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ThurMday , July 28 , 1904.
Entered at the Post-office at Valentine. Cnerry
county , Nebraska , as Second-class matter.
Subscription ? l.OO per year in advance ; ? l.DO
When not paid in advance , Single copies Gc .
Display advertising i inch single column'iDc
per issue or Jr. . ' * ) a year * .
- . , Kesolutlon-
Local Notic - Obituaries Lodge
ind Socials f 01 Uevenue 5c per liqe per issue.
Brands , 1& inches S4.00 per year in advance
additional space$3-00per Inch per year jengraved
blocks extra ; § 1.00 each.
Parties living outside Cherry county not per
sonally known are requested to pay In advance
10 per cent additional to above rates If over 6
months In Arrears.
Notices of losses of stock free to brand adver-
You may not like to vote for
Parker as well as you would for
Hearst but strike the hardest blow
you can against militarism and kts
stay at home and protect our own
It is important that the demo
cratic and populist parties fuse on
state officers this year. Get to
gether and vote for the same set
of officers and let us redeem the
state from the disgrace of a know-
nothing legislature. The fusion
legislature of several years ago
was the most honorable body that
has ever graced the state house ,
enacted more laws favorable to the
farmer and stockmen than you can
expect for years from the republi
cans who are under the control of
the railroads and the Standard Oil
interests. It is not necessary to
go into details as to how the last
legislature played into the hands
of the railroads , and every voter
knows , if he is not a hide bound
republican , that the railroads have
increased their demands from ship
pers under republican rule and
that it was made possible by our
last legislature and the one pre
ceding it. Why are people so
blinded by party prejudices to not
be able to see how the last two leg
islatures have been hampered by
railroad lobbyists and that all leg
islation was carefully manipulated
to favor the railroads' privileges
in high freight rates and every bill
passed was carefully passed by
the lobbyists first.
Xlici Gry fx > r Moire
What the Great Movement of
Population Means to
the North-west.
The astonishing demand for land
in the'northwest will be more keen
this season than ever. The fun
damental basis for this demand is
* not generally recognized.
The average citizen in the west
v and northwest thinks the move
ment of population into his district
is a "boom" that he should make
the most of. He has faith in his
country , but fails to grasp the
whole situation.
Orange Judd Farmer points out
that the truth about the matter may
be thus briefly summarized :
1. The choice agricultural lands
of .the central Mississippi valley
have reached extraordinarily high
prices. Some Illinois farmers ;
have sold at § 200 per acre land
that they themselves "took up" as
a free gift under the homestead
act fanning land only , in central
Illinois , which has reached this
figure beqause farming pays good
interest on that valuation , not be
cause of proximity to cities. In
Iowa , indeed all through the cen
5.V . tral valleys land values have also
t risen enormously.
2. Farming in the central west
is so profitable , so safe , and still c
further advances in land values are tl
\ so constantly expected , thai , men P
of large means are buying these i tc
central lands and operating them ' cl
on a large scale. Farming is becoming - . p
coming as fashionable as it is profitla
able , but in the central west agri- j T
culture requires more and more'uj '
capital. -
' 3. ' Many thousands of farmers m
in moderate circumstances , hired 2C
men or others who would like to gr
go to farming but who cannot afsp
ford to paj from gpOto § 200 per flc
] 1
fcI fc
Largest Stock of Lumber in Cherry County.
All Kinds Of
L. C. SPARKS , Mgr.
acre for land , ure casting about
ior good lands that can be bought
at moderate prices. The great
majority of these people want such
lands located in the western and
northwestern states or the Canad
ian northwest , because they prefer
the inspiring climate and the soc
ial conditions of that favored region.
i. But little privation is now
required from settlers who move
onto these newer lands in Michi
gan , Wisconsin , Minnesota or the
northwest of the states or Canada.
Almost every part of these regions
is-within convenient reach of rail
road transportation. If in any
section" the mails , schools , church
es , etc. , are at all deficient , they
are rapidly brought to perfection
as population increases. In other
words , Orange Judd Farmer would
emphasize that it is easy to devel
op homes and farms on the cheap
er lands of the west and northwest
compared to the privations suffer
ed by the early settlers in the cen
tral west. '
5. The man who can sell out in
the central west at from § 50 to § 200
per acre , and buy lands in thenew-
3r sections at from § 3 to § 25 per
icre , is very much disposed to do
so. He has had one taste of the
jnorraous profit accruing from the
latural increase in the value of
and. He is hungry for another
lose of such profits. He is still
mngricr for more acres for him-
iclf and his children. If he caft
ell out at a price that will enable
iim to pay for 1GO acres or more <
or each member of his family , ]
.nd also have a snug capital left ,
le is very much disposed to do so.
6. Each of the foregoing reas- <
ins is enough to warrant the prost t
nt activity in the real estate mark- i
t throughout the west. Together
bey form reasons that are incon- (
revertible , but over and above all
hesc conditions , Orange Judd
farmer calls attention to the un-
ontrollable impulse for more land
uit has got control of many peo-
le's minds. They are ready to
swarm" onto the newer and
beaper lands.This movement of
opulation promises to be even
rger this season than ever before ,
he fever to migrate and to open
p new land has occurred about o
ice in every decade , but has been g
est powerful at periods of about ri
> to 30 years apart. It is to be st
cater during 190i , relatively P <
leaking , thaii was the great over- m .
w of population into the central dc
Mississippi valley years ago.
These conclusions are based on
an intimate personal knowledge of
every section of our western states
and the Canadian north west , which
we have closely studied for several
years. Our conclusions are also
based on a ten thousand-mile jour
ney through this country from
which we have just returned , as
well as upon knowledge of the con
ditions of the people in the middle
and eastern states. To a phenome
nal extent , Orange Judd Farmer
reaches all classes of these would-
be immigrants and investors , and
the above opinions are therefore
worthy of the profound attention
they will doubtless attract.
Orange Judd Farmer.
Trovible ntBonesteel , S.D.
The gamblers got so wild at
Bonesteel when allowed to have
their own way so long that they
thought they were running the
town and that the whole deal was
gotten up for their benefit. There
was a vigilant committee organ
ized to take charge of them until
the state troops could be called for.
The Vigilantes finally marched the
gamblers to the train and loaded
them into a box car and shipped
them out of town. Several hold
ups were reported and prepara
tions were being made for a gen
eral hold up and a wholesale rob
bery of stores , banks and the land
r > ffice. There were several shots
( ired Wednesday and Thursday
evenings of last week and two
persons were wounded. 200 spec-
al police patroled the town on
Friday evening and shot one man
> n suspicion as their orders were
; o fire on suspicious characters
found loitering around with any
ipparent view of depredation ,
uiet and orfler were restored witfi
lonsiderable trouble without wait-
ng for state troop ? which were
ield in readiness to go if necessary
> y Lieut. Governor in the absence
f the Governor.
One man was robbed- § 30.00
bout noon Friday and another
'as asked to play at a game and d
pen replying that he had but § dto A
e was asked to show his money , 5.
'hereupon he was dealt a blow bi
ver the head and the money c (
rabbed. The gambler started to j ki
jn when the farmer got up and ei
iarted after him with a gun , comjfr
ailing the gambler to return the [ ni
.oney. While this was being ioi
me two gamblers stood behind
the farmer and struck him over
the head and took his money again
and his gun and escaped.
Gollmar Bros , show brought
people to town from out in the
country 'fifty and sixty miles and
Indians in large numbers from the
reservation. There were near
5000 people or more in town and
3500 to 4000 people were at the
show-during the afternoon. Mer
chants who are conservative in
their estimates , say that it was the
largest crowd of people they had
seen in town , and that the show
was the best that had ever stopped
here. There was no complaint of
hold ups or short change , nor was
there shell or soap games. Each
member of the show seemed polite
and courteous and nt ) fakirs seemed
to be with the show. Our police
heard no complaints during the
day and all unite in saying that the
management was as orderly as a
theatrical troupe. TIIE VALEN
TINE DEMOCRAT takes pleasure in
making this comment on Gollmar
Bros , show as it appeared in Val
entine and also commend the press
agent and orator , Dr * J. E. Fitz
gerald , to the boys of the press as
being courteous in his dealings
and gentlemanly in conduct. One
of the best features of the show
was the two trained horses dancing
a waltz and a cake walk. They
also performed other tricks , show
ing considerable intelligence and
braining. The elephants were al
so well trained. Little Dot , the
log amused many and won hearty
ipplause for her master Zella , but
she clown dutchman on the trapeze
ind riding the mule brought down
; he "house" with his antics and
jlcver acting. The little folks
urning handsprings and somer
saults was splendid. One of the
roung fellows turned so fast you
ould hardly see his body and look-
d like a wheel spinning around
n an axle as he turned without
Grand JEngle Picnic.
A grand picnic will be given un-
er the auspices of the Valentine
Lerie at Thacher's grove , August
, 190i. A good program has
sen arranged for the occasion , , .
> nsisting of games of different
inds , speaking , music , etc. Ev- c
ybody invited and- everything 1t
ee. Come out to the Eagle pic- t (
: c and have a good time. Good C :
'der guaranteed. I
Valentine , Nebraska
RATES $1.00 to $1.25. ' C. D. JORDAN , Propr.
Opposite the Court House , 21 blocks north of Depot.
Jas. E. Pepper W. H. McBrayer Canadian Clnb
All the standard brands of Whiskies , domestic and
imported Wines , Gordon's Dry Gin , and Cigars
of the choicest brands. Blue Eibbon Bottled Beer
a specialty. : : : : : : :
Oakland Hunters Bye Blue Grass Dewars Scotch Whiskey
i ? Sole Agents for
Ale and Porter , And FRED KRUG'S BEER
Choicest \7ines and Cigars ,
Contractors and Builders , Carpentering.
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes \ ,
B3PasWork shop in Charbonneau's blacksmith shop.
Livery , Feed and Sale Stable
New .Rigs Good Horses Careful Drivers '
Spacious barn , conveniently located , for splendid accom
modations to the public who want to drive , or have hors
es to feed.
( Successors to Tracewell & Bonser. )
Valentine - - Nebraska.
St. Louis
See that your ticket reads via the Burl
ington Route from Omaha to St. Louis.
The Burlingron's Exposition Flyer leaves
at 5:25 : p. m. arriving at St. Louis 7:10 :
the next morning : .
Burlington trains carry every equip
ment to make traveling comfortable , and
they run over a smooth track all the way.
Let me tell yon more about our ser-
L.'W. Wakeley ,
General Passenger Agent , Omaha , Kebr.
W. T. Bishop ,
LlVEl iT ,
The Wilber Barn
Your Patronage Solicited.
- < ovr Rates to Boston ,
ria the North-western Line. Ex-
ursion tickets will be sold August
1 , 12 and 13 , limited by extension
y return until September 30 , in-
lusive , on account of G. A. R.
Incampment. Apply to agents
Jhicago & North-western RJy. 274
Contractor and Build
er in Brick or Stone
Valentine , , - Nebr.