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    Erotica ! Society
" * - - " " " - -
Black $2.60 ; Galvanized $2:75 per spool.
$4.50 , $8.00 and $12.00.
12 l = 2c to ISc per foot.
$2.50 to $30.00 each.
The largest Hne of Rugs and Carpets ever shown
in Valentine.
"Quicker Yet" Washing Machine
will wash clothes in less time and
run with less labor than any other
machine on the market.
We have the finest line of Men's
Hats , all styles and colors , in the
city. Prices from § 1.00 to § 3,59.
PHONE 97 ,
All kino's of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Eesidence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , 72 Nebraska
Keferences : My Many Customers.
feR M I
fei i ROBERT McQEER , Propr.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Kill , and 27xyear oid
and Jas , E , Pepper , O , F , C. Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came direct from the U. S. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Drandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinnessfs Extra Stout.
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine Nebraska
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Under this column THE VALENTINE DEM >
CHAT has consented to publish irom time"to
time such topics and editorial matter asill
be furnished from the headquarters of the
Hr3 an Volunteers of Nebraska. The Volun
teers are in the Held to make a clean ami
honest fight for Mr. Hryan and the principles
which he so ably represents. Vv'e cherish the
fond hope that the coming contest will de
velop into a campaign of education in the
truest and noblest sense of that term. Vi
tuperation and abuse \vill lind no place in
this column. It is our intention to so temper
the argument that it will appeal to the earn
est , thoughtful and inquiring mind , with the
view to have the reader investigate the
\ariqus claims of the respective presidential
candidates , and then support that candidate
\\hocommendshimselfmostto the hom-st
judgment and conscience of the voter. Y\ >
invite correspondence with the readers of
this paper , lie free to write us at any time ,
giving such suggestions , criticisms or ad\ice
as may occur to you.
Please address all communications to the
undersigned.C. M. GrnTKNTiiEit. Secretary-
Box ( J33. Columbus , Nebraska.
What Does 5t Mean ?
In the closing hours of the late
congress the majority party , un
der leadership of John Rockefel
ler's personal senator from Rhode
Island , passed the Vreeland-Al-
drich bill a wild-cat money meas
ure , authorizing the great bankers
of New York to issue their own
emergency currency on a base of
municipal bonds or such other
commercial securities as they may
elect. The country did not ask
for the passage of such a bill , but
Wall street interests demanded it ,
and those interests forced the bill
through congress over the pro
tests of the best manhood in both
What does this new currency
bill mean to the American people ?
If a newspaper i'riendly to Mr.
Bryan should try to tell what it
means the charge would be made
that the telling would be prejudic
ed , and so , instead of giving our
own ideas as to the meaning of
the great victory achieved by the
money-sharks of Wall steeet , we
shall call a republican friend to
the witness stand. Our republi
can friend is one of the ablest
editorial writers in America ,
editor of the Philadelphia North
American. The great republican
writer , discussing the Aid rich
currency measure , says :
"This law will mean the turning
over of the treasury of the United
States to the gamblers of the New
York Stock exchange for a period
of six years.
"It will mean the making of
'good times' and 'bad times' of
'bull' markets and 'bear' markets
according to the pleasure of Rog
ers and Rockefeller in the Nation
al City bank and J. P. Morgan in
the National Bank of Commerce.
"It will mean not only the slow
and certain movements of contrac
tion and inflation by the natural
laws of commerce , but sharp
changes forced at will by the
master gamblers.
"It will mean the gift to the
chief enemies of the nation of the
power to issue or retire half a bil
lion of dollars , exciting speculation
or compelling disaster according
to which ever best suits their bet
ting book.
"What the effect will be upon
the coming elections we do not
know. We do not know what
measure of punishment a longsuffering -
suffering people will inflict upon
their betrayers.
"It is not the time to think of
politics or partisanship. A thing
is being done which which will af
fect every employer and every
employee in America , every bank
er , merchant , manufactuer , clerk
and mechanic.
"We wish merely to warn one
and all. The country will be in
condition of a convalescent to
whom drugs that are powerful
stimulants , but poisonous , would
be administered.
"There will be a boom a fev
erish but false activity.
"And then , after the North
American and the few like us have
been mocked at as false prophets
and pessimists , pay-day will come.
And the price will be a- bitter
We have just received another assortment of new nifty styles in
Everyone of them is a stylish and up to date number. If you
have never worn a Tiger Hat you have missedsomething in the
wear , fit and quality which only belongs to the Tiger brand.
These hats retail for $3.00 each , with a quality guarantee back
of every one of them. See our window display of new styles.
one. "
Mr. Bryan's friends should bear
in mind that organizationis the
watchword. A cause , no matter
how worthy , cannot triumph un
less it is supported by organized
and systematic effort.
Organize a Bryan club in every
town and village in your county.
The local club is the life-blood of
the state organization , and the
bulk of the campaign must be done
by the faithful workers in the lo
cal clubs. Report the name of
your local club and the names of
the officers of the club to C. M.
Greunther , secretary , Columbus.
Simeon Happenings.
Grand celebration at ; Simeon the
Fourth of July. Come everybo dy.
Plenty of rain and water now-a-
Charlie Binginan is on the sick
list this week.
The dance at Simeon Friday
night was a failure on ac3ount of
A. E. Spall and \Vm. Ballard
have been trading horses.
P. H. Young spent Sunday at
Mrs. Forrell and family have
Fred Beel spent Sunday at Sim
Henry Wyhee called at Young's
Sunday. '
Look out for the wedding boys !
Be ready !
Prof. Hunt and wife are visiting
C. S. Reece and family.
. Leyi Garlock has gone to his
home in Minnesota.
I. M. Rice and family and Mrs.
Rice's cousin , Miss Estes , were out
fishing this week.
Don'fc forget about - the grand
celebration in Young's grove.
SJ. S. 'WW.tSserBureau lie port
tor week Raiding : .lane
Daily mea temperature 59 ° .
Normal 07 ° .
Highest M ) ° ; lowest 40 ° .
Precipitation O.T1 of an inch.
Total precipitation from March
1st ( the crop season ) to date was
S.93 inches and the average for
same period for twenty is 8.SO in.
The temperature still shows an
abnormal difference between the
mean and the normal. xMore sun
shine and less rain would be ap
preciated by all our farming popu
JstP'J xi
* * - *
We sell farming implements as well as other
merchandise at reasonable prices.
Call and try us.
Chartered as a State Banic Chartered as a IMational Bank
June 1 , 13S4. August 12 , 1002 ,
The i > M
alentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
CAPITAL PAID A General Banking
$35.000 Exchange and
. .
Collection .Business.
G. H. CCENELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V , HTT30Lo ( , Gasliier.
rip- a
Tobaccos and Cigars.
3 Canned Goods 2& ? Lunch Counter.
fa Phone
7 ie
S2 i
.SRlWJ . ? ! IBi
A 1 % * v-X * - * * - iJn * - i
All Kinds of E
and Bait Meats
' 'i Sgfe &t a
Bsr TOr = = a
Will buy your Cuttle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , ? tlues ! ami
anything you have to sell.
C .
House painting- inside and out. Furniture Repairing
pairing- and Varnishing of all kinds promptly done. "
Phone 83. Shop in west part of town. -
Valentine Nebraska
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