Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, October 25, 1906, Image 7

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Dolly Dimples So Ileggy Bonds proposed -
, posed to you the other day ? Was be
rery nervous ?
Sally Smiles I should say so.7hy ,
lie was up in the air.
Dolly Dimples You don't mean it
And were you calm , dear ?
Sally Smiles No , I was up In the
air , too. You see , he proposed to me
when he took me up in his new bal
"I am so afraid of lightning , " said the
pretty girl , who was n horn llirt.
"And well you may he , " rejoined one
of ber masculine victims. "You have a
heart of steel. "
A Positive
Ely's ' Cream Balm
is quickly absorbed.
Gives Relief at Once.
It cleanses , soothes
heals and protects
the diseased mem
brane. It cures Ca
tarrh and drives
away a Cold in the
Head quickly. Ee-
etores the Senses of
Taste and Smell. Full size 50 eta. at Drug
gists or by mail ; Trial Size 10 cts. by mail
Ely Brothers , 55 Warren Street. New York.
A Sensitive Canine.
Baxter That do& of yours is not a full
Wooded Boston terrier , is he ?
Bixby Iluxh , old chap , don't let him
hear you. He thinks he is. Woman'a
Home Companion.
.Little Girl's Obstinate Case of Eczema
Mother Says : "Cuticura Rem
edies a Household Standby. "
"Last year , after having nay little
girl treated by a very prominent physician -
-cian for an obstinate case of eczema , I
resorted to the Cuticura Remedies , and
was so well pleased with the almost
instantaneous relief afforded that we
discarded the physician's prescription
and relied entirely on the Cuticura
Soap , Cuticura Ointment , and Cuticura
Pills. When we commenced with the
Cuticura Remedies her feet and limbs
were covered with running sores. In
about six weeks we had her complete
ly well , and there has been no recur
rence of the trouble. We find that the
Cuticura Remedies are a valuable
household standby , living as we do
twelve miles from a doctor , and where
it costs from twenty to twenty-five
dollars to come up on the mountain.
Mrs. Lizzie Vincent Thomas , Fair-
jnount , Walden's Ridge , Teiin. , Oct. 13 ,
1905. "
Dcclnctlve Reasoning.
Hotel Reporter I've got a breezy lit
tle talk here with a Scranton ( Pa. )
man , but
City Editor Well ?
"There's an Important omission. I
forgot to inquire his business. "
"Oh , that's easily supplied. He runs
a correspondence school , of course. "
Hasty Conclusion.
Tommy paused a moment in the work
of demolition.
"This is angel cake , all right , " he said.
"How do you know ? " asked Johnny.
"I've found a feather in it. " Chicago
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills the Most
Successful Remedy for All
Forms of Debility.
Anicmia , whether it results from ac-
jual loss of blood , from lack of nutrition
due to stomach trouble , or whatever its
cause , is simply a deficiency of the vital
fluid. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills actually [ '
make new blood. They do that one
tiling and they do it7 li. I
"As a girl , " says Mrs. Jessie Fink , of
180 East Mill street , Akron , Ohio , "I
suffered from nervous indigestion and
vhen I "was eighteen years old I was
reduced in weight to 93 pounds. I was
anaemic , nervous , couldn't eat or sleep ,
g tlie Mow Made Eaay.
An easy method of filling mows with
straw from the thrasher or with hay
when partly full Is as follows : Fasten
a piilley on a rafter a little beyond
beam. Hall two wide boards G on the
fceama for too bundle to slide upon.
TJifl appe D having a hook upon one
ecd , is placed under and around the
B&GW and fastened. The bundle Is
thea LiSad by a man at D. When it
reaches too top beam it swings in ami
te lowaced into4 * ue mow. It . . .con'then
fbe placed where wanted and unfast-
[ enei. This device is very aandy and
much time.
Gcant Eoblnson of St. Paul , Minn , ,
has purchased 40,000 acres of land In
( presidio county , Texas , which he will
; devote to the culture of macaroni
I wheat on a scale the largest ever at-
| temptcd In the world. Extensive prep
arations are now going forward for
the consummation of the plans of the
capitalist Seed for planting will be
brought to this country from the Vol
ga region of Russia.
The field will be cultivated on the
rery latest and most Improved method
of wheat farming. Monster stake
plowa will be utilized in breaking up
the land ; In fact , all of the latest types
jof farming machinery will be used on
Mr. Robinson proposes to have the
largest and best managed wheat farm
In the world. He will build a system
of tenant houses and supply the wants
of iris laboring men from a commissary.
A school will be built for the children
of the laboring men , as well as church
es , etc. The farm Is near Valentine ,
accessible to the railroad , and has
jproven under tests to be admirably
adapted to the culture of macaroni
Sowing : Spinach.
Early spinach Is seeded In the fall.
The ground should be plowed and made
fine , plenty of well-rotted manure ap
plied , and the seed sown In rows about
16 inches apart , which should be done
with a seed drill having a small roller
to cover end press the earth on the
seeds , the depth of planting the seeds
being about half an Inch. The seed
should be sown before cold weather
sets in. When the plants are up let
thorn grow until \the \ ground Is frozen ,
land then cover with straw , which
should be removed early in the spring.
[ Spinach Is a very hardy plant and la
seldom injured by cold.
Sheep Shearing : Table.
Moke a table with a hollow top , on
which to lay the sheep. On each side
of the board have a strap or rope with
a snap hook to hold kicking sheep. The
liollow top places the sheep at a dlsad-
rantage in trying to get up. This table
Is also very handy hi tagging sheep ;
also in cleaning hogs , as the water will
Virginia , anfl generally considered * e
no commercial value.
, Lime IViirojjen.
i Every gardener likes to use a slliu-
' ulatlng fertilizer to hurry the crop. *
along. For this purpose nitrate of soda
and sulphate of ammonia are most frequently - -
quently employed. Nitrogen Is the ele
ment chiefly sought and all known
means of obtaining it cheaply have
been tested. Lately much interest hajs
been shown in limo nitrogen or calcium
cyanamid. The results of recent experi
ments with this fertilizer indicate a
high value for it. In some tests it has
shown only 80 per cent of the effec
tiveness of nitrate of sodn while In
other tests it proved superior.
Lime nitrogen soeins to be harmful
if placed in direct contact with tha
seeds or roots of plants. It should pi'o-
ferably be mixed with the soil and ap
plied from eight to fourteen days be
fore seeding. It will then greatly has
ten the growth and maturity of gar
den plants. Some gardeners have
found that it is best to mix the lime
nitrogen with the soil five to ten inches
below the surface. Tha best results
' have been obtained by mixing the fer
tilizer with twice Its weight of dry
soil before applying. Limo nitrogen
should not be applied at a greater rate
than 125 to 270 pounds per acre.
Si&ve Kalliiifi : Leiives. ,
When the leaves begin to fall , do not
burn them. Save all of them. They
'make the humus that by and by be
comes soil , and la of immense value In
all its stases of change. The most ir
rational work ever dona by a human
belng Is to take what nature has spent
the -whole summer In creating for him.
and thro\r It back Into its elemental
conditions. These leaves are nature's
contribution , and her very best con
tribution to man's wealth. They are
naturally spread all over the lawns
each year , as a winter protection ; and
after they have accomplished that mis
sion they are worked over Into a com
post ofhumus. . As a rule , do not rake
them too completely off the lawns. The
leaves yon do take Instead of burning ,
use for banking up buildings , for that
will save coal ; to cover or bank around
plants ; for stable bedding ; or on the
floors of henhouses , and in rooms
where the hens may scratch during tha
Good Poultry Feeder.
Get a flat , empty grocery box and
cut a section out of it , as shown in il
lustration. Nail a strip of thin board
over the beveled portion and set the
- , * _ < * 't SJBfc
affair against the wall. Here you have
a self-feeding box inwhich can be put
grit , bone , charcoal or grain. One or
two partitions put in before cutting
out the beveled section would make
two or three compartments , inwhich
two or three of the articles could be
kept at the same time. This is the
easiest possible way to make a self-
feeding box. Have the top or cover
part of the box slanting , so that the
fowls cannot roost on it
Cold Storage for Farmers.
Putting first-class apples In cold stor
age for sale In late winter or early
spring , is usually very profitable , says
Farming. Other fruit and farm pro
ducts may also be stored to advantage.
The expense of a cold storage plant
precludes Its use by most fruit grow
ers. Co-operation among farmers will
sometimes be possible along this line.
Granges and other farmers' organiza
tions may do educational and practical
work also. But available for every
farmer are the refrigerator plants newfound
found in almost every city. Rooms or
space may be rented as one needs. Gen
erally it Is best to store In tb.8 city .
where it is intended to sell , that the
produce may be on the ground in case
of an advantageous market Many a
grower of fine fruit -would be dollars
ahead by availing himself of cold stor
age facilities.
"Pocter , " said the fussy lady In the
parlor car , "I wish you would open this
tvindow. "
The lady hi thefseat directly across
the car heard the request and drew a
cloak about her.
"Porter , if that winao-fv Is opened , "
; she snapped , testily , "I shall freeze to
.death. . "
l' ' "And if the window is kept closed , "
returned the other passenger , "I shall
surely suffocate. "
i The porter stood timidly between the
two fires.
j "Porter , " remarked the commercial
traveler , "your duty is very plain.
Open the window and freeze one lady.
Then close it and suffocate the other. "
Women have so much to do. so many
pains to suffer , so many critical periods
to go through , that it is important to
keep the kidneys well
and uroid the back
ache , bearing down
pain , headaches , diz
ziness , languor and
other common signs of
weak kidneys. Mrs.
Charles E. Smith , of
22 Boydeu SL , Woon-
socket , R. I. , says :
"My kidneys were
weak from childhood ,
L and for eigbt or ten
years past my suffer
ings were terrible. My hack was very
painful and I had many annoying symp
toms besides. When I began taking
Doan's Kidney Pills I weighed only 120.
To-day I weigh 1G5 , and am In better
health than for years. Doan's Kidney
Pills have been my only kidney medi
cine during four years past They ,
'bring ' me out of every attack. "
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co. , Buffalo , N. Y.
Spoiled u Trip.
Mrs. Jeuner Lee Ondego This spell of
pool weather is decidedly refreshing.
Mrs. Seldom-Holme I am glad you
{ find it so. It is decidedly annoying to
me. I was just getting ready ' ; o have the
iiay fever. Chicago Tribune.
Steel Roofing ; at a Bargain.
The quality of steel roofing sold for
1.50 per 100 square feet is something
surprising for these times of high
prices. By sending for catalogue No.
[ \V. \ 749 , Chicago House Wrecking Co. ,
phicago , referred to in another column
Of this paper , those contemplating to
pulld or repairing old roofs can get im
portant information.
Her Oniy
"Yes , " said Dreamy Darius , "I put all
, my brains into this little poem. "
"And it's an awfully short poem at
that , " rejoined Sarcastic Susau.
Eor Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Couldn't Keep n Secret.
Mother ( impatiently ) You have been
very naughty to-day , Juanita. I shall
lhave to tell your father when he comes
'home. '
Juanita ( aged 7) ) That's the woman
of it ! You never can keep anything to
[ yourself.
Wliere the best things are not possi
ble , the hest should he made of those
that are. Hooker.
Two Grateful Letters from Women Who Avoided
Serious Operations. Many Women Suffering
from Like Conditions WiSi Be Interested.
When a physician tells a woman , suf
fering1 from female trouble , that an
operation is necessary it , of course ,
frightens her.
The very thought of the operating1
table and the knife strikes terror to
her heart. As one woman expressed
it , when told by her physician that she
must undergo an operation , she felt
that her death knell had sounded.
Our hospitals are full of women
who are there for just such operations !
It is quite true that these troubles
may reach a stage where an operation
is the only resource , but such cases are
much rarer than is generally supposed ,
because a great many women have
been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound after the doctors
had said an operation must be per
formed. In fact , up to the point where
the knife must be used to secure instant
relief , this medicine is certain to help.
The strongest and most grateful
statements possible to make come from
women who , by taking Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound , have
escaped serious operations.
Margrite Ryan , Treasurer of St.
Andrew's Society , Indianapolis , Ind. ,
writes of her cure as follows :
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :
" I cannot find words to express my thanks
for the good Lydia E. Pinkham's "Vegetable
Compound did me. The doctor said I could
not get well unless I had an operation for
the trouble from which I suffered. I know I
could not stand the strain of an operation and
made up my mind I would bo an invalid for
life. Hearing how Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound had saved other-women
from serious operations I decided to try it ,
and in less than four months Irts entirely
cured ; and words fail to esprcsc my thank
fulness. "
Miss Margret Merkley , of 275 3d
Street , Milwaukee , Wis."writes :
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :
"Loss of strength , extreme nervousness ,
severe shooting pains through the pelvic
organs , cramps , bearing-down pains , and an
irritable disposition compelled mo to seek
medical advice. The doctor , nftor making
an examination , said that I had a serious
female troubleand ulceration. and advised an-
operation as my only hope. To this I strongly
objected and I decided as a last resort to try
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
"To my surprise the ulceration healed , all
the bad symptoms disappeared , and I ainonce
more strong , vigorous and v/ell ; and I can
not express my thanks for what it has done
forme. "
Serious feminine troubles are steadi
ly on the increase among women and
before submitting to an operation
every , woman should try Lydia E.
Piukham's Vegetable Compound , and
write Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn , Mass ,
for advice.
For thirty years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound has been curing
the worst forms of female complaints ,
all functional troubles , inflammation ,
ulceration , falling and displacement ,
weakness , irregularities , indigestion
and nervous prostration. Any woman ,
who could read the many grateful
letters on file in Mrs. Pinkham's office
would be convinced of the efficiency of
her advice and Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
bars , pinknam s ASvice A Woman Best Wnaerstanas a wosan s ali
The government printing ollice spends
for lithographing and engraving $240-
000 a year.
What is it that no one wishes to have
and yet when he has it he does not wish
to lose it ? Ans. A bald head.
Automatic Shoe : md Humes * Repairing
Ouiti Does away with needles and bristles
In repairing harness and shoes. Sample FREE
1.A u TON & BUSII3IAN , Mfrs. , Curling-
toil , Wis.
S C. X. IT. - - - Xo. < J3 1006.
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TVJ > - V '
If more than ordinary skill in playing brings the honors of the
game to the winning player , so exceptional merit in a remedy
: ' y ' * T : ' ensures the commendation of the well informed , and as a rea
sonable amount of outdoor life and recreation is conducive to
the health and strength , so does a perfect laxative tend to one's
improvement in cases of constipation , biliousness , headaches ,
\ - etc. It is all important , however , in selecting a laxative , to
choose one of known quality and excellence , like the ever -.v'