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    The Valentine Democrat
Valentine , Neb.
1. M. Rice. Publisher
Now York Firms Declare They Have
Plenty of Non-Union Men and Un
der No Circumstances Will They
Grant the Demand.
'Action was taken Friday both by the
Chicago Typothetac and the Internation
al Typographical Union looking toward
'sin extension after Jan. 1 of the printers'
strike , which has been in progress since
hist September. At a meeting of the Chi
cago Typothetae a conference with the
independent employing printers Avas call
ed , at Avhich the independents will be
asked to join the Typothetae in the strug
gle against the eight-hour day by abro
gating their present eight-hour contracts
and informing their men they will be
obliged to work nine hours a day after
Jan. 3 , thus forcing a strike of the print
ers employed in the independent offices.
There are about 700 independent employ
ing printers in Chicago , employing about
il,700 members of the Typographical Un
The International Typographical Union
sent out circulars to the officials of the
( international organizations whose mcm-
Jbers work in the printing trades request
ing them to join the printers in their fight
jfor an eight-hour day after Jan. 1. The
calling of sympathetic strikes is urged as
the best means of aiding the printers ,
i Announcement that preparations to
[ handle a big printers' strike ImA'e been
fcompleted by the employing printers of
( New York City was made Friday by the
'employing ' printers of that city. The
eight-hour work day , which the Interna
tional Typographical Union has decreed
shall go into effect on Jan. 1 , 190G , is de-
iclared to be the cause for issuing this
.statement . , Avhich is in part as follows :
"The closed shop and the eight-hour
, day demanded by Typographical Union
No. G cannot and will not be granted.
! The members of the Typothetae are
( Prepared to install competent non-union
machine operators and other printers iu
their various composing rooms.
There will be no lockout in the printing
[ trades. Competent men entering our cm-
iploy after Jan. 1 next will be paid full
jwages according to the unoin scale ,
hether they are union men or not. "
; President McCormick , of Typogrpahi-
caljUnion No. ( j. . issued a statement Fri-
tday night in reply to the Typothetae , in
which he says :
"The members of Typographical Union
Jso. G have recommended a reduction in
the hours of their labor. We believe AVC
are justified in asking for this reduction.
{ From assurances we have already receiv
ed from emplo3-iug printers not connect-
( ed Avith the Typothetae. Avhich represents
but 25 per cent of the book and job
printers in this city , we are confident of
, the success of this movement. "
[ Packers , Railroads and Officials
! Are Accused.
' Fourteen indictments were turned by
the federal grand jury at Kansas City ,
[ Mo. , Friday against common carriers ,
railway officials , shippers and freight
agents , charging thegiA-ing of rebates and
conspiracy to gain rebates.
The indictments were returned as fol-
' George H. Crosby , of Chicago , general
traffic manager of the Burlington ; Geo. L.
( Thomas , a broker of New York ; L. B.
jTaggart , Crosby's chief clerk ; Chicago
.and Alton Railroad Company , John N.
'Faithorn ' and F. A. Wann , formerly vice
president and general freight agent re
spectively ; Cudahy Packing Company ;
'Armour ' Packing Company ; Swift & Co. ;
Chicago , Milwaukee and St. Paul Rail
road ; Nelson Morris , Ed\vard Morris and
Ira N. Morris , comprising the partnership
of Nelson Morris & Co. ; D. IT. Gresky ,
of Kansas City , a freight broker.
Steamer Wrecked on Reef.
A Norfolk , Ya. , special says : During a
fierce storm early Friday the Belgian
steamship Antigoon Averit on a reef six
teen , miles bouth of Cape Ilenry. Life
saA'ers made heroic efforts to save the
'crew. Three were taken off the ship in a
breeches buoy.
Fear Anti-Christian Riot.
At Alexandria , Egypt , fears are preva-
Jent that an anti-Christian demonstra
tion will take place soon , but the author
ities are confident they will be able to re
press any disturbances. Every precau
tion has been taken.
, *
A Cleveland Tragedy.
William Guy , just discharged from the
jNewberg insane hospital at Cleveland ,
O. , Friday shot and killed his brother-in-
laAv , Harry Flint , aged 15 , and an 18-
month old child , and fatally injured Mrs.
Elizabeth Bennett. He Avas arrested.
Sioux City Stock ; Market.
Friday's quotations on the Sioux City ,
stock market follow : Butcher steers ,
4.00. Top hogs , § 4.80.
1 For Dakota Land Frauds.
Judge Ainidon and a jury in the United
States district court at St. Paul , Minn. , a
JFriday took up the trial of William
jTliornsnell , of St. Paul , and Royal B.
Steams , of Pierre , S. D. , on the charge
pf conspiracy to defraud the government
out of public lands in South Dakota.
Illinois Man Named.
* * The president at Washington Friday
jnbmiuated William Harrison Bradley , of
Illinois , consul general at Manchester , lin
Peasants Spread Fire in the Baltic
The government's advices received at
St. Petersburg Thursday from the Bal
tic proA-inces , forwarded part of the Avay
from Riga by courrier , are of the most
alarming character. Bands of thousands
of Lcttis are roaming the country in the
vicinity of Riga puttiiig the torch to the
houses on all streets , and even threaten
ing the town of Riga , itself. The districts
of Riga and Vendon are entirely in the
hands of the insurgents. The reA'olt is
spreading to all parts of Courland. All
railway communication with Riga is cut.
The insurgents .have seized a number
of stations on the three railroads lead
ing from that city and are advancing
against others.
According to this information all sail
ors from the commercial steamers in the
harbor of Riga haA'e joined the strike.
The government claims that the troops
there are loyal , though inadequate. The'
situation is also bad at Mitau , Avhere on
Dec. 11 the troops fired on the rioters.
The government is sending several col
umns of troops to the Baltic provinces of
Esthonia and Courland and to Riga. In
response to appeals from the German
embassy demanding the protection of
German subjects , the government has re
plied that ample troops Avere on the way
to ensure the protection of foreigners.
August A'on llcnnings , a prominent
member of the Baltic nobility and assist
ant chief of his district , Avas atrociously
murdered at his residence near Riga by
a revolutionary band. Two dragoons ,
Avho Avere detailed to guard the residence ,
also Avere killed.
A servant Avho walked sixty miles to
catch a train brought the details of the
horrible event to St. Petersburg. Accord
ing to the servant the revolutionaries de
manded that You Ilennings give up his
sword. On being told that being an offi-
cer he could not surrender with honor the
revolutionaries shot him. Subsequently
his head was hacked off and his body cut
to pieces and fed to dogs.
According to reports from Tzarkoi Selo
the reactionary element , aided by
Gen. Count Alexis Igliff and M. Stes-
chinsky , formed to effect the downfall of
Count Witte and to create a dictatorship ,
has failed and his majesty is standing
firmly by the premier.
Loss is Placed at a Quarter of a
Million Dollars.
The four-story stone building at the cor
ner of Fulton Street and Bedford Ave
nue , Brooklyn , N. Y. , owned by State
Senator Charles Cooper and occupied by
business firms , Avas destroyed by fire
shortly after 2 o'clock Thursday morning.
The grouid floor Avas occupied by the
Brooklyn Trust Company , the Hancock
Insurance Company , American Harness
Company , London Harness Company and
WetM Ice Cream Coaipany. This floor
also contanied $50,000 worth of oil paint
ings , the property of Senator Cooper ,
which Avere a total loss.
The second floor was occupied by the
Cleghoru , Bryant & Stratton Business
College. The two upper floors were deo
voted to business offices. The adjoining
. .opeity Avas not seriously damaged. The
loss , it is belieA'ed , Avill amount to $250e
000 , covered by insurance.
Confidential Clerk of a Chicago
Firm is Accused.
Charles Burt , a confidential clerk for
Lhe brokerage house of Bartlett , Frazier
& Carrington , at Chicago. Avas arrested
Friday on the charge of being a party to
a robbery by Avhich the firm lost $1,700
last July.
The robbery Avas committeed Avhen
Dunstan Beeney , a messenger employed
oy the firm was returning from the bank
Avith $1,700 in his possession. Red pep
per was thrown into his eyes. Two days
ago Beeney and another lad , Joseph B.
Jones , Avere arrested for the theft of some
jewelry from a business house. Friday
both confessed they and Bert were par
ties to the robbery of Baillett , Frazier &
Charles Pflster Found Not Guilty of
Judge Brazee , iu the municipal court
at Mihvaukee , Wis. , Friday decided
Chas. F. Pfister , a prominent business
man , Avas not guilty of the charge of lar
ceny as bailee of $14,000 belonging to the
Wisconsin Rendering Company.
The decision was on a motion to dis
miss the defendant 'after the state had
rested its case.
Mr. Pfister Avas the redpiuiit of many
congratulations after the decision had
been rendered.
More Hazing at Annapolis.
An annapolis special suys : Midshipman
Cooper , Avhose rightside and yocal organs
were suddenly paralyzed in the class
room Wednesday , is in the academy hos-
pital under treatment. He persists in his „
statement that he was not hazed , but the
academy authorities are iiwestigating the
' Hearst Will Appeal.
Mr. Hearst's counsel at New York has
innounced that an appeal would be made
to the legislature during the first Aveek
of its meeting in January for a bill pro to
viding specifically for a recount of all .of is
' e ballots cast in the recent election. the
Sen. Herman Hanpt Dies Suddenly
Gen Herman Haupr , of Newark , N. J. ,
veteran of the civil war , a noted rail
road man and engineer , and the oldest
graduate of West Point , died suddenly
Thursday morning on ji Pennsylvania by
railroad train between Jersey City and
Jreland'c Lord Lieutenant.
After an interval of twenty years the
Ijarl of Aberdeen was Thursday , at Dub
, sworn in as lord lieutenant of Ireland
> - a second time.
Roosevelt's Daughter to be Long-
worth's Bride.
Miss Alice Roosevelt , eldest daughter
of the president , is engaged to be married
to Congressman Nicholas LongAvorth , of
Ohio. This announcement is made by the
usually reliable Washington correspond
ent of the NCAV York Herald , and is ac
cepted as authentic at New York and at
the capital.
Formal announcement Avas made at
Washington , D. C. , late Wednesday af
ternoon by the president and Mrs. Roose
velt of the engagement of their daughter ,
Alice Lee Roosevelt , to Nicholas Long-
Avorth , representatiA'e in congress from
the First district of Ohio , one of the Cin
cinnati districts.
Coupled Avith the announcement of the
engagement is the additional announce
ment that the Avedding will take place
about the middle of next February.
While arrangements for the Avedding
haA'e not been made it is expected that
it will occur at the White House.
"A love match" is the terse and true
comment made upon the engagement by
New York friends and relatives of the
Ever since Miss Roosevelt came to
Washington , when her father became vice
president , Mr. LongAvorth has sought her
hand Avith a quiet manliness that has won
him universal sympathy. It is not an
easy thing to AVOO a president's daughter
in these days of snap shots and unspar
ing publicity.
It requires tact , self-restraint and un
remitting thoughtfulness. All these qual
ities the young Ohioan possesses.
Congressman Longworth is said to
have before him a career that is describ
ed as "safe and solid. " His intimates de
scribe him as an earnest and almost se
rious minded man of great strength of
character. From the viewpoint of n
' 'match-maker' * he is "
decidedly an "eligi
ble party. " He is a Harvard graduate
of the class of ' 91 , and is a rich man iu
his own right.
Damaging Testimony is Giver
Against James Kendall.
James Kendall , Avho Avas arrested some
time ' ago on the charge of having mur
dered Miss Maud Reese , Avho Avas killed
in her apartments at 200 Evanston AA'O-
nue , Chicago Nov. 21 by a burglar Avhoiu
she discovered in her rooms on her 10-
turn home from work , has been identi
fied by Mrs. M. M. Bauingartner , of Free
port , 111.
"I am certain that that is the man , * '
said Mrs. Baumgartner , Avho Avas the
guest of the dead girl at the time of hei
death. "I am absolutely positive of the
. man Avhen I look at his profile. I remem.
her the little hump on his back and the
Avay he stands. "
XCAV York Court of Appeals Decide *
Against Him.
An Albany , N. Y. , special says : The
court of appeals , in a decision handed
down Wednesday in the New York City
ballot box case , sustains the contention
of the counsel for Mayor McC'lellan and
denies that of the attorneys for Hearst
and his colleagues on the Municipal Own
ership : League ticket
The court holds the coxirts have no
power under the election laAV to order
by mandamus the opening of the ballot
boxes and a recount and recam-ass of the
Runaway Car Dashed DoAvn' Hill.
Killing Three Passengers.
At McadA-ille. Pa. , Wednesday evening
a heavy runaway trolley car dashed
down College hill faster than a mile a
minute and struck the heavily loaded
Cambridge Springs car. killing three pas
sengers and injuring a dozen or more.
The dead are Mrs. Breed , Avife of Dr.
Robert S. Breed , of the Allegheny Col
lege faculty ; John Breckman. of north
east Pennsylvania , and Dwight Burch-
Alton Road is Indicted.
The federal grand jury at Chicago Wed
nesday returned indictments against the
Alton Railroad Company , John M.
Fuithorn. former vice president of the
company , and J. A. Wann. former gener
al freight agent , for alleged granting of
rebates to the packing firm of Schwur/s-
child & Sulzbcrger.
Banker Beckwith Not Alive.
A Avild story Avas circulated at Oberlin. .
O. , to the effect that G. T. Beckwith. late -
president of the failed Oberlin bank , is
aliA'e and in Canada. The death of Mr.
Beckwith occurred several mouths ago.
An investigation of the story has not re
vealed the slightest foundation for the ru
mors. , '
Four Drowned While Skating. H (
Four .school children. Avere drowned
Avhile skating on Kellogg's pond .in Am ' ,
sterdam , N. Y. A party of tea boys and
girls Avere skating , Avhen the leader , a
girl ; , broke through the ice. All plunged
into the hole. All but four of the children
Avere rescued.
For Race Swindle.
The police raided a. room in the John
ston building , at Fifth and Douglas ,
Streets , Cincinnati , O. , and arrested seven
men Avhoui they allege operated a , scheme
defraud bettors on horse races by Avhat
known in racing circles as "first past
post' ' game.
For JLand Grant Swindle.
Kay McKay. Avanted in LaCrosse ,
Wis. , on a charge of swindling Hiram1
Goddard out of $1,000,000 in a hind fraud
swindle , Avas arrested at Seattle , Wash. ,
Chief of Police Delaucy. He says he ?
easily proA'e his innocence.
Powder Plant Wrecked.
The plant of the Dupont Powder Com
pany , near Boyles , eight miles north of
Birmingham , Ala. , vas badly damaged ' '
an explosion Wednesday morning. It tl
reported five men were killed. It
Nebraska Men Fare Well Get Good
Committee Places , Though Not
Just What They Wanted Trouble
Over the 3IarshaIship. '
Nebraska fares Avell in committee as
signments of the first or important class
in the national houseas committees have
IIOAV come to be classed in contrast to
those of less or least importance.
FolIoAviug are the committee assignh
ments for Nebraska :
HinshaAv Indian affairs , merchant maA
rine , fisheries and patents.
Kennedy Irrigation of arid lands , Avar
Kinkaid Insular affairs , Pacific railci
McCarthy Public lands , expenditure
department of justice.
Norris Public buildings and grounds ,
labor , election president , vice president
and members of congress.
Pollard Industrial arts ; expenditures
and accounts.
Most generally the Nebraska members
are quite satisfied AA-ith the judgment of
Speaker Cannon. There are a few little
heart-burnings in the delegation , but ' 'by
and large" the delegation has come off
the committee field Avith honor.
The removal of Marshal Mathews has
precipitated on Senators Millard and
Burkett an unexpected situation in the se
lection of his successor. Avhen they had
supposed the matter Avas settled for some
time to qome Avhen they recommended
him for a second term.
ttac Proves He Was in Iowa When
Wakeiield Saloon Was Robbed.
After ono of the hardest fought trials
in the history of Ponca , Robert E. Rae
Avas acquitted of the charge of burglary.
Rae Avas charged Avith being the third
man of the trio Avho cracked a safe in a
Wakefield saloon on the morning of Nov.
7 , 1)03. ! ) The defense consisted of an
alibi. About ten Avitnessos were brought
from Charter Oak. la. , Avhere Rao had
been .stopping Avith his brother. W. S.
Raevlio testified that Rae Avas iu Char
ter Oak during the time Avhon the crime
Avas committed.
Sheriff Maskell Avill take George Parker
and Joe Lynch to Lincoln to serve their
oight years' sentence in the penitentiary
for their share in the crime. They were
captured immediately after committing
the crime Avith the stolen goods in their
possession and entered a plea of guilty.
At the same time Raymond Stone Avill
begin a live years' sentence for uttering
a forgery. Stone , or Surber as he is
knoAvn , is the man Avho escaped from
jail and afterward returned of his OAVU
accord to plead guilty and take his sen-
Nebraska Ollicers Will Await Final
Decision of the Courts.
A Lincoln dispatch says : Until a court
of competent jurisdiction can interpret
the anti-cigarette UIAV of Nebraska no at
tempt will be made to literally enforce its
iprovisions. Owing to activity on the part
of prominent attorneys of Omaha a test
case Avill soon be had.
Acting on the advice of the county at
torney Chief of Police Cooper at Lincoln
released three men from the city jail AVIIO
.had been arrested for rolling and smoking
cigarettes. The question Avhich bothers
the local police is Avhether the rolling of
a single cigarette transgresses the law
Avhich forbids their manufacture.
Gov. Mickey Will Not Honor Re
quest of Gov. Cummins.
Gov. Mickey announced at Lincoln
Thursday evening that he could not honor
Ihc requisition of the governor of Iowa
for the removal of Pat Crowe to that
state. Gov. Mickey gives as a reason the
fact that there is still a criminal charge
hanging over Crowe in Douglas County ,
and until that is disposed of he cannot be
removed. lie says in conclusion that
Avhen justice is satisfied in this statehe
Avill honor the Iowa requisition.
Lincoln Police Scandal.
Chief Cooper , of the Lincolu police , may
he relieved from office a.s a result of the
graft trial. Wednesday he ndmittcd
that he had permitted resort keepers to
sell beer during the state fair. It is
claimed that for giving this permission
he can be removed from office. The state
Thursday introduced testimony to prove
the visits of Officers Rentley and Rout-
zahn to the resorts last fall. The two
.latter are accused of extortion and black-
Sues for Loss of Sealp.
The caso of Miss Ollie Ilalbrook
against William Liebold is on trial in the
district court at Nebraska City. The
plaintiff sues for $10,000 damages for the
'loss of her scalp. Miss Hal brook Avorkod
in the defendant's bakery and Avhile on
duty her hair was caught on a revolving
shaft and her entire scalp Avas torn from
lier head. Miss Halbrook was about. 18
'years of age when the accident happened
two years ago Christmas.
Want Roosevelt to Help.
A petition has boon quite largely .signed
by McCook people and sent to President in
Roosevelt asking his good offices in behalf
of the Jews of the Russian empire , espe
cially praying that efforts be made to
protect" the Jews against further slaugh
ter and pillage by tho barbarous and sav-
Postmaster of Osceola.
Samuel G. 1'heasant has been appoint- ed
rd postmaster at Osceola.
Engineer in Seriously Injured.
Last Tuesday night at Sanborn siding ,
about seventy miles of Mi-Cook ,
Engineer R. K. Tucker , driving a light
uugine , ran into the rear of a Avork train
ou the siding , and Avas probably fatally
injured , his skull being fractured. The fire
way car was demolished and a few oars
Diphtheria at Plainview.
A case of diphtheria in the home < > f Vi
'Chris Shaffer at Plaiuview has caused in
the grninmir x-hool there to be chxed
loir three weeks. '
Brother Arrives Just in Time to
Suve His JLUV.
Peter Wijson is a 37-year-old youth
who probably comes as near knowing
how it feels to be hanged by the neck un
tiAV dead as any living person. Peter came
within a minute of having the experience.
Young Wilson is employed in Charley
Bartz's ! chicken store at Kearney , and
while he Avas alone another boy happened
into the place. After some talk the vis
itor ventured that he could hang by th >
, neck : longer time than the other
boy. Wilson did not think so and proceed
ed to give a demonstration. He climbed
upon the barrel , fastened one end of u
rope < to some object and fixed the other
about his neck.
In some manner his feet slipped from
the top of the barrel about this time and
he Avas'hanging for sure. His visitor be
came alarmed and left the place and
Avhen Pete's younger brother entered the
store some time later he was terrified
to find the j-outh suspended betAveen the
floor and the ceiling , apparently dead. He
cut the boy down and he soon regained
consciousness. <
JohnValkcr Kills Nathan Ijyon
During a Drunken Quarrel.
Nathan Lyon and John Walker , two
Omaha Indians , became intoxicated at the
home of Ilenry Woods , south of the
agency , Monday morning. Lyon accused
Walker of stealing his span of horses.
Avhen Walker become enraged and. using
a club pounced upon Lyon , a much older
Indian , pounding him over the head ,
Avhich caused concussion of the brain ,
from Avhich he died , after Avhich it is
charged that Walker dragged the body
from the house and loading it into a wag
on : hauled it about 100 yards from the
Woods home and dumped the body into
the road. Avhere it Avas found early Mon
day morning.
An inquest Avas held at Avhich evidence
adduced the fact that Lyon came to his
death at the hands of Walker. A war
rant ! was sAvorn out for Walker.
Stole Case ot Mineral Water , Think
ing It Was Beer.
Sunday evening as the mail and express
Avagon Avas going from the Northwestern
depot "to the postoflice at Tekamhh , a
case of mineral Avater AVIIS stolen from
the back part of the Avagon. Upon reach
ing the postoflice the driver found the
case was missing , so a search Avas be
The case Avas about the sixe of a beer
case , and some tramps or toughs , think
ing the case contained "booze , " had slyly
slipped it from the back of the wagon
to the favorite place in the
corn cribs near the Northwestern yards ,
intending to have a good time. But upon
discovering what was in the case and Avhat
a mistake they had made , left it there
and vanished. The case Avas found after
some search and returned to the owner.
. ,
Wrota the Best Essay on the Horse
and Got $15.
A Norfolk special says : Little Mildred
Smith , aged 15. has won a prize of $1 ; "
in Rock County for Avriting the best es
say on "The Horse. " The reward Avas
offered by Col. Terry , a Avealthy ranch
man , both for the sake of encouraging lit
erary effort and to excite sympathetic
interest in his hobby , the horse. Miss
Smith Avhen 10 years of age Avrote a fairy
story and a poem , both of Avhich won a
prize of § 20 from an eastern magazine.
She is saving the money for benevolent
purposes. She is a niece of Miss Rosa
Hudspeth. editor of the Stuart Ledger.
The judges Avere all Bassett teachers.
Erect Glass Factories.
With the cattle kings routed off tho
thousands o ; acres of sand hill land in
the Avestern part of the state land Avhich
have hitherto been
considered useless ex
cept for the feeding of stock a new
industry has sprung up for Nebraska.
Glass Avill be made from the sand hills ,
and plans are now under Avay for the
building of an immense glass factory , aw *
perhaps a number of them.
The Groom Was Missing.
Miss Marie Lindahl IS
and Harry Tolfiver
Avere not married at Nebraska City as per
iiiA-itations sent out to many guests. Miss
Lindahl waited in vain for her fiance to 2G
arrive from Falls City , but he failed to
come. The bride-to-be
- - , however , very
gracefully told the guests that it Avas also 1C
her birthday as Avell as the day for the
wedding , and invited her friends to re.
main and enjoy the dinner.
Arnold's Coming ; Railroad. 10
Surveyors are still at work on the Ar
nold and Gaudy extension of the Union
Pacific Railroad out of Callaway and are
now camped on the Loup River about
four miles above Arnold. It is reported
that the contract for the grading betAveen
Callaway and Arnold has been let to
Omaha contractors and thatvork will br
commenced within ten dav-j.
Fire at St. Paul. fa
The mill of the St. Paul Mill and fawl
Grain Company. St. Paul , burned Satur -n-1
day morning. The origin of the tire is by
unknown. Two carloads of machinery car
had just been installed. The ! loss has he
been estimated at $1(5.000 ( , Avith ! t.000 ; in th'
Medical Society Meeting. lll
The Curt County Medical Society met
Oakland Wednesday afternoon in Dr.
Sward's otlice parlors. A n unifier of in- f 61
tercsting papers were read. * fter tho
meeting a banquet was served. ret
Head Crushed UnderVlieeIs. . AVi
Floyd , the young son of Mrs. and Mrs. eni
Harvey Bray , of Burr , Otoe Coi ity. was rai
killed by being run over by a waron load no
with corn. The wagon passedjover the Th
boy's head.
Lout Valuable Papers. ' me
Valuable paper * ami manuKprij\ts , in
cluding all of his former sermons rf id the as1
results of many .years of study a id re pn
search along A-arious lilies , were list by soc
Ilev. A. Morris Abbott , of Elgin , i in the Che
that destroyed the city station of the tiu :
Northwestern lailroad at Norfolk. to
Medical Men to Meet in Norfolk.
The midwinter meeting of the Elkhorn
Valley Medical Society is called tomee < !
Norfolk Jan. ! > . This society nuilihera Hi
in'oii1 it < incmhcis aliout ! ( ) < ) phy uilans , vas
o-llj. J'V r Uvjtli Nebraska.
1154 Landing of Henry II. in. Eng
land from France.
1421 King Henry VI. of England born.
14JJ7 Sigismund , Emperor of Germany ,
1527 Pope Clement VII. escaped in dis
guise from prison.
1540 Meeting of the Diet of Worms.
1542 Mary Stuart , daughter of Jauie ?
V. , born.
15G5 Pope Pius IV. died.
1594Gustavus Adolphus born.
1GOS John Milton , the poet , born.
1G4S Col. Pride prevented 200 members-
of British Parliament from enter
ing the House. Called "Pride's-
Purge. "
KjtJt English Parliament ordered the
body of Oliver Cromwell hung at
1GGG Ten Scottish Covenanters execut-
e.l in Edinburgh.
2GSS Flight of James II.
1740 Treaty of Moscow between Great
Britain and Russia.
1740 Charles Ratcliffe , Earl of Der-
Aventwater. executed.
177G British take possession of Rhode-
1777 Suspension of habeas corpus act
in Great Britain.
17S7 Delaware by unanimous vote rati
fied Constitution of the United
States' .
1795 Rowland Hill , "father of the
British postal service , " born.
171G Indiana admitted to the Union.
1S35 Ceremonies at Nuremburg mark
ing opening of first railway in
1S42 Samuel Woodworth. author of
"The Old Oaken Bucket , " died.
184G Santa Ana proclaimed President
of Mexico.
184S David-Carter made the first de
posit of California gold in. the-
United States mint.
1S54 The Immaculate Conception de
clared by the Pope.
185G Father Matthew , apostle of tern- j <
p era nee , died at Cork , Ireland.
1SG1 Congress passed bill authorizing :
exchange of Union and Confeder
ate prisoners.
1SG2 Battle of Prairie Grove , Ark.
1SG4 President Lincoln urged curtail
ment of State banks.
1SGS The Gladstone ministry assumed
office Paraguayan array de
feated and destroyed at Villeta.
1SS1 Many lives lost in the burning of
the Ring theater in Vienna.
18S t Washington monument at 'Wash
ington , D. C. , completed.
1SS4 Third Plenary Council closed at
1S91 Lord Dufferin succeeded Lord
Lyttleton as British ambassador
at Paris. *
1895 Great demonstration against mu
nicipal abuses in Madrid , Spain.
1897 Attempt on the life of the Sultan
of Turkey.
1898 Gen. Calixto Garcia died , aged G2 _
1899 Certificate of election given to W.
S. Taylor as Governor of Ken
1902 President Castro ordered arrest
of foreigners in Venezuela
Thomas B..Reed died.
1903 Four killed in railroad wreck at
Worcester , Mass Gen. Royes
elected President of Colombia
. . . .Japanese Diet dissolved.
1904 Labor riots begin in St. Peters
burg Mrs. Cassie L. Chad-
Avick arrested Three Russian
battleships sunk at Port Arthur.
Railroads Cannot J2imlle Amount
of TraHie Offered Them.
The present situation of therailroad
business i ; comparable to the case of a
farmer who has raised big crops but
who has to take them to market in a
wheelbarrow instead of iu wagons drawn
horseSuch are tin * results of the-
famine. One western railroadwith
headquarters at Chicago reports that
there ' i < not a moment nowadays Avhen
could not n.e a thousand more cars
than ! it iia . if it possessed them. The
managers say that they haA'e given up
trying to handle the business that is of
fered them.
Normally , there is the problem of the
return freight to be dealt with in the
matter. A million < tarall going east
ivith cargoes of grain , but returning
mpty. wonld not : iBonl profit to the
railroad exci'pt at a high rate. But just
low not a ear goes empty either Avay.
rhere is business enough for all.
Though the congestion is decidedly
uconveiiicnt and N driving shippers and
railroad men frantic it has itvery re-
issurin siile. It is the immediate ex-
reK < 5oii of an abumiunce which will
oon make itself felt in every home.
shunt for "more curs"which folIoAV *
trailImanagers ! over the telephone
their very beds is really u pueau of
The country home of Charles James , a
vidoAver , aged 05 years , was burned at
Jamiltou. Ohii > . James' charred
foinu ! I.i tlu ruins i
, \