Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, December 29, 1904, Image 8

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cmpanie pajlossccia full.
& Csctoat I. M. BICE , Agefct.
* v
-Absolutely Pure
Notice to Creditors.
co ITT. fM Court.
siatter of the * Ute of Christopher C.
Ta iu creditors of said estate :
TM w Uereby notified. That I will .Hit at the
C nty C'-cu t Boom in Valentine In said county ,
ec U > liUi d y of January , 1006 at 10 o'clock H
n. to receive iuxl examine all clums agalnt > t
eM estate , w Ha a view to their adjustment and
alcvru < ie. Tue time limited for ttie prvjenia
ot alulms ajcaluat said estate Is ton 14 day of
. L > 1005 and ihe time limited for ptiv-
debts Is one year from said IGtti day of
Witness my hand and the seal nf said
MJLL County ! ourt day of December
v l N. W.KTOWNK ,
M 4 ' County Judge ,
Order to Show Cause Why License
Should Not Be Granted to
Sell Real Property.
la tue District Court of Cherry Countj , Ne-
In the rna'tcr of tbo petiMon of ardner H.
> 5nhi 5 , imlnls'rator of the estate of ChKiloite
F-iin pr llrense to e.'l ' estate
XOW , on thii fiih flay of December. 1304.
tocause came on for henrinc upon the petition
iinv r oath < > f Onrdner H F H nn. administra
te * j ? Lbe estate ot Charlotte Fohorn , urceased.
prtjlc3 'or lie * nse to sell the following degcnb-
ed real ratattt of tha > td Charlotte Koliom , to
\ K. n 4NKVf and N SK , S-otlon fl Tp.31.
It. 37. ioi * the payment o debrs allowed against
aM ertato and allowancus and cost of snirt ad-
mliiatrctlou lor the reason that there is n t a
aufflcl'-nt araount of personal prftpctty in the
poo * uxlou of the said G&Mtier H
ucilMrato . belonging to .said estate to pay said
do-bt * . ailowancefl ana cost.s and for the further
OD Umt It will ho for t ho bust interests of
etUftp to convert wild real es'ute to cash.
11 If &trefore ; ordered that all persons in-
ar l eion * m at
the 16 h , Iu-
aniiary. 1005 at
too lionr rf ten o'cl 'k a ni.a'id show cau e ,
if anj tiiere k e. why licenno shwiid not he
Sfntrd | o 'Jild Gardner H. Folsom. adnuni- * .
h iu > r. to ell the atxiTe described real oiUiie of
.scld dece\tfcnt to pay said debts and expenses
It Is farther ordr-red thbt a copy of this order
Wrcrral ujon ail persons interested In salt
t tey causing the amo to be published once
week for four successive WCCKH In the Val-
Dftnocntt. a newspaper printed and
j > uS'l ne < l m eaid countv of Cherry.
. CM Judje District Court
Notice to Non-Resident Defendants.
3. Bullard. H. A Ramplin , Mrs. S. A.
and 8. J. Claynore ( fitst and realnamea
] ) non-riHldeut detcndant-i :
Tau. and each of j-ou. will take notice thtt on
a l tb day of December. 19M. Adell a. Cuitis.
lutlff bereln. Sled her petition In UIB district
feourtof Cherry county , Nebraska. n alnBt Stella
' . BulUird , 8. \ . Katnpliu. Mr . S. A. Kamplin.
8. J. Gayaorn , ( first and real names unknown ) ,
tull Bros , auid Wi 11am 8tuli. trustee lor Louis
Bt < u' , defcndunrt , the object and praver
ot nhicli are to foreclose a certain mort-
ma.e - executed by Stephen L. J mea
as Vlrjrmli James upon iot Four and the
8c/ilhett quarter of the S-uituwust quarter of
A ttoB Klnoteen and lot One and tbe > o < th-
5 v rft quarter of the Northwext quarter of Bootion
\ Thtrtv. all in Township Twenty-five , north , of
n ui Thirty-rwo\ve8tof the 6th f. M. ia Cher-
\ ry rounty. Nebraska , which m-irtcauc wasg-vun
to cnre the payment of a c rtain proml-sory
o'.d l t < .November first. 1880 for the sum of
fWO. an * duo xnd uajable to L-ui-sHtulJi-r order
, MI JAJiuirj' first , 1895. whi'-h note and mortgage
du'y ' assigned tiy the said Loutt Stull in
inber , l 88t < Ward & Cobb and by thtui
tnm.sferrert to PrisiilUHrowti
iuere ner was by her transferred to the
| totiff herein , vrno Irf now tun sulu owner of
tedness and the mortgago securing
That In order M protect the .said
lieu the owuerof said note ai-ri mort-
did pay the taxns kiv ea and an-e < sed
. tald premisefor the year 1590. 1831.
tf ud lx t. and that oy virtu of S4ia HS-
or said note au < l mo tKage the snld
ecamethu owuei of all rigntri obtained
of the payment of luid taxes and
are also ecu ed by said m irtgaRe.
Ier iyju w duo upon said not and
I aiNl/Jror 'axes the MJIH of Kipht hun.
[ Ire and tbtitt > n-liundreth dollars , for
in ereat from December 13th ,
htintiff prays f > r a decree tht de-
e n-qittred to pny the ame : tlut the
or Hen 'f each and all of said det.-nrt-
tw found to be Junior and inferior to that
< the plainttfi , th-.t the pmce edmxs upon wtuch
Uw said ( itella H. Kullard claims title to said
pmalv * DC declared to be void in so as the
m may affoct the i luhts ot said plnintilT ; nnd
Uii.t if ta > ' Interest or lieu of raidtclU s. Bul-
i rd bo found to be superior to that of plamtllf ,
tiit tbl.s pUiutitf t > permitted to redeem tnu
muii > . Nod In < . < ; ier thettiKiuut louud t > he due
UK ) plain till with InterriHt and costs ia not pmd
t a time to be tixud by the court thai said
pr-fnincs ba sold to satisfy the aniouut found
( o be uue
Vou. and each of you. are required to answer
Mldt < on or before the SOih day of Jauu-
December 19tn , 1304.
Plaintiff ,
By W. W. Yncxcj ,
Her Attorney ,
Double Track
talrrnud between JlinHonrl Hlvcr
toirectlinvto 8t N
tract line to III tie Ii oi
tto ne firttt ttye. tem rl
tintl tttne f.artln. rlnl
( IN i h'iMTl H )
Kt'irU I" in IP J-u .1I < i eli
UNJON siont v\it-\ ! ? o OMAII.VIB. .
TO KHJITKKS : We wfl t-c pleaded !
rn' wi-h onr r. : i-ts Our maiki'tn-
ptrlortLu Jnutn il-'it'TMn n to all p.utn
* Ho contemplate uipploA stock this senwjn.
Write to aa and we will be gleul to keey you
ported on Uie market. 67 good sales an' ?
oourtaraa treatmrn ou customers hav < be
come our tast solicitors. Shipment toi \
most OHn-fuJ a' } 'i,1lon ( Jive UK :
andvj T.e "onvinf J.
! : .l J.Vt o & FO % S A ,
Estray Notice.
Taken up by I he undersignd at ray place on ,
the Nlobrara River , aboat nine miles southwest
of Valentine. Nebraska , one dark red . ' fer , four
years e'd past brande ' on rl 't Ide , hlot h d
Dated at Valentine this Hnddav of Decem
ber. 190 * . 40 * JOHN 3RDACBK. .
K-I-P-A-N-8 Tabules
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The 5-cont package s enough lor ufcual occas
bln8. TlM family bottle ( ttO cents ) contains a
minnlv for a vwvr. All druaeUt * m ll them
Low Rate * to State
Meeting al Omnlia.
Via the North-western Line. Ex
cursion tickets will be sold on Dec.
26 , 27 and 28 , limited to return un
til Jan. 2 , 1905 , inclusive. Apply
to agents Chicago & North-western
R'y. 482
Weather Bureau *
The following data , covering a per
iod of 15 years , have been compiled
from the Weather Bureau records at
Valentine. Nebr. Thpy are i sued to
show the conditions that have pre
vailed , during the month in question
for the above period of years , hut
must not be construed aa a forecast
for the weather conditions tor the
coming month.
Mean or normal temperature 27 °
The warmest month was that of
1889 with an average of 33 °
The coldest month was that of 1902
-with n average of 17 °
The highest temperature was 68 °
on the 18 , 1890.
The lowest temperature was 34 °
on the 6. 1901
The earliest date on which first kill
ing frost occurred in autum , Sept. 12
Average date on which first killing
frost occurred in antum. Sep 18
Average date on which last killing
front occurred -pring , May 9
The latest date on which list killing
frost occurred in spring , June 21.
PRECIPITATION ( rain or melted snow )
Average for the month 0 62 inches
Average number of days with 01 of
an inch or more , G
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 1 28 inches in 1902.
The least monthly precipitation
was 0.05 inches in 1894
The greatest amount of precipita
tion recorded in any 24 consecutive
hrs.was 0 76 inches on the 28-29 , 1889
The greatest amount of snowfall
recorded in any 24 consecutive hour
( record extending to winter of 1884-85
only ) was 40 inchenon the 10. 1901.
Average number of clear da. ) a , 12
partly cloudy , 10 ; cloudy , 9.
The prevailing winds have been
from the W.
The average hourly velocity of the
wind is 10 miles
The highest velocity of the wind
tvas 52 miles from the NW on the 26
Dfficial in charge Weather Bureau.
-rtofflcB addre a
Cody , Nebraska
On left
.side. Ho
ses lell
Range north
ntcoinb l > ake
I'osiortiee aildre
Hyanuis , Neb
lirauded on lelt side
Range eighteen mile ?
north of Hvannis
'ostofflce address
Hyannle , Neb
On right side
> n left
ilso uattlo
> njight side
IRfige 18 in
lOrtb of Hyannisi
AUen & Sons
t Nlobrura.
Brand registered
Horses branded
i left hip
Range. Nlobrara
vor 12 mlleo a < t
Valentin *
Ar bt t
North * "
J. VV. Stette.r ,
Valentine , Nebr.
O ier brands :
! < If -
Hors H branded :
I , - < or + on
lelt shoulder ; E O lp't thlirh. Range on
BoardEi-in , Gordon. Sn.-ike and Sand Creek.
F II. Young.
Simeon Nebr
CattlH branded
as cut on left Bide
Some Qyon Kfr
T" n left Jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordoa Cre k north of Simoon ,
Mc-rriman. Nebr
Mov ly 01left
aide some on
ntrill side
Horses same MI >
left shouldwr
u Lake
rn k. H. D.
D. A. Hancoeh
Marshall , Mo. or
Simeon , Nebraska
Cattle branded on
leftside as on cut ;
also 16 on left side
uith on left hip ol
film 'attle : < < Isn * * w
HI right side Hu : ,
Or/tiui. rakr 4t. '
nil left Jhnillle
iilp Z on left jaw
ranrb OL <
Niobrara River , east oi
( > t-we\ake RHHICC on
t-'ort Niohrara. all in Cherrj County. Nebraska
St. i * Mission
Postofflce address : Crookston. Nebr , or
flosebud , S. D.
Cattle branded
as In cut.
nme cattle in
S I ) branded onl >
on leit hip.
R.nge : North
of the Minnecha-
duza , Smiles west
ot Cr okstoti , and
on Bull Creek.
Any Information regarding cattle branded as
above will be thankful ! ) received i > y Win. Skelly.
Crookrton. Nebr. ; or St. Francis Mission , Rose
bud. S. D.
J. B. Lord
Simeon Neti
Stock brandeii
! anie as cut back < * t
riuht shoulder and
on riuht hip
Range orrhe
Valentine Vetir
Cattle branded a-
shown in cut on
left side , loin or
o iweuu the dordtm Hurt Sunk'
ol the Niohrara river
J R Wallinpford
Kennedy .Neb.
Cattle branded
8WQ8 dSfiit ; also
some branded
IJI " lefrnP |
.l .rdau
Rosebud , 81)
Horses and cattle
< arat : as cut :
r.I BK IJ OD rurtn
Kangn on oak aun
Hntte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rustlers of stock
beanunanv of brands
G.H. Seager.
Postofflce address
Codv , Neitrask.i
i attle branded as on
i-ut on left side , hip
shoulder : bor v *
Kun e , Snake Oreelc
J. J. Peck.
Cody , Nebr
On bath sides.
Horse ? CC ou
Range Head Paso
Crwk. a. D
ll ai 2WPM&.S&- . , , - ' / .
Ro . . | > Hf1.S It
as cut ' n left - . ( ! '
wi'hti" i lei
Range on Soldier ureek
'HP1' ! ' Kl 111 I t-l
. .III \ . tl.
oli i
Klege. Neur.
Brand Reglsiyred
< o490
Brand right side
> r hip
Horses same OP
nghl shoulder
Range , Niobraraft
6 miles south of I ?
i , ;
Mtirnnian. Net i
On both side and
hip. Herd mark
Horses same oi
left shoulder
Creek and Lift e
White River
Simeon Neb
Stoi-k branded
with Ton left hij.
ilno same as cut
Range between
Gordon and Snake
Tr rt atl'l Oil lll
r : i i. t.
attle on let'
> 'eft ' < h < inM < "
Range Font
miles northeast '
D \ [
is on eut.left sul
< onip ' M left hip
Horses same ou
left shoulder.
Range Square
Obi Psi Cattle ( Jo.
Edward i owls , foreman.
Wood Lake , Nobr.
Cattle b-auded a < >
in cut ou ritzht side.
Kanpe : R miles east
of Simeon nni1ronln
v\oodlake Neb
.John Roan's
ndvtae mark , sin
in left ear
XV K Haley
Ratine in .
Uancli rtnd ir
'r > c"
MerriuiHU. Ne
On either side
Horses same on
run .vlso Q >
Gordon. Nei > i.
Cattle bntnrtei
same as cut oi
lell iNe.
uu left
nhoulder v-
Itam e tml
vinthof Irwit.
Pot tottlce address
Gregory , Neb
Bramled as on cut
Kange two mile"
< ionh or ( ; reirory
F. C. & M. O. Metzger.
Mei riman Nebraska.
Cattle branded on
left side ; Horses
branded on left
Hugh ,
left si 'e.
) i SnaRe 35 miles so itn of Meminan ,
miles n rrhw st > f M rriman
Charles Richards.
* . ' \
i i - fiW. .
'liirs I'
n i iv
In \ni | > r > t > H
\ S
Nllt.e a- IMIn | iel J fF *
lide , n ( l hip. unit * * v f-
ft .1'Oll'll'T ' of hot *
i-s AlMilSStet on 5
F 4on left side.
I > X on 'eft tle and
- 1 it nic.
fT in left IHM Hint left slnniiner oi lior -
OJp on left lap of horses.
Postofllre addressValentine or Kenned } .
* Some branded
ii eft thigh
Flor cs n- '
left "I nuldi
on null : 'h ! > ; ! i nr stidulder.
i P n \ { r iN'Ki
. Nebraska
, id. of , at
rle o
, unrth .ind vji
* oiith of
ot r'i
mile l > nind > * d . 'i.
iide ii * on em SHU , .
George Heyne
Cody , Neb
Krand revtmtereo
lo Ur27
i.-ieM ur/iiuled or
ft shoulder
Kanire north and
south of Cutcomb
Iake m Cherry Co
G. VV. McFarland
Vralentie , Nebr
Cattle branded
as in cut ou left \ &
Old stock 2Y
It itiiie : four
miles east of Fort
Nlobrara , north
" south of
rr > hriiitre lli >
Valentine Netu
No 374
on rteht si Jp
i )
Unituid S !
Cattle bratuie
'eft ' | ] h 0
Df5 ! i iurie as en
' ' I
, nor-ei
t U
Vllll eOi ' ett
oriitin. ser r
UraiitJ r
* U On Tef ?
t uttle
atne ictt ihonld
t Hl 940
-M -
Rohen (
Sitneou. Nebr.
S left hip on
1 cattle.
Horses same on
JOB Bristol
Valentin , Nebi
on Nk
brara river fou >
miles east of Ft
hr rul. .
B eonnecte I it
eft Ir.p or ml *
Albert Whippte & Sons
Rosebud , M. D
Cattle brand ec
SOS on left side
OSO on rtehtsidt-
-MHiie cattle dis
iia e a f on lie
me with A i.
'ift s
vitti fv.o . -r
- liirul nn
Oullie I e\
. ' - ' ' - "
r.r'ifcriTii irrT
title b aimed n Ooa eft sd.ind' me
n left side. ;
or es branded SO on le'l hiu. .Some
ranited A\V bar onno < 'tHii 011 noth sides
ft hln of hf ? ai *
I tt thi l lfuiL'n < > k
18ft hip
llange 10 miles
? outli of J
rum * rh < > % .
Postofflce address
Dokston , N b
Cattle branded PJC
on i-ithe.r hip or
right side.
Horses K on left
SSSSSa1" shoulder.
" * '
- Range-On Minnft-
5u " " - ' uza 5 mile *
: Crookston ,
t ( nirle tran ied * . * _ - . . . . ,
I cm , liorifs brant.t'd
j - ainetiiattle except
I f v rseu ' ' . ? % ' , T Ws i
I - - . l > ! O'r * 'T j Vli'- H'V'i'ft
raime - -v.rgg % f
st :
< >
> . H ( vv aril111 be paid to any person for In.
I iortn ttion leniijLto rile rresr Hid conviiiiioD
t.i''X ' ! ! ! , ?
' MtoHic dd 's.
Pod * , NclirHKii
. Nehr
State Brand re -
istereu IG54.
' 'attle ano horsB
] f ) H ' "Jt > 1II
of Ft. Vio
\T'bra Ki Lund and Feeding Co.
tHrtlett Rifharns Pres Will O Comstock , V. P.
Chas G Jamison Sec Treas
H [ ii Cattle branded OB
5-v .r'v R.i. any part of animal j
i. also th following
brands :
betwe f
Gordon on the F.E.
&M V. , R R anj
.unii'.i.Tj B , * .M R R in Vorthwe ter
Atldre i
i-lierry e-o | | |
HrantSvd on leti & & : : ud
.Hruiark , sfj-u re
( TX-'V have I
< ifftt'itfi nwso will be paid to aa '
" < r i.ifonuan n i"adirp to the arr tf ani
. r"v ,
< > n left side .1 ;
cut , rt-in < ; ! i bo
r , circle
inch . : Lrde , i-\o
\ Rejribtf red H7b Raoge 6 miles Houth of
on Niohrara nver.
ice address j2
Palliuati , NeO
Branded on left hin ;
orses same H < d-
sjrk-double drw-Iau
Uan e eruth
. - TO' P.Iaer-Hill
A .1 PhUMKiJ
PostofHce addre
Hyannia. jfefc
right side and hip
sr have sronk branded §
rmht side and hip
on right hip
trtnje-Southwestern Cherry
Pullman , Nobr
Cattle branded JT
on right side
Hordes bninded JY
> u right slioulder
Reisonabe ! reward
for any information
leading to the re
covery of cattlt
strayed from my
J.F. Swain.
sparks Nebr. .
, Nebr.J
J vi.fn
art le branded ou
ft sid3 as shown
Ranjre Smith
J Sparks on NSoJ
rara river , Tj *