Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, March 08, 1906, Image 1

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fc >
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f.W We wish to call your attention to
our large and complete line of &
43" ft >
& ftfc >
fc >
Jj Furniture , &
? fc >
4 ? Carpets *
* Rugs ft &
fc >
4 ? Matting fcfc >
49 *
Linoleum ft
4 ? &
Floor Oil Cloth ? *
4 ? fcfr
4 ?
4 $ &
Also to a few of our prices on same * 2fi
2fi >
4 ? i >
4 4 ? ? Sanitary Steel Couches , best $ 6.00 i & >
J >
Common Chairs , per set - ' 3.75 Ji
Upholstered Lounges - 8.00 & i >
4 ? Iron Beds . . . . 3.50
i >
Cotton Top Mattresses , § ood tick' , 3.25
" i guaranteed unequaled "I A Af |
"CVkH-/\rl r\4-i-f\-r
- - -
- / \ . \ \ % . .
JjtJltcU. OUtlOll , for the price
4s 4 < 2 ? Chinese Matting , per yard - .30
49 49 Carpets , per yard - .30 to .75
49 Now these are only a few of the good things we
49 49 have for you. All we ask is a chance to figure
49 with you. Why Eend money away for cheap ,
49 shoddy goods when you can buy better goods
49 at home for less money1 ? Make us a call. Let
49 us see what we can do for you. : : : : :
49 4 ? RED FRONT MERC. CO. 0cl >
49 & >
t ,
New Spring
Arriving Daily
Wagons and Buggies
Lumber and Hardware
Pictures Framed to Order ,
Established In Va'.enliue since 1885.
Glass Berry Dishes Call Bells
Scales Work Baskets
Eat Traps Dust Pans
, ; Steak Pounders
Knife , Fork Base Balls
Cuspidors Tin Pails
Dover Egg Beaters Hammers
Tinware , Oils , Etc , Lamps , Crockery , Lime , Coal Paper
Licensed Emlmlmcr
Chartered as a State Bank Chartered as a National Bank
.Tune 1 , 1884. August 12 , 1902 ,
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
DBctnli. of7 ilom.tlTao.
OAPiTALPAIDIK ; s * A General Banking
Exchange and
nnO +
V/W. Collection Business.
C. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M , Y , "NICHOLSON , Cashier.
Talk of the Town ,
Martin Becker was in towr
When you come to town , stoi
at the Chicago House. 38
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Green , Feb. 26 , 1806 , a girl.
A. H. Stees returned from Oma
ha Monday where he has IH Pn foi
some time pastr.
Mrs. Catherine Me Donald has
been confined to her home the past
week with a serious case of rheu
Henry Becker was in town from
North Table Monday and reports
that he had two large hogs smoth
er to death in the blizzard.
The county commissioners were
in session a couple of days this
week , Arthur Bowering and C. J.
O'Connor being present.
Judge Wood of Eushville is in
attendance at court this week , be
ing employed in the prosecution
of the Valentine saloon-keepers
for violation of the gambling laws.
Judge of Omaha is in
town this week as attorney for A.
H. Stees in the settlement of the
partners of the Erickson Cattle
Co. , which is to have a hearing
this term of court.
W. S. Barker and wife attended
the state press association last
week , returning Friday morning
in the blizzard anclhad to remain
at the depot until daylight before
lie ventured home through the
W. Honey came up from Wood
Lake Tuesday and is spending sev
eral days in town attending court.
Mr. Honey reports the storm
pretty severe down his way and
that several parties lost a number
of cattle and sheep.
I. M. Rice and wife returned
from York Monday and found the
weather fine , but were surprised
to see snow piled up about towii
and over fences , which had already
settled considerably and is now
melting down very fast , though
big drifts of snow still adorn the
streets and north side of buildings.
C. A. Pote was in town yester
day , bringing in S. Q. Spain's
son , Charley , to have him doctored
for blood poison in his left hand.
Mr. Pote purchased the Bristol
place , a mile west of town , last
spring and has been busy the past
couple of weeks clearing brush off
the bottom land. He called at
this office while in town and sub
scribed for THE DEMOCRAT.
Sheriff Simons went out in the
south country last Tuesday to
subpoena witnesses for the term
of court which convened here Mon
day , and got caught in the blizzard
last Friday at A. G. Wallingford's
on the Snake. Mr. Simons says
the snow drifted badly in that sec-
iion of the country , and being the
first one over the road after the
storm , had ' a hard time getting
back to town Saturday.
District court is in session this
week with Judge Westover on the
bench and J. D. Scott as reporter.
Monday several sheriff fales were
confirmed and other matters dis
posed of by the judge. The jury
was called up Tuesday and the
case against O. G. Treadway con
tinued to next term of court be
cause of the absence of Wm. Fer-
don , the prosecuting witness , be
ing unable to be here. The colored
man , Adams , and Harry Strick
land , charged with robbing Wm.
Johnson several weeks ago , as re
ported in these columns at the
time , pleaded guilty to the charge
and were each sentenced to three
years in-the penitentiary at hard
The most complete assortment of new spring ideas and
ready-to-wear garments ever shown in the city.
* ?
'alleta ' Silk Checks , per yard 35c .
qbbroidered Linens , per yard 75c
< ypisette , per yard- .x 3oc
W-hite Duck , per yard 20c
Curzon Silk , per yard 75c
Dress Linens , per yard 20c
Taffeta Silks , per yard 7oc to § 1.50
Egyptian Diraity , per yard 20c
Lawnsper yard. . - . 5c
White Goods , per yard 15c to 75c
Fancy Dotted Swiss , per yard lOc
Dotted Swiss Muslin , per yard : 2oc
Dress Ginghams , per yard' 12-iC to 15c
Percales , per yard 12 c to loc
and take advantage of the line ) - o
-BeS ofssc , 25cand i5c goods wcj-JSe Sure
are closing out at lOc. : : : )
Davenport & Co.
Carl Lurzyas up from Wood
Lake yesterday.
Mrs. Frank Coates of Chadron
is visiting relatives in this city.
We received a letter from P.
Sullivan this week from Phoenix ,
Arizona , where he has been spend
ing the winter. He says the weather
has been mild there and plenty of
sunshine , though cool nights pre
vail. The season is as well ad
vanced there now , as Cherry coun
ty in June. Alfalfa is about ready
for first cutting and small grain is
'heading out. All sorts of garden
vegatjjbles on the market. _ He
says there are people from al
most all parts of the world there
and of all colors and shades of the
human race , from the coal black
to the pure white. Also most of
the ailments , but consumption is
most prevalent. Some recover
but a very large per cent die and
many are buried there. Mr. Sul
livan says his health has been gen
erally good with the exception of
one or two light colds. He thinks
of going to California soon and
probably to Washington. We
are indebted to Mr. Sullivan for
several copies of newspapers sent
us from Phoenix , Ariz. , which
were very interesting.
R ) Marsarete Quigley.
Dy ) Clara Dunham.
Three little people have been
promoted to the 2nd grade.
With Miss Stella Spratt to assist
the little people in their work they
are kept busy and happy all the
On account of the storm last
Friday many pupils were absent
from school , so" the examinations
were not held till Monday.
The pupils in the primary room
are studying the colors of the rain
bow as to arrangement , also the
cause of the same. The prism
proved a pleasing surprise to them.
Eleven little people have enter
ed the 1st grade this week. They
are Bernidine Barker , OraDotson ,
Malvina Carlson , Bertha and Lulu
Sheets , Ordale Handy , May Mor-
ey , Wendell Cramer , Rush Clark
and Wagner Mil lard.
In Miss Pettijohn's room the
pupils who have been neither ab
sent nor tardy are Lawrence Rice ,
Glair Savage , Alvah Todd , "Edgar
Carlson , Leon Hilsinger , Clarence
Marshall , Joe Sparks , Leone An
derson , Carrie Burch , Ruth Eas-
ley , Coral Hobson , Olive Jones ,
Queen Moon , Mattie Malone ,
Georgia Slonecker , Lucy Boyer ,
Kathleen Yeast , Marjorie Garret ,
Daisy Holsclaw and Bertha Helzer.
our last year's inventory and thank our many customers
for their patronage , and assure them that we shall try
our best to merit a continuance of the same in 1906
AliWNTER GOODS will be sold now at Reduced Prices
Call us up over The North Table Telephone Line. (2 long rings )
Dealer in 13 very tiling.
Have advanced 20 to 25 .per cent.
? riiHnrYra a'Yr3ii < r
MJt Av/T f X > * K' < cVr VK9rtA iJrfc
J. W. STETTER , Vice Pres. ORAK L. BRITTOX , Ass't Cash.
2 Valentine State Bank , in n t
Valentine , Nebraska. 8 .
Capital Surplus
$25,000. $2,080. H 3 *
Persons seeking a placa of safety for their money , will .profit bv
investigating the methods employed in our business.
Tobaccos and Cigars.
Canned Goods Lunch Counter.
Phone 7 Home Bakery.
John V. Brown of Fremont and
Miss Ada B. Sisler of Crookston
were quietly married at the home
of the bride's parents Thursday ,
Feb. 22. Kev. Parsons performed
the ceremony in the presence of
relatives and a few friends. Af
ter the ceremony the company
were seated at the table and par
took of a bountiful dinner. The
young couple will spend a month
visiting at Fremont , after which
they will make their home at
Chadron. Contributed.
r *
A fine 6-octove organ , almost
new , for sale. J/O. BEATTY. i
You will find a-hearty : . welcome
at the Chicago House. 38
\ < . - . - . - - .
A good Smith Premier typewriter
for sale cheap. F. M. WALCOTT.
H - v ; - ;
Come now and avoid the rush.
\Ye are ready to decorate your
home. Painting and paper hang
ing. Samplesof' decotatbns on
hand. " HA'SS ft-YEA'CH. S