Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, September 13, 1906, Image 8

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I I I 1
HALF FARE ( October 1st to 5th ) Ail HAILROADS
Come And See Ihe Air = Slit20th ! Century Wentier
Nearly 1000 People in Attendance.
Last Saturday the Valenti :
people went to Dunn's strove <
North Table to enjoy a day wr
the farmers at their 4th annu
picnic. Yes , we all went b
Chapman , the druggist , and 1
came in the afternoon and sa
there wasn't anybody left in tov
and he wouldn't stay. Now , \
didn't mean to say that Chapms
didn't want to go to the picnic , ft
he did , but he couldn't get aw *
from town until everybody el
The day was warm almost tl
warmest day of this summer ai
the people were so thick that
was difficult to get through tl
crowds that swarmed around tl
only refreshment stand , which w ;
placed so near the speaker's star
that there was a jam there all da ;
excepting the dinner hour ar
while the crowds were out at tl
ball game , which was betwec
Harmony and North Table. Ha
mony won in six innings. Scori
6 to 2. The game was hotly coi
tested and quite interesting , bt
everybody expected Harmony 1
win , for there was Dave Fowle
to catch and a ball couldn't pas
him , when as good a thrower i
Aaron Salmon was pitching , unle.c
he laid down , and he wasn't brougl
up to dodge a ball. Then , ther
was Ed Beaman , who played cei
ter field , short stop and secon
base , and was never known to h
a ball pass him Sam Burgett al
so played second base and shoi
stop , and every other player i
the game seemed to be just in Ih
right place to get a ball on the fl
or a grounder. The North Tabl
boys did well , but they were u
against it , the invincible Harmon ;
boys with such players as Joh ]
Shelbourn , Dave Archer and raci
horse Sam ' ! Burgett , were to
much , for them. The Harmon ;
team could strike the ball out o
sight , too , and they came as nea
batting the "kiver" off the ball ai
any team we've seen yet. They'n
all of 'em big , husky fellows anc
there isn't a team up nor dowr
the road that can beat 'em. 1
was soon over. Will Cramer wa :
the umpire and wasn't slow ii
making decisions , and the gam <
would have been over sooner , bu
both sides batted the ball so higl
and far that the fielders had tc
wait for the ball to come down be
fore they could continue the game
Sam reacied : ) up and pulled the
ball down a few times , but the
other fellows didn't have no lad
der. Several good double.-plays
were made on both sides. . ,
* V- - * .ty
The fat men's race was enjoyed
'as much as any of the small spor
Dave Fowler , Bert Hammonda
W. H. Hooper ran in this n
and everybody guessed it WOT
be a slow , clumsy affair and prc
ably expected to see them f
down or stumble over each oth <
but it was a race when they
started. Hooper was gaining
Hammond and waan't half a fc
behind him at the close.
The speaking was good and
excellent program was carried ot
There was a good exhibit of a
ricultural products , the finest j
tatoes ever raised and a splenc
assortment of fruit. The wat <
melons , wheat and corn were
good as can be raised down eai
and , best of all , there was a cro\
of good , whole-souled , sturdy pi
neers , who have made this count
what-it is , and though the scars i
these veterans , their silvered hea
and halting step may not be i
corded individually , to their crec
be it said : they came not here f
honor , pomp and display , but eai
individual pioneer has builded be
ter than he knew , and though tin
pass seemingly unnoticed by tl
great throng , they will be knov
as the pioneers to those who stc
to look up the history of our n
tive land. Their trials , hardship
self denial and citizenship w :
never be appreciated , exceptir
casually by some student , who
years to come will proclaim to 01
posterity on some such occasion ;
this , to bigger crowds than no
assemble , the privations of tl
early pioneer who settled th
country ; when the people tran
lated the laws and governed then
selves , cast out the evils and dnn
the wolf from the door , theoretica
ly and in fact.
Our people , these pioneers , ai
still among us and they are ei
; itled to all the good things we ca
> ay and do for them during tb
: ew years that is left of their a'
otted time , three-score-and-ter
Chey are the brave men of ou
and. It did not take so much coui
, ge to shoulder a musket and g
narching off to war with some
> ody to go with you and lead th
? ay , provide rations , pay
uoulhly salary and a pension th
est of your life , but it did requin
ourage to face the privations o
tioneer life , without the necessities
f life and without money , with
ut company and with no one tt
3ad the way , the battle of lift
efore you on a western plaii
rhere their were no luxuries , no
ven the necessities of life in sigh
or the money to buy them if the ]
These , I say , are th <
heroes , the brave men and w <
en of our land today who endu
more hardships than any soldi
the world has ever kno
though we often find the pn
lavishly squandered upon the
ter , while the former goes
But , I repeat , they did not cc
here for honor or praise ,
much better the reason for i
heaping upon them the praise t
is due in the same unselfish de
tion to our pioneer friends \
have earned our life long prs
and admiration.
The following is a list the p
ducts , exhibited and the winn
of prizes :
Fancy Work ( nest collection ) Miss Viola Vi <
2nd bebt venia K <
Embroidery Miss Viola Vie
Drawn Work MISS iena Vie
Crochet Work Mrs. A Mel
Knitting Miss Anna Mel
Tatting Mrs. J. E. Pettyc
Prepared Fruits Mis.C. M. VaiiM
Pickles Mrs. Lottie era
Pie and Cake Mrs. EvaJaj
Bread Mrs. Van M
Best Agricultural Display F. G. B
Sarden Display j. B. Ga ;
Stalk Corn j. u. Gas
Winter Wheat F. G. Bl
Spring Wheat D. D.Di
Macaroni Wheat p. G. B
A.E. Gi
F. G. Bl
0. W. H ,
Hurt Br <
SewCorn Frank Cow
Potatoes D. D. D
second lohuSedla
third D.A.Me
thickens ( best pair ) o. W. H
" ( Plymouth Rocks ) o. W. H
( Any Breed ) sec Mr. Co\\den
SpiiujrCoIt D.D. D
second jt Xa
Best Plate Apples c.M. VanMi
Jrab Apples
Sail Game Harm
lorseEace Fred Groi
second Chas , PC
Pony llace Eddia K
secotd Elmer V
] oiijol.ition Kace Dave Fov
second .limBun
Hen's Foot Kace Louie Ste
second Art Mi
Joys' Foot Race ( under 15 yra ) Fred Fou
second Ross Pectyci
Jojs' Fjot Race ( under 12 yrs ) Robert , \N
second Alva Hoe
lu'rd Lawrence E
fat Men's Race Bertflammc
second w. H. Hooj
Veiglit Throwing Doc Groo
tunning High Jump Louie Stel
Wit Race HughFow
second Willie Fen
The several committees here
ixpress their appreciation of t
rery orderly conduct of the cro\
, nd the interest that was ma :
ested by the outsiders takino- ;
, ctive part in the sports and pi
School IVotes.
Clinton Coliett returned
Vesleyon University , last Sati
ay , to continue his cellege wor
Miss Clara Duham departed la
Saturday to take charge of t
rammar department of the Stua
School has grown rapidly sin
st week. _ Everyseat.Jn the hi
ihool is now occupied and mo
f the other rooms are as full :
'Q can have them. Howev <
lere is plenty of room in tl
ighth grade yet for non-residei
upih. if they will enter sooi
STe can not promise to take the
they wait six weeks or U
lonths before entering.
Mae Cavanaugh was offere
50.00 per month at Nenzel afte
ie had contracted for anothe
ihool at § 35.00 per month , bi
ie first school board would nc
slease her. Miss Cavanaug
lowed pluck in standing by IIP
tntract. We believe there at
joy few school boards who woul
> ld a young teacher to a contrac
lien it meant so much to her t
\ released.
The youny people of Valentin <
e rapidily departing for theii
spective fields of work , som
e going to college and others t <
ich. Mable Helzer has already
turned to Park College , Mo
iver Walcott , Gloyd Quigley
argaritte Quigleg , and Free
nes will leave in a few days foi
dlevue College , and Alfrec
iwis and Ruth Stetter will leav (
few days later for the State
liversity of l edraska.
JLow Kates to Toronto , Ot
Via the NorthWestern Li
Excursion tickets will be sold S
tember 12 and 15 , inclusive , w
favorable return limits , on accoi
of I. 0. 0. F. Grand Lodge. Ap ;
to agents Chicago & North-Westi
B'y. 32 4
Pates to New Orleans. JLa
\7ia the North-Western Line. ]
cursion tickets will be sold Octol
11 to 14 , inclusive , with favoral
return limits , on account of K.
Supreme Lodge. Apply to agei
Chicago & North-Western R'y.
Hates to Interstate
Stock and Horse S7oi i
St. JTosepli , JETo. .
Via the North-Western Line. I
cursion tickets will be sold Se
fcember 22 to 26 , inclusive , wi
favorable return limits. Apply
agents Chicago & North-Weste
R'y. 35 2
Excursion XSai
to Chicago and St. Louis , M
and return , via the North-weste
Line. Eound trip excursion tick
will be sold from points on or w
Df the Missouri to Chicago and
3t. Louis until Sept 30,1906 , lirr
3d to retnrn until October 31. 1
ply lo agents Chicago & Nor
western 10-1-06
Ey. - -
tow Hates to Buffalo. N. :
Via the North-Western Line. 1
3ursion tickets will be sold at c
fare for round trip October 10 to .
inclusive , with favorable retn
limits , on account of Internatioi
3hristian Convention. Apply
igents Chicago & North-West <
R'y. 34 C
Excursion Ticltets to Stre
Fair nail Carnival at
Merrimavt , JVe& . ,
fca the NorthWestern Line , v
3e sold at reduced rates Septeml
L8 to 21 , inclusive , limited to retu
intii September 22 , inclush
pply to agents Chicago & Nort
Western R'y. 2 35
Drder of Hearing on Petition f
Appointment of Administrator
In the County Court of Cherry County N
To the heirs anu to all persons interested
he esraie oE Daniel Fowler , deceased :
On reading the petition of Mary l. Fowl *
raving thfit the administration oi said est !
ie granted to Herself , as administratrix.
It is hereby ordered that you , and all perse
iiterebted in said matter , may , and do , appt
t the County Court to be held in and for s ;
ounty , on the 15th day ot September , A.D. 190C
0 o'clock a. m. , to show any there
. 'liy the prayer of the petitioner should not
rained , ana that notice of the pendency of be
etition and that the hearing thereof be'given
II persons interested in haid matter by publi :
copy of this order in the Valentine Democi
weekly newspaper printed in said county , 1
successive \\eeks , prior to said day of heanni
- Witness my hand and tde seal of sa
bEAL court this 27th day August.4..D.190t5 ,
i W.R. TOWNE ,
* > y County Judge
Order of Hearing.
Whereas , on thK 31st day of August. 100G ,
. Holman. foster uther of John Holnun. mat
nd hied in this his sworn statement , du
nested , and stated that lie desired to relnuiui-
1 right to the custody of and power and contr
r'er John Holman , his minor child , and a
aim and interest in and to his services ac
agesand also came Howlan Da Hey and wi
m made and filed in mv office a statemei
ider oathdmy aties ed , that he desired )
lopt said John Homian as his sworn child
I nave therefore appointed the 29th day i
iptem er , 1906 , at 10 o'clocK a. m , ac my oflu
Valentine , as the time and place where
; aring will be had in said matter , atlnc
me and place ail persons Interested may ai
: ar.
tt is ordered that a copy of'this order lie pul
shed in the Valentine Democrat , a newspapt
iblished in Cherry county. NeDraska , for fou
eetssive ueeks prior to the time set forheai
g. \V. K. TOWNK.
34 4 County , Judge.
i the District Court of Cherrj
County , Nebraska.
hn Sholtes , Plaintiff , 1
vs |
i'za Rehbein , impleadxwriri ? TO
with the houtbeabt I
larter ( SEJ4) ot Secf f
a Eight ( S ) . Town-f
ip Thirty-three (33j n , | DEFEVDAVTS- ?
nge Thirty-two (32)w , |
erry County , Ne- 1
isRu , defendants. j
? he above named defendants will take notice
it on the 3lst day of August. 1906 , plaintill
rein filed his petition in ihe District Coutt 01
erry County , Nebraska , agiinso you , and
: h of you , and all pers > ns claiming thmugli
i under you , rhe object and prayer of whicli
i to foreclose a certaiu tax lieu upon the SKJsS
bections , Township 3S. Kange 32 , Cherr }
inty , Nebraska , for the payment of delin-
iiit taxes upon said real estate by said plain-
tor the > ers 1895. 1S96. lsD7 , 1&93. 1899 , 190n ,
1.1902 , 1903.1904 and 1905 , inclusive , lor the
: es assessed and levied tberron for either
ce , county or school district purposes. Aud
re is now due plaintiff upon s < iia tax lirii , the
n of S93.00 , toueiher with ten per cent at-
ueys' fees and inteie tupon said sum from
31st day of August 1900 , and costs of this
; , for wuieb sum ot $93.00 , and cost' , plaintiff
ys judgment and decree of foreclosure , to
e said premises sold for the payment ar'd
sfactiou of me amount due for such taxes.
irestv penalties , attorneys' fees and costs ,
1 costs of suit an j costs of sale , to bar , forc-
ie and exclude the said defendants , and each
uem. from having o claiming any lien ,
} , interest or equity of redemption In and to
same , or any part thereof , and lor general
et.ou , and each of you , are required to answer
L petition on or before October 16 , 1900.
JOHN SHOLTE3 , Plaintiff.
Icott & Morrissey , his attys. 3f 4
R M Faddis & Co.
Postofflce address Valentine or Kenned
Some bran
left tl
Hordes o t
left shoul-1
> ome on right thigh or shoulder ,
N. S. Kowley
Kennedy , - Nebraska.
Same as cut on left ,
ide and hip , aiid on' '
eft shoulder of hor-
es. AlsoKS > on
eft Bide
'f ' + on left side.
ome cat-
Ie brand'
d husk- ing peg ( either side up
eft side or hip. p on left Jaw and left shou
if horses ,
Q on left hip of horses ,
on left jaw of horses
0. W. Bennett
limeon Neb
Stock branded
rtth 7 on left hip
Iso same as cut
Range between
iordonand Snake
Teaks and on the
ttobrara river
'ostofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On I eft side of cat
tle ; horses O right
arm Range , north and
Bouth of Niobrara
erl2-miles south-
st oi Cody
George Heyne
Cody , Neb
Brand registered
Horses branded on
eft shoulder
Ranee north and
outh of Cutcomb
in Cherry Co
Albert Whipple & Sons
Rosebud , S , D
Cattle brani
SOS on left s
OSO on ritrhts
Some cattle i
have a - fen n
Some with A
left shonlder ;
some brande
with two b
across hind qn
ters. Homo Te :
attle branded S O on left side and some ]
n left side.
Lorses branded SOS on left hip. Some cai
randed AW bar connected on both sides
rft hin of
P. H.
dimeon. Nel
Cattle bram
as cut on lefc s
Some Qyon 1
"T"on left jav
V horses.
ange on Gordon Creek north of Simeon ,
ostoffice address
Hyannis , Neb
On right side
in left
.Iso cattle
m right s d
Range id miles
lorth of Hvanuis' '
Sandy Williams
erriman , Nebr.
Mostly on left
Ie. Some on
? ht side.
Horses same on
: t shoulder.
Range Lake
eek , S , D.
. Little.
Merriman , Net
On either side
Horses same on
hip. Also >
Range Lake Cree
Gr.IL Seager.
stoffice address
Cody , Neoraska
tie branded as on
on left side , hip
I shoulder ; horses
ige , Snake Creek
Pat Peiper
Simeon Nebr.
Roan Brothers
idlake Neb
i Roan's
ite mark , slit
ft ear
C. P. Joraan.
Rosebud , SD
Horses and catf'f
same as cut ;
C.I BE JJ on
Ringe on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rusilcrs of stock
agany of these brands.
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle- branded
oo leftside & * &
out , Wnch bos
and 2K-lnch circle
Brand registered
left shoul'i
der. 2V4 *
inchc circle , l-in
tox. Registered 876. Range 6 miles south
Lnvin on Niobrara river.
Parmelee Cattle Co.
Ro ebud.S. D ,
Cattle branded
as cut on'.left side
with strlpo under
Horses brandea
3 left thigh ,
Range on Soldier creek. SJUkl
Metzger Bros. ,
Rolf Neb
Cattle branded
inywhere on lefc
; ide.
Earmark , square
jrop right ear
Horses have
; ame brand on
; eft thigh.
Range on Gor-
ion and Snake
A. JKeivard of $25O will be paid to any
person for information leading to the arrest ana
iual conviction of any person or persons steal-
ng catlle with above bracd.
Jos. Bristol
Valentine , Nebr.
Range on Nio
brara river four
miles east of Ft.
Horses and
cattle branded
iSB connected on
left hip or side as
shown in cut
Postoffice address
Hyannis , Neb
Branded on left side
Range eighteen miles
north of Fvannis
Pullman , Nebr
Cattle branded JY
on right side
Horses branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any Information
leading to the re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
J.F. Swain
Sparks , Nebr.
'attle ' branded on
ft side as shown
Range South
f Sparks on NIo-
rara river.
1) . M. Searg.
iennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
3 on cut.left side
oine on left hip.
Horses same on
ft shoulder.
Range Square
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle branded
same as cut on
left side.
Horses {
branded !
on left
j Range 6 miles
south of Irwin.
J. B. Lord
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
eame as cut back
right shoulder and
en right hip
Range on the
On left
slie. Horses - |
ses left
E ° " o nortu
Cutcomb Lake * ,
Garner Brothers.
Cody , Nebr.
Anywhere on cat-
Horses on left
Range- North
Sawyer Bros.
ostofflce address.
Oasis. Nebr
G. K. Sawyer has
charge of these cat
tle. Horses D s on
left shoulder. Some
left side
es samd'
Taska Land aud Feeding Co.
ett Richards Pre.2 V/ill G Conistock. V. P
Ocas C Jaoiison SecSTreas 4
* Cattle branded ori
* * K
frf& any part of animal ;
S resaw sa also the following
brands :
uorsea brandea tht
. . „ , - K ss betweea
&y 2 ° UOJ ? ° 5L ? ' -2i