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J. M. KICE Edito , : . { Proprietor.
Entered at the postofiice at Valentine , Cherry county , Nebr. , as Second
Class Matter.
Subscription $1.00 per year in advance ; S1.50 when not paid in advance.
Display Advertising 1 inch single column 15c per issue or $6.00 a year.
Local Nonces , Obituaries , Lodge Resolutions and Socials for revenue
5c per line pei issue.
Brands , H ! nches$4.00 per year in advance ; additional space $3.00 per
V year ; engraveu blocks extra $1.00 each.
, 10 per cent additional to above rates if over 6 months in arrears.
Parties living outside Cherry county are requested to pay in advance.
Notices of losses of stock free to brand advertisers.
THUKSDAY , MAY 10 , 1906.
Omaha Democrats.
The election of Mr. Dahlman as
mayor of Omaha is likely to start
several things in the democratic
party in this state. It will put the
corporation end of the party to
'the front and greatly cheer the
chaps who are doing their best to
stick a long knife into the back of
George W. Berge and other pa
triots out in llvi. rural districts.
The Douglas county machine will
be tolerably united now , and its
whole strength can be counted on
the side of the railroads in future
line-ups on that issue. Lincoln
With the Journal the wish is the
father to the thought. The truth
is that Mr. Dahlman and the demo
cratic candidates were elected
largely because they stood on the
directest and most specific anti-
corporation platform ever present
ed to Omaha voters , and because
not only democrats but hundreds
of republicans believed they would
be true to their pledges.
The corporations , as the future
will attest , never got a harder jolt
in Omaha than the election of the
candidates standing on the demo
cratic platform. And there never
was a platform more genuinely
representative of the overwhelm
ing sentiment of Omaha's democ
The Lincoln Journal , as well as
other maligners of the democracy
of this city and county , will find
Omaha democrats standing , in the
state convention , just as they stood
in the recent campaign ; for a clean
and economical business adminis
tration and for final divorce be
tween the railroads and other cor
porations and the state govern
ment. They will find Omaha
democrats , like Nebraska demo
crats everywhere , standing for a
more equitable revenue law , for a
higher assessment oi ! railroad prop
erty , for lower freight and pas
senger rates , for an anti-pass law ,
for the strict enforcement of anti
trust laws , including the criminal
sections , for the direct primary
and for the popular election of
United States senators. They will
further find them standing for the
nomination of candidates for state
olHce whose names will be guaran
tees of the strict performance of
democratic pledges and an honest ,
efficient administration of the
state's affairs.
As for the railroads , they wil ]
be found doing business at the old
stand in the republican state con
vention. They know where their
friends are. World-Herald.
Kiiikaid Has Two Bill PasstMl
Washington , May S. Judge
Kinkaid had two of his bills ] ) a > ? ed
by the house yestortlsiy. one giv
ing permission to diaries H. Cor
nell to construct a trolley and
telegraph line across the FortNio-
brara military reservation and to
dam the river at Fort Niobrara.
The other bill authorizes the sec
retary of the interior to make a
survey of the townships in McPherson -
Pherson county. Omaha Daily
A Specialized City.
It has become a threadbare re
mark tint this is the age of spec
ialization. Every line of business ,
professions and labor is specialized.
We have got used to it.
And now comes the specializa
tion of cities. A great city is to
built on the Indiana shore of Lake
Michigan especially for the Manu
facture of steel.
Plans are made for a community
of 15,000 workingmen , which ,
with their families , will make a
population of 100,000. Trades
men , professional men , laborers
and all other necessary elements
of a modern city population will
increase the number indefinitely.
Already the ground is being
cleared for the great plant and for
homes , schools , churches , libraries
and municipal buildings. It is to
be a city of magic growth.
Ordinarily a city is a slow de
velopment , a resultant of many
forces operating in pursuance of
different aims. But this is to be a
city built , from the ground up ,
with one primary aim in view. It
is the furthest reach of modern
It will be an ideal town for the
manufacture of steel. But beyond
that there is a question. The fun
damental purpose of a city is not
profit to a few corporation mag
nates , but happiness for its in
The development of the new
town with its interesting compli
cation of political , industrial and
domestic problems will be worth
watching by students of govern
ment as well as by sociologists and
economists. Omaha Daily News.
Arabia Items.
Allen Benson wa < ? at home over
The band met at Wm. Smith's
Delia Denaeyer started to school
A. Bunn received a car of flour
John Kief helped his father
vaccinate Monday.
Fi-ai.r.i * Kief was a visitor in the
Arabia school Monday.
J. P. Kreycik and A. Benson
drove to Woodlake Saturday.
George Kreycik , the celebrated
alto player , was with the band
boys Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Denaeyer and
Winnie Keeley called at JoeKrey-
cik's Sunday.
Miss Winnie Keeley was out to
Bernard Denaeyer's place for a
few days visit last week.
John Pops and Earl McNare
gave a danci in the school house
Friday. Chas. Kreycik and Irwin
Query furnished the music. A
good time was reported.
U. S. VSV.sther Bureau Report
tor week finding : May 0.
The daily mean temperature
was 46 ° , the normal 53 ° . The
highest temperature was 77 ° on
the'3rd and the lowest 25 ° on the
6th. Freezing temperatures oc
curred on four successive nights.
The precipitation was .27 of an
inch. The highest velociity of
the wind was 30 miles from the
northwest on the 7th- and Sth.
Notice to Creditors. j
K STATE OF NKKRASKA „ „ In tlie County .
OIIEUUY COUNTY , p3 Conrr. j
In the matter of the estate of Willie A. Archer
deceased. j
To the creditors of said estate : j
You are hereby notified. That 1 will bit at the
Countv court Boom in Valentine in s-ud Coun
ty , on the 12th day of May , 1906 , at 10 o'clock j
u. m to receive and examine all claims agniusr.
said estate with a view to their adjusting ut and
allowance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims atiainst said estate is the 12th day
of May , A. D JOOG , and the time limited
for payment ol debts is one year from said 1st
day ot September , I9if5
Witness my hand and the seal of said County
Court this lOih day of April 1900.
SEAJ , W. B. TOWNJ ! .
, 14 4 County Judge
Notice to Creditors.
THK STATK OF NKKRASKA i - „ In the County
In the matter of tlie estate of Hezekiah K ,
Jipnvn , deceased :
To the Creditors of paid Estate :
You are herebv notilied , That I will sit at the
Coi nty Com t Itoom iu Valentine in said county
on the 12th day ot May , 1906. * t 10 o'clock
a. in. to receive an-1 examine all claims against
said estate , with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited lor the presenta
tion of claims against said estate is the 12 h
day of MayA. . D. 1906. and the time limited
for payment of < it bts is one year from said 21st
day ot October , 190 %
Witness my h.tnd acid seal of said county court
this lO.h day of May. A. 1) . 1906.
v 14 4 County Judge.
Contest Notice.
U. S. Land Office , Va'entine. Nebraska. ( .
Aml IS ) , 190G. l
A sufficient contest affidavit HH.VH g been filed
in this office by Litirbs ( lli ms , "contestant ,
again > t Homestead Entry N' . 16-io.i. matfp July
26 , 1901 for Lor 4 SWfcNWJaKiSvVJ4 of Sec
tion 6 , Township 31. Itange 23. Lots 1 and 2 SPM
NKJ4 NKj SKk of Section 1. Township 31.
uange _ ) , fc > l < : & . SJ.SWH XK 4SW& , Section 31 ,
Township 32. Range 23. oy Robert Tucker , eon-
tesie > > , in which it is alleged that c'Hi'iiant ' has
never esUDh lied residence upon said lana ; also
t"al said cliiiniai t lii < wholly abandoned said
land for more than six months" list past and hs
tailed to cure his tach-s up to dnttt.awl thats id
alleged absence irom the said lau.i was not du
to his employment us an onije , Sjldit-r , sailor
or inarm- Hie army , navy or mai i ' cor s of
the United States during t' e war willi Spain or
dnnog any otlier war in which the Unittrt
Sta es may be e gai ; d. s irt parties : ; e hereby
notified to app ar , respond and offer evidence
touching said allegation at 10 o'clock a.m. on
June 11. 190G. before the Kegister and Receiver
t thw United States Laud Offlee in Valentine ,
The said contestant having , in a proper affi-
dav.t. filed April li ) , t'JOa , set for.h lactslnch
show that alter due diligence personal ° ervice
of tnis notice caunot be made , it is hereby
ordered and directed that such notice oe given
bv due and proper i ubln-ation.
11 5 LUKE M. BATES , Begister.
Contest Notice.
U. S. Land Office Valentine. Nebraska.
April ll. H > 08.
A sufficient contest having lieen fild in this
office oy Albert L. Buclmna. * . contestant , again -
gain- Homestead entry No. 10833. made August
19,1904 , for Iocs 2,0.4 and 7. and SK&NrtJ4 ,
SW4\K } > i , SE'4 and E.W 4. Seciion G.
Township 27 , Bange 33 , uy Pniletus H. Winter-
steen , coutestee. in wnieu it is allygod tliat said
Phiietus H. Wiuterbteen lias wholly aoandoned
said land and changed bis reside- therefrom
for more than six mouths last pasr. that the land
is not settled upon nor cultivated in good with
jn the law iv quires , and entrymaa 1ms never
established hib icsHence upon the laud as the
law requires , and he has Jailed to cure his
laches up to tins date ; and said alleged absence
from the said lana was not due to his employ
ment in the army , nuvy , or nmrme eoip-i ot the
united Stales as a prrwtte soldier , olhc-r. sea
man ur marine during the war wuh Spain or
during any oilier war in which the United
States may be engaged ; said parties are hi-reoy
notified to appear , respond anJ offer exigence
touching said allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on
June 20.1900 before the register and receiver at
the United States Land Onice m Valentine ,
The said conte tant having , in a proper affl
davit , fileo April 11.19JO , set loith lacls which
show that niter due diligence personal service
of this notice can not bo made , it is hereby order
ed and directed that-such notice be given by due
and proper publication.
13 5 E. OLSON , Beceiver
In the District Court of Cherry Ccun
ty. Nebraska.
In the matter of the petit-1
ion of Albert F. Webb , ( .OBDEB TO SHOW
administrator , tor license t UAfSE.
to Sell Beal Estate. ) *
Now , on this 2nd day of May , 1996 , this ciuse
came on for hearing upon the petition under
oath ot Albert F. Webb. adiMtnistrator ol the
estate of j umuel W. Holsolaw , deceased pray
ing for : i license tj sell the iollowing described
real estate of the said Samuel w. Holsclaw ,
lo-wit. Tlie North Half of the Northeast Qu-tr
ier and the North Hall ot the Northwest Quar
ter , Section 2. Township 3 ! . Bange 23 , Cherry
county , Nebraska , or a stihioient amount there
of to bung a sum necessary for the purpose of
paying the oeuts allowed against said estate and
riisi of administration and the cost of tins
titu oe in tor tie reidou tnat there is not a
o.mi. lent am.unit of property in the
po besjjion ol s.iid Albert \Vebb.adininistra- -
u > r. belonging to said eat-ite , to pay said douts ,
allowance and cos s.
it ia taeivfore ordered that all persons inter
ested in said estate appear belore me at cham-
heis in tlie village of Bushvill \ Sheridan county
Nebraska , on tlie 23rd day of June. 190(3 ( , at the
hour ot 10 o'cl'iciv a in. , t * show cause , if any
therei be , whv a 1 can-e should njt be granted
tos id Albert K. WeDb , adminirtrutor. to sell
saul above dnbed i eul esta.te of said decedent
as sball be m\e s iry to p.ty s I'd dents and ex-
pen > es.
Jt , is lur Inr orde-ed that a c py ot this order
he .ser\ed upon all persons interested in sau
estate by caiistug the Sdine to be piiuhahed once
each week for four successive weeks in Toe
Valentime Democrat , a newspaper printed and
pub'ished in said Cherry County.
w. ii VEST VRR ,
17 4 Judge of .lit * D titi ice Coin I.
3Iak R am Exceptional Offer
of25e for Three Months
to Trial Subscriber * .
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lished in Omaha that is not con
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House ,
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