Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 03, 1904, Image 10

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    R. E. ( RumROGERS. . > ROGERS.
J. a ( Buiw ) BLANCIIARD ) . R. ( NEWT ) BRYSON
[ H ittr r § ? 10 $ si si
n bummlbbiuli
Ecoins 141-143 1st floor Exchange Bldg. Long distance 'phono 1219
References : Union Stock Yards National Bank.
We buy and sell live stock on commission. Solicit your consignments and
correspondence. Let us know what you have and when you expect to ship.
Mutual companies pay losses in full ,
o discount I. M. KICE , Agent.
Order of I2t : irlii : : on. L'etllion lor Ap
pointment of Administrator.
In the County Court of Cherrj County , Neb
COUNTY OK LriircituY. f
To the heir aii'l l < > : ' ! p'Tfons interested in
the etatc of A.uiie An JM . deceased :
On reading tiie petition-if liU May P.owden
praying that tite administration of said estate
ne gianted to ( . barles II. Corned as administra
tor. It is hereby oidered that jou and all
paeons ina-rest-d in said matter , may , and
do , appear at the County Court to be held in and
for SH'd county , ou the oth dav of November
A.D. rjU ( at 10 o'clock a. m . to show cause , it
any there be , why the pniyer ot the petitioner
should not bo granted , and that notice of the
pendency ol said petition and that the hearing
thereof be given to all pei > ns interested in said
matter by publishing : ! copv of ihis order in the
Valentino Democrat , i we < vly newspaper print
< jd in sviid county , for tint-e succobsive weeks
pnor to iid day of hearing.
Witness mv hand , ami .s < il of said court , this
' mil day of O Jol r A. I ) . 1004.
403 County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
H n KTATK or NKIKAM\A i In the Connlv
GriKKKY COf > TV. f * Court.
In the matter of the estate of Julia Xen/.el
To the crpditor.s of said estate :
You an.hereby notified , ' 1 hat I will Mt at th"
Coi.ntvCoirt Room in Valentine in said county ,
on the t-th day of November Ii04ol ! in o'clock a
m. t ipcesvb and txamine all cl-ums against
said % .slateith a \ ieto their adjH.-tineiit and
allou-auce Tho time lini'ted tor tlie p-e t-uta-
tl < * n of claims against said esiate is ihe 12 dav of
Xoveml-cr A.D.l'.tOland t he time limited for p : -
ne-.tot debts is one jear Irom said 1-tn daj ol
r li o-l.
Witness myhamlan-1 the seal of said
SEAL Couuti Court this V.ith day ot October
, W04.V.R.TOVNE. .
-10 4 County Judge.
U. S. 1 and Ollicc , Valenline , Nebms a.
September1,1'JUJ. .
A stifflclent contest affidavit having been Tiled
in tlni ollic ? by Oli\e K. IeNichoIs , contestant ,
against liomeMead entry No. l ± J < s , made uctoh-
t-r 0 , liWo. for HI = SW'J , nhw1 ! . .swUnw'i ,
Section _ Township 'M. Jangc : : i. by Hridgct A.
.Mollat. rontestee. in which it is alleged that said
claimant has ne\er entered upon said land and
established her residence thereon as required
ny law ; also that said claimant has never culli-
vateu said land as required by law ; also that said
cl.iiiuant has wholly abandoned said land lor
mon > than bimonths last p.i > t , : unl has failed
to tiir-i her IU-IICB up to date : ami that said ul-
l"gfd nbs-nce from the said land not due to
our cnploxincut in the army , navy or marine
corps of the I'nited States as u private soldier ,
ollieer seaman or marine dunii ! ; the war with
Spain or during any other war in which the
United States may be engaged. Said parties are
hereby notified to appear , respond and oliVi
ividonce touching smd allegation at 10 o'clock
a. m. on November ID , IWU. helorc the Retjister
and Keceiverat the United Stales Land OlFicein I
Valentine. Nelfat-ka.
TJie.said coiilettaiit , liaxing. in properailiidavit
tiled Sep.ember 21. l')04. ) set forth facts win * h
Fhoiv that alter liuediligem-u personal service
of thi iioticf can not be made , it is hereby
ordered and directed that Mich notice be gia-n
by one and jiroper publication.
5U 4 Itegiter. .
Double Track
Itnifrmnl tn'ltvcat J I irer
ft nil Clilrttyo.
Itifcct line to St
Dlrvvt line to ntnrl ; llilt.i.
) / to ncart'Mt ( tf/nif fur rntt > n
> * ami time
4. r 'nt A'ortlicrn
at O'neill , Sebr.
( iolne Kasf. Going West.
Leaves 10:10 a. in. Arrives 0DO : p. in.
Passenger , dally except Sunday ,
'lonncctions with Elkhorn trains eaft and
wtst-tfound Irtm all polntt Werstol O'Neill.
Shortest route to s'ioiix City and Beyond.
Through tfonneo' Ions fc-r Sioux Falls , Aliane-
i -t'-lts , St. Paul and nl ! points.north and , t.
t ) O'Neill.
FEED KonKits , Q , p , A.
3Ioui City"Iowa
Live Stot'lc CuiniiiiH iou I
TO SHIPPERS- will be pleased to
send with our compliments our market re
port or the .Journal-Stockman to all parties
who contemplate shipping stock this season.
Write to us and wo will be glad to keey you
posted on the market. By good sales and
comteous treatmen our customers have be
come our best .solicitors. Shipments to us
receive most careful attention. Give us a
trial and become convinced ,
Signed : JCALMTOX & Jb'O.\'I > A ,
( Incorporated. )
Special ItaicS t and
to .Sr. I , WH via
Via the Northwestern Line. Ex
cursion tickets will be sold daily un
til Nov. SOfcli , inclusive , with favor
able return limits. Apply to agents
Chicago & North-western E'y. 397
Kates to UsiterziatSozial ;
ILive St c c Kxposit'n , CIjR'ajjjo
Via the North-western Line. Ex
cursion tickets will be sold Nov. 20 ,
27 and 28 , limited to return until
Dec. 5 , inclusive. Apply to agents
Chicago & Northwestern E'y. 897
High grade Galloway Bulls , 2
to 5 years old , for sale. Also two
Thoroughbred's. For further in
formation inquire at this office. 13
Howes For S.ale.
Some good work horses , saddle
horses and some good young mares
Terms to suit purshaser. Inquire
at Bishop's livery barn.
Kates to Rational Irrigation
Congress , HJIl'aso , Texas ,
Via the North-western Line. Ex
cursion tickets will be sold Nov. 10 ,
11 and 12 , with favorable return
limits. Apply to agents Chicago &
North-western E'y. 412
on October G , from E. A. Mai-rail's
pasture near the railroad bridge , 1
brown three year old saddle horse
with rope marks behind ears , brand
ed EPJS on left shoulder , weight
UsEabout 850 pounds.
39 N. S. EOWLEY , Kennedy ,
1M-P-A-N-S Tabnlc *
Doctors find
A good prescription
For mankind
The .Vccnt package s enough for usual occas
s. The family bottle ( < O cents ) contains a
for a year. All drutrgists se.ll them.
Postofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On left
side. Uo
s 'S left
Range north
Cutcomb Lake
PostolUce addre
Ilyanuis , Neb
Branded ou lelt side
Range eighteen miles
north of Uvannis
Postofflce address
] tyannls. Neb
On riglit side
on loft
aiso cattle
on right side
Range 16 miles
north of Hjannisi
A'len & Sons
It Nin > Tira.
Iores ! tirarrit-tl
o'i k-ft hip
Kamif , Niol'rara
river U :
PostofUce address.
Oasis. Nebr
G. E. 8a"tv-cr has
c'hai'ge of these cat- !
tlo riorsos I > < 5 on
el t shoulder om
slo-l PTQ left side
Kange oa Hoakfe rfVt *
-.ouihwcst of
Mi-rriman on
Niobrara river
A , B.enson.
Address Arabia
Hantje North of
Niobrara river.
J. VT. Stetter ,
Valentine , Xebr.
Otherbrands :
Horses branded :
, < orf - on
lett shoulder ; t O lg't thigh. Range on
Boardman , Gordon. .Snake and Sand Creek.
P. U. Young.
simeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
Some QYOU lift
„ " " " "on left jaw of
j _ V horses.
Range on Gordon Creek north of Si
Sandy Williams.
M rriman. Xebr.
Mostly on left
side. Some ou
right side.
Horses same on
leil shoulder.
Itange Lake
Creek , S , D.
D. A. Hancock
Marshall , Mo. or
Simeon , Nebraska
Cattle branded on
leitside as oa cut ;
uso 10 on left side
with _ i _ ou lelt hip of
some cattle ; aiso S4C
on riirht side Horse
brand , rake and iti
0:1 lett should * " or
hip. 'ft on left jaw
_ Hornranch on
Dewey Lake. Range on Niobrara River , oast of
Fort Xiobrara ; all in Cherry County. Nebraska.
St. Francis Mission
Postoffice address : CrooKstou. Xebr , or
7WF . _ * Kosebud , S. D.
Cattle branded
as in cut ,
Some cattle in
S I ) branded only
on left hip.
Range : North
of the Minnecha-
duza , 8 milesest
, ot Crookston , and
on Hull Creek.
Any information regarding cattle branded as
above\villbethankfuUyre2elved by Wm. Skelly.
Crookston , Nebr. ; or St. Francis Mission , Rose
bud , S. D.
J. B. Lord
'Simeon Neb
Stock branded
came as ut back of
right shoulder and
on right hip
Range on the
F.V. . Jersig
Valentine , Nebr
Cattle b-anded as
shown [ in cut on
left side , loin or
R-.inge between the Gordon Bud Snake
south of the Xiobrara river
Wallin ford
Keanedy.Neb ,
Cattle branded
simo as cut ; also
some branded
jj | on lefthip.
D. Rrav
Hoseoiid S I )
Cattle branded on
h'ft thigh or liii >
same as cut
norso I'ruijd
saint * on thp 'fit
G.H Seagc-r.
Cod\X ,
O.tllc branded as on
uuton left side , hip
and shoulder ; I-.orses
Hauge , Snake Creek
J. , T. Peck.
Cody , Nebr
On both sides.
HoTs-Rs ir on
left thigh.
Range Head Pass
Crock. S. D
Parmejee Cattle Co
Rosebud. S. n
'at'le ht'in ! < !
< s cut on ie ' si'le
u."i t-tnp" under
left thigh.
Range on Soldier creek.
Garner Broth era.
Cody , Nebr.
Anvwhers ou cat
Horse ? on lelt
F. T. Brackett
Riege. Nebr.
Brand Registered
CO 1190
Brand right side
3r hip
Horses same oi >
right shoulder
Range , Niobrara I
H miles south of
Seth Gary.
Merrimau , Ne'ov.
On both side and
hip. Herd mark ,
dewlap ,
FTorses same on
left shoulder.
Ran jre Lake
Creek and Little
White River
r. W. Bennett
Simeon Neb
* '
Stock branded
with 7 on lelt hip
also same as eut
Range between
Iortlon and Snake
< .i eeks and on f IIP
Xiol > rar : rh
T. Lee.
Brownlee , Neb.
Cattlp on Ion
side : horses sunn
on left shouldei
Itan e Font
milps northeast 01
D. M
KniuteUj. Nebr
Cattle branded
as on eut.left side
Some on loft hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Ilange Square
Chi Psi Cattle Co.
Kdward Lev. is. foreman.
Wood Lake , Xebr.
Cattle branded as
in cut on ri ht side.
Kanyc : fi miles east
of Simeon on Cronin
Roan Brothers
Woodlake Xeb
.John Roan's
piivtae mark , slit
in left ear
TV. E. Haley
Valentine Neb
Brand re/istorert /
No 200
Ran e in Sharp *
Ranch and German
precincts G miles
south of Kiliore
C. II Little.
MerrSman , Nc'.i
On either side
IIoise.i sant' ou
'nil Also Cl . >
Range Lake Creek
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle bnmdeO
same as cut on
left sMe.
Horses v
suurlinf Irwiii
ro-totllieadir ' 3s
Gregorj. Neb
Branded as on cut
Range two miles
north ot Greirorj-
F. C. & M. O. Metzger.
Meiriman Nebraska.
Cattle branded on
leftside : Horses
branded on Ipft
some are
nillCM ii
' r-uujed p ou
left si ( .
on Snake .TO miles so it'i o { Mrrniaan. Others
ramzoS n'ilfs n rthwpsl of niprrinmn
Charles Eicliards.
s ( rood fellow.
h ; .
f-ft jaw.
Rrome Between
the Niobrara and
Medicine Lak .
N. S. Rowlev
Kennedy , Nebraska ,
Same as cut on 'e
i side and hip , and < > n' '
Intt shoulder of hor
ses. K on
ii-p. hide
* " 4on left r-ide.
OX on leftside and
on Ipft hip.
p on left jaw and left shoulder of horses.
UJQ on left hip of horses.
R M Fadths& Co.
Postoftlce address Valentine or Kennedy.
Some brnndPd
'eft thigh
on right thigh or shoulder.
Postoflice address
Cody , Nebraska
On left side of cat-
tic ; honses O ri ht
jCi'.n e , north and
south of N iobrara
Frank Uothicutuei
* * " bnindt-d on
as on 'iit ssic-
. ! / . . S
* V *
Cody , Neb
55rtn ; < l r
No ! i > 7
* . shoulder
Ranee north and
south of Cutcomb
Lake in Cherry Co
G. W.
u , Nebr < 3T >
Cattle branded
as in cut on left
Old stock 2 Y
Rinse : four
miles east of Fort
Niobrara , north
and south of
Borry bridge the
C. E. Wngiit.
Valentine Nebr.
Brand registered
No. 374.
Brand anywhere
ou right side.
C. P. Jordan.
Rosebud , KD
Horses uud cattle
same as cut ; also
CJ BE M on right
Ranee on Oak and
Bucte creeks.
A liberal reward
for luformatiou
YKSa leading to detection
k nf rustles of - '
bearing any of these brands
Morey & FTp\vftt
G-rrdon. Nebr
Brand reuisrered
&M On left hip
> ( i : tttle ttorst"-
-.tme . leil > tiould
er , also 940
left side.
Range South of
Siake 35 miles
sp of Gordon
Robert Quisf-nbery
Tost flice address
Simeon , Nebr.
left hip on
\ cattle. -
Horses same on
right shoulder.
gfag g fag" ' ' '
Jos. Dristol
Valentin , Nebr
Kangp on N'ift-
orsra ii\- -r OMIT
miles east i.f -
Morcf-s stud
bnuid d
pft hip or side ; is 01R
fill own in ent R
Albert Whipple &
Rosebud , S. D.
Battle tirnndeu
SOS on left side
OSO on rJKhtside
.Some cattle also
bat e a-f-on neck
Some with A on
lelt shoulder and
some branded
with two iiaus
Q"ir !
Horses branded SOS on left litu Some cattle
Ji-auded AW bar i-onnerted on both sides anil
off llhl nf horiot
Pat Feiper
Simeon Ner Ct !
of !
* .
N '
Range iOmiles
south of Merri
man on the N'so
on left hip.
HOPM\X sain * oil
on left shoulder
Some 3 on
ttu'Tiiik'B southwest of Valentine on north
side of I > iobrara river.
i. Nvb
Cattle branded PE
on either hip or
right side.
Horses PE on left
Range On Minne-
chali:7.a milet
east ol Crookston.
Postofiice address
Pultmaii ,
Cutilr bnui'lfd as m >
flit ; iiorsebra.uled
ssuueaszittle except
reversed S. FV , .
Setbiu < * e $ $ &
aud Steplienson
Lake * and South
: ? 3QO rf.virdvill be paid to any person for In-
fortnaticn leading to the arrest and conviction
o1anv p'-r-.on or person * e-t'os < r ' "i * ' tv uh th1
> l- ' > rp-sii
PostoPie u
lOi 'ither side rattle
IherdinarIf ! oar
< J and rii'ht ear
( : iiiie -t \f \ ]
f i T ? ! ' ; * , >
V-brisKa Lund and Feedmir Co.
'urtleU Ri.-li.ircs I'res Will KComstock. . V . P.
Chas C lamihon Seci l'reas
t Cattle branded on
- ' " any part of animal ;
' ° " "wlnB
> ? i'5f tJ2'S5 7 - . w '
Range betwees
Gordon on the F.E.
&M. V.R. R ant !
lyauniton 15 , S'il R. R. In Northwestern
Nebraska Address , BAETT STT RicnAKD3.
Ellsworth. "Vbntsks.
Metzger Bros. ,
Cherry Co
Branded ou left
iide and thigh.
Earmark , squura
crop right ear
Horses have
same brand on [
left thigh.
Range on Gor-
don and auake
Creeks ,
,1 Retravti of $ 5o will be paid to any
ursou for information lending to the arreit and
unal conviction . . of any person or { W-WTH r ni
/ - * - -
* - ' W BKAMKU
on leftside . . .
cut , < i-inch t > .
and2' jnehir -t
- , - * fx1ff ' - r'rr" ' -r''ji ! > fl . . , ' " . . . i i'lia
"lii- l
-'fsteren 87(5. Range--
on Niobrara river
fox'oiUoe . .Utlie'-tS
5'uIInian , Nc'
Kramfed on left hio saiuo Herd-
Kange south
-nst o' ! i-sh f HI !
! ! jS . - '
Also ha\e stock branded
u rtirht side and hip
ua right hip
tange-Soi "
Pullman. A obi
Cattle branded .17
on rig'itside
Ilorses branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable rev.-rd
for any informatfon
leading to the rc-
coverjof cattle
strayed fromn <
J.F. Swain.
sparks. X8br.
ft side as shown
Sparks on
river. W
F- _