Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, February 21, 1907, Image 8

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    _ _ t-- -
just unload- .
d " 0i'T-first e'ar of
! ] ' , { -
farm implements am.
would be pleased to
have all our friends
call and see samples
which we have set up ,
consisting of
vl 'John Deere Hiding and Walking Plows ,
M *
Rod and Moldboard Breaking Plows , Disc
Harrows , with either Pole or Tongue
lr * t Truck ; Riding and Walking Listers ; List
ttl tl
tlJJ , er Carriages to convert any Walking List-
3 er to a Riding Lister or any Walking Plow
to a Riding Plow ; Breaking Plows to fit
this lister carriage ; Double Cast Hoosier
Endgate Seeders ; Riding and Walking
r Cultivators ; Disc Cultivators ; Steel Lever
Harrows and riding attachments for har
rows ; Single and Double Row Listed Corn
Cultivators ; Tower Surface Cultivators ;
Oliver Chilled Plows ; ' Moliue Wagons ;
Yelie Buggies. Call and inspect them.
Parties wanting wiring done or
needing repairs to their light ser
vice will please phone No. 9 or
E >
notify the office by noon and their
wants will be promptly attended
to. Grain or feed order should
also be placed at office to insure
prompt delivery.
Anyone noticing street arcs not
in working order will confer a
favor by notifying us.
6t S. F. GILMAX.
W. C. T. U. Column.
Are you studying the year book ?
Th.e regular meeting of the union
will be at Bethel ball on Tuesday ,
Feb. 26.
* 4Dues ! Dues ! Please bring
your dues ! " * is the echo from our
stats treasurer.
County president of the
W. C. T. U.- went to Woodlake
yesterday in the interest of the
We expect Mrs. A. K. Sim
mons , national lecturer , here and
at other points in Cherry county
some time in April.
The silver medal contest before
announced , will be held in the M.
E. church on Saturday , Feb. 23.
It is hoped a large audience will
gather to hear the young contest
ants. Admission lOc. 'Good pro
gram promised , to begin at eight
Supt. Press Work.
The SuKdav World-Herald.
, "H "
. The Omaha Sunday World-Her
ald has become a veritable maga
zine. It runs in size from 32 to
4S pages and costs only a dollar
and a quarter a year by mail. Be
sides a vast amount of news , for
eign , local and American. It con
tains a rich variety of splendid
features. It is a splendidly illus
trated weekly journal for every
member of the household.
Sandy Griswold is its sporting
editor , and he is famous. He fills
a whole page and his matter is
Uncle Ross is editor of the chil
dren's page the greatest in the
west. His articles and stories are
illustrated by Butler , one of the
World-Herald artists. Tens of
thousands of children read this
page every week and o do their
George Ade is the greatest of
American humorists. One of his
funny side-splitting stories , with
pictures , appears each Sunday.
Every issue has one of the fam
ous cartoons by Spencer , the
World-Herald's great cartoonist.
Every Sunday Frederic J. Has-
kin has a highly interesting article
on one of the big things of Ameri
ca. These articles are educational
and are attracting much attention.
There is always a page devoted
to women fashions , household
hints and feminine matters gener-
A new novel begins on the first
Sunday each month and ends on
the last Sunday , occupying , with t
pictures , about 14 columns each
Sunday. Each story will later ap
pear in book form and sell for
one dollar.
Market reports , livestock , grain
and Wall street are complete and 1
so is the news of the world.
The famous Roosevelt bears
make their reappearance in che
Sunday World-Herald on the first
Sunday -February. . They oc
cupy a page and tell the story of
their great trip abroad from Sun
day to Sunday.
Send for a sample copy of the
Sunday World-Herald , or better
yet , send $1.25 and get it for a
year. Address World-Herald ,
Omaha , Nebr.
Wood Lake
Thursday evening , Feb. 14 , was
the occasion of a delightful sup
per given at the church by the
ladies of Woodlake , the purpose
being to raise funds to defray the
expense of the finishing and deco
rating recently done and which
makes our church one of the pret
tiest in western Nebraska.
The reputation for excellent
cooking which our housewives
have won in the past was rnore *
than verified at this time.
The supper was a decided suc
cess both financially and socially.
The good weather enabled many
to come in from the country and
several of our bachelor ranchmen
did full justice to tlie.good things
The full amount needed to pay
off the church debt was forthcom
ing and as we viewed the neatly
and tastefully decorated walls and
the finely finished woodwork it
was a satisfaction to know the
money was at hand to finish pay
ing for it. The ladies who have
been so tireless in working to this
end deserve much credit. The
net proceeds were § 37.
and'Populations. .
Np.body gifted with a.sense of hunter -
ntor can fail to be diverted by the .
Puck-like manner in which luck makes
and unmakes reputations for business
abilitsy says Will Payne in Every
body's. "Years ago a gentleman named
Jennings was an extensive owner of !
downtown real estate in Chicago. He
\vas the first , I believe , to develop on a
large scale the modern system of the
ninety-nine year lease , whereby the
owner insures to himself and his heivs
for a century an absolutely fixed renti
ul , free and clear of all charges. After
-"Mr. Jennings had leased a lot of his
lands for ninety-nine years a depres-
siou came on. Other people's incomes
were curtailed , but his was stable ,
'What foresight ! ' said the town. 'What
sagacity ! ' % < What superb business judg
ment ! ' Mr. Jennings' views on the
business situation and outlook were
i eagerly sought The depression passed ,
Realty prices advanced immensely.
! The Jennings lots could have been
I leased at twice the rental named in
i the old indenture. The town shook its
head sympathetically over poor Mr.
Jennings' deplorable shortsightedness. "
Woes of a Drummer.
"I'm just a little discouraged witt
ray work , " said the tall Xcw York-
boy who has started out on the road.
"I was making my second trip west
when I met an old drummer who had
been on the road for more than thirty
years. He sat with grip between his
knees and talked to me.
" 'Chuck it , my boy , ' he said. 'If
there is anything else in the world
' you can do , do it. Look at my gray
hairs. I don't know what it is to have
a home. For thirty years I have seen
my Avife about once in five weeks. I
know that I've a wife and children in
a flat in New York , but that's all I do
'know about them. The children have
! grown up and married , but I have not
had time to attend their weddings. My
wife has grown gray , too , but she haa
had the best of it. She has had a
home and the children. If there is
anything else in the world you can do ,
my boy , ' he repeated , 'quit drumming ,
and do it. ' "
Curious Blunders.
Some remarkable mistakes in me
morials have totally escaped notice un
til it was too late to rectify them. The
spurs on the boots of Cromwell's
statue at Westminster abbej * . London ,
are the most interesting feature of the
monument , although , they generally
get no attention at all from sightseers.
They are worn upside down. In a
painted window on the staircase which
leads from the floor of Westminster
palace to the committee rooms an in
scription on a sword wielded by the
"Black Prince" has the words "Prince
of Wales. " Again , in the fresco de
picting the embarkation of the pilgrim
fathers in the corridor leading from the
outer lobby at St. Stephen's to the
house of lords the Mayflower is shown
to be hoisting the union jack , a flag
which did not come into existence un
til 250 years after the days of the his
toric Mayflower.
The Scallop.
j i The scallop can anchor itself as well
' fails to drop its
as any ship. It never
anchor 011 the approach of rougli
| weather. The scallop , lying in its hed
of shoal water , foresees a storm in
true sailor fashion and at once puts
out a tough and clastic little cable from
' a point near its hinge. This cable it
fastens firmly to the nearest rock. It
is then secure in the vilest weather.
, He who wades through scallop haunted
shoals as a storm approaches may see
the tiny shellfish mooring themselves
ou all sides with silent bustle.
ASI who pay $1.00
in advance for
will get a
Buggy Whip , as
long as they last ,
Four room house to rent ; also ,
3 rooms over tlie Democrat Office"
for rent as an office or light house-
j L M.
Notice to Non-Resident Defendant.
To Jo eph Tate , non resident defendant :
"You are herei-v notified that on * he 10th day
of February. 1007 , Matilda i'ato filed a petition
iigp.insty u in tnc District ' 'ourt of Cherry
i rnmity. Nebraska , the object and prayer of
which sire to ob'ain a decree ot absolute divorce
vorce fmin you and to lie awarded the care ,
custody and control o Helen Tate. the minor
child of said phintiff and siid defendant on
j the ground that you have wilfully desert-d and
ab'tndoued said plaint 111 without good cause for
in j . 're rhar two jvirs last past You are hereby
required to answer said petition on or l elore
AP n i , 1907. MATILDA TATE
c 4 rial ut iff.
A'otice to Ci'etlitora.
j j THK STATK OK NKHRASICA i „ „ In the rounty
I ' CHKUKY Couwry. f3B Court ,
| ' Tn the matter of the estate of Robert H.
! ' Montgomery , deceased :
To the credit-rs of said cstat * :
i'ou are hereby notified , That I will sit at the
County Cotirt Koom i Valentine in said eoutuy
on the 2 d day of March. 1907 at 10 o'clocK a.
in. , lo receive and examine all claims against
said esta'e/with a view to their adjustment and
allowan-n The Mine limited tor the presenta
tion of claims against skid estate is the 2nd day
of March. A. i ) . 1907 and the time limited lor
payment of debts is one j ear from said 4th day
of July 1900.
- Witness my hand and the se il of said
SEAL county court , this Cth day ot Ke ninry
, 1907. W. ft. ToWNE.
4 4 County .Judge.
In the District Court of Cherry Coun
ty , Nebraska.
In the matter of the application of Albert , K.
Wehb. aitmini'-iiator 01 th * estate of Samuel W.
HolseUw deceased for l.-tve to sell real estate
Notic" is hereb.\ given tliat in pursuance of
: in order of trie Hon \V. H. WeMovvr on - Of the
judges of the ( list.-iet court of Che'rv county
No rRB : > .ii . made on tbe 2nd flay f May. 1906.
for the ale of ral p.staie liereinafter de-fcri d
I th re w II he s-dd at puiilii * . vendn to the high
est t > i < lder for casli , subject to encumbrance'
i ecorrt. at tlie trout door of the courthouse in
the Vil'age of Vul tine in said county op the
16th dsiy of March. l)07 ! ) at the liur of in o'clock
a. mhe following d scrlned real estate to-wit :
NJiNE4 } anil IN ys v A ' 4 ( or lot- , 2. 3 and 4
Section 2 , Township 33. Ittngp 28 west of the 6 h
I' . M Cherry county , Nebraska Said sale
Will remain open one hour
Dated this 21st d .y of Feornary , 1907.
Administrator ol the est te of
Samuel . Holsclaw , deceased.
Wsilcott & Morjissey , Attys for Adin. ti-4
OrrtiTot Hearing on Petition for Ap
pointment of Administrator.
In-the County Court of Cherry County , Neb
To the neirs and to nil persons iutei ested in
the estate of .Joseph % 'efe.s. deceased :
< n rexdimr the petition ot Tnomas I indbe-g
praying tltat the uUmiiiistruijo'i of said tstato
l > e granted to himself as administrator
It is hereby ordered that you. and all persons
inter's-ted in Mii'l matter , mar. : md do. appear
atth County C urt to hi- held in and for sad
county , on tlie 9th day ol March. A. I ) . 1907
at l o'clock p. m to .show muse i * any then * , l e
why tie : prayer of ( lie | e'ltioner she M ot bt
grant d , ami ti at notice ut tlie pendency of s iid
petition and that the heiriiiu thcreoi he given to
all i etsons interested in said matter t y pnhlish-
mg a couj of this Tder in the Valentine Den o-
crata weekly newspaper printed in said county ,
tor three successive weeks pnor to taid day of
Wit ness my hand , and seal of said court , this
' 19th day of February A. I ) . 1907.
. 6 3 County Judge.
Order of Hearincr and Notice on Pe
tition for Settlement oi Acc-.M't.
CHEKRY COUNTY , faa Court.
To the heirs and to all persons interested in
the estate of Edward McDonald , deceased :
On reading tin ; petition of Catherine McD m-
ald praying < * final settlement nnl ilowan > : e o
her account 15.ed in this court on the IStu day
of February. 1907.
It is hereby ordered that you sin-1 all
PC-sons interested in said matter in-y. and
do appear at the County Comtt be lieul m
aim torsai-i f Ht ty , ou Hie 9th d-ty of Alsircn
1)07 ! ) at 10 o'clock a.m .to show cause , if any there
t > t. why the prayer of the petitio.ier should not
b prantea , ami that ut ce of the m > nduuc > ot
> > iio pet tion a < > d the heanntr thereof ne give.
to al < pe'S-ns intereited in said matter hy
publi-sliing a copy of this order in the silent i-ie
tH'mocrat a week-y newspaper p-inted in sairt
county , for 3 mccessive wee.s.s prior to ; > aid day
of hearing.
, o 3 County Judge.
Notice of Sale Under Chattel Mort
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a
chattel mortgage dat d the 2Jch day oi March.
1906. and duiiy filed in tlie otticd of the co nty
clerk of Iveya Palia comity Neb-aska. on the
21st day ot Mar--h , liWj and in t'm otliue < jf the
county clerk of Cuerrv 'iinty. Nebr sKa. Feb-
riiurv 7. 1907 , and exeoited by llenun ahoen-
feld to W. A. 1'arker. to secure the pnyiimnccf
the Sjiiiu of $2MO 00 an < J interest at 10 per cent per
annum tram date , upon winch thrre is nw due
sum of $252.00. aclault liaving ot-en mde in the
Iiayinent of caid sum and no suit or other pro
ceeding at law uaviug lieen iiHtitued to recover
said debtor ary part thereof , therefoie , I wi.l
sell the property herein described to-wit : One
black stallion , s'x years old , Jour white feet ;
one hay horse , ten yeans old. blind in right eye.
weight 1200 pounds ; one gray mate five years
old. nark iron grav. weight 10D < ) pounds ; cue
roan cow. louryeais oU-1. lu-ided : O , six r d
cows from four to seven years old. not branded :
one black h us" , nine \ears ol < l no white or
brand- * , weight 950 potm 1s : one buy horse , s'x
yiare old wnhsirip in forehead , weight 110J
pounds , at puullu auction , at th irout door of
the postoitice in the town ofVoul Luke , in
Cherry county , ehmsk-.i. on tiits 17rh uiy ot
Man-h , 1907. at 10 u'cioc < a. m on said day. "
Dated February U. 1907.
W. A. J'ARKER. Mortgagee.
By Walcott & .Mornssey. hi attorneys. 3 4
In the District Court of the 6 ta te o
Nebraska , Within and for Cher
ry County.
Tlie South Omaha National Kank.1
Plaintiff , i
vs J-
.James P. Sweeney etal , l NOTICE
Defendants. !
To Citizens National Bank and Citizens Na
tional Bank of De- > Moines :
You , and each of y.,11. are hereby notified that
there is on lil in the i'Strict Court of Cherry
County Nebraska , a petition wherein the South
Omaha National Bank as plain * iff has brought
suit , against yourselves , impleaded with James
P. Sweeney ut al. the object and prayer of said
petition is to foreclose two certain mortgages
executed bv Jam > M P. Swe-ney ana .Joseph H
Sweeney to said pl-intiff , one of whicn said
nioitgages uas executed October 23 , 1901 , and
c-Vt-rs the following described pr.perty in
Cheery county. Nebraska : N1 ofSW'i and N } < .
SK4 } , Section 21. To n > hi i < 3. Range 37 ; NEJi
of N 'J4 and N . of NK } and Lot 1 all in Sec
tion 7.Towiishiu 27 , Kaiige 37. and oih r prop
erty ; the . ti er .f said mortgages was executed
April 27 , 1 ! > 01 anil covers the following desciibed
property in Cherry comity , Nebraska : h ? of
SE aml J of SWJi of ecti-'ii 4. Township
27. Range 37 ; also. NV -i of NWi4 nnd N } ot
NE4 and SK i ol NE& of Section 12. Township
27. Range 33. ttlso lots 2,3 aim 4 In Section 19 ,
Township 23 , Range 37 ; also lot 1 in Section :50. :
Township 28. range 37 ; also S' ' of NWy ai.d
NE.i ! oi NWJi and NVVJ4 of NE , Section 29 ,
Township 28 , Uangc 37 : also Sof ? SE4 ? and SJi
of SWJ4 , section 32 Township 28. Range 37 ; also
N4 } ot NK 4 and liK of NVV 4. j ctioll :5V :
Towship 28. Jtanue 37 and other pr p-
f-rty. ' 1 he further object of'aid petitio . i- t <
exclude jou. and e < icn of you , f.oiu any interest
or ien in or to said property.
You aiv rt-quired to enter an appearance in
said ( ' uit and p'ead ' to said pi tition on or be
fore the IMh ( iftN ! March l'J07.
By. Walcott & .M'Trissey , uttoiyieys , 44
R M Paddw & Oo.
fostofflce { KiilreH.syalanlinw or'-jkennedy.
Samp branded
on Kft
„ . . . Mt
r thigh.
Some burnt branded
i > rinded on riiih' thigli
on left or > hou der
or thigh
N. S. Rowley
Kennedy , - Nebraska
Same as cut on left ,
jide and hip , and on
left .shoulder of nor
F 4on tefi I
f d husk- ng peg ( either side up ) on
left side or hlj f on left Jaw and e t shoulder
or huraes , L
Q on left hip of horses
on left jaw of hoi ses
U. W. Bennett
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
with 7 on left hip
ilso same as cut
Range between
v ; onion and Snake
creeks and on the
Niohrara nver
Cody. Neb
Brani registered
N 1027
Horses branded on
left shoulder
Range north and
Mouth of Cutcomb
l tke In Cherry Co
Jc * . H. Young.
Simeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
Some QY ° n
on lelt jaw of
V Iforsbs.
Range on Gordos Creek north of Simeon ,
Postofflce address
hyanms ,
On right side
u left
also cattle
I ou right > d
, liange lo miles.
| north ol
C. H Little.
Merriman , Nebr
On either side
Horses same on
hip Also >
Range Lake Cre k
Pat Peiper
Woodlake Neb
John Roan's
Erivate mark , slit
i left ear
C. P. Jordan.
Rosebud. SD
Horses and cattle
same as cut ; also
CJ BE f J on rtjrbt
Range on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rustlers of stocV
bearing any of these brands
Albert Wtripple & Sons
Rosebud , S , D.
Cattle branded
SOS on left side
OSO on riehtside
Some cattle also
have af fen te.-k
Some with A ou
left shoulder and
some branded
with two bars
.across hind qnar
_ | tera Some Texas
cattle branded a O on .left side and some
on left side.
Horses branded SOS on left hio. Some cattu
branded AW bar connected on both sides and
'eft hio of hoi-sag.
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The 5-cent package s enough lor usual occas
si.ins. The family bottle ( GO cents ) contains a
for a year. A.U druKglnta sell them
January 15 , 1907.
PerCwt. Per Ton.
Bran , sacked § 90 § 1 00
Shorts , sacked 1 00 19 00
Screenings , sacked 70 13 00
Chop Feed , sacked 1 10 21 00
Corn , sacked 1 00 19 00
hop Corn , sacked 1 05 20 00
Dais. 1 In ( M )
rt clrcJp 1-ln
box. neutered 878. Kange miles south
Irwio otf Niobrara river.
Parmelee Cattle CoKe
Ko obud. 8. D ,
OattlP branded
as cut on left side
with ftrlpe under
Range on Soldier creek.
Metzger Bros. ,
Cattle branded
anywhere on left
Earmark , square
crop right ear.
Horses have
same brand on
left thigh.
Range on and Snake Creeks.
ccton or any person or persons
cattle with above brnrnl.
Joa. Bristol
Valentine , Nebr.
Range on NIo-
brara river four
miles east of Ft./
Horses and
cattle branded
nB connected on
left hip or aide as
shown in cut
Postofflce addrtss
Hyannis , Neb
Branded on lelt side
Range eighteen miles
north of Fvannls
Pullman , Nebr
Tattle branded JT
on right side
Horses branded JTY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any information
leading to the re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
Sandy Williams
Merrimau. Nebr.
Mostly on left
side. Some on
right side.
Horses same on
left shoulder
Range Lake
fireek , S. D.
D. M. Sears.
Kennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
as on cut.left side
some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder
ttauge Squar > -
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle branded
same as cut on
left side.
branded !
on left
Range milei
south of Irwln ,
J. B. Lord
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
eame as cut back
right shoulder and
on right hip
Range on the
Postofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On left
side. Hor-1
ses left
Range north o
Cutcomb Lake
Garner -I"
Cody. Nebr.
Anywhere on cat'
Dorses on left
Range- North
Sawyer Bros.
ostofflce address.
Oasis. Nebr
G. K. Sawyer has
charge of these cat
tle Horses D s on
left shoulder. Some
IstockKfa left side
Nebraska Land and
Feeding Co
3artlett Richards Pres Will G Comstock
v P
Chas C Jamison Sec&Treasi
SSS&i * . Cattle branded on
PJ 0/apimai ;