Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, August 16, 1906, Image 5

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    f $1.50
ft 98 GENTS.V
We have a few dozen
Self Filling
Fountain Pens
which we bought at a bargain
and offer them , while they
last , at the low price of
I Ninety-Eight- .
Postage paid to out of town
Cody , Neb.
E. D. Fnencor. August Epke.
Spencer & Epke ,
Crookstoir , Neb.
Tubular Wells made to order at 60c
per foot , complete with pump : Wind
u- mills and Well Kepairs at reasonable
prices. Call us up over the North
Table Telephone Line.
The Loup Valley Hereford Eanch.
Brownlee.Nebr ,
Prince lloabdel
131603 and Curly
Coat 112261 at head
of herd. TUc blood
of Fowler. Anxiety ,
I/rd Wilton and Sir
Gladstone predomi
nates ic ray herd.
I have no bulls for sale until 1007. having sold
all bulls on hand. I will handle only pure bred
Herefords in the future.
Dentis t.
Office over the grocery deparment
of T. C. Hornby's store.
"Will be in Kosebud agency July
3rd , Oct. 2nd and Jan. 1 , 1904 : .
and windmills.
-B/eiUp'lby Telephone. . -
. .
1 * : - --mav
N , J. AUSJplU. . t. . J. W. Thompson.
Austin c2s Thompson ,
' " t&Tieral Blacksmithing
.and Wood Work.
J. W.
Valentine - Ncl > r.
All work will be given prompt
and careful attention.
First-class Shop in Every Respect
Eau de Quinine Hair Tonic , Golden Star Bair
Tonic , Herpicide and Coko's Dandruff Cure.
Try Eqihpeian Face Massage Cream
rJPficices { : in all State Courts.
/ ,
City Deliyeryman ,
.Trunks , valises aud .packages ; hauled to and
- from the depot and all parts ol the City.
- ? >
Republican tariff reform is as
elusive as a peek through a peek-
a-boo waist ; now you see it and
again you don't.
If President Roosevelt does not
expend all the § 25,000 congress
appropriated for traveling ex
penses , will he turn the balance
into the conscience fund , or leave
the unexpended balance in the
When a reporter asked Speaker
Cannon if there was any thought
of considering tariff revision at the
conference at Oyster Bay he
piously exclaimed "Great Father
in Heaven" and the balance of his
ejaculations would not look well
in print. _
There is no end to the extortion
of the coal trust and the price has
been regularly raised ten cents a
ton , each month since Spring and
yet the administration has made
no serious effort to punish the
trust magnates , who in combination
with the railroads are plundering
the people. _ _
Senator Bailey , * like Senator
Tillman , has triumphed over his
enemies in his own state and in
other states by being unanimously
renominated for United States
senator and democrats everywhere
are to be congratulated that they
will continue to have these two
champions of honest government
to expose the corruption and
graftingjof the republican majority.
Congressman Littlefield must be
pushed very hard by his demo
cratic opponent , for the news from
his district says he is making a
house to house canvass , which is
usually recognized as the last re
sort in 'an emergency. The people
of Maine have not been thoroughly
aroused for years , as the re
publican machine , " in league with
the corporations and saloons , has
had them in a tight grip , but there
are signs of a political awakening
that bodes trouble for the corrupt
Secretary Shaw has left
Washington for Iowa to try and
down Gov. Cummins and
incidentally to nurse his presi
dential boom that has had rather a
sickly existence. The treasury
department seems to run quite as
well without Shaw's attention as
with it , for it is the exception to
find him at his desk attending to
business. He pops over to Wall
street about every week and never
makes a move that will affect the
financial world but that the Rocke
feller banks get a tip in advance.
The top heavy government of
the Philippines that the re
publicans have erected is breaking
down of its own weight , from
sheer inability of the inhabitants
to pay enough taxes to support it.
Either the people of the United
States will have to pay part of the
local expenses , added to the present - {
sent .taxes- they pay for the army
ancb'navy .employed there , or we
will have to give the islands up to
the Filipinos to do what they like
with and virtually extend the
Monroe doctrine there to prevent
any foreign nation from oppressing
them. The democrats may well
declare , "we told you so. "
Gov. Cummins of Iowa had
better look out , or he will be called
to account at Oyster Bay. Here
he is telling people that "the next
congress will take up the revision
of the tariff at the request of Presi
dent Roosevelt. " And this when
all the world knows , especially the
Germans , " that the president is infer
for a standpat campaign by agree
ment with Speaker Cannon and
the other campaign leaders. But
perhaps Gov. Cummins has arrived
at the conclusion that the people
will elect a democratic majority of
congress and the president will
fall into line by recommending
and signing a tariff reform1 bill , to
the utter confusion of the stand
patters. _
Former Postmaster Smith who
is editor of the Philadelphia Press ,
was invited "to. Oyster 'B&y seqn
after the congressional-leaders and
Penrose , the republican machine
leader , had been thei . The Press
is backing the Linco In-Democratic
ticket and a dispatch to the Wash
ington Post says it is believed that
the republican leaders urged
PresidentEoosevelt to remonstrate
with Smith on the stand which his
paper had taken. Is the president
secretly aiding the old Quay
machine ? It certainly looks like
The Canadians have gone a long
way ahead of this country in reg
ulating railroads , the Canadian
Commission having been granted
all the power necessary to prevent
unjust discrimination or ex
tortionate rates. One of the great
reforms the Canadians have
accomplished is the prevention of
stock watering , so that the people
shall not be made to pay tribute on'
bogus stock as the people of the
United States are compelled to do.
Our Harrimans , and Morgans , and
Vanderbilts. and Cassatts and the
other manipulators that have issued
fictitious stock from their Wall
street dens must be made to dis
gorge. The railroad question like
the trust and tariff issue will never
be settled , until justice is done and
we have only just entered the
opening wedge on regulating the
great highways of the nation.
The Washington Post declares
that the German Ambassador has
delivered an ultimatum to the state
department on the tariff issue and
threatens if Germans are not given
reciprocal tariff privileges to annul
the "favored nation" tariff treat
ment to this country. That would
place exports from the United
States on the maximum basis
which is virtually prohibitive and
would shut out our products from
the German market.
"Standing pat" and "leaving
well enough alone" evidently has
its drawbacks , yet the republican
leaders and President Roosevelt
have decided to" "stand pat. "
The news of that Oyster Bay
conference has evidently aroused
the German government to re
taliate. Who will back down ?
Emperor Bill or President Teddy ?
370,000,000 INCREASED
How the trusts and combines are
arc plundering the American
people is shown by the enormous
profits made this year by the steel
trust. Every one pays their share
of the vast toll that this gigantic
combination takes from the grist
run through its hopper. "On
March 3 , 1897" says the New
York World , "just before the
party of high prices took possession
of the grovernment , and when
there was no steel trust , American
steel rails were selling in the
market at $18 to § 20 per ton.
Forei ners can still get them for
that , but Americans have to pay
the trust $28 an increase of from
40 to 50 per cent. The trust has
maintained the § 28 rate for home
customers without variation since
it was organized , representing a
net increase of profits of over § 70 ,
000,000 above a normal amount for
that time. And Mr. Morgan
enthusiastically "stands pat for the
retention in power of an admini
stration that stands for so much
prosperity. "
Do not imagine that because
you have no railroad stock , or
even if you never rode on a steamer
or street railroad that the price of
steel rails does not effect your
pocket. In fact everything you
buy is advanced in price by the
freight that is charged for we can
not expect low railroad rates and
expensive railroad construction.
Then just think of the large
number of articles of steel or iron
that you daily use , all of which
are greatly increased in price by
the extra toll the steel trust takes ,
because the competition the tariff
gives the trust allows it to extort
these high prices. This toll is
nearly § 10 a year from each
family , from this' one trust and
there are 186of them protected by
you will eat more
you can do more work , enabling you to earn
more money , so that you can buy more
do more work and earn still more money.
the tariff in likf manner.
The International Harvester
company the agricultural ma
chinery trust has just made a
contract with the Tennessee coal
and iron company for 25,000 tons
of pig iron , the prices being § 13 a
ton at Birmingham. That will
make a good many harvesters and
other farm machines which will
cost the farmers of the United
States at least 20 per cent more
than it should through tariff pro
tection of the trust. Paragraph
460 of the tariff law provides that ;
"Plows , tooth and disk harrows ,
harvesters , reapers , agricultural
drills , ' and planters , mowers ,
horserakes , cultivators , threshing
machines and cotton gins , twenty
per centum ad valorem"
This trust is said to be selling
its products cheaper abroad than
here and our farmers have to pay
high prices for the benefit of the
trust and the foreigners.
_ _ _ _ i *
Clay Crisman , the young
Michigan farmer who came to
Washington to see the political
celebrities , decided , after in
specting the beef trust harassed
countenance of Secretary Wilson ,
that "Can't that '
: see they're
different from any other folk. "
If Crisman had investigated the
minds of the republican officials
instead of their persons , he would
tiave discovered a vast difference
between the official mind and the
minds of the honest farmer. For
whereas the official is constantly
inventing some plan to tax the
people for his benefit or the ad
vantage of the tariff fostered trusts
and combines that republican
officials are so anxious to favor
through the tariff or other
monopoly breeding device , the
mind of the farmer is , when he
thinks about the matter , wondering
why wheat is low and trust prices
"Standing pat" on the tariff and
other economic issues is absurd.
Conditions change with time and
what may be for the advantage of
the people one year , is to their
disadvantage hereafter. To
"standpat" on the tariff as the law
is today , when it is proven to be
plundering the people for the
benefit of the protected monopolists
is not statesmanship , but bourbon-
ism. The fact is the republican
party has become atrophied by
standing pat and lost virility by
being fed by the pampered trusts
and special interests it has itself
created. It stands pat because it
does not feel competent to throw
off their incubus and again assume
its original spirit of liberty and
devotion to its pristine conceptions ,
which were announced in the great
declaration of independence , but
which it now says are obsolete and
glittering generalities. The re
publican party stands now for
taxation without representation , it
allows the trusts and protected
combines to tax the .people ten
will sell my entire business and ranch at
CO. ,
consisting of
= " 37
I will sell ranch and stock together or in
part , stock separate from ranch or
ranch separate from stock-
Keason for selling : On account of health.
times the amount , than even the
plundering tariff law compels the
people to pay to the government
itself. To stand pat on such a
system of legalized robbery is
imbecility. The great doctrine of
equal rights to all and special
privileges to none has no lodgment
in the heart of the republican
It is impossible for the re
publicans to disguise the fact that
the % 'trust era" is synchronous
with the present tariff law , which ,
so lavichly protects those special
interests at the .expense of the
American people. No one has
ever heard of our manufacturers
selling their products abroad
cheaper than at home until the
tariff was Increased beyond the
high rates of the McKinley bill , to
purposely protect the manfacturers
from foreign competition. There
were some trusts before 1897 , but
they were feeble infants compared
to those vast combines that now
control our markets. There are
now 168 trusts that enjoy direct
tariff benefit and there are 38 other
trusts that benefit to some extent.
To these giant corporations must
be attributed the enormous in
crease in prices , through the pro
tection granted them in the tariff
law , so that the cost of living ,
according to Dunn's Index figures ,
which are published in the United
States Statistical Abstract 1905 ,
page 5il shows that in July , 1897
the necessary articles consumed on
the average by each individual cost
§ 72.45 , whereas on January 1,1905
those figures had increased to
§ 104.45 and arc now § 106 or 47
[ per cent higher than in 1897.
pThuspit now takes § 1.47 to buy
[ what cost § 1 ia 1S9T. And yet
President Roosevelt and the re
publican leaders stand pat and
propose if they have a majority of
the next congress to continue to
"stand pat. "
The farmers can hardly approve
the republican standpat program ,
when they find the price of wheat ,
oats , corn and cotton declining and
the cost of all they buy rapidly
advancing. Where does the
boasted protection to agriculture
come in under the present pro
tective tariff and how are farmers
protected , although the tariff law
provides that 25 cents a bushel on
wheat and 15 cents a bushel on
oats be collected on imports ? The
price of wheat is now lower than
it has been for two years or since
the present tariff law was enacted
in August 1897.
Those farmers , who are re
publicans , should demand of their
kistandpat" leaders a fair deal , and
if the agricultural machinery trust ,
the barbed wire combine , the
lumber association and the clothing
trusts , are to still be protected by
the tariff in charging exorbitant
prices for their products , that
some method of raising the prices
of cereals and keeping them stable
should effect trust high prices.
The fact is , however , that no
tariff can protect the farmers on
his products , of which the surplus
must be sold abroad , as the price
paid by the foreigners for that
surplus fixes the price here. The
only relief the farmer can receive
is to be able to buy in the cheapest
market and this he can never do
as long as the trusts , that control
all he buys , are .protected by the
tariff from competition. It is
plain therefore that the farmer
who votes for a republican con
gressman and for republican
canidates for the legislature , who
in turn will elect republican
senators , is voting to continue the
protection to the trusts and for
high prices , with no protection to
help the price of his own products *