Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, February 20, 1908, Image 1

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    Historical fcoi
If you do not know what it is , ask to see
the new lamp. Cheapest and best lamp
on earth. Costs T cent per hour to
burn it. Ten times as much light as
any other oil lamp.
See our window for Keen Kutter Tools
ere . Co.
20 Percent Discount on
JL- *
Overshoes , Underwear and Men's Caps at
specially low prices. Fine lineof family
Groceries. Drygoods and Gent's Furnishings
PHOHE 97 ,
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Epsidencc and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , 3 > IIOXE 72 Nebraska
C. O. Carpenter ,
House painting inside and out. Furniture Ke-
pairing and Varnishing of all kinds promptly done.
Phone 88. Shop in west part of town.
Valentine - Nebraska
Talk of the Town.
Miss Anna Boltz came down
from Nenzel last Saturday.x
Mrs. Clyde Carpenter's mother
is here for an extended visit.
Mont Bishop made a trip to
Brownlee this week on business.
Frank Kime and wife are visiting - '
iting in town this week with S. Q.
John Harvey is down from the
reservation spending the week
with his parents.
TT Tillson and Jacob Klein of
near Penbrook were visitors to
our city last Friday.
Ednah Eobertson and Mae Veach
are two of the ill babes this week ,
but both are recovering.
J. W. Mann , Geo. Seger and J.
P. Gardiner of Cody were in Val
entine Monday on business.
Miss Stella Spratttook sick with
pneumonia last week and school in
that neighborhood has suspended
for a time.
D. A. Hancock and J. P. Ry-
land , a prominent attorney of
Kansas City , Mo. , were in town
Monday on business.
There will be a dinner at Har
mony school house Feb. 23rd , for
the benefit of the minister. All
are invited to attend.
Sheriff Rosseter is kept pretty
busy these days on official busi
ness and is active and efficient in
the discharge of his duties.
Born , to Leonard Wickman and
wife in this city Sunday night , a
son. Mrs. Wickman is a daugh-
; er of Wm. Mum ford who is now is
; randpa.
Mr. ' and Mrs. Albert Webb en >
tertained at six o'clock dinner , mi
Sunday in honor of the mother of w
3. L. Nelson who has been here >
visiting the past week.
sent out numerous statements to
ubscribers during January and
many have responded with the
ash. We ask
: are compelled to
again that those who have not paid las
will please remit promptly. It elc
vill save us stamps and work and th
worry if you will. I. M. RICE.
The parcel shower given Feb. er.
A , by Mrs. W. S. Jackson for str
Miss Claudia Wells , was a most de-
ightful occasion. The rooms were ry
tppropriately decorated with cupids -
pids , hearts and valentines. Much Dt
pleasure and amusement was de DtM
rived from the contents of the M
parcels and the accompanying
sentiment. A few games of cai :
'hearts" furnished further enter du
tainment , after which refresh
ments were served. About thirty
guests were present , Mrs. Cole
arrying off the first prize and
Mrs. Robinson the consolation , ,
C. J. Rogers died at his home be >
near Thacher Tuesday morning , he
Feb. 11 , 190S , at the age of 73 coi
years. He came to Cherry coun- to
; y from Iowa about 20 years ago thi
and settled on the place where he ail
iyed at the time of his death , aff
which was due to old age. He had sp ;
Deen in his usual health and retired )
about 10 o'clock the evening prev fcs
ious to his death and passed away is
with only a slight struggle - as he
wreathed his last which awakened pa
ais wife by his side and she at CO
tempted to revive him but he had fr !
departed this world. Nine chilpa |
dren , five boys and four girls , bei i lis
sides his wife , also two brothers ! L/et
and several grand-children survive j , he
the deceased. The remains were ' ev
interred in Mount Hope cemetery ; jhc
and the funeral conducted by Rev. ' in
4 ? Genuine Tigrers
We have on display in our window this week a bunch of genuing
4 ? tigers , not the ordinary land but the latest we could obtain from
4 4 ? ? the famous establishment of Keith Bros. & Co. , Chicago , 111.
4 ? Each one of these tigers carries a price card in plain red figures
and is valued from § 1.50 to § 3.00 , in any size you want. They
4 ? all the 1908 variety and
4 ? are present a pleasing and novel ap
* pearance which belongs only to this special kind of tiger. We *
4 ? guarantee perfect satisfaction to every purchaser of these new
spring tigers and should there be
any growl from either you or
ff 4 ? the tiger , we will gladly refund your money. a *
Take a look at them.
John Eaton was up rora Wood
Lake Monday.
"The Girl and The Stampede"
is a play , pure , simple and full of
fun , with a story admirably told.
Opera house , Monday , March 2nd.
The North Table Telephone Co.
met Saturday in town to transact
business and a lot of farmers from
Sparks vicinity and North Table
svere in our city.
The First National Bank is hav-
ng a burglar alarm connected
vith their vault , with a huge bell
on the-outside which will alarm
+ *
vith terrific noise when the vault
opened at any time outside of
tin regular hours. There are also
ells on the inside to ring and re-
ninds one of a city fire alarm
vhen set going. Exhibitions are
eing given today of the alarm
"hey " claim any attempt to enter
he vault will start the alarm.
Jrosl vt riuii Church
At the Congregational meeting
leld in the Presbyterian church
ast week the election of one new
ilder and three new trustees left
he ( officers as follows :
Elders H. Dailey , W. S. Bark-
, J. P. Ninas and W. D. Arm-
trong ( new ) .
Trustees W. T. Kincaid , Hen-
y Hoenig , Chas. Sherman ( new ) ,
Colin Risher ( new ) and Miss Clara
Dunham ( new ) .
Sermon subjects next Sunday :
Corning , "Christ's Ideal Congre
gation" ; evening , "How far we
an follow our own ideas of con-
luct and please God. "
From Rev. Wm. H. Kerns , at
engt'h returned home after a four
reeks evangelistic tour in the
vestern part of the state , comes
he earnestly expressed hope that
who professed their desire tc
saved in the recent meetings
lere may develop into earnest ,
insistent members. We regret
learn that Rev. Kearns , during
meeting * in Osmond , became
.filleted with a "grip" cold that
.ffected his throat and rendered
peaking difficult. But the peo-
le turned out well and some pro-
essed conversion. "Rev. Kearns
an example of a minister of the
gospel , accepting a work accom
panied with real hardships and in
conveniences in frequent absences
rom < his family , and yet for less
lay than he was receiving from
; pastorial charge in Beatrice.
the church of Christ receive
proper credit for this and let
iveryone be fair in recognizing
fact that the church of Christ
these days contains its propor-
Eftra of tlte sincere ami
of winter goods in all lines is
now complete. Come and give
us a call.
K We have -had a panic ; o
8 We have had a mild winter : o
We have had some closing out-sales , but
are still doing business at the old stand
and invite our friends to remember us
when in want of the staples of life.
Call and see us. Phone 23
Chartered as a State Bank Chartered as a National Bank
- 1 , 1884. August 12. 1902 ,
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
0 ±
A General Banking
25 OOO Exchange and
wisSSW. .
Collection Business.
C. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President. -
M. V , NIOHOLSON. Cashier.
Tobaccos and Cigars.
Canned Goods 2C3Z Lunch Counter ?
8 Phone / Home Bakery.
Stetter & Tobien , Props.
All Kinds of Fresh I
and Salt Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything you have to sell.