Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, March 29, 1906, Image 7

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    A Time When Women Are Susceptible to Many
Dread Diseases Intelligent Women Prepare
for it. Two Relate their Experiences.
The "change of life" is
the most critical period
of a woman's existence ,
and the anxiety felt by
women as it draws near
Is not without reason.
Every woman who
neglects the care of her
health at this time in
vites disease and pain.
When her system is in
a deranged condition ,
or she is predisposed to
apoplexy , or congestion
of any organ , the ten
dency is at this period
likely to become active
and with a host of ner
vous irritations make
life a burden. At this
.time , also , cancers and
Stumors are more liable
to form and begin their
destructive work.
Such warning symp
toms as sense of suffo
cation , hot flashes , head
aches , backaches , dread
of impending evil , timid
ity , sounds in the ears ,
palpitation of the heart ,
sparks before the eyes ,
irregularities , constipa
tion , variable appetite , OOQflSQOOBfiafiaQoaEOOGO
weakness , inquietude ,
and dizziness , are
promptly heeded by in
telligent women who are
approaching the period
in life when \voinau's great change
may be expected.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound was prepared to meet the needs
of woman's system at this trying
period of her life. It invigorates and
strengthens the female organism and
builds up the weakened nervous S3'stem.
For special advice regarding this im
portant period women are invited to
write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn , Mass. ,
and it will be furnished absolutely free
of charge. The present Mrs. Pinkham
is the daughter-in-law of Lydia E. Pink-
ham , her assistant before her decease ,
and for twenty-five years since her
advice has been freely given to sick
Read what Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound
pound did for "Mrs. Hyland and Mrs.
.Hinkle :
Dear Mrs. Pinkham :
"I had been suffering with displacement of
the organs for years and was passing through
the change of life. My abdomen was badly
swollen ; my stomach was sore ; I had dizzy
snells , sick headaches , and was verynervous. .
lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where Others Fail.
to fbe lore
means a prcductiva
capacity in dollars ol
Over 516 Per Acre
This on land , which has cost the farmer
nothing but the price of tilling it , tells its
story. The Canadian Government gives
Absolutely Freeio Every Seller
160 Acres of Such Land
Lands adjoining can be purchased at from $6 to
( io per acre from railroad and other corporations.
Already 1 75,000 FARMERS from the United States
ha\e made their homes in Canada. For uamphlet
* * r vcalielh Century Canada" and all information
Arplfor information to Supo'intnapiu of Irnmig-a-
tion , O taira , Canada , or to K. T. Holmes. 815 Juckxou
Ot. . St. Paul. Minn. , and J. M. .McLuchlun. Box 116.
W'atortown , So.Dakota , Authorized Government Auenu
Piease cay where you eawr this advertisement.
K IffifflHOFIffiflSH
has stood for the 5E5T
during seventy years of
increasing sales ,
Remember this v/hen/ou w&nt water-
J > roof oiled coats , .suits , hats , or horse
good * for all hinds of wet work.
. .
W. L. Douglas $4.OO Gilt Edge Line
' cannot be equalled at any price.
< t1 fl nfin REWARD to anyone who can .
$ I UjUUU disprove this statement.
If I could take you into my three large factories
t Brockton. Mass. , and show you the infinite !
care with which every pair of shoes is made , you
would realize why VV. L. Douglas S3.50 shoes :
cost more to make , why they hold their shape ,
( it better , wear longer , and are of greater
intrinsic value than any other $3.50 shoe. ,
W. L. Douglas Strong Made Shoos for i
Men , $2.5/7 , S2.OD. Boys' School & '
Ofosa Shoesf $2. BO , $2 , $1.75$1.BO
CAUTION. insist upon Laving "VV.L.Doug-
las shoes. Take no substitute. 2Jone genuine
without bis name and price stamped on bottom.
feat Color Kyelets used ; they will not wear brassy.
Write fa IHastrated Catalog. j
I W.IDOUGLASBrockton ,
N THIS J-AMIK noui nxrrum rj ABTUTULU.
" I wrote you for advice and commenced
treatment with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound as you directed , and I am
happy to say that all those distressing symp
toms left me and I have passed safely through
the change of life , a well woman. I am
recommending your medicine to all my
friends. " Mrs. Annie E. G. Hyland , Chester-
town , Md.
Another Woman's Case
" During chaiige of life words cannot ex
press what I suffered. My physician said I
had a cancerous condition of the female
organs. One day I read some of the testimonials
menials of women who had been cured by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ,
and I decided to try it and to write you for
advice. Your meaicine made me a well
woman , and all my bad symptoms soon
" I advise every wowan at this period of life
to take your medicine and write you for ad
vice. " Mrs. Lizzie Hinkle , Salem , Ind.
What Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound did for Mrs. Hyland and
Mrs. Hinkle it will do for other women
at this time of life.
It has conquered pain , restored
health , and prolonged life in cases that
utterly baffled physicians.
The Dean Ontwitted.
A friend of Dean Swift .one day sent
i him a turbot for n present , by a servant -
, ant who had frequently been on simi
lar errands , but had never received
1 anything for his trouble. Having
piiued admission , he opened the study
door , and , putting the fish on the floor ,
cried out , rudely , "Master seut you a
turbot ! " "Young man , " said the Dean ,
rising from his easy chair , "is that the
\vay you deliver a message ? Let me
' teach you better manners. Sit down
in my chair we will change places ,
and I will teach you how to behave in
the future. " The boy sat down , and
the Dean going out , came up to 'the
door , and. making a low bow , said :
! "Sir , master presents his kind com
pliments , hopes you are well , and re
quests your acceptance of u small pres
ent. " "Does he ? " replied the boy.
"Return him my best thanks , and
here's half a crown for yourself. "
The Dead thus caught in his own trap ,
i laughed heartily , and gave the boy a
i crown for his ready wit. The teacher
as well as the scholar received a lessou
, that time. The boy certainly knew
enough to make his way through the
\ world.
The Blsrgrest aitm of Addlsoii County ,
Vt. , Tells an IntercMtliig' Story.
E. C. Scott , meat dealer , Vergennes.
Vt. Past Commander of Ethan Allen
Post , G. A. R. , says : "A severe at
tack of typhoid left
me with weak kid' ,
neys. Every night I
had to get up fre
quently to pass the
urine , which was
ropy , dark and yerj'
painful to void. I
had no appetite , but
drank water continu
ally without being
able to quench my thirst. Terrible
headaches and.dizzy spells oppressed
me and my back was lame , sore and
stiff. A month's treatment with
Doan's Kidney Pills rid me of this
trouble , and now I am strong and
healthy and weigh 230 pounds. I give
the credit to Doan's Kidney Pills. "
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.
Foster-Milburn Co. , Buffalo. N. Y.
A Lively Catch.
Mrs. S. And so you are leaving us ,
, Bridget ? And what are you going to
do ?
j Bridget Please , mum , I'm going to
get married.
Mrs. S. Dear me ! Isn't that rather
sudden ? Who is the happy man ?
Bridget Do you remember , mum ,
me askin' you about four weeks ago
to go to the funeral of a friend ? Well ,
I do be gohr to marry the corpse's
husband. Sure , he told me then I
wuz the life o' the party. " Harper's
Quieting : Suspicion.
"Mr. Blank seemed rather uneasy
when I told him you were going to apply -
ply for the position of typewriter. "
"He was , but I soon got him over
his alarm. "
"What did you say to him ? "
"Told hin 1 had no matrimonial.
designs whatever ; that I merely want
ed to be assister to him. " Baltimore
Xo more bull fights soon in Mexico.
The people there will have to come over
and see our bull-und-bear combats.
> c\v York Mail.
Dr. Wiley says that bottled whisky is
the only kind that is safe. And it isn't
safe then unless you keep it under lock
and key. Chicago Journal.
llather than tell his wife he had been
robbed a man 05 years old walked 130
miles. Oh , some men do learn after a
while ! New York Evening Telegram. .
A Chicago paper says : "The Stand
ard Oil Company is trying to gei closer
to the public. " It has long been within
touching distance. What more does it
want ? Denver News.
Scientists have discovered that an
Alaskan glacier is moving at the rate
of two inches a year. Let's match it
for a 10 years' race against the Pana
ma canal. Denver Xews.
"Asia for the Asiatics" may become-
as reasonable as some more familiar
Occidental slogans , after "Boxes for
the Boxers" .shall have been popular
ized. Xew York Commercial.
Captain Ilobson declares that Japan
shall not be permitted to turn China
into a great military nation. The Dow
ager Empress will kiss him if he don't
watch out. Houston Chronicle.
In the United States may be found an
immense body of public sentiment in
favor of divorce reform and an im
mense body of private practice against
divorce reform. Hartford Times.
A woman in New York is giving a
lecture on "llow to Become a Charming
Conversationalist. " The way to be con
sidered a charming conversationalist is
to have money. Chicago Journal.
Xo matter how they may differ with
regard to all other questions in the
Orient , the powers are practically a
unit now in wishing that China may
not wake up too much. Chicago Inter
We shall soon have enough ex-graft
ers in this country to form a society for
mutual protection and incidentally to
take a personal interest in the great
question of prison reform. Portland
Secretary Taft says the work on the
Panama canal will go on "after every
truthful man and every liar has been
heard. " If he would only limit it to
liars we might hope for an early start.
Buffalo Times.
The center of population of the Uni
ted States is officially announced to be
six miles southeast of Columbus , Ind. ,
and not at the intersection of Broad
way and 42d street , as a great many
Xew Yorkers vaguely fancy. Puck.
Mr. Lawson , of Boston , the boll wee
vil of high finance , complains that the
Armstrong report is not far-reaching
enough and that the men higher up in
the graft got away. Seems to be a pret
ty good start , though. Xew York Even
ing Telegram.
A policeman was robbed of a ? 2oO
pin by . crook whom he had recog
nized as such on a 34th street crosstown -
town car. If such things may be , in
the case of our defenders , what chance
has the ordinary passenger ? Xew York
Evening Sun.
It is not only a lamentable but a dis
graceful condition of affairs which
makes it unsafe for women to walk
the residence streets of Chicago with
out male escorts. And yet we talk
about the progress we are making as a
civilized people. Chicago Inter Ocean.
Three million bushels of corn would
be sufficient to relieve the 3,000,000 people
ple of Northern Japan who are threat
ened with starvation because their rice
and silk crops were last year a total
failure. Xebraska alone could spare
that amount in a pinch. Xebraska
It's a case of easy money that the
tintype which depicts Alfonso of Spain
gripping his best girl's arm with one i
hand and a cigarette with the other '
was inspired by the Tobacco Trust. The
world awaits the announcement of the
name of the brand of that particular
cigarette. Philadelphia Press.
In condensed form the recommenda
tions of the Armstrong Insurance In
vestigating Committee are like Horace
Greeley's dictum in , regard to specie
payments , that the way to resume is to
resume. The way to do an insurance
business is to do an insurance business
and nothing else. Milwaukee Evening
France has a strange way of fixing
up a divorce suit. Formerly it was
the general idea that the man paid the
alimony , but in Boni de Castellane's
suit it appears that the woman pays
for the man's support after the experi
ment of making the millions and the
title fit has been proved a hard job. *
Mobile Register.
Sparks from the "Wires ,
The Carson building , the largest in
Amarilo. Texas , was destroyed by fire.
Loss $100,000 , party covered by insur
Andrew Carnegie will bear the expense
of a crusade for spelling reform. The
Simplified Spelling Board has been or
ganized in Xew York.
Two hundred men employed in the
Weatherly Foundry and Machine Com
pany's shop at Weatherly. Pa. , struck be
cause of a disagreement over the hand
ling of sand.
There Is
Genuine- of Fi
The Genuine Is Manufactured by the
California Fig Syrup Co.
The full name of the company , California Fig : Syrup Co. ,
\ & printed on the front of every package of the genuine.
The Genuine- Syrup of Figsis for Sale , in Original
Packages Only , by Reliable Druggists Everywhere
Knowing the above will enable one to avoid the fraudulent imita
tions made by piratical concerns and sometimes offered by unreliable
dealers. The imitations are known to act injuriously and should
therefore be declined *
Buy the genuine always if you wish to get its beneficial effects.
It cleanses the system gently yet effectually , dispels colds and headaches
when bilious or constipated , prevents fevers and acts best on the
kidneys , liver , stomach and bowels , when a laxative remedy is needed r
by men , women or children. Many millions know of its beneficial
effects from actual use and of their own personal knowledge. It is the
laxative remedy of the well-informed.
Always buy the Genuine Syrup of Figs
Sure "Winner.
The Man The girl looks upon my
suit with favor , but both her father
and mother oppose it.
The Maid Then I may asveil con
gratulate you.
The Man Why , pray ?
The Maid You are sure to be elect
ed by aii overwhelming minority.
As Defined.
" " little Johnnie Bum-
"Say , pa , queried
pernickle. "what's a light-weight boxer ? "
-lightweight boxer , my son. is a
man who is engaged in crating straw
berries , " replied the old gentleman.
Brushed Scales from Face Like Pow
der Worse Tinder Physicians
Cuticura Works Wonders.
"I suffered with eczema six months.
I had tried three doctors , but did not
get any better. It was ou my body
and on my feet so thick that I could
hardly put a pin on me without touch-
lug eczema. My face was covered ,
my eyebrows came out , and then it got
in my eye. I then went to another
doctor. He asked me what I tras taking -
; ing for it , and I told him Cuticura. He
said that was a very good thing , but
that he thought my face would be
marked for life. But Cuticura did its
work , and my face is now just as clear
as It ever was. I told all my friends
about my remarkable cure. I feel so
| thankful I want everybody far and
'wide ' to know what Cuticura can do.
It is a sure cure for eczema. Mrs.
Emma White , 641 Cherrier Place , Camden -
den , N. J. , April 25 , 190D. "
A Brisk Trade in Sermons.
The wife of a Philadelphia clergy
man recently sold a box of waste pa
per to a ragman , says Success Maga
zine. In the box were a lot of manu
script sermons of her husband's. A
month or so thereafter , the ragman
again came around , and asked if the
lady had any more sermons to sell.
"I have some waste paper , " said she ,
"but why should you particularly want
sermons ? "
"Well , mum , you see I did so well
with them that I got here a month ago.
I got sick up in Altoona , and a preach
er there boarded me and my horse for
a couple of weeks for that box of ser
mons , because I hadn't any money.
Since then he's got a great reputation
in those parts as a preacher. I'll give
ten cents a pound for all you have. "
Not Far Euough.
Poet ( to editor ) Here's a little thing
I just dashed off.
Editor Couldn't you manage to dash
it a little farther off ?
Brief I nit
Lady Visitor What are you in for ,
my poor man ?
Convict Fer good , ma'am. Balti
more American.
atiSTTtt. * .i5iOT
. . . . .
'iG ? Infants and Children.
. .
iiiiuiiiHiinn.ittmiuntiiii'num'"'i i
A gejablePreparalionfor As
similating lueFoodandReguIa-
ling the Stomachs andBowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfu
ness andEest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
flxptmbtt -
Aperfecl Remedy forConstipa-
Tion , Sour StomachDiarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish-
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature oF
. .
Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year *
Great English Remedy
Safe , Sarc , Effective. 50c.&S1.
DRUGGISTS , or 93 Henry St. . Brooklra. N. Y.
Wuhlncton , D. C.
Prosecutes Claims ,
? * = U.8. Passion Burv&u.
.attirusu >
A Certain Cure for Feverisbaes * * .
Constipation , He nil ache ,
Stomach Troubles , Teething-
Disorder 8 , nd Destroy
Mother Gray. Worms. They Break up Colds
Nurse in Child in 24 boars. At all Dragnets. SictS ,
ren's Home. Samole mailed FREE. Address , '
Haw 5fork City. A. S. OLMSTED. Lc Slcy. N Tft
S. C. X. I * . - - Xo. 13 190G.
SS t'iffffiS ? . ' ! "V ttT'SfD ' j ° ScacfaDe ! co'ors ' , a" TO"5Tbw * * Ja col1 ( wter better than any ether fte. You can Ays
at wttbMt
say ( pr rlppba apart , Write fw frw l oyet--HoYr to Dye , BleacJi and Mix Cclors. MOJVROE 2 > tR VG CO.fnianciUe. . Mjjjourt