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    Professional Cards
The Loup Valley Hereford Hanch
131693 and CtM'
Coat 1122(51 ( a he-nj
of herd Tin- bio < i
of Fowler. AnxiM ) ' .
Lord Wilton and Sir
Gladstone predomi
nates 10 my herd.
I have no hulls for sale until 1P07. h-ivine sold
oil bulls on hand. I will handle only juire brd
Hereforcts In the future.
Tubular wells and windmills.
'me up by Telephone. .
Valentine - Keln * .
All work will be Riven prompt
and careful attention.
Practices in all State Courts.
City Deliveryman ,
Trunks , valises and packages hauled to and
from the depot and all parts of the City.
. J. Austin. J. "W. Thompson.
Austin & Thompson ,
General Blacksmithin
and Wood Work.
Handles the
Opposite Postofiie. Phone 71.
Office over the grocery deparment
of T. C. Hornby's store. .
Will be in Rosebud agency July
3rd , Oct. 2nd and Jan. 1,1904.
' . Barber
First-class Shop in Every Respect
Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic , Golden Star Balr
Tonic , Herplcide and Coko's Dandruff Cure ,
Try Pompeian Face Massage Cream
K-I-P-A-N-S Tabules
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The 0-oent package s enough lor usual occas
glens. The family boUlo (60\ cents ) contains a
supply for a year. All drumri spll thpm
December 20 , 3.906.
PerCwtX Per Ton.
Bran , sacked 8 90 SIT 00 )
Shorts , sacked 1 00 19 00 )
Screenings , sacked 70 13 00 |
Chop Feed , sacked 1 10 21 00
Corn , sacked 1 00 19 Of/ / f
Chop Corn , sacked 1 05 20,00 )
Oats , sacked 1 15 25(00 ( )
Anyone sending n sketch end description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention in probably patentable. Cnr.imunlca.
tlons strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
eontfrco. Oldest agency for accuringpatenta.
Patents taken through JIunn & Co. receive
tptclal notice , wltbout charge. In the
A handsomely Illnstrsted weekly. Lnrcest cir
culation of any scientific journal. Terms. $3 p
year : four months , $ L Sold by MI newsdealers.
HUNH S Co.36IBroad Jew YorP
frnnch Ofllce. (25 ( V 8tWashington. . D. C.
Order of Hearing on Petition for
Appointment of Administrator.
In the County Court of Clierry County Neb
CoiwrrroK CHEKRY I3t >
To the heirs ana to all persons interested in
the estate or S. 1' , Smith , ueceased :
On reading the petition of Jennie A. Ilinjr ,
praying thdt the administration ot said estate
be granted toM. V. Nicholson as admliiHtraior.
It is hereby ordered that you. and all persons
interested in said matter , may. and ilo , appear
at the County Court to be lieUI in and for snid
county , on the 13th day of January. A. D. 1907 at
10 o'clock a.m. , to show cause , if any there be
why the prayer of the petitioner should not be
granted , ana that notice of the peudeucy of said
petition and that th * hearing thereof be given'to
all persons Interested in aaicl matter bv publisb-
ji copy of ihisorit'-r in the Valentine "Democrat
a * weekly newspaper printed in said county , for
asucc ' 38ii-e weeks prior to - i.l dny of hearing.
' Witness my h < unl . . I trie seal ol.said
courttuibiuUday m miry , i.D.1907 ,
vV. It. TOWA'E.
51 3 County Judge.
" ' " . -//'J.iJV * *
IV < Vr f < 'Es
'Sheriff' * riale
. . . r an order of sale Issu d by tfe
clrrk.0 ! the it ict otirt of Ui rry County ,
JJeliraskH. N'ovembcr 5.100C urnlcr a 'leorei'of
mo t ji.e for * . nrn.1 Mi < in ' -c V'j l niti e
Hilililin & ' . ' -an A-i-wiatin of VH 'Mi'if NV
1-rHSt t in--'pir t d. fa pi-mi ilf. and MulttP
( ! r liam an ' H " * < ! ra mirn ii ri i i "it- < I
Wl I I'Hi III f o ) < ! ( ( ) ' ) jl ( OlUt It se
in Valeii ine. ( . 'In r y ( in \ . r , kn tlinl lnf-
nu the cut di ir w trinilie 1-t t t < "in o * t i1
ooiirt w s i > e d on t e 16t aj of .lmtnry.
1JMI7. rttlO.oVJock a m . iatlsiy i Jiulgnu'iif of
SW271 ami JO per r-t-nt Irom date .f
jiulifineu , JaniiHry 3D. looo. a d < osts taxed at
l < ; SOaiul ( tfeiuiiifr ci > - > is , : it pu Ifc auction , to
tb- bt'lflpr tor eaih the tel
tbhighest' owing esc -
scib l | tr < > | rty t < wit : ot N . 14 in i oi'k
N 2 of H & C M Corn-IPs a-Minoii 'n the
VII UK < > r \ Mn ittir v
' " < m "
U'alcolt ; i' d * ilciTiS--"y # f t ' * > f r I'Hl 5
SherT ) ( Sale
' . Jv virtue of an ord i of sate iss'ied bjr tli *
clerK ol the I ) strict C > nrt ot Clierrj enmity Ne-
-urrtMca. Oet > er 15. 190G. tinder a decree of
mortgage for--cl < me wherein W K Efner is
liiaintill ami Henry I.etget a id Flora Letuct ,
liu hiami and wife and > olnmon McMght ,
sumle. dctendanrs , I wl 1 rell at th * fron' do > r
ot the C' rt hoiiie in \ .ilriitlne Cherry founty ,
! N-nr.iska. litt ; ucinir he hiiildiu - wlieivi.i rhe
Ittsf i. mi of c in r < v ts livid , on the 20th day of
.lamia y. J9u7 ; tt 10 i V ock a. m t. ) itisfy
Judgment o > l.000.mdmt rest at 10 tur rent
mini datr of j i lament , .Sep't'iui * r H. jy.ti . a rt
c M& iaxc.1 al&U-m and aouritlng 'o ts. : u pu i-
IK ; auction to lie hU-'h-M bidder for wish the
lollowing dt-scrihed property to-wit :
1 S lijS&s : vv&oisectim 10 township :52 ,
nHiKeaTaiidtiE&NEU. H&sH&or section 81 ,
, WE.iKM < n .section 28 , township 30 , ran e 30.
j t geth-r with .ill impr ve'iients 01 whatsoever
1 Hiiil. Hi' hiding w 11s , wind mills , water thinks ,
wire and teiico po ts now npuii or in anjway
used i connection with the ranch or range
aujoi'iing saul-preiimus.
IXited this 20ih nay of December I90G
1 * . K. SL\I NS ,
ID 5 Sheriff.
\Yalcutt & lorrissey attys for pltf.
Notice to Creditors.
Tn the matter of the estate of David A.
Tiercy , deceased :
To the Creditors of said Estate :
Yon an herenv mvtilled. That I will sit at the
Co' nty Court lioomlu v alentine in said county
on the nth day ol .January , 1907 , ft 10 oYlocK
a. : n. to receive and examine al- claims asainst
said estate , with a view to their adjnstin-ntand
allowance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims ag-dnstsuid estate is tjie 5 h
day of January , A.I ) . 1907. and thu time limited
for payment of dt-bts is one year from said 1st
day ol .Mine , 190G ,
Witness my hdtid aid seal of said county" court
' this I2h day of December A. I ) . 1906.
, 48 4 County Judge.
Sheriff Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale Ksued by the
clerk of thf cMstrict court of oherry county. Ne
braska on November 10. 1908 under a decree of
Moit-age foreclosure wheMn F. M. Clark i
plaintiff and Ini B Nidi ils and E. A. Nichols
are defendant * , 1 w 11 sell at the front door of
the court luiiise in v acjiitine. Cherry e-unty ,
N hraeka , that neina : the bu Idmg wht-rem th--
last tprin of said court was neia , on the 23th
day of January. 1907 at 10 o'clock a m tosaus y
judgment of S637 6t5 and mtere < at 10 per < . nt
imin date ot judgment. Ma ch 10.1906. and costs
taxed at S15 80 and accruing costs , at public
auction to the highest bidder lor ease the fol
lowing described prope ty to\vit :
The W'/2 of rfEh. SKJ4 of W , SW of XEM
section 9. township 3j. range 3t > and also tlie
SEM of section 33. township 33 ran e 37 in
Cherry county. Nebraska
Dated this 13th day of December. 190C.
' 50 5 Sheriff.
Walcott & Morrissey , attj s for pltf.
Xotica to Creditors.
CHKKHY COUNTY. \ * a Court ,
In the matter of the estate of D. C
deceased :
To the creditors of said estate :
You are hereby notified. That I will sit at the
County Court Room i Valentine in said county
on the 2Gth day of .January 190 ? at 10 o'clock a
m. , to receive and exciminn all cialms against
said estaie. witn a view to their adjustment and
allowance The Mine limited for the prt-senta-
tion of claims against said estate is the2Gth daj
of January , A. 1) . 1907 and the tim jimited f in
payment of debts is one j ear Irom said 1st dav
of June 1900.
i Witness my hand and the seil of sai-i
EAL county court , this USth day of " l > ei'em
, ber. 1906. W H.TOWNT'
51 4 County "judge.
THE STATE OF XRVHASKA ( . . . In the County
In the matter o/the estate of Nelson Polen.
To the creditors of said estJite :
Vouarehewby notilieo , That I will sit at the
County < om/t Room in Valentine in s-iid Coun
ty , un ihe Jth day ot January. 1907 , at 1 o'clock
p. m to A-ceive and xaraiiiB all claims agains
said esyutu with a view w their adjustment ami
adoxvAnce. The time limited for the presents
tioi . of claims auainst snia estate is the 26th daj
ofJnnuary , A D 1907 , and the time limited
for payment ol deots is one year from said 1st
aay ot JulyG. mo
/ WituebS my hand and the seal of sa-a Coiintx
Court tuns 3ra day of Janunry 1907.
, 514 County Judge
Xoticc. to Creditors ,
In County Court within and for Cherrv Cotintj
In the matter of the estate of Charles V
Ho.scUw deceased. *
To the Creditors of said Estate :
You are hereby notified , that I will sit at the
county court room in Valentine in said county ,
on the 26th day of January 1907 at 10 o'clock a. rn.
to receive and examine an claims against said
estate , wiin a view to their adjustment and al
lowance. The time limited foi the presentation
of olainib against said estate is the 'JGth da01
Ja > uary A. D 1907 and the time limited for thi
payment of debts is one 3ear from said llth
chiy of i > iay 190- . „
\ \ ilnej s my hand and the seal of said
SEAL county cour , thisSr.l day of Januarj
, 1907. W n.l'u UisK ,
ftl 4 County Judge
Notice to Creditors.
In the County Court within and for Cherrj
county , Nebraska ,
In the matter of the estate of Jennie E.
Barnes , deceased.
To the creditors of said estate :
Yon ar hereby notified , That I will sit at the
County Ceirt Kooin In Valentine in said county ,
on the 26th day of January , 1907 at 10 o'ciock a.
m. to receive and examine all cl.mns against
said estate , with a view to their adjustment and
allowance The time limited for ttie presenta
tion of claims against said estate is ttie 28'h day
of January A. f. 1907 and the time limited for
payment ot debts is one year from satd 17tu da >
of Februaiy. 1906.
Witness my ham' an-1 the seal of stid
SEAL County Court tin's 3 d day of January.
. 1907. W.K fOWNE ,
f/l 4 County Judge.
S5O Keward
I will pay § 50 reward for the ar
rest and conviction of the person
or persons who shot and damaged
my gate on pasture fence one mile
west of town or for any further
trespass upon said premises : sw
of the nw of sec. 36 , tp. 34 , r. 28.
484 I. M. BICE.
' . ,
Penbrook Quills.
j Mrs. David Hamar ha ? been
seriously ( ill , but is better at this
Mrs. D' ' A Hancock is ai the
Riverside Ranch visiting this
Frank Grooms and his sister ,
Mis El-ie ? , attended Penbrook S.
S. last Sunday. j
Miss Theodora Tillson spent
hoi * vacation week at home , Mi s
A.lma taking her back to school
j Sunday evening.
Theo. Tillson lost six head of
cattle in twenty-four hours in the
stalks. John Hittle has lost two
more. \\r. H. Ryder has also lost
two head.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Foster , Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Thompson and
and family and Mr. and Mrs. G.
O. Hancock were visitors outside
the district who attended the
Christmas festivities given by the
Penbrook Sunday school.
There has been a ripple of ex
citement over the report that Jim-
mie Hutchison has the smallpox.
Dr. Keyes of Norden was called
and pronounced ifc chickenpox. It
must be a virulent case as he is
reported to be one mass of erup
The Wednesday evening prayer
meetings at the Penbrook school
house continue to grow in interest.
Each brother or sister takes his
place in turn as leader. Some
late converts , who have not been
baptized , are able to lead very
Henry A. Dowden had the mis
fortune" have a nail he was driv
ing bounce from the frozen timber
and strike him in the eye. He
has returned to Blackburn , Mo. ,
and it is not definitely known if
the sight is destroyed or not. He
could not take little Goldie Peddi-
cord to'her grandmother's in Mo. ,
as had been planned.
/ The question before the debating
club in the Hutchison district lasjb
Friday was : "Resolved that the
ftegro has suffered greater cruelty
from the white race than the In
dian. " Frank Grooms was chosen
on the affirmative and posted ac
cordingly. Owing to the absence
of various speakers , Frank was
transferred to the negative side ,
and won out single handed. Frank
must be pretty well informed on
the iniquities of the white race
against his weaker brothers.
"Man's inhumanity to man makes
countless thousands mourn.
The Christmas entertainment
given by the Penbrook Sunday
school passed off very happily.
The little log school house was
profusely decorated with pines.
The entire inside of the roof was
covered , forming a green arch
which showed to good advantage
the crimson bells and bright chains
and white star , with which the
young people beautified the little
room. The Christmas tree was
loaded with gifts for young and
old. It was a season of kindliness
and good cheer that will long be
remembered. Miss Alma Till-
son's recitation of "The Heavenly
Guest , " by Tolstoi , received much
praise. All the children did well.
Special praise is due Messrs. Dick ,
Delbert and Charles Burdick and
Percy Sorby for their faithful
work in putting up the evergreens
and to C. W. Hamar for contrib
uting the trees.
W C. T. U < o'uinn *
Mrs. Callen is away on a visit at
Lincoln J , so it is not likely Bethel
hall 1 will br > open on Saturday. '
Wf hope pvor.v member \vilj
save i the Worker containing the
Co. "Plan of Work" and read it
We urgp all mpmbars of the
j' union ' to plan to attend the case.
ajrainst granting licence for salooii
at ( Georgia , on Saturday , Jan 5th ,
before the commissioners.
The treasurer of the local union
wishes that all dues to September
may be speedily sent in and that
March dues may oe paid promptly.
There are still several .articles
for sale at Bethel hall at very
reasonable prices , among which
are kindergarten gifts and books.
Call in and take a look at them.
The new year books are on hand
and we will have a "year book
quiz" at our next county conven
tion , so we urge all members to
make the year book a study for
the next five or six months , thro-
out the county.
Supt. Press Work.
Weather Data.
The following data , covering" a per
iod of 17 years , have heen complied
from the Weather Bureau records at
Valentine , Nebr. They are issued to
show the conditions that have pre
vailed , during the month in question ,
for the above period of years , but
must not be construed as a forecast
of the weather conditions for the
coming mcrith.
f ) January.
Mean or normal 17 °
The warmest month was that of 1900
with an average of 31 ° '
The coldest month was that of 1890
with an average of 11 °
The highest was 68 ° on 30,1892
The lowest was -38 = on 24 , 1894
Average tor month 60 inches.
Average number of days with .0 ]
of an inch or more 6
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 1 27 inches in 1889.
The least monthly precipitation
was 0.04 inches in 1900-01.
The greatest amount of precipita
tion recorded in any 24 consecutive
hours was 0 37 inches on 31. 1894
The greatest amount of snowfall
recorded in any 24 consecutive hours
( record extending to winter of 1884-85
only ) was 4 4 inches on 2o , 1902
Averatre number of clear days , Jo
partly cloudy , 8 ; cloudy , 8.
The prevailing winds have been
from the NW. .
The average hourly velocity of the
wind is 10 miles.
The highest velocity of the wind
was 60 miles from the NW on 7,1903
j. j. MCLEAN ,
Observer Weather Bureau.
A Hotel Experience.
One fashionable hotel on Fifth ave *
nue refuses to give any receipt for
jewelry deposited in its safe or hold
itself responsible for a greater amount
than $250. Its explanation of this rule
is based on an experience which seems
excuse enough. Two guests of the
hotel kept their valuables arid money
In the safe. They left them there
when they went abroad , sometimes to
stay for six months. Once the wife
came back alone and drew out all the
monej' and valuables. As she had of
ten done so before the clerks gave the
box to her as a matter of course. It
was not until her husband had return
ed and wanted the same valuables that
the hotel knew of their divorce. The
husband brought suit and recovered
all he claimed. Since that result of its
confidence In Its guests the hotel has
limited its responsibility to $250. New
York Sun.
A Cholera Belt.
"The cholera belt , " said a pale Anglo-
Indian , "is uot an imaginary girdle ,
like your pie belt , but a real girdle ,
which every foreign resident of India
wears day and night. In winter the
belt Is made of heavy wool. In the
summer it is made of light wool. It is
never taken off. Even when you arc
sleeping in a temperature of 105 de
grees , tossing and moaning and per
spiring , despite the punkah that fans
you from above , you still keep on your
cholera belt , no matter what else you
shed. Every Anglo-Indian has a couple
of dozen cholera belts. They are said
to prevent cholera , and I have no doubt
they do so. At any rate , I never heard ,
of any wearer of a cholera belt whom j *
cholera ever seized upon , " 1C
' M ! * nilill . & * O
; uklr "ji Vnlfntio- V
Smp l > ran < led
f -0fGf3r3ZtfytZFlf'
Some i Siimc braml ' ( l
i rmideil * onrkh tlilgh
on left 5 or > houider
siniil"rj3 ] | a
as cmtn er
bin. and m
- < > f
S me r at- ;
tie bran i-
d 111 : pec ( either side up ) on
left "lue or lilj . p on left jaw and o t shimmer
ot ontis QJ
QJQ m left hip of horse-
on left jaw of horses
Stock branded
with 7 on left hip
ilso same as cut
Range between
r/ordonand Snake
creeks and on rhp
Vlobrara river
Cody. Neb
Brand reglqtere
No 1027
Horses branded on
left shoulder
Ranee north and
south of Cutcomb
Iake in Cherry Co
P. H. Young.
Simeon. Nebr.
Cattlp branded
as cut on left elde
Some Q.yon left
on left jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordoa Creek north of Slmenn ,
Postofflce address
Hyannis , Neb
On right side
on left
also cattle
on right H'd-
Range i milesi
north ol fT\annls
C. H Little.
Merriman , Nebr
On either side
Horses same on
hip Also g >
Range Lake Cr ek
Pat Peiper
Simeon Nebr
Rnaii Brothers
Woodlake Neb
John Koan's
pdvate mark , slit
in left ear
0. P Jordan.
Roaebud , SD
Horses and cattle
same as cut ; also
CJBE JJ on ripht
Range on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rustlers of stock
bearing any of these brands.
Albert Whipple & Sons
Rosebud , S , D.
Cattle branded
SOS on left sdp
OSO on riehtside
Some cattle also
have af fen neck
Some with A on
left sbonlder and
some branded
with two bars
across hind quar-
Iters. Seine Texas
cattle branded S O on left side and some ;
on left side.
Horses branded SOS on left hip. Some cattle
branded AW bar connected on both sides and
° ft hln of
from my place on Rosebud reser
vation , about Oct. 11 , 1906 , one
gray horse , 3 or 4 years old , brand
ed GB on left thigh ; one dnn
horse , 3 years old , branded
on left nhoulder.
Liberal reward- for information -
leading to their recovery.
484pd Eosebud , S. D.
Barnes will see you at the hotel
about your eyes , Friday , Jan. 11.
Get your property insured by 1.
M. Rice and you will be safe. His
companies pay losses promptly.S i
. .
OD leftside a , .
cut , ft-tach tx >
' c'rcV ' l-ln
box Registered H70. itauK ' " miles wutb
Irwlp on Nlobrara river
Parmelet"attlr CoRe V'J J
Ro ehmt.S. D.
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
with * tnpe under
Morses branded
left thigh.
Range on Soldier creek.
Motz er Bros. ,
Cattle branded
anywhere on left
Earmark , square
crop right ear.
same brand on
left thigh.
Hantip on fiord on and Snake Creeks.
A Reward of $250 will V I < 1 W ny Person for
iffinmtSii T lea-ling to the arrest and llnal
coVmcSon or any person or persons stealing
cattle with above brand.
Jos. tsnstol
Valentine , Nebr.
Range on Nlo
brara river four
miles east of Ft.
Horses and
cattle branded
ft B connected on
left hip or side as
shown in cut
Postofflce address : .
Hyannis , Neb
Branded on left side
Range eighteen miles
north of Fvannls
Pullman. Nebr
Cattle branded JY
on right side
Horses branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward'
for any Information
leading to the re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
Sandy Williams.
Mrrrlman. Nebr.
Mostly oil left
side. Some on
right side.
Horses same on
left shoulder
flange Lake
Creek. 8 , D.
D. M. Sears.
Kennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
as on cut.left side
Some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle branded
same as cut on
left side.
branded ]
on left
, Range 6 mile *
south of Irwin.
J. B. Lord
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
same as cut back
right shoulder and
en right hip
Range on the
Postofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On left
side. Hoi
ses left
Range north
Cutcomb Lake
Garner Brothers.
Cody , Nebr.
Anywhere on cat
Horses on. left
Range- North
Sawyer Bros.
ostofflce address.
Oaais , Nebr
G. K. Sawyer has
charge of these cat
tle Horses I > H on
left shoulder Somes
-tt IhJgD uue ontntKH
Nebraska Land and Feeding Co.
artlett Richards Pres WlllGComstock V P
' "
Chas G Jamison Sec&Treas
Cattle branded oa
Part olaniaai.
; orseg branc
Bange between
Gordon un the F.E