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    Eletorical Society
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el *
Black $2.60 ; Galvanized $2:75 per spool.
$4.50 , 38.00 and $12.00.
< awn nose
12 l = 2c to ISc per' foot. -
Gasoline Stoves
$2.50 to $30.00 each.
The largest line of Rugs and Carpets ever shown
in Valentine.
' 'Quicker Yet5' Washing Machine
will wash clothes in less time and
run with less labor than any other
machine on the market.
'out ere ,
. r
We have the finest line of Men's
Hats , . all styles and colors , in the
city. Prices from 81-00 to $3.50. j
PHONE 97 , r
We B 8
y 8J
All kinds of "wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Eesidence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , OXE 72 Nebraska
Eefcrenccs : My Many Customers.
Fine Wines and sw
, Liquors Cigars w
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , and 27 year/oid &
and Jas , E , Pepper. O , F , C , Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
vJ and came direct from the U. S. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's ' Extra Stout.
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer , fl
Valentine Nebraska fa
Under this column Tun VALKSTINJ : DK : . : > -
fiit.vr has roiiM-nti'il to publish from time to
tim > such topics and editorial matter asvill
be furnished from the headquarters of the
Uryan Volunteers of Nebraska. The Volun
teers are in the Held to make a clean and
honest ti ht for Mr. Bryan and the principles
which he so ablv represents. Wecherish the
fond hope that the coining contest will de
velop into a campaign of education in the
truest and noblest sense of that term. Vi
tuperation and abuse will lind no place in
this column. It is our intention to so temper
the argument that it will appeal to the earn
est , thoughtful and inquiring mind , with the
view to have the reader investigate the
various claims of the respecth e presidential
candidates , and then snppor1 that candidate
who commends himself niox. to the honest
judgment and conscience . ! ' the voter. We
invite correspondence with the readers of
this paper. He free to write us at any time ,
giving such suggestions , criticisms or "advice
as may occur to you.
Plea'se address all cor : .lunications to the
undersigned.C. . " ' . . .
C. M. GRun\'nui. .Secretary.
HoC3S. . Cohruibus. Nebraska.
The Republican Conven
It has passed into history ,
and what did it do ?
It nominated Tart , a man
of high -personal character ,
but wholly unfit to carry
out the Roosevelt policies ,
for the very good reason
that he has never shown-the
least sympathy for or with
those policies , and for the
further reason that lie lives
and moves in politics with
thcs3 great interests which
have at all times thrown
stumbling blocks in the way
o.f every reform attempted
by .President Roosevelt.
The convention nominat
ed for vice-president Con
gressman Sherman of Xew
York. For many years lie
has been the ideal advocate
of special interests in con
gress , a trust magnate' and
a big banker. He has stood
like a stone wall in the path
of every reform advocated
by President Roosevelt , act
ing the part of right bower
to the notorious Joe Can
non in all efforts of that
rafty corporation lien ch
in en to discredit the presi
dent and to defeat his plans
for reform in national af
And what about the plat
form adopted by the nation
al republican convention ?
Did the convention put
the seal of approval on any
o the reforms urged by
President Roosevelt ?
By the overwhelming A ote
of 866 to 114 a plank favor-
ng the election of United
States senators by the di
rect vote of the people was
President Roosevelt asked
: hc convention to declare in
: aver of a law to secure pub
licity of campaign contri
butions , and yet the con
vention spat in the face of
he president , and repudi-
ited that plank by a vote of
830 to 94.
Senator La Follette want- ,
d a plank in favor of the
physical valuation of rail-
: oads for taxation and rate-
naking purposes , but the
Wall street influence choked
that good plank to death by
the enormous majority of
917 to 63.
And what did the conven
tion do with the all-import
ant question of guarantee
of bank deposits ? Again
the grip of the great fiinanj
cial interests was clearly g
shown. So intenae was the
We have just received another assortment of new nifty styles in
Everyone of them is a stylish and up to date number. If you
have never worn a Tiger Plat you have missed something in the
wear , fit and quality which only belongs to the Tiger brand.
These hats retail for $3.00 each , witli a quality guarantee back
of every one of them. See our window display of new styles.
opposition of those financial
interests to the popular de
mand of the people for a
law to make all banks safe ,
that not one word on that
important subject was spok
en by any delegate in that
great convention , and not
one line of the platform
touches that great and
much-needed reform.
Looking at the nominees
of the convention , and look
ing at the platform adopted ,
o friend of Pros. Roosevelt
velt can find one ray of hope
for carrying out of Roosevelt
velt policies by such candi
dates , standing upon such a
Young men and women who
want to got ten dollars worth of
inspiration and e n courage men t for
one cant should send a postal card
for the catalogue of the Grand
Island Business & Normal College
of Grand Island , Nebraska. This
school has one thousand students
each year and we understand a
number are going from this coun
ty. Pupils are not required to
pay expenses in advance , but may
O through the college and pay
for same out of their salary after
they graduate and have been plac-
el in positions.
Philip S. McLean , son of our
local weather bureau observer ,
has just graduated in law and re
ceived an oif'er as assistant in a
paterft law fir.Ti in New York.
This will prevent his coming to
spend the summer with his many
friends and acquaintances in our
Crookston to Celebrate.
Crookston will celebrate the
Fourth of July this year. Watch
for programs next"week.
For Sale.
I have some good milch cows
for sale. C. i ) QueryArabia Neb.
U'2 1
Parties are hereby notified not
to camp on or graze their stock
on section 1-i and Ei of sec. 15. tp.
33 , r. 28. ELWOOD D. HETII.20f
. S. Weaker Kns'Tjtii ISeport
Daily mean temperature G9 ° .
Normal 68 ° .
Highest 9-1 ° ; lowest 51 ° .
Precipitation O.S3 of an inch.
Total precipitation from March
1st ( the , crop season ) to date was
3.67 inches and the average for
same period for twenty is 9. 78 in.
f i N tnrn iri
ill ill I L
Wc sel ] farming implements as well as other
merchandise at reasonable prices.
Call and try us. .
CROOKSTON , pi a /I * V X tm a on I' * * * > * * ? * v *
ChartarPcL as a State Bank Chartered as a National Bank
Juna 1 , 1834. .uguct 12 , 1002 ,
, . . . . _ .
* i % - rjfr * * ar % * * * fc * t & t + r * # i * vmk * *
fel M Wl' &B Ifi " "iKMn " &
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
CAPITAL PAID us- A Gcnoral Banking
Exchange and
Collection business.
G. 31. COENELL , President. . ,7. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V , NinsoLRON. Cashier.
5rl x"V \ TK T 7T f } 1 X" ? ' "IT ITf k. 7 T " 3 "S t ; T 7"
Tobaccos and Cigars.
P Canned Goods r J ? Lunch Counter.
% Phone
% 1
3& ' tt3SZ&3xZ 2SZS&&X'xZ&5 , 3Z. JJitX
, , _ _
iffl'lfi | t-n 'i-tn--fj > ri * l
! , K'.i ' ' ; ' . .C fESyVIh
X im % § $
Will buy your Cuttle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything you have to sell.
, K ,
House painting ir-ide : and out. Furniture Re
pairing and Varnishing of all kinds promptly done.
Phone 83. Shop in west part of town.
Valentine Nebraska
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