Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, October 20, 1904, Image 10

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    R E. mumROGERS. ) . ? i ( A E. OVirr ) OM R , .
J. B < Bi ic7)15r.A\riAii. ) : { J Mi * d a fi . < v. [ > . rNMVi , HUY.CON
itcoms 14:1-113 : 1st floor Exchange Bldg. Long distance 'phone 1219
References : Union Stock Yards National Bank.
\Ve buy and sell live stock on commission. " " Solicit your consignments and
correspondence. Let us know what you have and when you expect to ship.
Mutual companies pay losses in full.
o discount I. M. RICE , Agent.
Absolutely Pure
Order of Ilcnriii ! ; ou Petition lor Ap
pointment or Administrator.
IQ the Connry Court of Cherrj County , Neb
r CHI'KKY. f
To the heirs an 1 toi" i > ° r ons interested in
the estate of Agues Archc deceased . -
On reading tliu petition ui IdMay Bowden
praying that the administration of said estate
be granted to Charles H , Cornell as administra
tor. It is hereby oulcrctl thit ; you and all
persons interested in said matter , may , ami
do , appear at the Countv Court to be be.d . in and
for said county , on the r > ch daof November
A. I > . 1904 at H ) o'clock a m . to show cause , it
any rhere be , " why the prayer ot the petitioner
should not be granted , ar.d that notice of the
pendency of said petition aid tha * the hearing
thereof be given to all per > ms interested in said
matter by publishing a copof this order in the
Valentino Democrat , \ week y newspaper print
ed in said county , tor three successive weeks
prior to said day of hearing.
Witness my hand , uud seofsaid court , this
' 17ih day of Octubt r A. D. 1004.
, ' -103 County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
Tin ? XTATK or NVP.UASKA In the Countv
ss Court.
In the matter of the estate of Julia Nenzel
dei-eased :
To the creditors of said estate :
You aro hereby notUk-d , That I will sit at the
County Con-l Room In Valentine in snid county ,
on the"1th day of NovpinDerllitM at 10o'clock a
in. tr recehe and examine all cl-nns against
said < ; state , with a > iew to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited lor tlie presenta
tion of claims against said estate is the 12 day of
November A. D.11KM and the time limited for pay
ment ot debts is one year from said 12th day of
November iftn.
Witness my hand an4 the seal of snid
SEAL County Court this ll > th day of October
. 1004. W.K.TOWNE ,
30 4 County Judge ,
rrterof Hoarins ami IVotirenn I'etit-
ioii lor Nettlumuiit of Acuoitiit.
In the County Court of Cherry County Neb
To the heirs and to all persons interested in
the rotate of Sarah Graham , deceased :
.ON reading the petition of William E.Haley ,
executor , pr.iying a tiual settlement and al
lowance of his a"couut lil-d m thi court on
the llth day f October 1SKM ,
It i ? hereby ordered that you , and all per-
FPUP interpsted in siid matter , may. and do. aj-
pear at the L > omrv : Court to l e htld in and f"r
.xaid rniinty nil theafah day of October A. J ) 1H04
ntlO o'clock a. in. , to show cause , if any there
be. why thepin\er > [ the jietitioner .should not
be granted , and thnt notice of the pendency ot
nun ! petition airl that the liearing thereot be
Rivers t < > all persons ii-.terdsteil ins-iid matter by
) > uii.2ihiu ! * a copy of this order in the Valentine
iJpmoerat , a tteeulv newspaper printed m sai < i
coiiii'v. for three successive weeks prior to said
day of hearing ,
3.1 3 County Judge.
U. S. J and Office , ValentinNebnis a.
A "nilleioiit i-oircnt affidavit having been tiled
111 tinoihc1 by .iuc ' ' . 31 'Nichoii. ujies am ,
agnnsst J'Oiiu slead entrNo f-JO , mnde < ' . ) ! > -
Or Lll , li'Oll. Jorsw'j. . ii'-'q-w1 . > \v'in\- ( .
StcMoi. ' _ ' Towns.iip 3i : Itatire 'M. by Lrxl et A.
Alo'iat. couteste" . inliiih M is alleged thataid
claiin.tiit iins never enieicd upon said land mid
estaWHied ln-r resilience tlieie'in . s required
ny law ; l.-o Hint said claimant has never citlti-
vate < l saiil laud as required byMw iNoihntsjiid
claimant ha * wholly abandoned said land lor
more than iiioiitlis a'-r anil has failed
to onr ' her hi -siip i t" ' U i : smd tlmr o ii < J al-
lege'l ii'i ' nee bom the vjiid landas not iln- * t ,
IK-T < npimnu'nl in the arm > niv * - > i mai'ne
orpof tie ! United Slatea - * H privateul < M.-i.
ollhvr ; tunui or iii.trine diniiit : the wm \ \ tn
SfKit-i or during any other xvar in which 'lie
Unl-d H'atfS ' nriv Mngaued Said parties ire
n re. y iidilied to appear , respond : n d.Ifer
evlilt m-e .ouchit g Mrd aHp- ion nt 10 o'cl-iek
a. m. on riveiiii' T U' ' . H i. iK'lore tii > jjc ' - > ier
and ' O'-eui-r at the Unitedtwtes Land ullUem
Valentine. NelraUa. .
The said i-onlestanf having , in propera'hul'ivit
flJerl Sen emticr 21 1D04. .set foith tactsnreh
.show that alter due ttiligete pi-rsoiial > e'\i'-e
of thih iiotjeican not be m.idu. it is < - " \
orrt- ' * < * d and uireeied tt > ai Mieh notice be yuvii
by ( invalid proper i < ub.ication
J. - . Pier' I.HUI v-
34 : l.Vaister
Going East , Going
Leaves 10:10 : a. m. Arrives 0:50 p. m.
.Passenger , daily except .Sunday.
'Jouuecliona with Klkhorn tmins east and
west-bonnd fniu all faints west of O'Neill.
Klrtirte-st route. Iv Sioux City and beyond.
TnMirti connections RrSinux Falls , V'nne-
ilr * ' . t'aul and all poin ; , uortli an' u-st.
Al. } k > fl to O'Neill.
lfJtRI R'J(3KICH , 0 , P , A
Sioux City , Io4
J.ive Stuck CoinmiHSioii lei chants.
TO SHIPPERS-Wo will be pleased to
send with our compliments our market re
port or the Journal-Stockman to all parties
who contemplate shipping stock Ihis season.
Write to us and we will be glad to keey you
posted on the market. By good sales and
courteous treatmen our customers have he-
come our best solicitors. Shipments to us
receive most careful attention. Give us a
trial and become convinced.
Signed : JCALSTOX & FOX DA ,
( Incorporated. )
World's Fair Coach Excursion
Via the North-western Line. Very
low rates to SL Louis will be in ef
fect on several convenient dates in
Septemher and October for coach
excursions to Sb. Louis via the Chi
cago & North-western E'y. Only
$1G.GO round trip from Valentine ,
Nebr. , return limit seven (7) ( ) days.
A great opportunity to visit the
world's fair at minimum of expense.
Other favorable round trip rates are
in effect daily , with liberal return
limits , stop-over privileges , etc. Full
information ns to dates ot sale.train
schedules , checking of baggage and
other matters of interest to the in
tending traveler on application to
ticket agents of the Chicago &
Northwestern B'y. 375
OnlyDouble Track
Ifailrond brtu'eeit Jlitmotit'i Hirer
mifl C/iivago.
Direct line to St Iatil-Jlinnetj )
JDirect line to ISlnrte Hills.
to nearcHt tif/ent for rates
< t ml time vttrils.
Postofflce address
Cody , Nebraska
On left
side. Hor
ses left
Range north o
Cutcomb Lake
U. G. Criger.
.Merriman Nob.
Brand recorded
No. 1087.
Brand . ,
ci-.t on si
ieft hip ;
Range lOmiles
soutli of Alerri
man on the Nio
D. Bray
Roseoud S D
Cattle branded on
left thigh or hip
same as cut
norso brand
same on the left
Postofllce address
Hyannis , Neb
on right side
on left
" 1IEE
it rinht
Kange 16 mile *
niirfh of Ii i Hnnit >
A'len ' & Sons
l < "t Niohrara
V. J-t
DM ieft hip
% > 'r 1 mile"
' . .
I U-i i !
A ] jfn > on
Address Arabia
ifauge North of
\ioor.ira river.
Sawyer Bros.
Postoffic address.
Oasis , Nelr.
G K. Sawyer lias
cliargo of these eVt-
tle Horses t 5 o
eft shoulder Some
left slJo
' -s Same
ft thigh. Eaugo ou SnaUriver
Range 12
southwest of
Merriman on the
Niobrara river.
Postofllce addre
Hyannis , Neb
Branded on left side
Range eighteen miles
north of Hvannis
J. Vv * . Stetter ,
Valentine , Nebr.
Otherbrands :
+ -
Horses branded :
, - < orf on
lelt shoulder ; Q left thich. Range on
Boardman , Gordon. Snake and Sand Creek.
P. II. Young.
Simeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut un left side
Some QYou It.ft
on left jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordon Cre > k north of Simeon ,
Sandy Williams.
Merriman. Nebr.
Mostly ou left
side. Some on
right side.
Horses same on l
left shoulder.i
Range Lake
Creek , S , U.
D. A. Hancock
Marshall , Mo. or
Simeon , Nebraska
Cattle branded on
left side as oa cut ;
also lt > on left side
witii on left hip of
some cattle ; also S46
ou right side. Horse
brand , rake and 16
on le/t shoulder or
hip. 'A on left jaw
Home ranch on
Dewey Lake. Range on Niobrara River , east of
Fort Niobrara ; all in Cherry County. Nebraska.
St. Francis Mission
Postofflce address : Crookston. Nobr , or
Rosebud , S. D.
Cattle branded
as in cut ,
Some cattle in
S D branded only
on left hip.
Range : North
of the Miunecha-
duza , 8 miles west
Crookston , and
Hull Creek.
Any information regarding cattle branded as
above will be thankfully rezeived by Wm. Skelly.
Crookstou , Nebr. ; or St. Francis Mission , Rose
bud. S. D.
J. B. Lord
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
same as cut bnck of
right shoulder and
on right hip
Range on the
F. W. Jersig
Valentine , Nebr
Cattle branded as
shown [ in cut on
left side , loin or
Rnge between the Gordon and Snake
south of the Niohrara river
J R Wallingford
Kenuedy.Neb ,
CatPe branded
same as cut ; also
some branded
( Jj on lefUup
P s uousunic
Postofllce .1 dress
Brownlee ,
< i , left side or am
. --art of animal , liar-
mark right ear cut
oil' ; horses branded
same on left hip.Also
has sfro'-k branded IJ
on side or shoulder ,
or JK or W or O ' VI ,
oro or FZ Also
the-following , the firbt one beinj. on side and hip
PostolHce address
Codv , Neoraska
Cattle branded as on
cut on left side , hip
and shoulder ; horses
Kange , Snake Creek
J. J. Peck.
Cody , Nebr
On both sides.
Horses T
left thigh.
Range Head I'H
Creek. H. I )
witii stripe under
Horses branded
left thigh.
p MO' F.f *
Range on Soldier creek
Garner Brothers.
Cody , Nebr.
Anywhere on cat
Horseon left
F. T. Brackett
Riege , Nebr.
Brand Registered
-jo 1490
Brand right side
Horses same OD
right shoulder
Range , Niobrara
5 miles soutli of
Seth Gary.
Merrimau , Nebr.
On both side and
hip. Herd mark ,
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Lake
Creek and Little
VVhite Rivor.
0. W. Beuneit
Simeon Neb
Stock branded
with 7 on left hip
also same as cut
Range between
Gordon and Snake
creeks and on tb
Niobrara river
Frank T. Lee.
Brownlee , Neb ,
Cattle on left
side ; horses same
on left shoulder.
Range Four
miles northeast of
D. M. Senrs.
Kennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
as on cut.left side
Some on left hip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
Chi Psi Cattle Co.
Kdward Lewis , foreman.
Wood Lake , Nebr.
Cattle branded as
in cut on right side.
se : 6 miles east
of Simeon on Crouin
Roan Brothers
Woodlake Neb
John Roan's
privtae mark , slit
in left ear
W. E. Haley
Valentine Neb
Brand registered
No 200
Range in Sharps
Ranch and German
precincts 6 miles
south of Kilgore
C. H lAttle.
Merriman , Nf.r
Ou either side
Horses same on
hip Also g >
Range Lake Creek
Gordon , Nebr.
Cattle bran ( Jed
same as eut on
UMl sie. .
m left
nn' ' >
Postotr.ce address
Gregorj. Neb
Branded as on cut
Kange two n > ile > -
north of tretrori
F. C. & Al. O. Metzger.
Meirimau Nebraska.
Cattle branded on
leftside : Horses
branded on left
thigh ,
some are
Range H
) n Snake Sonnies ao.itti of Merriman. Hhi
aims S miles n rthwestof M"rriinan
Charles Eichards.
M rriman.
Cattle branded
ou left side.
Horses J3 on
left jaw.
Range Between
the tffobrara and
Medicine Lake.
N. S. Eowley
Kennedy , - Nebraska.
Same as cut on left ,
side and hip , aud on
left shoulder of hor
ses. Alsoggai on
l-'ft Hide
V -f on left side.
I > X on left side and
on left hip.
p on left jaw and left shoulder of horses ,
111p on left hip of horses.
R M Faddis& Co.
PostolHce address Valentine or Kennedy.
Some branded
on left thigh
left shoulder
or thigh
on i
Som1 on riglit thigh or shoulder.
Postofllco address
Cody , Nebraska
On left side of cat
tle ; horses O riglit
Range , north aud
south of Niobrara
ver,12-miles south
west of Cody
Frank Rothleutner
PostolHce address
Cuttle branded on
side as on cut same
oti hip.
Some ou left
, side.
Georgp Heynf
Cody , Neb
Brand registered
No 1027
Horses branded on
left shoulder
Range north and
south of Cutcomb
Lake in Cherry Co
G. W , McFarland
Valentine , Nebr
Cattle branded
as in cut on left
Old stock 2Y
Range : four
miles east of Fort
Niobrara , north
and south of
Berry bridge the
C. E. Wnght.
Valentine Nebr.
Brand registered
No. 374.
Brand anywhere
on right side.
G. P. Jordan.
Rosebud , SD
Horses and cattle
same aa cut ; also
CJ BE JJ on right
Range on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detectioi
of rustler < of ntiwi
bearing any of these brands
Morey & Hewett.
Gordon , Nebr.
Brand registered
92 On left hip
) f cattle. Horses
same left should-
; r ; also 240
elt side.
Range South of
Snake 05 miles
IP of fjord on
Robert Quisenbery i
Postofllce address
Simeon , Nebr.
S left hip on
V cattle.
same on
nghfc shoultior.
Jos. Uria
Valentin . Nebr
Range on Nio
brara river four
milf-s eas ? of Ft
vio. ' rara
Horspj > and
at tie branded
vlJeonneeted on 01
elt hip or side as 01R
shown in nut R
Albert Whipple & Sons
Rosebud , S , D.
Cattle t'randeit
SOS on left side
Some cattle also
have af on neck
Some with A ou
left shoulder and
some branded
with two baa-
across hind qnar
orses branded SOS on left hU > Some cattle
anded AW bar ennneetpd < > n hotli
ff bin of hnru
Pat 1'eiper
Simeon V
Ukecut on either
left sioe or hipjalsu
ileft side.
! on left hip.
* 25O.OO RE-
xr on for con-
. .
, - I- , ,
conviclioaof anyone unlawfully handling cattle
In these orunds.
ohn Sedlacek
Valentine , Nebr.
Cattle branded
on left hip.
Horses sam1 on
eft shoulder.
Some branded"
on left should or
Some > _ 3 on
of Valentine on north
side of J > iobrara river.
fii Postofflce address
"ri § Crookston. Neb
S ip I Cattle branded PE
on either nip or
fe teSS Sl Horses PK on left
Range On Minne-
chaduza 5 miles
east of Crookston ,
Postofflce address
Pullman , Neb
Cattle branded as ou
cut ; horses branded
same as cattle except
reversed S ,
See block
Range Stever
and Slephenaon
Lakes and South
$300 reward will be paid to any person for in-
formation leading to the arrest and conviction
of any person or persons stealing cattle with
ahovt * p.
Postofllc addreas
Cody. Nebraska
On either side cattle
herdmark left ear
clipped and rii'ht enr I !
splitharses f andtnl
same on left sti 01 Ider
Range on Nio ara t !
and Modi'Mnef' nvon
D. Stinard.
Valentine , Nebr
State Brand retr-
iwtered 15M.
Tattle anrt horses
branded same as
eut on left hip
Kauge 2 tn'iles
east of Ft , Nio
brara ,
Nebraska Land and Feeding Co.
Jai-tlett Richard * Pres Will G Comstock , V. P.
Chas C Jamison Sec&Treas
Cattle brnnde 1 on
any part of animal :
also the following
orses branded the
Range between
Gordon on the K.E.
&M V..R R suit !
iyanmson B , & AI R. R. in NorthwesteT
Vebraska Address. BABTI.KTT
Ellsworth Nebraska.
Metzger Bros. ,
Gregory Neb
Cherry Co
Branded on left
side and thigh.
Earmark , square
crop right ear
Horses have
same brand on
left thigh.
Range on Gor
don and Snake
Creeks ,
A Kt'irnrit / $250 will be paid to any
urson for information leading to the arrest and
tinat conviction of any person or n rnnn t . i
TUT " * ' * > - -Hh oHo X- . , ,
att't '
on left Mde
cut , fr-\w\\ \
. % " R SI
-f ! * iou.4j S
itich . - nl -u
Registered 870. Raage 6 miles oiuu , > f
[ rwm ou N iobrara river.
Pullman , Ne
nmrted on left hio ;
lorses same Hf id-
.iark-iouble dew-lap
Uanue south
H\an us.
rijit - < : dHtni * .
* * * * * * < o M > i 4"to n V T > w jul JZZ JAStx25f
Also bae stock l ra.ned | M i/iMft * /
on right hip ,
auge-Southwastern Cherry' *
> unty
J. A.
e.d JY
on rizM hide
Hordes bninded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any information
leading to the re
coverjof cattU
. - .
strayed r.-r.n n
J.F. Swain.
Sparks. Nebr. < rrrrr
< s Pr"