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    "THie Yalentine Democr ;
, 31. RICE , - - - - Publish
Gould Lines Prepared to Spend $1C
000,000 in Betterment and ExH
aions , While Harriman Lines Pirn
Policy of Retrenchment.
That George J. Gould , with Steyi
-Bant Fish as his chief lieutenant , is
become an active foe of E. H. Har
man in the west and southwest , is o
of the interesting stories following t
xecent storm in Wall street. The a
aiouncement that Mr. Fish , whom Hz
Tlman recently ousted from control
the Illinois Central , had become proi
Jnently identified with the Missouri P
cific , was made several days ago.
ithere is now to be a Gould war
JHarriman , as reported , it is taken f
granted that he will enter the cai
paign with the utmost enthusiasm.
Announcement was made Mend ;
that Mr. Gould expects to spend $10 (
000,000 in improving and extendii
the Missouri Pacific system , and th
'Mr. Fish will take an active part
this work.
That Gould can obtain such c
amount of money for improvemen
while Harriman has to economize
. /the extent of canceling contracts f <
'office buildings , new rails and coi
struction work , and even has to tal
toff some of his finest western trains ,
Jsaid to be significant in Wall street.
' Mr. Fish's entrance Into the Gou :
o-oads is also significant Fish is a d
rector of the National Park bank ,
Jstrong competitor of the National Gil
ibank , and almost as potent when
comes to financing big deals. On whi
terms Gould will raise his money is n <
yet known.
The Gould management , it is sail
figures on fighting Harriman hard i
all points where the two systems com
In contact.
oVfcn Killed on Battleship lena Give
a National Funeral.
The victims of the explosion o
( board the French battleship lena wer
vgiven an imposing national funera
1 * at Toulon Saturday. All business wa
The coffins were piled on gun car
riages draped with the tricolor o
France. Almost the whole populatioi
of Toulon , dressed in mourning , linei
jthe route of the funeral procession. A
jPlace d'Armes President Fallieres , ii
jthe course of a touching oration , ii
which he expressed his high apprecia
jtion of the devotion of the sailors , re
called Abraham Lincoln's famous Get
tysburg speech , saying : "Like Lincoln
we ask the glorious dead , whom we sa-
dute with sorrow in our hearts am
tears in our eyes , to strengthen us ir
Jthe religion of courage and love oJ
jduty. "
Cabinet ministers , representatives ol
'all ' countries and many deputies , sen-
, 'ators ' and officers of all arms attendee !
'the ' funeral.
The president conferred a number
of decorations on the injured members
\ot \ the crew of the lena in the 'course
.of a visit which he paid to the hos
flVo Men Probably Fatally Shot at
Iltinunoiid , Ind.
In a strike riot Saturday at the East
Chicago mill of the Republic Iron and
Steel company at Hammond. Ind. , sev-
neral men were shot , two probably fa-
'tally. ' The trouble started when , fifty
( laborers struck for higher wages.
( Twenty later went back to work , and
( the remaining thirty broke throught
the gates of the steel plant to get at
'their ' companions. When once within
the plant a bloody riot followed , in
which a hundred shots were fired.
Neosho Zecevich , a foreman , was
shot through the shoulders. The
wound will probably cause his death.
John Kalinki , a laborer , was shot and
'beaten , probably fatally.
Several other foreigners were
wounded by knife thrusts and bullets.
! i The East Chicago police , led by
Chief Higgins , arrived on the scene
and after an hour's work , as.s'ted by
citizens. arrested twenty-one men and
ended the riot
Trust Plumbers Admit Guilt.
Six members of the so-called Allan
county plumbers' trust , of Lima , O. ,
pleaded guilty to conspiracy against
local trade and asked for sentence.
( The court fined each $50 and costs.
Sioux City Live Stock Market
Saturday's quotations on the Sioux
City live stock market follow : Top
beeves , $5.50. Top hogs , $6.55.
Slayer of Girl Convicted.
After deliberating for. twenty-four
hours a jury at Graf ton. N. D. , found
Otto Weberg , charged with shooting
Anna Enggalrud. guilty of murder in
( the first degree and sentenced him to
'imprisonment for life.
Big Fire Loss in London.
Three big warehouses in the Fins-
bury district , London's businest in-
.dustrial center , were gutted by fire
/Saturday / morning , causing damage t < 5
| tha amount of about $1,000,000.
Big- Wall Street Spree is Finn
An unusual jcene was enacted
t.he floor of the New York stock i
change Friday just after the marl
had closed strong and buoyant ,
sharp contrast to the demoralizati
of Thursday. Brokers gathei
around the trading posts and cheei
loudly in demonstration of their :
lief and satisfaction at the da
change in speculative sentiment fr <
the panicky feeling of the day befo
Congratulations were exchanged
around the room on the fact that t
members of the exchange without (
ception had * successfully pass
through the severe declines in pru
of the past two weeks , and hopes we
generally expressed that the worst A\
A feature of .the day was the stal
ment by William Rockefeller. ]
said :
"The present astonishing decline
'he values of securities is as much
mystery to me as it can be to anyor
I know that public confidence h
been disturbed , but I do not think th
it could have been in any such mea
ure as to justify so great a fall
prices. With genuine , overwhelm ! ]
prosperity throughout the count
there certainly seems no adequate re
son for it. As for myself and ass
elates , our faith in the future of tl
country has not been shaken at a
and we have been buyers and not sel
ers throughout the past ten daj
Throughout the business troubles v
have done and are doing all we cc
to restore and maintain public conl
dence. It is very clear to me , that tl
people who are throwing away the
securities at panic prices will sore
regret it within the next six months.
Cliampioii Heavyweight is in Need <
Jim Jeffries , the greatest pubilist <
ihem all , has been compelled to com
out of retirement and will be see
again in action in about four month
Jim needs the money badly and o
that account he has notified Matcli
maker McCarey , of the Pacific Athleti
club , of Los Angeles , to match hir
with Bill Squires as soon as the AUE
tralian champion arrives in Califor
Jeffries has lost considerable mone
gambling during the last twelv
months. Word has been received i
New York that he has given up hi
ranch outside of Los Angeles and ha
moved into the city. It is said tha
his money is all gone and that hi
wife has refused to give him any more
That is why the big fellow is read ;
to fight again.
Every Mine and Business House to B <
Thursday night the citizens of Gold
field , Nev. , organized to fight the In-
[ ndustrial Workers of the World. Ev-
2ry mine and store will be closed in-
Jefinitely. " It is agreed that no persor
n Goldfield shall employ any workei
who is a member of the Industrial
tVorkers of the World. It also has
jeen determined to back up the Amer-
can Federation of Labor in its effort
: o organize local trades. The citi-
: ens have appointed 100 special offi-
: ers to patrol the city to preserve or-
'lans of Louisiana Mob Carried Out
Without Slightest Hitch.
A .special from Monroe , la. , says
Hint Williams and Henry Gardner ,
\vo young negroes , were taken from
he city jail about 1 o'clock Friday
nd hanged in the court house square
y a party of about fifty men.
Gardner confessed to having entered
lie room of Miss Bessie Bumpus about
o'clock Thursday morning. The
hole affair was planned after the
Jipture and confession of the negroes
nd was carried out without a hitch.
Banker Walsh Indictments.
Judge Anderson , of Chicago , Friday
istained the demurrer filed by the
ttorney of John R. Walsh , former
resident of the Chicago National
ink , to twenty-two counts in the in-
Ictments charging him with misuse
! funds of the bank , and overruled
ie demurrer to the remaining 160
Burns Herself to Death.
Despondent because she feared she
as losing her eyesight. Miss Mary
llinger , of St. Louis , Mo. , 27 years
d , committed suicide by pouring
irosene upon her clothing and ignit-
g it. She desperately fought per
ns who attemptel to rescue her and
cd soon after she was taken to the
ty hospital.
Small Ohio To\m Destroyed.
Reports of the practical destruction
the town of Derwente , O. . are true ,
ie flood practically damaged or
rept away every buildjng in the
ivn , which contained 200 people.
Maurice Gran is Dead.
Maurice Grau , the well known 5m-
usario , is dead in Paris , at the
int Mail for Thirty-Year-old Crime.
Sov. Warner , of Michigan , has de-
ned to honor a requisition by the
vornor of Ohio for the return to
lliams county of Ira Bryan , a resi- j
it of Huelaon , Mich. , who is alleged
have been connected with incen-
.ry fires in that state thirty years
Bodies Brought from Wreck.
: t is announced that 103 bodies had
; n recovered from the hulk of the
jiich warship lena at Toulon.
Property Less of Mlillnns In Gr
Serious flood conditions prevail
western Pennsylvania , West Virgi
and eastern Ohio. At 7 o'clock Thu
day the water reached a stase of J
feet at Herr's island and 34.3 feet
Market street in Pittsburg , and at
headwaters the rivers are now statl-
At 4 o'clock Thursday afternc
the thirty-mile ice gorge at Parl :
Pa. , broke. The immense gorge
the Clarion river has also started do
Conditions in Pittsburg are 1
worst ever recorded. The whole In
er downton district is under 'wat
Duquesne way , Penn avenue and L.
erty street , running parallel with t
Allegheny river , are submerged to
depth of several feet. Hundreds
business houses located in this d
trict are flooded. In a number of i
stances the water is almost up to t
second floor.
The guests in the Colonial , Lincc
and Anderson hotels are either in
rooned or compelled to use skiffs
and from the buildings. Trolley ser
ice between Pittsburg and Alleghe
was suspended early Thursday , and
the Pennsylvania depot thousands
excited people were trying to boa
trains for Allegheny and other su
Trolley , elevator and telephone ser
ice is demoralized in different se
tions. Within thirty-six hours fou
teen fatalities directly due to the flo <
have occurred.
Denver Prisoner Said to Have Bei
Cruelly Beaten.
Unless new and important eviden <
Is found against Benjamin C. Wrigh
formerly of Chicago , he probably wi
never be tried on the charge of mu
tiering his wife and child at Denve
2olo. District
Attorney George u
Stidger admits that evidence to coi
rict the man is lacking , but he has n <
> ret dropped the investigation. Tli
Uleged confession made by Wright 1
-hief of Police Michael A. Delane
s said to be Avorthless as evident
laving been obtained by use of phys
: al force. Three physicians who ej
imined Wright in jail after he mad
lis confession declared that he ha
> een cruelly beaten , as the prisone
isserted. No poison was found in th
> odies of Mrs. Wright and her chile
Liid it is alleged by the defense thn
heir deaths probably were caused b
arbon dioxide from a defective wa
leater , in which fire had been burn
ng all night when the bodies wer
ound. As a test of this theory th
efense placed a dog in the house wit ]
he gas heater burning , and after tw
ours it is asserted the animal wa
aken out asphyxiated.
hreatcn to Advance Price ef The !
Goods 50 Per Cent.
The retail price of buggies , wag
ns and general products of the wag
n craft are to be advanced nearly 5 (
er cent this spring unless condition1
Jgarding raw materials and transpor-
itioii take a beneficial change. Thh
ecision was reached at a specia
iceting of the National Wagon Mak-
-s' association held in Chicago Thurs-
ay and ratified unanimously by the
irty-seven members. A scarcity oi
ie right sort of raw material and the
ir shortage were given as reason ?
hy an advance would be necessary
Italian Village Destroyed.
In the town of Borsano , Italy , 2,000
? rsons were Wednesday made honie-
ss by a fire which destroyed thu
eater part of the village. The peo-
e were indifferent to the spread of
e flames because their property was
sured , and the authorities were
iliged to force the peasants to work
check the conflagration.
Japanese Students Adinitted.
Late Thursday nine little Japanese
rls who had applied for admission l
e Redding primary schools in Sa ' .
ancisco that morning were admit-
1 after an examination as to their
.owledge of the English language.
Rural Carrier Alleged Embezzler.
Deputy Marshal Skaggs , of Harris-
rg , 111. , arrested John Morgan , a
ral letter carrier at Maunie. Morn -
n is alleged to have embezzled mon-
left by patrons with which to pur-
ase money' orders.
Vote on Strike Question.
Forty-seven thousand men , meni-
: s of the Brotherhood of Rail-
y Trainmen , west of Denver , are
: ing at Oakland. Cal. . whether to go
a strike to enforce their demands
an increased scale of wages.
Soul Weighing- Nonsense.
5ir William Crookes. of London ,
s that the story from America
> ut the weight of souls , as cabled to
idon , is absolute nonsense. Dr. C.
Saleby said : "It is a new and most
) ecile version of materialism. "
Four Are Drowned.
V'illiam Francis , wife , son and
ighter were drowned in an effort
escape from the partially submerg-
and tottering home at Riverside ,
Va. , to a place of safety.
o Convey $2,000,000 to Manila.
, ieut. Short , of the Twenty-fifth in-
try , stationed at Fort Bliss , near
Paso , Tex. , Thursday received ors -
s to report to San Francisco and
3 charge of $2o6o,000 of Philip-
2 currency and convey it to Manila.
Mctcalf to Inspect Warships.
ecretary Metcalf left Washington
sntly frtr Charleston , S. C. , where
will board the United States ship
phin for a cruise of inspection in
an and Prto Rican waters.
I Nebraska
Life of William Haycard Will Rcm
Mystery at Cairo.
The sale by the administrator
public auction of the William Hayes
place at Cairo closes up an incid
that is still fresh in the minds of
people there. A little over a year i
Mr. Haycard. a hermit and odd ch
acter , was found partly sitting up
his rude bunk in the miserable ho
where he made his home. Haycc
came to Cairo twenty-seven years i
and homesteaded the place which \
sold recently. The land is onjy a fa
ly good sample of the sand hill la
which lies just south of the Loup r
er , and while not being the best v
capable of making a good living :
the owner. During all this time 3
Haycard had made no attempt at i
provement. When the hut was searc
ed at the time of his death all th (
was there in the shape of provisio
was a handful of oatmeal and
Communication was establish
with a sister in Chicago , her addre
being found in a letter among his c
fects , and through them his fami
from whom he had been estranged i
years , was located in England , j
administrator was appointed for t
estate , and the place was sold to sat
fy the expenses incurred by the cc
oner's inquest and burial , as Avell
a judgment which was filed against t
place some years ago.
Thus is closed up the business a
fairs of one who was long a reside
of the community , and was alwa
considered an odd character. Wl
he , a man who had seen better daj
and who for years had been urged 1
relatives well off in the world's gooi
to give up his lonely life and come
them in the east , should choose to Ir
th.e hermit's life and at last starve ai
reeze to death in hi. ! lonely hovel
a matter hard to understand.
So Legislation for "Fans" Will I
Passed in Nebraska.
No Sunday baseball legislation ca
be expected from the present sessio
of the legislature. The senate has r <
fused to pass Aldrich's county ant
option bill. A similar measure IK
been slain in the house.
> Acting on the message of Gov. She
don the senate reconsidered its aetio
311 the .Tenison anti-lobby bill an
= ; ent it to the judiciary committee fc
definite changes. Sheldon has aake
that a lobby bill be passed. The mea ;
ire had been indefinitely postponee
By a unanimous vote the senat
passed the anti-pass bill. It diffei
slightly from the bill passed by th
louse , but limits free railroad trans
50rtation practically to employes an
heir immediate families.
The senate passed a bill providin
'or the forfiture of charter for thre
'ears of any insurance compan ;
vhich removes suit against it to th
ederal courts.
'A concurrent resolution providinj
or a legislative insurance invesliga
ion was indefinitely postponed.
St. Paul Gets Tax 3Ioney.
Ihe Union Pacific followed the lene
't ' the Burlington and paid into th
Toward county treasury dellnquen
axe.s for which judgment had beer
endered in supreme court in th <
mount of $16,957.90. This , togethei
; ith the $8,43-1.46 which the Burling-
an paid in a few days ago , makes
atal of $25,392.36 paid by the re-
alcitrant companies.
Fire in School , But No Panic.
The fire department was called out
hursclay by a small blaze in the attic
f the West school building at Frej
lent The children marched out
ithout any panic or disturbance , al-
lough when those on the second floor
inie into the halls and saw the people
ishing in they were strongly tempt-
1 to run.
Sent to .Tail for Assault.
Clifford Chadwick. the second young
an to be arrested in connectio
ith the attack made upon two mar-
ed women on the streets of Teemm-
h Sunday night , is now in jail. He
as apprehendet at Elk Creek , taken
Tecumseh and tried in Judge Law-
nce's court. Pie pleaded guilty.
Brink Pleads Nor Guilty.
Frank Brink , accused of having
ot his sweetheart , Bessie Newton ,
Ponca , on the eve of her wedding in
Jbruary and of having attempted
icide immediately afterwards , was
sld to the district court on the charge
murder by County Judge Fred W.
own. He pleaded not guilty.
License or Xo License.
The municipal reform and citizen'
rty are the high sounding name. =
cler which the anti-license and li-
nse factions of Oakdale are mar-
iling their forces for annual fray at
2 spring election.
Warm Fialit ; at Blue Kill.
rhe independent peoples' party at
ne Hill held a causus Saturday for
i purpose of placing in nomination"
o village trustees. This is the first
ie in fifteen years that two tickets
i'e been placed in the field.
Wedding at Atnswortli.
Dlof Waldo Remy. one of the lead-
druggists of AInsworth , and Miss
die Osborne were married at Ains-
rth in the presence of a large coni-
iv of relatives and friends.
More Road Work Off.
Jnion Pacific officials Wednesday
irnoon announced that work on the
10 ! Hill cutoff near Cheyenne , Wyo. ,
lid be discontinued at once be-
se of adverse legislation toward
t road , ending in a cut in rates.
New Depot at Columbus.
'he Union Pacific will build a new
senger depot at Columbus large
ugh to accommodate the immense
iness of the road at that point
i thought it will be east of the new
ght depot just compjetedv
Many Tovms Attend Convention
The fifth annual meeting of
Northeast Nebraska Odd Fellows'
sociation was one of the largest ga
erings in the history of the assoc
tfon. Addresses were made by Grc
Master J. E. Morrison , of Ganby ; D
uty Grand Master Clark O'Hanlon ,
Blair ; Rev. Mr. Carroll , of Bloomflc
Rev. Mr. Hughes , af Thurston ; Grc
Chaplain Mead , of South Sioux Ci
Grand Patriarch E. L. Dimick ,
Laurel , and others.
The degree work was done by tea
from Winside , Belden and Rrandol ]
the latter being especially praised :
the work In the second degree.
The newly elected officers of the ;
sociation are :
President , Charles Flynn , of Wai
field ; vice president , F. A. Berry ,
Wayne ; secretary , H. L. Peck of Ra
The meeting next year will be h (
at Wakefield , although Bloomfleld \ \
a strong bidder.
Disinherited Nephews and Nieces L
Plans for Content.
Aggressive fighting plans are bei
made by those nephews and nieces
the late Count John A. Creighton w
were not mentioned in Mr. Creightoi
will , and an attempt will be made
break the instrument. Seven of t ;
most prominent attorneys in the ci
have been retained by these seven re
atives who were cut out of beques :
and a fight will be made to prevent tl
will being probated.
The amount left by Count Creight <
is estimated at $7,500,000 , one-four
being bequeathed to relatives ar
three-fourths to charitable and educ ;
tional institutions. An attempt h :
been made to settle the matter out <
court , the heirs all contributing to
fund with which to buy off the dish
herited kinsmen , but the plan failed.
The will is to be probated Saturdc
unless a contest is instituted.
Charge Shatters Glass , but the Chile
rcn Are Unhurt.
A 17-year-old boy by the name <
Taylor , who makes his home wit
Fred Story , about five miles west c
Tekamah , went hunting with som
companions recently. On their wa
home they passed the Spellman scho (
house. While in front of the schoe
house young Taylor told his chum
to watch him break some window
? lass , and he shot twice , scatterin
? lass all over the school room. Th
3hot went over the children's head
ind struck a picture at the other em
Jf the room. Sheriff Phipps was noti
led and the boy was arrested. H
.vas brought before Judge Bassler am
entered a plea of guilty and was finci
> 50 and costs.
Jiiion Pacific Manager Denies Such i
Move i < Contemplated.
General Manager Mohler , of the Un
on Pacific , denied that his company I :
lonsidering the question of transfer o
ts headquarters from Omaha to some
> ther location in Nebraska , but do-
lared that owing to the unfavorable
utlook a policy of retrenchment ha *
'een ' inaugurated. He said orders were
ssued stopping work on the Maryvillc
utoff in Kansas and also on a branch
, 'hich is under construction in Colo-
ado. Preparation for the erection of
$1.000,000 headquarters building in
maha was stopped several days ago.
Expect Lively Election.
The spring election is going to be
lively one in Plainview this year ,
he temperance people will make a
etermined effort to dispense with the
iloons. The farmers who patronize
ie city demand saloons and the
heel district needs the license mon-
r. It will be a close contest , the
ty being about evenly divided on the
Beatrice Prepares for Teacher .
Elaborate preparations are being
ade for the Southeastern Nebraska
ducational association , which will
eet in Beatrice April 3-5. Two of
e prominent speakers from abroad
e E. G. Cooley , superintendent of
e Chicago schools , and p. J. Kern ,
perintendent of the Winnebago
unty schools , of Illinois.
"Corn King" Returns to Farm.
Anton Psota , the well known "corn
ng" of the Elkhorn , has taken up his
sidence on the farm which he has
, -ned for some years adjoining West
> int. The tract of land , comprising
me 240 acres , is widely known as
e of the most productive farms in
B state. The farm is now completely
Successful Revivals.
Rev. Geo. White and Re . Mr. Z av-
with their chapel car , "Glad Tid-
rs , " closed a very successful series
revival meetings at Plainview at
5 car and the Baptist church. There
re 173 conversions in the trree
eks that the car was in that ity.
11 Knoun Randolph 3fan Dead.
5. Wentworth. of Randolph is dead
the age of nearly 77 years. He was
awn and loved by nearly everyone
Randolph and familiarly known as
randpa Wentworth. "
Land Up at Upland.
? he record price for land in the
inity of Upland was secured by
tnk Osterlund recently. He. sold
quarter i-ection two miles north of
n for $12,500 cash.
Bloodhounds to Rescue.
'he Fulton bloodhounds were tak-
to Valparaiso , Neb. , recently to be
d in running down the parties
j robbed a store at that place.
Randolph Improvement Club.
he Randolph Improvement club
i organized at a well attended meet-
of citizens in the opera house. "VV.
3ill is temporary president and H.
5eck secretary. Permanent officera
a board of directors will be elect-
it a meeting Friday night
b Retrenchment at David City ,
he 2-cent rate and the paying of
is did not stop the Union Pacific
ti making improvements in David
. They have adorned the depot
i a coat of paint.
The railroads just at this time ai\
working hard to create Jealousy be
tween the members of the senate and ?
the members of the house so as to de
feat any anti-railroad legislation which *
is now pending1. This is an old game
and it has been worked successfully lr >
the past. It is being- worked now on
the anti-pass bill , one of which hair
passed the senate. The railroads arc-
telling the senators they are not orig
inating any legislation and therefore-
they should stand out for their anti-
pass bill and they should turn down
some of the house measures Just to *
show the representatives they are not
* the anti-pa-
so many. In discussing
bills now pending , Attorney GeneraF
Thompson said :
"I believe the anti-pass bill. shoi'UT
it become a law , .could be more easily
and effectively enforced if it contained
a provision similar to that of the Wis
consin anti-pass act that no pers ) „
association , co-partnership or corpora
tion shall offer or give , for any pur
pose , to any politjcal committee , or any-
other member or employe thereof , or
to any candidate for or incumbent of
any public office or position under the
constitution or laws of the state , or
under any ordinance of any town or
municipality , any free pass or frank , ,
or any privilege withheld for the trav
eling accommodation or transportation- V
of any person or property , or the
transmission of any message or com
munication , and also providing th it
no person should be privileged from-
testifying in relation to anything
therein prohibited , and that no person
having so testified should be liable to
any prosecution or punishment for
any offense concerning which he Is re
quired to give his testimony or to pro-
tluce any documentary evidence. The
terms "free pass" and "bona flde em
ploye" should also be distinctly defined *
in the act. "
* * #
The Pullman lobby , consisting or
Thos. Benton and Frank Ransom-
Dumped up against a stone wall where
t tried to head off a bill by Harrison-
) f Otoe , to reduce Pullman charges in >
; his state. The hearing was before :
.he house railroad committee , and the
Pullman spokesman waxed eloquent irr
pleading the poverty act. Thomas-
Benton had figures to show that the
Pullman company ought to be In the
ilms house because it was a losing-
noney all the time on its Nebraska *
msiness. Ransom Insisted , as of old
hat the Pullman company is not n
ommon carrier at all , but simp'y a-
lotel keeper on wheels , and sugge tr-d
hot people would like it better anj-
vay to have the prices up high so a
o keep the common herd out. The
; ommittee decided on a 20 per cent'
eduction , instead of a 30 per etnt
eduction in the bill as originally in-
reduced , would give relief for the-
iresent and will so report.
* *
The railway commission has IssueC
iie following address to the peopk ft
Tebraska :
"The railway commission is anx'oua
) discover the exact condition regr dig -
ig car shortage in this state , and
irough the public press requests
dippers to furnish it with inforrna-
on of their necessites , so that relia.-
le data can be collected. When aT
ic facts are before the commission if
ill take such steps as may be within
s powers to relieve the situation ,
ommunications should be addre ? ec
' the Nebraska State Railway Com-
lission , Lincoln. Answers should bt
ven to the following questions :
"First Number of cars you actual-
need for loading March 20.
"Second Number of cars of eacft
nd of grain on hand.
"Third General condition of corn.'f
That the railroads are bending ev-
ry energy to block the railway k-g-
! ation demanded by the people is
early evidenced by the influx of n > il-
iy lobbyists , high and low , who ure
> w gathered so thick that no one can
eve without running into one oi
em. The list of railroad manipula-
rs Includes for the Burlington Gen
ii Manager Holdrege , Tax Commis-
> ner Pollard , W. A. Dilworth , Lee
ratlen , Frank Young , Superintcnd-
t Byram for the Union Pacific , At-
mey Edson Rich , Tax Commissioner
ribher , Charlie Lane and the re-
ubtable Bob Clancy for the North-
stern , Ben White and Bob McGin-
i. General Manager Holdrege came
wn in his private car. and brought
th him the bulk of this delegation
join the retinue regularly retained !
re. X.v
Uliem. of Red Willow , who Is one oi
s old timers in the house and who-
3 good ideas about legislation which
, -er fail to impress the house when-
speaks them , is in favor of the tax-
an of railroad terminals for city
1 village purposes. "When I fir t
ne down , " said Mr. Gliem. "I wa.
: in favor of the taxation of railroad
iperty locally for I was not sure it
nld not injure the small towns. I
died the matter very carefully and
hout prejudice , and I am heartily
favor of the bill now pending. It
t help every city and village in the
: e. Besides it is a part of our plat-
m and we should pass the bill. "
* * -s
udge Roscoe Pound , former su-
me court commissioner and now
n of the university law depart-
it has given his indorsement to the
rke bill for the taxation of rail-
1 terminals.
11 the members of the Douglas
nty board of county commission-
were in conference with the house
imittee on fees ; md salaries over
bill , to put an end to the jail feed-
graft After threshing the sub-
out , with Sheriff McDonald pres-
the consensus of opinion -was thaf
bill should be put through fo
: ract to supply meals to the prls
s , and that the sheriff's salary
ild be fixed at $4,000 without any
uisites , both propositions to go
effect Jan. 1 next