Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, February 21, 1907, Image 7

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    Engine drivers working from Crcwe fo
London and back have to notice no fewer
than 570 signals.
Fl T Ci * * T'tUi ' * Dane * nJ Ml rVervoui Dlttatei
I O I'crmuncntly Cured > > y Jr" Kllne' t r : t
Nerve Reitorer. Scud for Free ISU trl l lx > Ul and trentiw.
Oli. It. II. KLINE , LJ. , ell Arch Street , Philadelphia , IV
Heatlier will last longer out or water
than almost any other flower.
Mrn. TEVlnloW DooTKXXa DT U ? tor
fMtblnxi oftoTU tbe rnru , rcdnosi Inflmucnion.
! m pain. COTM wind ootlc. 25 oasu a bottl * .
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
Tliey also rellere Dis
tress from Dyspepsia , In
digestion and Too Hearty
Eating. A perfect rem
edy for Dizziness. Nausea ,
Drowsiness , Bad Taste
la the Mouth , Coated
Tongue ; Pain In the Side ,
regulate tbe Bowels. Purely "Vegetable.
CARTERS Genuine Must Bear
1TTLE Fac-Simile Signature
Ely's Cream Balm
is quickly absorbed.
Gives Relief at Once.
It cleanses , soothes ,
heals and' protects
the diseased membrane. It cures Catarrh
, end drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
{ Restores the Senses of Taste and SmelL
jFull size 50 eta. at Druggists or by mail ;
( Trial siza 10 cts. by mail.
Elv Brothers , 56 Warren Street , Now York.
For Baby's First Bath and
< Subsequent Baths.
Because of its delicate ,
emollient , sanative , anti
septic properties derived
from Cuticura , united with
.the purest of saponaceous
ingredients and most re
freshing of flower odours ,
Cuticura Soap is all that the
fondest of fond mothers de-
and purifying the skin , scalp ,
hair and hands of infants and
children. Guaranteed abso
lutely pure and may bo used
from the hour of birth.
Depots : Ixmdon. 27 Charterhouse Sq. : Paris. 5
JUie de ! a Pals : Potter Drue & Chem. Corp. . Boston.
D.B. A. . SolePropa. co-Post-Iree. Cuticura Boot
ee < Jle i App1 Treen cb 98. Fruit eeraltn. Aenb
ft. I nutod. T\rltt Western > ur erle , fcroenwood , Mo
Our' catalogue
jontains a choice
collection of teed ,
with clear direc
tions for cultivat
ing each variety.
J. J. . GREGORT It 80.1 , Urfalfh * d.lltts.
A Pretty Experiment.
A very pretty effect may be produced
by using some aniline dye in powdered
form in alcohol. Fill a small glass
with the alcohol and drop the smallest
portion of the dye on its surface. It
will shoot down through the liquid ,
like a strand of color , dividing into two
branches , which will subdivide again
and again until you have , apparently ,
an inverted plant In miniature growing
before your eyes. An arrangement of
mirrors may be made to throw the re
flection of this on a screen or a wall ,
and the enlarged shadows will be verj
Interesting to watch.
It cud the Experience of a Minnesota
"Woman and Take Heart.
If your back aclies , and you feel
sick , languid , weak and miserable day
after day don't wor
ry. Doan's Kidney
Pills have cured thou
sands of women in
the same condition.
Mrs. A. IJeirnan , of
Still water , Minn. ,
says : "But for Doan's
Kidney Pills -would
not be living now.
They cured me in 1899
and I've been well
since. I used to have such pain in my
back that once I fainted. The kidney
secretions were much disordered , and
I was so far gone that I was thought
to be at death's door. Since Doan's
Kidney Pills cured me I feel as if I
had been pulled back from the tomb. "
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co. , Buffalo. N. Y.
Trouble for Xothinsr.
To smuggle a human skeleton into
Canada from Detroit a medical stu
dent dressed it in female attire and.
seating it by his side in a buggy , cross
ed over the boundary line. After he
got safely into his house he learned
that there is 110 custom duty on skele
Her Coolciiifir "Wax IJnd.
Mrs. Burnitt I can't keep a cook to
save my life.
The Doctor Well , you'll have to
keep one if you want to save your
husband's life.
HomeOIntlo Cntnrrli Cure.
Any one can mix at home the
best remedy of its kind kuown. The
name "Cyclone" is given to the follow
ing prescription , it is supposed , be
cause of its promptness iu driving from
the blood and system every vestige of
catarrhal poison , relieving this foul and
dread disease , no matter where located.
To prepare the mixture : Get from any
good pharmacy one-half ounce Fluid
Extract Dandelion , one ounce Com
pound Kargon and three ounces Com-
pouud Syrup Sarsaparilla. Shake well
and use in teaspoonful doses after each
meal and at bedtime.
This is a harmless , inexpensive mix
ture , which has a peculiar action upo'ii
the eliminative tissues of the Kidneys ,
assisting them to filter and strain from
the blood and system all catarrhal
poisons , which , if not eradicated , are
absorbed by the mucous membrane ,
and an open sore or catarrh Is the re
Prepare some and try It , as it is the
prescription of an eminent catarrh spe
cialist of national reputation.
Eleven thousand couples have been
married by Rev. Dr. Mitchell , of Souti
Leith , Scotland , during his ministerial ca/
Siity years ago Allcock's Plasters were
were first introduced to the public. They
are to-day the world's standard plasters.
This invention has been one of the
greatest blessings imaginable and affords
the quickest , cheapest and best means of
healing and relief for certain ailments ,
that has ever been discovered.
Allcock's are the original and genuine
porous plasters and are sold by druggists
in every part of the civilized world.
The cow tree of Venezuela gives off an
excellent sap very closely resembling ani
mal milk in its chemical nature.
How to Trap Wild Animals.
40-pape trap hook illustrated , picture 46
wild animals in natural colors , also bar-
ometer& calendar , aiso gun & trap catalog ;
also prices on raw furs. All sent post paid
forldc stamps or silver. FllEE to those who
ship to , or buy of us. Address Fur Dept ,
X.V. . Bide & ' Fur Co. , Minneapolis , Minn.
Russia suffers from forest fires. It is
aot unusual for fire to destroy 250,000
icres of forest a year.
Only One "BROMO
rhat Is LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine. Slml-
arly named remedies sometimes deceive. The
arst and original Cold Tablet is a WHITE
PACKAGE with black and red lettering , and
bears the signature of E. W. GROVE. 25c.
The wall in frout oC Glasgow cathedral
is built almost entirely of tombstones.
< . . -A.
fcdl ni ht lon from I
eL or rheumatism iic iit
i ) c
f ;
kills tke g.sdn quiets the .7
nerves dhd induces sleep siVI
AteJi < dealers. Price 25c 50c &HQO
The Senate passed the army appropria
tion bill carrying $81,000,000 , Monday.
The amendment to permit the govern
ment to accept reduced rates on army
supplies and officers and enlisted men to
nccept reduced transportation was defeat-
? d by a point of order. An amendment
increasing by 20 per cent the pay of offi
cers an.l enlisted men also was defeated
by si point of order. Amendments were
accepted to build monuments to Revolu
tionary officers , as follows : To General
John Si ark. an equestrian statue at Man
chester. X. IL , $40,000 ; a statue to Gen
eral Xntlniniel Green at Guilford Court
House , X. C. . $ lfuOO ; a statue to Gen-
9"al James Schrivncr at Midway , Ga. . $3-
000. Senator Carter secured the adop
tion of an amendment placing William IT.
Crook on the retired list as a major. Mr.
Cicok s * r\ed as a private through the
Civil War and ever since has been em
ployed as a clerk at the White House.
Semi tor Berry wesented an argument for
the expulsion of Senator Smoot on the
ground that the Mormon church advo
cates the doctrine of polygamy , and held
hat the ? Hiate could exclude any Senator
by a majorilj vote. A special message
Was received from the President urging
( ho ennclnvnt of a bill to grant white
rsonsvlio have intermarried in the
Cherokee Xation sixty days in which to
dispose o improvements on lands from
which they have been di.spossesed. Bills
relating to the District of Columbia were
considered in the rtouse. In committee
of the whole the House went on record in
favor of a flat 4-cent street railway fare ,
with a 'rrevision for eight tickets for 25
cents , in the District of Columbia , but in
tle House the amendment was declared
defeated. Thereupon the point of "no
quouim" uas made , and the House at
. " :10 : p. in. adjourned. During the ses
sion the Indian appropriation bill Was
sent to conference , the House managers
being Sherman of Xew York , Lacey of
Iowa , and Stephens of Texas.
The Senate occupied Tuesday in argu
ment on the bill granting the government
the right to take an appeal on points of
law in criminal cases. Xo action was
taken on the measure. The District of
Columbia appropriation bill , carryin
910.T24.o32 , an increase of $ OST,29S over
the amount as passed by the House , was
reported and notice has been given that
the hill would be put on its passage Wed
nesday. The new Santo Domingo treaty
was received from the President. After
the passage of a number of bills under
unanimous consent , the House in commit
tee of the whole considered the naval ap
propriation bill. While the bill was un
der consideration Mr. Sluyden of Texas
made an address in which he declared the
rumored dancer of war with Japan as
ridiculous. The army appropriation bill ,
the fortifications appropriation bill' and
the omnibus light house bill were sent to
The Senate passed the bill
giving the government the right to appeal
to the Supreme Court for a construction
of the constitutionality of any law in
volved in a criminal suit. The District of
Columbia appropriation bill , carrying
nearly $11,000.000 , was passed. The bill
establishing an agricultural bank in the
Philippines was taken up , aud the Philip
pine tariff bill , which passed the House
at the last session , was interposed as an
amendment by Senator McCreary. No
action resulted on either the bill or the !
amendment. The conference report on
the immigration bill was received and
read , but action was deferred. A message
from President Roosevelt urging consid
ration of legislation affecting the public
lands was received and read. The firs
night session of the Senate during the
present session was held to consider prl
rate pension bills. The House consid
jred the naval appropriation bill. The
ipproprialion for a steel floating dry dock
to cost not exceeding $1,400,000 was
stricken out on a point of order by Mr
Mann of Illinois. After completing forty-
ive pages of the naval bill the House ad
_ . . .
An attempt in the Senate Thursday to
; orce action on the conference report on
: ho immigration bill , carrying an amend-
nent designed to settle the Japanese con-
roversy. resulted in a filibustering move-
ncnt headed by Senators Bacon and Till-
nan. A truce was finally declared until
Friday. The agricultural appropriation
)511 gave rise to considerable discussion
m the proposed increase in the salary
> f the chief of the forestry bureau. Xo
! ction was taken. Senator Knox made an
iddress in defense of the right of Senator
Smoot to his seat. The naval appropria-
iou bill occupied the entire time of the
louse , and it was almost completed. The
ingle remaining section is that increasing
he naval establishment.
rational Canital IVotcs.
Representative Ilopbnru introduced a
iill to prevent the .sale of adulterated ol
aisbranded .seed.
The Senate parsed a bill placing th ;
ontrol of the 1'unamu railroad under thf
isthmian canal commission.
The Semite committee on public lands
onsidered the bill advocated by the ad-
linistration to reserve lands which have
eretofore been open to entry.
The Perkins expatriation ' bill , provid-
ig that five years' resid'ence outside the
fnited States shall make an alien of any
itixen , was ordered favorably reported
y the House committee- foreign af-
The Indian appropriation bill was re-
orted to the Senate. It carries $14,509-
10 , a net increase of $0,300,132 over the
ill as passsed by the House. c
The ere lent ials of Jonathan Bournek
r. , electrtl to the Senate for Oregon for
x years beginning March 4 next , ivere
iceived in the Senate and placed on file.
( . 'hairing Shouts conferred with the
resident aud Thomas J. Dolan , secre-
iry of the International Brotherhood of
team Shovelers and Dredgemen , about
creasing the salaries of those engaged in
tat branch of work on the Panama
mal , *
Pulled Siat ; .M , Japan and Californln
Unit' ? In Agrrceiuuiit.
According to Washington advices a
final settlement has been reached of
the vexatious Japanese question. It is
entirely satisfactory to the President ,
to the Japanese , and to the California
representatives , a correspondent as
serts. Action already has beeii taken
by Congress , sin amendment has been
made to the immigration bill , and the
Japanese representatives in Washing
ton have notified the President that it
is entirely satisfactory to them.
It provides for the exclusion of Jap
anese coolies from the in inland of the
United States , but allows them to be
admitted as at present to the Hawaiian
Islands. This is' all the Californiaus
have ever asked. In return for the
actual exclusion of Orientals they will
rescind their resolution segregating the
Japanese school children.
In settling the difficulties Avhic-h
have required the consent and advice
of the Prer Mit , CVigress , and the
municipal authorities of San Francisco ,
the rarest and most delicate diplomacy
has been manifested. The wording of
the amendment leaves the execu
tion of the decree of exclusion in the
hands of the President exclusively. In
this way , if the California people fail
to carry out their part of the agree
ment , the , , President will allow the
Japanese to come into the United
States until Congress takes positive a * -
The amendment as adopted makes it
possible for the President to wait for
the School Board of San Francisco to
admit the Japanese pupils to the schools
on equal terms with other children
once more before barring out adult pu
pils , of whom the people of California
are particularly afraid. Mayor Schmitz
and his colleagues from San Francisco
would not agree to restore the children
until they had some guarantee that
.T.-ipan would agree to a treaty of ex
clusion. *
The amendment agreed upoi > ny the
Conference Committee is automatic in
its action , aud gives the President the
necessary power without regard to
Japan. On the other hand , the Japanese
would not sign a treaty as a matter of
national pride until after their children
had boon given the same status as oth
er aliens on the Pacific slope.
n n rrr i nr s-rk
tfiiiM&lP f $ *
IlllW ffigfr > ' # t& ' * *
SS &r S-
The method of financing the heavy car
and equipment expenditures of the Penn
sylvania railroad has been disclosed by
the filing of leases by two trust com
panies for the use of 19,537 freight cars
during a term of ten years at a valuation
of $24,000.000. The leased cars are con
trolled and managed by the Pennsylvania
directors. A yearly rental of one-tenth
the cost of the cars is to be paid.
Railroads are becoming keenly alive to
the disadvantage of photographic evi
dence of disasters. The wide publication
of pictures of ghastly scrap heaps of lo
comotives and cars is much more effective
than columns of print in arousing public
sentiment to the increasing railway death
roll , and it is now a general rule on all
roads to remove the wreckage as rapidly
is possible.
Commerce Commissioner Lane , in his
report to the President upon the western
car shortage says he found no evidence
sustaining the charge that the railroads
were party to a conspiracy to maintain
the price of coal , but that such an agree
ment had been entered by the coal deal-
? rs. One of the chief reasons for the
shortage of cars was the overwhelming
grain crop in the Northwest , and that
but 30 per cent of the crop had been
Again it is said that trainmen and en
gineers are overworked and that there is
i pernicious system on all the big rail
roads of making trouble for the "safe"
engineer who fails to make the time re
quired by schedule. There can be no
3oubt that many lines have failed to fully
jr properly adopt the various safety de-
rices and systems developed by practical
railroading. Then there are a lot of
ivretchedly constructed cars running
ibout the country that are death traps
ven in minor assidents.
The railroads spent fully Jiree-quorters
af a billion dollars during 190G in the
jffort to take care of the traffic which has
nearly overwhelmed them. Of this vast
; um , according to the Railway Age , fully
1)350,000,000 was expended for new equip-
nent and power. The year broke oil rec-
) rds for new cars , the total , according to
: he Age. being 313,400. and according to
: he Railroad Gazette , 243,670. in loco-
notive building the year was not quite
Hiual to 1905. In 190G there were about
5.050 locomotives built , which is about
323 less than the previous year. The car
) uilding was divided between the freight
uul passenger as follows : Freight , 310.-
K)0 ) ; passenger. 3.400. Of the freight
: ars , 142,172 , or 40 per cent , were con
structed of steel uuderframes ; ? nl the
'ullman company has about completed its
Irst all steel car and is going to adopt
; teel as its future standard. The balance
f the expenditures referred to was for
milding 0,000 miles of railroad.
The grand jury which has been inves
igating the accident on the Pennsylvania
ailroad near Atlantic City made a pre-
entment , exonerating the aged bridge-
ender , Daniel Stuart , who was held by
he coroner's jury , and censuring the rail-
oad management for faulty construction
f the bridge. They say that there were
10 signals at either end of the bridge to
how that the rails were connected.
Western railroad managers reached an
greement at Chicago to grant increased
; ages to engineers , aggregating over $5-
00,000 a year , and affecting over 15,000
icn on all lines west of Chicago
Is acknowledged to be the most suc
cessful remedy in the country for
those , painful ailments peculiar to
F5r more than 30 years it has
hecn curing Female Complaints ,
such as Inflammation , and Uloera-
tibn , Flailing1 and Displacements ,
ancl consequent Spinal Weakness ,
Backaclie , and'is peculiarly adapted
to the Change of Life.
Records show that it has cured
more cases of Female Ills than anyr other one remedy known. I
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound dissolves and expels
Tumors at an early stage gf development. Dragglng'Sensationscausing-
paOi.weight , and headache are relieved and permanently cured By its use.
It corrects Irregularities or Painful functions , Weakness of the
Stomach. Indigestion. Bloating , Nervous Prostration. Headache , Gene
ral Debility ; also , Dizziness. Faintness Extreme Lassitude. "Don'b care
andwanttobeleftalone" feeling , Irritability , NervousnessSleeplessness ,
.Flatulency , Melancholia or the "Blues. " These are sure indications of
female weakness or some orprrr" - derangement.
For Kidney Complaints rtiliier sex Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound is a most excellent A-emedy.
Mrs. Pinklnam's Standing Invitation to Women
Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs Pinkham , Lynn , Mass , for advice. She is the Mrs , Pinkham
who has been advising sick women free of charge for more than twenty
years , and before that she assisted her mother-in-law Lydia E. Pinkham
in advising. Thus she is well qualified to guide sick 'women back to
health. Her advice is free and always helpful.
toSSK iV.Vl .c-.J'jtf
' * ; - , ,
- ; :
' tftfy W ?
, . ; : > &
! < ; { ' ti
. .i
, * * . .
< * jSf Sfeoss
are made for genuine comfort It
* * & ] a aplc23ure and relic" to t e ; hcnr.
? ere arc no buttons ( o button laces
m m 2o lace. You juat slip them on and
off at will.
The elastic at the sides expands and
m contracts vrith the natural motion of the
Xz "foot , insuring psrlccl case and comfort. Can
be worn all year round.
Three styles , low , medium and high. Your dealer rail
supply you. If not , write to us. Loci ; for the came and
trade-mark on the sole.
We also make the popular "Wesfsrn Lady * * shoes.
ft *
m FOCjQ Send the name of a dealer who docs nc ! haadfc.
S\L/Li f < larlfe3 Was&Jngioa" ehoea and
& > 1
we will send you free , postpaid , a beautiful
picture of "Martha Washington , " size 1&20.
v S
F , Mayer Boot & Shoe Co 9
f-M safeST ( . Milwaukee , Wis. m *
T 5t ! U
? Z : &
How to Exercise the
Your Intestines are lined inside with
millions of little suckers , that draw the
Nutrition out of food as it passes them.
But , if the food passes too slowly. It
decays before it gets through. Then the
little suckers draw Poison from it instead
of Nutrition.
This Poison makes a. Gas that injures
your system more than the food should
have nourished it.
You see , the food is Nourishment or
Poison , just according to how long it stays
In transit. -/N A
The usual remedy for Cascarets are as safe-
this delayed passage to uss constantly as they
( called Constipation ) is to
take a big dose of Castor Oil.
This merely makes slippery the passage
for unloading the current cargo.
It does not help the Cause of delay a
It does slacken theBowel-Musclesmore
than ever , and thus weakens them for
their next task.
Another remedy is to take a strong
Cathartic , like Salts , Calomel , Jalap ,
Phospate of Sodium , Aperient Water , or
any of these mixed.
What does the Cathartic do ?
It mere flushes-out the Bowels with a.
waste of Digestive Juice , set flowing into
the Intestines through the tiny suckers.
* * *
But , the Digestive Juice we waste in
doing this today is needed for tomorrow's
natural Digestion. We cannot afford to
lose it.
That's why Cascarets are the only safe
medicine for the bowels.
1" W W" W Iff" M W M JS f \
) ver 200.0CO American farmers who have settled
Q Canada during the past few years testif j to the
act that Canada is , beyond question , the greatest
firming land in the world.
) ver Ninety Million Bushels
f wheat from the harvest of 1906 , means good
icney to the farmers of Western Canada when
he world has to be fed. Cattle raising , Dairying ,
Hxed Farming are also probable callings. Coal ,
rood , water in abundance ; churches and schools
onvenient ; markets easy of access. Taxes low.
For advice and information address the
uperintendent of Immigration , Ottawa , Canada.
r the authorized Canadian Government Agent ,
if. D. Scott , Superintendent of Immigration ,
ittawa , Canada , or E. T. Holmes. 315 Jackson
t. , St. Paul , Minn , and I. M. MacLachlan , Box
16 , Watertown , So. Dakota. Authorized Govern-
lent Agents.
Please say where jron saw this advertisaiarst.
They do not waste any precious fluid of
the Bowels , as Cathartics do.
They do not relax the Intestines by
greasing them inside like Castor Oil or
They simply stimulate the Bowel
Muscles to do their work naturally , com
fortably , and nutritiously.
And , the Exercise these Bov/el Muscles
are thus forced to take , makes them
stronger for the future , just as Ezercise
makes your arm stronger.
* are pleasant to take.
They are purposely put up like candy ,
so you must eat them slowly ancl let them
go down gradually with the saliva , -which
is in itself , a fine , natural Digestive.
They are put up purposely in thin , flat ,
round-cornered Enamel boxes , so they
can be carried in a man's vest pocket , erIn
In a woman's purse , all the time , without
bulk or trouble.
Price lOc a box at all druggists.
Be very careful to get the genuine , .
made only by the Sterling Remedy Com
pany and never sold in bulk. Every tablet"
stamped "CCC. "
We want to scad to onr friends a beantifni
bard-enzmelsd in colors. It is a beaaty for the
dressing table. Ten cents in stamps is asked as a
measure of good fajth and to cover cost of Cascar
ets with whlcFtEIFdainty trinket is loaded.
Send to-day , mentioning this paper. Address
Sterling Remedy Company , Chicago or KevYorlc. .
S. C. X. TJ. - - Xo. 8 1907.
To convince any
woman that Pax-
tlno Antiseptic will
improve her health
3Rd do all Te claim
send her absolutely free a large trial
box of Paxtine with book of instruo-
tions and genuine testimonirls. Send
your name and address on a postal card.
and heals
m e m -
brane af
fections , such as nasal catarrh , pelvic
catarrh and inflammation caused by femi
nine ills ; sore eyes , sore throat and
mouth , by direct local treatment. Its cur
ative power over these troub'les Is extra
ordinary and gives Immediate relief.
Thousands of women are using and rec
ommending it every day. co cents at
druggists orbymaU. Eemember , however ,
THE K. PAXTON CO. , Boston ,