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Ir i
I ' The Valentine Democrat
Valentine , Neb.
1. M. Rice. Publisher
/Four / Convicts , Armed with Guns
and Nitroglyoerin , Make a Break :
for Liberty Running Fight in the
Street Presence of Guns u Mj'atery
A Jefferson City , Mo. , special says : A-
jdesperate attempt to escape from the
jstate penitentiary was made by four con-
Ivicts at 3:35 Friday , resulting in a terrific
battle with Aveapons and nitroglycerin at
the prison gate , a running fight through
the streets of Jefferson City and the final
capture of the four convicts , tAvo of Avhom
were shot , one being killed. TAVO prison
officers Avere shot dead and a third Avas
severely Avounded.
The dead are JohnClay , a gatekeeper ;
A. Allison , officer of the commissary de
partment , and CoiiA'ict Hiram Blake.
The AA'ounded are Deputy Warden R.
tB. See , shot in the arm and hip , and Har
ry Vaughn , convict , St. Louis , shot in
1 Mutineers captured xinhurt : George
Hyan , from St. Louis and Charles Ray-
AVarden Matt Hall , Yardmaster Porter
Gilvin and five prison guards departed
Friday morning for Fort LeaA'enworth ,
'Kan. , on a special train conveying seven
ty-one federal prisoners , who were being
.transferred from the Missouri state peni-
tiary to the government prison at Fort
iLeavenAA'orth. It is believed that this
fact had much to do with the outbreak
Friday , as it is asserted that the'couvicts
! had counted on Warden Hall's absence
in their premeditated attempt to escape.
There Avas not the slightest premoni
tion of any trouble within the prison
-walls. Suddenly Com'icts Harry Vaughn.
jCharles Raymond , Hiram Blake , George
jRyan and Eli Zeigler , Avho Avere working
tin close proximity to the prison gate , in
side the inclosure , as if by giA'en signal ,
linado a rush for the gate. From their'
pockets they dreAV pistols and it is pre-
jsumed that at least one of them carried
! a bottle of nitroglycerin. Where these
jweapons and explosive were obtained has
mot yet been ascertained.
I Rushing past the gate they entered
jDeputy Warden See's office and shot him
4is he sat in his chair. The shooting of
kjateman Clay and Guard Allison fol
Placing the nitroglycerin under the
gate they blew an opening through the
assive dOOrs'-Rud befo e th smoke clear-
led away they had dashed past a number
of "trusty" convicts working in the
street and ran madly for twelve blocks ,
i Jumping into a wagon they seized the
driver , OrA'ille Lane , and held him to act
as a shield from the bullets of their pur-
puers. One of the convicts lashed the
iiorse into a run.
i Then followed one of the most desper
ate street battles that ever took place in
4lie : annals of escaping convicts in Jeffer
son City. The policemen jumped behind
trees and shot with telling effect , splinter
ing the wagon and finally putting a bullet
through one of the convicts , who felLto
; the ground. Thereupon , seeing that death
was inevitable and further resistance use
less , the conA'icts surrendered.
Horrible Murder Discovered at
Albany , N. Y.
What appears to be a murder commit
ted nearly two weeks ago , and peculiarly
ghostly in its details , Avas _ discovered at
Albany , N. Y. , when the badly decom
posed body of Mrs. John Hammon Avas
found Avedged in a trunk in a second story
roomof her home. The trunk stood in the
fireplace and the AA'ithiu
body was cov
ered with quicklime , AA'hich was scattered
about the three rooms comprising the.flat . ,
and the cover of the trunk Avas propped
open with the eA'ident idea of having the
pdors of decomposition escape up the
, John Hammon , the Avoman's husband ,
has not been seen for nearly two weeks.
He is 25 years of age and a cabinetmak
er. The dead Avoman Avas 57 years old.
Explosion in Tunnel.
Seventeen men at work in the tunnel
.which the Long Island road is excavating
from Long Island City to the foot of For-
jty-second Street , NCAV York , were injured
Friday morning by the explosion of a
stick of dynamite at the foot of a seventy-
foot shaft. Six of the men Avere removed
* to a hospital.
Cabinet Will Not Resign.
It is understood the result of Friday's
cabinet council at London , ' which Avas
, in session two hours , was the rejection of
proposal for the collective resignation of
the cabinet. It Avas decided to be the
; best to dissolve parliament and them-
jeelves appeal to the electorate.
t _ _ .
Sioux City Stock Market.
Friday's quotations on the Sioux City
stock market folloAv : Stockers and feed
I ers , § 2.85g3.00. ( Top hogs , $4.70.
Fights Anti-Ciff.irette Liuiv.
' Judge W. D. McHugh , of Omaha , has
/announced / that he Trill assail the anti-
'cigarette ' law in the supreme court. He
jwill appeal the case of "Pat" Raymond ,
f Lincoln , recently fined $50. The hiAv
( was recently pronounced A'alid by the su-
ipreme court judges.
Attack Japanese Government.
At Tokio the'agitation against the gOA'-
/ernmeut / for its non-abrogation of mar-
itial law and its suppression of the liber-
jties of the cross , is gaining strength.
Early Resignation .Mow Considered
Tremendous activity deA-eloped in polit
ical circles in London Thursday conse
quent on the circulation of a AA'ell founded
report that Premier Balfour had decided
to bring his ministry to a close and to di
rectly or indirectly appeal to the country.
Rumors regarding the resignation of the
cabinet and the dissolution of parliament
haA'e been thick for three months past ,
but Avhen two of the leading government
organs Thursday , almost in the same
terms , suggested the immediate resigna
tion of the premier on account of the un-
mendable breach in the unionist party
over the fiscal question , the "suggestion"
Avas looked upon as haA'ing been instigat
ed by Mr. Balfour himself.
This Avas strengthened by the knowl
edge that prior to the publication of the
editorials Mr. Balfour met certain influ
ential persons at his official residence in
Downing Street. These two facts Avhen
coupled led to the belief that the pre
mier had intimated at the conference his
intention to resign , and as he had just re
turned from a visit to King Edward at
Windsor castle it was believed that his
majesty had been informed of Mr. ' Bal-
four's intentions.
Beyond this there is not the slightest
official confirmation of the report. All
political interest now centers in the next
cabinet meeting , at which it is under
stood the situation will be discussed.
Should Mr. Balfour resign , the liberals
Avill be invited to form a government ,
parliament AA'ill meet for a feAV days' ses
sion , and a general election Avill occur
early in the new year. The political sit
uation Avas so radically altered during the
last week that even the government sup
porters no longer argue that Mr. Balfour
has a sufficiently united party at his back
to again meet parliament Avith the object
of initiating any legislation to the public
On the stock exchange a definite an
nouncement of the icsignation of the
cabinet is expected at any time , and the
Avhole market Thursday AVJIS flat in con
The liberals are inclined to resent Mr.
Balfour's resignation at the present mo
ment. They contend that the premier
should remain in office a feAV weeks long
er and himself dissolve parliament and
appeal to the country. The liberals see
no reason why the present opposition
should put themselves to the inconven
ience of forming a government-in the
New York Election Frauds Cause
of a Tragedy.
Election frauds are believed by the po
lice to have caused the murder at New
York Wednesday night of W. F. Har
rington in the Little Naples dance hall ,
and also the probably fatal injuries of
Abraham Juckerman.
From paper found on the dead man ,
and from information obtained from
nine prisoners , the police learned the
quarrel started over election matters.
One ofthe prisoners had a marked ballot
of the last election in his pocket.
Harrington was killed in the bar-room
of the Little Naples during a revolver
battle , Avhich left the floors spotted Avith
blood and riddled the pictures on the
Danger of Uprising Against Chris
tians if Warships Appear.
A Paris special says : Turkey's note in
reply to the ultimatum of the pOAvers
contains a warning that the action of tho
powers in resorting to a naA'al demonstra
tion may precipitate an internal uprising
of Mussulmans against the Christian pop
ulation of Turkey.
This is considered to be a threat , as it
is known no demonstration of Mussul
mans against the Christians can occur
unless it has the silent acquiescence of
the Turkish authorities. The Turkish re
ply gives a serious turn to the negotia
Report of the Devlin Estate.
The report of the C. J. DcA-lin receivers
appointed by the United States district
court in the bankruptcy proceedings of
the Kansas coal magnate was made al
Topeka , Kan. , Wednesday , and showed :
Tota'l assets , $4,950,948 ; total liabilities ,
$4,592,208. The contingent liabilities
were estimated at $674,639.
Stone is Thrown at Ito.
A delayed message from Seoul says :
While the Marquis Ito Avas in his train
ruesdny evening returning from a shoot
ing trip with Minister Hayashi and the
members of their suites , the window of
: he'"car in which he Avas riding was
smashed by a stone , and he sustained
: hree slight scratches from broken glass.
Young Field May Jjivo.
The condition of Marshall Field , Jr. ,
> f Chicago , Avho was accidentally shot
Wednesday night while cleaning a gun ,
vas reported Thursday morning as some-
vhat improved. His chances for recov-
> ry are slightly better. \
California Bank Robbed.
Robbers broke into a Japanese bank at
Anegeles , Gal. , Wednesday night and
ook cash amounting to $15,000.
A. New Japanese Loan.
A neAv Japanese loan of $125,000,000
vill , it is officially announced at London ,
ie issued Nov. 28. -
Murderer Ends Life.
The body of William II. Jones , who
Vednesday night shot and killed Harry
Jritton and Avounded Frank Britton at sid
yack , N. Y. , Avas found Thursday inorn-
ig near the scene of the murder. He
ad shothimself. . b
Trains Collide in u FOJJ.
Near Albion , Ind. , five men Avere killed
nd one fatally injured Thursday in a 13
ead-on collision between work and grav- tc
Baltimore and Ohio Rail-
ftrains on the - 0
iad. The trains _ col 1 ided hi a dense fog. in
Received Commissions on His Own
After being on the witness stand before
the Armstrong legislative committee on
insurance investigation for the' greater
part of three days at Now York. Gage
E. Tarbell , second A-ice president of the
Equitable Life Assurance Society , linis'.i-
ed his testimony Wednesday and just be
fore adjournment submitted a list of sug
gestions for the remedy of existing abuses
in the management of insurance compa
nies and for legislation designed to give
the state proper control over the compa
nies and to insure the confidence of the
policyholders. Prominent among these
suggestions was absolute publicity.
While admitting that Avrong had been
done by life insurance officials Mr. Tar
bell said he had no apologies to make for
any of them and that he hoped they
Avould be punished.
Mr. Tarbell AA'as on the stand the' entire
day and Avas questioned as to the system
of agencies and the commissions and oili
er com * * isations allowed them for get
ting business.
Just before the recess the fact Ava * .
brought out that Mr. Tarbell had taken
out insurance on bis life and on members
of his family and had received the agent's
commission on the premiums as Avell as
reneAval commissions. He said that since
he became an officer he had taken out
$200,000 on his OAVH life in the Equitable.
Besides his policies in the Equitable he
had taken insurance in the New York
Life , the arrangement being made Avith
George W. Perkins , and on this , too. he
had received the commission on the pre
miums. He had also a policy in the Aet
na and in the Travelers , on Avhich he col
lected the commissions. lie said he car
ried100,000 on his OAVH life and ilOO.-
000 on members of his family.
Mr. Tarbell AA-as emphatic in denounc
ing the system of rebating by agents and
stated that any agent of the Equitable
Avho rebates to get business Avas dis
When he told of getting the commis
sions. Assemblyman Cox asked if that
was not rebating , and Mr. Tarbell said
it Avas not and that he thought he Avas
entitled to it.
Later Avhen Mr. Hughes took up thi <
same subject the Avitness justified the
taking of commission as being similai
to a merchant Avho purchased goods of a
felloAV merchant in the same line perhaps
to fill an order and got those goods at
cost , or of a professional man treating
another and charging less than the regu
lar fees. Mr. Tarbell further said that
if he had done Avrong he Avas sorry , but
that he had acted in good faith.
Explorer "Wallace is Successful in
Crossing Labrador.
A St. Johns , X. F. , dispatch says : Let
ters Wednesday from Dillon Wallace ,
the Labrador explorer and NeAV York
lawyer , contained the news that he had
successfully crossed Labrador.
Wallace is the first Avhite man AVIIO
ever crossed Labrador AA'ithout either
guides or Indian assistants. With Wal
lace was a companion named Easton.
The letters said both were Avell and had
[ ) lcnty of provisions when they reached
the province of Ungava , Oct. 115.
In 1904 Wallace Avent with Leonidas
dubbard's ill-fated expedition. Hubbard.
whose purpose Avas to cross Labrador ,
ost his life from starA'ation , and Wallace
rt-as found by a rescuing party after ho
Kid fallen exhausted in the SIIOAV.
Although the most perilous part of
Wallace's trip has been completed , he
jtill has before him Avinter traA'el by snow
hoes before he reaches civilization.
Partner of the L/ate C. J. Devlin
Swallowed Poison.
W. E. Thomas , associate of the late C.
F. Devlin at Leavenworth , Kan. , sAval-
owcd carbolic acid Tuesday night. lie
las a fair chance for recovery.
Thomas , besides being associated Avith
? . J. Devlin in coal mine operations. Avas
me of the principal stockholders in the
lefunct First National bank , of Topeka.
\lr. \ Thomas had been in ill health since
he failure of the Topeka bank and the
ailure of Devlin interests , as he was
icavily iin-olved , his liabilities being
ibout $480,000 and his assets about
Courtniartial Begun.
The courtmartial proceedings 'in the
rial of Midshipman Miner Meriwether ,
r. , on three charges connected with the ;
eath of Midshipman .Tames II. Branch , j
nth Avhom he engaged in a fist fight at
Lnnapolis , Md. , began Wednesday morn-
ig at the naval academy.
Lynching in Mississippi.
Dave Sim ? , a negro , Avho shot and kill-
il R. E. Jones Sunday night at Coahoma.
liss. , was lynched by an armed mob at
: ie scene of the crime shortly after mid-
ight. Sims confessed the crime.
May be Miss Reese's Slayer.
Frank Yochla was arrested at Chicago
Wednesday morning on suspicion of being
ie murderer of Miss Maude Reese , the
: enographer AA'ho Avas killed Tuesday
ight by a burglar.
Cresceus Sold for $21OOO.
Cresceus , the Avorld's champion trotting
: allion , Avith n record of 2:02Vi , Avas
> ld at auction at New York Wednesday
> r $21,000 to M. W. Savage , of Miniie-
[ ) o5s. !
Lhool Girls Have Narrow Escape
At LaAvreuce , Mass. , four hundred Ii
: hool girls ha < LJi narrow escape Wednes- Iitl
iy from fiixUWhieh broke o'ut in the isa
rench parochial school. Twenty-five a ;
rls dropped from the third story and all \v
it one were caught Avithout injury.
Ammonia iipe Explodes.
An ammonia , pipe at the plant of the incc
oustoii Packing Company , near Hous- cc
n , Tex. , exploded "Wednesday morning. ,
ne negro was killed and seven others teas
jurcd , somcfatally.
Buys Poison and Disappears Old
Resident of luung Pine Believed
to Have Taken His Life Thought
to be Mentally Unbalanced.
T'tterly disheartened over a little do
mestic quarrel John Kurtz , night fore
man at the Nortlnvestern shops and an
old resident of Long Pine. Saturday night
disappeared from home and had in his
possession tAventy grains of strychnine
capsules purchased previous to his disap
pearance. With these , it is thought , he
has ere this ended his life.
Saturday afternoon Kurtz returned
home completely exhausted from over-
Avork and the loss of two nights' sleep.
Finding that one of his sons had failed
during his absence from home to carry
out some instructions Avith reference to
some chores about the house , Kurtz un
dertook to punish the boy and met with
resistance. Seizing a stick from a nearby
Avoodpile Kurtz Avas on the verge of strik
ing when the mother intervened. Kurtz
then turned upon his Avife and might have
dealt summarily AA'ith her only for the
arrival and intervention of some neigh
bors. Kurtz then Avent up town , pur
chased the strychnine and no cleAv to his
whereabouts has since ben learned.
Business men and many others haA'e
formed search parties and the town has
been almost deA-oid of male inhabitants.
A large party Avas formed , and , AvitU the
assistance of bloodhounds , the entire
countyvas searched. It is thought tho
missing man has hidden himself in some
remote place prior to ending his career.
Others believe he has lost his mind and
is aimlessly Avandering about the country.
He is 47 years old , sober and industrious
and the father of five children. The Kurtz j
family is prostrated with grief.
Work Has Been Commenced on the
Great Northern Depot.
Work has been commenced on the
Great Northern depot on the Sioux City-
Ashland connection at Dakota City. C.
W. Kerrick & Co. , of Minneapolis , are j
the contractors for depot buildings , as
Avell as thp fence along the right of way.
A gang of nineteen arrived Wednesday
from Minneapolis , and Avork on the depot
building was commenced at once. The
depot at Dakota City Avill be the iir. t to
be constructed along the new line.
The fencing gang is now within two
miles of Homer , and has removed its
headquarters to that point.
County Attorney Takes Issue with
Attorney General Brown.
It. J. Clancy of Omaha , tax commis
sioner for the Union Pacific road , paid in
to the Gage County treasury $0,381.50 as
part payment of the taxes due the county
"mm The total amount due
Although the attorney general made a
ruling to the effect that to accept a pa it
of the taxesill jeopardi/.e the interests
of the county in collecting the rmainder
due. County Attorney Killen advised the !
treasurer to accept the amount tendered j
by Air. Clancy.
A Costly Cigarette.
"Pat" Raymond , a Lincoln youth
scarcely more than 18 years of age. was
lined $50 on the charge of lolling a cigar
ette. Police Judge Cosgiwe , Avho assess
ed the penalty , declared that under the
recent decision of the supreme court sus
taining the law. no lesser penalty could
! ) ( assessed for a violation of the statute-
Uaymond did not have the money to pay
; he line and the co ts of the prosecution
ud he was committed to the county jail.
Gets a New Trial.
The life sentence of John R. Lncas , of
Phelps County , is reversed by the su-
ireni" court and the case remanded for a
ie\v trial on the ground that there Avas
Midi prejudice in the minds of certain
iurors that he should haA'e been granted
he change of A'enue for Avhich he asked.
\bout a year ago Lucas shot and killed
, 'Iyde Lester , a man Avho had been in hN
mploy. in a dispute over wages.
Randolph Bond Plan Liost.
At the special election held hf" Ran-
lolph to vote $9UOO lighting bonds the
imposition Avas lost. The vote was 114
or and Hi ) against , failing to carry by the
lecessary two-thirds majority of the elec-
urs. On July 11 the proposition carried , j
ut some changes made it necessary to I
lold another election , fudecision as to j
he kind of a plant caused apathy in the
Indian Accidentally Shot
While iu a drunken condition near the
> maha agency Samuel White , 19 years
Id , accidentally shot William Walker ,
n aged Indian , with a rcA'oh'er. the ball
enetrating below the collar bone and
oming out on fhe opposite side between
lie second and third ribs. Walker is in a i
ritical condition. . . ,
Good Yield of Corn.
1 (
Corn husking in Cedar County is pro-
ressing rapidly , and ten days more of
ne Avealher will * ee most of the corn in
ie cribs , and the yield will come up to
spectations. The acreage for Cedar
bunty is something over 118,000. and
ie average yield Avill be fully 40 bush- ti
s to the acre.
Paid S1OO an
Geo. Carmack bought the Shafenberir
venty acres of land adjoining Ilartinir-
m , paying $3.200 , of $1(50 ( per acer. This
the highest price known to have been a
lid for land in that part of the county. ci
Pounder of Fremont Dying.
Edwin H. Barnard , one of the men who
id out the town of Fremont and made
ie first settlement there in August , 1856.
very IOAV Avith paralysis of the brain
id his recovery is doubtful. He has al- \l \
ays been prominent in business affairs.s
The Minister Was Egged.
Sunday Rev. J. B. Wilson , a Methodist
inister at Bladf , scored several of his
ngregation Avho became intoxicated at
wedding. Tuesday night he was "rot- tl !
n egged while returning home. His n <
sailanis are unknoAvn. nk :
John P. Rademan Sends Bullnt
Through His Head and Heart ,
John P. Rademan , business manager of
the Papillion Times , took his life in a
room at the Arcade Hotel at Omaha some
time betAveen 8 o'clock Tuesday morning
and the same hour Wednesday morning
by shooting himself twice with a . ' ! 2-cali-
ber revolver. The indications arc the
man killed himself Tuesday , as when the
door of the man's room Avas broken open
the body Avas quite rigid. Letters left by
Rademan indicated ill health prompted
his action.
Rademan made careful preparations for
the fatal moment by Avriting letters , one
to the public , one to his Avife at Papillion
and a thiid to George I * . Miller , one of
the proprietors of the Papillion Times.
Rademan left his home Monday to visit
his sick mother at Manning. la. , return
ing by Avay of Omaha Tuesday morning.
Rademan was 23 years old. and had been
married one year to Miss Accia Whitted ,
of Papillion.
Mr. and Mrs George Schmidt , of
Lincoln , Detrined in Russia.
Mr. and Mrs. George Schmidt , two
wealthy citizens of Lincoln , are detained ,
in Russia and the authorities refuse to al-
IOAV them to return or even live together.
They went to Russia to visit. As soon
as they landed their papers Avere seized
their marriage certificate destroyed am
Schmidt was sent to one colony and hi
Avife to another.
They are both naturalized. They havi
three children at McCook. The friends o
the couple have requested Senator Bur
kett to acquaint the Russian embassy a
AVashington with the facts.
Ttlan Who Attacked Pierce Marsha
Will be Sent .to Hospital.
Authorities : at ihe Nebraska insane bos
pital at Norfolk have received Avord from
Pierce that Carl Liesncr , the man AA'ho
pierced the body of Town Marshal Crip
pen , at Plainview a couple of Aveeks ago
to u depth of ten inches with an old Ger
man saber , and from the effects of Avhicl
it Avas expected for a time that the officer
count not lecovcr. has been declared in
sane and will be taken to Norfolk as ai
inmate 01' the hospital. He is said to have
gone insane over religion.
Crippen. the marshal , is getting a Ion 7
in fine s-hape and Avil ! recover.
Nebraska : : Then Fled and Killed
.Himself When Cornered.
At Aurora "Tobe" Dance the other
night , after a quarrel Avith his divorced
Avit'o. shot her three times and left her
supposedly dying at the home of her pa
rents. He iied to the country and Sheriff
Keumb later discovered him hiding in a
corn field. Dunce , Avheii the sheriff ap
proached , shot himself tAvice , dying in a
few moments.
Doctors have succeeded iu removing
tAvo of the bullet icceived by Mrs. Dance
and it is said slit inajrecover. .
Alda Post office Robbed.
An Aid ; : special says : Thursday night
the postollice and-store of J. W. Modes-
itt were lobht-d. The robbers entered the
store thiough a back Avindow and broke
the safe open , securing about $ ? 00.
Stamps to the value of $29 Avere dropped
near a back window in the hurry to get
aAvay. About $ ( ! GO in notes were found
in a corn crib belonging to the Omaha
Elevator Company in the morning. There
is no clue to the robbers.
Beet Growers Dissatisfied.
A McCook special says : The dissatis
faction among raisers of beets in this
section isuch as to make it quite proba-
Me that tlie industry will receive an ugly
setback another year , unless better terms
in several respects are secured from the
factories , especially more liberality in the
natter of receiving heets at the factory.
Delay in taking them at the factory at
> rcsent isu great annoyance , inconven-
ence and loss to the producers.
Tragic Death of a Child.
The tragic. lulling of a happy little boy ,
) layinir Avith his father and mother iu a
'orn field near Dorsey , is reported. Ro
am ! Dean Pickering Avas his name. His
'ather and mother , because of the scarci-
y of corn buskers. Avere plucking corn.
L'he little fellow hid under the Avagon
ind Avas caught by the wheel and mashed
o death. ,
Sad News for Tecumsch People.
Robert Smiley and Mrs. Frank LaAV- }
ence , living near Tecumseh. haA'e receiv-
d woid that their brother. George Smi-
i y. and his Avifo were instantly killed
.nd their daughter terribly injured in a
ailroad accident at a little town near De
voit. Micii.
Fell from His Wagon.
A workman in the quarries at Ilolmes-
ille fell from hir Avagon seven miles east
f Beatrice and was found by Dr. Doran
11 an unconsciouscondition as he was be-
ig drained along the road by his mule ,
'lie lines had become fancied in such a
laniur as to bind tiis feet.
Marion Van Camp. 14 years old. Avas
rought io Beatrice from Wymore by
n officer , chargedvith assaulting an 8-
ear-old girl named Trowning. He was
: \igod in jail aiui a complaint charging
im with criminal asault was filed.
ln Woman Found Dead.
ella E. Dnffy. a laundress 28 years old.
i the employ of Yule Bros. . Avas found
ead in her room at Lincoln. She was sit-
ng in : s chair Avhen found. There was
> evidence of tlie use of poison.
New Mcthodiflt Chnctch.
A new Methodist church society has"
'en organized at Crofton. Avith a mem-
jrsbip of forty-three , and preparations
: e being made for ihe 'building of a new
lurch : tt once.
Artesia'n Flow Near Huron.
At the new Great. Northern town of
1 :
"iiuiebago. eight miles south of Homer ,
iiitractorsvho are boring a AA'cll for the 't '
ilroad struck what apparently is a
rong flow of artesian water at a depth 6c
. ' ( X > feet. The Avater is now flowing s
the surface at the rate of twenty gai
ns a minute.
Brakemaa Killed. f
II. H. PefTer. n raihvay brakeman on
e NorthAvestern , was killed by the cars t ]
ar Crawford. His people live at Man- . .tlg
to , Minn. , and have been .tlC
The problem of safekeeping publia
funds in Lincoln has reached an acute
stage through the introduction in the cityj
council of a resolution culling upon th >
treasurer to designate the banks in which )
'he keeps the $75,000 of city funds. ' Soj
far he has failed to take any action in r H
spouse to the resolution , but a considers
able element among the taxpayers is de-j
manding that he folloAV in th'e footstep
of Treasurer Mortensen by publishing
monthly statement-of the depositor
banks with the balance in each. The ci
treasurer says that he is personalyy r g
'sponsible for the public funds , because
the absence of any law authorizing
use of depositories , and he does not
lieve it incumbent to disclose the wh
abouts of the funds , because his personal
bond protects the city against loss ,
also turns over the interest , about $2 ,
having been ordered into the treasury a
that account during the current year. Il
is claimed that the designation of deposji
tories and the requirement of a boriq
would cause the banks fb refuse to
interest. In answer to this reply is
that the several banks in Lincoln are
( nishing big bonds to the state , and. afc
present , have an average of less tha i
$10,000 state money , Avhile the.y pay 2'
per cent on monthly balances.
* * *
Assistant Superintendent Dr. H. W |
Orr , of the new State Orthopedic host
pital stated Saturday that there'are uo j
tAvelve inmates , with many application
to be passed upon. A large amount of
apparatus has been secured and two ojf
the rooms in the east building at tti
home for the friendless have been fitted up
as Avards. Several nurses are employe
One day each week is deA'oted to operas
lions. Two of the patients are children
under the age of 2 years , each of Avhottj
is being treated for club feet. They nr $
attended by their mothers , AVIO are re
quired to accompany children under the-
age of 2 years. One of the patients is $
17-year-old girl. The age limit is 18
years , because of the impracticability or
treating older persons for deformities !
Three applicants for. admission were frowi
one family and their ages were weft
'aboA'e oO years.
* * *
GOAMickey has sent the following dis ;
patch to Sampel Gompers , president oiT
the American Federation of Labor , at
Pittsburg , Pa. :
' "I cordially invite the American Feder
ation of Labor to hold its next annual
convention in Lincoln , Xeb. The stat'd
and city will extend a hearty greeting
and do all possible to mak'e the meeting
here both pleasant and profitable. "
The Lincoln boomers are hopeful thejr
may be able to land several national con >
A'entions next year. Among other gathe'r-
ings Avhich are being sought for is tni
National Guard Association. It is urged
that Lincoln could secure the latter meet *
ing if it had a suitable armory in whicb
to hold the session.
* * *
A mild kind of oil boom is stirring the
circles of business men , who are planning ;
to bore in the neighborhood of the insane
hospital , southwest of the city. S. Wi
| Burnh'am , of Yankee Hill , a suburb oi
Lincoln , has organized the Yankee Hill
DcA-elopment Company , Avhich .is now
seeking to induce land owners to grant
options on small tracts. If this is done ,
Mr. Burnham promises to have machint
cry on the ground within sixty days tl
out doAvn a 4,000-foot well.
* * #
A gang of convicts in charge of a civil
ian foreman from the state penitentiary
is emploj'ed in constructing a cement
driveway at the executive mansion. There
are six men in the gang and they Avorlc
with the material as though accustomed ;
to it. The old driveway was badly worn
and GOAMickey was determined to have
a IIOAV one A\-ithout paying the price de-
manded by private contractors.
* s *
The vacancy on the supreme court com
mission AA'hich will occur when Judge Let *
ton assumes the place of Chief Justice
Holcomb on the supreme bench is HOAV bo-
ing sought for by several candidates , the-
chief of whom are RepreseutatiA'e E. B.
Perry of Cambridge , and Judge Epper
son , of Clay Center , both of the Fifth
congressional district , which is insisting :
that the appointment ought to go to that
* * *
The authorities of the Lincoln hospital
for the insane haA'e made arrangements
to transfer at an early date sixty patients
to the Hastings asylum. This AA'ill re
lieve the congestion , which has been q
serious factor in the proper management'
> f the Lincoln institution , and will ma 6
: t possible to give the remaining patients-
: he proper care. Of those removed twen *
: y of the twenty-nYe will be AA'omeu.
* $ *
The state board of education will .
neet at York Thursday evening , NOA23 ,
Fiie board Avill then accept the new Avest-
; rn normal building at Kearney , the new
: hapel at the Peru normal and AA'ill prob * "
ibly turn over to the contractors the Avar-
-ants for the balance of the work. Th
warrants had been held up by the auditos
intil the buildings could be completed.
* * *
Gov. Mickey , who inspected the instftur.
ion for deaf and dumb at Omaha , said
hat he found it in good condition. H
vill make , a tour of other state institu-j
ions during the fall. It is his policy to
isit them at intervals in order to con *
er with their officials and see that They
.re properly conducted.
* * *
The friends of James Dillon , a Sarpf
Jounty man convicted of burglary io
) ctober , 1904 , and sent to the peniterii
iary for three years , have applied to
Jov. Mickey for a pardon. It is asserted
bat Dillon has conducted himself pron *
rly and has earned a pardon.
* * *
Members of the state board of public
rads and buildings that
say the inmate *
C most of the state institutions will have
irkey and cranberry cause on Thanks *
ivmg day , despite the high price de-
landed for the fowl. At some of the in-
atutions the whole , or at least a partial
ipply of turkeys is
produced. The pnr-
iases are made under special permits
> r fresh meat and do not specify tb.4
tnd to be bought. Warden Beemer of
ie state penitentiary has already 'en ,
ired into a tentative contract for enouch
sese to supply the ilOO prisoners
, . . , . . "is
iar0e wit.i Ihan - . -
.Saprovendtt ,