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I. M. RICK , - publish !
tt DEMO7 < IS1'ES SCORE. * c
Tornado Strikes Residence DIstri
and Wrecks Everything in Its Conr
People Hall Warning and Fled
Cellars Much Live Stock Killed.
At 5 o'clock Sunday morning a to
nado struck Charles City , la. , demo
.j&hing about 200 residences and barn
"One man. W. R. Beck , is known
have been killed and four children a ;
reported missing.
The path of the tornado was abo\
ten rods wide. It started about thn
miles southwest of the city , tearir
down many farm houses , barns an
'killing many head of stock. It struc
Jthe city in the southwest part , plougl
"ing a path ten rods wide to a point i
the northeast part of town. It cros :
ed the river at a point a quarter of
mile east of the bridge , across the rn
"er on the main street and lifted th
water almost clean from the river be <
Jt passed in a northeasterly directioi
.just missing- Charles City college builc
-ing- and spent itself a few mile
northeast of the city.
Several barns were tipped eve
while stock were inside and in som
cases the animals were killed and i
others passed through without injurj
Rig trees were torn from their root
and in some cases heaved throug
While the storm was at its wor.c
' { there was a loud roaring noise. Man ;
"had warning of the approachin
storm and fully 3,000 people sough
shelter in cellars. The path of th
tornado included no business building
or institutions and most of the house
"destroyed were one and two stories
The scene in the path of the storm 5
a desolate one. Handsome homes ar <
s. mass of ruins and debris. House
"hold goods are scattered all over town
"Barns were picked up , carried severa
"blocks and set down again. The lengtl
of the storm's path is about ten miles
-All telephone wires are down am
details from the country are meager
J3nsiness Man Slain and Girl Ftitallj
AVounded by Xe < jro Fool pads.
At SCO o'clock Saturday night f
holdup occurred in Rossville avenue
Jin the southern outskirts of Chatta-
mooga , Tenn. , and Joseph Knight , a
'business man. was instantly killed and
'Miss Sadie Pool was probably fatallj
. Knight and Miss Pool started for. a
Idrive , going in the direction of Ross-
* ville. When they reached a point just
Isouth of the city limits three negroes
suddenly stepped to the middle of the
and commanded the driver to
This Knisht declined to do. One
Jof the negroes sprang to the horses'
.heads while the other two covered
jKnight with pistols. Knight resisted
{ the attack and the negroes opened
} firo. killing Knight instantly.
Miss Pool was struck by two bullets ,
jaml there is little chance of her recov
ery. After the shooting the negroes
itook to their heels. Immediate assist
ance came and a posse started in pur
suit of the nearoes.
youthful Foreigner Makes Remarkable -
able Progress in Three Months.
Ilyman Fenster. who is just 1.1 years
fold , is one of the wonder boys at public -
| lic school No. 110 of New York. Hf
'has now a scholarship offered to students
-dents by the child labor committee
ilt pays him $1.50 a week , which helps
' support his family. He is one of two
jsons of Gazella Fenster , a widow whc
; came to this country some three
-months ape from Austria , the othei
son being Solomon. 15 years old. Solo-
"mon and bis mother work. Hymar
started to school as soon as he arrived
"From the foreign class he was quickl >
promoted from class to class , unti
now. after three months , he is in
STade 0 A and is able to speak the
Enplish language so that anyone can
-understand him. The message he car
ried to his home telling his mother
that not only he could keep on going
to school free of charge , but that he-
would be paid $1.50 a week made her
weep for joy.
Xo Objection to Sptiiers.
President Amador , of Panama , has
cabled the Panama legation at Wash
ington through Arias , his secretary ol
foreign affairs , to deny for him news
paper reports that Minister Squiers is
pesona non grata.
Sioux City Live Stock Market.
Saturday's quotations on the Sioux
-City live Mock mrrket follow : Top
beeves , $7.25. Top hogs , 5.25.
Decision Favors Liquor Dealers.
The Missouri supreme court has
Jianded down an opinion deciding-
lhat liquor dealers have a right to ship
intoxicating liquors into local option
counties C. O. D. when sale is made
where shipment is made.
Bishop Poller III Aipiin.
Tiishop Henry C. Potter is at his
homo in Coopers-town , N. Y. , suffering
from nervous breakdown. He has
iecn sick for a month or
Six Lives Lost In Explosion on Cmis
A terrible accident occurred
board the United States armor
cruiser Tennessee at 11:08 o'clock F
day mornlnr while the ship was steal
* 3
* j >
yt te ra.tj5 of nineteen knots on
trial o& Point Huenene , Cal.
j > ij o Ip the starboard engi
burtt tfnSef 235 pounds' pres
" - < tfr *
' re , killing four men in the compai
ment at the time. The explosion , t :
cause of which is unknown , occurr
only a few minutes after Admir
Uriel Sebree , Capt. F. B. Howard ai
Chief Engineer Robertson had le
the engine room on a tour of inspe
Four of the men were killed i
stantly and two more are expected
The dead : George Wood , water te :
der , Scranton , Pa. ; E. C. Boggs , secor
class fireman , Woodlawn , Ala. ;
Reinhold , machinist's mate , secor
class , Germany ; George W. Meek , fir
class fireman , SJddmore , Kan.
The fatally injured : S. Stetmattc
first class fireman , Norfolk , Va. ; F.
Maxfield , second class fireman , Toukl
kena , Chester county , Pa.
The seriously injured : F. J. Burn
coal passer. New York ; Walter T
Burns , coal passer , Brooklyn , N. Y
J. P. A. Carroll , second class firema
Hartford , Conn.
There were fourteen men in the fn
room when the tube , which is foi
inches in diameter and enclosed wit
water inside the boiler , blew out , drii
ins 3. torrent of scalding steam , co ;
dust , cinders and hot ashes throug
the ash pit and showered the ha
naked men.
SignorineWa .Captures .Rich .Oak <
Stakes Favorite Has Hard Luck.
A dispatch from London says. "Th
Oakes" was won by the Italian fille
Signorinetta , winner of the derbj
Courtesy , second ; Santeve , third Thii
teen horses ran , including Richar
Croker's Rhodora.
Signorinetta won with almost a
much ease as she captured the derb
Wednesday. It is impossible to saj
however , what would have been th
result had not Rhodora fallen three
quarters of a length in front of the win
ner. The horses got a good start
French Partridge soon forged to th
fron and led the field to the mile
Near Tattenham corner French Part
ridge stumbled and fell in a hear
Rhodora and Signorinetta were closi
up. Lucien Lyne , who was ridinj
Rhodora , was unable to pull hi :
mound aside and the American-Irisl
filley rolled over French Partridge
Signorinetta managed to clear tin
struggling horses and then took ui
the running and won easily. The bet
ting was 3 to 1 against Signoriettjf , 10 (
to 7 against Courtesy and Santeve
Rhodora started the favorite at G to *
Cnknown Writer Says They Had nc
Way to Bury Her.
What may be the solution of the
nystery surrounding the death and
: he indentity of a woman found in the
Mississippi river at Alton , 111. , on May
! 9 , with her skull crushed , is contained
n a letter postmarked St. Charles ,
Mo. , and signed Ruth Edmonds , re-
: eived by the police Friday.
The woman found in the river , ac-
: ording to the letter , was the writer's
ister , Mary Edmunds , and she met
icr death by being kicked in the face
y a mule.
The letted in part .says :
"On May 3 she was kicked by a
nule in the face and died instantly.
Ve had no way to bury her and he
nd me threw her into the river. The
lethe she wore were made by she and
ic. Leave the jewelry on her. Bury
lie cross with her. It will help to
ike h r through. "
The jewelry and the cross refered to
i the letter were found sewed up in
ic woman's dress. The police au-
lorlties are trying to find the writer
nd the man mentioned as " he. "
Erie to Inccase Force.
President Underwood , of the Erie
lilroad , has issued instructions that
11 the road's locomotive and car shops
3 placed on a ten-hour basis. Is is
ic intention af the company to im-
ediatly begin repairing all equipment
hich has been idle by reason of lack
! business. The resumption of work
ill give employment to several thous-
id men.
Grocers Thank Roosevelt.
The National Wholesale Grocers'
sociation , at its final meeting Friday.
Atlantic City , N. J. passed a resol-
lon thanking- President Roosevelt
r his assistance in scuring national
ire food legislationIn securing uni-
rm state pure food laws.
Root Not to "Sit on Lid. "
Secretary Root when asked If he
is to "ait on the lid" in Washington
irlng the summer , replied that his
ine were so arranged that he should
ive Washington June 20 and remain
ray during the warm season.
To Complete Continental Hall.
Continental hall , the home of the
lUghters of the American Revolution
Washington , D. C. , will be rushed
rough to completion , a loan of $200-
0 having been negotiated to carry on
1 work.
More Men Arc at Work ,
Dispatches to Dun's Review indicate
ther progress in the right direc-
n , especially as to the number of
ads employed in mills and factories.
Ar sasin Fires T\vo Shots at Tame
At the conclusion of the cercmo
Thursday morning in comvrtion
the placing of tbt r - maiiif M. ICm
Zola in the : : ! < - tnrmLer
the staff of the France Militaire ;
gave his name as Pater Gregori , fir
two shots point blank at Maj. Alfr
Dreyfus , wounding him In the ar :
Ills assailant vrns arrested.
A bulletin issued Thursday aftc
noon by the Physician attending Dre
fus says :
"The bullet penetrated deep into ti
forearm , but without reaching t !
bone. The patient is calm and wit
out fever. Absolute vest is necessary
Pater Gregori waa committed to t !
detention prison charged with a
tempted assassination. He narrow
escaped being mobbed when takt
from the police station to the priso
The incident occured at the foot
the catafalque and directly in front
the tribune , from which Minister
Public Instruction Doumergue deli
ered a eulogy on Zola'smatchle
courage in arousing the conscience '
the nation the necessity of doir
justice to Dreyfus.
Brown is Choice for Governor <
Returns up to midnight Thursda
indicate the nomination of Joseph S
Brown as governor of Georgia in tl
general democratic primary he ]
Thursday by a majority of about lo
The Atlanta Constitution estimate
that Brown has won with from 15,00
to 25.000. Brown's managers claii
the plurality is larger.
Gov. Smith's campaign manager
decline to make a statement , and th
governor himself says that he cannc
comment on the result.
In all the eleven congressional dis
tricts indications are that the pres
ent tlemociatic congressmen will b
returned , the only doubt being in th
Fifth , where James L , . Mayson ma ,
contest the election with Gongressma :
J. W. Livingston.
There was no contest over the Unit
ed States senatorship , W. S. Clay be
ing the popular choice.
Primary results mean election ii
Georgia , the other parties in the stat
making no contest.
Railroad Men Find 10 Half Starve (
Chinamen in Frisco Yards.
When a sealed box car which hat
apparently come intact from Cialves
ton , Tex. , was opened in the yards a
> an Francisco , Cal. , sixteen hal :
starved Chinese were found in addi
tion to half a load of heavy steel. The
Lar was ten days on the road and hac
been in the yards for 4S hours. The
Chinese had a , little water and a feu
Crackers left , but were weak and ho-
ow eyed. One of the > m showed a cer-
: ificate entitling him to admission tc
.he country , but the others were turn-
'd over to the immigration authorities.
: t is supposed by the officials that the
nen were smuggled across the Mexi-
an border and placed in the car at
31 Paso , Tex. , the seals of the car bo
ng replaced with others. There evi-
lently was an arrangement for their
elease at San Francisco , but in some
vay it miscarried.
cws of Disaster to a Pearling Fleet
is Brought to Vancouver.
The Canadian-Australian linei
Tan qua , arrived at Victoria. B. C.
ringing news of the destruction of a
earling fleet in a typhoon off west
Lustralia , involving a. loss of forty lug-
er.s and 270 lives , twenty being white.
The disaster occurred near Thurs-
ay island , the typhoon strikgin the
eet just as it wn starting for the
earl ing grounds , scattering the vessel ,
omplete wrecking some and driving
thers ashore. About twenty Austral-
in pearlers were lost. The other vic-
ms were Malays , Manilamcn , Japan-
e and Kanakas.
German Steamer Lost.
All hope has been abandoned for
ic German steamer Europa which
died from Hamburg , Germany , for-
-five days ago , bound for Norfolk ,
a. , loaded with fertilizer. The trip
lould have been made in twenty-one
iys. Nothing has been heard of the
tip for forty days. She carried a crew
twenty-one men.
Jeff Davis * Anniversary Observed.
The 100th anniversary of the birth
Jefferson Davis was celebrated in
rmingham. Ala. , Wednesday. All
e banks were closed , and holiday
urs were observed at the postoffice.
Echo of Bank Failure.
Congressman J. F. Lanning , James
Gibbs , F. W. Christian and William
srrin , former officers of the defunct
lie Trust company which failed in
nuary , were Thursday indicted on
arges of embezzlement and misap-
cation of funds of the bank.
Student Suddenly Insane.
P. C. V. Canfield , of Waterloo , la , ,
student in the Lel.-j.nd Stanford Jr.
iversity at San Francisco , went sud-
nly insane while in the university
raryHe was overpowered and
cen to San Jose by the lunacy com-
Bank Robbers Very Busy.
Robbers cracked the safe in the
: ik at Fail-field , Okla. , thirty miles
it of Tulsa , Okla. . early Thursday ,
1 escaped with $10,000.
E ]
fit . M
PJ N rm HK n ft > t < f n * * - >
! i 5S Froiii Day to Day Condensed
Blenkiron Rvtjs. IN-jir "f I-nrge I :
tere > ts a ? Randolph.
The Lumber and coal business <
Blenkirno Bros , at Randolph was fo
mally transferred to liagley , Renai
& Co. Thursday. The latter firm hi
purchased the Elenkiron yards ;
Bloomfieid. Dragnet , Randolph , fe'holi
and Carroll. This transaction closi
out the Blenkiron interests in nortl
east Xebras-ka , where they have bee
identified with the lumber business fc
27 years. The first step of Blenkiro
Bros , toward closing- out was a fe
months ago , when they sold a line <
elevators on the Burlington road 1
the McCaul-Webstor people. At th :
time they had business enterprises i
22 stations in Nebraska. The seliin
represents a total of S27f,000. Fc
the present at least Blenkiron Bro
will continue their residence in Siou
7ity and rest from active business.
Series of Tornadoes in Central Xe
Three Nebraska towns were struc
by tornadoes Thursday evening an
while there are no fatalities so far n
known a number of persons were ir
jured and the property loss is consid
erable. A whiiling wind of great vc
locitiy descended on Kearney shortl
before (5 ( o'clock. Several houses wer
blown clown and a woman , Mr ? . Jen
kins , and her child , were injurec
Among the houses damaged was tha
of United States Senator Xorri
Brown. Across the Platte river
rehool house , unoccupied , was demol
News came Thursday night that th
town of Minden. in Kearney countj
had been wrecked by a storm. Th
town of Axtell. IS miles from Kearney
! .s the third town visited.
t7id e Miniver Sentrnec'.s a ;
Perry A. , a former politiciai
a-,5'1 stockman of northwest Nebraska
must serve three months in the Ha !
Bounty jail at Grand Island and pay ;
fine of $1.000 for conspiracy to de
fvuud the government out < f land Si
'Irani county by means of fictitioti :
'hings. This \vas the sentence imposei
; by Judge T. C. Hunger in Unites
States district court Thursday after
noon. Yeast's attorney gave notice o
an appeal to the circuit court of ap
peals , and a superscdeas bond was ? fix-
, "d at $ r ,000. Sentence was imposed ,
following a verdict of guilty returnee
by a jury in February , an appeal foi
; i new trial being heard in the mean
Workman Makes a Gallows and Kill.
Himself Before Feihws.
C. F. Wilbur. a Beatrice butcher ,
improvised a. sallows in the presence
of workmen and hanged hhnself. The
deed was done in the building he for
merly occupied as a store. He par
ried cjuestions while attaching a rope
to a ceiling hook , and when attention
was diverted drew a noose over his
head , leaped from his ladder and was
instantly killed. His neck war brok
en by a fall of seven feet. He left a
widow and several children. It is sup
posed he was demented.
Ucnson Chosen as Xext Phu'e of Mevt-
hig : for Slate Aerie.
The state aerie of Eagles adjourned
Thursday afternoon alter Benson had
si-cured the 1(9 ! convention over He-
Cook and Grand Island. T. T. Ryder.
> f Lincoln , deputy labor commission
er , was elected state president over H.
B. Fleharty , a South Omaha attorney.
The Nebraska aerie declared against
reducing the membership age limit to
1 S years and in favor of a new system
of national deputies. A banquet V.MS
given in honor of the delegates.
Tluntini on's Last Chajicl.
"Wednesday morning at convocation
hour , the main floor of the auditorium
in the White memorial building of Ne
braska Wesleyan university , at Uni
versity Place , wan thronged with stu
dents , alumni , and visitors to hear
Chancellor D. W. C. Iluntington con-
iuct both the last chapel exercise of
: he year and the last chapel exercise
) f his administration The large gath
ering hung on the words as they fell
'rom his lips , and many eyes were
illed when it was realized that he was
losing ten years of administrative
; ervice , during which time the insti-
ution has made marked progress.
Thancellor Hunt'ngton is well known
hroughout the state of Nebraska.
Drowned In Swollen Creek.
John Peterson , of Friend , was
Irowned Wednesday while fording
ohnson creek , which had been s\voll-
n to a torrent by the late rains.
Congressman Pollard Returns- .
Congressman E. M. Pollard , of Ne-
awka , wife and baby , arrived home
'uecday. Mr. Pollard will rest for a
3W weeks.
Reunion of War Veterans.
A reunion of Spanish-American war
eterans , attended by nearly 200 mem-
ers of the three Nebraska regiments ,
as held at Lincoln Thursday.
Wanted in Texas.
Chief of Police Moore , of Beatrice ,
hursday morning received a telegram
om Dallas , Tex. , stating that Dr. R.
. Morris , alias Dr. R. II. Bartell. the
tlmist arrested at Beatrice Wednes-
\y afternoon , was wanted at that
ace on a felony charge.
Plattsmouth Mason * * Celebrate.
Plattsmouth lodge No. ( I ) Ancient
ree and Accepted Masons , celebrated
e semi-annual anniversary of the or _
mization of thr.t order in th ir hall
Plattsmtuth Tuesday evening.
Remedy Involved at Conference
Veterinarians at Ames- .
"A cure for hog cholera has at h
been found , provided the animal
treated soon enough , " said Dr. A.
Peters , of Lincoln , head of the d
partment of animal pathology of t
University of Nebraska.
Dr. Peters reached Omaha Monti
from Ames , la. , where he attended t
conference of veterinarians of ni
western states , in which the disease
making serious inroads and causing
tremendous loss to farmers. HI
cholera is prevalent in several Nebra
ka counties now , and if the state b
reau at Lincoln was ready to send o
the new serum great benefit would r
suit. As it is , Dr. Peters thinks tl
resents of the university , who a
deeply interested , wirl make an appr
priation this month that will enafc
th | d ! trbvt'"n of several thousai
dose i" ' year.
"The hog- cholera scourge has her
tofore resisted the efforts of veterin
rians , " said Dr. Peters. "We ha :
been proceeding on the theory th
the cholera germ Avas discovered ai
treatment has been given in the for
of injections of a germ culture , whk
.vas not a cure. In very few cases h ;
It proved efficacious. The discovery
Dr. N. Dorsett. of the bio-chemic d
partment of the bureau of animal ii
dustry , Washington , appears to ha
solved the problem. Tried in thirty i
forty herds throughout Iowa , it hi
-ured well established cases of the di
ease. It consists of the injection <
the blood of an affected animal in
the circulation of one not under tl
Influence of the disease. This muc
* " > e combined with the injection of tl
-eriim of an animal already iminun
The production of a vaccine by meai
of infected blood instead of artifici ;
allures of the germ is the basis of tl
The conference at Ames was calk
by Secretary of Agriculture Jam <
Wilson and Dr. A. D. Melvin , chief <
the bureau of animal industry. Ov <
.1 week was spent in experiments an
discussion of the best way to introduc
the new discovery commercially F
that instant results may be securei
It is the hope eventually to perfec
the vaccine so that a small injectio
may lie milicient to effect a cure. S
present it takes about two drachn :
for this purpose.
The benefits of the new discover
cannot be too largely estimated. Dui
ing the last fiscal year , of the 151.C1
hogs slaughtered in the great packin
centers under government inspectioi
over 19.329 were cholera suspect :
This does not take into account th
numerous hogs affected in individua
herds that die with heavy loss to th
hog raisers.
Arlington.&i& i :
Omaha Before Any Local Girls.
The first June bride of the seasoi
in Omaha was not an Omaha girl a
ill. Mrs. Mary E. Roberts , of Lorah
[ a. , claims the distinction of leadinj
.he list for the month of brides. Shi
.vas married about 10 o'clock Monday
3\- County Judge Leslie , to Henri '
ran do. of Atlantic , la. She shyly ad'
rutted she had passed her forty-firs
)5rthday and was entering the connu-
) ial state for the second time , having
> een divorced about five years ago
flie groom was divorced about twr
ears ago.
Voman Charged with Helping to Triir ,
Mrs. Offer-man Gives Bail.
Mrs. Pearl Hester , charged with" be-
ng implicated with "Prof. Ray" in
he larceny of $2.000 from Mrs. Anna
) fferman. of South Omaha , while pro-
essing to find buried treasures on
Irs. Offerrnan's farm , was released
rom the county jail on bond Monday
lorning. Her bond was fixed at $1.-
Steve Eagan , indicted for the mur-
er of Enos Daley at South Omaha ,
as released on a 52,500 bond.
itixens of Tennessee Plead for Pris
oner in Xcbraska Penitentiary.
Gov. Sheldon Monday received a
sfjuest from citizens of Knoxville.
enn. , among them Sheriff Reeder. of
noxville. that he pardon Albert Gri-
- > r , whoe home is there and who is
'rvliiR- sentence of two and a half
> ars in the Nebraska penitentiary for
- > rae stealing. The plea is made on
ic ground that Griger's aged parents
e dependent on him ; that his record
iretofore has been good.
Record for Small Elevator.
The manager of the Cedar Bluffs
evator at Ashland states that one
LV this week he took in 310 wagon-
ads of corn.
Fanner Kills Self.
Jacob Crocker , a farmer living
uthwest of McCook. threw himself
wn an abandoned well Monday. He
is instantly killed.
Drowned While Fishing.
Otta Schody , 21 years old , who re-
led south of Beatrice , was drowned
iday night while fishing in Ander-
Vs cut off.
Blow to Car Franchise.
Notification was received at Lincoln
\t the United States court of appeals
St. Paul. Minn. , had set aside the
e of the old Home Street Railway
npany to , the New Citizens com-
ny , of Lincoln.
County Judse Resigns.
Bounty Judge G. C. Marshall , of
: ir , ? .Iorday announced his intention
resigning his office to take effect
y 1. Mr. Marshall has bought an
jiest MI the Arlington State bank
= &i&
" ' " " '
The state board of assessment Q
In the atr over th" distribution of
road property , uhich it a > e-h.-d last
week. Heretofore the boards have al
ways assessed the property and then
apportioned the values to the xariou
lines going to make up the systems.
This apportionment has been arbitra
ry , but in most instances the railroad
representatives have approved the dis
tribution. This year the Burlington ,
property was returned as one system-
and the various corporations which in
the past have made up this system
were not mentioned. The board has
about decided , however , to distribute
the value of the physical property just
the same as it did in the past , even
though the various corporations no-
longer exist But it has not decided
what to do with the value of the
franchise and the value of the roiling
Etock , under the terminal tax law. The
' average value of the Burlington in
round jvambers js air.est ! $42OCH ) a
1 mi'leT The niain line of the ourfington
is valued at $85,000 a mile : The phys
ical property of the Burlington" was
valued at about $17,000 a mile. One
board member figured this woulel
make the value of the franchise and
rolling stock about $2f > .000. Should
the valuation be apportioned accord
ing to mileage at the average value per
mile , the main line of the flurlington
would be worth $ GD.OO a mile instead
of $85,000 a mile , and practically all
of the less valuable roads would be
enormously increased. This procedure
would cause a loss in railroad prope-
ry under the terminal tax law to every
tenvn em the main line of the road ,
with the possible exception of a few.
of those towns t\hich have a lot of
sidetracks or branch line trackage.
While some members of the board are
of the opinion the proper way to make
the apportionment would be to distrib
ute the valuation as under the unit
system. Secretary of State Junkin is
of the opinion the fair way would be to
first distribute the value of the physi
cal property accoi-ding to main line
and branches , making an ai-bitrary di
vision or valuation , and then add to
each mile the average value of the ?
franchise and rolling stock.
The contract of the state with the
Lee Broom and Duster company for
penitentiary labor , to be used in the
broom factory at the state prison , has
expired , but the board of public lands
and buildings has not made a new corv
tract. At a meeting last week C.
Ii. Lee , manager of the company ,
agreed to stand for an increase of 5
per cent in the money paid for the la
bor , but this the board woulel not con
sider. The Lee company now pays
50 cents a day for each convict , and
the contract provides that the com
pany must use all the convicts sent to
it by the warden. The board intends
to increase the price to 75 cents or 31
a day for each convict. So far , how
ever , not a single bid has been receiv
ed for the labor except from the Lre
company. Until the matter is finally
settleel the Lee company will ufc > u the
prisoners under the terms of the con
tract just expired. Mr. Lee informed
the board that he had propositions
from four penitentiaries to use their
convicts , including a proposition from
one of the prisons in Iowa and one at
Rawlins , Wyo. His great trouble , he-
said , was in disposing of his wares be
cause they did not have the union la
bel , and he showed the board a letter
where an order for a carload of
brooms had been countermanded be
cause the brooms did not bear the un
ion label. The board , however , has a
number of letters on file where private
broom manufacturers pay from $2.50
to ? 3 a day for labor and furnish their
awn power , while at the penitentiary
the Lee company is furnished power
ind heat along with the convicts. The
board had its talk with Mr. Lee bo-
iiind closed doors.
It is by no means certain that the.
; tatc railway commission will isuse an
mtire new classification of fr.eight
ates , but it is probable that the com-
nission will make reductions in the
ates for the shipment of certain com-
nodities and from tme to time make
till further reductions on other com-
noditios. This practice may be kept
ip until the commission feels that the
Nebraska rates are just and not exor-
Since the hearing granted the rail-
oad officials , followed by the hearing.
; ranted the railroad employes , togeth-
r with its investigations along othef
ines , the commission has decided the
naking of a new classification of rates
5 a big task and one that will rerjulre
long time and lots of study and in-
estigation. On the other hand , one-
icmber of the commission believes
hat by picking out here and there
ertain commodities upon which the
ates seem high and making reduc-
ions in these instances it probably-
ould accomplish more for the peo-
le than if it made a sweeping reduc-
on of a certain per cent in all rates.
The commission s in receipt of a let-
* r from the secretary of the Wiscon-
n commission which disputes the
atement made by a railroad reprq-
jntative that the Wisconsin commis-
on has made a ruling that the rall-
> ad should be entitled to earn a eiiv-
lend upon SO per cent of its property
credited to that state.
The commission will make further
vestigations before taking any action
eking into the work of other com-
issions and the effect of a radical
lange in rates In general.
Whether the district court or the
ayer shall appoint the Omaha park
> ard will be
settled by the supreme
urt. In the name of the attorney
neral quowarranto proceedings have
en started , the contestants being
hn Latenser , appointed by the dis
ci court , and John L. Nebles. ap-
inted by Mayor Dabman. A deinur-
r was filed to the petition filed by the
ral department of the state and the
se will be take-i up t the next ies-
'n ' of the court