
re not worth the charges/ ' „ *