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Miss Muriel Armltage.
Female Weakness Is Pel vie
Always Half Sick are the Women
Who Have Pelvic Catarrh.
Catarrh of any organ , if allowed to
progress , Avill affect the whole body.
Catarrh without nervousness is very
rare , but pelvic catarrh and nervousness
0 hand in hand.
What is so distressing a sight as a poor
faalf-sick , nervous Avoman , suffering
from the many almost unbearable symp
tom of pelvic catnrrh ? She does not
consider herself ill enough to go to bed.
lint she is far from being able to do her
intt coiton crop of Alabama , Ar
kansas and South Carolina is al out
a,000,000 bales , worth $50 each.
Gci-igia and Mississippi produce
3,400,0000 bales and Texas 2.400,000
bales. More lhi' ) half of the cotton
1s now produced west of the Miss
issippi river.
In one of the congressional dis
tricts under the new apportionment
1n Texas there are tifty-five counties.
The entire vote of the district , how
ever , is only 22 000.
HoJher Gray's Su-eet Powders for Chil
BucceFFfuUy used by Mother Gray , nurse In
ith" rhildn ii's H > in In New Vor . cure on-
tetipHtiO't. Feve Mines * . Had toraach , Tee'h-
Sng his-rder . mo\e and regulate tlip Rowels
find De trov Worms Over SO 000 testimonials
A tall dniKsisc. 2TC. ample FUEE. Address
A. , a. OlmEted , LeKoy , N. Y.
JFriend "You don't expect to get
fiat murderer off , do you ? "
Great Lawyer "Certainly. "
"Why , sir , fhe evidence ajrainst
Lim is complete. lie has been a
thief and t iujr 11 his life , and In
fact , is notorious as the worst man
in the city. "
"That's it that's it. His record
is so bad that I can easily prove him
Put Up in Collapsible Tubes.
A Substitute for and Superior to Mnstard or anj
oLher plnrter , and " 111 not blibtor the most delicate
kln. The pain allaying end camtivo qualities of this
rticletire wonderful. It Trill stop the toothache at
once , and relieve headache and Mystics.
We recommend it as the best and safest external
1 counter-irritftnt known , nlao as an external remedy for
tpnlna in the chert and ttomach and all rheumatic ,
lueurnlcicnnd goaty complaint * .
A trial will prove wlmt we claim for it , and it will b
found to be invaluable in the household. Many people
tay "It is the best of all your preparationc. "
Price 15 cents , nt all drugcjisn ? , or other dealers , orb ;
ending this amount to as in postage stamps , we will
end yon n t ibe by mail.
No article should boccc pteJ by + .he public unless tins
tame carries oar label , as otherwise it is not genuine.
17 State Street , New York City.
The opinion that commands respect
is the one that can be backed up
with a check.
Mrs.Winelow's SOOTHING SYRUP for ehil
idrpn teethinjrsoftens the eurns , reduces inila-
inatlon , allays , pain rnres colic , i'uce 25c bottle
The place you get married in is
called the altar because it is where
the sacrifice begins.
Man's recupertive power after an
injury is in an inverse ratio to his
isocial advancement.
Piso's Cure for Consumption promptly
relieves my little 5-year-old sister of
'croup. Miss L. A. 1'earce , 23 rilling
street , Brooklyn , N. Y. , Oct. 2 , 1 J01.
The lower classes are the ones that
everybody thinks he is neb in.
more goods , brighter colors , with less
work than others
Germany sells the United States
neaily 88,000,000 worth of beet sugar
a year.
SYRUP cures coughs and colds.
Beet Cough Syrup. Taste * Good. Ufa
In time. Sold by druacliti.
N. N. U. 8OO - 49. YORK NEBR
Thank Pe-ru-na for Their
Recovery After Years of
Miss Mnriel Armit.iRC , SO Green
wood Ave. , Detroit , Mich. , District
Organizer of the Royal Templars of
Temperance , in a recent letter , says :
"i think that a woman naturally
shrinks from making her troubles
public , but restored health has meant
so much to me that 1 feel for the sake
of other suffering women it is my
duty to tell what Peruna has done
for me.
"I suffered for five years with
uterine irregularities , which brought
on hysteria and made me a physical
wreck. I tried doctors from the dif
ferent schools of medicine , but with
out any perceptible change in my
condition. In my derpair I called on
an old nurse , who advised me to try
Peruna. and promised good results if
I would persist and take it regularly.
I thought this was the least I could
do and procured a bottle. I knew as
soon as I began taking it that it was
affecting me differently from any
thing I had used before , and so I kept
on taking it. I kept this up for six
months , and steadily gained strength
and health , and when I had used
fifteen bottles I considered myself
entirely cured. I am a grateful ,
happy woman today.Miss Muriel
Peruna cxrrfes catarrh of the pelvic
organs with the same surety as it
cures catarrh of the head. Peruna
has become renowned as a positive
cure for female ailments simply be
cause the ailments are mostly due
to catarrh. Catarrh is the cause of
the trouble. Peruna cures the ca
tarrh. The sj'mptoms disappear.
work without the greatest exhaustion.
This is a very common sight and is
almost always due to pelvic catarrh.
It is worse than foolish for so many )
women to suffer year after year with ai
disease that can be permanently cured.
Peruna cures catarrh permanently. It
cures old chronic cases as well as a slight
attack , the only difference being in the
length of time that it should be taken to
effect a cure.
If you do not derive prompt and satis
factory results from the use of Penma ,
write at once to Dr. Ilartiiian , giving a
full statement of your case , and he will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis. <
Address Dr. Jlartman , President of
The Ilartman Sanitarium , Columbus ,
By the terms of tne new license
law of New Hampshire licensed sa-
IOJHS are forbidden to sell intoxi
cating liquors on Sundays , election
day and public holidaysbut licensedi
hotels are exempted from tnis re- >
Although the sea covers three-
fourths of the earth's surface it does
: notpiovidcin the same proportion
for mjn's ; wants. Only about ; 3 per
cent of the people in the world gain
their living directly from the sea.
His Changed Name Naggsby
"I understand that Sir Thomas used
to rail Capt. Wrince 'Sinbad the-
Sailor , ' just for a joke. "
Waggsby "Yes , and since bis re
cent experience he has probably
changed it to 'Sailbad the Sinner. ' "
Baltimore A erican
A Conundrum Answered. She
"Why sh' < uld the average wcman laid
people to believe she's yuunger than
really is ? "
He "She don't. She meiely tries
to. " Philadelphia Ledger.
A Confiscated Chicken. "I see
you have chicken for dinner. "
"Yessuh , " said Mr. Erastus Pink-
"I hope you bought the chicken. "
"Well , no ; but the transactions
were strictly regular. Dab chicken
has been roosting on my fence for
months without payio' nuffin,5 and
I reckoned it were 'bout time to
fohclose. " Washington Star.
Mrs. Bloom " 'Did you ever notice
how hard it is to keep from laughing
on solemn occasions ? "
Bachelor Bounce "Once. "
"I thought likely. Nearly every
one has such experiences. Tell me
about yours. "
"It was the day I was told that
the baby next door was dead. "
The Cnrean governmrnt has order
ed that all Coreans , without reearrt
to rank or class , should not weai
clothes except of a blue or daiij
Sonic People Ara I/ncky.
Some people make an intelligent
study of food and get on the right
tiack ( pure food ) , others are . luckj
enough to stumble upon the right wa3
out of the difficulty just as a Philadel
phia young woman did.
She says : "I had suffered terriblj
from nervous Indigestion , everything
seemed to disagree with me and I "was
on the point of starvation when one
day I happened to run acr ss a demon
stration of Postum Food Coffee at one
of the big stores here.
"I took a sample home and a sample
of Grape Nuts as well and there tried
them again and found they agreed
with me perfectly. For months I made
them my main diet , and as the result
[ am restored to my former perfect
health and can eat everything Iwant
"When I spoke to my physician
about Grape Nuts he said , 'It is a most
excellent food. ' " Name given , bj
Postum Co. , Battle Creek , Mich.
There's a reason.
Look for the famous little book , "Tin
Road to Wellville , " in every package
of both Postum and Grape Nuts.
To bu < jar Cure I'ork.
Hogs of 200 to 250 pounds weight
ire best for family UFG In dressing
a hog It should be so hung that it can
be split down the back , and the sides
allowed to separate , the head being
cut off. The leaf and some other sur
plus fat should be removed at
This allows the meat to cool thorough
ly , and it Is in good shape to handle.
The meat bairel should be kept in a
cool place without freezing. A good
tvay to keep the hams and shoulders
after being cured is to slice and fry
ana pack in jars , covering with hot
lard. Fresh pork may be kept this
way in hot weather , but it must be
thoroughly cooked. While the cured
meat requires much less cooking to
preserve it.
Allow the hog to thoroughly cool be
fore cutting , carefully trim hams and
shoulders and split the sides in two
lengthwise. Sprinkle bottom of bar
rel with fine salt , and rub each piece
Df meat with salt. Pack in barrel with
hams on the bottom , shoulders next
and sides on top. After three days
cover the meat with brine made as
follows : Water , S gallons ; salt. 12
pounds ; sugar , 3 pounds ; saltpeter , 3
ounces ; concentrated lye , 3 teaspoons.
Boil all together and skim. After coolIng -
Ing , pour over the meat. Leave in
brine from four to six weeks , then
smoke as desired. The bilne should
be strong enough to bear up an egg.
Philadelphia Record.
Rain and Snn Proof Coop.
I have a chicken coop which I think
suits me better than any other I have
tried before. This coop is made out
of cheap lumber. The bottom is hing.d
at the back to the upper part. At the
front I drive two staples to fasten the
coop down so as it can be moved
about. The upper part conies down
over the floor all the way so that you
can put a nail through the staple
The shade in the front is to keep the
sun and rain out. These coops are
very easy to clean. .7. C. Recraft in
Poultry Keeper.
Care of Winter Apj > le > .
Gathering mid. storing Avinter apples
is an important duty that must be at
tended to before the heavy fro--ts begin
in the fall. Apples that aie to be ko..t
over winter should be cart-fully picked
and placed in IwirreK After picking
they should be left in the open air for
some time , as this tends to thoroughly
ripen them. They also pass through a
sweat at first , and it is much better if
they can be left exposed so that all fnir-
face moisture is evaporated. Fruit
should be placed in a cool , dark cellar.
In some instances where there are a
few barrels of specially good apples
the practice is adopted of wrapping
the apples in paper. This prevents
them from coming in contact with one
another and will msure their keeping-
It usually pays to pick over apples two
or three times during the winter , so
that those showing signs of decay may
be discarded. Windfalls should never
be placed among apples that are hand-
picked. A plentiful supply of apples
to be nsed in the family during the
winter will contribute much to the
general healthfulness of every member
of the family. Iowa Homestead.
A Primitive Threahiiijr Machine.
A common sight in the agricultural
districts of Hungary is two women
treading out grain by means of a
beam. The woman seated on the
ground takes a bundle of grain and
puts it under one end of the beam.
When the grain is is place the woman
leaning on the pole for support takes
a step backward which has the effect
of raising the broad , flat end of the
beam , and making the other end fall
in a hole made for that purpose. Then
a quick step forward , with some little
pressure , brings the thick end of the
beam down on the wheat and flattens
It out so effectually as to separate
the grain from the husks.
Dairy Farm Side Lines.
Along with dairy farming naturally
goes the ponltry business. And a nice ,
clean , profitable business it is , too.
Sere is a fine field for the women
folks. They naturally take more pride
In the chickens than the man d es , al
though now and then we do find men
who enter heart and soul into the keep
ing of poultry. There is always a good
ieal of skimmed milk on the dairy
farm which would be apt to go to
waste were it not for the hens. They
ire the greatest of scavengers. Every
Irop of the sour and skimmed mflk is
ajdelicious morsel for the hen , and sine
will turn it to good account , too.
Pork also adds its mite , and it is not
a small mite , either , to the revenues
of the up-to-date dairy farm. During
the last few years pork has sold at
splendid figures. For the money It
brings in , pork involves perhaps as
little labor as anything about the farm.
Here , too , is a place where one must
be in love with his business. That Is
the only key to success.
Beardless Wheat.
Those who have had the most ex
perience in combating the hessian tiy
are the strongest believers hi the late
sowing o f wheat \ \ ,
wherever it can be
done. Some varieties
are better for late
towing than others ,
and the two shown in
the illustration seem
to be especially snit-
ed f r late sowing.
The center head of
the illustration shows
a beardless sort
known as the Claw
on Longberry. The
variety is a strong BEAKB OB HEAT.
grower and stools prolltically , the stra\\
being strong and wiry. The heads ar <
full and long and wide. The chaff ,
which is broAvn , is free from beards.
The grain , which is of true Long-
beri-y type , is dark amber in color ,
large and lei g and of the finest qual
ity. The other heads shown are of
the bearded sort. Sheaf Longberry
Red , and claimed to be the most per
feet Longberry read wheat grown. II
is one of the hardiest varieties , a
strong , healthy grower , and especially
desirable for late sowing. The straw
is strong , though only medium tall
The chaff is thin and of a peanj
white. The grain is dark and flinty ,
and nearly as large as rye kernels.
This variety is much prized as a fancj
milling sort. Indianapolis News.
The Farm and the Man.
How any farm should be crnpppo
depends upon where the farm is , its
character and location. Some farms
are by nature pasture farms , becatso
they are not adapted to cultivation ;
other farms invite tillage. Size , too ,
is a controlling factor. A crop rota
tion and schedule of farm work thai
is admirable for fifty acres may be
wholly impracticable for five hundred
or a thousand. The ambition to own
and cultivate broad acres is an Ameri
can disease. This disease is not so
much a desire to add to worldly pos
sessions as it is for a gratification o ]
the ownership of dominion ; when an
alyzed it will be found to be a feature
of man's kinship Avith nature.
Another arid the most important fac
tor of a 11 * is the man himself. The
man makes the farm good or bad , as
he makes everything else that comes
under his control The experience ol
one farmer is invaluable to another ,
but each farm is nevertheless a-separ
ate and local problem which the farm
er must think out and work out him
Pe'-cin Ducks Are Popular.
The Pekins are the most popular ano
probably the most profitable of alj
breeds of ducks. They reach heavj
> < * [ > 5
-J J
' ' , _ . .
; 0 > ji - v s
-.wfrssaa . * '
* : * * as&if . *
% . * < 42fe
m -air * > >
weights at an early age , lay a larg
number of eggs which hatch well , and
produce strong , hardy ducklings. Thej
are pure Avhite in color with
bill and logs. As a farmyard fowl
they arc somewhat noisier than som
other breeds. Farm and Home.
Farm Notes.
The horse has a tail that should nev
er be clocked. The lightning rod ped
dler and the cloth peddler haye.tala
that should be completely anof effectu
ally docked.
The cow that gets fat is never tht
best oue for the dairyman. The good
dairy cow Las a good appetite and eaU
heavily , but her feed goes to milk ricl
in butter fat instead of to the makln $
of flesh.
The Keifer pear is one of the best
varieties for canning , and is also nardj
and a strong grower , but the supposi
tlon that it is free from attacks ol
blight is not corroborated by growers
There is no blight-proof pear.
It is the seed that mostly exhaust *
the land of plant food. A grass croj
that is allowed to produce seed. take
more from the soil in mineral mattei
than two crops cut for hay while th <
grass is young.
If a garden is made on sandy soil ,
especially in a \tion ; whore nearly all
tlie soil is sandr the use of air-slacked
lime will be found very beneficial , at
such soils are deficient In lime. Gat
lime will not serve as a substitute foi
stone lime , but shell lime is excellent
however , though the use of stone linw
should be preferred. The cost is
compared with the benefits derived.
'Miss ' Whittaker , a prominent club woman
of Savannah , Ga. , tells how she was entirely
cured of ovarian troubles by the use of
Lydia E , Pmkham's Vegetable Compound
" DEAR MES. PINKHAM : I heartily recommend Lydia E. Pinkliam't
vegetable Compound as a Uterine Tonic and Regulator. I suffered for
four years with irregularities and Uterine troubles. No one "but thoso. wh >
have experienced this dreadful agony can form any idea of the physical and .
mental misery those endure who are thus afflicted. Your Vegetable Com
pound cured me within three months. I was fully restored to health and
strength , and now my periods are regular and painless. What a "blessing it
is to be able to obtain such a remedy when so manv doctors fail to help JOB. .
-Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound fs better than any doctor
or medicine I ever had. Very truly yours , Miss EASV WIIITTAKEK , G04 39th St.
W. Savannah , Ga. "
physician in the world lias had such a training- such
famUy physician. Any woman , therefore , is responsible"for'her '
own trouble who will nofc take the pains to write to Mrs. Pinkbom
tor advice. Her address is Lynn , Muss. , and her advice is free ,
A letter from another woman showing what was
accomplished in her case by the use of Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
" DEAR MRS. PTNKHAM : I am BO grateful i
to you for the help Lydia E. Pinkbam'g !
Vegetable Compound has given me that
1 deem it but a small return to write yo 3zt '
expression of my experience.
" Many years suffering "with weakness
inflammation , and a broken down system * '
made me more anxious to die than live , linfc
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com * '
pound soon restored my lost strength.
Taking the medicine only tw.o weeks pro- '
dueed a radical change , and two months re
stored me to perfect health. I am now & '
changed woman , and my friends wonder at
the change , it is so marvellous. Sincerely
yours , JMiss MATTIE HENRY , 429 Green St ,
Danville , Va. "
The testimonials which we are constantly publishing from
grateful women prove beyond a doubt the power of I ydia E.Pini-
hain's Vegetable Compound to conquer female diseases.
FO R FEIT 'f we cannot forthwith produce the original letters and Hlgnatnres <
abore testimonials , which will prove their absolute genuineness.
JLydia 12. Pinkha n "Ue ? , Co. , Lynn , Masx.
pou come with } 0jr lawsuit ? * '
"I won it. "
"Get damages ? "
"Sure. 1 gc.t almost enough to pay
my lawyer. " Cleveland 1'Jain Dealer.
Aspersing Jones' Note. " ! say ,
Jones"said Smith , what did you
give for that horse ? "
"My note"replied Jones.
"Well , " lejoined Smith , "you cer
tainly got a bargain. " Chicago
Daily News.
A woman can even take prJde in
th2 size of her doctor bill.
Human Hair Chain MaMns taught by mail Easily
ind quickly learned b > our new nrotess. Any penile-
man or lady can do wrll making waU-h chains , brace
lets brooche ? pen lioiilerti , etc from human hair or
* ilk threnl The 1 < s o > .s v ill l > f cnt to any aiMro.
or only SC CM ) Address all orders to t M LONG
rt-fk Ind.
The best holiday sifts are nccfiil gift * , and one of
the-most useful is the Jfew and Enlarged Edition of
of English , Biography , Geography , Fiction , Etc.
Useful. Reliable. Attractive. Lasting1.
The Nevr Edition Has 25,000 New "Words
New Gazetteer of the World
New Biographical Dictionary
23SO Page * . 6000 Illustrations. Rich Bindings-
Why Not Give Some One This Useful Present ?
FREE " A Test in Pronunciation. "
Inztractue and entertaimntr for the whole fain 1)7.
Illustrated pamphlet also free.
Q. & C. MERRIAM CO. , Publishers ,
Springfield , Mass. , U. S , A.
Fish me louad i t bi i. g
of Am.iiitan in Guternala. Live
n' ee i in the hot springs at
and Ilumboldt saw Jiving
thrown up by a "volcano in Suu& ?
Within three years the United
States army and militia will be arm
ed with the new Springfield maga
zine rifle. The hundreds of thou
sands of Krag-Jorensen guns on L
will eventually have to be brofce #
Then why not keep Invtew
the fact that
farming lands
are sufficient to sapport t
population of 50.000,000 or eves ?
The immigration to Westers
Canada dunng the past cit
years has been phenomenal
taesieaci lam
easfly necessitate , and other
lands may be purchased froze
Railway and Land Companies.
Western Canada's grain lasdr
produce marvellons crops.-wfafie
the grazing : lands contain aC
the nutritive qualities for fat
tening cattle and other stocfc ,
mark eta i School * , ItiiHw je
and nil other condition
mutce YVe tern C'nnacJa m.
Ue lruble iipot for the
Write to the
Immiirratlon , Ottawa , for a
scriptive Atlas , and other infot
mation ; or to the anthctiz
1 W. V Bennrti. fcCl ? Jew York Uffe Bldg. .
Sale 10,000,000 Boxes a Year.
25s , SOc.