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Mutual companleH pay losses in full
tttount I. M. RICE , Agent.
Sure to Use
Cream of Tartar
Baking Powder
Food made with alum
baking powder carries alum
to the Stomach unchanged.
Scientists have positively
demonstrated this and that-
such food is partly indi
gestible and unhealthful.
Nebraska Liquor Laws.
Concluded from page four.
notice * If at the time fixed for
-said hearing no person appears , or
if any person does appear , after a
/'hearing , tfie magistrate shall be
atisfied that said liquors were be-
kept , or sold , or with the in-
'tention ' . andrfor the purpose of be-
* ' *
! ? ing sold , iiji violation of this chap-
r , the magistrate shall order the
destroyed , and in case there
jia no appearance by any one claim-
j-ing to be { the ( owner of said liquors
i'the costs hall lie paid by the
county in'wtiich : the complaint is
brought for'cases where the de-
pne appears and resists the com
plaint hie shall be adjudged to pay
( . % { costs' if the liquor be ordered
'destroyed ; Pro vide\l , ' 'That posses-
1 1 * " *
$ ion of : , said liquorn are not found
lid befor ; unlawful purpose the
' * * "
* - * * *
t i -v
riijagistirajje 'fahall jrder them re-
; tu.rned > totbe place where seized.
" *
Sec. 23. All fines anc
penalties recovered underthe pro-
'v&ions of this act shall , when col
lected , be paid into the proper
treasury for tl-ie use of the schoo ]
fund , and the corporate authorities
by whom such license was issued
shall pay to the complaining wit
ness in such action , out of the gen
eral fund of the county or city , an
amount equal to one-fourth of the
sum actually collected and paid ov
er to the school fund as aforesaid.
424.8 , Sec. 28. If any person
shall be found in a state of intoxi
cation hei shall be deemed guilty of
a jnisderaeanor , and any peace of
ficer may.without " warrant , and it
is4ereby made his duty to take
suph perspn into custody , and to
detaiu him 'in some suitable place
till an information can be made be
fore a magistrate and4 warrant is
sued in due form , upon which he
may be arrested and tried , and if
found guilty , he shall pay a fine
of $10 and the costs of prosecution ,
or shall bearaprisoned in the coun
ty jail not'more than 30 days. But
the magistrate before whom such
person is tried and convicted may
remit any portion of such penalty
and ordeY the prisoner to be dis
charged upon his giving informa
tion under oath , stating when ,
where , and of whom he purchased
or received the liquor which pro
duced the intoxication , and the
name and character of the liquor
obtained. In cases arising under
this section appeals may be allowed
as in cases of ordinary misdemean
or within the jurisdiction of the
justices of the pence.
1249 , Sec. 29. It shall be the
duty of.all vendors of malt , spirit-
vous , or vinous liquors , under the
provisions of > his act , to keep the
windows and doors of their re
spective places of business un-ob-
structed by screens , blinds , paint ,
articles , and any. person
I :
against tHtf provisions of
' his scctidiCilhali be deemed guilty
> f a misdemeanor , and upon con
viction thereof , shall be fined in
m.v sum 'not less than § 25 , or be ]
imprisoned in the county jail not
less than ten % days , or both , at the I
liscretion of the court , and shall
have his license revoked by the
same authority granting the same.
4251 , Sec. 31. All persons are
prohibited from treating or giving
away any liquor , beer , wine , or
intoxicating beverage whatever ,
purchased and to be drank in any
saloon or other public where such
liquors or beverages are kept for
4252 , Sec. 32. Any person
treating of [ or ] offering to treat
any other person , or accepting , or
offering to accept any treat or gift
of any intoxicating drink whatever
in any saloon or public place where
such liquors are kept for sale , shall
be deemed guilty of a misdemean
or and shall , upon conviction
thereof , be subject to a fine of § 10 ,
or imprisonment in the common
jail of the county , for ten days , or
both , at the discretion of the court ;
and in addition thereto shall pay
into said court the sum of § 15 , to
be paid to the attorney prosecuting
the case if there be one ; and if no
attorney prosecutes , then to be
paid in the school fund of .the
county in addition to the fine. .1
Editorial Honesty. : . ; .
The duty of the press is to the
people. Its business is to prefect
them from betrayal. Its purpose
is to inform the people , tech
them , instruct them , arouse them.
Ets power comes from the people.
Its influence is due to the trus of
the people. 1 }
The faith is not misplaced. $ en
of great power and greater $ an-
fluence , whose voices : h'iv&:8een :
heard throughout the land , have
been silenced by bribes. Poli
ticians have prostituted their yo ?
cation for money. , Statesmen jhave
sold the rights-of the people for
pieces of : sliver. ; - IKe. [ " * : tiigh and
mighty have betrayed the public
while they caressed it with a kiss :
But .the people have come-to
know that money will not buy the
editorial pen of and honest editor
and cannot purchase the opinion
of an honest newspaper. Men
who would not hesitate to offer-
bribes to congressmen and sena
tors would never contemplate for
a moment the proffer of a bribe t6
a newspaper. Proof of this is to
be found in the records. Journal
ism has been clean ; throughout its
long history its name is unsmirch :
ed. Clouds of suspicion have hoy-1
ered above the mightiest places in ;
the land , but they have not lowers
ed over the public press. !
In a word , an honest newspaper
is a public asset. The pooplican ?
depend upon , it and lean upon it. ,
As long as its voice prevails , hon
esty will exist. Dishonest and dis
honorable men and women , too
fear its power and dread its pub- !
licity. It stands for right and jus- :
tice for ALL the people. Indian- '
apolis Sentinel.
How ridiculously untrue are the'
above statements that newspapers
are never proffered bribes and that
"journalism has been clean ;
throughout its long' history" its
name is unsmirched , " and "clouds
of suspicion have hovered above
the mightiest places in the land ,
but they have not lowered over the
public press. " How about the
railroad ready-made editorials and
the numerous colorings of articles
in our ready prints to suit the
monopolies and capitalists. The
subsidizing of the press , the buy
ing up of newspapers for the pur
pose of holding or changing public
opinion , the colorings given to
letters upon the stock exchange to
influence speculation and. swerve
prices to suit the manipulators ,
the apologies for conditions in the
money market and thecareful
statement prepared in the Bartley
caso by the republican managers
for the people to look at-rall these
and perhaps in half the articles you
see in editorial defense , there is a
motive. Yes , we reiterate'the
statement , "proof of this is to be
found in the records. " The words
"honest editor" and "honest news-
pa per" changes the article and
places a different construction up
on the article. Qur people can no
more depend , upou the honesty or
* - * ' " - " " '
* *
. . . T ,
; ' w. - * * > * * * -t * * * j
truthfulness of &omfc.newspapers
than upon 9 < Jme men who in high
places have pne wrong.
te' Creditor * .
I'HK STATE OF NEBRASKA f „ In the County
In the matter of the e tate of James A. Guil
ders , deceased.
To the creditors of said'estate :
You are hereby notified , That I will sit at the
County Court Room in Valen tine In sid Coun
ty , on the 30th day of December. 1905. at 10 o'clock
a. in to receive and examine atl claims against
said estatu with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims auainst said estate is the 30th day
of December , A. . 1) 1905. and the time limited
for payment of debts is one year from said 15th
day of April , i9C5.
Witness my hand and the seal of said County
Court thi * 23rd day of November 1905.
- ' -16 4 County Judge
Notice to Creditors.
THE STATK OF NKURASKA t _ , In the County
In the matter of the estate of Adelia A. Petty-
crew deceased :
To the Ciediiors of said Estate :
You are herehv notilied. That I will sit at the
Cornty Court Koom in Valentine in said coumy
oj the Oth day or January , 190(3. ( t 10 o'dock
a. in. to receive and examine all claims apainst
said i tate , wltli a vkv to ilieir ndjitsini * ut and
illowancc. The muu limited for the pres nta-
tlon of fluiiiis ai : iiiit said estate is the Gth
( lay of Jiiin'jtrv. A.I ) . llfOtJ and tiip time lirniteii
or payment of drbts ia one year from said 30th
day of February 1905 ,
Wituens my hand a d s al of said county court
* - this 12th dayofDecf'tiiMr A. n. 1905.
, * 48 4 County Judge.
Order of Hearing on Petition for
Appointment of Administrator.
In the County Court of Cherry County Neb
To the heirs ahu to all persons interested in
the es'ate of Patrick Iuffy , deceased :
On reading the petition of Thomas F. Duffey
praying thit the administration of said estate
he granted to Cbailea H. Cornell , as adminis
Jt is hereby ordered that you , and all persons
interested in said matter , may. and do , appear
at the County Court to be held in and for said
county , on th aOth day of December , A. D. 1905 at
10 o'clock a-m. , to show cause , if any there be
why the prayer of the petitioner should not be
granted , ana that notice of the pendency of said
petition and that th * * hearing thereof be given to
atl persons interested in said matter by publisb-
acopy of thisordrrrin ii Valentine Democrat
a weekly newspaper punted m said county , for
3 successive weeks prior 10 said day ot hearing.
- Witness mv hand and the seat of said
SEAL court this ifllh day December.D.l905 ,
43 3 County Judge.
Frd Tallman will take notice that on the 8th
day of December , 1905 , John H. Jacousou.a
justice of the peace olCu-'rry county , Nebraska ,
i-S'ied ' an order of attachment f ! > r the twin of
8199.21 , in an action penning , wherein the Sad -
biils commercial Company is plaiutifl and Fred
I'allinan defendant , that tue property or the de
fendant cjusistiiig of one yearling heifer brand.
edi'uUpoii Brisket , and one two y-ar old
he-fer branded F T oif left sid , and credits in
the hands of Hugh II. B > yer have bt-eu attached
under gaM order. Sud cause was continued to
srtii day of January. 1906. at 2:00 : I' . M.
493 Attorney for rlaintitf.
Taken up the undersigned , at the Peyton
ranch , two miles west of Simeon the following
described horses to-wit : One roan horse about
SO years old , weight about 800 pounds , branded
P Quarter Circle on left shoulder. Lazy I ) T con
nected on right bii > ; one chestnut sorrel mare ,
white strip n forehead , about 14 years old ,
weight about 900 pouuus , branded quarter circle
2 on left shoulder ; one brown sucKing colt , un-
b ranged , about live or x months old.
Dated at Simeon , Nob. , ihU l th uaof Dec. . ' 05
OnlyDouble Track
llnilroml between JlixHonrt Hlver
nntl Cliivttffo.
IHrect line to 8t Paul iHinrie < tj > -
Direct line to Black Hills.
Ajtply to nearrat af/ent for rate *
maptt and time cards.
rarih rn Line
at O'neill , 7ebr.
Going East. . Going West.
Leaves 10 :10 a. in. Arrives 9 :50 p. m.
" .Passenger , daily.except Sunday. -
Connections with Klkhorn trains east and
west-bound from all "points west of O'Neill.
* Shortest j-pute to Sioux City and beyond.
Through connections for Sioux Falls , Minne-
.apolis , St. Paul and all points north and west.
3oy local ti Keta to O'Neill.
Sioux City Jowiv
PerCwt. Per Ton.
Bran , sacked _ § 85 $1600
Shorts , sacked 95 18 00
Screenings , sacked 60 11 00
Chop Feed , sackedl 50 20 00
Corn , sacked 90 17 00
Chop Corn , sacked 95 18 00
Oats , sacked 1 40 25 00
I Special Holiday Eeccursion
JZateitfor Teachers and
Student * .
Via the North-western Line. Ex-
jgursion tickets will be sold at low
jr.ates on presentation of proper
Certificates issued by the education-
jsil institution. Forkful particulars
.as to dates of sale , limits , etc. , ap
ply to , agents Chicago & North-
iwestern Ry. 473
Rates to Lincoln ,
Via the North-western Line. Ex
cursion tickets will be sold Dec. 25
and 26 , limited to return until Jan.
2 , inclusive , on account of State
Teachers' Convention. Apply to
agents Chicago & Northwestern Ky.
Ptoiiic < t address
On left ,
side. Hor
ses kft '
Kan e nortit o
( hitcomb Lake
Garner Brotberb.
Cody. Nebr.
Anvwbere on cat-
tfe. I
Homes on left
F T BrackPtt
Rlege , Nebr.
Brand Regisl red
Brand right side '
whip Horses same on
right shoulder
Range , Niobrara
6 miles south of
Kilgore V.Hit'Utine. Vobr.
Horses branded :
II , X r + on
j let shoulderQ ; l < 3ft tui""uRan go <
Boardmnn. Gordon. Snake and Sand Creek.
postottictt address.
Oaois. Nebr.
G. K. Sawyer has
charge of these cat
tle Horses I > S on
le.ft shoulder Some
l * ft thigh Ranee on
Johu Kuan's
private mark. < * lii
in ieft ear
Nebraska Land and Feeding Co.
Jartlett Richards Pres Will G Comstock , V. P
Chas C Jamison Sec&Treas
Cattle branded on
any part of animal
also th * follnwinp
horses BrHiided th-
Range bet wee ?
Gordon on the F.E
&M V.R R am
lyanms on B. & M R ft in NorthwHSterr
R M Faddis& Co.
address Valentin or Kennedy.
Some branrtcrt
f ! ? ? on ieft thigh
left slmul
derorthisil !
Pom 3 Ob left
shoul der or
thigh i !
. right * thiga or shoulder ,
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle branded
same as cut on
left si'ie.
bran ded fjj
on left
Range 6 mile--
south of Irwin.
F. H. Young.
dimeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
left ;
" " "
on left Jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordoa Creek of Simeon.
Sandy Williams.
Mcrriman , Nebr.
Mostly on left
side. Some on
right side.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Lake
Creek , S , D.
C. P. Jordan.
Rosebud. SD
Horses and cartlt
aame a > cut ; also
CJ BE JJ on rijrht
Rane on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rustlers of stock
bearing any of these brands.
A. Benson
Address Arabia
Nebraska. *
Range North of
Niobrara river.
I nave buyer for Nebraska farms.
If you want to sell , list with me or
write for particulars. 47
f Heist Bldg. Kansas City , Mo.
A - 1
" 3 >
the Niobrara and
N. S. Rowley
Saute as cut on left ,
side and hip , and
eft shoulder of hor
eft Hide
Some cat-1
'e ' brand-
d husk ; peg ( either side up ) o ?
eft slue or \ \ \ \ n left , jaw :
it horses.
Q on left hip of
on left law of horses
Chi Psi Cattle Co
Edward i wls. foreman
Wood l.akr. N < l r.
Cattlf branded a
in cut > u ritfht sid < i
Hsiicrr : n > 13e i-HHfi !
of SiiooouonCronin |
C , W. Bennett
Suneon Neb
Stock , branded
with 7 on Iffl liiji
Uso same as cut
Range between
Gordon and Snake
creeks and onJ
NiobrnrH river
Postoffice addresji. . . ,
Cody , Neb'niska' ?
On 'eft ' side of cat
tle : horses O right
armRange , north and
south of Niobrara
veril2-miles south
est of Cody
Gtirfrge Heyne
Cody , Neb
Brand registered
No 1027
Horses branded ou
left shoulder
Ranee north and
south of Cutcomb
in Cherry Oo
Albert Wdipple & Sons
Rosebud , S. D.
Cattle brandea
SOS on left ! > ide
Some cattle also
have a 4on neck
Some with A on
left shoulder and
some branded
with two bars
acrOvSS hind qna "
_ _ Texas
_ m f _ _ fa
cuttle branded O on leit aide and some ,
on left side.
Horses branded SOS on. left hip. Some
branded AW bar conn v.t l OT
toff hir of
Postofflee address
King , Neb
Cattle branded as on
cut ; horses branded
* ame as cattle except
reversed $ ,
See block
Range Stever
takes and South
$300 reward will be paid to any person for li > .
formation leading to the arrestand convict n
of any person ornersons t atine cattl * wH.h p
xtvwo hranrt
D.A. . : Hancucfc ' .
MarahallMo ; ; or
Simeon. NebrasRa
' Cattle branded :6n
left side as on cwt , ;
also 16 en left Side
with n on left hip of
some cattle ; also 316
on right side Horse
brand , rake akd 16
on left .shniildnr or
hip. Z on-left jatt'
Home ranch on
ige on Niobrara River."asat "of
Fort Niobrara : all in Chero Count } . Nabrjisku.
* i * * *
. . . . , . AT
Postofflce address
: Hyanms , Neb
On right side
on left
also cattle
on right side
Range 16 mlled
north of
C. H Little.
Mernman , N br.
On either side
Horses samo on
hip Also
Range Lake Creek
PostotHcr addrfSR
Codv , Neoraska
Cattle branded as on
cut on left side , hip
aqd , shoulder , ; horses
lame ,
Ratige. "haV Creek
F.W.Jersig t , , .
Valentine , Nebr ,
Cattle tirandfd a <
shown in cut on
left side , loin or
tht4urdon inrt
onth o th rlvpr
der. Sj4
( nch < - clrcV Ma
box. Registered 878. Rangealle
Irwin on Niobrara river.
Robert Quisanbery t
Poatofflce addrets
Simeon. Nebr.
A3 left-hip oa .
Y cattle.
Horses same OB
Ranee on Snake ,
ver. *
Cody. Nebraska
On either aide cattle
hBrdraark left MI
clipped and ritrbt * '
splitbenes ' andeJ
- aine on
c ? M di lne r nyon
D. Stinard.
Valentine , Nebr.
State Brand reg
istered 1554.
rattle and horses
cut on left hip.
' Bange 2 miles
east of Ft. Nio- ,
Par melee Cattle Co.
Bo etmd.H. D ,
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
with stripe under
tail. ,
Horse's branded
left thigh ,
Range on Soldier creek.
Metzger Bros. ,
King Nefc
Cherry Co
Branded on left
aide and thigh.
Earmark , square
crop right ear
Horses have
same brand on
left thigh.
Range on Gor
don and Snake ,
Creeks ,
4 Reward of $ V5O will be paid to anv
nerson for information leading to the arrest and
HUH ! conviction of any nerson or persons steal *
ing catlle with above brand.
Jos. Bristol
, Valentine , Nebr.
> Range on Nlo
brara river four
"mile * east of. Ft.
Hors s and
rtB connected on
left hip oriside as
hown 10 cut
PostofflcB address
Hyannis * Neb
Branded7 on left rid *
Range eighteen mile *
north of Hval&la
. . Pullman , Nebr
Cattle brandedJT
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
'for any Information
leading to the re
covery oJ' * cattl *
strayed from" my
. . .
range. * * * *
T. ' l ?
J.F Swain-
Sparks , Nebr.
Cattle branded on w
It side as shown
n out. .
Bange South
of Sparks oaHIo-
brara river.
Vatsnttne.Nebt ;
Biaaa reglfcterti
No.374. - , :
Brand anywhere
D. MSears -
Kennedy , Nebr
Cattle branded
as on cut.left side f
Some OB left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Kange Square
' . E. Haley . * -
t X * * * i
' '
_ Knge-fn 8.
Ranch and 6
wrath bf Kilxor *
- * ' -y .
: r 'r
Simeon Neb : : :
right shoulder and
en right hip
Range on the
J ndBl