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    over 50,000 men and women
, its population earning a modest
Income in the service of the govern-
' be de-
oent ; Washington may fairly
; cribcd ar tbe salaried man's paradise ,
with ambitious schemers constantly
twatchlnff the trend of legislation , and
rctiml millionaires aggressively seek-
tas that fiocial recognition only too fre-
< saentlj denied them at home , it may
au t inappropriately be called the Ver-
of the twentieth century. In
vronl , Washington society is a so-
of contrasts , but it is a society ,
feteo. in which the contrasts blend beb
: tercert : iny than they do almost any ;
Idnlio Joins.
Idnho , Nov. 27. ( Special. )
Mrs. ? , ' * . .7. Lee has given for
ipubllcafirwj the following statemen }
concerning Dodd's Kidney Pills :
* * i was flown with Rheumatism three
femes , " KIC says , "and each time
Kiduey Pills helped me. The
st tim they cured me , and now I
able to get around and do all my
work ; though I um fifty-eight , and I
fcIt < 2tttwalk to Sunday School every. Sum
day. Before I took Dodd's Kidney' Pllla
i was so bad T could use neitherhand
nor foot I shall keep Dodd's Pills on
feand all tb ? iiiue. "
I SlieuojaUsm is caused by Uric.Acid .
< aryatalllzlng : in the muscles. Healthy
remove all Uric Acid from the j
Diseased Kidneyscannot re-
this acid , which collects in the
and. poisons every vein %
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure Rheu-
i ? by curing the Kidneys ; by heal-
I ajil strengthening them , so that
camirid Che blood of all impuri-
t/fcnuoln'a liny Crop.
The stories that Kansas newspapers
ana noir printing of the big corn , crop
ItraeaUa L tmoin'.s story of thecblg hay
fcscap in southern Illinois. "What , " in-
dred a visitor , "do you do with such
4B. &Ig crop of hoy ? " "We stack-all we
< SMXL on Uie ground , " replied the vet-
jesan story toller , "and the rest we put
fti the barn. " Detroit News.
Jt Wn * No Use.
Dick Come on and go down the
with me. Jack.
j Jack Ail right , old man wait till I
jftatsh this fetter to my dad.
j Dick Oh , if you're writing to him ,
come. I'm broke , too. Cleveland
' . WlUjarns' Pink Pill3 Will Cur
'Peoplo can cure themselves of a good
1 common ailments at a very small
oasfc if they go about it the right way , "
s&idMr. Hoar , recently. "For instance , '
JE have juKt cured myself of a very paiu-
. disease. I might have begun to treat
soonur , that's all the mistake I made
. tha mutter. Bufc I found tho root of
i difficulty and I picked out the right
remedy "without the aid of a doctor. i
* Itwas really all m my blood. I first
; a twtuge in my left foot and ankle
the middle of last January , following
- < axpGsur k > cold. I realized I had rheu-
rsuntisiu and I knew that really comes
"fraai b&d blood. . Cold simply develops
- 3r. Thtni my hands and feet were cold
xand clammy even in hot weather , and
iumb a great part of the time. I con-
-eluded thafc my blood was thin and poor
: aud the circulation sluggish.
I "After a time iny feet and ankles
swelled so badly that I could only tie
jmy shoos balf way up. My legs swelled
fterribly and I could walk only a short
, , * listaac before giving out completely.
f"SThpij. . I read of the cures of all kinds
bl blood diseases , that had been effected
jby Dr.Williams' Pink Pills , I was cou-
ftrmced tliafc they were just the * remedy
-i&br iay ose , and so it proved. I could
"Yflbee that fchey were benefiting me before
; ; ! E had qntto used up the first box. The
r Improvement was decidedly marked af-
t isr I luul taken two boxes. Three more
V jboxes restored my hands and feet and
74tegs to natural size and feeling and
$ hen I stopped taking medicine and have
jgluce boon , perfectly well. "
"Mr. 3 ? , Ie Roy Hoar lives at No. 132
tiConstifcaiian. street , Bristol. R. I. Any
can gefc convincing evidence that
) r. Williams' Pink Pills have cured
rheumatism , erysipelas and
fcher sorions diseases of the blood by
Mia plyvriting to the Dr. Williams
JtJedicina Co. , Schenectady , N.Y.
Used to It.
Jasper - How can Smith marry a girl
thai , when he knows that beauty ia
skin deep ?
Casper That's all right ; he has been
aking sugar coated pills all his life.
_ .
- - -
- - - - - - -
' ' " -n------
- - - - - - -
A. ITappr Combination.
'A b.'uii > y co'mbinatlon of Just the
right jicoportion of each of the roots
-of several indigenous , or native , me-
v < dtcInaJ ylants , or rather of the active
tnediclual principles skillfully extract-
< ad thenifnwn by the use of chemically
{ pure glycerine of just the right
tirtrength , constitutes Dr. Pierce's Fa-
frorite LVcscrlption for the cure of
wreak. Invalid , "run-down , " overworked
iwomco. Many years ago , Dr. Pierce
Sificoveccd tbat chemically pure glycer- ,
fae , of oroper strength , is a far better
olvent and preservative of the me-
< JIcInai jicinciples found In our in-
< Hgenou j.k or native , medicinal plants
bAn Is nlcoiiol. Believing , as he does ,
hat tbt : cse of alcohol , even in small
rtlonH. If 'long continued , works
liann to the human system , he
detenuiusd not to employ this com-
3ionly-u&cd ngcnt in making his medi-
zlsLez , but to nse pure , double-refined
glycerine tastecul. Now , glycerine Is
not oaljr perfc ( tly harmless , but pos-
ease Intrinsic medicinal properties ,
being & most valuable demulcent , sol-
veal ; nutritive and anti-ferment Since
hey nre non-alcoholic-Dr. , Pierce's
"Family Medicines belong to a class all
themselves. They are neither pat-
nor a cret medicines. Their Ingre-
ace printed , in plain English ,
' each , bottle wnipper.
With Dr. Pierce's medicines you
have to pin your faith wholly to
ihetr manufacturer says of
tfer ! curative potency as with other
edlcinca. Dr. Pierce's medicines have
record. oC nearly forty years of cures
bJjul Ibcrn. embracing many hun-
of. tbousandfl of bad cases re- >
icy health and happiness.
I went on my way , but the paths Gratitude street lay straightway
grew obscure before us.
Where Greed streets meets Ill- Clad in a leafy gown , gorgeous
gotten Gain. ly bright.
And , somehow , the lights of the There in the center of Plaza Con
avenue. Gloom , tentment
Only darkened the alleys of Sparkled the fountain of Har
Pain. _ vest Delight.
I crossed to Misfortune and turned And as we drank of the joys of
in at Hate. the picture ,
Passing on to Deceit and De- Sunny-faced children thronged.
' spair. Gratitude street ,
And my heart sank to depths In Singing the songs ofr the Feast
describably sad of the Autumn ,
, Whcn I entered Despondency Blazing a trail thro' the leaves
Square. at their feet.
I stood as one lost when a child Swiftly the baby procession came
took my hand toward us ;
And , in voice that was blessed Thanksgiving ghouted a greet-
ly sweet , Ing of Joy ;
" ' "Blessings upon you , O Children
Said : "I ajn Thangskiving ; I'll 1
of Autumn !
show you the way
That leads into Gratitude Yours Is a happiness none can
Street. " destroy !
Each little chorister ran up and
And then , as by magic , a curtain kissed her. /
IIM GRATITUDE STREET. was lifted , Each had some tender heart-
We stood amid entranc- tribute to
scenes - pay ;
By W. M. Herschell.
' ingly fair. ' - Crowned her the Queen of the
I sought for the place where Gratefulness dwelt ; Before us lay avenues gilded with Grateful and shouted :
They said 'twas in Gratitude street , sunbeams , "Long live , thy festival , Thanks
Not far from the corner of Peace and Good-will , Back of us pitiless Woe and giving Day ! "
Where Faith and Hope avenues meet. Despair. Indianapolis News.
A Thanksgiving Dream
By Gertrude Rodermond.
"I'm powerful glad to see that ar
light in the window it's like the light
o' Heaven in this November drizzle , "
muttered the old New Englander to him
self , stretching forth a hand seamed
with plow wrestling , to extricate an um
brella twisted in some bushes.
Farmer Sloan had seen that light in
thewindow for the past two years , but
not until now had its real significance
dawned upon him , and he sighed.
"I wish , " he mused aloud , "that I had
half the faith in that ar boy that Marthy
has. Two years this Thanksgiving since
he went away , an' Marthy but pshaw !
all mothers are like that still some
times it makes me a little shaky what
if I should be mistaken after all ? Now ,
that thar candle , " gazing intently at the
speck of shining light becoming lighter
as the distance diminished , "is thar for
Joseph. I dreamed last night that he
wuz home agin , an' I swan I'd almost
forgive his getting off with the fowl
money if he'd come back to-morrow
just to reward the love back o' that
ar light. "
For a moment he took a mental sur
rey of the pies and puddings seen in the
pantry in the morning , and wondered
why it was that Marthy had spent so
much time in getting up the little cup
cakes no one ate but Joseph. He has
tened his lagging feet until he gained the
heights and entered the old colonial
kitchen , lighted by blazing walnut logs ,
piled high in the huge fireplace. .
"Wall , this is comfort , " and stepping
to the fireplace , he dropped into a high-
backed rocker. "Mother , mother ! " he
"Is that you , fayther ? " called a cheery
voice from an upper chamber. *
Before he could reply she ran lightly
down the stairs and was standing beside
him. A sigh of relief echoed through
the warm kitchen , and he rose with"an :
enthusiasm and agility that would have
done credit to twenty-one , and folded
the pretty , thrifty little housewife in his
"Who's a-comin' to-morrow , mother ? "
he asked.
"Eliza ; and many times my heart
would have broken but for her faith and
cheering words , and this , in the face of
the fact that her intended husband was
driven away as a thief upon her wedding
day , proves Joseph made no mistake
when he decided to add a daughter to
our household. She will be here to
morrow , and I have fixed up Joe's room
for her. "
A shadow crossed the old man's face
as he gazed intently at the fire. After
an interval of painful silence he rose ,
gave a weary yawn , then kissing Mar
thy on either cheek , slowly climbed the
high , narrow stairs and went to bed.
Sitting alone in the firelight , strange
thoughts thronged that mother's mind.
Two years before there was a scene in
that very room she would fain forget.
Farmer Sloan had entered the 'house ,
calling to her from the porch that he
had laid the market money upon the
kitchen table , and bade her take care
of it. She was busily carding wool in
an outer room , and did not heed the com
mand. Finally sho ascended the stairs
and going straight to the kitchen table
looked for the money , but not a trace of
it was visible. The kitchen door had
been left open certainly by her husband
and she called impatiently to Joseph ,
who was dressing in an upper chamber
to take Eliza upon the last drive she
was to enjoy as "Miss Eliza , " and think
ing he was playing one'of his childish
pranks upon her , she called in a voice
unusually harsh. The. young man hast
ened to her , his eyes flashing fire.
"Mother , do you think I am a boy
again to tease you in this way ? "
Before she could speak her husband
threw wide the door and looking into
her pallid faco surmised .the cause and
roared :
"Joe , hand out that money ! "
"Father , I swear before heaven and
mother , I have not touched your money
have not seen it " '
Tho old man strode forward and
grasped his son by the collar.
"None o' that , " he roared , "give up
that money , or you leave this house for
ever , an' that gal forwhom you have
stolon it will never darken these doors ! "
"Oh , fayther , don't ! " shrieked the ter
rified wife. "Joseph never touched that
money I'll , never believe it ! "
"You lie ! " cried the father , enraged to
the verge of insanity.
Instantly the strong young man grap
pled with his aged parent , and 'clutching
iim by the throat forced him into the
: hair upon which he had been sitting ,
shouting :
"Take that "back , father ! Take that
jack or I'll choke the breath out of your
> ody. "
Like lightning the mother wrenched his
itrong hands from her husband's throat ,
ind flinging her arms about his neck ,
leld him as in a vise.
"Joe my darling baby , for moiKer's
sake don't lay your hands on fayther.
He's wrong , but remember you are young
and his 'son , and something is due to
old age ! "
"For your sake , mother , I will desist ,
but I leave this house , and never shall
he see my face again. If I stay it will
mean murder ! " And picking up his
hat he left the house , striding rapidly
down the hill , going in the direction of
Eliza's home.
At the click of the garden gate a
pretty , demure looking maiden , cladin
a pink frock , ran down the walk to
greet him , but started in dismay at his
flushed face.
Taking her into a small grove adjoin
ing her home , unmindful of wraps , they
wandered almost to the roadside , he bit
terly describing the scene just enacted
at his home , she tearfully listening.
When her grief had spent itself she
raised her tear-wet face from his shoul
der and gazed steadily towards the road
"Look , Joe , " she whispered , "see that
man ! "
By the roadside stood a pony , un
hitched , and close beside him , seated
upon a fallen tree , was a 'manwith a
blue stocking across his knee , intently
rifling its contents. Joseph Sloan in
stantly recognized the homely safe in
which his father had kept his money. His
breath came hard.
"Ranchman Jack , who supplies the
village with cattle from Texas ! " he
breathed. "He has follmved father and
stolen , not only the market money , but
all father has let me go , " and he un
clasped the young girl's arms fiercely
from his neck.
There was a scream of terror. The
man looked up , and noting that he had
been observed , leaped upou the pony
and dashed down the road.
"Joe , don't follow that desperado
it may mean death Jf you hunt him ! "
Again her arms sought his neck.
Pushing her from him he fiercely cried :
"Hunt him ! I'll hunt him into his
grave ! Good-by explain to mother , "
and he went like the wind In the. direc
tion of the village. Two hours later a
pony was found upon the green , grazing
upon a patch of half-frozen grass , but
the ranchman had taken the first train
out for Texas.
* * * * * * *
Two years passed , and far away on
the plains of northern Texas , a weary
exile is leaning upon a table. He is
alone in the wilds , and yet is not un
attended. On the table , close at hand ,
lay a heavy rifle ; in his belt glittered an
ugly looking dirk , while at his feet
crouched a trusty bloodhound. The
man's head dropped and he murmured
wearily :
"Two years next month since I start
ed my search , and yet no trace of that
man who has wrecked , not only my
happiness , but that of my mother and
Eliza. Strange I can find no trail of
him here in his own hold ! "
A fierce blast almost shook the log
house , , but he felt secure and paid no
heed until the dreary , sobbing wail of
a hungry wolf fell up'on his ears. There
was an ominous scratching between the
beams , and he knew the pack had reach
ed his dwelling. A low snarl and a
cry of a human being in distress smote
his ear. Quickly going towards a chink
in the beams he saw a sight that al
most stilled his heart beats. In front
of his hut n human being was lying
face down upon the ground. The wolves
had treed him , and overcome with fright
he had fallen from his stronghold into
their midst. The back of his head was
Tho man in the log house waited to
sco no more. Forcing the gun between
the beams he fired continuously at the
beasts of prey , until their leaders lay
dead and the others in fright took to the
-Throwing wide the door , he dragged
the wounded man to a place of safety
within the hut.
"Ranchman Jack ! " he cried , looking
contemptuously upon the fellow to whom
he was playing the part of "Good Sa
maritan. "
Ten minutes later 'his guest regained
consciousness , and looking into the face
of his rescuer , almost wept :
"Don't kill me ! I will make good that
money , but do not kill me ! "
"All I want is my father's hard-earn
ed money ! " thundered the young man.
"Hand that out and I will nurse you
back to life and health. If you refuse ,
I shall again throw you out to the nierey
of the wolves. "
"I will , I , will , " groaned the man ,
feebly. "It is down under the oak tree
by the creek. There is a hollow iti the
trunk , and there you will find a box
containing the money I stole from your
home , and many hundreds in gold all
honestly earned in trade I swear it. "
Binding up the torn . scalp , Joseph
called to the dog , and left the hut , rifle
in hand. With rapid strides he went
towards the creek , naver pausing until
ho stood beneath the bare brown
branches of a giant oak. A careful
search brought to light the/heavj box ,
described by the ranchman. Opening it ,
the first object that met his gaze waa
the old blue stocking , familiar to him |
from childhood. It was now completely
stuffed with crisp , green bills. Replac
ing it , he took the box in his arms and
returned to the cabin. |
Placiug the precious burden upon the
taWe , he sat beside tlje bed , calmly
awaiting tlie time when * hfs patient
should awake. An hour thuspassed in
gloomy meditation. Two years of his
life had been blasted by the thieving ,
helpless wretch now lost in slumber. At
last the sleeper awoke. Looking"-at Jo
seph , he feebly pointed to the box upon
the table. The young man placed it on
the bed beside him. Painfully raising
himself upon his elbow he opened it'and
handed him the blue yarn stocking his
mother had knitted with one foot on his
The sick man deliberately counted out
two hundred dollars , and restored them
to the stocking ; then , with nervous haste ,
added another fifty , feebly murmuring :
"The market money , " and he again
handed the stocking to Joseph , who took
it with a gloomy air.
"Now get well , Jack , for I want to
take you back to the old Bay State and
make an honest man of you. "
A week later Joseph and his strange
companion arrived in Boston. That
night he telegraphed Eliza :
"Am on the way home with thief and
money. Tell mother. "
This , then , was the secret of that
silent preparation which had so mysti
fied Farmer Sloan.
Thanksgiving morning brought Eliza ,
radiant in new furs and brown stuff
dress. Drawing the old man aside , she
quietly read to him a letter just receiv
ed from Joseph.
"I swan , if I didn't think he was
a-comin' by my dream , " said the old
father , rubbing his hands in glee. "An'
to think that he run down that ar thief
in Texas. Come to think on't , that ar
fellow was on the road behind me on
market day , but how he got into the
house is the mystery. " His eyes sud
denly fell upon the table which mother
was spreading. "Six plates and six
chairs mean six persons who can the
other two be ? " And he looked inquir
ingly at Eliza , who blushed to the roots
of her black hair.
"One is for this latter day Judas ,
who has caused all the trouble , father ,
and the other's for the minister. "
Before the astonished father _ could '
reply , a scream of joy from the mother
in the kitchen was heard , and looking out
they saw her clasped in the arms of her
stalwarb son. In his wake was a man ,
too feeble to make many steps alone.
The farmer recognized him as Ranchman
Jack. The repentant man reached his
hand to the man he had wronged. It
was warmly clasped , while the mother ,
too happy for speech , pushed her son
into the little sitting room , where sat
Eliza , and' quietly shut them in.
That afternoon there was a joyous
home wedding on the hill and the min
ister said it was hard to tell which one
of the quartette was the really happy
one , but his verdict was in favor of the
mother. Waverley Magazine.
The Thankful Heart.
If one should give me a dish of sand
and tell me there were particles of iron
in it I might look for them with my
eyes and search for them with my clum
sy fingers and be unable to detect them ,
but let me take a magnet and sweep
through it , and how it would draw to
itself the .most invisible particles by the
mere power of attraction ! The un
thankful heart , like my finger in the
sand , discovers no mercies , but let the
thankful heart sweep through the day
as the magnet finds the iron , so it will
find in every hour some heavenly bless
ings , only the iron in God's sand is gold ,
Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Our Turkey Crop.
The turkey crop of the United Statea
finds its first important market at s
Thanksgiving , when , according to a re- l
liable estimate , about 6,000,000 of-the i
birds are sold. It is raised in small \
lots nil over the country , each , farmer E
contributing a few. This crop of 6,000t
000 Thanksgiving turkeys , if all of them j
were marching in single file , would .
stretch from P.oston to San Francisco
and as far as Denver on the return jour-I
ney. ' J :
Anticipating. .
Ztfr. Jinks (3 a. m. ) What's all thto <
noise ? - '
JohnnieGee ! Just had an orfol (
nightmare ! Thought it was the morn1 1
in' after Tiiaaksgivin' , J i
One of the most prominent figures
in Congress at the approaching session
will be Representative Chas. E. Town-
send , of Michigan ,
railroad legislation ,
backed by the
President , is again
to engage the at
tention of that
body. His seat in
Congress was gain
ed largely through
the winning an
important railroad
c. E. TOAY sfevD. State tax suit for
the people in the federal court in 1901.
President Roosevelt invited liira to tlje
White House for a Conference on * rale
legislation. With Representative John
J. Esch , of Wisconsin , also a member
of the Interstate Commerce Commit
tee , lie prepared the Esch-Townsend
bill. It gives the Interstate Com
merce Commission power to make the
rates charged by railroads. The bill
passed the Hpise , but failed to pass
the Senate. A bill embodying the
same features is to be resubmitted to
Congress at its coming session. He is
married and has a charming family.
Offifficia statements show that the
Postoffice Department deficit for the
last fiscal year amounts to the large
sum of $15,087,000. This tallies prac
tically with the treasury deficit for the
first quarter of the present year , and
the sharply suggested deduction is that
if the mail service should be placed
on a pa3Ting basis the government's
finances would present a fairer face.
The width of the gulf between the re
ceipts and the expenditures of Mr.
Cortelyotfs department has brought
to Washington Representative Jesse
Overstreet ; - chairman of the House
Committee on Postoffices and Post
Roads , who is in consultation daily
with the official in the effort to devise
means to cut expenses or increase the
_ _ _ _
The annual distribution of vegetable
and flower seeds by the Department
of Agriculture will begin soon , and be
fore planting time it is expected the
entire amount , aggregating 38,000,000
packages , will be in the hands of the
people in all sections of the country.
Congress for several years has appro
priated $290,000 for this purpose , but
a portion of the amount is used for
foreign experiment work. Most of tbe
packages arc subject to tbe order of
Senators and Representatives for dis
tribution among their constituents , the
Secretary of Agriculture reserving pne-
fif tb of the entire amount to supply the
statistical crop correspondents , the
weather bureau and for other pur
The words of the President , "square
deal , " are being worked vigorously by
many persons who have old claims or
requests upon tbe government. Many i
of tbe cases which are known in the
department , as "old slugs" because of
the many times they have been consid
ered and rejected bave again been pre
sented with a demand for a "square
deal. " An officer of the army to whom
all sucb cases in the War Department
are referred for report says tbat all
these claims , which have heretofore ; ;
been passed upon and decided adverse
ly to the claimant , set out that wbat
they ask now is a "square deal , " and
many of them insist that tbeir re *
quests be presented to the President.
What will be the final number of
American States ? And will there ever
be a completed list ? At times it has
seemed as if no more States would be i
possible after the admission of all the j '
existing territories. Just at present
the question is , Shall the four territo
ries in the West become two States ,
three or four ? The division of the old
States , although of extremely rare oc-
surrence , is always possible. Parts
3f the American domain outside the '
Continental Republic may also become
States , should a majority in both
Eouses of Congress so decide. Many
stars may yet be added to the flag.
_ _ _ * "
There promisesto be the hottest kind
) f a fight in Congress o > er the ques-
Jon of the type of canal to be con-
itructed across the isthmus of Pana-
na. Whatever may be the recommen-
lation of the President , based upon
riews expressed by the board of con-
iulting engineers and the isthmian ca-
ml commission , advocates of a sea
evel type and lock type will engage
n a battle royal , which is calculated
o please only those interests charged
> y Secretary Taft and Chairman
jhonts with working to prevent the
wilding of the waterway.
A "historian has been appointed for
: he Panama Canal. He will hence
forth keep track of every event in
fpnnection with that world-famous ?
project. How glad the chroniclers of ! *
: h'e past would have been to get on j <
: he scenes destirfed to command the
[ void's attention just before the exI I
; itement began. Many photographs !
iave accidentally been taken at criti- i
: al moments. . A care-free tourist had '
ils camera pointed at the Campanile |
: n Venice just as it
Dfctors MIsi its
' We.referto that bpon to weak , nervouj ,
suffering women known as Dr. Pierce
Favorite Prescription.
Dr. John yfe one of the Editorial Staff ,
of Uhiporn root ( Helonfas Dlo a ) efci
Is one of the chief Ingredients of tho "ifa-
vofite Prescription " : .
"A remedy which Invariably acts as a uter
* * * normal ac
ine invijrorator makes.for . ;
tlvity of iho entire reproductive system.
He continues > in Helonias w.ehave a medica
ment which more fully answers the abor * ,
purposes than any other drug with which I am ]
Mouainted. In the treatment of diseases pe- |
culiar to women it is Seldom that a case J (
seen which , does not present some indication. *
fofthKmedial affpht , Dr. Fyfe further
ritabilitr. assoclatoa wim coroaic uiseasos o * ,
the reproductive breans of women. consUnt1
sensation of heat'in the reffipn of the kid- ,
nejs ; menorrhaeia ( floodine ) . due to a weak
ened condition of tho reproductive system <
amenorrhcca ( suppre sed or absent monthly
periods ) , arising from or accompanying' air
atoonnal condition of the diffestlve orsana
and anaemic ( thin blood ) habit ; drasreln *
sensations the extreme lower part or tns
abdompn. "
If faoreor less of the above symptoms
are p'reseiTt , no Invalid woman can do
better than take Dr. Pierce's Favorita
PrjaScriptlon , one of the leadingingredl-
ents fifwhlch Is jfaiporn root , brHelonlas.
ufoft"fathlully f5g ® § . -
Of Golden' eal root , another prominent
Ingredient dt < Eavt > Tite Prescription , "
Prof. Finley Elllngwood , M. D. , of Ben
nett Medical College , Chicago , says :
- J.It ts n important jeSeiBlr in disorders of
Prof. Jcihn M. ScncfdeT , M. D. ; late of
Cincinnati , says of GbTo"5n Seal root :
In relation to Its general effects on th
system , there is no medicine in useubout which
thire is such general unanimity of opinion. It
Is urtfversaZfyTegarded as the torilc useful la
all debilitated states. "
Prof. Bartholow , M. D. , of Jefferson
Medical CoHege , says of Golden Seal :
"Valuable In uterine hemorrhage , menor-
rhasria ( flooding ) and congestive dysmenor-
rhcea-painful ( menstruation ) . "
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription faith
fully represents all the above namedln-
gredfentsand cures the diseases forwh'ick
they are recommended.
Tho Suburbanite.
"And when you look hack , " said
Blankly's serious uncle , "aren't there
times when you feel as if you ha'd missed
something in life ? "
Blankley smiled.
"Of course yon mean that confounded
7:28 morning train , " he said. Cleveland
Plain Dealer. %
C m l le Treatmemt for Every
xaor , from Pflmple * to ScrofeJm ,
from Infancy to Are A 8 t Oft *
Cure * .
Cutlcura Treatment Is local and con
stitutional complete and perfect , pure ,
sweet and wholesome. Bathe "the af
fected surfaces with Cutlcura Soap
and hot water to cleanse the skin of
crusts and scales and soften the thick
ened cuticle , dry without hard rubbing ,
and apply Cuticura Ointment freely to'
allay itching , irritation and. inflamma
tion , and soothe and heal , and lastly
take Cuticura Resolvent Pills to cool.
and cleanse the blood , and put every
function in a state of healthy activity.
More great cures of simple , scrofulous
and hereditary humors are dally mad *
by Cutlcura remedies than by all othe *
blood and skin remedies.
JLocatlns : tbe Frenzy.
"What is frenzied finance ? "
"Frenzied finance , " replied , the Wall
street man , "is a condition of affairs in
Tvhlch small investors lose their heads ,
while we remain perfectly self-possessed
and take the money. " Washington Star.
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Xo Room for Doubt.
Mr. Newwed ( sniffing ) These eggs do
not seem very fresh.
Young Wife Nonsense , my dear.
They are just out of the store !
Piso's Cure for Consumption , always
Sives immediate relief in all throat trou-
Mes. P. E. Biennan , Leipaic , Ohio , Auf :
Terrible !
She A soldier's life must be full of
He Yes , there are so many girls af
ter us !
"ZbmdlnflaraaiBtonrRheavRtlim , batlnmwell
[ t'l mr best friend. " Gamtt Lanalng. Tror. N. &
The Jaws of the tortoise and turtle
ire natural scissors.
If you think you have heart dis-
number that are * deceived by indi
gestion into believing the heart is
Lane's Family
the tonic-laxative , will get your
stomach back into good condition ,
and then the chances are ten to one
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toms of heart disease.
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CARTELS these Little Pills.
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IITTLE tress from Dyspepsia , la *
Ugestion and Too Hearty.
IYER Eating. A perfect TCDV
edyfor Dizziness. Nausea ,
PILLS. Drowsiness , Bod Taste
In tho Mcrath. Coated
Tongue , Pain In tlie Sldaj
egnlate tie Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
CARTERS Genuine Must Bear
"TTLE Facsimile Signature