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. Free transportation to
' the Interstate Fair , Sioux
City , Iowa. Watch this
space next week.
, ' * * - * ,
Bnlln in an Jrlxh Paper. *
Speaking about Irish bulls , how ISM
this paragraph from the editorial col-
nmns of n recent issue of the Western
News of Galway , Ireland ? "To rob a
tnan of his purse and then maltreat
him for not having It would pass mus
ter among pitiless brutal crimes , butte
to kill and slay a man to the point of
death and then murder him for not
flying quick enough is one point better
In the catalogue of human infamy. It
Is enough to make Irishmen set their
teeth and talk silently in groups. "
Charlottenburg is the first Gorman
commune to appoint a woman school doc
Merchants Visit Milwaukee.
Come to the city of beautiful parks ,
clean streets , fine buildings , huge fac
tories , immense jobbing houses and hos
pitable people. Spend your time during
the Annual Fall Buying Season where
you can bring your families and combine
business with pleasure.
The recent laws in Wisconsin , Iowa ,
Illinois. Minnesota , Nebraska , Missouri ,
and neighboring states , by which pas-
leiiger fares are reduced to two cents a
wile , are of great advantage to mer
chants in this territory who wish to
conip to Milwaukee. After August 15 ,
190 , merchants may buy a regular tick
et to Milwaukee at a rate of two cents
n milo ( the lowest rate now given for
any occasion ) and will not be required
to secure certificates or be restricted to
certain dates. This offers decided ad
vantages to Milwaukee patrons. While
iu Milwaukee call for information at the
Milwaukee Association of Jobbers and
Manufacturers , 45-19 University Bldg.
Doubly Unfortunate.
Ardent Youth So your father doesn't
like me on account of my various short
comings , doesn't he ?
Fair Maiden Xo ; and mamma objects
to your long stayings.
Mra. WlnBlow'g Boothjnj syrup for Cnlldro\
teething ; boftous the gums , reduces Inuanuuft *
tiofl. allays pain. our i wind cell * , 959 a bottle.
Formalin for Fruits.
Some important experiments on the
preservation of ripe fruits by means of
formalin have recently been carried out
at the Jodrall laboratory , Kew , says the
Luiiuoii Globe. ii the fruit is one -which
is eaten without peeling , as the straw
berry or raspberry , it is , first of all ,
Immersed for ten minutes in cold wa
ter containing 3 per cent of commercial
formalin. It is then taken out , and
allowed to remain five minutes in cold
water. If the fruit is one ofwhich the
skin or rind is not eaten , the latter
treatment is omitted. It was found
that damsons thus treated kept nine
days , Victoria plums five days , black
currants five days and red currants
four days longer than fruit not so
Pitted or slightly diseased apples
thus treated were found to keep sev
eral weeks longer. It is pointed out
that the spoiling of ripe fruit is often
due to the various bacteria and fer
ments occurring-on their surfaces. The
development of these is prevented by
the formalin. It is 'suggested that the
use of formalin may render it possible
to bring certain perishable ripe fruits
from distant countries. >
Her Sweeping- .
"I suppose your new servant girl Is
like the average new broom , " said Mrs.
"res. " replied Mrs. Hiram Offen.
"She really sweeps clean , elr ? "
"Very likely. At any rate , she doesn't
sweep the dirty places. " Philadelphia
It's a
Time now
to see what a good "staying"
breakfast can be made without
A Liiile Fruit ,
A Dish of Grape-Nuts and Cream
A Soft-Boiled Egg ,
Some Nice , Crisp Toast
Cup of Fostum Food Coffee
; That's all , and all very easy of diges
tion and full to the brim with
nourishment and strength.
and have a meat and vegetable
dinner either at noon or evening ,
as you prefer.
We predict for you an increase in
physical and mental power.
There's a Reason. "
tfee "little health classic. " The Road to
Wellville , " i
Commcnti and Crlticlamii Ba ed
Upon the Happcnlne * of the Day
Historical * ud NeiTu Notes.
After a mail has been married about
so long licTjoins the peace-at-any-prlce
How dear everything is when you
want tobuy , and how cheap wften you
want to sell !
Shortly after her marriage a woman
Is apt to realize that Jier vanity has
been all In vain.
The President uses no stronger ex
pletive than "By George ! " And he
smiles when he uses It , too.
"There were fools in Noah's day , "
says a Washington paper. Stillwe
never heard of one of them rocking the
Sweden has an organization called
the "Damrnklub.Its members are
women exclusively , and it was prob
ably named by their husbands.
Lt is reported from Paris that Count
BonI de Castellane and Mme. Gould
may be reconciled. Has Bonl promised
for a larger allowance to be good ?
Perhaps , aftar all , spring this year
was only trying to escape from the
mollycoddle class. However , It came
very near landing among the nature
Several years of crop failures In suc
cession might give the people of this
country a faint Idea of what tkp fam
ine-stricken districts of China are suf
A student of ihuman nature claims
that nobody can lie with the hands
open. Presumably > he has also noticed
that It is difficult for a man to tell an
untruth with his face closed.
The story of the fond father iwho ,
being without scales to weigh his new
born heir , borrowed the Iceman's , and
was astonished to find that the Infant
weighed forty-five pounds , is good
enough to be true , if it isn't.
The eldest son of the Prince of
Wales has joined the Koyal Naval Col
lege , and it is cabled from London that
he will be treated exactly as the other
cadets are , being restricted to 25 cents
a Aveek pocket money. The sons of some
of our millionaires will be likely to de
cide that it must 'be a good deal of a
hardship to be a prince.
Itinerant 'booksellers ' on the Bast
Side in New York always find a market
for anaiiuals of etiquette. The foreign
ers , who crowd the district , are anxious
to learn how to toeliave in the free so
ciety of America , 'and eagerly read in
structions on eating soup , when to rise
and when to sit down , what to say and
ivhen to say it.
Some medical expert announces ev-
> ry few months that Americans eat too
much. Such a man said in a lecture
before a medical school class the other
day that there is as much "nourishment
In a slice of bread and butter as in
three slices of lean beef , or in an egg
and a half , or in sixteen oysters , or in
two and a half apples , or in two ban
anas. Although bread and butter is
nourishing , most of us like to vary the
diet with something of higher flavor ,
tvhether It is nourishing or not
The fire losses of the United States
and Canada , as recorded by the New
York Journal of Commerce , aggregate
$04,500,000 for the first three mouths
of this year , contrasted with $54,700-
000 for the same period last year , and
$56,720,000 for the first quarter of 1905.
This Is not particularly favorable for
an easy and quick recovery by the fire
Insurance companies from the unprece
dented losses of last wear growing out
of the San Francisco disaster. The
country Is making no perceptible prog
ress In its mastery of the problem of
scandalously excessive waste by fire.
How to get enough qualified teachers
for its schools is a problem which con
tinually perplexes New York City. A
member of its board of education re
cently introduced a resolution instruct
ing the superintendent to ascertain If
teachers cannot be obtained from oth
er cities. He said there are three hun
dred vacancies. With salaries begin
ning in the lowest grades at six hun
dred dollars a year , and increasing at
the rate of "forty dollars for each year
of service , the pay is much better than
that offered in smaller towns" ; but it
costs more to live in New York , and
one does not .get so much for .one's
money in the way of pleasant human
intercourse as in the country.
In the acquittal of Judge Loving , at
Houston , Va. , of the murder of young
Estes , advocates "of the "unwritten
law" are finding a great deal of satis
faction. It should be remembered by
them , however , that while the unwrit
ten law was pleaded in justification of
Judge Loving's act his counsel saw fit
to couple with his plea that of emo
tional insanity wJiich was the basis of
the jury's verdict Therefore , It does
not seem that advocates of the unwrit-
taz law have much cause for the satis
faction they express. Judge Loving's
acquittal may yet prove to have been
a matter of sentiment more. than of
justice. The judge had been in his
better days a conspicuous political fig
ure and a social factor In his county.
He had friends everywhere , and almost
as many in adjoining counties as In
his own. The crime of which he was
charged was caused by representations
which always appeal most strongly to
men of the South ; yet those represen
tations remain questionable , the prose
cution not being able to introduce im
peaching testimony. '
A learned English physician , Sir
James Crichton-Browne , comes forward
to tell you that you eat too much. But
you know that already. Your own
stomach has told you so many a time.
Yet you have gone on heedlessly , just
as though you were put here to live to
eat , rather than to eat to live. Eating
is largely a matter of habit almost as
much of a habit as drinking whisky ,
smoking a pipe or sleeping several
hours a day. Neither whisky nor to
bacco Is necessary to the well-being of
any man. Neither Is ten hours' sleep.
No more are three meals a day , espe
cially in hot weather. Is it any wonder
that you fret and fume and grumble
at the heat when the mercury gets up
into the 90s , when you go around with
your stomach distended an-1 sagging
with a lot of unnecessary food ? What
good does it do you to fill up on beef
steak , potatoes , pie nnd pudding and
to go around sweating like a carthorse ,
when you could get along with one-half
or one-third of the food which you
crowd into your stomach on a hot day ?
Yes , what good does It do you ? The
human stomach has been compared to a
furnace , which burns up food as a lo
comotive burns up coal. But the care
ful fireman never overloads his engine ,
though his tender may be heaped up
and running over with coal , but you
overload your stomach simply because
there is an abundance of food on the
table. The result Is that you are dull
and stupid afterward , and are com
pelled to slow down In your work , just
as an engine would do if It were choked
with coal until there was no draft to
consume it You think you are gener
ating energy when you are only Invit
ing discomfort Gentle reader , and still
gentler purchaser , allow us to suggest
a little plan tcTyou. Try two meals a
day for a while. It cannot possibly
hurt you. You may lose a little avoir
dupois at first , but you will experience
a joy in living such as you have never
dreamed of before.
Besides Technical KnorrledRre She.
Must Possess Diplomacy and Tact.
The star lady who now comes from
the front of the house , feeling her way
to the stage with the box-office gentle
man guilding her footsteps through the
dark atid the assistant stage manager
yelling to the electrician for "house
lights for Miss X " this star lady
has learned Ite necessity of watching
that unruly member , ' her tongue , and
also of picking her friendships with un
erring aim , says a writer in the Book
man. Repression , diplomacy , instinctive
judging of men and women , are some of
the unadmitted qualities that make a
star. It is not all bursting genius and
technical knowledge of the stage. She
must be a diplomat and a business wo
man. If the company Is small , as a
rule , all other members are presented
to her. Many of them she may know ,
and she moves from one group to another - j
other , recalling old associations 'and
laughing over old-time escapades. The
head of a company is no snob. She
may conduct herself before her people
during the working hours with dignity
and reserve , she may confer with the
leading actors , showing them much deference - ,
erence , while with the smaller members -
bers she may have very Tttle to do , but
in her friendships she gives herself
great leeway , and the girl with whom
she is most intimate out of the theater
is more often than not a subordinate in
her company. j
When the reading of the play begins
she cits by the side of the author at
the table , the company fills the half
circle and a great quiet falls as the
portfolio containing the manuscript Is
opened. A playwright will find no more ,
critical audience than this first one.
Each actor listens for the appearance
of his own part In the play and eager
ly follows the development of the plot
to see how deeply he is concerned In it
Kaiser and Carnegrie.
The Kaiser Wilhelm says , "Vot iss
Der reasons why at Carnegie
Some Yankees laughs ? Do not they disRemember -
Remember he gifs money free ?
I much am wishing that to stay
To this my country come he would
And gif to us his gold away
Where peoples all would treat him
good ;
I'd like to meet him side by each
Has he not said I am vun peach ? "
Says Carnegie : "Tlie Kaiser is
The brawest mon wi' me acquent ;
He muckle kens about his biz
And a' that's gtiid in government ;
He has an unco' canny mind
That's crammed fu' weel wi' high ideals
And they are daft or maur than blind
Who say his head is lined wi' wheels ;
The proof o' this is plain to see
He has appreciated me. "
Kansas City Times.
Onto the Boy.
"Don't you think , " suggested the old
friend of the family , "that you wouia
do well to keep a watch on your son ? "
"Impossible ! " replied young Galley's
father , "it wouldn't 'be long before he'd
exchange it for a pawn ticket" Philadelphia - ,
delphia Press.
Content is like < ur eyes , nose , or.
any other feature. ' To have it , you'
must be born with it
You never hear of anyone troubled
with insomnia early in t&e morning.
No man need feel hurt if people say
he is not good-looking.
A I > c ii > for lilt'- .
Old Ironsides at anchor lay ,
In the harbor of Mahoa ;
A dead calm rested on the bay
The waves to sleep had gone ;
When little Hal , the captain's son ,
A lad both brave and good ,
In sport , up shroud and rigging ran ,
And on the main-truck stood !
A shudder shot through every vein ;
All eyes were turned on high !
.There stood the boy , with dizzy brain ,
Between the sea and sky.
No hold had he above , below ;
Alone he stood in air ;
To that far height none dared to geNe
No aid could reach him there.
We gazed , but not a man could speak !
With horror all aghast
In groups , with pallid brow and cheek ,
We watched the quivering mast.
The atmosphere grew thick and hot ,
And of a lurid hue
As riveted unto the spot
Stood officers and crew.
The father came on deck. lie gasped ,
" 0 God ! Thy will bo tlone I"
Then suddenly a rifle grasped
And aimed it at his son.
"Jump , far out , boy , into the wave !
Jump , or I fire , " he said.
"That only chance your life can save ;
Jump , jump , boy ! " He obeyed.
He sank he rose he lived he moved ,
And for the ship struck out.
On board we hailed the lad beloved
With many a manly shout.
The father drew , in silent joy ,
Those wet arms round his neck ,
And folded to his heart Lis boy
Then fainted on the deck.
Walter Colton.
Go to Africa Soon , to Look. Over
XCTV Interests.
When Thomas F. Ryan interests him
self in any enterprise he is more thanv
likely to get everything out of it that
can be made to yield a profit , says the
New York Tribune. When he acquired
the 70,000 acres in the Kongo district
it was generally supposed that he
would be satisfied with the gold , copper
and rubber in sight there. But Mr.
Ryan , as a Virginian , knows the poten
tiality of rich soil , and as there would
be many thousands of idle acres in the
Kongo principality which he had ac
quired , and as his idle land would not
yield any of the three great crops frois
whlcn the greater part of his profit was
supposed to come , he determined to put
itto practical use.
Virginia is a great peanut State. Ths
soil conditions in Mr. Ryan's Kongo
domain are peculiarly well fitted for
peanut culture. The best-paying grade
of peanuts that come from the Virginia
market are the so-called Jumbo variety ,
a large , rich nut , abounding in oil and
general all-around nutrition.
Mr. Ryan is going to raise Jumbo
peanuts in his mid-African property.
These Jumbo peanuts will bring a big
price in this market , and will be in
strumental in breaking many a corner
as now engineered by the shellers in
Mr. Ryan's own State. Men with all
technical knowledge of the matter have
been sent to the Kongo.
Probably the most-used peanut is
what Is called the Spanish , an offshoot
of what used to be exclusively grown
in Spain. This is the little round pea
nut so much used for salting. In Vir
ginia a greater part of the crop grown
there is called Spanish No. 1. When
the crop is short there the original
Spanish is imported from Spain , but
in fact , it is grown in Northern Africa.
The conditions of the Virginia soil
make It superior for this nut over any
other section in the world except the
Kongo district
The Junibo variety brings the highest
price , however , and naturally it was
that variety that Mr. Ryan selected for
his crop. He will later grow the Span
ish peanut , which , although cheaper ,
has a greater sale than the Jumbo. But
Mr. Ryan's advisers , knowing that the
Jumbo would have the greater sale if
the price were lower , advised him to
try that grade first And that is the
grade that Mr. Ryan will grow in the
Kongo district , and from the proceeds
thereof he hopes to be able to pay no
Inconsiderable part of the expenses of
the working of his rubber plantations ,
gold mines and copper enterprises.
The Teeth.
The accumulation of tartar on the
teeth makes them unsightly and is of
ten the cause of a bad breath. If the
teeth are properly brushed each .day
tartar will not have the chance to ac
cumulate , but if it has already been
allowed to do so it can be removed by
a very simple treatment Moisten the
toothbrush In warm water and dip it
Into magnesia. Rub on the teeth , and
after three applications the tartar will
have entirely disappeared.
The Bane and the Antidote.
Gabe Gasfrall ( on the southeast corD -
D r of the dry goods box ) It must be
.tur'ble t' be ketched out in a brainstorm - ,
storm , HI Hemlock ( on the southwest
corner of the dry goods box ) W'y ,
all a feller'd hev tf do 'ud be f h'ist
one o' them paranoias , an' he'd never
know 'twuz ralnin'Puck. .
When you do exactly as you please ,
remember you are the only person
Nearly every one imagines he is get
ting more thau his share of hard
"Listen , " said the. girl as the womnn
Mine in from the party at 3 o'clock In
the morning and- stood at the head of
her bed. "Do you hear her sob , the
woman above ? Slic has been sobbing
like that for an hoar. Now , listen to
uls big , yrutf voice sorniing at her. "
'I'll pi1- i\ stop to time. " the woman
rle'Jared. as she hurried out of the flat
on up stairs.
"Well , " said the girl , when she had
come down again , "what did you do ?
Threaten him with the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Wives ? "
"Not at all , " said the woman. "I sim
ply rang his bell and asked him If there
was anything I could do for his wife.
Wasn't she ill ? We could hear her cryIng -
Ing beneath in our bedroom , I told him.
He thanked me and said there was'
nothing I could do ; but you don't hear
any more sobbing , do you ? "
Born in poverty , reared in obscuri
ty , little Tad suffered many handicaps
through youth , and never knew what
It was to have a penny to get gum
drops or licorice root.
Did he lose hope ? No ; he perse
vered until he is now opulent , for lit
tle Tad has become a plumber. In
dianapolis Star.
"The grand jury that indicted me , "
paid the grafter , "was grossly preju
diced. "
"How was it prejudiced ? "
"By the evidence , of course. " Wash
ington Star.
Suffered Three Years Physicians
Did No Good Perfectly Well After
lining : Caticnra Remedies.
"I take great pleasure in Informing
you that I was a sufferer of eczema In
a very bad form for the past three
years. I consulted and treated with a
number of physicians in Chicago , butte
to no avail. I commenced using the
Cuticura Remedies , consisting of Cutl-
cura Soap , Ointment and Pills , three
months ago , and to-day I am perfectly
well , the disease having left me entire
ly. I cannot recommend the Cuticura
Remedies too highly to anyone suffer
ing with the disease that I have had.
Mrs. Florence E. Atwood , 18 Crilly
Place , Chicago , 111. , October 2 , 1905.
Witness : L. S. Berger. "
Measures are being taken by the German - ,
man government to exploit the now dor
mant water powers of the country on a
large scale.
Yon Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmsted , Le Roy ,
N. Y. , for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot-
gasfc a po lor to shake into your shoes ,
if cures rircn , sweating , hot , swollen , ach
ing feet. It makes new or tight shoes easy.
A certain cure for Corns and Bunions. All
Druggists and Shoe Stores sell it. 25c.
A Safer Method.
Sheriff When the robbers held you up
weren't you armed ?
Escaped Victim No ; but I was well
legged. Judge.
"Words of Praise -
For the several ingredients of which Dri
Pierce's medicines are composed , as givcri
by leaders in all the several schools oil
medicine , should have far more wcighti
than any amount of non-professional tea- "
tlmonials. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrlp- *
tion has TUB BADGE OF HONESTY on every
bottle-wrapper , in a full list of all Its in- *
grcdients printed in plain English. ,
If you are an invalid woman and suffer-
from frequent headache , backache , gnawIng * -
Ing distr/J& in stomach , periodical pains/
disagreeable , catarrhai. pplvic dralnj
draggirig/down distress In ! o\\er abdomea
or pelvis , perhaps dark spota or specki
dancing before the eyes , faint spells acs.
I symptoms caused by female weak
ness , oiather derangement of the feminln -
organs , Wur can not do better than takd
Dr. Pier/ee Favorite Prescription. (
The h/spltal , surgeon's knife and opera
ting taMc/may be avoided by the timely
use of Favorite Prescription" in suca
cases. Thereby the obnoxious oxamin
nations and \fc \ ) \ trPM g ° t"i family
physicjari can be avoided andT
cqnrseorsucjcssuTtreaimoiv ? carrieloiij
irpjMfl pr' ' Tr.yT.t f5 < > hnrnor , 'fFavoritfl
Prescription " is composed of tne very best
native medicinal roots known to medical
science for the cure of woman's peculiar-
ailments , contains no alcohol and no-
harmful or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much from "Favorite-
Prescription ; " it will not perform mira
cles ; it will n9t disolve or cure tumorsu
No medicine will. It will do as much to-
establish vigorous health in most weak
nesses and ailments peculiarly incident to-
women as anv medicine can. It must bo-
given a fair chance by perseverance in its *
use for a reasonable length of time.
YOU finn't afford to _ * fwpt. i goprof nog
trum as a. substitute for tfrjg rompftyn |
known composition "
Sick women are invited to consult Dn-
Pierce , by letter , free. All correspond
ence is guarded as sacredly secret and.
womanly confidences are protected bv-
professional privacy. Address Dr. K. V.-
Pierce , Buffalo. N. Y.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets the best :
laxative and regulator of the bowels.
They invigorate stomach , liver and'
bowels. One a laxative ; two or three a
cathartic. Easy to take as candy.
* > * Snouia write for
nnllS1f nn our UBTW
I Illll I LilUBamples. The completes : eves
Waited. Sioux City Newspaper Union * .
Sioux Cltr. Iowa.
"Havine taken TOUT wonderful "Cascaroti" for
tbree months and boln ? entirely cured ot stomach-
catarrh and dyspepsia , I think a word of praise IB-
dne to"Caicarets'ffor theirwonderfnl composition.
I have taken numerous other so-called r metlie
bnt without avail and I flnd that Cascarets relieve-
more in a day than all the others I have tukon-
would in a year. "
James JlcGune , 103 Mercer St. , Jersey City , N. 3
Best for
The Bowels
PI eassnt , Palatable , Potent. Taste Good. Do OootL.
ITeTor Sicken. Wcnucm or Gripe , lOc , 23e. 50c. Nevaf
old in bulk. The genuine tablet stamped C CG.
Guaranteed to cure or your money back.
Sterling Remedy Co. , Chicago or N.Y. 553
S. C. X. TJ. - - Xo. 33 JD07.
' ' " " ' " '
Im - " 'i
For Infants and Children.
AX gelablePrcparationforAs-
m similaling UieFootfandReguIa- - Bears the
If ting ( Jie Stoittachs andBoweboT
Promotes DigesttonJCfieeriTjli
ness andRestContainspeitteri
Opiinu.Morprune norMiocralJ
oj Seed
nna +
ted +
Clanfied Sutr
AperfectHemedy forConsfipa-
tion , Sour Stoiaach.Dlarriioei ;
"VYorras.Convnlsioiis.Fe rish- :
ness andlOSS OFSllEEP. j
FacSoite Signature of
i Guaranteed under the Fopj
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
" ( To any ono vtho csn W. L.
L - -m v " * w * mm prove
jDovgia docs not nasAo & set !
) moPB Rica's $3 & § 3.6U shoes
I than any other tnst. . ,
THIS EEASON1T. L. Douglas shoes are worn byciore people
In all walks of life than any other make , is because of their
excellent style , easy-fitting , and superior wearing qualities.
Ihe selection of the leathers and other , materials for each part
of the shoe , and every detail of the making is looked after by
the raostcompleteorganizatSon of . < uperintendentsforemenanil
skilled shoemakers , who receive the hiehest wages paid in tha
shoe industry , and whose workmanship cannot be excelled.
If I could take you into my larjre factories at Brocliton.Ma'y.
and show you how carefully YV.L. Douglas shoes are made , YOU
would then understand why'they hold their shape , nt better ,
wear lonper and arc of greater value than anv other make.
" M. J e ! ssa ( GofeSBonsJ Shoes ccnrrcf [ ; n ngira'/ccf af any nrlcsa
CAUTION ! The genuine hare W.i. Douglas name and price btunipedon bottom. Talco"-
No Substitute. Ask your dealer for V > " . L. Douglas shoe ? . Jf he cannot supply you. send
.direct to factory. Shoes sent everywhere by noaiL Catalog free. V/.L.Dcupfc3 , Brockton , Maafc.