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The Valentine Democrat
L BI. RICE , Publtaber
Three Dor.d nnd : i Score Hurt Train
from St. loom's to Kan.s.uK City Was
Made Up ol'Two Sections and the
Second Section Kan Into the Kirsl
Three persons were killed and twenty-
three injured iu a rear-end collision be
tween M'ction No. 2 and section No. 1 , of
train No. . * { , Missouri Pacific World's-
Pair special , at Tint on , Mo. , early Sun
Train No. o , un account of the heavy
World's Pair travel , was made up in tw
fret ions , the first leaving St , Louis foi
Kansas City Saturday night at 10:10 p.
in. The second section left n few min
utes later and when it reached Tipton
.M-ction No. 1 was taking on passengers.
According to Engineer Ramsay , of sec
tion No. 2 , a headlight in the yards
blinded him and he was unable to see
section No. L He also says that his
ordris were "clear ahead. "
Section No. 2 was running about twen
ty-five miles an hour when the collision
occurred. The end sleeper of section
No. 1 was entirely demolished and the
.second sleeper was overturned.
Those of the passengers whose injuries
Avere slight continued their journey , while
the more seriously hurt were taken to
the rompany hospital in St. Louis ,
The engine of the second section struck
the Pullman car Topaz squarely , splitting
it for two-thirds of its length , nnd all of
the fourteen passengers in the car were
< 'ither killed or injured. There were
twenty-two persons in the day coach
ahead , and although all were badly shak
en np by the collision and received a few
scratches , only n few were injured seri
The blame , according to Superintend
ent W. .L McKee , who went to the scene
of the wreck , rests with the engineer and
conductor of the second section. They
were running twenty-five miles an hour ,
when , the superintendent said , they
should have had their train under con-
t rol.
A Sedalia , Mo. , special says : The cor
oner of this county held an inquest here
inquiring into the cause of the wreck on
the Missouri Pacific Railroad at Tip-
ton , Mo. , in which three persons were
killed and twenty-three injured early
Sunday , and the following verdict was
rendered : i
"The collision was caused by ! neglect of
flagman of first No. * > in not properly
Nagging second No. 3 , and also by en
gineer of second' No. . ' 5 for coining into
station in a careless manner , in not hav
ing his engine under control. " '
Accident on the Nashville , Chatta
nooga and St. Louis Road ,
At Murfreesboro , Tenn. , thirty miles
-outh of Nashville , n Nashville , Chatta
nooga and SL Louis passenger train was
wrecked at 5:4.1 o'clock Sunday after
noon. Engineer James Grino was badly
-raldwl and bruised and Assistant Ex
press Messenger Prye received painful
jruises. No passengers were injured.
An open switch caused the engine to
rave the main track , colliding with
freight cars on a sSdinsr. The engine was
iverturnc'd and rolled into Littyle Creek.
The smoker and day coach were derailcsl
jnd traffic delayed several hours.
Mrs. White Arrested for Shooting
Banker Ituchnrian.
S. IT. Buchanan , a banker of .1 ones-
Mi ro. Ga. , was shot in Danville. Va. . Sat
urday night and is in a critical condi
He was iu the room of Mrs. W. T.
White at the hitter's home at the time ,
jnd she has been arrested charged with
'he crime. She declares , however , that
it was a case of attempted suicide.
Buchanan is said to have a wife living
n ( Georgia. Mrs. "White says she knew
Buchanan in Georgia before coming tc
Three Laborers Suffocated.
Three Italian laborers were .suffocated
neneath fifteen feet of earth at the Ma
ple Street crossing of the Boston and
Maine Railroad Company at Hudson ,
Mass. The men , with a number of oth-
M-S , were excavating a trench preliminary
to tunneling under the railroad tracks
when the earth caved in. burying four
Secretary Arias' Resignation.
A Panama dispatch says : The resig
nation Saturday of Tomas Arias , secreta
ry of state of the republic of Panama ,
apparently ends the division of political
parties there. It is reported that San
tiago Gurdia , minister to Costa Rica.
\\511 replace Arias.
Sioux City Slock Market.
Saturday's quotations on the Sioux
City stock market follow : Stockers and
feeders , $3.20. Top hogs , $ .1.00.
Attempt to "Wreck Trains.
Philadelphia detectives are searching
for the persons who Saturday night made
two attempts to wreck passenger trains
on the New York division of the Pennsyl
vania by fastening cross tics to the rails.
Italian laborers are suspected.
Father of Nineteen Killed.
In a runaway accident at Marengo ,
111. , William B. Sullivan , a prominent
farmer , was killed. He was the father of
nineteen children , seventeen of whom arc
Terrific Explosion Occurs at Terio ,
in Southern Colorado.
A terrific explosion occurred at mine
Xo. o of the Rocky Mountain Puel and
Iron Company , at Terio , forty miles du"
west of Trinicl * * ] , Colo. , at 1 : 'i ( ) o'clock
Priday afternoon , and the number of
.lead is variously placed between thirty
nnd sixty men. The number reported as
having gone into the mine in the morning
ivas seventeen miners and four company
men. Priday afternoon many more min-
prs are known to have gone into the
mine , and the exact number of dead may
never be known , as the mine is burning
nnd in all likelihood the bodies will be.
: -remated.
A large number of mine officials left.
Trinidad as soon as word of the accident
was received. Company doctors were
picked up all along the line , as well as all
Dfher available physicians.
United States Government Stock-In
spector P. J. Poreman was at Terio when
.he explosion occurred. He gives the fol-
, owing account of the affair.
"I was standing not more than 'JOO
raids from the mouth of the tunnel when
the explosion occurred. The explosion
ivas preceded by a low , rumbling sound
resembling an earthquake , which made
the earth tremble and startled the whole
"I looked toward the mine , and out of
; he mouth of the tunnel and the two air
shafts came a great volume of .smoke and
lust , which continued for nearly a min
ute. Out of the two air shafts , each of
which is seven feet in diameter , tim-
: ers that were fully from two to three
feet in diameter were shot into the air
ind broken to splinters. Rocks were
thrown over the camp for a distance of
a quarter of a mile. In fact , it rained
rock , broken timbers and all kinds of de
bris for fully a minute , and many people
were injured by being struck with these
missiles. Immediately after the explo
sion , which was for all the world like a
volcanic eruption , there was the wildest
"Women and children rushed tt > the
mouth of the tunnel , and women whose
husbands were in the mines had to be
brought away by miners to keep them
from being killed by the deadly fumes
coming from the mouth of the tunnel.
"The works employ eighty men , and it
is believed that sixty men were iu the
mine at the time. "
It will be impossible to secure names
if the dead and injured. Nearly all the
miners employed are Slavs. The mine
was opened only a year ago and extend
ed 2.000 feet into the hill.
The explosion is supposed to have been
: aused by dust.
But one body has been recovered.
County Treasurer Charged with
.Embezzlement and Kraud.
After investigating for n month tho
crand jury at Pomcroy , O..indicted Coun
ty Treasurer Thomas .L Chase , charging
the embezzlement of $14. . > 00 from the
founty treasury on Sept. ! ) . when he
claimed that the treasury was looted by
masked robbers and himself locked up in
the vault. When Chase was brought
from the county treasury into the court
his bonds were fixed at $10,000. As he
was unable to furnish bail , ho was re
manded to jail.
The arrest of Chase caused no surprise
.n Meiggs County , but there is inuc'u
? xcitement over the fact that there are
indictments against other persons. Chase
i-laims that two unknown masked men
Altered his office and robbed the safe ,
locked him in the vault and made their
escape iu daylight without being seen by
any one about the court house or the
: own. Chase was found locked up by his
laughter , who rushed to a local bank
and thence to the fair grounds for some-
jne who could open the vault. It was
shown to the jury that at least a half
lozen men Avcre sitting in front of the
jourt house all forenoon of Sept. ! ) and
? aw no strangers.
fo\van Fatally Wounds His Wife
and Then Ends Own Life.
William Pcddicord , a farmer living
ibout eight miles southwest of Perry , la. ,
ittacked his wife with a club Priday , in-
licting injuries from which the woman
rill die and then went into a cornfield
icarby and killed himself. >
IVddicord is thought to have been tem-
> orarily insane.
The man and wife arose early Priday
norning and went into the barn yard to
lo the milking , leaving their three chil-
Iren. v/ho range from 1H to 20 years , in
he house.
Becoming alarmed at the long absence
the parents one of the children went
o the barn and found the mother pros-
rate on the ground unconscious from
lorrible wounds and bruises.
A later search revealed the body of.
Vddicord in a field near the barn , with
: fe extinct.
One Perishes in Chicago Fire.
Pire in the saloon and rooming house of
L S. Power , 145 West Madison Street ,
Ihicago , Priday , resulted in the death of
) ennis Hogan and tho serious burning
f Norris Burns , both of whom were em-
loyed about the place.
Car Leaps Into Hi ver.
An El Paso , Tex. , special says : An
ectric car jumped the track Thursday
ith 75 passengers and ran into the Rio
ramie River. Several passengers were
Hravely Meets Death.
Loafs Harmon , one of the trio of rob-
rs who murdered George Grier. a fann-
near Alton , O. , more than a year ago ,
as electrocuted in the annex of the Ohio
jnitentiary caily Priday morning. The
ectric shock was administered at 12:03 I
id Harmon was pronounced dead at
JOS. lie met death bravely.
Ex-Gov. Nash Drops Dead.
Pormer Gov. George Kilbon Nash
opped dead in his bath room at Colum-
IF , 0. , Priday.
British Pnlilic Scouts Rrjcstven
sky's Story.
According to London advices , Admiral
Rojcstvcnsky's explanation of the attar
of his .squadron on British trawleis
while it is received with incredulity b\
the people and pre s of Great Britain ,
has probably turned the current of diplo
matic negotiations into a new channel.
The British foreign office is in courtesy
obliged to accord an investigation into
circumstances narrated by the Ilussi : " :
admiral , reinforced , as it is by the te.-is
inony of subordinate officers of tL
squadron and by the report that , vesse'-
were known to have been chartered in
Hull and in Sweden by the Japanese fo/
the purpose of attacking the Baltic
sqjuadron during its passage of the North
Sea and the English channel. There are
on theone side stories of Russian ships
firing upon vessels of several neutral na
tions , mid on the other incidents tend
ing to establish Admiral Rojestvcnsky's
report that there were armed hostile ves
sels in the vicinity at least of tin ; Hull
fishing fleet Pending developments in
diplomatic exchanges , the British ad
miralty is showing the utmost activity in
bringing fleets within the cours ; : of th.
Russian squadron. The Russian ships
at Vigo. Spain , it is promised , will de
part as soon as necessary icpaiis ae com
Prance and Germany may be regarded
as throwing the weight of their influ
ence in the scale for a peaceful conclusion
of the controversy.
While up to the present the government
has maintained an attitude of almost
complete silence with regard to the pro
gress of the a'ffair , it is regardcu as al
most certain that Premier Balfour will ,
after a conference with the entire cabi
net , be in a position to make pome definite
announcement. Public sentiment , which
hithei-to has been kept under remarkable
control , will hardly stand the passage of
another day unless some satisfactory ex
planation is made.
James Speyer. New York Bnker ,
Has a Narrow Escape.
Word has just readied Laredo , Tex. ,
that the special which just left over the
Mexican National Railroad , bearing Jas.
Speyer , of the banking firm of Speyei
fc Co. , of New York , while going at a
high rate of speed was ditched between
Sanchez and La .Tarita , about twenty-
Jive miles south of Laredo.
A special train later reached Laredo ,
bearing the members of the party who
started out with ? Ir. Speyer early in the
Mr. Speyer is uninjured. One of tho
party , J. Davis , of New York , received
painful cuts about the face , but otherwise
is uninjured.
The wreck , it is stated , was the result
of the condition of the roadbed and the
speed seventy-five miles an hour the
train was going at the time , it having
been the intention of the railroad officials
to endeavor to establish a new record be
tween Laredo and Mexico City.
Clerk in Cincinnati Railroad Office
Must Face Trial.
A requisition from Gov. Ilerrick , of
Ohio , was honored Thursday by Gov.
Mickey , of Nebraska , for the return to
L'incinnati of George Wr. Bacon , under
irrest at Omaha. Bacon is accused of
forging railroad passes over the Cincin
nati , New Orleans and Pacific Railway ,
n which he was employed as a clerk.
George W. Bacon , who was arrested at
Dmaha , was a clerk in Cincinnati in the
lassenger department of the Queen and
Crescent offices. It is charged that while
> retending to be working nights he se-
Mired $2,000 worth of tickets and es-
few York'8 Famous Railway Ready
for Business.
New York's great underground railroad
vas formally declared open and ready for
itisiness Thursday. The ceremonies con-
icctcd with the opening , which took place
n the afternoon , were very simple.
Using a silver key , Mayor McClellan
urned the electric current into the motors
n the first train in the subway at 2
'clock in the afternoon.
At 7 o'clock Thursday night the road
as thrown open to the general public.
Jurlington Passenger Train Collides
with an Oil AVajjon.
A Phillips , Neb. , special says : A Bur-
ngtou passenger train struck an oil
agon which was crossing a street here
'hursday. Oil was thrown over the en-
ine and the cars , and caught fire. Pire-
lan C. L. Lazear. of Grand Island , was
urned to death , and Engineer Parkinson
iirely escaped.
Some of the cars were damaged , but the
nines were soon extinguished. The
reman was roasted alive in the cab.
lie Mainlandcr Collides with a
TIIJJ Near Seattle.
The steamer Mainlandcr. of the Pacific
oast Steamship Company's fleet , lies at
ic bottom of Puget sound four miles
> rth of Seattle , as the result of a colli-
on in a dense fog with the powerful tug
. a Lion Thursday.
No lives were lost , despite tho fact
at the Mainlander had sixteen passen-
TS and a crew of thirty. The Main-
nder was valued at $100,000.
Aged Couple Killed.
Mathew Alden and his aged wife met
ath together on a railway crossing at
ittle Creek , Mich. , Wednesday. Alden
is SO and his wife 7. ) years old. Both
d been Methodist workers for half a
ntury , the former filling pulpits occa-
Farmer Killed by Hull.
lohn R. Ramsey , a farmer , was found
ad Tuesday evening in a lot on his
rm near Miuonk , III. He had been
Jed by a vicious bull.
YVinnebnco is the Worst Condition.
tit Indian Agency Shock Inspuctoi
Innnoraliry Ilnns Riot There
Worse Than Other Reservations.
A Homer .special says : ' 'Ton time *
worse tliun at any other Indiai
reservation in the diked States , " isvhal
A. O. Wright , government Indian in
spector , said about conditions at tin
Winnebago reservation , after spending
the day listening to testimony regarding
the mornls of the Indians.
"I never heard anything like it , " .said
Mr. Wright. " 1 could tell you thing *
that would raise your hair , hut I don't
suppose you would want to print them.
I am convinced there is not another In
dian reservation in the United State *
where the conditions would compare for
rottenness with those I have found to ex
ist on the Winnehago reservation. A
system of organized free love seems to
have prevailed over there , and not very
well organized at that. "
"What are you going to do about it ? "
"You toll me. "
Because of the character of the testi
mony Mr. Wright said lie would not
mako public the names of the white wit
' Four different cases of rape on young
Indian girls were reported by one wit
ness , " said the inspector , "lie testified
that he saw Indian boys make attacks
on the Indian girls in the open highway. "
Dr. E. S. Hart , physician at the agency ,
testified as to the deplorable condition
of the Winnebagoes as to venereal dis
eases. He said he had had experience
nmong three tribes , the Sioux , the Chip-
pewa and the Winnebagoes. The Sioux
were the cleanest-of the three , the Win
nebagoes by far the worst. Mr. Wright
said the evidence had disclosed that
about one-half the Indians were afflict
"The Indians of this reservation have
had almost no regard for the marriage
relation , " declared the inspector. "Con
ditions are nothing short of frightful.
Pew couples take the trouble to go
through the marriage ceremony ,
and the men and women change
about from one to another as
it suit them. I have been around
the reservations a good deal , but this
beats me. I would not brand all the
men and women on the reservation as
unchaste. 1 am speaking of general con
ditions. "
The evidence which was offered at the
investigation Monday only served to
make Mr. Wright the more determined to
recommend radical measures in the case
of the Indian on the Winnebago reserva
Must Serve Time Tor Killing Charles
Best at Surpy Mills Park
After being out for over twenty-four
hours the jury in the case of Tim C'arr.
L'harged with the murder of Charles Rest
it Surpy Mills Park , on July 4. brought
ni a verdict at a late hour Wednesday
night of manslaughter. Canwas in the
jourt room when the jury came in and
Deemed to pay little or no attention to the
lecisiori of the jury. Much interest was
Manifested throughout the entire trial
ind murder in the second degree was the j
inticipated verdict of the jury. After the
> nding of the trial the popular sentiment
s that the verdict was a just one. Carr's
Barents and a host of friends were con-
; tantly in attendance at the trial and did
verything possible for the prisoner , who
s only a boy. Sentence has not yet been
Charles Steinberg , of Oakdalo , Un
der Arrest.
Having brutally beaten his wife last
< > iday and imprisoned her , Charles
steinberg , angered at her escape , at-
empted to kill himself and two visitors ,
'ohn Bossard and Charles Stout , in his
tome near Oakdale. P.ossard was shot
11 the shoulder. Armed with a rifle.
Steinberg tried to kill Sheriff Frisbie.
fho arrested l-'ni. ' Mrs. Steinberg is in
serious condition.
Horse Stolen from Hitching Post.
Horse thieves stole a horse and bugsry :
Wednesday night from John Willman '
'hilo he and his wife were attending a j
erformance at the Overland theater at J
'ebraska City. Mr. Willman had tied i
ie horse on Central Avenue and did not
iscover his loss until after the perform- j
rice. A reward of $50 for the capture
tid conviction of the thief and a reward
L $25 for the return of the property has
sen offered.
Held for Murder of Son.
A coroner's inquest was held at Ne-
aska City over the remains of Joseph j '
oese , who was shot and killed by his
ither , John B. Boese , on last Wednes- ' ,
ty evening. The jury brought in a ver- j ,
ct that the deceased came to his death ' <
om a revolver bullet fired by his fathi i
' , and recommended that he. John B. I <
oese , be held on a charge of murder in ; ]
e second degree. \ ,
anch Foreman Commits Suicide
Manager Campbell , of the large Adi i
us ranch on the South Loup River ,
uthwest of Ansley. committed suicide ' t
onday evening. The owner of the ranch \
me from Chicago Sunday for the puri i
se of checking up the accounts and pert ' t
nal property belonging to the ranch. ' \
Note in a Bottle.
Some boys at Decatur found a bottle j
the bank of the Missouri River , which J
ntained a note bearing these words : '
'his to let the world know that I am ' l
ad Edd Cams the slayer of the sheriff i "
Monona Co Iowa. " The "find" ha * ' v
cited much curiosity. a
Capt. Kirkman Arrested.
} apt. Kirkman , United States army. '
.tioned at Port Niobrara , Neb. , is un- | 1 ;
* arrest in Brooklyn , N. Y. , charged ! h
Lh absenting himself from his post ! * '
: hout leave and with passing worthless i ' '
. cks. I n
The Donnison Case.
? he judges of the supremo court at !
icoln have not yet filed a decision in i u
Dennison extradition case. The suit
s argued at the last session of the i :
irt , and tne decision will be handed
vn in November. ct
Evidently Had Killed One of His
Assiiilants lietorc Kvpiring.
A telephone message reached Nebras
ka City Tuesday that S. M. Sells. P.ur-
lington agent at X.-braska City Junction ,
about five miles across the river , had
bei n muideml.
The am.nt's body ivas found by a farm
er named Bob CiUNpic. who was driv
ing home from the Junction store. Gil-
lispie at once drove back to the station
and gave the alarm. Men at the store im
mediately ran up the track and found
the body of the agi-nt and that of a
tramp lying near each other , both dead.
The agent's revolver , with two empty
chambers , was lying near his body. He
was shot through the temple and the
tramp in | the right eye.
Sells was a young man about 2. years
of age and had been married about two
August AVstt and Fred Jensen
Charired with Theft.
Two men. giving the names of August
Witt and Fred Jensen , are in jail at
Homer , charged with stealing a pocket-
book from Mrs. ( Irace Lake.
Mrs. Lake and her mother. Mrs. Den
nis Armour , who live half way between
Homer and Dakota City , were about to
start for Sioux City to do some shopping.
While the bnggy stood near the house
Mrs. Lake's pockebook. containing $10
in gold and some jewelry , was taken
from the vehicle. Two men were seen
taking a purse from the buggy , and Mrs.
Lake gave chase. The men dropped the
purse by the roadside and she recovered
At Homer the two men were arrested
on suspicion and arraigned before Jus
tice P. D. Curtis. The rase was con
Family Quarrel .Leads to an Affray
IJetwecn Them.
At . " > : . " 0 Wednesday evening John B.
Boese. a well known German farmer liv
ing one mile south of Nebraska City ,
shot his son Joseph , a young man about
27) years of age.
The shooting occurred during a quarrel ,
in which the father received several se
vere cuts on the head. Boese was placed
under arrest ' and is now in the county
jail , but refuses to tell what caused the
The boy is shot through the stomach
with a 'iS-calibcr revolver bullet and can
not live. The father and * = on have had
many quari--ls over family matters and
have frequently threatened each other's
Plucky flattie Creek Boy "Walks
Home , After Receiving Injury.
"Willie , th14yearold son of D. C.
Fender , section foreman of the North
western Railway at Battle Creek , was
the victim of a shooting accident. He
hail been out hunting and when crossing
a railroad bridge his gun , which he was
carrying in the left hand , barrel up , slip
ped between the ties of the bridire , the
hammer striking a tie and discharging
the gun , the full charge taking effect in
the left hand and the left side of the
chest and head. He was alone at the
time of the accident and walked to town ,
a distance of about half a mile , after be-
ing hurt.
Work is Pushed on the Sioux City ,
Homer and Southern.
A large gang of graders appeared at
work at Dakota City Monday on tin-
Sioux City. Homer and Southern inter-
urban line. They are now at work
grading along the track through that
place , and when through will work on
the extension of the track to Homer. The
gasoline propelled cai. which suffered a
liot box on Sa rday afternoon , is being
repaired and it is hoped to have it ir
i-unning oider again by Wednesday.
Touched for JjJOo.
A stranger cnroute to St. Louis was
otiched for $ ( r in cash at Wymore by a
smooth grafter. The two men boarded
he train at Oxford , and before they
cached Wymore they had become ac-
inainted. At Wymore they left the train
ind the confidence man secured a loan of
< ( " " > on the pretense that he had to pay
'refoht charges upon his household goods ,
le said he would return , but failed to
how up.
Charc'd with Forging Check.
Sheriff Itauman. of Prenionf. went to
Spencer and anvstod Jiike Herbst , of
hat town , who is charged with passing a
orged check of $20 on a Fremont busi-
css house. The check purported to be
isrncd by Nick Quale , of Spencer. Herbst
ad been taking in the Ak-Sar-Ben car-
ival at the time of this transaction and
vidently had not recovered from the ef-
1'CtS Of it.
Fire at Harrington.
Early ? Ionday afternoon lire broke out
i the basement of Spork A : Spielman's
ruir stoie. which for a time threaten-
1 to become a general conflagration ,
wins ; to kenxciie and gasoline stored
i the cellar. Portunately the fire was
mtrolhd and an explosion averted , bul
it until considerable darnace had been
ne to the store and drug stock. The
* s may roach &J.OOO.
I > ralieiiian Ha * Xirmw K pa > /
r.rakeman L. W. Ilansen , of Emerson ,
ves his life to luck. Beneath tho
heels of liis freight train on the Omaha
iad he was nearly ground to death hi
e switching yards there. His body
a j mansrlcd about the legs and feet , and
was injured in the back , but will re-
Mscaped Prisoner Caught.
Sheriff Carriir has recaptured one of
e escaped horse thieves who broke jail
Columbia Sunday morning. Carter
i < found a few miles west of Duncan
d i < asrain behind the bars. c <
Itollor Mill Chsingps Hands.
The roller mill at Yeblin , which has v :
t hfcn in operation for many months , in
been sold to Sheriff Ilinkley , of Brit- inm
; i. whoM1I set the machinery in mo- of
n as soon a - arrangements can be
Steve Whittocar Case.
t is expected the application for a new
al in the case of Steve Whittecar , of
ikota City , convicted of outraging his
year-old daughter , will be filed at once
il that argumentwill be made when _
irt reconvenes. ?
The supreme court finds void n taz
saught to be imposed by the city of Oma
ha against the Aachen Munich Fire
Insurance Company for municipal pur
poses upon the gross premiums received
within the city for the preceding calen
dar year under section f 8 of the new-
revenue law. The tnx commissioner of
Omaha was made defendant in an ic-
junction euit to prevent the collection of
the tar. The court holds that the levy
of taxes complained of is void because
the assessment was not made pursuant
to any ordinance of the city of Omaha ,
but under the supposed direct authority-
of section 58 of the new revenue law.
and therefore was a violation of sections
6 aud 7 of article i ) of the constitution.
Other suits , differing only hi the kin
of insurance written , were decided in the
same wny , the judgment of the district
court being affirmed.
There will be no more changes in the
official ballot to be printed. The last
day for filing names ended Saturday
evening and as the candidates have been
certified to the secretary of state so they
will appear on the ballot. It was thought
that au injunction would be issued
against the filing oi' the name of W. B.
TcNeel as a candidate for congress in
the Sixth district on the populist ticker.
but the anticipated action was not tak
en , and the name will go on the ticket a ?
nominee of both the Democratic and
Populist parties. MeNeel was put on the
populist ticket by the congressional com
mittee in place of A. A. Worslcy. who
resigned. It was claimed that the popn-
list convention had not authorized th <
committee to fill vacancies.
The city council of Lincoln has let the
contract for the construction of a munici
pal electric lighting plant flml power
house for the water system for a total
cost of $01.930.45. Of this amount tin-
Nebraska Electric Company , of Omaha ,
ofwhich former City Electrician Seining
is the manager , got the lion's share. Hi
was awarded tho contract for the poJ < - <
and wiring known as the outside work
for $32,200. His bid was just SOS I loss
than that of a Lincoln firm. One member
of the council was against letting the con
tract go out of the city when it was
merely a question of n few hundred dol
lars , but the majority were in favor of
the lowest bidder getting the work , con = c-
queutly Mr. Schurig landed.
* * *
Acting on the opinion of the attorney
general , Insurance Deputy Pierce lias
held that it is necessary for all fire insur
ance companies that issue policies of re
insurance on Nebraska risks t be regu
larly admitted to transact business in'
this state ; also that all policies of rein
surance be signed by some regularly li
censed agent in the state. The opinion
of the attorney general was in answer
to this question by Mr. Pierce : "Has a.
fire insurance company which is author
ized to transact business in this state au
thority to reinsure Nebraska risk * ii
companies not so authorized ? "
* * *
In the paving tax cases of Francis A.
M. Eddy and others against the city of
Omaha and Mattie D. Valentine against
the city of Omaha the decision of the su
preme court remands to the district court
with directions to modify its decree so as
to sustain the validity of the curbing and
guttering taxes in payment in paving
districts Nos. 48 and 07 , and to dismiss
the action as to the Omaha Loan and
Trust Company's savings bank. A < to
ill other matters the judgment of the dis
trict court is affirmed.
* * *
Parties holding wolf bounty claims
against the state that were rejected b ?
Auditor Weston because they had not
jeeii filed in his office within two years
) f their date will notget their money.
The supreme court decided this last week
n the case brought up from the Lauras
_ er County district court wherein the
liincoln Safe and Trust Company sued.
Auditor Weston for the value of claims
hat he had rejected.
* * *
The case of the Burlington Railroad
igaiust Oass County , an appeal , is af-
irmcd by the supremo court. The piiu-
iples involved in this case are MciUicnl
rith those in the Richardson County
ase passed upon at the last session and
uown as the Ilulo bridge case. The dc-
ision hi the latter case is followed and
pproved in the Cass County case. It
as sought to impose a local tax upon tho
jilroad bridge of the Burlington across
ie Missouri River at Plattsmouth.
* * *
Appeal to the insurance department of
ie state by President Johanna Straw-D
> restrain Royal Oak lodge No. 200.
oyal Achates , of Omaha , from electing
s officers semi-annually , as provided for ,
T a special dispensation , has been SUB-
; ined , and Mrs. Johanna Strawn tvilj
) ld on to her office.
Members of the new bar commission
the supreme court , appointed for a.
rm of one year , are : C. .T. Garlow , of
> Inmbus ; Prank H. Woodland , of-
maha ; J. L. McPheeley , of Mindcu ;
H. Aldrich , of David City , and Pre- ]
icphcrd of Lincoln.
* * *
[ n answer to a request from County
: torney English , of Omaha , for an
iuion as to whether the official ballot
ould be printed in a single column ,
torney General Prout answered thct
s county clerk is required by law it
rnish single column blloas oulv.
* * *
Che ballots for use in the ext lection
II be mammoth affairs , being in som
iDties fnlly six feet long.
* * *
fhe supreme court has sustained th
lidity of the act giving the state baiik-
board control over installment invest-
n companies and has gireD judgment
ouster against the Northwestern Trusti
mpany of Omaha , a corporation that'
ight to continue business without a'
tlficate of authority from the state
iking board. This company , operat-
on the home co-operative plan , re
ed to comply with the act passed by
legislature two years ago aqd At
uey General Prout began actioa to-
t the corporation of ita franchise and
mnul its powers and