Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, October 25, 1906, Image 4

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    THE V HN
I. M. RICE Editor urn ) Proprietor.
' Entered at the postoflice at Valentine , Cherry county , Nebr. . as Second
Cla&s Matter.
Subscription $1.00 per year in advance ; 81.50 when not paid in advance.
Display Advertising 1 inch single column loc per issue or $6.00 a vear
Local Notices , Obituaries. Lodge Resolutions and Socials for revenm
5c per line per issue.
Brands , 1J inchesS4.00 per year in advance ; additional space S3.00 per
year ; engraved blocks extra $1.00 each.
10 per cent additional to above rates if over 6 months in arrears.
' - . Parties living outside Cherry county are requested to pay in advance.
Notices of losses of stock free to brand advertisers.
11 ,
Fusion Candidate for Governor
He Stands For
I ! '
"Jay Hawk" Johnson's hand
Ife'A. again seen in the Republican.
What could Barker do without
him ?
S. S. Joice' of Gordon is the
democratic candidate for state
senator of this district. He is a
man of middle age and is a life
long democrat. He is a pleasant
man to meet and an entertaining
' talker. He has lived in the west
for years and is well acquainted
with the interests that he will be
called upon to represent , and will
get his heaviest vote where he is
best known. If elected he will
vote for Hon. W. H. Thompson
for U. S. senator and will help to
correct the abuses of this adminis
tration. Vote for S. S. Joice and
Ife'i Albert H. Metzger.
What a comparison -between
Hon. W. H. Thompson and Xorris
Brown. Who would like to see
the latter sent to the U. S. senate ?
Who ? Why , many of the people
here remember the debate between
Congressman Greene and Norris
i Brown eight years ago in the old
court house at Valentine when
they were candidates for repre
sentative of the Sixth district.
The room was crowded with people
ple and we remember how Greene
made a monkey of Norris Brown
who blundered along until his
friends felt sorry for him. Do we
want Brown for U. S. senator ? No !
What would Hon. W. H. Thomp
son do to him in a joint debate ?
Cattle or soda water ?
Lower freight rates on coal ,
stock , farm products , hay and
grain , or a license law for soda
fountains ?
Eeasonable stock inspection laws
or a treatise on soda fizz ?
The backbone industry of our
country , or soda fizz and pills ?
Hon. W. H. Thompson or Nor
ris Brown ?
Albert H. Metzger or the re
publican candidate ?
The stockmen and farmers say
.they prefer Mr. Metzger to rep
resent them. What are you going
to do about it Barker-Heath ? Getup
up another schemp to rob the tax
payers by publishing two delin
quent tax lists in one year ? . .
It's graft you're after and your
right hand Bowering , who is also
a fake reformer , and Co. Treas.
Armstrong are ready tools in your
service. Graft is your watchword - .
word and prime mover of your
The Republican wants its read
ers to believe that the worst that
can be said about its candidate for
state representative is that he deals
in soda water , because THE DEMOcrat -
crat recently compared that candidate -
date with the candidate on the
democratic ticket. Of course , it's
no crime to sell soda water , and
the people will not understand that
THE DEMOCRAT expected anyone
to vote against the republican
candidate because of his calling.
They will vote for Albert H.
Metzger because of his calling be
ing in harmony with theirs. He
has endured the hardships and pri
vations that the great number of
people have undergone because of
sending the wrong men to the
legislature to represent them/The
results of evil practices such as
sending a man who is not in ac
cord with the people and out of
harmony with the men who are in
need of representation can be
easily distinguished.
We do not say that the drug
store * . men or soda * water men do
not need representation , but they
are not in so great a need of rep
resentation as the farmers , stock
men and merchants. It is not
difficult to distinguish the difference - ,
ence between such interests. The
Cody Cow Boy and the Republican :
each took great pains to dodge the '
real issue between the two candi
dates. They want to send some
body to the legislature to vote for
Nbrris Brown. That is their
principal plea , and they say they
want to brace up Roosevelt.
Doesn't everybody know that the
democrats were with Roosevelt in
all the reforms that were accom
plished and that the republicans
were so divided that had it not
been for the democratic support in
congress Roosevelt wouldn't have
been braced up. The people are j
also getting tired of the flimsy ex
cuse to vote for republicans who
will vote for Norris Brown to \
brace up the administration. Do
not be deceived with the wily
tricks of smooth tongued pervert-
ers. The issue at stake is : Shall
stockmen and farmers be hood
winked into voting to support an
administration that has flayed them
on all sides , robbed them by high
freight rates on everything they
ship in or out of the country ,
robbed them by tariff rates and
trust combines on what they buy
and in unjust and unequal taxation ?
Vote instead for a change of ad
ministration. Vote for Albert H.
Metzger and S. S. Joice. They
will better represent Cherry coun
ty and western Nebraska and will
help elect W. H. Thompson to the
United States senate.
Election day will be one week
from next Tuesday. The Republi
can is trying to "put none but re
publicans on-guard. " They want
to slip in , slide in , or count in.
"Put none but republicans on
guard ! " What does that mean ?
Beat 'em fair or foul ? This is
the well known policy of the fake
reformer who this year publishes
two tax lists instead of one at the
tax payer's expense.
Honesty Is the foundation of civic
virtue ; and agriculture is the founda
tion of national -wealth. G. L. Shum-
way , Fusion Candidate for Congress ,
Sixth District
1 Vll-
He stands for : ITT"
Two-cent fares.
Lower freight rates.
Equal taxation.
No free passes.
Direct primary
Initiative and referendum.
Eight hour labor.
Employers' liability act.
Appraisement of corporations and
limitation of their earnings.
Prohibiting corporation campaign
Forfeiture of office for accepting a
free pass , favor or fee from a public
service corporation.
Public absorption of trusts.
Public ownership or control of pub
lic utilities.
Removal of tariff from lumber , nails ,
wire and farm machinery
Government control of interstate
Governmental experimental farms.
Classification , appraisal and provi
sional sale of public grazing lands.
Withdrawal from Nebraska of all
secret agents of land department.
Laws for the farmer and a square
deal for everybody.
G. L. Shumway , fusion candi
date for congress , has for many
years made a study of western
conditions. He has never been a
candidate for any office ; he has no
personal interests to serve now ,
but he knows the interests of
stockmen and farmers. He has
more influence , though a private
citizen , than has 'Congressman
Kinkaid. His opinions are sought
by men in high positions on sub
jects relating to western develop
ment. His position as chief exe
cutive committee man of the Ameri
can Irrigation Federation , which
position he now occupies for a
second time , gives him prestige.
His force of character , sincerity ,
resourcefulness , industry and per
severance will place the Sixth dis
trict in the first rank of importance
at Washington. Republican Gov
ernor Mickey recognizing him as
an authority has twice named him
as delegate to the National Irri
gation congress. Has Congress
man Kinkaid kept faith ? What of
his promises relating to Fort Nlo-
brara ? Or his bi-ennial pre-elec
tion promise to secure a commu
tation feature for section home
steads ?
The talk is : If you want to
support Roosevelt and his policy ,
elect republican legislators and
congressmen. All the legislative
candidates talk it. Kinkaid talks
it. But nothing could be farther
from the truth. The republicans
did not support Roosevelt's policy.
They fought it on the sly and on
the open. He had a republican
senate dead against himlast win
ter. All of his "reforms" were
hampered , doctored , amended un
til Mr. Roosevelt must have felt
ashamed of his own measures.
The politicians are using Reese
velt's name for vote gathering. If
the people want the Roosevelt re
forms , they muse elect a demo
cratic legislature and democratic
congressmen. Then they will get
it straight and unhampered. What
the leaders want is power , aad
they will go any lengths of pre
tended reform to get it. But once
in office , good-bye Roosevelt , who ,
great as 'he is , will be only a snrall
force in the hands of the manipu
lators of the trusts and political
combines. Stuart Ledger.
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Democratic Candidate for
United States Senator.
Vote for Hon. W. H. Thomp
son for U. S. senator by helping
elect A. H. Metzger and S. S.
Joice to the legislature. It is
time for a change in this adminis
tration and the way to accomplish
a change is to begin in our state
legislature. We should get ready
for the tidal wave and put Ne
braska abreast with the times.
The republican party needs a set
back and their own most loyal
supporters are helping in this
movement to change conditions.
The reforms promised have been
slow coming. Freight rates are
too high and have been for years ,
yet the republicans ignored any
attempt to lower them in the last
legislature. Congress fails to re
duce tariffs and , though some re
forms have been accomplished
along lines of democratic reform
which was more freely participated
in by democrats than by republi
cans , it is proving to be what
the people want. It may be call
ed Roosevelt's idea , but it is the
opposite of the republican party
in the main. Get in line and let
us have a good old land slide to
condemn the traitors and rascals
and turn them out.
You can get a case of 2i bottles
of Webb's soda for Toe , delivered
to your house. Try a case. Tel
ephone 117. 31
Mrs. HattieRose , of Merriman ,
a sister of Mrs. C. E. Connell , is
spending a few days in Valentine
visiting relatives and friends. She
stopped off on her return from
Bell wood , Nebr. , where she had
been visiting at the home of Mr.
Rose's people the past two weeks.
Democratic Candidate for Representative 52nd District.
Prof. R. H. Watson.
Democratic Candidate for
State Supt. Pub. Instruction.
R. H. Watson , fusion candidate
for state superintendent , has been
superintendent of the Valentine
school for ten years and people of
all parties are going to vote for
him. It will be creditable to
Cherry county to furnish the
state superintendent of public
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on paint and paint sundries. If
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line go and see them. 402 j
For U. S. Senator
of Grand Island.
For Governor
of Alma.
For Lieutenant Governor
of Creiffhton.
For Secretary of State
of Saunders county.
For Treasurer
of Adams county.
For Auditor
of Kearney county.
For Attorney General
of Douglas county.
For Land Commissioner
of Lancaster county.
For Supt. Public Instruction
of Valentine.
For Railway Commissioners
of Johnson county.
of Polk county.
of Fillmore county.
For Congress Sixth District
of'Scotts Bluff county.
For State Senator 14th District -
of Gordon.
For Representative 52nd District-
of Merriman.
For Survevor
For Commissioner First District-