Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, August 06, 1908, Image 7

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ermanen overcome
aily Soi hat assistance to na
ture may oe raauau/ aipcnScclv/i1H
vmer. fco ( on er needed astlicliestoj
remedies , when veewired , arc to assist
txaturc arulhcfctb supplant the naW-
oMunctions , vhicK inuBtaepena ulti *
rnqtely upon propc'r noimsKmettt ,
proper efJov aiidri Kt living general// /
To get its beneficial effects ,
buy the Rename
manufactured ty Ui.e
IgfcJ * B * I
one sue only , regular price 50 ? per Bottle
As well as for the preserva
tion and purification of the
skin no other skin soap so
pure , so sweet , so speedily
effective as Cuticura. For
eczemas , rashes , inflammations - ,
tions , chafings , sunburn , '
wind irritations , bites and
stings of insects , lameness
and soreness incidental to
outdoor sports , for the care
of the hair and scalp , for
sanative , antiseptic cleans
ing , as well as for all the'
purposes of the toilet , bath
, and nursery , Cuticura Soap
and Cuticura are unrivaled.
' Guaranteed absolutely pure , and
: may be used from the hour of birth.
Sold throughout the world. Depota : London , 27.
.Charterhouse Sq. : Paris. 5 , Rue do la Palx : AuStrar
Ilia. R. Towns < fc Co. . Sydney : India. B. K. Paul.
Calcutta : China , Hong Konij Drug Co. : Japan.
.Mnjuya. Ltd. . Toklo : Russia. Ferreln. Moscow ;
Bo. Africa. Lcnnon. Ltd. . Cape Town , etc. ; U.S A _
Potter Drut : & Chcm. Corp. , Solo Props. . Boston *
l - Cuticura Bpoklc ; OQ the SSla. _ -
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They also relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia , In- '
I STYLE dlsrestloa and Too Hearty j
IYER Eating. A perfect rem j
edy for Dizziness. Nansea ,
Drowsiness , Bad Taste
In the Month. Ccatecl
Tongruo , Pain In the Side , !
regulate tna Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
TERS Genuine Must Bear
ITTLB Fac-Simile Signature
. ' . .
for a. 1'urpo.te.
A certain Kentr.c-ky justice of the
peace was called upon to marry a run
away couple who drove up to his house.
When the linol words were said the
bridegroom fumbled in his pockets , and
llnally fished out a silver dollar.
"Jedse , " said he. "this here's all the
cash I've get in the world. If you
wants It , you kin have it ; but I don't
mind tellin' you that I set it aside for
the honeymoon expenses. " Woman's
Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup for Child
ren teerhlni ; , softeus the ums. reduces In
flammation. allays pain , cures wind colic.
a5c a bottle.
"Did you invite Mr. IJliggins to our
house party ? " asked Mr. Cumrox.
"Yes. " answered Mrs. Cunirox. "I'm
r/rnid he considers house parties stu-
1/id. lie sent his regrets. "
"lie shows sense. 1 have a mind to
rend him my congratulations. " Wash-
St Vtu ; " Dinca nil Ti'ervoui Dli Mi per-
liiiliienlljciirc'.I l > vj > r. Kline' flreit Nona
li to' ! r. S n < 1 for FUKK i.OO trial tioltla mid trentiie.
l > . H. II. KUS , 1-1. , b.l JUik blrwt ,
. ' ' .
Ok I'fl'JOfl.
" ? .Ir ? . Jynjps. yea will do wcX to cut
( Iowa yotir personal expenses. "
"Wiry yo. Mr. . .TyzncsV'
"Ttwnuse. mails in. xoa ! " diy you will
pxrw * to I've OT yo'ir alimony , and it
\\-iJl le n good deal less. I can assure you ,
than your present allowance' " Chicago
The Weekly Review of Chicago Trad *
published by 11. G. Dim & Co. , says :
An extending use of money in invesfr
nienLs and buoyant security markets r
fleets tlie better tone which now charac
terizes improving business conditions.
Crop reports continue to be uniformly
encouraging , and sustained profitable re
turns impart a. more cheering outlook
for the industries.
Further recovery is made clear by
wider demands for finished products , ad
ditions to active capacity and hands em
ployed. There is also a further sign of
strength in the volume of payments
through the banks , the daily average be
ing now J ) per cent above that during
It is notable at this time that new de
mands in the leading productive lines
come forward more freely , and there is a
disposition to increase furnace and steel
outputs , > vliile there is also favorable con
sideration given to plans for heavy con
A large number of factories run closer
to their capacity , especially in rails , wire ,
farm implements , furniture and footwear.
Much building work is now hurried , and
there are more mercantile structures and
extensions contemplated , thus strengthen
ing the demand for future consumption of
lumber , quarry products , plumbing mate
rials and structural iron.
The markets for the principal raw ma
terials maintain the recently noted re
cuperation , and the improved absorption
of supplies imparts a healthier tone to
Weather conditions proved exceptional
ly helpful in leading retail lines , and at
no time hitherto have stocks of summer
merchandise been so satisfactorily reduc
Bank clearings , . 521S.31SG3G , are 5.1
per cent under those of the corresponding
week in 1907.
Failures reported in the Chicago dis
trict number Co , against 30 last weei
and 29 a year ago. Those with liabili
ties over $ .1,000 number 8 , against 1C
last week and 3 in 1907.
Good crop reports , the advance of tht
season and growth in confidence as to the
trade outlook are reflected in reports ol
moderate enlargement of future buying'
a few large centers , notably in the West
and Southwest. Industrial lines , too ,
have been benefited by evidences of re
vival in demand and the number of idle
operatives has been reduced as a whole.
Still the progress making is of a very con
servative kind , curtailment of industry is
still a marked feature and small orders
for immediate shipment largely make up
the volume of business doing by jobbers.
Retail trade is fair as a whole , being
stimulated by price reduction sales ,
though complaint of stocks not moving
rapidly come from some cities , and collections -
lections show little if any improvement.
Best reports come from the central West ,
Northwest and Southwest and the excellent -
lent outlook for the cotton crop makes
for a better tone of advices from tha
lousiness failures in the United States
for the week ending July 23 number 203 ,
against 258 last week , in. ) in the like
week of 1907 , 171 in 190G , 197 in 1903 ,
and 174 in 1904. Canadian failures for
the same period number 24 , against 27
last week and 24 in this week last year.
Bradstrcet's Report.
Chicago Cattle , common to prime ,
$4.00 to $8.15 ; bogs , prime heavy , $4.00
to $ G.S5 ; sheep , fair fo choice , $3.00
to $4.05 ; wheat , No 2 , 92c to 93c ;
corn , Xo. 2 , 77c to 7Sc : oats , standard ,
5Sc to 59c ; rye , Xo. 2 , 77c to 7Sc ; hay ,
timothy. $8.00 to § 13.00 ; prairie , $8.00
to $12.00 ; butter , choice creamery , I9a
to 21c ; eggs , fresh , 17c to 19c ; potatoes ,
new , per bushel , 7oc to $1.05.
Indianapolis Cattle , shipping , $3.00
to $7.50 ; bogs , good to choice heavy ,
$3.50 to $7.05 ; sheep , common to prime ,
$2.50 to $3.50 : wheat , Xo. 2 , 87c to
SSc ; corn , No. 2 white , 79c to SOc ; oats ,
No. 2 white , 59c to GOc.
St. Louis Cattle , $4.50 to $7.40 ; hogs ,
$4.00 to $ G.S7 ; sheep , $3.00 to $4.25 ;
wheat , No. 2 , lc to 93c ; corn , No. 2 ,
77c to 79c : oats , No. 2 , 55c to 5Gc ;
rye , No. 2 , 75c to 77c.
Cincinnati Cattle. $4.00 to $0.25 ;
hogs , $4.00 to $ G.95 : sheep , $3.00 to
$3.75 ; wheat , Xo. 2 , 91c to 92c ; corn.
Xo. 2 mixed , SOc to Sic ; oats , Xo. 2
mixed , 59c to GOc ; rye , Xo. 2 , 7Sc to SOc.
Detroit Cattle , $4.00 to $5.40 ; hogs ,
$4.00 to $ G.70 ; sheep , $2.50 to $4.00 ;
wheat , Xo. 2 , 91c to 92c ; corn , No. 3
yellow , 79c to SOc ; oats , No. 3 white ,
64c to G5c ; rye , Xo. 2 , 74c to 75c.
Milwaukee Wheat. Xo. 2 northern ,
$1.13 to $1.15 ; corn , Xo. 3 , 75c to 77c ;
oats , standard , G2c to G3c ; rye , No. 1 ,
79c to SOc ; barley , No. 2 , 70c to 72c ;
pork , mess , $16.00.
Buffalo Cattle , choice shipping steers ,
$4.00 to $7.00 ; bogs , fair to choice , $4.00
to $7.00 ; sheep , common to good mixed ,
$4.00 to $5.30 ; lambs , fair to choice ,
$5.00 to $7.50.
New York Cattle , $4.00 to $7.35
hogs , $3.50 to $7.00 ; sheep , $3.00 to
$4.50 ; wheat , No. 2 red , 99c to $1.01 ;
corn , No. 2 , SSc to S4c ; oats , natural
white , G3c to G5c ; butter , creamery , 20c
to 23c ; eggs , western , ISc to 21c.
Toledo Wheat , No. 2 mixed , 90c to
91c ; corn. Xo. 2 mixed , 77c to 79c ;
oats , Xo. 2 rnixod , 57c to T > Sc ; ' rye , Xo.
2 , 73c to 74c ; clover seed , $7.90.
Nome Cleuu-Un , $ : ; ,5OOOOO.
Tbe first report of the annual spring
output of the Nome gold warkiags places
the total at 3,500,000.
o/ >
The lowheaded tree Is here to stay
because it ought to be.
It Is downright cruelty to keep fowls
in yards that are not well shaded.
The place for the brood mare is in
the harness every day until foaling
The hen that lays three eggs a week
will pay double the profit of one that
produces but two eggs.
Avoid feeding hay or dusty roughage
Just previous to milking. There is too
much dust to drop into the milk pail.
The American Shorthorn Breeders'
Association has recently shipped a car
load of Shorthorn bulls to Old Mexico.
A horse in good condition can exist
about twenty-five days without food ,
\ BO long as he has plenty of water to
' drink.
If the late hatched chicks are allow
ed to run wth the early birds the little
fellows will get the worst of it at
i feeding time.
I A handy pruning tool is a sharp
chisel in the end of a stiff pole. Set
I against a limb and struck with a mal-
1 let a clean cut is made.
Where a farm cannot be cultivated
by machinery , people are learning that
wise Intensive cultivation of garden
stuffs brings large returns.
It Is a mistake to fill the holes half
fuli of manure when planting trees.
Soil should be mellow for three feet
nil around , but not too wet
Thousands of chickens die from bow
el trouble during the summer months ,
j This is generally caused by wet feed ,
J which sours quickly during the hot
If the hens are allowed to run
through the dew-laden grass every day
I or two they are not likely to bo trou
bled with scaly legs , which are caused
by parasites.
Turkeys , the night before killing ,
should be given no food but plenty of
water. This leaves an empty craw ,
clean intestines and makes the dark
meat comparatively light.
N. F. 'Murray says a man who sold
$5,000 worth of apples from a forty-
j acre sod orchard one season broke it
up and cultivated it the next year and
Bold his crop for $12,000.
We are apt to neglect the hens as
soon as they begin to fall off in egg
' production. Careful and regular feed-
j ' ! ing , however , will keep up the egg sup
ply fairly well , eren during hot weath
There is no present or future
danger of over production in the dairy
field. We are hardly able to keep pace
with the demand. This indicates a
need of more concentrated effort more
efficient methods.
The Jersey cow Is a highly developed
milk-fiiaklug machine. She Jias been
bred so long for this purpose that her
characteristics have become fixed , and
the descendants of a well-bred dairy
. cow can be depended upon. The amount
i of milk that she will make depends
i largely on the amount of food that you
? an get her to use.
Chaired Cobs for Plsrs.
The pigs should have access to a
pile of charred cobs or dry wood ashea ,
as It Is beneficial in correcting the acidi
and aids in the bone development ot
the animal. Tbe elements which go to
bone-building animals are imparted to
them -when they are enabled to get
charcoal and it is quite as Important
as salt Charcoal will also tend to
prevent worms in hogs and cattle.
Shade for Chick * .
We pity the fowl - or chick that is
onprovided with shade during hot ,
sweltering days. If you have no nat
ural shade in the way of shrubs or
trees , make a frame of boards and
cover with muslin or canvas.
The hens begin to look ragged ow
ing to losing their feathers. They are
beginning to molt and need extra care
and attention during this period , seas
as to get them over the molting period
as quickly as'possible. Plenty of nour
ishing food should be given them and
their quarters kept clean and free from
Add.i Lilfo to Fence Posts.
Impregnation with creosote has been
greatly cheapened by the introduction
of the "open tank , " which can be in
stalled at a cost of from $30 to $45 ,
or much less if an old boiler is used.
Av tank with a bottom twelve feet
square in area will suffice for treating
forty or fifty six-inch posts a day , or
double this number when two runs per
day can be made.
The price of crcoslte is about 10
cents per gallon in the East and Mid
dle West , 1C cants per gallon on the
Pacific coast , and 27 cents per gallon
in the Roriiy mountain states. The
cost of treating a post will therefore
vary from 4 to 15 cents. Properly
treated It should give Berrice for & 1
least twenty years.
Experiments of the forest service
show that with preservative treatment
the durability of lodgepole pine in
Idaho Is increased sixteen years.
The cost of creosote is there rela
tively high , yet by treating posts there
is a saving , with interest at 0 per cent ,
of 2 cents per post yearly.
A detailed description of experi
ments in preserving fence posts , togeth
er with practical suggestions for treat
ing them on a commercial scale is con
tained in circular 117 of the forest ser
vice. Write to the forester at Wash
Wlmt the COYF Must Do.
A study of the records of Individual
cows at the New Jersey station show
ed that but little profit can be de
rived from a cow that does not pro
duce 5,000 pounds of milk per year ,
particularly if the product is sold at
the low price of one cent per pound no
stronger argument is needed in favor
of the necessity of testing the ani
mals , and thus learning their exact
value , than is afforded by these rec
ords. Furthermore , the facts brought
out by the records indicate that there
is but little profit from a cow that
does not produce 200 pounds of butter
per year , and point to the necessity of
a careful selection of cows for the but
ter dairy. Weekly Witness.
Land a Safe Investment.
Whenever people begin to talk of
hard times and capital becomes timid
Improved farm lands come into good
demand. This has been illustrated once
more since the financial flurry of last
fall , as more people are now looking
for rea ! estate investments than at
this time last year.
There will be no depreciation , there
fore , in farm values this season , and
probably some advance will be noted.
People know that well located real es
tate is as safe as the government it
- The question whether farming pays
much or little is not considered when
men and women are looking for abso
lutely sound Investments. The land is
always there. It can neither be sto
len nor burned. With a rapidly de
veloping population the time is not far
off when every acre of unoccupied laud
in the United States will be wanted at
more than Is asked for it to-day.
A truth which can easily be demon
strated is that farm land is too cheap.
It almost invariably goes at the mini
mum value. Government homesteads
and other low-priced land in the West
account for the low prices in the East.
This is a passing condition. In fact ,
the whole nation comprehends to-day
that the area of unreasonably cheap
farms is near the end.
Feeding Poultry by Machinery.
Feeding and fattening poultry by
machinery ! Well , what next ? Re
sponsible for this latest usurpation of
nature's functions are the French ,
those people who are past masters In
every thing having to do with the
preparation and serving of food and
the enjoyment of it , too.
Although the idea of feeding poultry
by machinery hasn't been long on these
shores , several hundred persons are
engaged in the business , and nearly a
million dollars is invested. Machine-
fattened poultry is to be found In ev
ery Important market of the land.
While the Idea , as stated before , came
from France , Americans , with their
usual cleverness in adopting the prod
ucts of other brains , have improved
upon the mehanlcal agencies.
A sheet metal tank or bucket , hold
ing about four gallons of food and
standing upon three legs , forms the
upper part of the American machine.
A rubber tube about a foot long runs
from the receptacle ; it is about the
size of one's thumb when it is attach
ed to the machine and tapers to the
size of a little finger at the other end.
Operated by the foot , a treadle is con
nected with a little sliding door in the
bottom of the bucket When this door
is opened by a movement of the treadle
a quantity of food is forced through
the tube and down the fowl's throat
When one wishes to feed a fowl he
seizes it by the legs , opens its bill and
pushes the rubber tube down its throat
until the nozzle nearly reaches the crop.
Then he works the treadle , forcing
food down tEe fowl's throat until the
crop is filled. Some operators are so
expert that they can feed 400 chick
ens an hour with the machine.
It is claimed on behalf of the ma
chine that poultry will fatten In half
the time If fed this way , and that the
meat will have a better flavor. The
fowl kept sfuffed all the time , regard
less of its natural appetite , Is bound
to get fat
Most of the fatteners feed a mixture
of corn meal , oat meal and milk. It
must be soft enough to pass readily
through the rubber tube of the feeder.
It Is asserted that feeding by machin
ery Is not cruel and that a chicken
soon learns to open its bill voluntarily
for the nozzle.
IntereHtiiij ? Bits.
The unit of horsepower varies great
ly In different countries.
Blankets were first made in England
in 1705 by Thomas Blanket
The Japanese have taken to canning
sardines. Last year , 2jOOOCUO cans
were sold by them.
"Why is it. " : is'rfl thi' intelligent for
eigner , "that your stiN snan generally
consider the vi i- : : > s. . ! < " % an office to
be Khuntipd ins1.- ; ! ' ! of r-o-iV' V"
"Most of Vin uoid : ! llo ! it wrll I'no-itj'i
if they could tret it without seenrng ro
want it. " explained the nntiv ? : " ! > -t to
maks n try for vice president nnd c
kit , why , that burrs a tnnn if he wjiita
to run for Congress , or the Logielatmv , or
soaiPthing of that > ort afterward , you
know. "
Excursion to Milwaukee.
Reduced rates of tare ami one-half for
the round trip are oneruti to IUITI ii.mis
in the U est and Northwest by the .Mil
waukee Association of Jobbers and
Manufacturers' The dates of sale at all
stations distant 100 miles or more from
Milwaukee are August 15-2 ; ; inclusive ,
tickets good returning until Septernlier -
and August liy > eptemlier G mcluMVw ,
tickets good returning until September
1G. To obtain these rates merchant *
must yet from thfir local agent receipt
for one full paid fare to Milwaukee
which , when countersigned by any Mil
waukee jobber or manufacturer and by
the secretary of the Milwaukee Associa
tion of Jobbers and Manufacturers will
entitle holder to return ticket for one-
half fare.
Milwaukee jobbers and manufacturer *
want the patronage of up-lo-d.Uo bu-i-
ne.NS men. They oiler best frond * at ruit !
prices and belicxe in and oiler fair Meat-
incut. The absolute superiority of tln-ir
manufactures is known throughout the
world. Combine business with pleasure.
Milwaukee is one of the nr > st atlraciivi-
summer resorts in the country. ViMt Hie
Wisconsin State Fair. Sept. 7-1 i. IJring
your family with you. ( Jllice of the Mil
waukee Association of Jobbers and Man
ufacturers. ' 15-49 University Building ,
corner Mason and Broadway.
How tlie Dirt Flies t Panama.
Lieutenant-Colonel George Geothals ,
chairman and chief engineer of the
Isthmian canal commission , told Presi
dent Roosevelt late in .Tamisry that
before January 1. 1915 , the ditch which
is to bisect the vertebrae of thy Ameri
can continent will be completed and
thsit all will be in readiness for the
first trip to make the little pleasure
journey from the Atlantic to the Pa
cific , so writes Roy Crandall in the
Technical World Magazine1. Inasmuch
as the colonel is noted for conservatism
and caution , it is believed that he feels
deep down in his own heart that at
least a year will be cut from thit : esti
Delny 3Iemt Deatli frniii Kidney
Mrs. Iterman Smith , 901 Broad
street , Athens , Ga. , says :
disense started with
slight irregularity and
weakness and devel
oped into dangerous
dropsy. 1 hiv-amo
weak and languid anil
could do no house
work. My back ached
terribly. 1 had bear
\ ing down pains and
my limbs bloated to
twice their normal
size. Doctors did not hell ) and I was
fast drifting into the hopeless stages.
I used Doaifs Kidney Pills at the criti
cal moment aud they really saved my
life. "
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Fostcr-Milburn Co. , Buffalo. X. Y.
Asserts Him self.
Wifoy ( looking at the purchase )
That isn't the kind of towelim : I told
you to got. I wanted something plain
and simple. That's too bad.
Hubby Loud ? Well , it ousht to be
loud. It's cms ! : .
Bed } ' Haw with Kcxcna
from HoHpitnlN xix Hopeless Cuti-
curn Remedies Cured Him.
"Fmm the age of three months until
fifteen years old. my son Owen's life
was made intolerable by eczema in its
worst form. In spite of treatments the
disease irrndually spread until nearly
every part of his body was quite raw.
lie used to tear himself dreadfully in
his sleep and the agony he went
through is quite beyond words. The
regimental doctor pronounced the ea e
hopeless. We had him in hospitals
four times and he was pronounced one
of the worst cases ever admitted. From
each lie was discharged as incurable.
We kept trying remedy after remedy.
but had gotten almost past hoping for
a cure. Six months ago we purchased
a set of Cuticura Remedies. The result
was truh * marvelous , and to-day ho is
perfectly cured. Mrs. Lily Hedge , Cnm-
blewell Green. England. Jan. 12 , 1007. "
A Tooth I'oiiit.
Dentists' children rarely have filled
let'th for the reason that they are
taught to use the toothbrush with a cir
cular motion. The brush. : : s in the or
dinary motion , goes ba'-k and forth , but
it also goes round and round. Thus it
finds out all the crannies. Dentists
say that the circular motion , applied
both to the front and back of the teeth.
.vill keep them absolutely clean and
absolutely clean teeth cannot decay.
The teeth should be brushed after each
meal and especially at bedtime. The
morning brush before breakfast , which
is the only , one commonly applied. d " -
Fcrci'ly : any good at all. since the teeth.
immediately after , become' clogged with
This -woman says she \vas s
from an operation by Liydiu JE
Piiikliam's Vegetable Compound. !
Lena Y. Ilemy , of Norristown ,
writes to Airs. Pinkliam :
" I suffered untold misery from fc-j
male troubles. My doctor said an opera-j
tion was the onty chance I had , and Jj
dreaded it almost as much as death. j
"One day I read how other womenl
had been cured by Lydia E. Pinlrham'ej
Vegetable Compound , and I decided to
try it. Before I had taken the first
bottle I was better , and now I am entirely - *
tirely cured.
" Every woman suffering1 with any
female trouble should take Lydia E. |
Piukham's Vegetable Compound. "
For thirty years Lydia E. Pink-j
ham's Vegetable Compound , made }
from roots and herbs , has luvn the
standard remedy for female ills.
and lias positively cured thousands oi
women who have been troubled with !
displacements , inflammation , ulcera-l
tion , fibroid tumors , irreflrularitiesj
periodic pains , backache , that bear- {
ing-down feeling , flatulency , indiges
tion , dizziness or nervous prostrationj
AVhy don't you try it ?
Mrs. Pmkham invitee nil siclfl
women to vrrke her for advicej
She lias guided thousands tcf
health. Address , Lynn , 3Iass.
That firm , crisp quality and
delicious flavor is what you get
when you insist on Libby's
Mixed Pickles at your dealers.
They are always the finest and
never disappoint. It's the same
with Libby's Sweet Gherkins and
Sweet Midgets. Ask for them.
§ y s Olives
The cultivation of centuries
marks the olive groves of Spain
as the world's best.
Libby'S Olives are imported
from the oldest and most famous
of these groves. The result is a
rare product , delightfully appetiz
ing. Try one bottle and you'll
buy more and never be without
Libby's Preserves
Pure , ripe fruit and pure sugar
in equal parts , cooked just right
and timed to the second , in
Libby's Great While Kitch
en , is the secret of the extreme
superiority of Libby's Preserves-
There's none as good at any price.
Grocers and delicatessen stores
carry all of Libby's Food Pro-
They are war
ranted the best to both
you and the dealer
Write . . . fr . > r free .
Make Good Tainei
to Eat."i
Insist on
Libby's al
yonr dealer's.
Libby , McNeill
& Libby ,
Keeps the breath , teeth , mouth and body
antiscptically clean and free from un
healthy germ-life and disagreeable odors ,
which water , soap and tooth preparations
alone cannct do. A
germicidai , disinfecting -
fecting and deodor-
of exceptional ex
cellence and econ
omy. Invaluable
for inflamed eyes ,
throat and nasal and
uterine catarrh. At
drug and toilet
stores , 50 cents , or
by mail postpaid.
Large Trial Sample
THE PAXTON TOILET CO. , Boston , Massj
Wasainswn , D. a J
S. C. X. TJ. - - XO. 32 1908 ,