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J. W. STETTER , THE DEMOCRAT has not said
For Commissioner. very much thus far on the
county conimissionership for the reason that we have felt
11 all along that the people of this county were so jvvell ac-
qainted with the democratic candidate , Jacob W. Stetter ,
that there could be no question about his election. How
ever , it is not well to be too sure of anything and we
must advise our friends who are interested in Mr. Stet
ter1 s election to come out and vote , and to speak to
their neighbor on the question of commissioner. There
is not very much money in holding this office and this
has a tendency to deter the best business men from ac
cepting a place on the board. Mr. Stetter did not want
the nomination but his friends prevailed on him to ac
cept it. He has lived in this county so long and his
business ability is so well known that his friends felt
that he would easily be elected and his great business
capacity would be of inestimable value to the county.
The board of commissioners levy our taxes , and , when
collected , they spend the money. This board has the
business management of the county and it is certainly to
the interest of every tax payer that a man of good busi
ness judgment be elected to this office.
I if
The office is in no sense a party one. It is purely a
business proposition and no one who knows Jake Stetter
will doubt that he is just the material for a successful coun
ty commissioner. For years he has been advocating in
dependence in voting and urging our readers to look tea
* a man's ability , integrity and general fitness. We want
them to apply these tests to Mr. Stetter and we think
they will find that no other man who has been proposed
for this office would be of more service to to the tax pay
ers than he. We are glad to find the Valentine Republican -
lican with us in this fight. It is a good thing to see Mr.
Barker lay aside his party prejudice in the matter and
'come out as he does in support of a good sound business
administration of county affairs , and he is doing this by
calling upon his readers to lay aside party feeling and
vote for Jake Stetter. In its issue of last week it came
out boldly and advocated the election of Mr. Stetter , and ,
in its issue of October 19th , it had the following to say :
Editor Republican :
As an old-time republican I beg
for a small space in your paper for
a word in behalf of one of the can
didates for county commissioner.
The office of county commission
er is strictly a business olfice has
no influence on or connection with
politics and should be ad
ministered without regard to poli
tics. The location of a road or
the building of a bridge has noth
ing whatever to do with the rail
road rate question or the tariff
question , or any other question of
state or national politics.
We should select the best man
for the office of county commission
er , politics to the contrary not
i I believe you will agree with me
i when I say that Jake Stetter is one
of the best business men that ever !
came down the pike. His success j
proves this assertion true. His fit j
ness for the office and his integrity j
cannot be questioned. Personally , j
he is one of the best fellows on the j i
face of the earth. He belongs to
that class described by Old Abe as J
"plain people. "
One of the commissioners ought
to be located at the county-seat for
the convenience of all the people
of the county. Jake lives there.
Jske's election would not disturb
the political preponderance of the
board ; it would still have a republi
can majority , and the republican
party would still be found doing
business at the old stand.
While The Republican does not
fully agree with every statement in
the above communication , it can
cheerfully and conscientiously en
dorse a portion thereof.
sire is to give every man his just
dues , and having known Mr.
Stetter for more than twenty years ,
we believe he would make a valu
able member of the board.
The Republican is fully aware
of the fact that many republicans
feel the same as does our correspondent
pendent ; that they are not only going -
ing to vole for Jake Stetter them-
'selves ' , but will do all they can to
persuade others to do so. There
is no use of concealing the truth ,
and The Republican will make no
attempt to do so , for the tide is on
in that direction and there is ap-
parent no way to stay it. A
wave of independent spirit is ris-
jin high and will spend itself only
in an independent voting of the
people this fall.
What are you going to do about
it ? If the voters of Cherry county
want Jake Stetter elected commis
sioner and they appear to be
determined that he shall be you
might as well butt your head
against a stone wall , in hope of
knocking it down , as to attempt
to prevent them casting their
ballots for him.
ihe Republican correspondent is right in saying that
one of the commissioners ought to be located at the coun
ty seat. It does not matter so * much to the people who
live in town as it does to the county precincts. An at
tempt is being made to show that we are tryingto hog
every tiling for the county seat. This is not true. We
never favored the town to the exclusion of the country ,
for the town ought always to bear in mind that its growth
and development depend upon the good will of the coun-
.try. But it is to the convenience and advantage of
the people who live outside and have business at the
H 'County seat that a commissioner live in town. If you ]
live out ten , tv/nity , thirty , forty , fifty or one hundred j
miles from the county seat , you now and then , have busi
ness there , and you may want to see a county commis
sioner. Eow , if one member of the board lives here , you
- * -
can lay the matter you are interested in before him ; get
his view ? on it ; make your rxplr nation of if , PTK ! i _ "
il e board mn > . thfr-- i , at i * : i-t. ic ni .U i . , . '
board thai unuor&tandb it , and yoyi do not have to make
a special trip to the county seat when the board is in
session. If Mr. Morris is elected and you come to the
county seat you will not find him there. He has not
been getting his mail in Cherry county. Johnstown , in
Brown county , is his railroad point , and , how many
farmers and stockmen of this county want to follow him
over into Brown county to get an interview with him
when they have some matter to submit to their commis
sioner. Jake Stetter ought to be elected because he has
superior qualifications for the place and because it is to
the interest of every man having business before the
commissioners to have a commissioner where they can
meet whenever their business brings them to the county
seat , without having to make a special trip regardless of
the weather , the condition of the roads , or the inconven
ience and expense it may make them to come to the coun
ty seat at stated times when the board may be in session.
R. H. WATSON , Only a few years ago the
For state Supt. Pub. ins. politicians o f Nebraska
would have frowned upon the idea of a man from west
ern Nebraska for a state office. But with the growth
and. development or this section or
the state has come also her political
, recognition. This year one of the
'great ' parties has recognized the
' rights of western Nebraska and has
nominated Professor Watson , the
superintendent of our schools , for
state superintendent of public in
struction. This is a well deserved
compliment. It was due western
Nebraska ; it was due the Valentine
schools , and it was due Professor
Watson. It shows that the demo- R- HWATSON. .
cratic party has come to recognize the portion of the
state west of the one hundreth meridian and we hope in
due time the republican party will take a similar step and
nominate for state offices some of its leaders who live in
pur part of the state. The nomination of Prof. Watson
is the best advertisement that our schools could possibly
have. For years we have been working to raise our
schools to the highest standard and their excellence is
generally recognized by the leading educators of the
state. It was Prof. Watson's work that made this ex
cellence possible and his election to this office would be
a fitting recognition of his work.
This is the first time the voters of this county have
had a chance to vote for a home man for a state office
and we hope they will make the-most of it by giving
Prof. Watson such a majority that it will be notice to the
people abroad that we are loyal to our own people and
proud of our own school and the man who has placed it
in the front rank of educational institutions of the state.
A. H. METZGER , This is the last issue before
For Representative. election , and , according to
usual campaign tactics , a party paper is filled with charges
and accusations against the opposing candidates. We
have never adopted that method of campaign work , and
are not going to. During the course of this contest for
local office we have said nothing detrimental to anyone.
We do not expect our men to win because of their own
strength. In the matter of a representative for this dis-
j trict we have put forward Mr. Metzger , whose record as
a citizen and stockman is sufficient to assure him the re
spect of every voter in the district , whether he intends to
vote for him or not. We doubt if a candidate was ever
nominated in this county whose ability , integrity and
general fitness for the office were so universally admitted.
He is one of the pioneers who laid the foundation for
the county's greatness. While lie lived and prospered
himself , he lias helped others prosper. Metzger Bros. '
ranch has been a stopping place for the lonely way-farer
for the past eighteen years. No one ever came to that
ranch who was not given the friendly hand and the best
the ranch afforded. Mr. Metzger represents the best
there is in our western good-fellowship. He was equip
ped by nature and education for leadership and his pow
ers have always been used for the advancement and up-
j la
I building of the community. The men who have been
- , i.- ; ; JX . . < ; . . . , ; -if , * nu ki v. i r is tiue blue.
I he stockmen and farmers are for him because he is
at one with them and knows their needs. And the people
of Valentine and the other towns in this county ought to
be for him because he is as well able to represent them
as if he came from the town , and , as a matter of business ,
they ought to concede to the farmers and stockmen a
representative. They ought to show that they appreciate
the good will of the people outside the towns and that
they are anxious to cultivate a good feeling between the
people who support the town and the town itself. The
business men of the towns cannot afford to turn down
the people who support the town , aijd we are sure they
are not going to do it. The big industries of this district
are agriculture and stock raising , and they want one of
their number to represent them. Are you willing they
shall have him ? If you are , speak a word to your neigh
bor and ask him to vote with you for A. H. Metzger for
/ / / / x. r " > c s v T
Our Cartoon. I
Our cartoon this week shows the
old man Kinkaid , w'ho wants to be
the congressman from this district
in one of his many disreputable
acts that he has committed in Holt
County. An agreement was made
between this old reprobate and
farmer Hyatt to the effect that
Kinkaid was to furnish the money
for Hyatt to buy cattle , which ;
Hyatt was to feed and care for and
when they were taken to market
and sold , shylock Kinkaid was to
have 35 percent of the sale for the
use of the money. The time in
which Hyatt was to purchase the
cattle was from May until Xovemj j
ber and as most of the cattle was '
bought late this old shylock would
get as his pound of flesh full 50
percent on his investment , The
cattle was sold in March and Hyatt
came in to settle for the pound of 11
flesh. Kinkaid refused to settle !
unless Hyatt would first give him'
the drafts for the sale. Hyatt !
knowing this man refused to de
liver the drafts in full but offered
to deliver to him what was his
Here is where the character of
the old shylock came to the sur
face. He at once went before a
justice of the peace and swore that
Hyatt had stolen the drafts and
had him arrested. He saw he was
going to fail in this and went to a
friendly sheriff who with a gun
deliberately took the drafts and delivered -
livered them to shylock as his
pound of flesh. The case got into
the courts and this modern shylock -
lock was about to wear stripes ,
but he got out of the deal in some
way and farmer Hyatt never got
a cent for his winter's work , or
for the 90 acres of corn or the
hundreds of tons of hay that he
fed during the winter. It was in
this case that Judge Maxwell took
occasion to point out wherein Kin
kaid had testified falsely and which
we published last week. Read it
again and then say if you think
this man is a fit man for to repre
sent you in the congress of the
United States ?
It will be remembered by our
readers that last winter Sec. Taft c
made an order that all supplies'v '
for the Panama canal should be
purchased in the open market.
This had the sanction of President
Roosevelt and a resolution was
placed before the United States
congress by the pliant tools of the
trusts to the effect that all supplies
for the Panama canal should be
bought at home and all competition
with the trusts be crushed. The
resolution easily passed the sub
servient senate and went to the
lower house , and , after a short
fight by the friends of open com
petition the resolution passed the
house. Let it be said to the ever
lasting disgrace of Nebraska that
she had two members in that body
that supported that resolution.
One ' was Kinkaid , the boneless and
spineless : old skinflint from the
Sixth ! district , and the other con
gressman ; Kennedy. This is a
matter of record and not any cam
paign ; assertion. It is a matter
that i any citizen of Nebraska can
look up and satisfy himself. Now ,
this old shylock poses as a friend
of i the people when his record
shows him to have always been on
the side of the trusts. He is a
tool of the trusts and his own re
cord convicts him.
The do nothing policy of this
man has cost the people of Cherry
county and the western part of
Xebraska a market created by b >
FortXiobrara. Any congressman
with the interest of his district at
heart 1 could have saved this fort to
Valentine and the West , but Kin
kaid was being wined and dined by
the corporation henchmen for hi.-
good work in voting for * ' „ . -
when they needed him , a : pt
while the peeple were b'rob
bed of their Fort.
Volumes might be writfc ' " the
acts of this old shylock o
quiet , ( he never does anything
openly ) that would show him to be
more than just a servile tool of the
railroads. It might be shown that
this old shylock had left lasting
lisgrace and mental ruin in at
least two instances in Holt county ,
by his personal lust.
The record of this man smells to
leaven and the vote in his own
jounty this fall will prove what
sve say.
Two years ago the state senate was solidly republi
can. Out of 100 members in the house , 91 were republi
cans. The governor was republican. Mr. Sheldon , now
republican candidate for governor , was a member of the V
senate. If , under such favorable conditions , they would
not give the people any relief , why have we reason to be-
heve that if a republican governor and legislature
elected tins fall that they would be more sincere ? are