Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, March 21, 1907, Image 5

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    Did you know that our
Coffees and Teas
'are the FINEST in town ?
'Nuff Said.
T. C. Hornby.
Cut Prices on
i Edison
are Unknown
We will meet any of
fer on Phonograph Out
fits made by any dealer g
in the United States and
save you freight or express -
press charges. Come !
in and let us demon-
m - *
The Lonp r.- Rain-b
n * . N bi ,
o dier Tree1fol -
uiiius 17th 10.050.
; i son of Coluiii'ms '
* 17th. a liti'f ' orothcr
I I of ttoo S10 OMC am-
-1 - o ' .
6. a n d
W * * ' head > f
t {
I will him ? tin buils for sale until 1908 , h i
sola all m I'joa mill calves.
Tubular wells and windmills.
'all mo up by Telephone.
J.V. . Me DANIEL ,
All work will he inven prompt ,
and careful attention.
and Wood Work.
Handles the
Opposite Postoffle. Phone 71.
Office over the grocery deparraent
of T. C. Hornby's store.
Will be in Rosebud agency July
3rd , Oct. 2nd and Jan. 1. 1904.
First-cl as * Simp in livery Kespen
EiH ; de Quinine Hair Tonic , uolrieu srar h ir
Tonic , Herpifiidf and rokn'p r > Hiirtnin"'ii ? >
Try Pompeiau Fuce Massage Crenni
De Laval Cream
Separators K SALE
Nebraska Valentine A. F. WEBB.
Talk of the Town ,
' \ St v at Davenport's.
j , < iuit'v -ii - iO8 April 5tu
and 6th.
, Good things to eat March 30 ,
cooked b.y the Episcopal ladies. 10
Gf'o. Harden is putting : up a
work sbojj oaM of his dwelling.
Mrb. JDr. Baker of Simeon visit-
ited friends in the city last week.
Mr. Cazenback is moving his
family into the Oscar Buechle
f-rct "Halldorson's" photos at
- Valentine April 5th and 6th. Eain
or shine.
John Grooms of Sparks is build
ing a neat cottage 30x36 feet in
the east part of town.
The Valentine Skating Rink
will close for the season Saturday
night , March 30 , 1907. 8 4
J. 0. Beatty left Monday for
Gordon to visit a few days before
going to his home in Iowa.
If you wish Easter novelties and
Easter eggs , you can find them at
the sale March 30. 10 2
! Buy your Easter dinner of the
Episcopal ladies , Saturday , March
30 , at T. C. Hornby's store , fron
11 a. m. to 4c p. m. 10 2
Wm. Steadman's son had the
misfortune to break his arm by
fall while skating at the roller
skating rink last night.
Wanted Ten second-hand
- org
ans ; also a second-hand piano in
good shape. Call at Halldorson'
studio April 5th and 6th.
The citizens ticket nominated
! Chas. Sparks , Geo. Elliott and
! Grant Dunn for village trustees
Monday evening at their caucus.
Roberts , who has been
working in Montana for the past
.vpsir , came home for a visit with
, his father and sister Mrs. Gallo-
! way.
I A band concert is to be given
j I xv thVoodlake Cornet Band in
J Honey's hall , Woodlake , Nebr. ,
Friday evening. March 29. Ad
mission will be 25 and 15 cents.
Geo. A. Camm ran out of water
this week at his farm north of
town and is driving to the creek
to water bis stock and has lost
one of his yearlings in the mire.
A. E. Butler , special agent of
the Farmers Mutual Insurance Co.
of Lincoln , spent the past week
with the local agent I. M. Rice
writing insurance for the farmers.
John F. Peterson , plumber , who
is employed by the Red Front
Merc. Co. , has just completed
putting in a complete air pressure
water works system for M. House
on North Table.
John Bullis came clown from
Sturgis , S. D. , yesterday where
he and his uncle have gone in the
hardware business and is making
preparations to move his family
to their new home.
V. Northrop and family will
soon be residents of Valentine , he
having been transferred from
Woodlake to Valentine as opera
tor , They will reside in the Mrs.
E. Bristol house.
Rasmus Anderson returned last
night from a four mouths visit in
Denmark. He weighs 25 pounds
more than when he went and is
looking real well. He says the
sea was rough returning.
The evangelistic meetings closed
at the M. E. church Sunday night.
Several converts resulted from the
meetings. Capt. Houston went
to O'Neill from here and is hold
ing meetings there this week.
Monday evening the people's
ticket nominated W. A. Pettycrew ,
Dr. H. Dailey and L. N. Layport
candidates for village trustees to
be voted for at the coming village
election. These men are capable.
They are honest and they are
worthy. It gives us pleasure to
recommend such men and we
know if they are elected they will
do something for the city's good.
They ought to be elected.
Frank and Wm. Grooms were
in our city yesfo rdav makirg ar-
ri'aifet'i"'NI ' rbe'r mother's
stoCrt s--I ( vrhicu takes place Marcu
28. See large sale ad elsewhere
in this paper.
Good Iowa Yellow Corn ( raised
in this country for three years )
for sale at SI.00 per bushel deliv
ered in Valentino , or 7nc .in crib.
Leave orders at this office or ad
dress Sam Grooms , Valentine Ne
braska. 10 2
James Eggo , representing the
Life Cocoa Co. , of which he is
vice president and general manag
er , is in our city today on busi
ness. We made Mr , Eggo's ac
quaintance some time ago and en
joyed meeting him again.
The Dickens' entertainment to
be given in the opera house April
2 , at 8:00 : p. m. is under the aus
pices of the Presbyterian Aid So
ciety for the benefit of its build
ing fund. A very unique and en
joyable program is to be present
ed in which more than fifty per
sons participate.
Mrs. J. F. Young of Cody vis
ited friends in our city several
days last week while having some
dental work done. She and Mr.
Young have just returned from a
visit of several weeks with relatives
in different eastern states. They
first went to the lumbermen's con
vention at Lincoln and going from
there to Kansas City and Inde
pendence where Mrs. Young's
sister lives near the church of the
Latter Day Saints. From there
to St. Louis , Mo. , Louisville , Ky. ,
Ashville , N. C. , and from there
they went down to old St. Agus-
tine , the oldest town in the U. S. ,
and then to Jackson , Fla. , where
they spent several d iys at each
place. Mrs. Young is very ob
serving and gave us a splendid ac
count of the people and customs
and people in the far east and
south. Numerous other places of
interest were visited and yet Mrs.
Young comes back well contented
with Cherry county.
Ed Richards has been in Valen
tine the past week visiting with his
H. Beel oi Iowa is visiting with
bis brother Lenard.
Mrs. G. Grange who has been re
ported quite ill is improving again.
Guy Means of Homer , Iowa , was
through Simeon last week on his
tvay to Chesterfield to visit his
Brother and sister.
C. W. Bennett has been quite
Bud Van Winkle , who has been
rery sick , is improving.
The Simeon school has opened
ts spring term with Miss May o
Barnes of Newton as teacher.
E. Stillwell has moved back on
lackberry lake. C
Mrs. Baker went to Valentine
Friday to visit her daughter Miss
Evening With Dickens.
Opera , April gad.
Vlusic Orchestra
Dickens and His Works
. . . , Miss Kortz
tfusic /
'Mrs. Farley's Wax Works"
From "Old Curiosity Shop. "
'Jenny Wren , DoU's Drees
Maker. " . .
From "Our Mutual Friend"
leading Mrs. Watson
Duet "What are the Wild
Waves Saying'
'From Dombey and Son' n
Mrs. Nickleby's Monologue. .
. .From "Nicholas Nickleby"
tf usic
Jourt Scene in Breach of
Promise Suit
From "Pickwick Papers"
songs ( a ) Last Rose of Sum-
mus ; ( b ) Home , Sweet
Cickets 25 and 35 cents.
ft J
l <
'a , . > J
jfi - '
* A. R- =
- . ! - > . . 'Hi1
I will sell at Public Auction at my place , 1 mile east and
3 mile south of
at 10 o'clock a0 m. , the following described property :
consisting of 15 Cows , most of them have calves by side ; 7 yearling Steers , 2 yearling
Heifers ; 5 two-year-old Steers and Heifers.
Consisting of 14 two and three year old Colts ; 1 span good work Mares , 4 and 5 years
old : 1 well matched team , weight 2400 pounds ; 2 saddle horses. These horses are
well bred and good native stuff.
ic UCAD fir ufino consistingQf 14shotes 1000 BO CORNc
and 2 brood sows. ,
I Deering Mower , 1 Fuller and Johnson Cultivator
1 Walking Lister and Drill , 1 narrow tire Wagon.
TERMS OF SALE : One year's time will be given on sums of $10 and over , pur
chaser giving note with approved security , or 5 per cent discount for cash. Sums
under $10 cash. XXX FREE LUNCH AT NOON
r. E. TRACEWELL , Auct.
) . W. LOGAN , Clerk. MARY J. GROOMS.
Penbrook Quills.
Isaac Jones of Sboles , Nebr. , is
coking after his interest in Cherry
Jiminie Efutchison was selling
leef in this neighborhood last week.
Chas. Pedclicorcl has moved onto
lis homestead south of Simeon.
D. E. Burdick recently purchased
, new set of harness.
Mrs. Effie Klein and daughter
losa came up to Penbrook Sunday
chool last Sunday.
Al Whetstone has rented his
ilace to Mr. Spraggius and has
ought a place near Woodlake in
rder to have better school facili-
ies. He moves this week.
W. A. Parker of Woodlake was
hatting friends as he passed thru
bis neighborhood.
Frank Grooms called at Penbrook
aturday afternoon. He put the
3et of Mr. Hittle's team in good
rder. Mr. Hittle hab reached that
.me of life when he can't "wrestle"
ith hia big horses and greatly ap-
reciates the kindness of the neigh-
or boys.
Mrs. John Hittle and Miss Zittie
[ amar scrubbed the school house ,
nd Charlie and Dellie Burdick put
p hitching posts last Friday.
With due deference to Optaiii
Irawford's genius and Prof. Wat-
3'i's learning , Eagle would suggest
aat a baby's dimples are not de-
endent on laughter ; that Prof.
Vatson take a careful look , at the
ext dimpled baby he meets , and
ote the dimples even on one little
and ; that were the "laughing ba-
y" a dimpled little "coon" Captain
Irawford might revise his adjec-
! ves. Anyway. Eagle's admiration
5 reserved for the "lovely baby. "
A woman hung her arms around
er husband's neck and begged
im to buy her an E Z washing
aachine , sold by J. P. Heelau ,
Lrabia , Nebr. 7 5
W. C. T. U. Col
Do not fail to read our state
president's letter in the Union
Worker , showing forth with what
indifference "righteous bills'3 are
dealt with in the legislature. Then
read the "no license arguments. "
The county president went to
Cody last night and will stop at
Kilgore and Oookston on return
trip to arrange dates for Mrs.
Simmons and talk up county con
vention work. Mrs. Moon will
meet her at Crookston on Satur
day and help in holding a meeting
We are expecting Mrs. Sim
mons to begin her work in Cherry
county early in April. j
You see Mrs. Nasbitt keeps up
her "war cry" dues ! dues ! Every
local union must take up the echo ,
Valentine not excluded.
The Nebraska liquor trade is re
joicing over the defeat of the
county option bill , but never mind
they who laugh last , laugh best. "
The "walls of Jericho" will
come down by and by. Only let
us "be strong and very courage
ous , " given to prayer ; then by
persistent efforts , working with a
will , trusting in God , the victory
will come.
Supt. Press Work.
The Juniors brought ihnir prof
its of the invested 10 cents to the
League last Sunday. Twenty-one
children took 10 cents from the
treasury and invested the same ,
increasing the amount from time
to time. A number doubled theirs
ten-fold and more , and Kittie Kelley -
ley broke the record by returning
hers one hundred-fold. The whole
amount realized from the § 2.10
invested was § 26.35. The Junior
League classes will be busy now
for several weeks with their ex
aminations. We urge a regular
at tlie HI. JK. Every
Sunday School beins at 10:00 o'clock.
" " "
: Preaching- 11:00 :
Junior Leaene " " 2:30 p. m.
Epwortli Lcasjne begins at 6:30 o'clock.
" " "
Preaching 7:30
KEV. C. E. COXXEI.L , Pastor
No , 2. Daily except Saturday..9M p. m. , Pass
No. G , D.iily 4:35 a. in. . P < ts
No. SL'L aily , except Sunday . . .4:00 : p. m. , local
No. Hti , Dttily. . . . . . . . . . . . . nfi t. in . , loeu
No. 1. Daily , except Sunday 0:50 p. in. . Pass
.No. 5 , Daily 1:47 a. in. , Pass
No. si. Daily except Sunday 9:10 a. m. . local
No. 110 , ( .doesn't carry passengers > . . . . ! 1:45 p.m.
The Commercial Hotel at Cody
is for rent , the present lessees
time expiring April 1st. The
hotel is unfurnisned but present
owner of furniture and fixtures
will sell at a barjr.iin. This is a
good proposition and will bear
investigation. I. C. STOTTS ,
Ttf Cody , Nebr ,