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Thursday , June 9 , 1904.
Entered at the PostrOfflce at Valentine , Cherry
eounty , Nebraska , as Second-class matter.
Subscription % l.oo per year m advance ; $ l.M
When not paid in advance , Single copies 5c.
Display advertlslEg 1 Inch single column 15c
per Issue or SG.OO a year.
Local Notices , Obituaries , Lodge Resolutlon-
xnd Socials for Revenue 5c per line per issue.
- Brands , I& inches S4.00 per year in advance
additional spaceSS-OOper inch per year jengraved
blocks extra ; § 1.00 each.
Parties living outside Cherry county not per
Bonally known are. requested to pay la advance
10 per cent additional to above rates if over 0
months in arrears.
Notices of losses of stock freelto brand adver-
{ isers.
A. "Straight Republican. "
The Albion ( Neb. ) * Argus quotes
from the Washington Prospector
as follows :
"We have been subjected to a
great deal of guying since the re
publican convention , and many
want to know where we stand af
ter the magnificent victory of the
railroads. We are the same dash
ed old fool we have always been.
We are for the ticket. If it is
necessary to get a railroad ring in
our nose , our nose yearns for the
ring. If it is to hell with the people
ple and hurrah for the lobby , we
are at the front with hell and hur
rah. The ticket is going to win ,
of course ; it cannot be defeated.
We will all take 'off our coats and
work for it without desiring , or
expecting , any other reward than
the consciousness that we have
been loyal to a party , a trifle fray
ed at the edges , but when truly
represented standing for the best
principles of humanity , the best
interests of the common people. "
Can it be possible that the edir
tor of the Prospector was raised
in the Nebraska school of republi
canism ? He writes just as a num
ber of Nebraska republicans who
are faithful to the raikoad corpor
ations of this state would write if
they were determined to be candid.
More Local.
Nels Eowley was in town the
fore part of the week visiting rela
tives and friends.
W. A. Allen , of Sparks ,
called yesterday with a dollar in
advance for THE DEMOCRAT.
Thos. Hudson , the U. S. mail
carrier to Sparks , called on us
yesterday on insurance business.
Wm. Ballard was in town get
ting shaved Tuesday. C. M. Sag-
'esser does the work neatly while
you wait.
Ed Eichards , of Oasis , was in
toq&n yesterday and handed us a
§ for advance subscription to THE
] \Irs. Carlisle and daughter came
up from Topeka , Monday night ,
to visit with E. D. Clarke-and wife
for a few days.
W. S. Barker and wife returned
from their trip to the World's Fair
and visiting with relatives and
friends , Tuesday night.
Judge Harrington came up from
O'Neill and held a special term of
Court yesterday in Valentine.
Several divorces were granted.
'There will be another sparring
match here the 18th between Billy
Rhodes , of Omaha , and Hamp Ire
land , of Ft. Niobrara , which prom
ises to be a very fast go.
W. A. Parker and son Don , of
Woodlake , were in town on busi
ness yesterday and called to con
gratulate the editor and spend a
few moments is social conversa
John Jackson , of north table ,
was in town yesterday and called
at our office | o offer congratula
tions and hand us a couple of dollars
lars for THE DEMOCRAT { rick he
says is well worth the money it
'costs. Out best wishes also for
'Mr. Jackson as well as to all oth
ers who appreciate our efforts to
publish the best local newspaper
in\he West in readable , interest
ing and history making articles.
? ? r yx < ? 32c j
1 Feed grinder ,
MMfT / "VW" 1 Slightly Used Wagon ,
cost. 2 Two-way Pumps ,
A Lot of Native Posts.
Building Material g Hardware
"We'earry everything in the line of Building Material and Builder's Hardware ; such as
Lath , Siding , Shingles , Doors ,
Windows , Nails , Lime , Cement ,
which -we buy in car load lots. Call and let us figure with you on Building Material.
Wagons and Buggies
Always carried in stock. We quote a few of the different makes handled by us :
New Mqline , Mitchell , Fuller & Johnson. Ban
ner , Milburn , Wide and Narrow Tired
Spring Wagons and Buggies.
'icif j _ | 1 1 When in need of a windmill call and ex-
W iHQilllllS. ajnine the Eclipse. We have always on.
- - hand a stock of Pumps , Pipe and Stock Tanks.
Farm Implements.
Biding and Walking Cultivators , Riding Disk
Cultivators , Disk | Knife listed corn Cultivators.
Sole agents for DEERE Implements and Hancock Disk Plows. Repairs for farm implements.
L. C. SPARKS , Mgr.
Geo. W. Monnier was in town
yesterday from south of Kilgore.
AVm. Hetzgar came up on the
train Monday night from Cedar
Creek , Nebr. , to spend the sum
mer on the ranch south of Merri-
man. He recently visited the
World's fair.
S. F. Gilman came up from
Neligh , Monday night , to super
intend the repairing of the electric
light plant. The lights were shut
off yesterday evening and will re
main off about 10 days.
I. M. Rice and wife returned
Monday night from a four week's
visit at the "World's Fair and with
relatives and friends in Kansas.
Lawrence will visit at the home
of his aunt , Mrs. Florence De-
Wyke , during the summer.
Dan Barnes , one of Cherry coun
ty's assessors , called on us yester
day for a social chat. Mr. Barnes
is as enthusiastic as ever over this
year's Junior Normal and came to
make arrangements for his daugh
ter to attend and selected a place
for her to board.
M. G. House , formerly a resi
dent of town but now living out
on the north table called to have
some insurance written on his
farm property yesterday. Mr.
House owns 320 acres of nice land
a short distance northwest of town
and is milking 10 cows. This
proposition will solve the ques
tion of Cherry county's future and
everyone should prepare to adjust
himself to conditions and keep in
step with progress in dairying.
Our trip to the World's fair
was over the B. & M. road from
York , Nebr. , and return. The
route is most direct , the road bed is
good and the train service most
complete. The officials and train
men are most courteous and oblig
ing. We cannot speak too highly
of them and would recommend to
all visiting the Fair from North
western Nebraska to get onto the
Burlington road and avoid delays
and inconveniences. Take the
through train ; and it seems to be
their object to land you in St.
Louis at the earliest possible mo
Catholic Church Announce
On Sunday next , mass will be
said at Nenzel at 10 o'clock a. m.
On Tuesday next 14th , Catholic
service will be held at Arabia in
the school house at 10 a. m.
Miss Anna Melton , who has
been a missionary for 15 years ,
will give a lecture at the Presby-
byterian church , Sunday evening ,
June 12 , at S o'clock on "Her
Work in Turkey. " There will
be special music also. Everybody
Down the River.
Mrs. Martin Becker went to
Valentine last Saturday.
Mr. Porath is going to put down
a well for Jacob Sauerwein.
Mrs. Broad , of the north table ,
has been dangerously ill the past
few days.
Charley Polen was hunting for
a stray horse in these parts one
clay last week.
Messrs. Nollett , Taylor , Shel-
bourn and Becker all took hogs to
market last Saturday.
There will be a school entertain
ment in the Polen district , June
10 , in charge of Miss Ella Polen.
Mrs. Louis Nollette and son Al
fred intended to go to the Mission
last Saturday but were disappoint
ed by the rain.
While driving last week , the
team driven by Merten Bryant
ran away , throwing him out and
breaking his arm and collar bone.
From all reports he is getting
along nicely.
Bailey Briefs.
The prospects are good for a big
crop of hay.
J. P. Gardiner was at the churn
ranch last week.
Fred Walker was rounding up
his horses last week.
Goodin Bros , moved into their
new house last week.
Considerable alfalfa has been
sewed in Bailey this season.
Elmer Probasco has erected a
new house on his homestead.
W. H. Sellers went to Merri-
man the 7th to do some trading.
Dan Adamson will give a dance
next Friday night in his new house.
Jas. and Rosa Mone took in the
dance at Goodin Bros. Monday
Chas. and Lulu Sellers and Lilj j
lie Goodin took dinner with G. L. 11
Hauver last Saturday.
There will be a picnic in the Gil-
lespie grove June 10 , a ball game
in the afternoon. Everybody in
Bailey had about four inches of
rainfall last week. The water is
still standing in the low places in
the meadows.
If it is more blessed to give than
to receive , most mortals would dis
count the blessings and receive
more than they give.
Chas. Sellers went to Cody the
ith to meet his sister Lulu and
Lillian Goodin who were return
ing from Casper , Wyo.
GUESS Wno I A3i.
382,000 Acres of Govenment
Lands in the Rosebud Res
ervation to be Opened for
The Chicago & North-western R'y
is the direct line to Bonesteel , on
the reservation border. Copy of
pamphlet "New Homes in the West"
containing maps and full informa
tion as to the allotment of these
fertile lands and how to reach them ,
furnished by any agent of the North
western Line or will be mailed to
any address on receipt of two (2) ( )
cents in postage , by J. A. Kulin , As-
s't. Gen. Frt. & Pass. Agt. , C. & N.
VV. B'y. , Omaha , Neb. 20 3
Rates to Indianapolis.
Via the Northwestern Line. Ex
cursion tickets will be sold with fav
orable return limits on account of
National Prohibition Convention to
held June 28 to 30. For dates of
sale , etc. , apply to agents Chicago &
North-western R'y. 20 4
Real Estate Transfers
P S Sing to Chas and John Larson , wd , 5300
swue senw s 33 35
John W Weeks to Chas E Gibson , aasig'n of
tax sale Si mv 17 33 32
John W Elliot to Thos W Cramer , rel , ne 18
34 23
Fred C Stocer to Lizzie Ladely , deed $1200.
nne swne senw 8 29 35
Virginia CThacher to Dora Pease , wd$75 ,
lot 18 blk 3 Thacher's add to Valentine.
Virginia C Thacher to Minerva It Harden ,
w d § 150 , lots 19.20 blk 3 Thacher's add to Val
Notice to Creditors. j
In the matter of the ectate of Elizabeth Ke-
maly. decefised.
To the creditors of said estate :
You are hereby notiiied , That I will sit at the
Countv Court Eoom in Valentine in siid Coun
ty , on the 2nd day of July 1904 at 10 o'clock
a. m to receive and examine all claims against
said eetatu with a view to their adjustmeut and
itlowance. The time limited for the presenta
tion of claims against said estate is the 2nd day
of Ju iy A. D. 19C1 , and the time limited for
payment of debts is one year from said 8th day
of August 1S33.
Witness my hand and the seal of safd County
Court this 8 th day of June , 1904. *
* 214 County Judge
Valentine , Nebraska
RATES $1.00 to $1.25. C. D. JORDAN , Propr.
Opposite the Court House , 2 blocks north of Depot. I
Jas. E. Pepper W. H. McBrayer Canadian Club
" "
, osr.
All the standard brands of Whiskies , domestic and
imported Wines , Gordon's Dry Gin , and Cigars
of the choicest brands. Blue Ribbon Bottled Beer
a specialty. : : : : : : :
Oakland Hunters Rye Blue Grass Dewars Scotch Whiskey
Sole Agents for
Ale and Porter , And FRED KRUG'S BEER
Choicest Wines and Cigars *
Contractors and Builders , Carpentering.
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
CSPTTork shop in Charbonneau's blacksmith shop.
Livery , Feed and Sale Stable
New Rigs Good Horses Careful Drivers
Spacious barn , conveniently located , for splendid accom
modations to the public who want to drive , or have hors
es to' feed. jr
( Successors to Tracewell & Bouser. )
Valentine - - Nebraska.
Valentine - - Nebraska
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"We print Letter Heads , Xote Heads , Bill Heads ,
Envelopes , Notes , Cards , Wedding Stationery , Sale
Bills' , etc. , etc. , at prices that are right. All work
guaranteed to suit. Our stock stands inspection.
Valentine , = Nebraska.
W. T. Bishop ,
The Wilber Barn
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