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. January 12.
y.3t/rw t tf * Pont-ottto- Valentin * . - * *
advance ; H.8B
Dtoptey a4v rttolBff l lac * tn l ootaam 1M
98.10 - year.
Lteal NotkM , Obltuartet , Lodge Reeofadoa-
Wi H el ifl f r R renne 0e per line per tune.
PIBBA * . IK lodes W. 00 per yew in adraac *
ftd4lttoMl * 3B p r Inch per rear ; eotr Te4
Mock * extra ; fl.ta raeh.
r&rtiM Itrlajc outride Cherry county not per
tentHy known are requested to par in advance
10 per cent additional Co abore ratea If orerfi
ontht la arreari.
i Kottots of tones of stock tree to bra&d adrer * i
The reports from Lincoln on
the eve of tho convening legisla
ture read more like tho meeting :
of some railroad convention than
i body of men elected to repre
sent the people of Nebraska.
Charger and counter charges are
being made claiming the organiza
tion of both houses is controlled
by the Burlington or the Union
Pacific-Northwestern combine. It
is a shame and a disgrace that our
itate should be the prey of the
railroads who use the representa
tives of the people like so many
pawns in a game checkers. This
is not mere bluster of the demo
cratic press but is openly admitted
by such good republican authority
as the Omaha Bee and other pa
pers of the state. It is very hum
iliating to the people but they
have no just grievance as they .
have tolerated such domination
for years. Perhaps , some day
they will awaken to a truo pn e
of the situation ami will en i a
halt , but the Timrs confesses ( . .tat day seems far remote. Pa-
pillion Times.
More Local.
The J. C. C. Corspf. , the best
i corset made , at Mrs. Elmnre'p.
W. H. Wilkinson of Kenned.v is
in town on business. I
N. A. Bullis and two daughters
of Bonhomme county , S. D. , ar
rived in our city last Friday night
for a few weeks visit with hie elder
brother W. T. Bullis and family.
C. C. Thompson callod today
and cheerfully paid in advance for
THE DEMOCRAT. This is his cus
tom as it is with many of our sub
scribers to pay in advance at the
end of each year. He never says
stop it for he always takes it , and
speaks a good word for us all
through the year.
W. S. Jackson'of the Red Front' . he
Merc. Co. of this city , started this j &a
morning with several persons from IT1
t L l
O'Neill on a western trip to be gone j ' tle ;
two or three weeks. He goes to it
Seattle , Wash. , and other places j m
along the western coast , and will llr"
probably visit his sfcter , Mrs. tk
Bryan , in California before re Cl'
turning. leg
Mrs. Lena Lillie hu
. Margaret was
taken the Lin
to penitentiary at bat
coln Tuesday to serve a life sen
tence for the murder of her hus
band , Harrey Lillie , at 0iid
City in October of 1902. SheA as
convicted the following spring but
has been kept in the Butler county Q&3
jail all this time while her Iav.en .
have exhausted every moans to tlr pr
secure her release or a new trial , rsc
but were unsuccessful.
The U. S. Weather Bureau re id
port for the week ending Jan. 11 , L
1905 , shows the highest and lowest pa
temperatures to have been 33 °
and15 ° , giving a range of 48 °
tnd a mean of 10.1 ° . Snow Hur md
ries on the 6th gave a precipita CR
tion of .01 of an inch , and the lavE
storm of tlie 10th and lith gave E
.26 of ap inch , a total of 0.27 for will
the week. This last storm was the If
heaviest of the season to date. tas
The wijids have been generally mck
from the north and northwest and bat
the highest velocity was 32 miles In t
hour from the northwest
per on Dot
the 5th. Shortly-befoTc sunrise lag
morning ( the' 12th ) the tempera broi
ture went down to20 , the'low- '
eel cf tiio setsou *
Fire at Nicholson's.
A fLe occurred at thp npw rr i-
drncp of M. V. Nicholson last Sat
urday : mnrning , caused by a dr-
fcctive burner of a gasoline stove
which was boing uspd in thp base
ment to heat water for laundry
work. In gpnprnting , the flame
burnpd up around thp supply tank
and ] melted the top of the can of !
and : furnished abundance of fuel
for a blaze that filled the basement
and came near destroying the
building. At the time of the out
break of flames Mr. and Mrs.
John Harden were in the base
ment. Mr. Nicholson had fillpd
the supply tank and carried his
gasoline can outside and upon re
turning turned on tho oil to gener
tiat the gas by lighting it when thp
flash ocurred which surrounded
the stove and drove the occupants
from the basement of the building
Tho fire department got out and
in a short time put out tho fire
but not before it had burnpd thp
interior of the basement black and
charred thp joists nnd fl orinjr
above , a half inch in places.
Col. C. P. Jordan was down
from Rosebud the first of the
I have buyer for Nebraska farms.
If you want to sell , Lst with me or
write for particulurs. 47
Heist Bldg. ( aty , Mo |
Ij w lint t - Aj r -itlt > '
AH * ri lion " * . I.
r iH $ . X * r .
Via the Norf h-westaru Line , will In- j
sold at reduced rates Jan. 14 to 19 ,
inclusive , limited to return until
Jan. 25 , inclusive. Apply fl
tfN ' ) . J\ .
tf- - > l \\f-Tm. \
ltll > F > r S
30 < j ; per bale from 90 to 100
in H bale , or $5.50 per ton.
52 A.John & Co
Xi NWi , Sec 14 , Tp. 3'2. K
This 80 has running water. ri
ELMER E. CASS , 3136 Holmes flv
Minneapolis , Minnesota.
WANTED a good all around
farm hand on dairy farm. Mar
ried man preferred. Steady work.
House furnished.
Nebraska's Executive Says Lobby
Should Be Utterly Banished.
Lincoln , Jan. 6. Governor Joan H.
Mickey was inaugurated for the sec
ond time as governor cf Nebraska.
took the oath in the hall oi the
bouse ! of representatives aiid imme
diately afterward the olhor state oa jbQ
rs were sworn in. The governor
read his message. He reviewed
orkincs of the new rsvenue law
length and recommended only
OJlnor aaicmiincr.ts. He urged econ-
oinf , upon the legislature , the condl-
of the r 's SnincRs bsing sucbj '
' * * pri isc.-i. He de-
' - ihonlJ be ut
* , . . upon * .he ? -vroJ bad whiia It vor
ny ijitiufnand that It sjrvef
fdod D"r" N " of th/ / j Jn
--coa.rnende/ | ha
E..CAPES/ ast
' TT'J
Jii U.t Of Tho
Neb. Jan rec
8ul ; i.ii ( or m.
ts have been doiectou ar-
rscT5 arc out for Cate & T ! „ . ; BU
aavc broa conauc ng a i
ar. ! D-J - of
: -ra aat to get ! : > a ,
Case was cisocvared to be i : , tho
lousa of LesVy Dotsoa anj ity
lac8 ( the officers * iiproaciietJ as d ur- qui
ojcded , bi. as tfrev did iu Lee d i-'G Pre
barci'aotc-i out of a Bali
male his escape. A poasc as dep
rgacized al o&v'G asd went * /ter / fcdd
oe. He Joft ! ii3 boots behi&d , last
laving tiaic to gp.t them. eell
Del TStennston left some time ff °
Missouri , hut requisition pa " tho
be iaaued and he returned. cn
is said that the flim of bulc *
for seme time past been : ai
the rango by night , picidn one-
cattle as they neecedP" " oi :
mtchering tbem and selling the/ , ; u >
their nhop , and shipping tho 2
] tho brand mark cut out. if
otson , in whose hc-iae Case 8
concealed , was arrestei , , ml
irought to the city and con tion
. A charge of ab.ettipg tb tka
itet-ns will likely b filaU tnd
i 'lit : fl
; f \C. 5 Pr.OMPT AO
J-- : , r. rt-ETJ CHAFT BLL !
Ira - " , . - -uc : c Overhauled
Along Conservative Lines Will
Fight Hard for A Law Regulating
Railroad Rates.
Washington , Jan. 11. President
Roosevelt lavora the earliest possible
action looxmg to a ruvIeTon by COB-
ot ti.o tan2. Ha so imormea
tb.9 uenai-i aau representatives who
wero in coiuerence with him at the
whito house last Saturday , and ho
has maue piam his posuion to olners
since that cout'erence. He will call
the uiiy-n ntn ccng ess into extrtor-
! dinaiy sess.on. as toon as the com-
' mittees have indicated that they are
pr--Tared to suainit a tantt measure
for passage. Qne of those present at
the ccnier nce on Saturday said , in
of the many contiictmg stories
published regarding tue meeting , tnat
the president informed them thav
while ho uiu not believe in any sweep-
ling revision of tne tan < Y , andouia
' abooiucely by the judgment oi
tho tuo lioaac oi ccusre s , in a mat-
\ ter that i-ia.ed ( so particularly tt
, yet1C dla thick tne time hau
when the schedules should be
thoroughly examined auti taere shouiu
be a readjustineijt as to certain oi
Ibe president addpd that hi *
OWL Aas that the special seaeion
a plaat tlie earliest data
at wi.i' 1 : ihs cL-aaiiitaes of the two
houat-s t'iulj rcjn : $ t ( ) an agreement
as tc a.
It nil ixa-Jed that tfl2re IE not th *
least project oi differences so rad-
: s. : . ; between the president
. -can iG-iaers in
: i - - congress
'ove : * ( be .ut qiiftapion as to cause t.
spli' b- v arty. Wiue ) | h.e preai-
deM Is ct-viy in carnast in bis de-
* ; r : jor laiifl revision , he regard !
that qfeU. a as one oi expediency It *
which no great principle is at stake.
On another question , however , that
of legislation relating to the inter-
st-te [ freight rates of railroads , hi&
ir I- v ' r or : ap. He wiil flgb
ic J % d fight ha-
n * " - ' irom cocgresi
5 < J . regarding tuai
liic.a'if- i- . . iz * i-:3tont ; , bu
if hftidces nut be will bring the sub
ject a.n before congress at the pro-
poaeii extraordinary session and v
urge 'i'-- ' ! all hia po-wer the crystalli-
zatloj l3ix > law of tho recommenda-
tiona p already has made to congress
on pat question Tho freight rate
Q * * > r i - 'ocr not regard as one
< . : ' .p y. He holds that it i < -
1 J : \ t . . 7/hich a groat moral prln-
1 'p la ; r.vnl-ved. end one very near
toTll t ± c ! ot the country. He
js it. in iart , as the paramount
e at this
1The president cordially approved o'
disporlcion of congress to hold
ap-rorlatGnr ; ! Gown to the low-
et pcsc.l : - > , but he urged very
.rwiicly t. at the naval appropriations
ic-uld no be materially disturbed.
i ' ' jr-l r-n tors contend steadfastly
.I' .lty for tariff re-
n : .1 ; : bo borne by the
e. % v . 'lisenite will join in
ik.r'ecl . , iac. : I ? iilar.on as rcay b 's
Provided ! an cra session is callod
py the pp.I-ent : , and a bill be passed 's
y the Lcuoe. N.
Fr-w --f.tors ars to bo found who
pro wKin. ; to n'scuss the matter for ch
.r . > . b * ; ' " ' siyir rhat if a J0
sC3ion is oalled , it should not
held before autumn , to be con y
vened in October preferably. ;
There is a livc'y exchange of views
land gossip ro arding the tariff re
vision su.-ij on * n the house The
only app.vch to a poll of members lie
n the fiLjTt io that > vhich was com- edi
'plete i l > y IV present rve Tawnay Oi bei
Minnesota , the -ubcan ! "whip anc
before tLt : Lolilay recess. Mf "faw Lir
ney found a decided sentiment in fa pei
of an Investigation by the proper one
committee of the house of changes City
Industrial condi'-'ons which ma SUE
have trV-i" place sinre the passage ma
the D.n \ < 7 bill. v.-th the view i wh
ascertiirii * the n c' rty ! or other- eta
w'se of { ' . " -Tes in il.e schedules bar
result o : : f < 5 inquiry was placed filci
the a : dof rh-3 president at the
recent disc'i.-sJnn of t.Tl views , and
tinjIoubtetJly had its weight in the dis-
cuscJcn. men
Run n h'sw York Sank. Ing
KIM York , Jan. 11. A run on the Mir
Btaie 'oa : - . iu Grand street began er
ibout uouii and continued until the rosi
regu'ar ' 1.0jr ior closing. Tae news \r.
the 111:1 spread aad there were bro
Lhousaiiv.r. c : depositors in the vicin wei
of Ue bank. The police were re % t
luired to induce them to go home.
President O. L. Fuciiard of the bank S
thai the withdrawals by anxious L
lepcsltcrs au.o inted to ? 25,000. He wea
idded tlia h ° tne run woui I tJnu
several Jajs. The bank is in ox j 8O.U .
sellent condition , he said , and its de- ' < dntl
posits.mount to $10,50,000. He , lurf the actionvhich Die Amer-
Baaking asrociatlon is taking
iga'n&l miny small banks on tlie
> ' siderou h which , it is alleged , sro
- : " 'c.ositcrs have suffered east
i 1 t"t people to grow r.g
poious of all banks. 2rc ,
Made Ambscsador.
Vr'ashington , Jan. 11. The preaiG
sent to the senate the nominarr >
of David E. Thompson of Nebrastho
to be ambissador extcaordlnarr Chu
plenipotentiary to BraalL ere-
f i rr > n * iu
C.I i tniih
Mtntllte Kl..rd Near Norfolk and
Trains to c'onestcel Are De'a/cd.
Nor'ol . : xeb. jln. 11. ax cars of
freljiJ ra.a Xc. 11 wore ditched eght
miles north of Norfolk and the debris
BUM flogs tha track , delaying the
Boncs'ecl Om a passenger trait *
many hours , t'aascngcrs are stalled
at Pisrce Ncl-ndy was killod. the ugh
j Q number of ittlo and hogs wero
crushed to death. Two cars of corn
were scattered over tho prairie , the
I fars being utterly splintered. A
I broken flange caused the wreck. The
cattle were turned upside down , and
trampled on one another fearfully ,
killing many and breaking many
aeclcs. E" > that shooting was neces
sary. The train had Just cleared a
ieep bridge. Many feet of track wert
torn up and hurled into the ditch.
Char'es Blanford Is Accused of As-
eaulting Mel Slaughter at Colfax.
DCS Moines , Jan. 11. Charles Blan-
ford , a nephew of Mel Slaughter , the
Colfax young man whose life was
mysteriously attempted , was placed
under arrest , charged with the crime.
Blanford's mother , a daughter of Ja
cob Slaughter , a wealthy land owner ,
was . practically disinherited upon the
death of the 1 man , and a bitter
feeling was engendered between the
Slaughters and the Blanfords , devel
oping into a feud. An anonymous let
ter was recently received by young
Slaughter in which a certain Bum of
money , placed at a certain point and
ppon an appointed time , was demand-
id , tho penalty for failure being the
young man's life.
Tragedy In Alaska.
Seattle , Wash , , Jan , 11. "Word was
received here of the killing of Will
iam Dippe by Robert Ball on Fox isl
and , in southeastern Alaska. The
principals to the tragedy were friends
and associates in some marble prop-
' rtiea located close to the soeno of
.he shooting until a few months ago ,
when they had a business disagree
ment , which resulted in a personal en
counter in this city , in which Ball was
worsted. Since that time fliey hsre
* een bitter enemies. Ball was prcsi-
ifnt of the Great American Marblo
company , a concern capitalized at
0,000,000 , until last October. H
csme to this city from Iowa , where a
BumbtT of relatives are now living.
But Seven of Crew Survive.
New York , Jan. 11. Seven surviv
ors of the ill-fated Norwegian ship
Marpesia , which was wrecked at sea
on Christmas day by an exploslo'n of
naphtha , resulting in the death of
eleven members of its crew , arrived
here on the steamer Trinidad I-om
Bermuda. They had been rescued by
the Danish steamer Gallia , which hap
pened by just at the moment wien
the Marpesia was blown into a shape
less mass and the seven men who sur
vived the shock were taken from tho
sea , where they had sought tlie only
refuge that remained to them after
the explosion.
Says Officers Embezzled Cash.
Kensett , la. , Jan. 11. Cashier Hatr-
hen of tho bank of Kensctt was made
oint defendant in a suit instituted
jy the Farmers' Mutual Live Stock
association to recover $26,000 , whicn
alleged to have been einbozzled by
sfflcers of the association. Hatigen
a nephew of Congressman Gilbert
. Hat'ghen , who is also president of
thf Ken * tt bank. The petition
chargeo ; that about $26,000 of the as-
jociafion's < funds has been misappro
priated by the officers , and spcciQcal-
claims that part of it was lost on
he Chicago board of trade.
Mrs. Lillb Taken to Prison.
Lincoln , Jan. 11. Mrs. Lena M. Lfl-
of David GVy , youthful and highly
educated , convicted of the murder of
husband to secure his life insur
ance , it was charged , was brought to
Lincoln to enter on a life term at the
penitentiary. The Lillie family was
< of the most prominent at David
, and the trial of Mrs. Lillie , con
suming several weeks , furnished
many sensations. The evidence on
which she was convicted was clrcum-
itantial , her story being that her hus
band was shot by a burglar as he lay
Four Killed In Mine Shaft.
Houghton , Mich. , Jan. 11. Four
: were instantly killed and two
Jthprs injured at a shaft which Is be-
sunk at Rockland by the Victoria
Wining company for a hypraulic pow-
plant The dad : William Pen-
, two Austriana and one Finland
The accident was due to thn
jroaking of a cable while six men
coming to tho surface in a skip
the i mxm hour.
Snow In Southeastern Nebraska.
Lincoln , Jan. 11 Following zero
yeath r. snow began falling and con-
Inurd throughout the nifht over
.outneaFtein Xobraka Tlu ro is litle
and no driftng Thr Tempera ri
* continues low. 1
Large Less at DInthe.
Olathe , Kan. , Jan 11Fire dn- 1I
troyed the bii inf .s bnJdin s on the
sideof Hit' public
square , iiu-lu'l ,
thf tpl' phone an J tp' ° grajjl : of- ' I
! and the posto.Ticu ' 1 he Ics * ih ,
stimatrd at 31" ) ' .000. j
Dr. Edmund J. Wolfe Dead. j
Gettysburg. < Pa. Jan ll.--Thp Rer. j
Kdrnund J Wolfe. prsitier.t of '
goncral synod of the Lutheran
hurch * of America , died at hie hooaa
Contractors and Builders , Carpentering.
AM kind1 ? of vofid n-ork dnno Inos-d.-r. St' 1 : tank * , njndiin nil sijj
Zz * \ \ ( .rk . i n
g % , J - < / I 3 f f
Dry Goods g Notions
Special Prices oa Winter Uadcrv/car and Hosiery.
W. B Hammond. C. H. Bullis. H. S ,
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tfj ra iC" * " * iii B % /
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when ever you come to Valentine.
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Valentine , s Nebraska ,
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