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Siva ne Thousand Dollars fp Hay Person lie Si
Prsve That Oiia Lisis of That Mieio is
Not Stristiy True. "
-cor. . s. KAC.OX , r i sired , : * . r.
The RepubH'-an f'amj'ai'gn Committoo has issued n pamphlet called "Roose
velt's .Military Ite.-ord. " v. iikh has been circulated by the million , sind si mem
ber of the Uough Ilid 'r < , acting fur the ( Campaign Committee , is sending it to
-nil Spanish Wsir veterans , v. ith si .state ment thsit tho President "is IIOAV being
vi'Hiiod sind abused in outragcou.s terms for political reasons , " ' and states : " 1
resent the bilier campaign Jsii.sehoods which sire being uttered about him. "
This pamphlet wsis probably isvjjpd ; js u reply to my article in tiie August
number of the Alt.MY AM ) XAVY CKITH' . It is needle a to say that it is not
iin sinswer to any charge contsiined in that article. .
In I'JiiO 1 iss-tiin } : l iirochuro on "Thf Soventv-Jirst Regiment at rin * : Juan , "
-vvnercin most of th > chsirge.vere set lorth. NO OXE OF Tlli.AE HAS EVER
JiEEX AXS\A EUKR 'ilie August Critic has been issued for nearly throe
mouths sind nperson hsis attempted to sin.swer ii. I will give one thousand
'lollar.s to any ] > oi-soi ! wliu v. ill pro\e thsit one line ol" thsit article i.s not strictly
J repeat tho < hargo :
1The block house on San Juan was captured at about 1:30 : p. rn. , on
July 1 , 1SSS , by the Infantry , not by the Cavalry.
2. Colonc : ! Rcoccvelt did not sec a Spaniard on July 1st , and was r.ot in
3 position v/hero he could see ont.
3. Colonel Rocscveit's account of bis heroic charge on horseback up
San Ju n Hil ! is absolutely false.
4. Kettle Hill , a srrsail rice cf ground about SCO yards in front of tliC |
5an Juan bills , never contained a Spanish soldier or Spanish entrenchment.
5. The Infantry had lain in advance of Kettle Mill for hours before 1:30 :
p. rn. They did r.o'c take possession of Kettle Hill , for no reason fttsept that
thc-y had no use for an old kettle.
6. Errlicr in the day , the Rough Riders had gone to the right or the
road , to Santiago , Foi haif a mile , and lav for hours in the InI ! grass , neck hich ,
fcchin : ) Keltic Hill.
7 AFTER the infantry had left the sunken rear ! between Kettle h'ill
-jinrJ San Juan , and had caoturcd the blccl ; iioise : , Colonel Roosevelt and his
Rough Riders came out of the tall grass and went up Kettle Hill.
? . There vve.'e no enirsnchments OP. the San Juan hills , except about 100
feet around the block house. Colonel Roosevelt's statements in hisRough
Riders. " ' written mcr.ths after the v/ar , do r.ot correspond with official reports ,
even his own , nncl are absolutely untruthful.
Coionel RoD.sevelt's ofiicisil report ,
found .ic pages 1:2 anil 1 ! of .Major
< 'enc-sil . .MilesSupplemonlsiry Report ,
J3SS > 3. contsiin.s tho follOAVing :
"Accordingly AVO chsirged the biock-
jiouse ind entrenchment on tlie hill
lo our I'iyh : si heavy lire. It
nvsib i.ikoiiv in Jiond style , iho men of
regiment liuisbeiiiy the first to
any fortified position sind to
break through the Spsinlsh lino1 * . ' '
< Eveiy word ot that stsilement is abso
lutely'false. . ) * J- - "After captur
ing Ib.s hill , AVO first of sill diroeted a
JiosiA'fire upon the San hill to
our li fi. Avhich at the lime boiii'4
ris : > ie ! i by tho regular infantry and
cavalry , .supported , by Captain L'ark-
or'.s titling gun . 3'.y the time Sau
. .Iiisuias isikon : \ l.irire force hsid sis-
semblctl on tho hill Ae nad 1'REVl-
OrSfA"captured. . "
A ghinre sit the msip shoAVS that tho
liill oc.-iiicd ] b.v t ! ( siAsilry AVSIS far
in iho resir of the San .lusiu hills , sind
Iho reports of the engineer otiicors sind
iho of'Seial ' IUSIIK sire unummou * thsit
jt coma ins aio cnlreucliiuents what
ever , .ind there is no record of its ever
Jiaviug oceii occupied by tho Spaniard .
A gi.inoo sit the map Avill sliow IIOAV
prr-posierou * is Colonel Roosevelt's
< 'ol' : : el Uoo-ovolt sjalotl in an ad-
'ilre-s 10 tho Xsition.-il ( Jusird As ocia-
iv'of \ the State of New York. on Fob-
riisiry IS. 3HM ! > ( pp. "iG. 37 , Oflicial Re
port. N. G. . X. Y. ) :
"As for the Ssin .Juan light , it would
"we sin oxaiigorsition to say it was a
< ' 0lonoi".s iight. It v.-si.s a .sqiisid load-
or's 'ight. Xo humsiii boirg in tho eol-
.11 inn l.POAv what he Avasto do Avhen tho
-roluiiin stsirted.Ve moved forwsird
-igsiiu. crossed the ri\er sind had to
Jisilt AVithin rsinge of the Spanish bat
teries on the hills unti1 wo got the or
der to charge. More by a consensus ot"
opinion than any thing else AVC Avcnt
71J. snd took the hill. "
This- i , tho oliicial report of Ihis
speech lo the Xsilional (5uird. : but in
ihe siciuai speech ho admitted that ho
1U1 not see si Spaniard ; thsir they did
ii"t know that there hsid been a battle
jiiil it AVSIS over.
Tlio position of the First Volunteer
Cavalry , half a mile to the right of
1hf ro.jil io Santiago and behind Ket-
-llo Hill , is indicated b.v the reports of
"Looi.irdVood. . colonel. First I' . S.
Yohin-eer Csivsilry , sind T. A. I'aldwin ,
Lenteiunt-colonel. Tenth Cavalry ( see
Haao:2f. : : and : ; 4l. of Ccueral Miles'
roporlt. Tii'-so reports are vor-
the fcsihie. One plsigarixes fioin
Jhe other. A.s ( 'oneral Wood wsis snmo-
o/Iiere : n thvi rear , h" - > \ .it > probably the
offender :
"After proceeding about half Avay
lo tiio San Juan Tin ffrom El Poso )
tho leading rcgimonl ( Rough Riders )
- s directed to ( "HAX l-rTIIE DI-
inoving up to tl.v creel ; io effect juuc-
riou with L.iwton'.s divis-ijn.
\vhich Avas then on .igO'l at Caney.
ibout a mile sind a hsiif to\vanl th °
richt. but AV.-I .supoed ] to bo working
toward our rigist 11nk. After procoou-
ing in ihis direction AP.OUT HALF A
MILE , this ofi'oit to cniuiect Avith ( ien.
A\SIS given . .i.snul . liie First
nsul Tenth cavstlvv AVI-I' " foriue : ! lor
attack on tho EAST HILL , with Ihe ;
Volunteer Csivalryis supio\ . "
Colonel Wood ssiys in his report of
c ( p. ol'Ji : "Our first objective
the hill with si small iv.I-roofeu
-.0 on it. " Hvoldo Hill. )
After tho ocf.ipsilion of tiiSn .I isi : :
2iills by the iufsintiy. it bec.uuo ioc-
sssiry to crest if ontn-iieluiionts tn bo
captured and Spaniards io be killed
l > y the politie.-.l < ilniH. s'TUl tho O'JJ.A
% vay to do thisvsis to msike a bristling
fortHication out of sin old kettle thai
liad been loft bohind by iho inl'anlry
Jjours before.
Colonel Eirber ! . Ki'\th Infaiiirv. says
iu his olHcistl r-'port. p. -s . ' { ' .j- . " : " 'lijc
San .Tusin Iliii fortirnsill'jn.being iu
jilsiin view , SI'DOIiOi ! ; ) ysirdsd'sisinJ ,
while to our right and IX 1'IIOI.OX-
hillurmounte.l by a Isiriro jiaintect
Itouse This is 'the hill SL'USE-
ijrKXTLY csiptured by tinciiry :
division ami opposite to Avhich their
liiics extondeti. though they Avore not
in sight from the road. = " * *
"This was tho iirst opi'.ortunity of-
< "ored to eriiciently cairy out ( Jenersil
HsiAvkins"order to ei'lilado the Ssin
Jr.sin Hill , upon Avhich my regiment
sind tho detachment of the Sixteenth
how opened si hot lire , to which the
trenches rosnomied. sind this COXTIX-
TEI ) FOR AN IIOTJIJ. It AAill be ob-
spi'\oil that except foi- CaptainVhit -
sill'.s < k tachmont of the Sixteenth THE
Ai.OXE IX its siitack on the Sau Juan
Hill. - * -
"Here the Sixlh remained , conteud-
ing AvitJi the hill FOR VBOUT AX
HOUR , bur sis AVC Avere ] ) arlicularly
hidden by the hedge sind protected by
si I'osul trench ( sunken rostd ) our ca.s-
ualli s Avero not Iiesivy. At the same
tno : I AVSIS not satislkd Avith our po
sition on the road , Avhich. being ob
lique to ihe hill , gsive only an oblique
sind comparatively not effective lire.
I therefore concluded to advance the
regiment into the lielil of high giv s
suul Aveeds lying between our present
position smd the Sau Juan blockhouse.
- - ' As they drew n-jarer AVO dis
tinguished the tall nguro of General
Hawkins , with hi.-3 aid , Lieutenant
vOrd. Sixth Iniantry. charging at the
head of the .skirmishers sind Avaving
their hats. ' ' ' As soon as this
could be .stopped by si signal the min
gled troops of the Sixth. Sixteenth ,
Thirteenth and Twenty-fourth swept
up sind over the hill sind it AVSIS AVOII ,
Captain Charles Byrne's Company F.
and Captain Kennoii's Company 3-J , of
the Sixth , being among the foremost ,
if not actually the very first , on the
summit. * '
Captain AVhitall. of the Sixteenth In
fantry , his report , page So :
"Dining the entire action , from tho
time General IIsiAvkins ordered my
company forward , I never received si
tor.ims'iul from any ono until after my
eoiupay.y had carried the colors to the
ilcicluu-e , where it was the lirsi llsig
on th San Juan Hill. At the time of
my .irrivsil sit the blockhouse on the
crest ol" the hill I could see no other
mo'i there but of my company
sind si foAV men from other coinpsinies
of the regiment. ' '
Lieutenant Stedmnn , ot the Six
teenth Infantry. MI.V.S. in his oflicisil
rcM.vt ( p-ge : 2S2 ; : "I here ascertained
i ha. the other conin.inips of my battal
ion Avere to my loft. IX THIS SUNK-
EX ROAD. 1 nifixvd my company to
the lft and Avenl through sin opening
in si A" , ire fence , Y/hSch had been cut
by si Cub in. who AVSIS very prominent
in tlie liisr charge. Thi > AVSIS about
thiriv ; from the crossing of the
errok. Thi.s put me on the right of the
fr.siit Sine thar starred to make the
cl.s'rgo.cross this open space , tho
. > ; i' ; > sh's : consisting of A , D , E. C.
. . ' . .d ( j. Sixteenth Infsintry.
"I IK ! r.iy eonipany across tins open
ps ; co some UO'J yariis , sind the chsirgo
\\sis inulo directly in front of THE
trench occupied by tho enemy. That
w.-'s . : little to tho left of the block-
> ' " . fr-'il'irr ' . and the
> u ( .ir ; ciiy - u > on
civ.of tho liilL THE ONLY FORTI-
FHD ; FIELD WORKS no.-ir tins
Yt-iiu ] L. V. ' . V. Konnon. of the
Siuh Ini'anlr.A. s-iys in his ollitdsil re
port ip.-ige 12SS"Our : artillery lire hav-
Irg ct/seJ. Company E went up the
hi ! ! , ai d Avas tlio lir.t organisation of
our s.riuy to roach ihe .sr.mnnt sind tho :
I'o. I. A nuusl'cr of enli icd men ot
cjnipa.iies : Joiiiovl in Iho suivsince
s" : ( ! ivsel > ed theresi with us. At this
J'li.e there Avoro si few Sninianls in the
] > 1 K-l.hoii , o and in ; lo li"iclies to tho
! ! : ; ! > . but the greater psirl Avore in the !
rcsir of the tort , rolresiting to a position
in r a" . "
f'onoral ircnl says in his ofiicial re-
ort ( ya.rj lu ; ) : "Gcnersil HsiAvkins ,
sojir li-vn after I reached tho crest ,
reported tit ! the Sixth anil Sixteenth
Ii't'.ur.ry 1-ad esiptureil UILhill , which
1 i\v con ski IT incorrect. Credit is
: il i'ot equally due the Sixth , Ninth.
Thirteenth , Sixteenth and Twcnty-
i'onrih regiments of infantry. ' '
General Mil.- ' ? ' official report contains
Ihe reports of scores ot officers on ihc
battle oi San .hum. noi one of which
hears out Colonel Roosevelt's absolute
ly fs'.iso report of the battle contained
in his "Rough RidersThere "s not any
of'ieial report of the battle Irom any
onrce corroborating Colonel Roose
velt's oJlichil report of the battle. I
therefore repeat the charge that
Colonel Roosevelt has obtained promo
tion to the Presidency of the United
States by a report of his own alleged
heroic acts at San Juan Hill , which re
ports were knowingly false. I repeat
there was but one blockhouse , and one
entrenchment on the San Juan Hills.
Th < sp wore captured by the infantry.
This infantry had lain lor hours in
and around the sunken road in advance
of Kettle Hill , and AFTER the infan
try had captured San Juan , lioosevelt
and his Rough Riders came out of the
tall gras , Avhere they had been con
cealed for hours , and went iip Kettle
Hill , which had never had upon it an
entrenchment or a Spanish soldier.
Colonel Roosevelt had had no mili
tary experience. He left a position in
the navy , where he might have been
of some service , in order to take a
spectacular position in the army , where
he "was the laughing stock of regulars
and volunteers alike. All the world
honors a brave soldier , but all the
world despises false pretences.
"Roosevelt's Military Record , " pub
lished by the Campaign
Committee , Ls a mere collection of
phttitudcs , and the recommendations
of Roosevelt for brevet and a medal
of honor met with no serious consid
eration. They were rejected. The let
ters of recommendation are verv guard-
Glmi FBI a Kcgiiar ! = Ti8y ! Go Ahead anil Do Their Business Without Any
or Featliers = B t I'm Sorry That We Will Hot Get Aiy : Crc ill i:0i : *
Our V/ork = Tliey Say Our Charge Will Make Eosssveii Presidni
Soin3 Day and That is What We Went to War For. ' *
At Foot of San Juan Hill.
July 1. IfcDS.
This iias heen a daj of terror and
yei. till : ; cveninir linds me .singularly
cool and calm. v ' - Thtfiirhtiny
started about daybreas ; Avith an artil
lery duel , in Avhich our artillery se m5 ?
thave got the wort of it. I hear that
( . 'rimes has been shelh d out of his po
rtion on El l'o/.o and that Caproifs
artillery was wor.-e than tiselesYou
see. our artillery Avas usinji black JOAV-
der , Avliilo the Spanisli used smokeles- ;
po\vder. So , Avhile AVC Avere a perfect
mark for them. Ave could not locate
their batteries at all. The casualties
have been pretty heavy. I hear to-
niiiht that our division has lo > i about
o.lO killed ami 11(500 ( A\ounded. Our
regiment lost somelhinir over 100
killed and Avounded , but 1 don't ICUOAV
just how many. I thought we Avould
be tlie whole thing on account of hav
ing taken this hill , but the adjutant
( Avho is IIOAV Lieutenant Koehler ) says
the Kough IJider.s Avili j et all the credit
because they have their press agents
along. And. Avhat do you think , they
wore not even iu the light. They lei't
the main advance column early in the
morning , and going off to the riirht
got somewhere in the chaparral
and did not get out again until to
night. I .ju t got back from a walk
{ loug the line and find the army strung
out like thii : ( Letter contains a map
not thought necessary to reproduce. ]
It is a pretty thin line , but I guess
we Avill bo able to hold our position.
The remil.tr5 ? are simply Avonderful as
lighters. They go at it just as if it AA'as
s-port instead ot tragedy , and the fact
that men aiv killed and Avounded con
tinually don't seem lo bother them at
all. They take it as a matter of course.
- I'm glad I'm a regular. They
go ahead and Oo their business Avithout
any fuss or featherBut I'm sorry
that Ave will noi get any credit foV our
work. They say our charge Avill make
lioosevelt President some day. and that
that is the only thing ho Avcnt into the
Avar for just politics. AYell. I suppose
I shouldn't kick , sis I am looking for a
laurel A\reath myself. The adjutant
says I'll never be heard ot unless I
should chance to get killed , Avhen T
Avill occupy one line in the papers in
tiie list of dead and Avounded. * *
AYhen I was over on the right Hank
about an hour ago the Rough Riders
were just getting up to the line in the
position assigned them. Whore they had
been all day 1 don't IIUOAV. but the tsilk
is that they Avere having sport on a hiil
somewhere in the rear. I Avill proba
bly know more about this to-morrow
or next day. It is rumored that AVC
Avill advance again to-morrow and
drive the Spanish into the harbor. They
retired in pretty good order to-day , as
they only left eight dead on the Jiili
and no Avoundei:1. : . o fsir as I know.
- = * Just IIOAV many are in the op
posing army I do not knoAV. but it is
I'lio People Must Decide "Whether
the Nation Shall Co a Republic
or an Kiupirc. -
" \Ve sire IIOAV sit tho parting of ihe
way. one ( .Democracy ) carries u.s for-
\vsird in the jynmd sivenuo traced out
for us by tiie founders of our nation ,
i path dignity , honor , peaceful , hap
py sulvancemcnt. which msirks us sis
the hope of mankind in sill thsit makes
for Avisdom and good government ;
kvhile tho other ( Republicsun road takes
us into tho great arena Avhere ancient
> eoples. : full of ambitious , civil hat
reds , religious feuds , feudal miseries ,
trailing their slime across the centur
ies , are fsicing esich other , burdened
with armor , to light out questions of
od sind no one of them Avas written
13any man AVIO SSIAV the alleged he
roic ehsirge sigaiiiht the San Juan ket
tle. Itoosevelt says , in his "Rough
Riders. " page 1 : > . " > , that he tried to lind
General Sumnor sind General Wood
sind could not. Colonel Mills AVSIS
Avounded sind out of su-tion long be
fore the chsirge. Rocoiiimendsitions.
in general terms , by subordinates
amount to nothing. Such unoliicial
recommendations may be hsid for the
The chargescontained in tho bro
chure , published in V.fJH remain unan
swered : the chsirges of tho August
Army sind Xavy Critic remain unsin-
SAV red. And I repesit. sind defy any
man AVitli knowledge to refute
thorn. /
General MacArthur obtained his pro
motion sis Msijor-Genersil by making
si report about hi.s maneuATOs in the
capture of the city of Manila , which
AVO now knoAV to have been a sham
battle , and Admiral Dewey swore be
fore si committee of Congress that the
city had practically surrendered to him
a Aveok before sind it Avas sirrangcd
that the Spaniards Avere not to lire
Colonel Funston obtsi'nod hi * promo
tion as brigsidior-genersil upon his OAVII
report of his OAVII heroic deeds in the
capture of Aguinsildo. Avhich AVO IIOAV
know to have boon put up by Aguin
sildo himself , who says , in Everybody's
MagSK'/me ot" Auuusl. 31W1 , that the la
dies had come over tho day before
from Csis-igursin to I'silinau to hsiAe si
dance , thus traversing tho Aory road
over which Funston passed in his hor
rible privsitions- .
Colonel Roosevelt hasobtained pro
motions by si false report in his "Rough
Riderof his. OAVII heroic deedsin an
imairinary charge on stu imairinary
horse up an imaginary hill against un-
auinarv Spanisinb : .
07 Libertv street , XOAV York City.
said thai there is between 20.000 find
oiHK ( ) . We have only 17.00U men on
the island , of Avhicii1COO or .1000 are
volunteers , so you see Avhsit kind of
{ tuff we are made of.
San Juan Hill. .July ] O. 1SOS.
Xo olwngo since my List letter ' - *
There ssro. rumors that no Avill sitlsu-k
( he Sp.ini-h in tho morning. Seems
likojy that wo Avill. as AVO havo received
orders to psick rolls sind haver-su-I-
-1 si. in. to-iiiorroAv. This afternoon I
Avont silong the entire Hue of our
army. Hsid nothing else to do , and I
Avsintod to see just how AVO Avere lo-
csitod. This isthe wsiy AVO sire sit-
uated : ( Letter furnishes map not
dci mod necessary to publish. | Ed.
You Avill notice si little hill in tho
ITar Avhich I have marked ' 'II. R"
Thsit iswhere tho Rou-rh Riders did
all tlinir terrible lighting on tiie first
day of tho light. I don't know , but believe they never ssiw a
Si..iuiird : over there. 1 hoar that it is
in all the XOAV York papers that
Roosevelt and his Rough Riders took
San .Tuau Hill. Thsit is a lie. Ho
didn't take Ssin Juan Hill. He didn't
even see the hill , sind he has never been
near it yet. We took the hili. sind
Ave've boon on top of it over since.
Tho actions of thsit man are the laugh
ing stock of the army. Ho is contiilu-
ally bloAving his horn , and seemsto
think he is tho biggest man doAvn hero.
If ho were not Roosevelt I believe he
would be drummed out of camp. It is
quite .sickening to see the airs he puts ,
on. I suppose before tho Avar is over
he AA-ill be commanding' th" army , and
that Avill mean si through ticket to the
Presidential chair. It's all politics.
Tho men who did tlie lighting the
regulars hsive very little to say. They
don't seem to bo in it for glory. They
simply do it a * a matter of business.
Hut Roosevelt isout for glory alone ,
and ho seems to be taking all he can
get. - ' ' * * XOAV he wants to get
back to the Jnited Stsitos ( probably to
pull some Avires ) . lie hsis done nothing
but kick. kick , kick for the last three
or four dsiys. sind ho hasmade himself
very obnoxious every whore. He kicks
becsiuso he csin't havo toast and eggs
every morning for breakfast. He kicks
becsiuso ho has to sleen on tho ground
instead of a hair mattress. lie kicks
becsiuso his men sire homesick sind
Avsint to see their best girlsPm
homesick myself , but I'm not kicking ,
sind I havenc hesird si kick from any
one in the regiment yet not oven from
one fellow Avhom I helped into si trans
port wagon to MO taken back to the hos
pital , lie had both eyes shot out.
Avounds through the neck , chest , ab
domen , legs and sinusbut the only
thing ho ssiid AVSIS : "Who's uot a pipe
handy : " 1 gave him mine. I didn't
thins iio'd live more than an hour or
two. although ho had lain in the grass I
three days Avithout attention , but they I
got him into the hospital alive. I
fsunily. or of. territorial and commer
cial greed.
P.y the latter path AVO abandon hu
manity , and with drum and trumpet
andwarship , hurl ourselves into the
Avretched wrangle which has been go
ing on in the old Avorld since the dsnvn
of history , and liie now world then j
coaxes to exist. This is the track huo |
Avhich. tentatively b\u surely , onr GOA-- j
eminent has been trying to pu h , \AII
accelerated pace , during tLe l.-ist throe |
years , and IIOAV the people of tho Unit-
ed States are about to be called upon
to say if it be their to continue
the march. If they ay yes. let them
marshal their heaviest battalions ,
change their form of government to
a dictatorship , and prepare their
purses for si drain in comparison to
which that of our Civil War AVJIS light.
The Republic is , indeed , at the parting
of the ways.
! fj KQnoii'o Houio'si nf T > IT [ H"ITO r-'t \ tV \ i ? ? 3
lUj , yaoi/iib ncViDfl L1 ! uiJ L5 .iij u ! JJ , ) / , jOsiy
"erifls OspiHfe of cO SlfliJsign y FGI : ! ! MtgaJe ! ]
liili ; Isgpary Slangier.
We now come to the most humiliat
ing fiaud in recent history the cele
brated battle of San Juan , in the Span
ish War oi 3S1K ? . which has given
j scores of brevets lor every dca 1 Span
The lir < t act i'i the drama was to re
move every West Pointer from heads
of departments ( excepting the engi
neers and ordnance , which contsiin
graduates only ; , because West Point
ers and contractors are natural born
enemies. The next act was to put in
command oi. tho army of invasion an
oilicer who was wholly incompetent
to serve in a tropical climate , weigh
ing 'i'JO pounds and having permanent
physical disabilities
The facts of the battle are briefly as
follows : General Shatter's plan ot" bat
tle seenia to Inn e been all right , but
was not carried oiu. ( General Lav/ton
was expected to capture Kl Caney by
7 o'clock iu th" morning : then turn to
his left and form the right wing of the
sittsuk on the San Juan hills : the cen
tre to be occupied by Wheeler and his
cavalry ; the left by Kent rnd the in-
I fan try. El Caney was not captured
until 'i..0 in the afternoon. In the
meantime the Wheeler and Kent divis
ions simply drifted toward San Juan ,
through a dense jungle , of which there
, hail hi en no roconnois-ance. and the
] r'lunlsh skirmish line on Sun Juan ex-
i eivised itself at t.n-got prsicuco from
1 0 o'clock in the morning until l.'JO in
the afternoon , simply shooting at the
roads and tr.iils where the Auierican
troops were helpless , in colum.i.
Is it not high tim that some of tho
misis surrounding the battle of San
Juai were raided ? The War Depart
ment , when asked how many Span
iards Avere MI Santiago when it sur
rendered , and how many Spaniards
were killed and wounded at San Juan
ami El Caney. states in a letter that
they have no records that throw any
Mirht on the subject. Prominent of
ficers , wiio have knowledge , give eva
sive replies. Lieutenant Jose Mullor
y Tejeiro. second in command of naj j
w.isreinforced by anojhrv c . "i
The artillery on San Juan i ( r.-.sted of
two eld pieces liiat looktd as it" they.
were a hundred years old. mounted out
rick .ty old i saris ; : res. Tlu-y vtore .eft ,
behii.d. This fcln-lon of San .In. in uas ,
sulstcked by 7."iM > Americans- . .tli light
batteries : t.ul a Catling Kittrxthif *
ty to on' ' . The American lus , .it Sai ;
Juan , in k'iletl andvouin5vl , \\.is mortj
than a th. > .i : > nd by tli ! oi : - llg
TIKSp.iiu h ios.s usis MilMintiiH
nothing. Every Spaniard KH ' d 01'
wounded four Americans The por-j
criuage of Amencaii lo > S-i Jn.iU
was twice that of the Ili'ti.-i .U the
"bloody" bsitlle.s of Tugci.i ICtAer. Tin
Spanish loss is unknown , b-ti usi
prsictii silly nothing. i
One of the regulaollieoi * . v ID Avas' '
one of the lir t to ast-end ti. Juai
hill and occupy the blot-Liiou- * . \\luil
asked , before the Sevnr. nit Regii
ment Court of Imiuiry.Ii.U did yoti
st > e on arriving at ti.u top , f the IiiMVJ
replied "Nothing. " ( j. " . " i > iliiig at
ailV" A. - \ > iling but s.icr \ * < > !
"Xo Siiariardsr * A. "Will. .1 few
migh ! b.v seen in the disumre utirinc
to their irenchoTlie fa t is that a
soon a.the Americans foni.m .inc olv
battlf : : : ! ! pruLee.lcd up U.e I til
al'out l.oO p. in. , tliSpanish ri
liu" retired to their\\-tk-
r'auliag" , which were never < : 'piureil
bin wrre surrendercil \ \ ii i iL < - cit 01
July 17. ]
About St > ) yaids in front of il.e Sai.
Jr.r.n hillss a SUM ! ! s'rciM '
Purg.-iloi'io Creekuli ilei.s ! y wood
o.l banks. It iio'.ved clo-e by a sligh
i-i.- ? filled Kettle II ill. which was ais <
far in froiii ot" the San Juan hill' ? . A
far as known. Kettle IIHI had nee
conceal'-d a Spanish soldier in the hi
tory of the uorh1. and its oniy fortij
{ ici lionon.jjvtetl of an old iron kettlij
th..t g.jv v its nap1. : 1. ) the Americans'
For hours the inlaniry had been JIn :
5 : > a sunk'Mi load , in advance of Keltl jj
iiiii. Xone thoiiirhl of irnjng on loji
of it i'ccause then' was n < thing to g'J
all-M' . Hut when the infantrj left th'
val forces of the Province of Santia
go , in his history , which iir-s been
translated in part by the Xa\-y Depart
ment , gives only 'J-JOO effective Span-
is'h soldiers in and about Santiago
on July L E/cari , ) and his column
did not break in until the "cl , and there
Avere about 'J100 sick in hospital. Their
food consisted e-rclusively of ric > and j
Avsiter : their amniuii ; * : xj AA-a scarce :
their artillery ronsis-ed of thirteen
piecesof antique pattern- ; u of
which they did not dare dls.-hargr.
Santiago had not been prepare : ! for a
s-iege. Tho'-e ; ijOO ( UJ < MI had 'nvr tCMi
miles to cover , and Avere attacked at
live different poi'.rs simull.incomly :
(1) ( ) The ileot menaced .Moivo ( 'a-Vie
and the Socsipa battery at ihe mouth
of the bay. cJ > Five thousand Cuban- .
Avho o lo- esvrre h ° avy rioi.-al xiys
( p.-l-14) ) their pcrreuta - ' , f lo > s Ava.s lif-
iy P"r cent , greater tha i the Ameri
can ' Avere active , ami I'arasscd the-n
on tho west. ( ' { ) A < .u.ulor - ? AV.-JS men
aced by a demonsii-atioii ot" iiichirri i
troops just landed. < ! > Kl Caney was !
attacked by about (5 ( | Mn me : : : ami !
San Juan by abou 7. > o ; > . j
According to LU'Utenant Mulier. thf * J
San Juan hiiisvere oc-itpie I ! > ; - a
mere skirmi-'h line ot" : ! - " > ! Spa'sinrds.
Captain Xuneay . in ins hisrory. al
so translated in part by the > " : : vy ( [ .
11 ? ) , "that the advance echelon L" Sai
Tuau. consisting of two companler , un-
iler the command of Colonel Va iiii-ro.
s.tiiKc'i roau st : ; l raptured ( * io
house. ( % > lojl Iloo.seveu iiml till
Rough Tillers MstivLt'd Irom the nil'Iel
Hold. beii : , ( ! i.s " hill : ; : id Pur
Crvl- . : : .ul fi-rtiC.Hy chsirged up Kot |
il1I. . : : It V.M.S attoiiupsl wiMi
iroro tls : ; -r sin atts'.ck on thj
| City Ilt.I ; i Xew Ytt-i : . Tiv S-r. Jusu
i Itlils olretiy beyoiid it h , d no inl
tron -Iii-.s. -nit Jitl a r . < .A b cl
like lu.iJXo rt' < . } 5Ic r
it ; iT"-esv-r- \j \ 1.1- r < put. * |
lion by an : : cfoi' : : nf''ii 'ilr-i ' ;
tli'r.stino. ' . Thry ; - ; j.o'I ti * i-st.nfi
ilniy ct ligln.'nt : tiio eii'-ny sis on o |
Io sa I iijtri.Shiof .v-r and - > ugl
to AVI : no glory by gloatir-r : * * * th {
r A- : - : . > v.--s : : mi orulrans ti.-y A'.I'V foivcil
to ; ' . ( "ny i' } l-s ; { < t'volt st ; : sj oiif
sitrr.insl tl ; i : r" l Iiosijii ns th- !
solitary .vn.-'oi'jg".Tj.r- : : , tLo day
ol" i"os..r TJl nov to wrlto bin
down h'ix.-J5r as a si.-yor o ! . s fel
'o\v ; : : : : \ stuti lk.n. iotx , ; ; t suli d'
JI.-- ! : : : * -inir. -1 iiu > r osul1 rbotij
I' " ) . . ; * - ! * ! : in : ho S'ii Jus u en |
cr- ' -ii'erit , SHU ! I.svlni : in ry
slon .ho st--io-nv.D.i r's ol
their i . - . ioi > - . I an : proj ared t > stattf
ilit ( " . > " _ " 1 Ile'rsjvcli did no' . > nii
sis x-p ; i f.n July L TV's. : uu |
w-s no" In ; i i.csillon v.-hero j e
sec 01:0.