Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, March 21, 1907, Image 4

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Koroma. U.
Entered at tm- -tt Valentine , Cherry county , Nebr. . as Secoiu !
* " "
. ' TERMS :
Suhacrip" * ' - * ' ' < : ' vt-ar in advance ; Sl.nO when nut paid in advan t
- ' . . . * rM c\i i 'ii'i ! ' 4 * ! Mri" 1V per irtt ue or $6.00 a vtvtr
Local N. t iv. . - . ' . miii.ii4ts. * Lodgf UenOiutions and Socials for revenu
5c per lin ' | : t-r i > u - ' . -
"Brand. , H Mu'hnv44 00 per vear in advance : additional space $3.00 pr-r
year : enjjrav * < kvjrira $1 " 0 each.
10 per < > < J < JIMI . ' rabove - rates ij over 6 months in
Parties living uutiri-1 u-rry county are requested to pay in advance
Noticeb of los-s * ? ' -i ck free to brand advertisers.
THURSDAY , MARCH 21 , 1907.
Had Disfcricl Attorney Jerome
gone after those infnrunce graft
ers half as hard as he is going af
ter the Thaws , there might have
been more celh occupied in the
New York penilrntiary. Pierce
County Leader.
It is with no ltr : ! < * > . ; -ul that we
view the record < f > tr r 5-resenta-
tive , Hon. A ii M.-zg 'r , from
this district at the state capitol.
We find him on hand attending to
his duties as a legislator and al
ways on the right side for and
with the people. The influence of
such men as Mr. Metzger in the
legislature is a safegaurd to the
people's interests and helps to
strengthen the genera1 feeling that
we , the people , should rule rather
than that a few lobbyists should
control legislation.
A young married couple came
out of the house the other morn
ing and were speeding down the
street. He vjas dressed to kill
and she , with a hairpin in her
mouth , was doing her best to pull
on a pair of refractory gloves.
"Why don't yon dress in the
house , " he"growled. . And , con
tinuing : ' 'I would as soon see a
woman put on her stockings on
the street as her gloves. " ' 'Most
men would , " she said , sweetly ,
and then the silence was so in
tense that you could hear a guni-
drop. Ex.
From O'lv eill Frontier , ( rep )
Of course it mattoi > a whole lot
to Nebraskans that the Los Ange
les limited should be discontinued
over the Union Pacific. Nobody
but Pacific coast and eastern na
bobs ever road on the train , and
the traveling public in this state
will have no kick because they no
longer have to contribute 3 cents a
mile so the Union Pacific can
maintain bewheeled palaces for
eastern and western millionaires.
The announcement that the rail
roads will the 2-cent
fight - passen
ger fare law in Nebraska is prob
ably made for effect in other sec
tions. One of the roads that had
been held up as an example of
the "injustice" of a 2-cent law
complied with the same a day
earlier than other roads , or twen
ty-four hours befor the law be
came effective. Other roads also
put 2-cent rate into effect in the
sale of mileage books weeks be
fore the law was enacted.
Cody , Neb ,
When ministers and e vangeMsts
criticise and condemn their fellow
citizens in a public utterance they
lay themselves open to criticism.
The ancient thought and custom
that "kings can do no wrong" has
; been largely accorded the minis-
! it-rial profession in withholding
criiitMsms and too often they have
been saved a just criticism by their
cloak of righteousness which they
profess to wear. They are amen
able to public criticism in a great-
f f
'er ' measure than those who profess
'nothing and exalt themselves less.
If a man deals fairly with his i'el-
1 low men , stands up for the high
est citizenship and morals of the
community and is courteous ,
obliging and helpful in the pro
motion of the highest ideals and
functions of society , he is a- , safe
a citizen as he who has debauched
himself and his associates with all
the vices of mankind and spent
the best of his years in riotous
living , knowing no extreme which
he has not pierced and finally com
pelled by the bankruptcy of his
physical and financial resources
to reform and throw himself upon
the populace as a teacher and
preacher of gospel doctrines and
the correct mode of living. The
man who -'suddenly become
wise is not to be trusted above
those who have done no great
wrongs , nor can the suddenly
sanctified claim superiority over
those who have always lived a
decent , moral life though they
may not be so humble and contrite
nor need they be as the vile sin
ner who can never atone for the
sins of his past to put him on the
same level with a decent , moral
man. The debtor who was for
given the greatest debt , no doubt
loved his Lord the more , but the
chosen ones who had kept their
lamps trimmed and burning need
ed no apologies nor excuses. The
prodigal son was given the best
robe upon his return and the fat
ted calf was killed but the father
expressed his confidence in his
other son to whom he said , "Thou
art always with me and all that I
have is thine. "
Fruit and shade trees of all kinds ,
and small fruit , shrubs and flowers.
Send m your orders or see me at
the cellar in Valentine. Trees will
be ready for delivery about middle
of April. 5 JOHN FERSTL.
on Insurance in the
best state companies.
Now is a go9d time to
take a policy before
you have a loss. : :
The Rise of Jimmie Johnson ,
Got some good experience , but rather little psy
As an office boy , so Jimmie looked around one day
After something better , and he hit upon a plan
Advertised : "POSITION Vv'ANTED By a bright young man.1 *
WANT AD. brought so many offers Jimmie took his pick
Pay so large it would have mads his > first emalcyer sick.
He was Jim the Penman now bookkeeper ; he xvas rising
In the world of business and 'twas duo to ADVERTISING.
A "Ringers' Jug. "
A beer jug in a. belfry is happily
Bomewhat of a rarity in these days.
At the beginning of the last century
however , people were not so particular
The ringer ' jug at Bee Jos , in Suffolk ,
holds s-ix gallons , a sufficiency to sus
tain the ten weary ringers , though the
weight of the bells did exceed sis
tons. The vessel is made of red earth
enware and has three handles , one of
whHi is concealed by the neck. . II
bears the following Inscription in
quaint spelling :
"When I am fill'd with liquor strong-
Each Jlan drink once and then ding dong.
Drink not too much to Cloud your Knobs
Least you forget to make the Bobbs.
A gift of John Tattman Bcccles. " On
the reverse side is the maker's name ,
"Samuel Stringfellow , Totter. " Loni i
dou Strand.
The Adder.
A full grown adder may measure i
two feet In length and about six j
inches around the thickest part of its {
body. Its movements are sluggish , and j
of course the idea that it is capable of i
transferring its head from one estrem-1
ty to the other every si : : months is due
simply to superstition. The fact is i
that the tail of this snake does not
terminate in a point , as with ophidians
generally , but is stumpy and reseiii- (
bles the bead so much that it is difficult - ,
cult for an observer situated at a dis
tance of a few yards to distinguish the i
one from the other : hence the story of !
its being two headed , the fallacy of
which no intelligent observer could
fail to detect. Pioneer.
Men-of-war oh Paper.
Each man-of-war is built upoa papet :
before a single plate of steel is forged.
Xot only are the length and breadth
of a ship decided upon , but the naval
constructor can tell to an ounce how
much water she will displace when her'
armor and guns are mounted upon her ,
now many times her propellers will revolve - (
volve in a minute with a given pressure ,
of steam and how many tons of coal
an hour must be consumed to attain a' '
certain rate of speed. London Grapbip.
His Gloomy
" "What , " asked the sweet girl , "waa
the happiest moment of your life ? "
"The happiest moment of my life , "
answered the old bachelor , " 'was when
the jeweler took back an engagement
ring and gave me sleeve links in ex
change. "
. *
'The Larger Class.
"Of course , " said the seeker afttr
knowledge , "we seldom hear 'thee' and
thon' nowadays. They're used mostly
by poets , aren't they ? " N
"No , " replied the editor ; "they're
used mostly by pecple who think
they're poets. " Catholic Standard and
Times. .
John Fers l handles all kinds of
fruit and sha-ie trees , small fruit
shrubs and flowers. 5
Jake Stetter buys cattle and
hogs and anything the farmers
have to soil. Office is whore
Lee's barber shop \va , east , side
of Main If you want to
buy or sell anything see me. No
deal is lee larire and none are to
small. J.V. . STKTTEIJ ,
50 Valentine , Neb.
Monthly Meteorological
SUITE mary.
Valentine. February , 1907.
JOHN J. McI/EAX , Observer.
The parvenu stooTT 'it till he could
stand it no longer ,
"James , " ho cried out piteously , "tell
me the worst ! You find my table man
ners execrable ! "
But his now butler , bowing first with
stately condescension , only replied :
"As a matter of professional courte
sy Ili cannot hontcrtain , much less
hexpress , hany hopinion which migat
seem in hanyway to reflect on my
' . "
predecessor 'ere.
Anil he bowed again and was silent-
Dcntht I've filial all your teeth that
have cavities , 'fir. Mnhaney "Well ,
thin , fill th'it av tliim too. Thin
" ' " " " " ' ' ' " " " ' be alT -
whin JY f"1" cr"
J. p.J.l- I - " " ? * t * ' , .
Tlie Wonderfol
Is due to its
erfect Quality
Moderate Price
Used in Millions
of Homes
. ! . vV STETTER , Vice Pres. ORAH L BRITTON , Aes't. Cashier.
Valentine State Bank
a c Valentine , Nebraska
0 E OP
Capital Surplus
o 825,000 , $2,500 , co Oa
Persons st-ekinsr a place ( if safetv fur their m-wey , will profit by
the methods employed in our business.
& *
Furniture and Hardware , Household Neces
sities in the best Enamel Ware , Rustless Tin ,
Copper and Nickle Plated Cooking Yessels.
Everything to furnish the home. My goods
v/erc bought before the raise. Come and
get them at the old prices which are equal
to a big discount. To see is to believe.
Come and be convinced.
Hardware , Furniture and Coal.
f-r- ' "Ci'.1 - . : - > % ? > ' "t- gg
$3' $
Jn all . of the World
5igo and in all Countries men
have indulged in "sorial drinks and have used
Whiskey Tor medical purposes. " They have always
PO CSSK ! themselves of some popular beverage
apart from witor aud those of the breakfast and
tea table. Whether it is Judicious that Mankind
should continue io indulge in such things , or
whether it would be wise
to abstain from all en-
joymeLts of that character , it is not our province
.to decide. We leave that question to the Moral
We desire the PUBLIC'TO KXOW tint we
NOR RECTIFIERS ; also that we use the utmost
care to purchase our goods from the most reliable
houses in America , and just as we get them , they
pass into the hands of our customers. NO
Weather Data
The following data , covering a per
iod of lgears , have been complied
from the Weather Bureau records at
Valentine , Nebr. They are issued to
show the conditions that have pre
vailed , durinir the tuonth in ques'ion ,
for the above period of > ears , but
must not be construed as a forecast
of the weather conditions for the
cominir mcnth.
Mean or normal 31 °
The warmest month was that of 1S89
with an average of 44 = j
The coldest montn was that of 1899
with an average of 22 °
The highest was 84 ° on 28 , 1895
The lo-vest was-26 ° on 11 , 1891
Average for month 1 36 inches.
Average number of days with . !
of an inch or more 10
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 2 58 inches in 1891.
The least monthly precipitation
was 0 28 inches in 1903.
The greatest amount of precipita
tion recorded in anv 24 consecutive
hours was 1 28 inches on 1-2. 1906. I
The greatest amount of snowfall
recorded in any 24 consecutive hour-
record extending to winter of 1884-85
only ) was 1.30 inches on 1-2 , 1906
Average number of clear days , 10
partly cloudy , 10 ; cloudy , 11.
The prevailing winds have been
from the NW.
The average hourly velocity of the
wind is 12 miles.
The highest ve.ocity of the wind
was 52miles from the NW on ] 0,1893
J. J. MoLEAN ,
ObKryer Weather Bureau.
quickly ouVoplnlcra'free'wtpthw
tpecialnotice , withontchanre.tatherec
Scientific flnterlca ! ?
* - " *
Don't judge a man by his failures
life , for many a man fails because
Is too honest to succeed. Arkadelphla
( Ark. ) Southern Standard.