Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, April 26, 1906, Image 8

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Mutual companies pay losses in full.
No discount I. M. RICE , Agent.
The of
I'm rod Bssi
ii@s ) tiae world © ver
Niobrara Falls.
John Ormesher has moved to his
homestead recently.
Miss Grewe went to town to at
tend Easter services last Sunday.
Messrs. Tyrrell and Dawson of
Lincoln were out to the former's
ranch last week.
P. H. Young and Sam Hudson
were in this locality recently gath
ering up estrays.
Mr. Eoky will give a party to a
few of liis friends and celebrate his
80th birthday May 30,1906.
Wrn. Eoky came home last Sat
urday after sevearl week's visit with
his daughter , Mrs. Tyrrell of Lin
The Eiver Telephone companj
have built about four miles of high
line along the Niobrara and con
template building more.
Do vvn tlie River.
Aaron Grooms will run a cattle
herd this summer.
Tom Hudson and family of near
Sparks havs moved to Valentine.
Sppring has begun and the farm
ers are again tilling the black rich
The party given at Joe Bristol's
was well attended and a pleasant
time is reported.
Frank Mumford is farming his
place again this season and is also
setting out some fruit trees.
Sunday School was organized at
the Becker school house Sunday and
will be held every Sunday at 11 a.m.
The school at Kewanee will close
May 4th with a picnic in charge of
Miss Grace Hobson. The picnic
will be held at Perry's grove on the
A little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Hale is very sick at this writing.
Dr. Brown was called Saturday and
pronounced the case as bronchia ]
Albert Haley is talking of selling
out and going to Missouri , but we
believe it is nearly all talk. If he
does go he will probably return to
Cherry county again.
While putting his purchases into
his wagon and getting ready to go
home , M. Hale was suddenly struck
insensible and robbed of about § 40.
It happened about four o'clock last
Friday evening.
Pftmiea in the West.
Over a million acres of land wil ]
be thrown open to settlement on
the shoshone Indian reservation
August 15,1906. These lands are
reached by the direct route of the
Chicago & North-western Ey. from
Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis ,
Omaha , and other points in the
Mississippi Valley. Send 2c in
stampy for pamphlets , maps and
fnll particulars to W. B. Kniskern ,
I'.T M. , O.&N. W.B'y , Chicago.
. . .
! : I 1G.
Taken Up
By the undersigned at my place six miles south-
vest of Crookston. on April 9 , HKW. roHii
nare , branded ft3 < nn lull Uone ; one sorre
mare about 4 ftfoffi years old , uubniuded ; one
vhitemare about ten years old. unbianded ;
hree yearling colts , two bays and 0112 hiack ,
mbranded ; one roan mare , branded J lazy J
connected on Mt shoulder ; one roan mare , uu-
branded , 135 E. D. SPENCER
Low Kales to Los Augele * .
Via the North-western Line. An
excursion rate of one first class
imited fare for round trip , will be
n effect from all stations April 25
; o May 5 , inclusive , with favorable
return limits , on account of Im
perial Councils , Nobles of Mystic
Shrine. Three fast trains through
"The Los Angeles
to California daily.
geles Limited , " ele3tric lighted
throughout , via the Salt Lake Eoute
with drawing room and tourist
sleeping cars. "The Overland Lim
ited , " electric lighted throughout ,
less than three days enroute. An
other fast train is "The China and
Japan express" with drawing room
and tourist sleeping cars. For
itineraries and full information ap
ply to agents Chicago & North
western Ey. 11 6
Has 100,000
Strawberry & Paspberry Plants
Thelargesfc and most complete
stock of all kinds of fruit trees that
we have ever had to offer ; Crimsom
Eambler roses and ornamental flow
ering shrubs of all hardiest Kinds ;
elms , ash , boxekler , maple and basswood -
wood , 8 to 12 feet tall. Small for
est tree seedlings of all kinds for
planting groves.
We have two varieties of rasp
berries one red and one black
that are very hardy an profilic and
are annual bearers. They have
borne a good crop of berries every
year for the last fifteen years. Or
der 100 or 200 of these plants and
you will have plants that will bear
fruit. § 5 per 100 delivered at your
town. Order at once and pay when
you get stock at depot. Call at
Nursery and select your trees or
send in your order by mail and have
it booked for next April delivery.
Address. E. D. HAMMOND , Norfolk ,
Nebr. 5-1-06
. - -
( Wiw
PerCwt , Per Ton.
Bran , sacked. . . . $ 75 § 14 00
Shorts , sacked S5 16 00
Screenings , sacked 60 11 00
Chop Feed , sacked 95 IS 00
Corn , sacked 90 17 00
Chop Corn , sacked 95 13 00
Oate sacked 1 00 19 00
JTN , .OwC > .O.jL ? * J JLtvJL * ,
Contractor and
er in Brick or Stone
Valentine , - Nebr.
K-I'P-A-N-S Tabules
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The 5-cent package s enough for usual occas-
3i ns. The family bottle ( OO cents ) contains a
* uipnlv for a vear. All drueeists s ll tlmm .
at Northern Line
at O'neill , Sfebr.
Going East , Going West.
Leaves 10:10 a. m. Arrives 9:50 p. m.
Passenger , daily except Sunday.
Connections with Elkhorn trains east and
west-bound from all points west of O'Neill.
Shortest route to Sioux City and beyond.
Through connections for Sioux Falls , Minne
apolis , St , Paul and all points north and west ,
Sny local ti kets to O'Neill.
Si OUT City .Iowa
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention Is probably p.itentnble. Communica
tions strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest acency for securing patents.
Patents taken tlirnucb Munn & Co. receive
epcclal notice , without charge. In the
A hnndaomely Illustrated tree'ly. T. rpest cir
culation of any scientlUc journal. Tcrcis , ? 3 p
year : four months , $ L Soldbyall newsdealers.
Office. C25 F SU Washington. D. C.
to Creditors.
Tin ? STATE OF NKHKASKA i In the County
UH Kim ? COUNTY , { Court.
In the matter of the estate of Willie A. Archer
To the creditors of said estate :
You are hereby notified. That I will sit at the
Countv Court Room in Valentine in s d Coun
ty. > n" the 12th day of May. 190(5 , at 10 o'clock
a. in to receive and pxamine all claims agains
buiil estat with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited forth * presenta
tion nf claims auainst said estate is tiic 12th day
of May , A. D J900. and the time limited
for payment of debts it oue year from said 1st
dav ot September , 190. )
Witness my hand and the seal of said County
Court this 16th day of April 1UOC.
J > EAI , YY. R. TOWNK ,
Y 14 4 County Judge
Notice to Creditors.
CHKKHY COUNTv. ; ss Court.
In the nmtfor of tlie estate of Hezekiah K ,
15rvn. . deceased :
To tlie Creditors of said Estnte :
You are lierebv notified. That I will sit at the
Coi nty Court Itoom in Valentine in said county
on the 12th day oi May , 190(5. ( s > t 10 o'clock
a. m. to receive aiH examine all claims against
said estate , witli a view to iheir adjustment and
allowanc" . TUB time limited for the presenta
tion of rUfins aifaiiistsaid estate is the 12 h
day of M.I.V. A. D. 190(5. ( and the time limited
to1- payment of rtt-bts is one year from said 21st
day ot October. 100\
Witness my hand and sal of said county court
' this 10 Ii d.iv ' of .vfay. A. D. 1900.
, 144 Couuty Judge.
Order of Hearing on Petition for
Appointment of Administrator.
In the County Court of Cherry County Neb
STATK OF NEr.i-\sica l -
To the heirs aim to all persons interested m
th es ate oi Charles V. Holsclnw. deceased :
On reading tlin petition of Wt-slew Ilolsclaw ,
praying tint the a-iministration of said estate
be granted to Mary K. Jtlfers. as adminis
it is hereby ordered that you. and all poisons
interested in said matter , may , and do , appear
at the County Court to be held in and for said
county , on the 28th dav of April , A. D. 1906 at
10 o'clock a. in. , to show cause , if any there be
why the prayer of the petitioner should not be
granted , ana that notice of the pendency of said
p. tition and that th * * hearing thereof be given teal
al ! persons interested in said matter by publish-
a copy of this ord-r in the Valentine Democrat
a weekly newspaper printed in said county , for
3 successive weeks prior to suid day ot hearing.
Witness my hand and tiie seal of b
SEAL courtthis4il ) day January..l ) 1900 ,
- W.R. TOWNE ,
i:5 : 3 County Juilge.
Order of Hearing and Notice o
Probate of Will.
In the County Court of Cherry County , Ne
To the hpirs and tc : il' ' persons interested in
the estate ot David A. . I'ieruy. decease-I : On
readi'g the petition of Alfred Lewis , prav-
inn that , the instrument , lilert in this Court on the
Oth day of Auril , 1900 , and purporting to l e
th" last will and testament of the said deceased
may be proved an-1 allowed , and recorded as the-
last will and testament of Duvid A. Piercj
de"e-ised ; that said instrument be admitted t <
urohute. and the admiii'stration of said esta'c
bo granted fi Al'ied Lewis and Charles II
Cornell , as executors
It is hereby ordered that y u and all per u ;
interested in said matter , may , and do appear
at UIB county court to be held in and for sair
coiintv on the 28th dav of April. A. D. 1900. at
lo o'clock a , m. , to show cause , if any there be ,
why the prayer of the petitioner should not be
granten.and that notice of the pendency of said
petition and that the hearing thereof be given
to all persons interested in said matter by put )
iishing a copy of this order in the V.ilentinp
Democrat ; t weekly newspaper printed in sail
county , for three succes"ve weeks prior to said
< 4ay of hearing.
Witness my hand and the seal of said coun
UiisGth day of March. A U lfli'0. '
, 13 3 County Judge.
Contest Notice.
U. S. Land Office , Va'entine , Ne'irasi ; a ( .
April 19. I'M ; t
A sufficient contest affidavit having been tilet
in this office by Linrss Gheans , contestant
against Homestead Entry No. lOocj. inad * Jurt
20,1904 for Lot 4 S \ViiN\VJ4 W > 6SW& of Sen
iu i 0 , Township ! 51. Range 28. Lots 1 and 2 SE4
NE& NF' EJi of Section 1. Townshin SI
Kaugeta , SEU. S' S NK 4.SVVi4 , Section 31
Township 32. Kange 28. tiy Robert Tucker , con.
tester , in which it is alleyeo that claimant has
never established residence upon said landalso
tnal said claimant ha < wholly abandoned sail
land for more than six mouths"last past and h--s
failed to cure his achs up to dale.and thats'-tli
alleged absence from the said land was not due
o his employment as an omje' , s.-ldier , sailor
or inarm- the army , navy or mariii" cor s of
the United St.-ues during tt e war with Spia or
during anv other war in which the United
Vi "s in iy be engird , s-ud Dirties : re hereby
iHitiuVd to app ar , respond and oll'er evidence
touching said allegation nt 10 o'clock H. m. on
June 11.1900. before the Register and Receiver
: -t the United States Laud oittse in valentine ,
The said contestant having , in a proper affi
davit , filed April 10 190G , set for h facts which
show that alter due diligence pen-final ervice
or t"is notice cannot be made , it is hereby
ordered and directed that such notice oe given
by due and proper i uhlicatinn.
14 5 LUKE M. BATES. Register.
Contest Notice.
i U. S. Land Office Vutentine. Nebraska ,
April 11.1006.
A sufficHit contest having l eeu fil-d in this
office oy Albert L. Bucl.nna.i. contestant f.-
g'tiu t Homesrea-t entry \o. 1CS33. made -Midlist
UM'JOl , for Iocs 2 , y,4 and 7. and -E 4Nvii
SW&NKk , SEli and EV WU. Sec.ion 0.
Township 2 * , Range 32. by Pniletm H. Winter1
ateen , contested , in which it is alleged that said
Plu etus H. Wintersteen 1ms wholly abandoned
said laud and changed his residen- therrfrom
for more thnii six months last past , that the lant
Is not settled upon nor cultivated in good laith
us tli-law ivquir-s , and entrvman has never
c-stabli-hed IPS resi-ieuce upon the land as the
law requires , am-l he has Jailed to cure his
laches up to this date ; and said alleged absence
from thw said lan/i was not due to his employ
ment in the xnny , nuyy , or marine corps of th'e
united Stntes as a private soldier , omcur , sea
man or marine during the war wuh Spain or
during any oilier war in which the United
States may be engaged ; said parties are herebj
notified to appear , respond ani offer ev ence
touching sain allegation at 10 o'clock a. m. on
June 20.1908 before the register and receiver at
the United States Land Omce iu Valentine ,
The sain contestant having , in a proper affl
davit , fileo April 11,1900 , s"t foith facts which
show that alter due diligence lersonal service
of this notice can notbmnade. it is hereby order'
ed and directed that such notice be given by due
anu proper publication.
13 4 E. OLSON , Receiver
jDoiible Track
Jtailroad between JlixsonriHiver
anil CJiivayo.
Direct line to St. Pan-Minneap
olis. *
Direct line to ISlftch Hills.
At/ to neart-Kt ( tgcn ? for rates
maps and time cards.
Rices writes insurance.
Straved or Stolen
rrom my range on Snake river , dur
ug the summer or fall of 1905 , five
liead of two jear old steers , 1 year-
ng steer , 2 cows and 1 yearling
leifer , branded or Y left side
or hip. gym
Also , 10 head of steers and 2
cows , branded capital D bar or S S
on left side. See brand ad on last
page of this paper. Suitable re-1
ward for recovery of same. 14
GEO. K. SAWYER , Oasis , Neb.
It is your privilege to publish
contest notices in any paper pub
lished in the county that you may
If you wish to contest a home
stead you can have your adver
tisement , published in THE VALEN
TINE DEMOCRAT by requesting it
at the land office or U. S. com
WANTED : District Manag
ers to post signs , advertise and
distribute samples. Salary $18.00
weekly , § 3.00 per day for expen
ses. State age and present em
ployment , IDEAL SHEAR CO. ,
39 Randolph St. , Chicago. 52
Ask for your contest notice to
be published in THE VALENTINE
DEMOCRAT. "We will send you the
paper during the time your ad
vertisement is running.
Postoffice address
Cody , Nebraska
On left
side. Horses
ses left
Range north
Cutcomb Lake
Garner Brothers.
Cody , Nebr
Anywhere ou cat
Horses on left
Range- North
Sawyer Bros.
postofflce address.
Oasis , Nebr.
G. K. Sawyer has
charge of these cat
tle Horses B > s on
left shoulder. P
stock lift sid
left thigh"Range on Snake river
Hoau Brothers
Woodlake Neb
John Roan's
private mark , slit ,
in left ear
Land and Feeding Co.
.Swtlett Richards Pres Will G Comstock , V. P
Chas C Jamison Sec&Treas
Cattle branded on
any part of animal
also the following
brands :
* e * - "fKznxv MLnri
horses branded the
Range between
Gordon on the F.E.
&M. V.R. R. and
3yanms on I * & M. R. R. in Northwestern
Nebraska. Address , BAHTLETT
Ellsworth. Nebra-ka.
R M Faddis& Co.
Postofflce address Valentine or Kennedy.
Some branded
left thigh
IIor. ps 01
left shoul
der or thieh
Fonn left
shoul der or
Somc on right thigh or shoulder ,
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle branded
same as cut on
left side.
Horses g
on left
Range 6 miles
south of Irwin ,
P. II. Young.
Simeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on lefc side
Some left
on left jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordo ? Creek north of Simeon ,
C. P. Jordan.
Rosebud , SD
Horses and cattle
same as cut ; also
OJ BE JJ on right
Rane on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rusUers of stock
bearing any o ! these brands.
Cody. Nebr.
Cattle branded
on left side.
Horses J3 on
left Jaw.
Range Between
the Niobrara and
Medicine Lake.
J5f. S. Kowley
Kennedy , - Nebraska.
Same as cut on left
side , and hip , and on
left shoulder of her
ses. AlsoBSSM on
left side
F + on left side
Some cat-
t'e ' brand-
' d husk- ng peg ( either side up ) on
left side or hip. p on left jaw and left shoulder
of horaes , U
UQ on left hip of horses
j on left jaw of horses
C.V. . Bennett
Simeon Neb
GStock branded
with 7 on left hip
also same as cut
Range between
Kordonand Snake
creeks and on the
Niobrara river
Postofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On left side of cat
tle ; horses O right
Range , north and
south of Niobrara
verl2-miles south
est of Cody
George Heyne
Cody , Neb
Brand registered
Ntf 1027
Horses branded on
left shoulder
Range north and
south of Cutcomb
Lake in Cherry Co
Albert Whipple & Sons
Rosebud , S , D.
Cattle branded
SOS on left side
OSO on rightside
Some cattle also
have aj jon neck
Some with A. on
left shoulder and
some branded
with two bars
across hind quar
ters. Soni'j Texas
O on lelt aideand'somejsg
on left side.
Horses branded SOS on left hio. Some cattle
branded AW bar connected on both sidea and
hir >
Postofflce address
King , Neb , * ?
Cattle branaed as on * *
cut ; horses branded
same as t-attle except
reversed S ,
See block
ue Steveri
and Stephenson
l akes and South
8300 reward will be paid to any person for in
formation leading to the arrest and convicti' n
of any person or persons stealing cattle with tl e
D. A. Hancock
Marshall , Mo. or
Simeon , Nebraska
Cattle branded on
leftside as on cut ;
also 16 on left side
with. on left hip o !
some cattle ; also S16
on right side. Horse
brand , rake a-.d 16
on left shoulder or
hip. Z on left jaw
Home ranch on
Dewey Lake. Range on Niobrara River , eaot efFort
Fort Niobrara : all in Cherry County. Nebraska
Postofflce address
Hyanms , Neb
On right side
on left
also cattle
on right side
Range 16 miles
north of Hyannisi
Sandy Williams.
Merriman , Nebr.
Mostly on left
side. Some on
right side.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Lake
Creek , S. D.
C. H. Little.
Merriman , Nefcr.
On either side
Horses same on
hip. Also
Range Lake Creek
G.H. Seager
Postofflce address
Cody , Neoraska
Cattle branded as on
cut on left side , hip
and shoulder ; horses
Range , Snake Creek
Pat Peiper
F. W. Jersig
Valentine. Neb
Cattle branded ? r
shown Jin cut ou
left side , loin or
Ranga between tne Gordon and Snake
south oi the Niobrara. river
Gordon ,
Cattle branded
on leftside aim
cut , 6-lnch box
and 2K-lach circle
Brand registered
875. '
left shoul
der. 2J4
Incbc circle 1-In
box. Registered 876 Range 8 miles south
Irwin on Niobrara river.
Robert Quisenbery
Postofflce address
Simeon , Nebr.
Y cattle.
Horses same on
right shoulder.
Range on Snake
Postofflce address
Cody. Nebraska
Otf either side cattle
herdcaark left ear
clipped and rlsrht ear
splitherses ; Dtanded
same on left sh oulder
Range on Niob-ara
, nd Medicine Canyon
D. Stinard.
Valentine , Nebr.
State Brand reg
istered 1554.
Cattle and horses
branded same as
cut on left hip.
Range 2 miles
east of Ft. Nio
brara ,
Parmelee Cattle Co.
Ro ebud.S. D ,
Cattle branded
as cut onleft | side
with stripe under
Horses branded
left thigh.
Range on Soldier creek.
Metzger Bros. ,
Rolf Nefe
Cattle branded
anywhere on tefc
Earmark , square
crop right ear
Horses have
same brand on
left thigh.
Range on Gor
don and Snake.
Creeks ,
A JSewarrt of $25O will be paid to any
person for Information leading to th arrest and
nnal conviction of any person or peisins steal
ing catlle with above brand.
Jos. Bristol
Valentine , Nebr.
Range on Nio
brara river four
miles east of Ft.
Horses and
cattle branded
nB connected on
left hip or side as
shown in cut
Fostofflce addrtss
Hyannis , Neb
Branded on lelt eido
Range eighteen miles ,
north of y vannis -
Pullman , Nebr
Cattle branded JY
on rightside
Horaes branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any Information
leading to the re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
J.F. Swain
Sparks , Nebr.
Cattle branded on
ft side as shown
n cut.
Range South
of Sparks on Nio
brara river.
4C. E. Wnght.
Valentine Nebr.
Brand registered
No. 374.
Brand anywhere
on right side.
D. M. Sears.
Kennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
as on cut.left side
Some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
A. Benson.
Address Arabia
Range North of
Niobrara river. :
VSJ "i
J. B. Lord
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
game as cut back
right shoulder end
en right hip
Range on the