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A simple method to prevent the
growth of horns on calves , which is
practiced to some extent by stockkecp-
crs in this country , is also being fol
lowed abroad. The English board of
agriculture gives the following direc
tions for the use of caustic potash :
Clip the hair from the top of the horn
ivhen the calf is from two to flve days
old. Slightly moisten the end of a
stick of caustic potash with water or
moisten the top of the horn bud and
rub the tip of each born firmly with
the potash for about a quarter of a
minute or until a slight impression has
been made on the center of the horn.
The horns should be treated in this
way from two to four times at intcr-
' vals .of five minutes. If during the
interval of five minutes after one or
more" applications a little blood ap
pears in the center of the horn it will
then only be necessary to give another
slight rubbing with the potash.
The following directions should be
carefully observed : The operation is
best performed when the calf is uuder
live days old and should not be at
tempted after the ninth day. Caustic
potash can be obtained from..any drug
gist In the form of a white stick. When
not in use it should be kept in a stop
pered glass bottle in a dry place , as it
rapidly deteriorates when exposed tom
the air. One man should hold the calf
while an assistant uses the caustic.
Xtoll a piece of tin foil or brown paper
around the end of the stick of potash ,
which is held by the fingers so as not
to injure the hand of the operator. Do
not'moisten the stick too much or the
caustic may spread to the skin around
the horn and destroy the flesh. For the
same reason keep the calf from getting
wet for some days after the operation.
Be careful to rub on the center of the
horn and not around the side of it.
Caustic potash is poisonous and must
therefore be kept in a safe place.
Orange Judd Farmer.
"Beat In America. "
The Illustration shows the head of
Whitehall Sultan , pronounced by W. r
K& g r P7
) \
Marr , the English breeder , as "i..i'
young Shortl.orn bull Lo s\v ; in . ; ,
ica. " This young bull belongs to L. -
Kelley of Springfield. O.
, Darhnnia nnd Shorthorns.
A' Vermont subscriber nsUs Horm/
lit Dairyman whether Durliams : indSior
horns are identical or constitute ,
distinct breeds. Durham is n loen1 ,
' .provincial name for what arc kin -
in the books and markets as c-Ii.
horns. There is avell recognized br o
of hornless cattle known as Po.I-
.Durhams. These cattle have all - .
characteristics of the regular Shor
horns except the horns.
When It Pays to Feed.
The proiK resulting from feeding ci
tie depends on a great many Cacto
ifwhlch enter into the operations , sa.
'Breeder's Gazette. It may be siu
= that it will always pay to feed catl
provided they are bought right , fei
right und sold right , and it is alway
possible for the feeder to lose * mon -y
provided he does not understand tl ;
business or base his calculations o-
Hound judgment. Many cattle feeder
have lost money during the past year
The one factor chiefly accountable fr
tins is that about nine-tenths of tin
cattle went into the feed lot at tot
high a valuation in comparison witl
the selling prices for finished cattle
The reverse is true this year. The de
pressioii in market prices of fat cattlf
nnd loss resulting from last year's feed
ing operations have made feeders can
tious , and it is believed that the nuin
her of cattle going on feed this year i ?
far below that of the previous year ,
notwithstanding the fact that feeder3
.have becu selling abnormally low.
HOTV Diseases Spread.
" Diseases are often communicated by
feeding : animals in stalls which havf
been occupied previously by diseased
stock. Such stalls should first bo thor
oughly cleaned and disinfected. To d
this take a pint of sulphuric acid : ? " '
put it in a bucket of water. Then. wT
nn old mop. wash all parts of the s.ah ,
especially the trough or manjrer. All
stalls should occasionally b' ' so drin-
fectcd , as tueir constant use ppnuit"
them to gradually become unlit abodes
of the animals. The acid and water
should be carefully handled.
The Packers' Power.
The only rational caust for rhe great
falling off in prices pa'd by tlu > packers
for hogs and beef cattle is the dot ° r-
mination of the packers not to gvp
more. They are not in thp packing
business for either health or rctovation.
but for the money they can accumu
late. Of course the loss .tiu\v'pay for
.the animals and the more they g-t for
the animal products th < mort' money
they make. This accounts for < h high
price to consumers of he-f. pork , etc. ,
ascejl as .the low price of hogs and
fcsttle-Fara ) and Eanch.
It Coaltl Be Developed En lly br Se
lection In Breeding ? .
Tile conditions are perfect for tbe es-
tal/iishmont of a milk goat industry in
this country , for there is an unmistak
able demand for it , and it is a demand
which is increasing rapidly. When one
consH"rs the conditions under which
the milk goat proves a .blessing in for
eign cou ntres and then notes carefully
the situation here , he cannot fail to
arrive at the conclusion that the time
is opportune to give the milk goat the
recognition that is duo her and at the
same time to provide for certain classes
of our people a blessing In the matter
of wholesome , healthful and cheap
Primarily , as every goat man knows ,
the Angora is a fleece producing ani
mal. but goat men also know that some
individual goats yield a fair quantity
of milk. In the southwest many have
used this milk with satisfaction. The
quality is not only superior to all cow's
milk for use by infants and invalids ,
but analyses show it to be equal to that
of the best breeds of recognized milk
In almost every flock of Angoras of
twenty-five or more there may be seen
in the springtime at least one doe that
lias a large udder and other indications
of large milk yield. By selecting this
kind of does and breeding with bucks
from similar does Jt is possible in time
to develop .1 strain of milk Angoras.
We apprehend that in careful and in
telligent hands this development would
not require much time , and the demand
for milk goats could thus be partially
At present the quantity of milk given
by an Angora is uncertain , but breed
ing with the purpose of milk produc
tion in view would obviate that diffi
culty to a v ry great extent. Another
objection is the long hair about the
udder. It would be but a light and
brief task to clip this off. Besides.
the udder of a good goat hangs so low
that the teats are out of the way of
quite long hair.
It cannot be denied that importa
tions of milk goats will soon be made.
but when wo count the purchase price.
the freight , the tariff and the profits
due the importer we are impressed
with the opinion that it will be many
years before the demand can be sup
plied in this way , and so we come to
the question. Why not develop an An
gora milk goat ? George Fayette
Try Rttimlnn Wolfhound * .
We are in receipt of a letter from Mr.
B. F. Leppe'of Flatwillow. Mont. , ask
ing for information about an automatic
gun that has been invented that is
fired by clockwork at desired inter
vals for the purpose of protecting
sheep from wild animals , says Ameri
can Sheep Bre ler. We have never
heard of such an invention , which , we
fancy , would fail of its purpose by rea
son of the \vlld animals growing ffi
miliar with the frequent harmless gun
shot reports We are inclined to be
lieve the best thing ever invented f' r
the protection of sheep from wild ani
mals is the Russian wolfhound , which
has proved very effective wherever it
has been given a trial.
Professor Henry of the University of
Wisconsin ylves the following udvirp
regarding gr'nding feed for stock.
"This subject is a difficult one to d : <
cuss owing * o the great variety of < : >
ditions existing as to both grain n ; ,
animals. Dircctious are here giv "
which may serve to guide the feeii
in his practice. For horses wbich ur ;
out of the stable during the day ni '
worked hard all grain , witb the pos.- .
ble exception of oats , should be grousi- .
For those nt extremely liard work a it
grain should be ground and \ \ - „
chaffed bay For idle bowe.s oats or
corn should not be ground , nor in"- '
the hay or straw be chaffed. A cu v
yielding a large flow of milk should !
regarded as a hard working animal
a.nd her feed prepared accordingly.
Fattening steers and pigs may be
crowded more rapidly with meal than
with whole grain , though tbere is uioro
danger attendant upon its use.
"Sheep worth feeding can always
grind their own grain. In general idle
animals and those having ample time
for mastication , rumination and diges
tion do not need their grain or rough
age prepared as carefully as do those
with only limited time for these es
sential operations. Experiments quite
generally show increased gains from
grinding grain , but in many cases they
are not sufficient to pay the cost of
grinding. "
Alfalfa For Pign.
Pigs complete their growth in much
less time than either calves or colts.
Alfalfa alone will not furnish enough
mineral matter to secure tbe greatest
development of bone in pigs. In addi
tion to alfalfa growing pigs should be
fed all the corncob charcoal they will
cat. as this supplies the needed mineral
matter. In a test made by the writer
pigs were forced to the limit of feed
and weighed daily , and it was found
that the gains were proportionate to
the amount of corncob charcoal eaten.
With growing animals other than
pigs we have not found it necessary
to supply more mineral matter than
that furnished by alfalfa.
The stockman can develop cheaply
bone in his nigs , calves and colts with
alfalfa pasture in summer and alfalfa
hay in winto. lie can safely and prof
itably feed his breeding females-
mares , cow * arid SOWPfa If a .hay ev
ery day in " " y ' . " : ivi- - ' - . f ! y secure
well dcv- . ' t' in
blrtl : . T'- " . ' ' ' . -TV " M" his
cows arw'o ? pastured < -B
More Local.
Jesse Granger , of North table
was in town today and handed u. <
a dollar on subscription.
Butte Gazette : LeRoy Leach
of Wood lake , Xebr. , champioi
rifle shot of the world , gave an ex
hibition shoot in town Wednesday
In spite of the weather he die
marvelous shooting.
Bert Pike had the misfortune t (
have his horse fall on his le < :
Thanksgiving and severely sprain
ed his ankle , but after hobbling
around on crutches for three week-
is again able to walk prett.v fairl.v
and was in town yesterday.
Mrs. Jas. Collins was down frorr
Cody yesterday on business. She
informs us that her son , Jarnt
Caveny , had recently been uj.
from Fremont and spent a week
visiting at Cody , also her daugh
ter , Mrs. Bertha Henry , was uj
visiting last week.
J. L. Ashburn returned lasl
week from liiverton , Neb. , where
he , had gone to attend the funeral
of Jiis mother , Mrs. Elizabetl
Ashburn , who died Dec. 4 , at tin
home of her daughter , Mrs. Banks.
Mrs. Ashburn would have beec
84 years old Christmas had sht
lived to that time.
P. H. Young , of Simeon , and
L. M. Hancock , of the liake ranch ,
start tomorrow morning for Mis
souri to spend Christmas and tht
holidays at their former homes.
Mr , Young will stop in Omaha and
in Tarkis , Mo. , on business and
will get to the home of his father
in Marshall , Mo. , Christmas eve.
THE DEMOCRAT wishes them a
merry Xmas and a pleasant jour
At an election of officers of the
M. VV. A. lodge last night the fol
lowing officers were elected for
the ensuing year :
J. T. Galloway , V. C.
J. C. Pettijohn , W. A.
M. V. .Nicholson , E. B.
W. E. Haley , Clerk.
P. F. Simons , Escort.
Perry Veach , Watchman.
Mark Wilson , Sentry.
i. M. Rice , Mgr. for 3 yrs. term.
It was decided to invite the JD. of
H. to participate again as last year
in a joint installation of officers.
Oysters and refreshments will be
served and arrangements will
probably be made for good mu&ic
for the occasion. This will be
January 6th.
From the IlusliviHe Stunnarii.
Even those who turn up their
nos s and sniff the air when popu
lism is mentioned are beginnme to
feel the burden and ask that U. b.
senators be elected by the people
and * lsich. "
The Alliance Grip has again
fallen into .the hands of F. M.
Broome who announces that he
will snatch it out of the republican
ranks and place it in the democratic
fold. Strange things happen in
these days of of great formations.
Some republican newspapers are
beginning to make a cry for
"statesmen. " That isn't a bad
idea , but we'll bet our last year's
breeches that they will want the
"statesmen" to be picked from the
republican ranks that has been
tried , the " "statesmen" weighed in
the balance and found wanting.
Rani Lambs.
If all lamb raisers shipped their own
lambs and came to market with them
they would learn to castrate every ram
lamb at an early day. says American
Stockman and Farmer. A good many
ram lambs are now coming to market ,
and buyers are discriminating against
lots containing them or throwing them
out to be sold separately. Country buy
ers should make their discriminations
accordingly and take ram lambs at a
lower price instead of trying to buy
the whole bunch at a figure where the
rams won't count. In this way the
lamb raiser will learn his lesson and all
concerned in the deal be better off.
A Bis Sheep Farm.
Sheep raising on an extensive scale
is to be inaugurated in Manitowoc
county , Ws. August Riebe , an expe
rienced stockman of Wiuona , Minn. ,
has secured the large Herman farm
south of Manitowoc for this purpose.
Mammoth sheds will be erected , and
they will serve as shelter for 40,000
sheep. These sheds will bo 73 by 100
feet and will require CGO.OOO feet of
lumber in erection. The ra'nch when
cdmtfleted wilj entail a Wt'bf 00,600 ,
tostrb'f tEB fcona *
> different games all new
one in each package of
at your Grocer's.
Business Notices
Nut' ' * * * .iii'itir MUM hcHiHii ; . ' 5 fifiith IIHI . n <
uch InsMrtln't. Anion rv diuu uintlcr. 10'vi.t'
. or Mm' etch insert lim
s ol neavy hardware
, - . - . .nmud stock at E. Breuklanders
Good fresh Meat and Lard al
Stetters Meat Market. 26
I am now ead > to take orders for
line Knit Underwear for ladies and
and children. MBS. ELMORE. 8C
One brown yearling horse cell
randed , > n
D. STINAKU , Valentine , Nebr.
Genuine home made Lard at the
nuw Butcher Shop. 26
For all kinds of Undertaking
Goods and Undertaking work call
on the Red Front Merc Co. 27
The Red Front Merc. Co. carry a
line of sporting goods.
Orders taken for Ready Made
Tailor Skirts at reasonable prices.
We have LOTS of Milk and
Cream. Best quality. Let us sell
you some. RED GATE DAIRY.
40 MARK I ) . CYPHKHS , Prop.
i fin-in to MI mag' buaiti'ss In this Oounty and
djiniii ! territ..rj f r house ot solid financial
tiii-tUiig S3 00 iiraight canli salary and we.
HHII.S. s ir-id earn Mtfda * dir c" from h ail-
i a t rs K\iMisi | * in nej : .dv-n-'Kd ; position
' -r an n Address Ma iajer } COS Monnn
L5u , ng. rhic.KO 43 12
Now is the time to get your in-
. arance on your buildings and
-tock. Storms have already begun
ind if you are without insurance
itlwill be your neglect. It costs but
i trifle to insure against fire , light
ning and tornadoes in the best state
companies. They are represented
3.V I. M. Rice , Valentine' Nebr.
960 Acre Farm and Eanch , five
niles northwest of Valentine , good
improvements , all fenced and cross
fenced , one hundred and eighty
lores in cultivation , balance mead-
nv and pasture ; price § 4000 , one-
fourth down , your own time on
the balance at 7 per cent.
6 quarter sections of Deeded land
irvd some school land. Range for
400 head of stock and is the best
ange now vacant. 200 tons of hay
ran be cut on this ranch and there
s a good house , corrals , cattle sheds
itable , two windmills with never
failing wells and stock tanks. Al-
> open water on a part of the
range the year round. § 4,000 will
it. Call at this office or write
I. M. RICE ,
Valentine , Nebr.
< vraf Xonh rn Lint *
at O'n ill. Nebr
Kast. Ooini : West.
'nvp-i 10.10 : i. in arrives 9:50 : p. m
Passenger , daib except Sunday.
'Jonnections with Elkliorn trains east and
west-boun'i from all points west of O'Npill
hortfst routi' tn Slonx Hty a. d n-ynd
' 'hroiiiih conue-tions UT Sioux Falls , Mlnne-
* - Hs , St. Paul and all i > olnts nnrrh and , west.
tn O'N Ill
Meals Lunches Short Ordt-r.
First class meals at all hours ,
day : .rd 15j. hi. Oysters in
season. Pies , cakes , dough
nuts always on hand.
1 .r.Cchota. Prop.
Double Track
llnitrotui iK'tirce.ti JIinoitri
nn ft Chivayo.
o $ t
f > > Tf lint' to lilacli
Al'ltllJ to near Ht agent fur ratet *
map * and time ctn-tln.
The Elite Restauran
and Chop House
Meals at all hours.
Frnits , Candie * , Cigars.
Good cooking and just as yoi
want it.
MRS. C. L. WALKER , Propr
5421-2 Congrcsi ; St.
POETLAHD , AlAlSE , Oct. 17 , 1802.
I consider Wine of u.rdui superior
to an doctor's medicine I over used
and I knovr whereof I speak. I Buf
fered for nine months with suppressed
menstruation which completely pros-
tratad me. Pains would shoot through
my back and sides and I would have
blinding headaches. Hy limbs would
swell up and I would feel BO weak I
could not stand up. I naturally felt
discouraged for I seemed to be beyond
the help of physicians , but Wine of
Cardni came 03 a God-send to mo. I
felt a change for the better within a
week. After nineteen days treatment
. I menstruated without suffering the
I agonies I usually did and soon became
I' regular and without pain. Wine of
Cardui is simply wonderful and I wish
that all Buffering women knew of ita
good qualities.
Treasurer , Portland Economic League
Periodical headaches tell of fe
male weakness. Wine of Cardui
cures permanently nineteen out of
every twenty cases of irregular
menses , bearing down pains or
any female weakness. If you are
discouraged and doctors have
failed , that is the beat reason in
the world you should try "Wine of
Cardui now. Remember that
headaches mean female weakness.
Secure a Sl.OO bottle of Wiao of
Cardui today.
for the student and the writer ,
as an authoritative reference book
for schools , families and business
men , there is one book which of
fers superior advantages both in
bhe solid value of its information ,
and the ease with which it is ob
One's admiration for Webster's
International Dictionary increases
daily as it comes to be better
know : It never refuses the information
mation sought and it never over
whelms one with a mass of mis
information i11 Really arranged.
The St. Jam azette of London ,
England , says : For the teacher , the pu
pil , the student end the litterateur , there
is nothing better ; it covers everything.
The New and Enlarged Edition
recently issued has 25,000 new
words and phrases , 2364 pages
and 5000 illustrations.
Our name is on the title-pages of sll i
nutbuntic dictionaries of thu AVebstcr - -
"A Test hi Pronunciation"irhii'
plco&uit and instructive evening-
tnent. Illustrated pamphlet i. *
G. & C. MEHUIAM CO. . P '
The Valentine Bottling "Works
puts up eleven different kinds oi
drinks. . 17
Rooms furnished for rent by the
month , or beds by the night.
North of depot on Cherry street.
& ± M& M.
'rofessional ' Cards. .
Tin * ! . ! \ "al'HU ' reftM'd Ranch.
T'rlnci *
i : ! 6JW : ii"l O-ly
tcr.i ; ! .n l tMtl
.if IliTil I lit'.1 , * WI
l-i \ niy. .
\ | { .in uii > S'r
nucs tc my herd.
No.stork' : > leit jircwnt
, .j itrowiile < . .Netir
in. rmlh. . 75 per rwt $14.00 ton
itshnlk 85 I M c * ' $16.00 too
-runK > 7 > r " (13.00
i i-HMd , . .1 05 . fZO.OO
Corn 95 $18.00"
h..p corn 1.00 $19.00 "
"ata 1.20 $23.00"
John Nicholson ,
Will be in Valentine on the 20 , 21 , 22
a nil 23rd of each month Reserve
your work tor him Office at Donuher
Third Saturday of' each
uuuitti aim Kn < lrt > preceding.
Utlicc over the grocery deparmcnt
of T. C. Hornby's store.
Will be in Rosebud agency July
; ird , Oct. 2nd and Jan. 1 , 1904.
Brown lee , Nebr.
i JMUB general blaeksmithingathard
times prices for cash.
a. M. CfiAMER ,
( Jity Deliveryman ,
unks , valises and packages hauled to and
roui thr at- poi and uli parts of the City.
First-class Shop in Every Respect
Kan de Qulnnir Hair Tonic , Goldou Star Balr
roiilc. Herulcide and Coke's Dandruff Cure.
i ry Pompeian Face Massage Cream
County Surveyor
\ uiciitiiie \Vootllake
Physician and Surgeon
at Quigley & Chapman's
Drug Store. Nights The Don-
nher residence , Cherry Street.
Edward S. Furay
iciau and Surgeon
OJflce Fraternal Hall or El-
it'b Drug Store. I0un2
* . \\ALCOTT
Valentine , A'ebr.
a In District Court and U. B. Land
Offlcfe. Real Estate and tanch Property
ought nrt anH Rnnrtori
.Robert G. Easley ,
over Red Front
Valentine , Nebraska.
Clothes Cleaning !
Dyeing and Pressing
HatM r < > n vit < Ml and blocked.
CiT-Lcave orders at T'avenpon ' & Thacher'd.
GKRoorns at Mrs. { shore.
Ytilntiiie - Nebraskft.
If you need a gun or some am
munition call on the Bed Front
Merc. Co. ) they can supply all yotfr