Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 16, 1905, Image 1

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43Boy 's 2 Piece Suits ,
Brown , Gray and Blue &
Mixtures neatly tailored - $3.50
Youth's Suits ,
In Fancy Mixtures 3 piece ,
43 the 87.00 , $8.00 and § 9.00 &
§ 7.00
43 kind at -
43 43 43 Men's Suits , toto
43 In Solid Colors ; also Fancy Tan ,
43 Blue , Brown and Black Mix
10.00 to
43 tures all wool Prices .
43 ftft
43 ft
43 Our Suits and Overcoats equal Clothes ftft
43 43 made by high priced merchant tailors. ftft ftft
43 Exclusive in style , dressy and becoming ft
43 43 ftto
43 to
Fall and Winter
of Boys ,
Shoes for Boys and Girls
The best for wear in the town for the money.
Suits made to order. Cleaning , pressing and repairing.
Good , reliable and serviceable.
Your own selection in Cooking Utensils ,
FURNITURE STOCK in Western Nebraska.
Chartered as a State Bank Chartered , as a National Bank
June 1 , 1884. August 12 , 1902 ,
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
CAPITAL PAID IN A General Banking
Exchange and
Collection Business.
C. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V , NicaoLEON , Cashier.
Tji jSEjg
District court will be in session
next Monday in Valentine.
We noticed Geo. D. Huggins of
Norden in town yesterday.
Cyrus VanMeter called at this
oflice yesterday on business.
L. K Russell , representing the
C. N. U. called on us yesterday.
Good music all evening by the
Fort orchestra next Thursday at
Church's hall.
We hear that our friend Lee
Shepard has rented the Bowers'
residence. Wonder why ?
Mrs. Gertrude Brown is here
from Garrison , Neb. , visiting her
folks , Mr. and Mrs. Moon.
Joe Sweeney was down from
Enlow precinct last week on busi
ness and stayed to see the official
count of ballots.
We enjoyed a pleasant visit
from Easmus Anderson , Rosebud's
popular hotel man , last week
while he was down here.
Notice the official count of votes
in this paper and clip it out , past
it on a piece of card board and
keep for future reference.
Frank II. Parks and Miss Grace
Z. Wcrdell , both colored , were
married in this city Tuesday , the
Rev. J. W. Morgan officiating.
E. B. Quible came down from
Merriman last Friday night and
was here Saturday at the official
count , as was also Mr. Armstrong '
of Cody.
Mr. McLaughlin , a pleasant
gentleman representing Miller & [
Paine of Lincoln , had a display of !
furs at Mrs. Elmore's three days !
this week.
Win. Lee and wife of Brown-
lee visited several days in town
last ' .veek. Mrs. Leo is a daugh-
tor of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Camp
bell of our city.
Shepard Bros , have put a big'c
sign upon their livery barn which
mases an attractive addition to
the new front which they have
recently built.
Lee Shepard , a brother of Jas.
F. Shepard' who has been here
from Antelope county on a visit
the past couple of weeks , has re
turned to his home.
You will miss a treat if you do
not take supper at the lunch coun
ter or buy some home made candy
or a chrysanthemum. Come and
enjoy the music by the Post or
Capt. O'Neill and wife have
recently [ returned from a western
trip , taking in the Portland fair
and visiting many places of inter
est on the western coast. They
enjoyed their trip.
Julius Raurer and wife and boy
came down to Valentine Tuesday
and the following day Mrs.Raurer
and her son , who is M years old ,
went down to Grand Island where
the boy will attend school.
Mrs. Shattuck was called to
Kentucky about ten days ago to
see her daughter and grandson
who were vey low with diptheria.
In a recent letter Mrs. Shattuck
reports them getting better.
J. M. Ralya called at our office
last Friday while in the city for
building material and men. He
is making substantial improve
ments on his land that he and his
family have taken up on the Snake.
Mrs. John Dressier came up
from O'Neill last Sunday and is
visiting her husband who is at
work on the new passenger depot
which is nearing completion now ,
the slate roofing being put on and
is ready for the finishing work.
Chrysanthemum sale and "Feast
of Pumpkins" at Church's hall on
Nov. 23.
U. G. McBride came down from
Rushville the first of the month
and is helping in the Chicago
Herman Riege came to town last
Saturday with a sore eye which he
had examined by the doctor who
took a splinter out of it. Mr.
Riege stayed in town several
idays to doctor and felt much bet
Dave Dunn dropped in for a so
cial chat Monday morning while
! he j was in town. He tells us that
.Mrs. Dunn is able to sit up and is
slowly recovering. Mr. Dunn has
changed his mail from Britt to
Valentine so as to have it carried
up and dropped in his box beside
the road as the mail goes pa st his
lip use and he will thus have the
benefit of daily mail from Valen
R 1 Marsarete Quigley ,
Dy I Clara Dunham.
Cecil and Mae Barnes have gone
home for a short visit.
'Andrew Galloway was out Mon
day on account of sickness.
Winifred Keeley has returned
to school after a week's absence.
The second primary grade is
quite interested in the study of the
'town maps.
The seventh and eight grades
wi-1 soon b gin a special work in
'picture study.
School will close on December
22 ; , for the two weeks vacation
during holidays.
The fifth grade changed from
Baldwin's fourth deader to Cyr's
fourth , last week.
The eleventh grade has taken
up Lancelot and Elaine by Tenny
son in the Literature class.
The tenth grade students are
struggling over the originals at
the close of the first book ia geom
The children in the second grade
are very much interested in the
book , "The Garden Behind the
Moon" by Howard Pyle.
Minnie Hornback has quit school
and gone to teaching. She has a
school noar Brownlee. We wish
her success in her new work.
Swiss Savage of the eight grade
has been absent some time on ac
count of sickness. We hope she
will soon be able to be in school
As Professor says , we derive as
much good from a poem or a piece
of literature as we put into it.
How necessary it is then that we
should put our very best into this
Some of the children in the first
primary room were made happy
by Miss Kortz sending them certi
ficates for punctuality and regular
attendance during the months of
Sept and Oct.
School will close on Wednesday
before Thanksgiving and will not
begin until the following Monday ,
on account of General Teachers'
Association which is to be held the
1st and 2nd of December.
lirst beam of the sun ,
Said to eicli : iiy : everyone ,
"Come ! Get uf ! and uie away
For tliib is the coming or the t\n \ y. "
It touched the woo.lbird ou thevincr. .
And snid "uwake. 0 bird sui'l sing "
Tt wliispiMpil t > tiie fioMs of com ,
"Bow dov.'ii and hail the coming morn. "
So on it sped and far away
And told each one of the coming day ,
It crossed the churchyard with a sigh ,
And said "not yet ! in quiet lie. "
lie.V. B.
We are making a little special ftto toto
effort along this line. Have you toto toto
taken notice ? If not , drop in toto
and take a glance at our assort toto
ment of Novelty Stuff. toto
Hand Bags and Pocketbooks , |
Lace Collars x Belts g
Fancy Lace Embroideries
Novelty Caps 2 *
& A
i *
We are also showing a nice new c&
| line of Shirt Waists for winter wear.
4 * General Merchants.
n § 5
5 6 I 2 BaM
Everything in
Clothing , Drygoods , Hats and Caps ,
Boots and Shoes-
j Come and give us a chance to prove that we are selling good goods
11 of all kinds cheaper than anybody in this party of the country.
5"Kr. . j'sy Goad &oils uaitl Cheap jPi'lcetff
TUT A V ! v ? TTT ? * O T ! CT ? T CllOOKSTOJi
lfJLf2L & . VlJciXLi.XUij NEBRASKA
in JE very thing.
21j S/ C-/ aui1 L
® \
* v You don't have to wait for us to flag
a delivery. A\re have our own and
0 ?
Y Y3 ry8YSY rYs
. W. 3P3Ir3 3 Pras. OHAH L. BRITTON , Ass't Cash.
Persons seeking a place of safety for their money , will profit by
investigating the methods employed in our business.
r *
Suited to your taste.
Canned Goods Lunch Counter ,
Are now at their best and All you want to eat at our
we handle the besfe grade. Lunch Counter
flome Bakery
u _ _