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    Historical Soclet7
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We carry
for every Sewing Machine made
Try A ,
We have the finest line of Men's
Hats , all styles and colors , in the
city. Prices'from 81.00 to § 3.50.
PHONE 97 ,
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Residence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , PHONE 72 " Nebraska
References : My Many Customers.
ROBERT McGEER , Propr. j ?
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars |
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , and 2 7/year/old
and Jas , E , Pepper , O. F. C , Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. S. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Unexcelled - S
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Kennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout.
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer , a
Valentine Nebraska 3
Read the Advertisements ,
Information Relative to the Opening of the
Rosebud o : Tripp County Lands.
Any person desiring to register
for the opening of the Rosebud
lands in South Dakota ( Tripp
County ) under the President's re
cent proclamation , and the instruc
tions issued by the Secretary of the
Interior , must go before a U. S.
commissioner or judge or a clerk
of a court of record , or a notary
public in one of Hie following
towns , viz : Chamberlain , Dallas ,
Gregory , or Presho in South Da
kota , or O'Neill or Valentine in
Nebraska , and there sign and swear
to an application for registration
which will be furnished him by
the oflicer before whom he makes
his oath. This application must
be sworn to between October o and
October IT , 19US , and after it is
sworn to it must be inclosed , un
folded , in an envelope , which will
be furnished by the oflicer admin
istering the oath , and the envelope
must then be addressed and deliv
ered to "James W. Witten , Su
perintendent of Opening , " at eith
er Dallas or Gregory , South Da
kota , before 4:30 : p. m. on Octo
ber 17 , and not after that , either
b.y mail or in person , or otherwise ,
but not by registered mail , and the
envelope must not have the name
of the applicant written on it.
Soldiers and sailors who served
for ninety days during the War of
the rebellion , the Spanish-Ameri
can War , or Phillippine Insurrec
tion , will not be required to go to
ither of the aboved named towns
to swear to their applications , but
they may appoint agents to pre
sent their applications for them ,
and these appointments may be
made and sworn to in any State
or Territory. The appointment of
an agent by a soldier must be made
in writing on a blank form which
may be obtained by writing to
James W. Witten. General Land
Office , Washinton. D. C. , " prior
to September 25 , 1908 or at his
lead-quarters at Dallas , South
Dakota , after that date , or from
the officer in charge of the regis-
; ration blanks at either towns
named above , after October 4.
The appointment must be sworn
to by the soldier , and should not
i made on any form other than
the one prescribed for that pur
pose. The agent's name must be
written into the blank form of ap
pointment before soldier swear to
it , as appointments can not be
made out in blank and the agent's
name subsequently written is to
them. The agent must go to one
of the towns named above and
swear to an application for regis
tration , which will be attached to
the soldier's appointment , and he
can then deliver the application
and appointment to the Superin
tendent of the Opening , by mailer
or otherwise , at either Dallas or
Gregory , South Dakota. Theagent
may register both for himself and
for one soldier , but the same per
son can not be agent for more than
one soldier , and no person is per
mitted to take part in the drawing
who presents more than one appli
cation in his own behalf , either in
person or through an agent. A
soldier who files by an agent can
not therefore , file in person. , Sold
iers who did not serve during the
wars mentioned above have no
greater rights .than persons who
have never served in the army at
any time.
A drawing will be held at Dal
las , S. D. on October 19 , to de
termine who of the persons regis
tered will be given the right to
make entryIf a person draws a
number smaller than 4,001 he will
be notified by mail , addressed ( o
the postoffice given in his appli
cation , unless he subsequently
gives another , to appear at some
date , probably in the montn of
March , 1905) ) , when he will be per
mitted to enter one-quarter section ,
or less , of these lands , for which he
will be required to pay the usual
fees and commissions and § G an
acre. If the number drawn is be
tween 4,000 and 6,001 , the applicant
will be notified in the same manner
of some date in August , 1909 , when
he can make entry at $4.50 an
acre , if any of the lands remain
unentered at that time. The fees
and commissions and one-fifth of ,
the purchase money must be paid
when the entry is made , and the
> w
TSie Shoe Xo ( ) tlu > r rt i ( > 1 < --s of wear deserves as much
attention and care as the selection of your
footwear. STYLE , KIT and SERVICE are the three requi
sites of a satisfactory shoe , and the KLOKSIIIEM , with its
larg'e variety of lasts and patterns , offers you an easy solution to
the problem. The fall style for 11)08 ) show many new desi n
and patterns that are exclusively Florshiem and absolutely correct
TIlS CSuctt Shirt a s ! rt * na aPPeals to hih Tiide dressers. Its
= individual style , its ease and comfort to the wear
er , its variety of patterns , are its world wide merits upon which
it is sold.
The Hat a-wavs stylish , always up to date , always the best
quality. We guarantee satisfaction to every buyer of
the Tiger hat. The Tiger hat is not a cheap article of wear but
ranks with best of high class merchandise.
Carnival Dales :
Sept. 22 , 23 , 24 , 25 ,
remainder of the purchase money
in five equal installments , without
interest. At the time he makes
final proof he will be required to
pay the usual fees and commis
sions required of homestead entry-
men making proof. If a person
enters 100 acres under a number
smaller than 4.001 he must there
fore pay § 192 on the purchase
price and § 14 as fees and commis
sions , or a total of § 200 , at the
time he makes entry , and he will
be required to pay § 153.00 an
nually thereafter for five years.
If he enters 100 acres under a
number above 4,000 he must pay j
§ 144 purchase money and § M fees |
and commissions , or a total of i
§ 158 , when he makes entry , and
subsequently he must pay five
yearly annual installments of
§ 115.20 each.
If an entry man fails to make
any annaul payment , when it be
comes due , or fails to reside on
and cultivate the land as' the law
requires , his entry will be cancel
ed , and all former payments made
by him will be forfeited.
After an applicant has made en
try , he can obtain patent by com-
plving with the requirements of j
the homestead law , as to residence j
and cultivation , for five years , and i
making the annual payments , or ,
after actually residing upon and
cultivating the land in good faith
for the full period of fouiteen
months , he can obtain title by
proving the fact , and paying all
the unpaid purchase money. The
residence required upon these
lauds means the actual , bona fide
making and maintaining of a home
thereon , to the entire exclusion of
a home elsewhere.
The reqirf ments as to residence ,
cultivation , and payment apply to
soldiers as well as to others , except
that a soldier who served , during !
any of the wars mentioned above j
may , after residing on the land for !
twelve months , or longer , claim ,
credit for the period of his military |
service during s'ich war , or , in '
other words , when a soldier's mili- j
tar.y service , added to the period of j
his residehce on the land , equals j
five years , he will not be required ;
to longer reside upon or cultivate !
the land , but he mu.t make his installment - '
stallment payments annually , unless -
less he elects to make all of the I
payments at the time he makes his ! :
proof at an earlier dato. . j :
Persons are not entitled to regis
ter for this opening if they will be I
under 21 years of age at the time !
they apply to make entry or are j
married women , and not heads of
families , or are not citizens of the
United States and have not de
clared their intentions to become. '
citizens , or are owners of morej
than 160 acres of land , or have j
obtained title to or are claiming j
320 acres of land under entries !
made under the homestead , des-i
ert-land , or timber and stone laws !
since Aug. 30 , 1890. or have al
ready made homestead entry for
100 acres , if the entry has been J
patented or canceled for fraud , or |
relinquished for a valuable consid
Any person who. prior to Fcb- '
ruary , S , 1908 , lost , forfeited , or'
abandoned a homestead entry. '
made by him , may make entry of
1(50 ( acres of these lands , if his1
( Continued on page 5. ) '
AVe sell farming implements as well as other
merchandise at reasonable pi-ices.
Call and try us.
NEBRASKA. / \ c.
Chartered as a State Bank Chartered as a Uational Bank
June 1 , 1884. August 12. 1002 ,
The Fl
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
OAP TAIi PAID IN A General Hanking
&C Exchange and
Collection Business.
G. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V , NirmftLflONT. C
jS / " * 4 T v TIT" * x 7 15" FT > T . T
Tobaccos and Cigars.
Canned Goods 3C3C Lunch Counter. I
O , l3LO
Phone Home Bakery.
Stetter & Tobien , Props
All Kinds of Fresh v |
ailCi. ball ALCatS. . . .
Will buy your Cattle. Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything : you have to sell.
Valentine , Nebraska ,
lias now on sale for a short time only , I
At Reduced Prices
Clothing , Straw Hats , Work Shirts , Ladies'
Waists , and Odd Sizes in Shoes.
This is not a Jew store. Goods are plainly
marked and sold'to all alike. They are 2
offered at reduced prices to clear shelves
for fall and winter stock.