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> -2 Tcnslall.
Bishop of Durh-im ,
priutod the first v.ork on arithmetic
in Ei-glaml.
Jsmjuos * Cartier discovered the
English I'ilgrims sailed from
1'l.v mouth in the Mavllowcr.
+ R * * * "
'IGol Cromwell defeated Charles II. at
Wor. t stcr.
107. The Indans under King Philip at
tacked the town of Ucerfield , Mas- * .
. 3(582 ] > ila\\ne was granJod to William
' by the Duke of York.
1700 The French defeated by Prince
Eugenf at 'Turin.
' .72I Sir Guy Carleton. who was com-
mander-in-chicf of the British forces
in Ameriwi , born in Ireland. Died
in England , Xov. 10 , 1SOS.
3720 Hcanharnois appointed governor of
J. 5 > 2 First play performed in America
by a regular company of players , at
Williams-burgh , Va.
17ft5 British defeated the French and
Indians in batllc of Lake George _
Sir Charles Hardy arrived at Xcw
ITork to succeed DC Lanccy as gov
ernor of Uie province _ Public an-
nouncenvent was made of the exile
of the Acadians from Nova Scotia.
17Go Indian battle at Bloody Ridge ,
? The subject of medicine first
taught in America at the College of
Philadelphia. *
1707 Charles Townshend , the British
statesman whose bill taxing tea and
other commodities brought about the
.ainerkaii Revolution , died in Eng
177-i First Continental Congress assembled -
bled in Carpenter's hall , PJiiladel-
" 1777 Washington completed the do-
of his army at Wilmington ,
17S1 Washington and Rochambeau re
ceived in Philadelphia Americans
vietoiious in battle of Eutaw Springs.
H7So Peace made brtwoon Great Britain
and the I "if ted States b the treaty
of Versailles.
" 1702 Fromh republicans .slaughtered 1GO
persons' in fjc military prison of "
Albaye , near Paris.
L Nineteen Dominican missions es
tablished along the California coast
fiom San Francisco to San Diego.
American squadron under Com-
jmodore Treble made its sixth attach
on Tripoli The American ship In
trepid blown up in the harbor of
1\S12 United States troops repulsed the
Indians in battle at Fort Harrison.
181-J The British sloop of war Avon
sunk by the American sloop Wasp.
1S20 A grand fete given in Lyons ,
France , in honor of Gen. Lafayette.
HS37 An extra session of the United
States Congress convened to devise
measures to relieve the financial em
barrassments of the country.
.18.34 Grand opera fiist produced in Cas
tle Garden , New York.
ISoo The first Hebrew temple in the
Mississippi valley consecrated in St.
"ISG'J Forts Wagner and Gregg , near
Charleston , bombarded by Gen. Gilind
2LSG1 President Lincoln issued a proc
lamation of thanksgiving because of Lei
the successes of Farragut at Mobile Ma
and Sherman at Atlanta. Mai
IS S "No Popery" riots in Manchester , Mic
England Steamer Hippocampus Mis Mil
foundered in Lake Michigan , with Mis
* loss of thirry-eijiht lives. Mo
jLSS'5 Last .spike dn\on in the Northern Ncv
Pacific railroad , near Gold Creek ,
" 1SJ ! ) One hundred and thirty-four uni- Nc\
dpritilied dead , victimof the forest N.
fir ' , buried at ilinkloy , Minn. ' QJJ
ISO-j Labor day obsorxod for the first 2KI
time as a legal holiday throughout Ore I'en
the United States. R.
Telegraphic signals -ent around the R.S.
\\ honor of th < > opening of the Ton S.
International Geographical Congress
in Washington. Uta
' . ) ( } ( ' President Koosou > lt ordered re VI
formed spelling to bo given a thor Wa
ough test by tlie public printer. . . .
Senator Heybuin attacko/l the forestry -
estry policy of Pro -idont Roosevelt
in the irrigation congress at Boise , CllK
" 21)07 ) Anti-Japanese riots occurred in
Vancouver , B. C - Seven persons , . '
killed and many injured in a Cana : he
dian 'Pacific )
railway accident , near
Caledon , Ontario. JIU'J
To-day Germany furnishes five-sixths }
of Hie dyes used in the world. chn
Japan is building in her own sbip- orn
.yird < forty vessels , including two bat
tleships. 000 ) >
Clerks in diy goods and grocery
stores in Now Zealand earn from $6 to
3i7.r 0 aeck. .
The United States imported $1,284- ation
SSo worth cf lace in 1003 from Netting- tie
o- :
OPRY HOI ; JxiMhn - s
OPE U * @r/J
Vi S < 1 , .
# - E/SX - > JW. " \
Day's Fatalities Now Number 163 ,
with 5,623 Persons Injured.
The death and iujury toll of July 4
throughout the United States is listed
in the current issue of the Journal of
the American Medical Association.
which for six years has tabulated the
yearly tribute exacted by the toy pis-
toi. the cannon cracker aiul their kind.
The greatest number of deaths and in-
Junes yet recorded occurred in 3 DOS ,
despite the widespread effort toward a
"sane Fourth. "
The most common cause of injury
was the blank cartridge and the hand
was the member most frequently injurl
ed. While the medical fraternity con
gratulates itself upon the decreasing
fatal percentage of tetanus , the grim
figures of 7. per cent still stand as
the death toll o ( cases. The almost
hopeless efforts of physicians in advanced -
vanced cases of the disease make it
one of the diseases most to be dreaded
by them.
The total deaths and accidents by
states , collected by the medical association
tioi for six years , follows :
Aa !
eluding GO killed and 3 cases of lock-
. Of the total number thus injured
were struck by stray bullets from u
reckless handling of firearms by
thers. Toy cannons caused CflO in
juries , including 7 killed and 4 cases of
.etami1 ? . "
Members of the Manitoba Grain ExT
hange estimate the \vhoat crop of Westre
Canada at and not more than IfKV it
XlO.Vn ) bushels , and the oat cron at S < V
o.00n. Hot weather is blamed for the ( j.
At a conference between the Minnesota li
lenlth oulcor = . dairymen and cattlemen in pi
Paul , it was agreed to ask for legis-
prohibiting the sale of breeding cat-
that have not boon tested for tubercu- oj CI
oStockmen insisted that thr tu- t ;
ovciIiu should also be tested.
j }
Telephone Mirvel.
A German imentor , GustaGramri ,
has ' been astounding London with demon
strations of his device for .sending hand
writing simultaneously with the voi.-e
over an ordinary wire for considerable
distances. He uses a low tension current
of twelve volts and his apparatus can be
made an auxiliary to any telephone. Asi .w
from its sentimental value , this invention
is expected to prove of great importance
commercially. Thus , an engineer , in or
dering , part- ? for a snucture in a li irry.
can send along a diagram. A newspaper
repoiter send his account at the same
time that an artist over the same wire
is i : sending a sketch of the scene. This
marvel is accomplished by of a
light 1 ; ray passing over a sensitized papor.
the l transmitter using a lead pencil with
two electrical contacts , one for horizontal
and the other for rtical lines.As soon
as the pencil i- lifted a bulb glows and
\ its } ray is so reflected on tiny mirrors in
the receiving box as to reproduce the
movements of the point on'a spool of pre
pared paper. When the message or pic
ture is finished the paper is automatically
run through a bath so as to develop the
photographed line- > . In ton seconds the
writing is visible. At the s ine time an
other film is placed in position to iccohe
Zeppelin's Xevr Air-.liii > Recnril.
Although again 'failing in his attempt
to make a continuous twenty-four-hour
flight in his great air-hip. Count Zeppe
lin did break all records by the air jour
ney which he took ftom Fricdrichslugen
on Lake Constance. Oxer the lake and
many cities and towns the bisr aerostat
sped , while guns were fired in salute and
thousands of people gatheicd to gaze and
cheer. Do\\n the Rhine to Mayence it
> \ent at .1 speed of about twenty-nine
miles an hour on the average , and then
turned homeward. Soon , however , the
ship was brought to the cm-face of the
rher.hilo repairs A\ero made in the
mechanism , after \\liich it proceeded. ITis
continuous fi'glias 201 miles.
The Iowa cvciitiv council has issued
a certificate of nomination for Congress
man J. A. T. Hull.
The Typographical Union of Lincoln.
Xeb. , has elected W. .T. ' Bryan , the Demo R
cratic candidate , to honorary member
B. F. Nelson , president of the Minnesota
seta Agricultural Society. lias presented
W. .T. Bryan with a trick mule as a
mascot. , .
John Temple Graves , candidate of the
Independence party for Vice President , It
underwent : a slight operation in a pri ItY
vate hospital in New York recently. nc
The Illinois Independence party State ac
convention was held in Chicago and a ni
slate named with George W. McCaskrin bti
. btiTl
Rock Island nominee for Goveinor. Tl
In the Oklahoma Democratic primaries
Thomas P. Gore , the blind Senator , was
renominated by sin overn helming major ta
ity , and this is equivalent to an election. liil
Eugene V. Debs , the Socialist candi or
date , is quoted at his Indiana home as sil
saying that the Independence party is not on
likely ] to be an appreciable factor in the
present campaign.
In a letter to the !
secretary of the Sofe
ciaiist party in Boston , Supt. Plimpton Of
Tremont Temple refuses Vhe applicaS ( .
tion , for the use of the hall to hold a sc'
Debs meeting on Oct. 5
Co iinissiouer oi Immigration Yields
to Disease.
Frank I' . Sargent. Commissioner Gen
eral of Immigration , died in Washing
ton Friday from stomach trouble and
' a 'ompicntion ! of diseases.
Frank Pierce Sargent was born in
East Orange. Vt. , Nov. IS , ISoi. He attended
tended the village school of his native
" '
" '
town and then became a locomotivi
fireman. Becoming an enthusiastic la
bor union advocate , he uas elected
chief of the Brotherhood of Locomotive .
Firemen , and held the office for sev
enteen years , his headquarters being at |
Peoria. . 111. He married Georgie M. Mc-
. 'ullough.
In 1S9S President McKinley appointfh
ed Mr. Sargent a member of the Indus
trial Commission , but he soon resigned
fi that body , which made its final
re in 1902. and in 10UO declined the I
position of chief of the bureau of print
ing and engraving , offered him by Pros-
iuent McKinley. July 1 , ] Di)2. ) President
Roosevelt appointed Mr. Sargent Com
missioner General of Immigration , and
lu has since held the office.
Competition for Beef Trmt.
Chicago heaib that a company has beer
formed to operate independent stock
yards on a large cale , beginning Oct. 1
will be known as the Chicago Srocl
Yards ; and Transit Company , with SJ.
00,000 capital stock. Alroadj t\vent\
ncres have been purchased at Tliirf
ninth street and Forty-eighth axenu-1. am'
buildings are in process of construction of
The new concern is expected to cut price *
A ri sv school for children is to IIP established
tablished ftt Fort SnolIInu : this fail. Then
Ifas ahva.\M boon a lack of Miitab ! roih
rs among the command at the for' . nt i o < ?
sitating .si-nding the children of office , , ite
nlist "l men and employes to riio pubi'
schools in St. Paul for their education
a recnnt inefting of the St. Par. '
school board a measure was adopted of
faring to furnish the roqu's'to n- i'io He
public school teachers to planti't for
school on an equal footing with the p'lbh- had
schools in the ciiy. The offer has beer
iccepted by the , * ort authorities.
Toronto ( Canada ) shoe clerks Qiave or
ganized a union.
AH the 110 lamplig-litors in Boston.
Mass. , belong to the Lamplighters' Union.
The Drug Clerks' Union of San Fran
cis o. Cal. . has opened an employment
bureau for clerks.
The Trades Unionist of Washington , D.
C. , has been taken out of the receiver's
L.\nn ( Mass. ) building trade unions are
getting together for one central council
that will include all.
The recent Scottish trade union congress -
gross parsed resolutions in favor of old-
ngo pensions and in favor of compulsory
iiltencntion in labor disputes.
The coopers' local unions will vote on
a proposition to do away with conventions
and adopt the initiathe and referendum
bystem in conducting the affairs of the
Machinists of San Francisco. Cal. , and
those of Oakland have under consideration
a proposition to form a district council
of lodges of machinists of the bay coun-
At a meeting of the United Hebrew
Trades Union of New York City , it was
decided to affiliate with the Workmen's
Circle , the national Hebrew labor fed
The Journeymen tailors' general execu
tive board lias interpreted the lav/ relating -
ing to sick benefits to mean that no such
benefits can be paid to any member
while outside the United States or Can
As a result of complaints made by the
Vallejo ( Cal. ) trades council orders have
been issued by the Navy Department to
observe the provisions of the California
child labor law in employing boys at the
Mare Island navy-yard.
An agreement , which it is said will
end the differences existing between the
Boston ( Mass. ) roofers and shoot metal
workers' unions for many jears v. as
sitrnod by represeutives of both organ
By a referendum vote the Poster Ar
tists' Association of America has decided -
cidod to affiliate with the American Federation -
oration of Labor. The union has passed
its tenth anniversary , and there are lo
cals in every important labor center of
the 'country.
Outside of the American Federation of
Labor , the largest labor organization in
this country are the great railroad
brotherhoods , six in number , wich in
clude something like a million workers ,
divided up into thousands of local
A period of twenty years in France
and Belgium has not materially changed
t.i > e tonnage output a miner employed , but
the German miners have reduced their
output by twenty-one tons in that term ,
and the British minors by no less than
thirty-frur tons shue 1SS7. i
In the matter of factory inspection and
the health and safety of employes , legis
lative action was taken in thirty-nine
States and Territories last year. These
include all States in which mining or
manufacturing employs a considerable
number of persons. In fourteen States
now enactments touching upon this sub
ject wore written into the statutes.
Sixteen British trade unions , with a
membership of 1)00,000. arc supporting a
movement to establish a 1-cent eight-page
dail.\ newspaper in the interest of labor.
title will be the Morning Herald. The
parliamentary committee of the trade u
union congress will manage tihe venture.
The suggested capital is $ .300,000.
The law in Spain \\hich already fi.xod
the maximum working hours for children
bot\\eon the ages of ton and fourteen
joars , limiting them to six hours in mills
and other industrial establishments , and
to ois-ht hours in shops and oflices. and
\\hirli further prohibited thorn from being
employed on nitrht work , has until now
made no regulations against the employ
ment of women and children in certain
harmful branches of industry.
' < & ( T Lr U "
A. movement has boon inaugurated for "lc
the holding of a big shooting tournament
in Sioux Falls. sev
Spanish Queen captured the $10,000
Burdick hotel purse at Kalamazoo in op Coi
position to eight ; other entries. nee
, Charley Griffin , the feather-weight
champion of Australia , is still trying to
, wo
arrange a match with Abe Attell.
The defeat of .Tack Leyburn by Steram
ling McKinney in the 2:00 trot was the
feature of the opening day of Kalainazoo's
first meeting as a member of the Grand '
After about one minute and a half of
fighting in the second round Stanley a
Ketchel of Grand Rapids Mich. , knocked
out Joe Thomas of
San Francisco with a
shower of punches to the jaw and body.
The cleverest filly owned by James R.
Keene was uncovered at Saratoga when held
Mas-kette carried the blue spotted jacket hud
the veteran horseman to victory in with
the most sensational finish of this meetin .
Racing magnates in New York are de
termined to keep up the gambling end of of
the game. They are using every device
that can be invented to circumvent the
authorities , but handbooks are the favor
because they enable the bettors to of
place their bets early and quietly.
At the Empire City track Jack Atkin ,
carrying 132 pounds , won the Mount Ver-
handicap , one mile , affvr a hard drivo. the
was under a strong pull to the stretch , into
where Xotter gave him his head , but he
to be ridden out to win. The time of
very slow , for the mile was run ip
1:404-5. :
F ft t 9 " 1 ! * S\
n ifHiT 55 ? rnmy
M RH ifiUMi ft
iLIUiiE m niJib ] L.
OrilicVrijrht Stays in Air at Fort
r 57 Minutes and ji
Aviator Has Perfect Control of His
Machine and Says Ho Could
Have Continued Plying.
A now world record In neroplnna
flights was established at Fort Myer ,
Va. . early Wednesday , when Or\illo
Wright circled above the broad parada
grounds there fifty-three times and re
mained in the air fifty-seven minutes
and thirty-one seconds , official time.
Mr. Wright's smashing of all pre
vious records carried out his promises ,
after his two remarkable ascents , when ,
at the maximum height of sixty feet.
going ten and three-quarter miles ia
all and averaging ; thirty-six miles an
hour , lie spent eleven minutes In ona
flight and eight minutes in the other.
The achievement was accomplished
under ideal weather conditions and in
the presence of about
twenty-five spec
tators aside from the soldiers. The
ascent was made at S:15 : o'clock in thg
.morning. It was an easy ride in the
air , the machine was under perfect
control and the aviator traveled at a
speed tipproxiuinting thirty-six to thir
ty-eight miles an hour.
"WrSaflit I/s / Iligrhly P
Mr. Wright e.pre-s-Pd himself ax
highly pleaded o t-r what had been
accomplished by his machine , and de
clared that had he known ho was so
close to being in the air an hour ho
would have remained a little longer.
lie said that he came down because
h'm motor slippfd once or twice , and-
that he thought lie had been in the air
only halt"an hour.
Except for the slipping of th motor
no trouble was experienced in the
work In 5of the aeroplane. Everything
went as smoothly as the most perfectly
adjusted clock , and the man who es
sayed to beat all records in this branch
of aeronautics handled his invention
with as perfect ease as a trained en
gineer would handle the throttle of hia
Record XeurJy in Tiro.
By his wonderful flight at Fort
Myer ; Wednesday morning Orilia
Wright almost broke in two the b st
o/Hcial , { record ever before made I.y a
heavier-rh.'in-air ma * liiue. It was only
the previous Sunday Loon Del i-
grange , president of the Aviation Club
or France , established a new uorld
record by remaining in the air 20 min
utes and 34 seconds. Tie circled tha
field at Issy. near Paris , fifteen and a
half times and covered fifteen and a
quarter miles. Monday Dolagrange ,
after installing a fuel tank of increased
capacity on his machine , made a flight
of thiri\--one minutes , but the record
was not allowed to stand , three min
utes being deducted because the aero
plane t'Micliecl the around while mak
ing its first round of the field.
American shippers in Mukden hav
niado formal complaint to their consul of
the fact that the Japanese railroad in
Manchuria is discriminating against thorn.
This discrimination is carried on by
means of a rebate system in which for
eign shippers are excluded from using ths
lines under the minimum cargo regulation ,
and that they are not allowed to combine
their cargoes as are the Japanese.
In London the business session of tha
seventeenth universal peace conference
wa inaugurated with a speech by Lord
Courtney , vvho emphasized the close con
nection between justice and peace. Ha
declared that there would be no more
wars if injustice were driven out of the
world , and that the first step in this di
rection was to develop the strength , scop
purity of international law.
The conviction of Tilak , leader of tin
anti-British forces in India , by the high
court at Bombay , on the charge of sedi
, and his sentence to six years * ban
ishment and a heavy fine , has brought ou
fresh icrisis. As a demonstration of
sympathy , 20,000 mill hands in Bombay
went on a strike. Rioting ensued , and
Europeans were stoned and jeered , a mag
istrate's house attacked and a mail train
up. The troops were called out and
to fire solid shots into ihe crowd ,
fatal effect , before order was re
The heirs of Antoine Siger , the Mayor
Fort de France , Martinique , who wag
assassinated April 29 during a political
encounter , have entered a civil suit for
damages in Paris against the government
Martinique , M. Lepreux.
The new patent law , which allows any
foreign patents to be revoked unless the
article so protected is manufactured .or
process operated in England , went
effect the other day , and in consequence
quence the government estimates a rush ,
industrial establishments from foreign
concerns to the amount of $12o,000OOQ
capital the first of the year.