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    The Valentine Democrat
L M. RICE , Publisher
Id a IMS' Petition is Granted Entire
lienver Vote is Under Suspicion
Neither Adams IVor Pcabody Want
the Ollice Unless Ijr.gnlly'Elected
Stretching its hand so as to cast a
shadow over every man and woman in
any way implicated in election frauds
of the city and county of Denver , Colo
rado , on , before , or after Nov. 8 , the su
ordered aninvesti
preme court Friday an-
gation so sweeping in its scope that ev
ery phase of the election may be scrutin
ized and everything that bears in any
way upon the election may be made
known by judicial inquiry.
Alva Adams , Democratic candidate for
governor , who appeared from the returns
lo have been elected , but who has de
clared that he does not want the office
laintcd with fraud , asked the court lo
open every Denver ballot box , but the
order of the court goes beyond the mere
examination of flic ballots and provides
for an investigation of the registration
lists , the campaign expenditures , and , in
brief , of all election matters.
Attorney Samuel W. Bedford , for Ad
ams , and Attorney Henry J. Ilersey , for
the Republican * , asked the court to make
its order of such breadth that the court
need not stop at anything in the investi
gation. The court said that was what it
intended to do , and instructed the law
yers to agree upon the wording of the or
der and present it lo the court for ap
proval within a few days.
As there are 204 ballot boxes , it is evi
dent that several months will be con
sumed in the examination of their con
tents by the two handwriting experts to
be appointed for this work.
It is expected that the supreme court
will be asked to make an order placing
special watchers at the court house to
guard the registration books until such
time as the investigation is made.
What effect , if any. the court's action
Friday will have upon the course of the
legislature in respect to canvassing the
vote for governor and determining wheth
er Pcabody or Adams is entitled to the
seat has not become apparent.
Public is Using Great Submarine
The submarine tunnel connecting Bos-
Ion and East Boston. Mass. , was opened
to the public service Friday.
The tunnel is a mile and a quarter
long , double tracked and partly laid un
der the harbor waters. The cost of con
struction was iJO.OUO.OOO. : Four and a
half years was consumed in building.
In arranging the stations the builders
made use of historic ground-the entrance
near Washington Street being directly
under the old Massachusetts state house ,
and the Scolley Street entrance under
the old court house.
It is estimated 8.000,000 people will
use the tube annually.
Nebraska Bankers Chilly to the
State Treasurer.
A Lincoln , Neb. , special says : When
State Treasurer Mortensen asked the
Omaha bankers to sign his personal bond
they one and all proffered him the "frig-
Id mitt. ' " So he returned to Lincoln dis
couraged and slum. He may icsign.
"My plans are all upset , * ' he said , "I
do not know whether I will qualify or
not. " He stated that under the present
conditions no business man could afford
to bother with the oflice.
The dilemma resulted from Hie recent
supreme court decision making void the
guaranty bond law for public officials.
Two Firemen Killed.
Fire Friday night completely destroy
ed the repmr barns of the Chicago Union
Traction Company , at Fortieth Street
and Western Avenue. Chicago , entailing
a loss of 5U."i.OOO. The llames had gain
ed much headway when discovered , and
the high wind prevailing rendered it im
possible for the firemen to save the
building. Two firemen were killed by
falling walls.
Convicts Shot Up.
At Folsom , Cal. , seven out of nine con
victs at the state prison who made a
break for liberty Thursday , were almost
riddled w.i.i bullets , three being now
dead and three in a critical condition.
Imquois Fire Damages.
Judge Charles M. Walker dec-idea Fri-
that the city of Chicago is not liable
Cmdamages growing out of the loss in
connection with the loss of life in the
Iroquois theater fire.
Sioux City Stock Market.
Friday's quotations on the Sioux City
slock market follow : Butcher steers.
'O. Top hogs. $4. . " . " .
Great Russian Loan.
St. Petersburg dispatches stale that ar
rangements for the issue of aI per cent
loan of $ lir , . > 00,000 have been definite
ly concluded with a group of financiers.
There will be no drawing of bonds' for
compulsory redemption or conversion for
.twelve years.
Oil Prices arc Cut.
At Fittsburg. Pa. , the Standard Oil
Company Las made a reduction of . " >
cents in a1 grades of crude oil except
rairlan. which was cut 2 cents
Said Cassic Chndwick Can Get Bail
if She Will.
A Cleveland , 0. , special says : It wis
reliably stated Thursday night that Mr * .
Cassie L. ( "hadwick will be released on
bail within a few days. At least an
effort will be made in that direction.
Mrs. Chadwick herself has expressed
her desire to terminate her residence in
the county's hostile , and according to her
attorney , Jay P. Dawley. she alone has
the deciding vote in the bail question.
' 'Bail can be given in ample time , "
declared Dawley. ' 'The minute she
wants to she will be released on bail. "
Mrs. Chadwick is reported to have
said that her original reason for refus
ing bail no longer exists , and that she is
now ready lo avail herself of the prof
fered aid.
Mrs. Chadwick , when she was arrest
ed in New York , was quoted as express
ing a preference for the quiet and seclu
sion , to say nothing of the security ,
from intrusion , afforded by the jail.
She is reported to have said that she
wanted to complete something on which
she was engaged when arrested , and that
this was finished last week.
Mrs. Chadwick Thursday 1-Id rn oc-
quaintance at the jail that the day sh
was arrested , or shortly afterwards , she
was given assurance that bail v.'ould he
forthcoming as soon as she wanted it.
She also said , according to this person ,
that when the bond was signed it would
be by four of the "biggest men of Cleve
land. " Mrs. Chad wick would not tell
who these were. Mrs. Chadwick said
that it might be a week before sne went
out on bail.
Mrs. Chadwick's nervousness increases
with each hour of delay in brinsring her
husband to American shores. The ma
tron of the jail declared Thursday the
woman was on the point of a break
down from nervousness. Quite obviously
Mrs. Chadwick is in a poorer physical
condition now than at any time since
her incarceration.
The woman's hair has whitened quite
perceptibly since her incarceration. She
has lost flesh , and her face shows the
effects of it.
Thousands of Men are Ordered Back
to Work.
The drought which paralyzed indus
tries in western Pennsylvania , Ohio and
West Virginia , has been broken and
more than 2o.OOO workmen who had
been laid off in western Pennsylvania
because of it have been notified to return
to work.
Fifteen million bushels of coal , one-
half of the amount loaded in barges and
boats at Pittsburg in the Monongahela
River , are being prepared for shipment
south. This will relieve a fuel famine.
The coal dealers having a few tons of
coal in their bins were preparing to ask
for big prices , but the price of coal in
Cincinnati , Louisville and other cities
along the Ohio will now be normal.
Cause of the Anti-Foreign Poliry of
the Sultan.
The correspondent at Tangier of the
London Times learns that the anti-for
eign policy of the .sultan of Morocco
was the outcome of a meeting of the
principal Fez Moors. who. fearing
French designs , sent a deputation to the
sultan demanding the rupture of rela
tions with France , the stoppage of thr
French commission and the dismissal of
Europeans in the sultan's service and of
pro-European viziers.
The Moors are so angered that any at
tempt to arrest the deputation would be
the signal for a revolution.
"White Man is then Ordered to
Leave Mississippi.
Ned Lewis , a white man. " > . ' , ' years old.
whose home is in Chicago , was lashed
in the woods near Natchez. Miss. , and
ordered out of the state. L'wiwas be
ing taken to the county convict farm to
serve a sentence for insulting a woman
on the .streets. As lie was being taken
to the farm a crowd of six white men
ok him from the guard. They entered
the woods , three miles from town , strip
ped him and gave him sixty lashes across
the back , then placed him on a train
and ordered him to leave the state.
Faces Water Famine.
Owing to an immense jam of ice in the
Missouri River , north of St. Joseph , Mo. ,
a water famine is threatened. The ice
has diverted the water from the in
takes and lowered the level of the river
five feet. Three hundred men are work
ing on trenches to bring the water in
reach of the pumps.
France May Use Fleet.
Owing to the crisis in Morocco the
navy yards at Toulon. France , are in
a state of greatest activity. Prepara
tions are making to equip a cruiser
squadron for immediate sailing.
One. Death from Blizzard.
A Calumet. Mich. , special says : The
blizzard which has been rairing in north
ern Michigan the last three days caused
one death , numerous accidents and par-
alvzed business.
Zero Weather in Kansas.
Zero weather was recorded in western
Missouri and throughout Kansas Wed
nesday. In Oklahoma and Indian terri-
y it averaged 2 degrees warmer.
.rain schedules are badly interrupted.
Mystery in Shooting ; .
William O'Brien was probably fatally
shot while standing near where Robert
Brennan was killed by Patrolman Mal-
lun at New York last May. O'Brien was
the principal witne.-s again > t Mallon.
O'Brien's assailants escaped and he re
fused to make a statement.
Steamer is Wrecked.
The Richmond , Va. , life saving station
has dispatched a crew to the unknown
steamer stranded on Diamond shoal ,
ejght miles distant. - > \
Senator Mitchell , of Oregon , Gix-es
Bent with his three score years and
ten , and leaning onhis law pr.rtner , tne
white-haired senior senator from Ore
gon , John II. Mitchell , who for nearly a
quarter of a century has represented hK
state in the federal congress , Wednes
day went into the federal grand jury
room at Portland. Ore. , to tell what h"
knew concerning frauds which the gov
ernment believes have been perpetrated
upon it in the acquisition of its public
Tired and careworn , he came from the
jury room at the noon hour only to rc.-
tnrn in the afternoon. Later , when the
senator left the court house , apparently
nervous and worried , it was stated that
the investigation , so far as Mr. Mitchell
was concerned , had ended.
What transpired in the chamber is un
known , further than that Mr. Mitchell
went into it with no more favor than
would have been extended the humblest
citizen of his country. Neither his re
quest that he be confronted with any
testimony that the government may have
found to his detriment nor that he be
furnished with the names of his alleged
accusers was granted.
Congressman Ringer Hermann appear
ed shortly after - o'clock in the after
noon and went into seclusion in the in
ner ollice of the district attorney. When
he was called to the jury room he shook
hanjls with those whom he knew in the
corridor and patted Mr. Henri heartily
on the back. When the session had clos
ed for the day Mr. Hermann remained
in the inner room for some time , cou-
versimr with Mr. Henri and jurors.
Some of the men indicted Tuesday
afternoon have appeared and .will siivc
the $4. < H)0 ) bonds fixed by the court. 15.
Ormsby. of Salem , was given five days
in which to enter his plea , and was al
lowed one day to secure bail. In the
meantime he was released on his own
The federal grand jury has returned
seven indictments in connection with the
land fraud cases now under investiga
Xew \ ork Banker is Arrested in
A Philadelphia special states : Charges
of consipracy. false pretense and forgery
involving $1" > 0.000 are made againt
John Bough , a banker , who was commit
ted in the city hall police court to
await a requisition from the New York
authorities. New York detectives ar
rested Bough as he was leaving the coun
ty prison , where he had served six
months for swindling operations in the
name of the Boyer Sign Manufacturing
Company , of Philadelphia.
According to information in the hand ?
of the police department. Bough and oth
er persons , who have since disappeared ,
established .111 insurance company under
the name of Lloyds Insurance of Amer
ica. The concern , it is alleged , wrote
$4.000.000 worth of fire insurance and
collected $1.10.000 in premiums , the in
sured ha/ting been led , it is charged , to
believe/that Bough was the American
agent of the Lloyds of London. Sic
months since a collapse followed.
Governor-Elect of Colorado Files Pe
tition in Court.
According to a Denver dispatch , the
counsel for Alva Adams , Democratic
governor-elect , has filed a pel it ion in the
supreme court , asking that a commis
sion be appointed by the court to open
all of the04 ballot boxes used in Den
ver at the late election and examine the
( lov.-elect Adams said he believed if
all the frauds in Denver and outside ,
were unearthed it would show his plur
ality was 120.000 , and said he would not
accept the seat unless shown conclusive
ly he was elected.
Colorado Ilepubllcans Said to Have
Made Plans.
A Denver. Colo. , special says : By
ating State Senators Darels and Mil-
lard the Republicans have gained such
control of the assembly that it is be
lieved in Democratic circles that ( Jov
Peabody will be icseated. .
The Republicans plan this , it is said.
by throwing out the vote of all the
Democratic wards in Denver and count
ing the votes of the Republican wards.
Some doubt exists in regard to the
position of the slate canvassing hoaid
going behind the returns , although there
i < believed to be some opposition.
Indiana Stokers Scalded.
An explosion of a l'00-horse power boil
er in Brower fc Love Bros. ' cotton mills
at Indianapolis , I ml. , seriously scalded
W. A. Watts , Curtis Boyd and John Per
kins , three stokers : reduced to wreckage
two batteries of nine boilers , blew down
the walls of the boiler house and crushed
in the front of a one-story brick house.
Named by President.
President Roosevelt has appointed J.
Hamilton Moore , of Philadelphia , chief
of the bureau of manufacturers of the
department of commerce and labor at
Drop in Temperature.
At La Crosse. Wis. . a drop in temper
ature of 40 degrees followed Tuesday's
Hzzard. The snow is drifted eight and
ten feet deep.
President Sun : Condemned.
At Port au Prince. Hayti. the court
has rendered a judgment in default , con
demning former President Sam to im
prisonment for life at hard labor for the
alleged issue of fraudulent bonds. Mad
ame Sam is sentenced to fifteen years'
New Venture in Whaling.
The Orton , a new steam whaler from
Christianin. left Dartmouth. Hug. . Wed
nesday for Victoria. B. C. . as a new
venture in * { yrtli Pacific wliule livery.
Delay Work on Building Now Nor-
I'olk Asylum May Not fie Com
pleted Until Next .1 tine Trouble
Between State and Contractors.
A Norfolk special says : Instead of
being1 allowed to come hack "home" for
their Christinas this year , as they had
planned , the patients who were burned
out of the Nebraska tate hospital" for
! the insane in the Norfolk fire several
years ago , and who have since been
: crowded into the institutions at Lincoln
[ and Hastings , will have to wait for at
least another six months'stretch. . Al
though promised by the contractors that
the building should be done by the first
of last October , the state board of pub
lic lands and buildings has no indication
that it Avill give receipt for the recon
structed building before the lirst day of
next .June.
There is going to be something doing
when the settlement for the work is
finally made with the Capital City Brick
Company , of Des Moines. According to
leading members of the state * board of
public buildings , the company owes a
forfeit of i > 2. > per day for every day
after the first of October. According to
the company oflicials. the state changed
plans and thus annulled the contract , so
that the forfeit clause is thrown out.
And the state has to pay the money ,
r When completed , the institution the
1 only state institution north of he Plattc
! River will consist of the lirs-t cottage
system hospital inaugurated hi the west * :
There are three handsome cottages and
a magnificent main building. The finish
in them is most superior , and Nebraska
may well be proud of the job. The con
tractors freely admit that they're mak
ing no money at the work , though paid
over $0(5,000.
But the Avork on the state's property
will not end with these buildings.
Standing to the west of the cottages , is
the massive shell of the former west
wing , a four-story brick structure , dam
aged by the fire , but still perfectly sub
stantial about the walls and absolutely
practicable for reconstruction. This ,
standing in the cold and the rain and the
snow , is slowly injured by the elements ,
is losing value every day of its life. Put
to use , it would save the State of Ne
braska many thousands of dollars.
It is probable , too. that the coming
legislature will see the necessity for
appropriating a fund of about $ (50,000 (
with which to complete this work.
Cracksmen Found Good Field in
Northeastern Corner.
The annual report of Pinkerton's De
tective Agency to the National Hankers *
Association shows that a field for most
effective operations among the bank bur
glars and robbers during the year ending
Sept. 1 was a circle including Nebraska.
Iowa , South Dakota and Minnesota.
Northeastern Nebraska was struck
about as hard as any quarter. Kwing ,
McLean. Martihsburg. Naper. Lyons
riubbard. Farnam , Firth , Byron. Edi-
"son , Kennard , Murdoek , Pleasantdale
and Raymond are all included in the list.
A few were caught. Others escaped.
Lyons burglars are serving time. At |
Martiusburg a battle ensued. At Mc
Lean there was also a light.
The robbery at Platte Center occurred
too recently for the report , llolden is
already serving time for that.
H. 31. Hnrriman Toils at a Desk in
Omaha Oflice.
Wearied of social pleasures and the
life of the idle. IT. M. Harriman , mill
ionaire , of New York , son of the late Oli
ver Harriman and cousin of E. H. ITar-
rinian , the railroad magnate , has entered
the otlice of the Union Pacific Railroad
in Omaha and is earning his living and
subsisting on a clerk's salary to learn
the business with which his family for
years has been intimately associated.
Young Harriman is an ordinary clerk in
the auditor's ollice. draws an ordinary
clerk's hire and lives as an ordinary
clerk lives.
It is the ambition of Mr. Harriman to
succeed in his chosen employment , and
he has begun at the lowest rung of the
railroad ladder to gain success and rec'ig
nition of his talents.
Many Threats Made at O'rvcill
Against Banker.
Whether Sheriff Hall , of Holt Coun
ty , has been delayed by the storm or is
purposely keeping Bernard McGreevy in
seclusion , is a matter of conjecture at
The feeling against the former presi
dent of the collapsed Elkhorn Valley
Bank is bitter in O'Neill and many
threats have been made.
The authorities have not been advised
of McGreevy's whereabouts. Hall left
Phoenix , Ari. , with his prisoner Sunday
Attacked by Vicious Horse.
Patrick Shanghnessy , a horse trainer
at Tecumseh , was attacked by a vicious
animal. The horse bit him severely on
the arm , knocked him down and no
doubt would have more severely injured
him but for the fact that Mr. Shaugh-i
nessy was able to roll under a fence and
get away from him.
Celebrate Golden Wedding.
.Toy reigned supreme at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Peterson , on < Jospel
Ridge , on Thursday evening , it being the
fiftieth anniversary of the wedding day
of Mrs. Peterson's mother and father ,
Mr. and Mrs. ( ! nstat Nelson , theJive
children of the old couple being preit. .
Block at Columbus Destroyed.
Fire Avas discovered in the department
store of E. B. Dunham at Columbus
Thursday. An alarm was at once sound
ed and the firemen were soon on the
ground and battled hard with the flames ,
but the large store , with its entire con
tents , was totally destroyed.
JurjExonerates Reynolds.
The coroner's jury completed its work
; it Tecumseh Thursday and found that
Frank E. Brown came to his death from
gunshot wounds inflicted by Reynolds
ind that Reynolds acted in self-defense.
Former Neli b Banker at 1'lcrco
After Scrvinjc Tiiiiu.
With a feeling of mingled 31 y at hofng
once more a free man and gr ef nt
ing back to find his son beneath
and at the fact that this is tae : mnv"ar-
| sary of his conviction , Chris Rehnyrsf afc
i one time a foremost citizen of that jKi'rt
of Nebraska , and formerly presidunt of
the Neligh National Bank , arrm'u'nion'.e '
at rieiee. after having ceived a tivu-year
term in the federal penitentiary at Sioux
Falls. S. D. . to spend hi * Christmas day
and the rest of his life.
Although now ISO years of age and bent
with the coiitinemcnt of more than four
years behind stone walls , Chris Iteimeix
looks hale and hearty , and is delighted
to be again among bis family anil
friends. A little more than a year ago
his son. Chris Riinters , Jr. . Avho had
been found guilty with him of wrecking
the Neligh I tank and who was serving
alongside the father , succumbed to pneu
monia and was brought back to Pierce
for burial.
'Biood Poisoning Sctg in and His
Wounds Prove Fatal.
I"rank K. Brown , the man who AA--IS
shot by Charles C. Reynolds late Sat
urday night at Tecumseh , is tioing to die
and probably within a few hours. The
attending physicians worked diligently
to save the man's life , but the worst has
happened , blood poisoning lias set in.
Monday night the patient was very IOAA- .
Brown Avas asked Monday afternoon
whether or not he cared to make a state
ment and he stated that he did. An at
torney was sent for and the dying man's
testimony reduced to writing.
Reynolds is still in the custody of the
sheriff. He expresses deep regret at the
occurrence , and insists that he acted in
soil-defense , and * he public believes
A later disp.itMriys Brown is dead.
Organize to Fight Competition or
"Rich Kids. "
Fremont is to have a newsboys'union. .
George Williams , city circulator of the
Bee , and Harry Hauser. of the Lincoln
Journal , are in favor of the boys in their
employ organizing for the purpose of
maintaining uniform prices and rates ,
thus benefiting the boys as well as them
selves. About twenty-five boys and
young men sell papers there on Sundays ,
and as one of the small boys said : "Some
of 'em is rich kids what don't have to
work , but just sells to get a little spend-
in' money , and they just everlastingly
knocks the stullin'out of the regular
trade us regular salosmen has worked
up. If we has a union the business cau
be rim regular. ' '
Sheriff * Hail Thinks Missing Cashier
is in Hiding at I'hoeni.v , Ariz.
Sheriff [ Tall , of Holt County , arrived
at Phoenix , Ariz. . Saturday with a re
quisition for Bernard W. McfJreevy. ab
sconding president of the Elkhorn Val
ley Bank , of O'Neill. Neb. 'ine sheriff
is impressed with the story that Cashier
Patrick llagerly is in hiding there and
hopes to capture him.
Sheriff Hall does not think the two
bank otllcials have much money in their
possession , and says the .S(5 ( * > ,000 lost in
tiie failure is probably irone for good.
President McGreev.v told the sheriff he
was not a defaulter and that the book ?
would clear him.
Horsethief Brenks .Tail.
Another jail delivery occurred at Stan-
ton the other night and the man await
ing trial for horse stealing is again at
liberty. The fine work was done from
the outside. Five of the best locks made
were broken in the successful effoit to
liberate the piisoner. From the manner
in which the locks were twisted and
broken it is evident that" a small crow
bar was used. Sheriff King was out of
town at the time.
Farmer Charged with Forgery.
William Maynard. a young farmer
who was married only three weeks ago.
was arrested at Grand Island on the
charge of forgery , brought by John L.
Johnson , a farmer whose name had been
fraudulently put to several checks un
wisely cashed by merchants recently.
Maynard claims he only indorsed the
checks for other parties and had no bene
fit from them.
Free Mail Delivery at Coin minis.
Postmaster Kramer , of Columbus , is
in receipt of letter
a from Congressman t
McCarthy which says that the' fourth I
assistant postmaster general as Wash- !
ington has directed a pustnfHce inspector J
to come to Columbus and look tlie !
ground over preparatory to the estab
lishing of free mail delivery.
Diphtheria at Pawnee City.
At Pawnee City the public schools dis
missed last Friday for a three weeks' va
cation. The vacation is one week longer I
than customary , but was given on ac- i
count of the prevalence of diphtheria {
; unong the pupils and in families where I
pupils come from. One week of this will
be made up next spring.
Library for West Point.
The want of a public library has long
: ) oen felt in West Point , nothing of the
< 5nd having been attempted there for the
ast twenty years. The Catholics of the
. ommunity have taken the matter up
uid the nucleus of a library for the
mblie has beeen seemed. Liberal sub
scriptions are coming in.
rlospital for Insane Quarantined
Tile state board of health Monday
rave orders that the Nebraska hospital
'or the insane be quarantined for an in-
lefinite period , oil account of the pres-
nce of smallpox. Superintendent Greene
.ays there it but one cae. . and it is mild.
Storm Destroys Roundhouse.
The new I'nion Pacific round house
vas blown down diirimr tlie storm at
Norfolk W Hlne.-day. No one was hurt.
Havnlock May Get Library.
Correspondence between Andrew Car-
legie and the Havelock Library Asso-
iation has led to the belief that a dona-
ion will be made for a library : it that
dace. Carnegie has asked the Havelock
teople for a statement of what they are
villing to give towards the project.
Business Houses at Gofhner.
The hotel at Goehner. Seward County ,
vas burned on Monday night. The
inilding was the properly of W. Q.
Dickinson , of Seward. and had but re-
ently been repainted and papered.
The lejislitsre will convene nt Lin-1
coin at lli o'clock noon Tuesday , and av
the memberwho make up this legisla
ture Save to select a United States ? eu
at or , the procedure in the matter may
1 of sonic interest. The proetediiitj *
incident to the election of a senator be
gin on the second Tuesday after ' icr
meeting and organization of the legisla-
tire. This will be Jan. 17. Each liottso-
v < tes separately on that day and th&
n me of the person voted for who re-
ciives a majority of the votes cast in
cv-h house must be entered on the jour
nal , or if either house fails to give such *
majority that day , the facts must be en-
terjd on the journal. At V2 o'clock :
nodii o * the following day both houses ;
mci-t in joint convention , the journal oC
earn house is read and if the same per
son has received a majority of the votes
in 01 eh house he shall be declared elected
sentor ; otherwise the joint convention
shail proceed to an election , and the per
son who receives a majority of all the-
vote ; of the joint convention , a majority
of al the members elected to both house *
boinj present and voting , shall be de-
claml duly elected. In this election *
each'member ' votes viva voce.
Atei having been through a siege oC"
diph-heria , measles , scarlet fever and ?
othei diseases that nffiict children in par-
ticnljr and other people in general , tho-
liomq of the friendless in Lincoln has-
emeied | at the end of two years witta
only , ten deaths charged tip against it. :
One f these was a little colored girl 11 ,
years old. who had heart disease. ancC.
anoth'-r had long since lived out her al
lotted1 time on earth , being 84 when sum
mons came for. her. Old age was tho-
catise of ln-r death. Of the others thatfr
died one A\as under 8 months old , oner
under ; ; months and six le. > s than 2t
month. * . Dining the IAVO years three chil-j
dren LadH.litheria , three had scarleti
fever , four pneumonia , thirty-seven mea-
sles. - ' . ' 'he average number of patients * '
duringf he first year of the . . " .fv.nimn was *
seventj-seven , and for this year seventy
eight. jThe per capita cost for mainte *
nance , > ased on all expenses , for the first :
year Avis $ IM3.11 , Avhile for this year it' . '
was ? 2io.Jl.
* * *
Late [ 'Yiday night young George CoiE/
of Daw s County , walked from the peni- [
tentiary at Lincoln to the trolley carr
station , t Lancaster a free man. benefit
ciary of one of Gov. Mickey's Christmas--
commutstions. Coil Avas convicted livoj-
years ajo of murdering a sheepmani
named tyan , Avitli whim he and Iris-
father. : cattleman , had had trouble-
over the ange. Thejury found him guilty :
of murd > r in the second degree , but ?
recommcaded that he be given a five-
year sentence. Avhereas the statutory
term is tin years. In pursuance of that-
recommeMation and that of District
Judge AYistover , the commutation Avas-
issued to take effect at this time. CoilS
left for LAOHS , where he spent Christmas-
with his yramlmother. Later , he wilh
return to ) aAves County. The man has-
been a molel : riMiier.
After si : , years of litigation and Avait--
ing young Uttrty O'Donnell. the crippled1
newsboy , vill get the SlMJOU awncd !
him by a jn-y in Lancaster County dis
trict court rgainst the Chicago. Rock Isl
and and IVi-ific Raihvay. The supreme -
court has inally decided that the boy.
did not lost his cause of action becatise-
several yestu after the institution of the
suit his attirtiey.s had amended the peti
tion so as to charge that the engineer
of the freigit train which caused th ' in
jury saw hin when in a perilous posi
tion. One dy in November. 181)8. ) Young
O'Donnell , then a boy of 7 or S years , . ,
was retnrn'njr to his home from school , . .
along Vine Street. According to the pe
tition filed 10 fund the street blocked
by a very IcUg freight train which haili'
neen standing Ou the track an
long time.
The state print inir board lias let
contracts foi jrintinthe senate amU'
house bills aii tjie bni titles. The State-
Journal Conijany got the contract for
the legislative. stuv { for these prices :
Bills. TiOO coi , ; cs % ror ijnti , the senate amiV
house. S1.44 a page ft Iris is 2 cents high
er than tiie [ , rico 1 > : , ; , i ilsr Cession , but
was the Iinv st OLtiv bidders ) ; : ' 0l >
copies of bill titles at 'M cents ( last
year this pri - < j Avas Til ) cents ) ; food com
missioner's rt-i.ort. . 1.0(10 ( copies , Clatling
$1.0:5 : : state librarian's report , CiIi ! < Tie--
& I'hill'nc. . - ! > copies. $1. ± > .L' .
* * - *
The recomiiondation that the Ifome--
for the Friendless in Lincoln be made it
part of tiie Mi fOrd Industrial home may
be so strongly urged before the next leg
islature that tlie chnnire may be accom- -
plished. It i < Relieved that f'ov. Mickey
favors such a move , not only because it "
would be niuci , better for the inmates-
but as a niattet Of economy a * well. Ile.-
did not desire to diVcn s it. but it is not
improbable that he will make such a rec- -
ommedation in his forthcoming message. . .
* * *
State Superintendent Fowler said Sat- -
urday that he luul been told by a Iarse -
number of members Of the State Teach
ers' Association that the next meeting '
will be held in Lincoln. Several of the -
Omaha memberwho were instrmnentafc'
in taking the IHQ-l session to the inetrop
nlis have tr.ld hiin that Lincoln may hav.r
it i-xt .year.
* * *
Louis F. AVoriniff. of York County. : .
. onvicted in the lower court of sratutory
ussault upon M-npl Kerwood and sen
tenced to the penitentiary for four yea r.v
will have to sei.V4. hN tinu > . The sn-
[ ireme court has .decided that he secured ! .
l fair trial in thlower court and allirin-
ccl the decision of that court.
lv * *
T'ov. Mickey mj , Saturday assured Su
perintendent ( . ; r ' fou of the Lincoln hos
pital for . that there is abso
lutely no need foi\ \ ! Uy investigation into-
the affairs of th executive department
'or a conference and was assured that
: he governor ha perfect confidence in
liim and the inn grity of his nuuiage-
nent. He said tl at he would not have *
.vritten . the letter asking for an investi-
nation had he l > f n in Greene's place.
'You are all ri 'i t. DCreeue. . " was
he governor's coi-dial statement , "am !
our management Of rhe hospital
jeen splendid in verway. . "