Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 16, 1905, Image 4

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Official Vote Cherry County Cast at the Election
of 1905.
I. M. EICE Editor and Proprietor.
MAKK ZARK Foreman.
Entered at the postoffice at Valentine , Cherry count } * , Nebr. . as Second
Subscription $1.00 per year in advance ; $1.50 when not paid in advance.
Display Advertising 1 inch siujjle column loc per issue or $0.00 a year.
Local Notice ? . Obituaries , Lodge Resolutions and Socials for revenue
5c per line per issue. , *
Brands , 1 inches$4.00 per year in advance ; additional ? pace $3.00 per
3ear ; engraved blocks extra $1.00 each.
10 per cent additional to above rates if over 6 months in arrears.
Parties living outside Cherry countv are requested to pay in advance.
Notices of of stock free to brand advertisers.
It seems that W. R. Hearst was
the peoples choice for mayor of
New York andve sincerely hope
that his contest of the election re
turns of that city will insure to the
people .a fair and impartial verdict
now and hereafter.
A man , who on the election
board as judge , would steal a vote
properly marked , under the pre
text of trying to read the voter's
mind to the contrary , also would
rob others of their vote who had
plainly shown their intentions but
failing to mark properly , ' is a ras
cal and in secret , we believe , he
would not hesitate at greater
criminal action.
Sneering at Mr. Bryan's
"Advice. "
That fine old republican news
paper , the Chicago Tribune , says :
4Mr. Bryan can give more advice
and see less of it followed than any
man now before the public.
It is not necessarily a reflection
upon a man that his advice is not
followed ; but Mr. Bryan cannot
complain on that score just now ;
and certainly the Chicago Tribune
is not justified in a boast.
Mr. Bryan has lived to see many
of the policies he favored warmly
advocated by those who , a few
years ago , as warmly opposed
Mr. Bryan has advised the elec
tion of senators by the people , and
today men of all parties are com
mitted to that plan.
He has advised arbitration in
the settlement of labor difficulties ,
and in one notable instance the
gentlemen elected to the office of
president as a republican rendered
distinguised service to his country
men by acting upon that plan.
He has advised that the free
pass is a great and growing evil ,
and today men of all political par
ties condemn the free pass system.
He has advised that public senti
ment set itself rigidly against cam
paign contributions by corpora
tions , and today that question oc
cupies a conspicious place in the
attention of the American people.
He has advised that the quanti
tative theory of money is correct ;
and this , the foundation of all ar
guments made in behalf of bi-
metal ism is now conceded by the
very men who vigorously con
demned it in 1896.
He has urged the enforcement
of the criminal clause of the Sher
man anti-trust law , and after
many years of waiting the gov
ernment's law officers , acting un
der the president's instruction ,
caused the arrest and prosecution
of the members of the beef trust.
He has urged the enactment of
stringent laws providing for pub
licity in the affairs of corporations ,
and the president , elected as a re
publican , has had much to say in
advocacy of that method.
Pie has advised that corporations
be required to show clean hand ?
before being permitted to do busi
ness outside of the state of their
origin , and tha't before suo.h cor
porations could engage in inter
state business they be required to
obtain a federal license. The re
publican administration is now
squarely on record in favor of that
He has urged that tariff laws be
amended by putting the products
of trusts upon the free list in or
der to prevent monopoly under
the plea of protection ; and a con
siderable number of distinguished
republicans are today publicly ad
vocating that plan , while the rank
and file of the party , if permitted
to speak , would unquestionably
give their sanction to it.
He has advised the enlargement
of the powers of the interstate
commerce commission to the end
that individuals and communities
might be protected from discrimi
nations and from unjust transpor
tation rates ; and today that is the
most conspicious reform for which
the president , elected as a republiJ J
: an , stands
llepublican ' editors tread on
dangerous ground when , in the
ight of present-day happenings ,
; ) he.v undertake to call Mr. Bryan
: o account for the character of
' 'advice" he has given. The Com
Catholic Cltnrch AmiO3inc < -
On Sunday nex-t , mass will be
; aid here at 10:30 : a. m. Cate-
jhisra class at 3 and evening de-
motions at 7.
Wanted Second hand cook stove ,
hquire at Sagesrr's barber shop.
, * ? ? (
Our Neighbors.
Sheridan county elected a democratic sheriff ,
the remainder of the ticket going republican.
* *
Dawjes coimty elected democratic county
clerk and the remainder "went republican.
ft vC-
Sioux county elected democratic county
treasurer , remainder of ticket republican.
ft *
Browii county elected democratic county
treasurer , remainder going republican.
Rock county elects democratic county clerk
and rernainer republican.
Holt county elects only coroner and survey
or democratic , remainder of ticket going re
Keya Paha county elects entire republican
ft ft
Boyd county elects democratic county clerk ,
county judge and sheriff , remainder republican.
1 1 aa
Hon. Judge W. R. Towne.
Re-elected County Judge of Cherry County.
To My Friends.
The official canvass of the vote
for county treasurer shows that I
have been defeated by five votes.
I have been urged by some to bring
a contest and demand a recount of
the votes , but , while there may be
errors here and there , there is
nothing unfair. The result rep
resents the will of the majority
and I am willing to abide the de
Though defeated I appreciate
none the less the loyalty of my
party associates. They did good
work for the ticket and for me ,
and I shall ever remember them.
But I want to thank personally
every republican who voted for
me. It was not a question of
party loyalty with them it was a
matter of good fellowship. 1 am
especially proud of the vote re
ceived in my home precinct and
the precincts adjacent , where
was known. I realize that it rep
resents the vote not alone of my
party but a great many republi
cans , and to all I want to express
my sincerest thanks.
The democrats had a celebration
last Friday night in honor of the
election of P. F. Si roons for sher-
ff and Judge W. R. Towne as
jounty judge. At that time the
"eports from all the precincts' also
ndicated that Mr. Quible was
jlected county treasurer. A big
jonfire was built on the Daven
port corner and the Valentine
mnd came out and played while
he fire lasted , after which the big
; rowd that had collected scattered ,
ome going home while others
rent up to the hall where a free
lance was given in honor of the
uccessful candidates. Music was
MMMB * *
urnished by the Valentine orches-
ra and everybody seemed to feel
P. F. Simons.
Sheriff Elect of Cherry County.
happy. Judge Towne and his
wife came up and were seated at
one end of the hall while Mr. Si
mons took a seat at the side. The
merry dancers soon began and it
is said to have been the biggest '
an'd jolliest crowd that ever danced
in the hall. Some danced who
were not in the habit of dancing
and all seemed merry and gay.
Meantime oysters , coffee and sand
wiches were being served at the
Home Bakery which is owned by
the Donoher sisters and a constant
stream of people kept them busy
until after midnight , all expenses
of the same being borne by the
democratic campaign committee
and a few others who voluntarily
contributed. It is said to be the
biggest jubilee demonstration ever
held in Valentine.
Reports from the different pre- '
cincts indicated the election last
week as we went to press of E. B.
Quible for county treasurer by 1
majority vbut this was changed by
the official canvass of the votes
which gave W. D. Armstrong 5
majority. Several precincts which
polled but few votes might have
changed this result to a victory for
Mr. Quible had they taken an in
terest in the cam paign' . When the
rotes were counted and it was ,
round only six votes were needed
; t seems they might have been had
n the smallest precmct.
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